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Alec Baldwin Talk Show Could Land At ABC Daytime Or Late Night!

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Reports have surfaced that ABC is close to a deal with Alec Baldwin for a talk show based on his hit podcast “Here’s the Thing With Alec Baldwin, where he interviews celebrities and current newsmakers.

The deal isn’t officially done yet, but production is slated to get jump started next week.

As to the plans of where the talker would live on the network, rumblings are that it could be in a late night slot following Jimmy Kimmel Live, replacing thenews series, Nightline. There is also talk that it could wind-up as part of ABC’s daytime lineup which houses:The View, The Chew, and GH.

Baldwin is a three-time Emmy winner, and got his start as Billy Aldrich on the NBC soap, The Doctors.

So, what do you think of an Alec Baldwin talker, in particular if it should land in the day-part on ABC? Comment below!

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I’m with the show in Daytime, as long as it doesn’t get General Hospital canceled…

I’m fine with the show in Daytime, as long as it doesn’t get General Hospital canceled! I don’t trust TPTB at ABC! I haven’t forgotten how they virtually canceled All My Children and One Life To Live simultaneously!

Great! Like Alec Baldwin especially on SNL !!!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

I agree. What a horrible choice for a host.

All talk is putting me to sleep…we need another talk show like i need another hole in my head and we all know there is no more room for yet another hole!!!-lol

Uh no offense against Baldwin but do we really need another talk show?

So would he still be on SNL?

I think Alec Baldwin could do both his talk show on ABC and SNL on NBC because i don’t think there will be any direct conflict.However him been on SNL could get people tuning into his talk show and vice versa.

Or not….

Enough with the talk shows already!

Okay, so we already have THREE liberal nighttime hosts, Colbert more than the other two who hate our country and spew venom at our president, we have the Yentas on the View who despise ANYTHING positive Donald does, SNL is RUINED by the HATE that is broadcasted LIVE every week or so, lead by Baldwin, now your going to hand him a talk show? I know, I dont have to watch any of this BUT where is the show that supports the conservative views? Where is the live comedy show that is funny and not mean? Where is the talk show where legendary guests would appear and you would be entertained nightly and not brainwashed? SICK!

Where is the show that supports conservative views? It’s called Fox News.

Actually, Fox regularly features contributors with perspectives from both sides of the political spectrum…which in and of itself makes it a unique news network! But having said that, I believe Timmm was referring to all the other tv genres that provide precious little to no recognition or representation of the conservative values/opinions held by roughly half of the country who comprises a vast segment of any potential viewing audience. The personal ideals of such individuals are either completely ignored or mercilessly bashed because they don’t comport with those espoused in liberal Hollywood. I don’t necessarily desire to see “equal time” enforced for all entertainment vehicles, but it would be a refreshing change of pace to watch some truly apolitical, non-pc-all-the-time offerings! Anyone who enjoys partaking of retro shows knows that this was the general norm for decades, and not only did it make for excellent—and often timeless—products that appealed to numerous generations, but it didn’t serve to divide the nation with each and every episode, be it through dramatic, comedic or late night chat/variety programming!

CNN and MSNBC also regularly feature guests that represent both sides, so Fox News is hardly unique in that area.

Late night talk show hosts and comedians have been lampooning the president for years, be it Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, and so on. They made a cottage industry of telling Bill Clinton jokes, and many do to this day, and as a proud liberal, I had absolutely no problem with that. We didn’t go around whining and telling everyone how persecuted we were. It was fair game then, just like Donald Trump is fair game now. And particularly nowadays, when you say and do the things Trump has done and does on a daily basis, the jokes write themselves really.

But hey, there are always Leave It To Beaver reruns, right!

Oh Brian, you got me!

Touche’, Timmmbo! This guy is a no-talent hack who is only being rewarded for espousing his far-left political views and performing that nauseating SNL parody which mercilessly mocks our president in a totally one-note, unrealistic manner—Quite frankly, Darrell Hammond did a much better and more honest job of portraying Trump in a way that wasn’t just a blatantly mean-spirited hatchet job on the NYC real estate legend who became president. Needless to say, neither of those things makes him remotely qualified for hosting a talk show. (Have you ever heard the audio tape of his really lame attempt at launching a radio program some years back to espouse his extreme liberal viewpoint? Nobody would call in….I mean nobody…and he just bombed big time as he dithered around all his dead air trying to fill it up with pointless chit-chat with the call screener…it was pitifully awkward and utterly hilarious!. Occasionally, one of the currently most successful conservative drive-time radio hosts in the business will play that lovely excerpt to remind us all what a complete fool this blowhard truly is….well, that and the charming recorded phone message he left for his daughter when he maniacally upbraided her as a selfish pig for ignoring his calls!) Having said that, if Mr. Baldwin is so well-thought of, why isn’t he replacing the slimy Matt Lauer at Today???? He has certainly given NBC enough notoriety through the years with his OTT personal antics during his 30Rock days and now that revolting SNL shtick he does. I’d say he would fit right in there with that deeply-partisan crowd.

Excellent post…

Baldwin is a nasty guy. He isnt funny as Trump, he is mean and classless! You are right, Hammond was much better. Baldwin is a terrible husband and an horrible “Father!” BUT, in Hollywood, if you are liberal, you are dismissed!

For me, mean and classless is a candidate that does a mocking impression of a handicapped reporter in front of a group of his laughing supporters…

Shay…EXACTLY!!!!! Personality-wise…give me Darrell Hammond over that Alec Baldwin dude any day. Back in the day, to me, Darrell’s impersonation of Bill Clinton was TRULY LOL FUNNY!!!!! Yep.

Happy Holidays, Shay.

