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Angelica McDaniel OUT as CBS Head of Daytime As Network Restructures

PhotoL JPI

There has been a swift turn in the CBS Daytime hierarchy.  In news this evening, CBS Head of Daytime Angelica McDaniel has exited the network and her position, following a restructuring which dissolved her position.

According to Deadline:  McDaniel’s position is being eliminated as the network is folding the daytime team into the Current Programming department headed by Amy Reisenbach.”  Angelica had been with the company for nine years.

Reportedly, McDaniel’s last day at CBS was today.  The move by CBS now makes it similar to how ABC handles their soap opera, General Hospital as it is overseen by Vicki Dummer. who oversees all scripted series for the day-pa

Kelly Kahl, President of CBS Entertainment said in a stateement: “Angelica McDaniel championed our daytime series line up with creativity, passion and energy and broke new ground by helping launch the Network’s first daytime talk show in years while respecting the long history and tradition of the dramas and game shows. We appreciate her many contributions and wish her well on her next endeavors.”

McDaniel oversaw The Young and the Restless (who’s ratings have been on a decline of late) and The Bold and the Beautiful for the network.  She also was responsible for championing The Talk to daytime television.  Angelica was promoted over a short period of time by industry standards to her position after her accomplishments.

So, what do you think about the departure of Angelica McDaniel from CBS Daytime? And what it means for the future of the CBS soaps now that they will fall under the auspices of Current Programming department? Comment below.

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I think her departure is good for Y&R,she went through like 7 regimes during her reign there and the show has suffered,i’ve noticed a lot of agenda driven stories(Kola) and interference and her latest writer is a dud

CBS seems to be restructuring more than just daytime by eliminating Angelica’s position. Their news personnel has been like musical chairs appearing from one news program to another. Or not on their regular program every day, but on assignment. I don’t like it. So when they get rid of someone more dedicated to their two soaps, it doesn’t seem to bode well. And as for the talk show she launched, it is changing big time as well since the past head of CBS was kicked out, and it was his wife on that show. And now other panelists leaving as well.

I don’t think firing her will help Y&R’s ratings.

the comment about how abc handles their soap GENERAL HOSPITAL is a big JOKE

Agreed.. what a fiasco that show is!!!

Thank the good lord above !! You just might be able to save Y&R I wish you’ luck

No offense but just what were accomplishments? She and her piece of trash husband destroyed one of the best actors ever spreading a lie

I got one hope she never gets employed again what she and her trash husband did was unforgivable ! We tried and convicted a actor in public opinion poll and don’t think I have forgotten the actors that help spread the lie everyone of them should be ashamed of themselves I wish he had deep pockets and taken all of them to court so this is the best news I have heard in years will y& then survive I don’t know but knowing these people after five years are getting their just rewards puts a smile on my face I am not sure I will ever come back as a regular viewer but I am thrilled for those fans who stuck with it

Angelica McDaniel’s role as CBS Daytime lead was great, because she championed for CBS Daytime, especially soap operas, and I worry that her predecessor, if selected, may try and destroy the daytime lineup. My best wishes to Angelica McDaniel, and thank you so much for your dedication and work for CBS and its daytime lineup!

Are you kidding? What did she do for daytime drama? Wasn’t ATWT cancelled on her watch. Y&R is in decline. Good riddance

No, it wasn’t. ATWT was canceled because P&G wanted out of the soap game.


Too bad it wasn’t the heading of daytime at ABC.

Bring back Gina T to the Y&R, those idiots that that let her go for Michelle S are just that idiots! Gina’s acting is top acting that is being missed badly !!!!!! BRING HER BACK!

Gina is so great! She should be given prime time roles.

She seemed generally dedicated to soaps, and to her credit she saw that soaps was a dying medium and brought in Mal Young to shake things up on Y and R. Unfortunately, judging by the ratings her cure wasn’t radical enough and we are back to the same old tired cliches and writers that have fans tuning out in droves. But for all the years she devoted to daytime and championed soaps we should be grateful and hope she gets another shot sometime or somewhere else.

I am not a CBS employee nor have any insight into the corporate environment of McDaniel’s department. However, the various news items that I have read from sites (including THIS one) gave me a poor impression of McDaniel’s effectiveness in her job over the years. I vividly remember news items (again, including on THIS site) where McDaniel was photographed siting among the Y&R writers on Sally Sussman’s first day in her mere 8-month reign as head writer and where McDaniel was providing detailed commentary about casting decisions. I strongly suspect that McDaniel, a network executive, was TOO involved in the creative process of these shows and did not give those actually hired for these tasks enough “space” to do their jobs. (Does anyone really believe that, after less than a year back at Y&R, Sussman and Kay Alden, both veterans of Bill Bell’s Y&R time, suddenly decided to retire? I’d venture that (1) they were fired and allowed to “retire” to save face; or (2) both women were quickly frustrated by constant oversight by McDaniel and other executives that prevented them from putting a good show together).