@Jaybird….Thank you, right back at ya….and Merry Christmas!!!! You know, when we speak of Clinton impersonators, the one who stood out for me was the tragically departed Phil Hartman….he truly captured the deeply sleazy, lascivious nature and good ‘ol boy insincerity of 42. Those particular qualities jumped out front and center to me from the very first time I set eyes on the genuine article, and Hartman just absolutely nailed them…it was uncanny! However, Hammond quite capably stepped up to the challenge of replacing his SNL counterpart in the role, albeit in a far less sinister and more comedic, tongue-in-cheek manner since his Bill lacked that innately creepy disingenuousness that Hartman so realistically portrayed. At any rate, Hammond certainly wasn’t at all mean-spirited in his take on Bubba, nor on Donald Trump. Both were always in cheerful, silly fun, as they should have been. Remember how he appeared alongside the real “Donald” when he hosted SNL? Trump was quite a sport about Darrell playing him….and I don’t think he’d mind him doing it now! But the Baldwin farce is another matter entirely….it’s just plain nasty and spiteful and it’s purely intended to insult not only the president, but all those who voted for him, as well! (Unlike Will Farrell’s eternal fratboy “W’….Even though I was once a great supporter of 44—but am certainly not now in light of his behavior during the 2016 election season and since—I could still laugh at one of my own and was not offended in the least!!!! I loved those clever catchwords Farrell’s President Bush used to create like “misunderestimated” and “dignitude!” That was taking a real life quirk of the commander-in-chief and giving it an amusing spin which is actually what good comedy does…)

I am not a Trump fan, but Dio mio, enough. As a democrat I am beginning to deplore my own party. I have eyes and ears and a brain, a fair one. I do not like how negative both the media and liberals are towards Trump. He was condemned and sentenced without a trial. I did not appreciate the lewd remarks, but the people elected him. Let him rule. It is not forever. He deserves as much as Clinton? Bush, Reagan and Obama, the fake, scaredy cat peace-seeker.
Even as a democrat I can see what good he is doing. The media never divulges the positives.

It is also very demoralizing how Hillary’s misdeeds are never discussed by the media. I am so tired of Hollywood getting on its uneducated pulpit pompously orating nonsense. Let us air everyone’s dirty laundry.

I was prepared to give Trump a chance after the destruction Obama left in
his wake. Prime example NK. Trump is not to be blamed for that debacle. All past administrations are. They were all aware NK was playing with nuclear toys. The missile testing has been going on for years and no one did anything about it. Here is a president who is trying to prevent the potential destruction of nuclear warfare, and he is blamed for that country’s myopic view of a deranged, unreasonable rogue.

Your comments are the best writing can offer, Shay. A pleasant read, indeed. I may not agree with some of what either side had to say, but some growing up is needed here. I would love to see both parties come together and talk productively , to inspire and do whatever it takes for the good of this country. Instead, they rip each other apart like first graders in the schoolyard.

I survived the Clintonesque Era. I never thought there were that many rats in La Casa dei Politici.
Both sides should all be castrated. Women are not objects.
So many tax dollars being spent to clean up these perverts’ messes.

Alec Baldwin should look in the mirror, as so many others with multiple personalities, before casting aspersions. It would not surprise me at all if some rumor came out about him. Irony at its best.

@Francesca Bruno…Molte grazie for the many kind words and thoughtfully-expressed sentiments you’ve posted since your recent arrival here at this website! Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!!!!

Ha!!!! And you SLAY me, my T…..

Amen, Shay. You said it. Thanks.

And thank you, Gloria!

I was just about to write, that I love Alec, and he would be a fun addition; however, Alec, keep your political opinions to yourself while hosting!

And when was the last time THAT happened???? You probably would have to go back decades to the years AB had a role in Knots Landing—which was the only point where I could just about stand him!!! (He was also then briefly engaged in real-life to GH’s—and later, Northern Exposure’s—Janine Turner! What a lucky escape for that lovely lady…she really dodged quite a bullet when they broke up!)


Now THIS is a funny comment. You Timmm should be a comedian.

Why? When AJ has the best jokes

I know…its like all talk shows today is about some agenda…i miss the days of Merv Griffen and Dinah Shore!!!

you said it Jim, it’s all politics now and there’s no class these days.

Jim, even Johnny Carson. He made fun of Ford and Reagan but it was light hearted and not mean spirited.

There’s no class these days is the apt description for the current President of the United States! Forget talk shows and comedians; it’s amazing how supporters can see ANY class in Trump other crude, rude, vulgar….an infant who spends more time tweeting than reading, who sides with neo-nazis, who sides with an accused pedophile against the women who accused him…it’s a freaking upside-down country right now! Abnormal and amoral is the new norm!

Bring on Alec and others to help us laugh through this twisted reality!

Even Jay Leno, uber-lib that he is, managed to be pretty fair-handed when it came to lampooning politicians of both parties. As far as I’m concerned, the only really notable exception to that rule was when he quipped about Dick Cheney’s medical condition, since heart problems are no laughing matter for anyone. That was definitely not cool….

Hate our country? That’s quite an exaggeration.

Shouldn’t surprise you that a comment like that would be made, Steve. One thinks that if you don’t respect a man who slid into the presidency with no qualifications….and I’ll curb the rest of my “descriptives”…then you must be anti-American. It’s just part of the delusional thinking…like voting for a man in Alabama who is an accused pedophile. They vote for THAT man for office, LOL, but Alec is, in their eyes, unqualified to host a talk show.

THANK YOU TIM…SO WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree with everything you said Tim. It’s so tired that I can’t watch any talk show hosts and many shows anymore. Days of our lives is the only show I watch on network TV.

Well said…

Disagreeing with the president or the policies of his administration does not equal “hating our country.” It’s called democracy. If people want to live in a country where everyone publicly agrees with the leadership, move to a dictatorship or police state. As for where there is non-political comedy, that would be Jimmy Fallon’s show. And his ratings are way down because of it. There have plenty of articles published on the subject.

Just as disagreeing with the previous occupant and the policies of his administration did not equal “racism,” but the left never failed to conveniently pin that term on each and every criticism the political right offered up.

Fallon does do political humor but much less than the other two and you are right, his ratings do suffer. It shows you how mean and angry Americans can be.

clairificaton..those who didn’t support him…(President Obama)

I’ll pass. Don’t watch late night shows and I am more interested in a decent soap opera during the day.

It really doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care to see another talk show. The only thing I watch on abc is GH .

ABC has been telling us fans of One Life To Live and All My Children that there is no room for their re-boots on daytime! So now, there is suddenly room for Alec Baldwin’s show on daytime??? BS.

Has ABC said there’s no room for OLTL & AMC? Or have they been silent because they canceled these shows and have no interest in bringing them back? Not trying to be mean, but ABC will never add another soap again and unfortunately GH will be in the soap graveyard too one day.

According to various reports from the “Save AMC & OLTL” Facebook page, ABC is “actively searching for an online partner” to re-boot OLTL and AMC because ABC only owns three hours of the daytime slots (The View, The Chew, and General Hospital).

It’s way more expensive to air a soap opera than a talk show. That’s why they went with talk shows, cooking shows, etc. And that’s the same reason those soaps probably won’t ever come back. Unless they decide to change the format, cut them down to half hour format. At this point, they’re not lucrative for the networks. That’s why the ones that remain are holding on by a thread.

I don’t believe that he have a spot during the daytime hours because all three of those shows The View ,The Chew and General Hospital are all hit shows. I can not see ABC getting rid of any one of those shows to take a chance on an hour with him. He’s funny but that’s all. I know I would not be interested in looking at a new talk show. So a good spot for him would be after Jimmy Kimmel and before my early morning news.

There is the 2-3pm hour. The network gave that hour back to the affiliates. In the Philadelphia area we see Millionaire and Right This Minute in that hour.

Syndicated time is tough to get back from affiliates. Affiliates need that time so they can make money. And in a good chunk of the country GH is on at 2PM (with syndicated fare on at 3PM)

ABC doesn’t have to take the time back from affiliates. The network has a syndication group which released the Katie Couric and Tyra Banks debacles. If the Baldwin show goes daytime, it could be syndicated and carried by all the ABC owned/operated stations.

I would say he should do the show in character as Emperor Cheeto, but Comedy Central already did that show.

I am just as dissatisfied as the next person regarding the state of our country, but I see this as just another platform for Baldwin to spout off about Trump like he does on SNL.

We do not need ANOTHER talk show. All it is, is talk, talk, talk. Very few have remained beyond one year. The most recent is the Harry Connick, Jr. show because it is more of a variety show and he doesn’t get political. I see this Alec Baldwin show as a huge mistake.

No thanks.

Not interested. Put it on late at night, if at all. Yawn.

I love Alec Baldwin portrayal as Tump’ spot on.
But as talk show host, dummo ..

At least he won’t be seated in the Republican partly as an accused child molester, so yah a talk show host could work for him, would have to see it before I could judge it.
but daaaammm he does a great Trump and I would not be happy if SNL lost him because of ABC ..

I do not care about daytime tv other than soaps..
Whatever else is on daytime I would never watch..
1( who on earth even watches daytime, If some do they need help LOL

I watch Y&R-GH at night usually around 11-midnight..
I would commit myself before watching daytime tv —
I watch Both soaps in a bit over an hour, total time.
I consider my soaps Nighttime as I have never watched a soap during the day on daytime tv.

su0000, I just want to thank you for your reply below, and I want you to know how much I enjoy your posts and respect your opinions, even when we might disagree.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones… 🙂

LOL…a lot of people will protest Baldwin but vote for Moore. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Not. Frightening? Yes.

This will probably be the only thing I say on this. I’m working hard in my own little corner of the world to enjoy the holiday season in spite of what’s going on in politics and sex scandals. Really don’t want another talk show on daytime or nighttime…I don’t care who it is. And I don’t watch much daytime except for soaps. But I do find it amusing that some who profess to not like what they call liberal news and programming, or chapter verse on Alex sure do seem to spend a lot of their time watching or listening to it. Add that to their own conservative programming and gurus, when do they have time to sleep? And if they can see the flaws in everybody else and even some soap characters, can’t ever figure out why they can’t see them in their choice of country leader when by actions and worlds it right there in front of your face. Unbelievable.

correction…”by actions and words”

You’re absolutely right, Rebecca. Sadly, the current U.S. president has done many frightening things and said (or tweeted) many frightening things.

My thoughts on this news are decidedly complicated…

I am on board with those who say we don’t need another talk show. We don’t…

I am a fan of Alex Baldwin’s portrayal of the current U.S. president on Saturday Night Live. I like Baldwin’s politics as well, but I don’t think much of him as a person. I remember the nasty phone message he left for his own daughter years ago…

And once again, here at the Fairman site, politics rears its ugly head, and I feel compelled to weigh in…

For those who feel that there are too many liberals hosting TV talk shows as it is, may I remind you that you still have Fox News (the opinion shows therein) where their stock in trade is cheerleading for the current U.S. president and downplaying (or flat-out ignoring any negative news, aka Russia probe updates, indictments, etc.) as well as virtually ALL of talk radio…

With the constant barrage of lies, missteps, scandals, indictments, and incompetence, the fact that the current U.S. president has ANY supporters left completely baffles me…

Ditto, ditto, ditto Jamesj75!