My opinion of McDaniel wasn’t help by the constant “corporate p.r.” comments from her glowing about a newly hired Y&R producer or head writer (the poor show went through at least 3 people in each of these jobs in a mere 5 years). Helen Keller could see that something was/is not right when no one can manage to stay in the job. Y&R has suffered greatly over the past 5 years from this instability. (It really was not in good shape for a decade before that!).

I don’t wish unemployment on anyone and hope that McDaniel has much success in her future endeavors. This viewer, however, was not impressed with her. She may have put a lot of effort into doing her work but, giving the current status of Y&R and B&B, had little to show for it.

Enough, Bill Bell was great in his time but people act as if the tv environment in 2019 is the same as it was when Bell was the king of soap writers. The internet, reality tv, court shows, 24 hour news programs, streaming services, are things Bell never had to contend with. Almost all of these soaps are dying because they keep bringing back the Sussmans and the Aldens and other veterans of back in the day and thinking that the soap viewer of yesteryear is the same one today. Time has moved on. I will say this again, the casts of these shows are too large and need to be reduced. The females on these shows need to be more reflexive of how average women really look and not be super models. The back from the dead stories need to be axed. The writers staffs need to be diversified and be made to go sit in a Courtroom and talk to police officers and learn to tell decent divorce. medical, domestic violence and crime stories without the warmed over rehashed crap we see on the screen again and again.

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‘Tracker’ Starring Justin Hartley Premieres After Most-Watched Super Bowl With 18.4 Million Viewers

Justin Hartley’s (ex-Adam, Y&R, ex-Kevin, This Is Us) new CBS drama, Tracker debuted immediately after Super Bowl LVIII this past Sunday delivering a huge audience averaging 18.4 million viewers.

That comes on the heels of the most-watched Super Bowl telecast of all-time where the overtime game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers amassed a lead-in average viewership of 123.4 million people.

Tracker retained 15% of the audience from Super Bowl LVII but that still gave the series the largest post-Super Bowl numbers for a series since 2021. That series in 2021 was The Equalizer.

Photo: CBS

Of note: The Tracker audience numbers refers only to CBS viewership and will soon see an increase when data becomes available from streamers Paramount+,, and the CBS app.  In addition, Tracker’s performance outshined last year’s post-Super Bowl effect in the ratings. In 2023, Season 2 of  Next Level Chef  retained 13.6% of the audience of the big game, and 15.7 million viewers after 115.1 million watched the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Photo: CBS

Interestingly, given the length of Sunday night’s Super Bowl and it going into overtime, it pushed Tracker’s scheduled premiere back even later until 11:14 pm EST. That marked the latest Super Bowl game lead-out in its history.

In case you missed the premiere of Tracker, and its first episode entitled “Klamath Falls”, the series stars Hartley as Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist who roams the country as a reward seeker, using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family.

So, what do you think of how ‘Tracker’ performed in its first episode averaging 18.4 million viewers? Will Justin Hartley’s new series be able to retain a large part of this audience moving forward week-to-week? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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‘Knots Landing’s’ Don Murray Passes Away at 94, Michele Lee Pays Tribute “I Will Always Love Him”

He played Sid Fairgate on CBS primetime’s beloved soap opera, Knots Landing (1979-1981) and was an Oscar nominee for his performance in Bus Stop, and now comes word that actor Don Murray has died at the age of 94.

Murray’s son, Christopher broke the news to the New York Times. However, he did not give any further details into his father’s death.

Michele Lee who played Karen Fairgate on Knots Landing posted a touching tribute to her former leading man, expressing: “Don Murray, One of the nicest people I have EVER met. When Don was working on the set, everything stopped. People stood by the camera to watch him. Don was often applauded when the director yelled “Cut.” Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY called him Mr. Murray. That’s how much respect we all had for him. I will always love him. #knotslanding #knots #goodnightsid #donmurray #restinpeace”

Photo: JPI

On ‘Knots’, Murray’s Sid was killed-off in a car crash in its third season. A mechanic working for the mob took out the brakes in Sid’s car. While Sid and an FBI agent were driving, the car went out of control and fell from a cliff. After having to undergo live-saving surgery, Sid didn’t survive passing away in the early stages of the operation. (You can watch the heartbreaking ending to Sid’s life and Michele Lee’s bravura performance below).