It truly is astounding. To think that there are people who actually ever supported him, let alone still do, is unfathomable. And he endorsed an accused pedophile just to add on to his already stellar (I say that with full sarcasm) record on morality. (Let us not forget there are good people in the neo-nazis). At least the accused in Hollywood (who are dropping like flies) were either fired or quit, embarrassed, mortified…but they admitted their guilt! Moore is protesting…he’s “innocent” a “victim”. Can’t you just scream and shake your fists waiting for this surreal madness to end???!!!

“Drain the swamp?” Did you ever hear anything more laughable? There are more bottomfeeders in the cesspool than one can count. These people not only voted in the orange, but they voted in a man who body slammed a reporter and now are cheering on an accused, as said, pedophile, molester. LOL…as I was typing this I’m watching Neal Patrick Harris filling in for Jimmy Kimmel. (I love late night talk shows…usually just the monologues unless there’s a guest I’m interested in watching.) He just ran a clip of some meeting with a few Republicans and Democrats. The Democrat, a straight, married man with four children touched the Republican’s arm for a moment while he was talking to him (it was actually a friendly gesture instead of adversarial) and what did the Republican say? He warned him not to touch him, that he’s a straight man, he’s a heterosexual…maybe that’s okay with Democrats but don’t dare go there with him. Something to that effect. The “straight Democrat” didn’t know whether to burst our laughing…it was a look of incredulity…you can’t make this stuff up! I thought it was a skit!!!! Oh and, then they do a hilarious “drunk Trump” thing where they slow down his speeches…

I”m telling you…honestly? In the midst of my despair over everything Trump… these comedians have had me rolling. Seriously hilarious material that keeps coming fast and furioius! It’s the comedy of Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert, SNL, etc. that have truly had me laughing out loud in what is otherwise too surreal to even contemplate.

As for Alec, as I said in my comment below, I think he might be a good fit for late night. I’d watch.

Thanks for the backup, my dear Friend Rebecca… I was awaiting slings and arrows — and they may come — but so nice to hear from you! 🙂

As always, you make terrific points! And your first paragraph, wherein you address the pedophile endorsement and the shout-out to white supremacists, is spot on! That’s one thing I left out in my original post: the way the current U.S. president gives these continual “dog whistles” to white supremacists and racists. Of course, as you also allude, he did the same thing during the campaign. Also during the campaign, among all the many terrible things this man said, I will never forget the way he mocked a disabled man… I mean, what kind of person does that?!?!?!

I know we have friends here on the other side who I respect, and I know there are indeed good Republicans. But this classless president is in a class all to himself. He is bringing his party down while he brings the country down and has disastrous effects worldwide. It is frightening… I am indeed, as you say, “waiting for this surreal madness to end….”

Thanks for sharing your what you saw on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Having been the target of homophobia more times than I care to remember or acknowledge, that type of attitude by that Republican is offensive. But you don’t have to be a member of a certain group to be offended by homophobia, misogyny, racism, or xenophobia. Those who spout hate and intolerance are sadly being more vocal, thanks to the cues they are getting from a certain commander-in-chief…

Ending on a more positive note, I also agree with your take on the comedians who give us some much needed laughter, including Alec Baldwin (I spelled his name right this time!). I would also give a shout-out to the “President’s Show” on Comedy Central. IT has been on fire! Some levity in these turbulent times are just what we need! In case we don’t connect beforehand, I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday!

Hi James…

We share much of the same reaction…horror, disbelief, disgust, etc…regarding this “presidency.” But I disagree in terms of party and certain reactions. It’s primarily the Republicans, the conservative, right-leaning demographic that is the least tolerant to alternative lifestlyes…except, it seems…pedophelia and the sexual abuse of women. Since voting for Trump AFTER hearing his tape where he admits to grabbing women and gloating that if you have power they “let you do whatever you want”…and voting in a congressman who bodyslammed to the ground to many who support an accused pedophile…there just seems to be a whole lot of twisted values, loyalties. I also can’t say I respect those who want to srip away health benefits, social security, medicaire and give more tax breaks to the wealthy under the guise that the wealth and jobs will eventually “trickle down” to the poor and consequently they’ll be more jobs. The utter train of thought is bull shite and greed. Greed, racism, anti-semitism; I’m just disgusted by the lot of them. (with a few exceptions who seem to be the “good guys” and get slammed for it within their own party.)

Anyway, yes, the ol’ cliche “laughter is the best medicine” holds true. Out of sorrow, fear, dark times…these hilarious recaps of the current climate is “a blessing.” 😉

Happy Holidays to you and yours, as well. 😉

Pray, the USA never losses our freedoms–
The five freedoms guaranteed by the 1st Amendment are ‘
assembly and petition.
Collectively, these are sometimes referred to as freedom of expression.

I’ll weigh in on Roy Moore – have to

he’s running our government

I vote for reason – rationale – reality


when they say – i’ll vote for Moore because he’s republican and keep the GOP in the running

because of their decision

it’s a majority not the floodgates

we vote again in 2018

People – unite – your word… keep within yourself first

@Rebecca1 ; @jamesj75


to “all” posts ; LIVE

It is frightening… I am indeed, as you say, “waiting for this surreal madness to end….”

I don’t know the outcome

cheers i’m with you

@ you you and you

I stand by my post

solidarity on any given subject matter… outside of our fertile imagination … is

be it soapland or this past tumultuous year and looking onward

I can share with.. and it has a calming effect

thanking you for “listening”

Hi Patrick…

Love back at ya! Glad you’re “with us.”

Rebecca, thank you for your further reply and support. When it comes to politics, you are preaching to the choir! You make some great points with your political observations. Let’s hope and pray for the best…

You have my respect and fondness. I don’t visit this site as often as others, so I am not as well versed in the interactions of my fellow posters. As I mention below, I hope that any animosity here can be dissolved and that all of us, myself included, can do our best to be civil and understanding, even when we disagree. As I have experienced, one of the best feelings we can sense is the satisfaction, relief, and joy when we can transform a negative into a positive…

Best to you always, Friend. 🙂

@James…I would be greatly surprised if you were to get any “slings and arrows,” given you do have friends “on the other side” who accord you the same affection and respect you offer to us, and I deeply appreciate you for that. Whilst I vehemently disagree with you in terms of politics, I still find you to be a delightful poster who possesses the maturity and decency to not personally denigrate those who view the current administration in a totally different light. Although you always state your case passionately and forcefully, it is done without malice toward other individuals here and that is refreshing and welcome. (I only wish everyone could follow your fine and classy example!) At any rate, I also wanted to clarify that being a Republican does not necessarily equate with being anti-gay….even though I am staunchly conservative on many, many matters, I’ve had numerous male friends of your particular orientation dating back to junior high school, as I grew up participating in the performing arts…For me, one’s sexuality has never been an issue, just an accepted fact of life and I find the notion of bashing someone based upon that criteria abhorrent…nobody should have to be subjected to that and I’m sorry you’ve experienced it. (Having been racially-harassed during my freshman year of college due to my extremely fair complexion, I can relate to how it feels to be threatened over a purely biological aspect of your being that you had no say in choosing…I realize my situation was not exactly the same sort as yours, but such episodes are traumatic regardless of the specifics or motivating factors behind them and they do leave a lasting impression upon one’s psyche.) Finally, despite your expressed displeasure with the present conditions of our nation, I sincerely wish you and yours a truly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….Take care, my friend!

@Shay…And yet you personally denigrate other posters on this site…delighted in an onsite argument here which started years ago, feel gays shouldn’t be in the military, don’t see any problem with a president who defended the alt right and encourage group bullying here. You denigrate actors you don’t like, mock them for how they look, how old they are and how they dress…and throw “slings and arrows within messages for all who care to read. Huh. Imagine that!

Speaking of denigrating, Shay, he or she of many names turns around and calls others crazy and downgrades their lifestyle. Isn’t there an American saying? Something about a kettle and a pot?He or she of many colours impersonates a diversity of both men and women with the same spiel. He or she is the typical man or woman without discretion, or country.

Our side? I am a democrat, by definition. There is a huge difference between democrats and liberals who take the democratic ideals of equality, freedom and truth and grossly spin it to the extreme. Therein lies the problem. There should not be a side. “United we stand, divided we fall”. That has been my belief in this country when I took an oath to become one of its naturalized citizens ( veni, vidi, amavi).I may have been young, but I understood enough and took it to heart. I can’t believe what I am reading. I find it extremely disheartening to look upon one’s fellow-American in such a light. What does that say about a person?

I would have buried my head in shame after that exposure of insulting anyone who does not agree with him or her, under a myriad of names. It still continues if you search hard enough.

There is no comparison between Jamesj and him or her. Jamesj is a gentleman. He speaks of what he believes and expresses his thoughts without hurting and perpetrating on others’ feelings, morals and sensibilities. That is or should be the American way, not this radical, incendiary bull. It is a sin to even associate his name with his or hers. I am still questioning his or her gender.

I know many republicans and Trump supporters, and many are so offended by being treated as lepers. They had a choice to make and Hillary was not it. Ironically, many of my democrat friends did the same thing. They would not touch Hillary with a ten foot pole. But, they do not voice their opinion for fear of being ‘banished’.

It is what it is. I do not like Trump. But, since he has been at the helm, I can’t find anything so dramatically drastic to want to unseat him.

“La vita e’ questa,
Niente e’ facile
E nulla e’ impossibile
Giuseppe Donadei

La vita e’ troppo breve per mangiare e bere male”.
Words to live by.

As you can see, Shay, food is affectionately incorporated within many Italian adages, lol.

Shay, first, I can ‘t thank you enough for your thoughtful, respectful reply as well as your generous comments. I am truly not worthy… I so much like you and respect you and your opinions. I feel the same way about other dear friends here, whether they share your political bent or mine. I will say it again: there are truly great people on both sides. I don’t like to see any animosity here, and I won’t get involved in any conflicts. I will implore my fellow posters: let’s do our best to be civil, understanding, empathetic, and forgiving, even if we disagree, soaps, politics, or whatever…

My dear Friend, Shay, I don’t paint all Republicans with same broad strokes. I know that not all Republicans are anti-gay. And I will make a promise: I won’t make any more posts of a political nature. My thoughts on politics are well known. I won’t beat a dead horse…

Now, Shay, I am sorry that you have faced racial discrimination. There is no reason or justification for that…at all! And I sincerely thank you for being supportive of gay people, and that includes me…

Further, I didn’t mean to be melodramatic — especially here at a soap site! — bringing my personal slights into the discussion. I faced bullying in high school, but that was a lifetime ago. In my senior year, everything became better, and I survived and later thrived. As an adult, there were instances of subtle discrimination or homophobia when someone learned or suspected I was gay. All those moments, ingrained in my psyche, helped make me who I am. But I never dealt with violence, and I have always stood up to bullies, in high school and beyond. Humor has also been a godsend to me, as have understanding friends and loved ones. So I am blessed…