In addition to Knots Landing, Murray had an illustrious film career having been Oscar-nominated for his debut role as Beauregard “Beau” Decker, the lovestruck cowboy in Bus Stop. He also appeared in Fred Zinnemann’s A Hatful of Rain 1957, where he played a morphine-addicted war veteran, and starred as a closeted gay senator in Otto Preminger’s Advise & Consent in 1962. Later in his career in 1986, he played Kathleen Turner’s father in the film Peggy Sue Got Married.

Share your remembrances and condolences on the death of Don Murray via the comment section below. Under the video of Sid’s death on Knots, you can also check out the Michael Fairman Channel interview with Michele Lee, Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark where they discuss working with Don Murray during the conversation.


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Daytime Emmy Category Changes Announced: Outstanding Younger Performer Eliminated; Daytime Program Hosts Revised

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will look a bit different with the elimination of some categories and a redefinition of others as announced on Thursday by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).

The changes include the elimination of what has become the controversial Outstanding Younger Performer in a Daytime Drama series category, where the age range was so vast that it had younger children competing with older teens or young adults.

That means that General Hospital’s Eden McCoy (Josslyn) will become, for all intent and purposes, the final winner of this category as she took the honors for her work at the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards handed out in December of 2023.

Photo: JPI

This category had under gone a myriad of changes and age eligibility rules over recent years. Younger performers were first honored at the Emmys in 1985. With the removal of this category, younger performers are now eligible to submit for Supporting Actor or Actress or Lead Actor or Actress category. The flipside of the change is that there is one less category for Daytime Drama performers to be named in.

Other changes as announced by NATAS include merging ‘Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Non-Fiction Series’ and ‘Outstanding Writing for Daytime Non-Fiction Special’ into ‘Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Non-Fiction Program.’

Additionally, the Daytime Program Host category has been split into two categories – Daytime Personality–Daily, and Daytime Personality–Non-Daily. The complete list of changes is below.

Photo: NATAS

In a statement, Adam Sharp, President of NATAS expressed: “Programming is always changing, and NATAS continues to adapt its competition rules to reflect these shifts in the television landscape. We’re looking forward to gathering again at the 51st Daytime Emmys to celebrate all the nominees and the entertaining and enlightening programs they create.”

Photo: JPI

For a further breakdown of the category changes, see below:

Daytime Program Host Eligibility

Hosts, Co-Hosts, and Correspondents from Entertainment News and Legal/Courtroom Programs (e.g. the judges and bailiffs) are now eligible within the Daytime Personality – Daily or Daytime Personality – Non-Daily category depending on airing/streaming schedule. They also remain eligible in their respective Program categories but cannot win two Emmy statuettes for the same function, e.g. if a Program wins Outstanding Program and the Hosts win Outstanding Daytime Personality, the statuette defaults to the Host entry. Hosts from the same Program will be included in a single entry with all Hosts, Co-Hosts, Anchors and Correspondents on the same submission and the reel must contain footage that highlights all entrants.

Daytime Personality – Daily

Honoring Hosts, Co-Hosts, Anchors, and Correspondents on Daytime-eligible content that airs or streams daily AND/OR has more than 52 episodes per calendar year. Eligible genres are: Entertainment News, Legal/Courtroom, Travel/Adventure/Nature, Instructional/How-To, Lifestyle, Arts and Popular Culture, Educational and Informational, and Short Form.

Note: This does not affect Talk Series Hosts and Culinary Hosts who remain eligible only in their respective categories.

Daytime Personality – Non-Daily

Honoring Hosts, Co-Hosts, Anchors, Correspondents, and Narrators on Daytime-eligible content that airs or streams weekly or all at once AND/OR has fewer than 52 episodes per calendar year (regardless of how many were filmed or produced). Eligible genres are: Entertainment News, Legal/Courtroom, Travel/Adventure/Nature, Instructional/How-To, Lifestyle, Arts and Popular Culture, Educational and Informational, Daytime Special, and Short Form.

Note: This does not affect Talk Series Hosts and Culinary Hosts who remain eligible only in their respective categories.

NATAS also announced that the entry deadline for submissions for the competition will be February 22nd, with a late entry by March 7th. Judging will be from March 21-April 11, 2024 with the official nominations to be revealed the week of April 15th.

No word yet on the date of the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, but one would presume it will be back to sometime in June as it has been in previous years. Last years Daytime Emmys got pushed to December of 2023 due to the writers and performers strikes.

So, what do you think of the elimination of the Outstanding Younger Performer category? As well, as other category changes for this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Comment below.

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