Shay, thanks for the dialogue. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas— and all the best always! 🙂

Wow!!!!!!! You, you and you?????? You truly surprised me , Patrick. Well, shocked is a better word. I assume I am one of the ‘you’?????? Am I animal, vegetable or mineral? I, certainly, did not expected such from you.
We are all people, Patrick!!!!!!
After a hectic few days of canned/ dry food drive, toys for tots; feeding the needy…..I found a few minutes to check ‘it’ out, and here we go again. May we please end it? What will it take?
Is it not enough to hear those idiots at CNN ridiculing the President and his ‘habits’, such as drinking soda, in the midst of a terror attack in the city? Fools—FAKE NEWS!!!!!!
Thank goodness I do not watch daytime TV…….except for Spongebob and Disney programming , and some Peppa Pig.
Alec Baldwin is a madman……ask his brothers.
Aside: Shay, I apologize for monopolizing your inbox….could not find a link….smile, mon amie…

@”Gentleman James”….Thank you for your likewise courteous and generous reply, although I don’t agree you’re not worthy of praise! You’re all kinds of special and deserve to be told so! And whilst I truly appreciate your magnanimous offer to decline discussing politics here any further, I wouldn’t dream of holding you to that promise, even though I think the website is far more fun when we all resist that temptation. Inevitably, it will end up happening again—and again—and you shouldn’t feel compelled to hold back! (I mean, to quote one of your guys, “I feel your pain!” The same agony and anguish you are currently experiencing is how I felt during the last eight years, as well as most of the ’90’s!..Lol…) Besides, it’s really not so much the “what” that creates the problem, but the “how” it is implemented….the manner, tone and tenor that accompanies the opinions expressed. As Francesca has so beautifully pointed out, you make your personal thoughts known without implying disregard or derision for others with differing points of view, as have the majority of others on this thread, and that is as it should be, since there is so much more to enjoy about one another’s unique contributions beyond the world of politics!!!! In terms of the topic of bullying, I’m of the assertion that it’s something nearly everyone endures at one time or another in their lives and unless you’re strictly banal and purely unremarkable, someone somewhere will find reason to take issue with you, be you a freak, geek, soc or whatever….if you’re not hated because you’re beautiful, rich and thin, then you’re loathed for being poor, fat and ugly!…In other words, nobody’s truly immune, and as long as the abuse isn’t just insanely awful or dangerously out-of-hand like it unfortunately has too often become today with the advent of social media, then I do consider it a valuable exercise in character building. Quite frankly, through my life, I’ve been picked on for more things than I can count and most of the times that sort of stuff just didn’t phase me, I would simply ignore it and consider the source, which normally consisted of someone not worth the time of day.The college thing was a whole different ball of wax because it occurred in the dormitory of an expensive, private institution in one of the wealthiest towns in the country and was perpetrated by a pack of unruly minority females, so not only was it wholly unexpected—to say the least!—it was a complete culture shock to go from my genteel, safe suburban existence to a truly fearful situation that should never have been allowed to exist given I was minding my own business and there were plenty of willing witnesses who backed up my claims of harassment. Eventually, the problem was addressed, but it took far longer than it should have and it’s something that I remember to this day and will likely never accept or forget. Still, it’s probably only a fraction of what too many others have suffered…as you said, you survived your own battles and I survived mine, so in the end, it’s all good!!!! Life goes on….and yes, humor is an essential ingredient for getting through the assorted traumas the universe throws at us! Anyway, once again your kind sentiments were greatly appreciated and I’m sorry I wrote such a long response…occasionally, it is nice to go off the beaten soap path (and the political one!) to just share thoughts on other aspects of the human condition that really do bind us far more than divide us! Have a wonderful holiday season, James!

Thanks for your reply, Shay!

I’m okay with Alec Baldwin having a talk show on ABC as long as General Hospital stays on the air too.However i think Alec Baldwin’s talk show should be on late night and maybe from time to time do prime time shows.

As long as ABC doesn’t cancel General Hospital for yet another talk show. Retire The View!!! When Barbara Walters retired they should have retired the show as well.

So Let me get this straight.. Alec Baldwin is up for his own show.. I man that spouts rascist and gay slurs all the time beats Kim B and calls his daughter a fat pig. So being liberal gets him a day time talk show. SMH!!!

@Dave…That seems to be the most important prerequisite for any job in the “entertainment” (and I use that term loosely…) sector these days. All I want to know is this proposed travesty set to include the partisan bully’s omnipregnant spouse doing her signature daily yoga poses for all and sundry??? That would be sooo cute….NOT!

Grazie, Shay. Riverso gli auguri e felicitazioni. Altrettanto.

No, being popular gets him a daytime talk show. The fact that someone thinks there’s money to be made off his show is what gets him on the air. TV is all about making money!


so let me get this straight? A man who said he can grab pus..y whenever he wants because they “let you”, can mock a disabled man, can say those in the military who got captured aren’t “heroes” because he considers those who didn’t get caught heroes…the man who calls women who are overweight fat pigs, ugly, losers., a man who calls others cowards yet got himself out of serving…the man who finds good people in the despicable alt-right can be elected President of the United States (albeit, thankfully, not by the majority of Americans) and you’re angry that a man who was angry at his daughter and said something in private that he regretted (and with whom he has a close relationship with) can get a talk show?

Ha! Too funny…

I guess he saw how well Megyn Kelly is doing and how well Katie Couric and Meredith Viera did with their talk shows.

LOL, I am old enough to remember his Billy Aldrich character on The Doctors!

Me, too!


Based on this article I don’t think the kind of show he would do would be appropriate for daytime audience—

ABC only has three hours available during the daytime since they foolishly, under Brian Frons, gave an hour back to affiliates in order to make room on the owned and operated stations for the syndicated ‘Katie’. So if this is greenlit for daytime, that would mean the ax for either ‘The View’, ‘The Chew’, or GH.

I only have four words for ABC…. “ONE LIFE TO LIVE”

I’d love to see Alec as a late night host…he can be much more creative/unretricted in that time spot than daytime. The man is hilarious and chock full of personality!

I agree… I recall him speaking about his time on “The Doctors”

wow.. as much as it’s possible to discuss “behind the scenes” at all these “respective” shows

he made it clear in as few words as possible that their was a lot of “drama” at all times

one tryst after another, partay

clearly – times have changed ?

PS: he has a respect for the genre… he speaks so well of Knots Landing

you know.. if it’s in daytime… would he … prop daytime serial ?

he loves to speak about the art of acting… and it would be a boon for

something light, real, and give credit to.

Let him stay with NBC but don’t take General Hospital away

No thank you. I don’t watch talk shows. I don’t watch news. I do watch General Hospital every day. I do not watch any other ABC shows. There is enough anger and anxiety in the world on both sides. That doesn’t work for me.

Why when all of the celebrity talk shows fail?

And he’s such a hypocrite making fun of the President while Alec himself admits he’s treated women horribly most of his life. Have we forgotten the voicemail he left calling his teenage daughter a disgusting pig????

I’m sure there is a lot of name calling, arguing and out-of-control behavior behind closed doors in many families. Alec’s known to have a temper and he admitted he was wrong (in the midst of an ugly divorce and despair that he felt Kim B was turning his daughter against him and telling her to avoid his calls). However, his ex-wife Kim Bassinger’s father said he loved Alec and it was a shame he had anger issues…emphasizing they weren’t physical but verbal (with his family.) Does that make it right or do I condone it? No. But it was a private conversation in a family and it seems he and his daughter are quite close.

His making fun of Trump is a completely different story. A story more than 3 million and counting people can relate to and find humor in. As a matter of fact, one of the ways of getting through this nightmare is with shared laughter amongst those of us still reeling from the daily news (and tweets). Kudos to Alec for his hilarious take on a not-so-hilarious reality.

Alec is an actor..
He is paid to portray Trump in a comic satire way..
The words he speaks are not his words, the writers of SNL get the praise for the scripts.

Again, Rebecca, you make great points! I, too, disparaged Baldwin over that voicemail. Thanks for putting things in perspective. Take care, Friend! 🙂

I agree with you, @Alan. It is a disgrace to mock anyone (even the President) who looks or is different from the ‘accepted’ norm, whether the person is gay, has a handicap, different colour or religion.
This is exactly the reason I find anyone who sees himself as superior are bigots. Bigotry has many faces, not just in political views.

However, those same people hide behind their phony selves. It is a facade, it is hypocrisy.
I clearly recall Lauder speechifying on correct and proper behavior towards women in any environment as he interviewed Bill O’Reilly. I loathe Bill, but he must be jumping up and down in joy after Matt’s unsavory comportment towards women. Even at my age I found them both repulsive.

Then there are those, as on the General Hospital threads, who are aggressively wicked but try to show a different face when convenient, turning the corner by become passive aggressive.

I do find all these remarks meant to be degrading, mean and classless. The same applies to commenters who call another replier crazy and in need of medical intervention. This was directed towards many who are now no longer on the site, as they were so hurt it was not worth their time.
This commenter went as far as attacking repliers’ families to the point where he or she has a bone to pick with anyone who spends money on vacations instead of spending it on their mental health. This is envy personified.

It makes one wonder.


I am so happy to see a Reply button in your comments within this thread!

Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments about me. I am humbled by them, Friend…

I have read your intelligent views herein and elsewhere, and I must applaud you for them!

Best to you and your loved ones! 🙂

You are not only a gentleman, but also a gentle man.
Thank you fervently, Jamesj.

I have recently and sparingly begun participating, but have been an avid fan of MF for years. I held my tongue for so long until I could not any more. I have a little more time on my hands as I only work three days a week.

I am very familiar with your sentiments and wether you agree or not, your comments are always written with care . Your courtesy and cautious manner of choosing your words caught my eye.

I echo your felicitation, Jamesj. Happy Holidays.

Thank you again, Francesca. You’ve made my day! Take care, Friend! 🙂

Breaking News

The Young and the Restless and General Hospital Actress and Writer, Meg Bennett, Passes Away at 75

Meg Bennett, who had played Julia Newman and later became a writer for the top-rated daytime drama, The Young and the Restless has died at the age of 75.  The news comes from her family who shared that she lost her battle to cancer back on April 11th.

Daytime fans remember fondly, Meg’s portrayal of Victor’s (Eric Braeden)first wife. Bennett joined the show in 1980, after her first soap stint for two years in the role of Liza Walton on Search for Tomorrow.

Impressed by her story notes, the late Bill Bell, then head writer of Y&R, had Meg doing double duty acting and writing on the show from 1983-1987. When he decided to write off the character of Julia, he also wanted Meg to stick around as a writer.  Not only did this begin a whole other daytime career for Bennett, but she was not done playing Julia either. Throughout the decades, Julia would still come back to Genoa City for a visit. Most recently, Y&R fans saw Julia in 2018, and again in 2020.

Photo: JPI

Bennett also appeared on Santa Barbara and was a writer on that show as well from 1991-1993. She played the role of Megan Richardson. It was next that Meg had her longest writing stint coming to ABC’s General Hospital. Meg wrote for GH from 1993-2011.

In 1995, Bennett won her first Daytime Emmy for writing and her personal life changed after falling in love with nine-time Daytime Emmy winner, former GH head writer, Bob Guza Jr. In addition, GH also utilized Bennett for her acting skill when she was cast as the villainess Allegra Montenegro.  Meg and Bog Guza were officially married in 2004 and purchased a home once owned by Boris Karloff and Gregory Peck.

Photo: JPI

Additionally, Meg wrote for The Bold and the Beautiful 1987-1989 and later served as a executive story consultant to Brad Bell from 2002-2004.  She also wrote for Sunset Beach, Generations and GH: Night Shift throughout her writing career. She went on to win five WGA Awards for GH and Santa Barbara.

Meg is survived by her husband of 19 years, Robert Guza Jr., two stepdaughters, four grandchildren, a brother and a sister.

Share your remembrances and condolences for Meg Bennett via the comment section below.

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‘Tracker’s’ Justin Hartley on His ‘Passions’ Soap Start, “They’d Have Me With No Shirt Walking Around a Hospital for Three Weeks. It Was Ridiculous, but I Loved It.”

While Justin Hartley’s freshman drama Tracker on CBS is a bonafide smash hit, the man who is now executive producing and the lead of the complex procedural drama, had his humble show biz TV beginnings on the cult favorite soap opera, Passions.

From 2002-2006, Hartley became beloved by young soap viewers everywhere for his performance of Nicholas Foxworth Crane, better known as “Fox.”

Throughout his run on the former NBC soap opera, Hartley’s co-stars now read as who’s who of the soaps including good friend, Eric Martsolf (ex-Ethan, Passions, now Brady, DAYS), former real-life wife, Lindsay Korman (ex-Theresa, Passions), Brook Kerr (ex-Whitney, Passions, now Portia, General Hospital) and even the late, great Andrea Evans (ex-Rebecca, Passions, and ex-Tina One Life to Live).

Photo: JPI

In a look-back at some of the memorable roles of his career at TV Insider including as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless, the feature has some notable quotes from Justin.

The one that struck us the most was when Hartley was speaking about his time on Passions, which for anyone who knows the show, saw him most of the time shirtless in a scene for absolutely no apparent reason. Looks like Justin agrees with that assessment too, sharing, “They’d have me with no shirt walking around a hospital for three weeks. It was ridiculous, but I loved it.”

Photo: CBS

Meanwhile, tonight on an all-new episode of Tracker (9pm ET/PT) titled “Aurora”, when a widower offers a reward to find his only daughter who disappeared three years ago and is presumed dead, Colter (Hartley) agrees to help track her down. After the missing girl’s father shows Colter a newspaper photo from a recent county fair he’s convinced is her, Colter’s search leads him into the world of amateur ghost hunting and paranormal activity.

“Aurora” is directed by none other than Hartley’s former This Is Us co-star Jon Huertas (ex-Miquel).  In fact, Huertas told TV Insider, he wouldn’t wait to direct Justin again, as he did on the former NBC drama in which they both appeared.

Photo: CBS

Huertas expressed: “I’ll be honest, Justin was one of my favorite actors on the show to watch, to work with, and to direct. I was able to do all of that on This Is Us. And so when the opportunity came up, Ken Olin was like, ‘Hey, you interested in directing on this show, Tracker?’ I was like, “Absolutely. I get to work with Justin again.”‘

So, do you remember Justin as Fox Crane mostly walking around plenty of times shirtless in story as soap hunks do, but for no particular reason? Are you going to catch ‘Tracker’ tonight which features a behind the scenes reunion and collaboration between Jon Huertas and Justin? Comment below.

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General Hospital

‘Knots Landing’s’ Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark Reunite for Los Angeles Ballet Season 18 Gala

The women from the the cul-de-sac at Seaview Circle, stepped out last week as the Los Angeles Ballet celebrated its season 18 gala with ceremonies at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The evening was hosted by LAB staunch supporter, Donna Mills (ex-Abby, Knots Landing, ex-Madeline, General Hospital).  The Emmy Award-winning actress met up with her dear friend and former on-screen rival and co-star, Joan Van Ark (ex-Val, Knots Landing, ex-Gloria, The Young and the Restless) as well as her daughter, Chloe Mills, on the red carpet prior to the start of the evening.

This year’s LAB gala honorees included: Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Emmy, and Grammy nominated composer and pianist Kris Bowers, plus accomplished attorney and Los Angeles Ballet Board Chair, Jennifer Bellah Maguire. The honorees each received Angel Awards for the extraordinary contributions they have made to the arts, LAB and the city of Los Angeles.

Photo: JPI

Los Angeles Ballet is known for classical, contemporary, romantic and neoclassical ballets, for pioneering new works and for presenting relevant works by many of today’s most innovative dance-makers. LAB’s original production of The Nutcracker is an annual holiday favorite for Los Angeles residents and regional, national and international visitors.

Photo: Shutterstock for Los Angeles Ballet

Led by Artistic Director Melissa Barak, LAB performs in multiple theater venues across LA County including The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Royce Hall at UCLA, Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Pasadena Civic Auditorium and Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. As part of its mission, LAB wants to expand people’s knowledge of and nurture a love for ballet.

Longtime fans of Donna Mills also know that when early in her career she was a dancer. In fact, when she got her first soap opera gig as a nightclub singer named “Rocket” on Secret Storm, Mills was shocked.

Photo: JPI

In a 2015 interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine Donna recounted, “I’m not a singer. I was a dancer. Why they chose me to be a nightclub singer, I have no idea, and I actually sang on the show.”

So, glad to see Donna and Joan stepping out together in support of the Los Angeles Ballet? Miss Knots Landing’s Abby and Val? Let us know via the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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