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DALLAS Ratings Winner! What did you think of the Premiere Episodes? We Loved It!



OK, we’re in!  In a very impressive two hour season premiere on TNT, the highly anticipated Dallas reboot was a big winner last night in the ratings scoring an impressive average of 6.8 million viewers on Wednesday, making it the No. 1 scripted series premiere on all of cable so far this year.  TNT, as a result, was the No. 1 network among basic cable Wednesday. The show lured 1.9 million adults 18-49 and 2.4 million adults 25-54.

So what was our review of the two-hour premiere episode?   First off, there were some very juicy twists and turns, Dallas– flavored backstabbing, and story arcs that clearly make us want to tune-in next week and throughout the ten week run of the series!  And the show looked very majestic with its over head shots and long shots of Dallas, the ranch and the splendor of it all.   Plus it brought it to modern times, in particular with the music montage used effectively at the end of Christopher’s wedding, which make it feel like something on television from this decade.

Our favorites in the premiere were Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing who was deliciously sinister, a snake in the grass, a real bad boy, and sexy to boot.   He seems to be the catalyst that makes the new Dallas go!   We also loved the performances by Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing and Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing and bought into them as husband and wife.  As Bobby deals with his cancer diagnosis, and Ann learns the truth (and can load a shotgun at a seconds notice!), we saw both these characters strength and vulnerability.  Bobby wants to keep his promise to his mama Miss Ellie, about the land on Southfork while John Ross drilled on it and struck oil. BIG problems! J.R. comes out of a catatonic depressive state and becomes the old J.R. of old and it’s always fun to see Larry Hagman again, but what is so interesting is that John Ross is even double crossing his dad, and vice-versa!

There is also the sizzling plot between the two brothers, John Ross and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) where we learned that Christopher was to marry Jordana Brewster’s Elena Ramos, only someone emailed a break up letter and messed it their relationship up!  (We think it Julie Gonzalo’s character of Rebecca Sutter, and Rebecca’s brother who have hatched a two year plan, which was exactly probably around the same time that email came. Subplot!)  Only now Christopher (in the premiere episode) marries Rebecca.   Linda Gray’s Sue Ellen is back, this time telling John Ross she will help him any way she can to get Southfork and it looks like she has political aspirations!  Will Sue Ellen eventually fall of the wagon? We can only hope so!  

There was so much double-crossing we had to keep a score card, but that’s why we loved the original Dallas and if things keep going this way, we will all fall in love with it, all over again.   Let us know what you thoughts on the premiere and who really stood out to you?


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Like the original love this!!!!!! Do the ratings include DVR’ing?

Uh oh Brian, I went to 3 different places to see if it counts at all 3 places they say no, You have to watch it live, the television has to be on. that’s how abc/ disney got away with saying the soaps aren’t being watched anymore that’s not the truth because so many fans were watching it by taping, soapnet, the internet. we are watching just in different ways. Wasn’t Dallas great? I can’t wait till Wednesday, those Ewings were never boring.

DVR counts in the ratings if you watch it the same day and do not FF the commercials.

Brian, Good thing Heather has good news, you didn’t ff did you?

It was an exciting two hours of great backstabbing within the family, that’s what I loved about the ewings and I can’t wait till next Wednesday. John Ross is driven and he is willing to go against his own father J r, I loved when he snapped out of where ever he has been in that nursing home, He, Jr is cold and hasn’t changed a bit, this fan is grateful for that , So Jr want’s to get back into the oil business and he doesn’t care who he hurts including his own son. I like seeing Bobby happy in his marriage to Anne, and Sue Ellen what can I say I love her and won’t be upset if she hits the bottle in the near future, shes always a joy to watch even if she is drunk, But last night it looks like she is doing ok in whatever business she is involved with. I have to say I like John Ross he is that good and I can’t wait to see more of him. I was very pleased with the new dallas, Looks like my summer will not be that boring after all, Not with Jr, Bobbie, Christopher, and John Ross, wanting to continue the battle of the Ewings and who will be the winner of the oil on south fork, Looks like Bobbie and Anne won’t be going on any long trips any time soon Things are about to get very interesting on dallas. So glad it’s back.

I decided at the last minute to give it a try. I watched the original & wasn’t sure they could pull this off but was pleasantly surprised. Even had a few twists that I didn’t see coming. I’m glad that Bobby, JR, & Sue Ellen make more than a cameo appearance & are part of the storyline. I wouldn’t of keep watching if they weren’t. So my DVR is set to record the rest of the series. Let’s see how these youngsters do it Dallas style.

I love the new Dallas , keeping original score is homage to us loyal n devoted fans.
I grew up watching with my grandmother till she passed away .
We imagined ourselves at South Fork and mingling with the Ewings.
I was mesmerized as a kid by Dallas .
The lifestyle of the rich family on South Fork.
Even years later , at 37yrs ..I find myself wanting to go back to South Fork and
involved with the Ewing Feuds !
John Ross n Christopher are just soo sexxy.
I am #TeamJohnRoss but want Christopher on the side !

The BEST!!!! I watched the original and was glued to my TV for the sequal. The cast is dynamic and paired magically. Can hardly wait for next episode.

i expected it to be good but it was awesome! can’t wait until next week to see what happens next………….

I, too, was riveted for the premiere and so happy with the results!. The spirit of the DALLAS I followed for 14 seasons was retained. The show did not try to be something it was not, and its efforts to reflect current tastes were done well (the music montage, a full-fledged red carpet at the Cattle Barons Ball, the location shooting, the quicker storytelling… all those double-crosses!) .

This truly was like picking up a story you set down and came back to, as no time had passed. High marks for Cynthia Cidre for doing her homework and for including the senior generation in the storylines. Oh, what a treat to see JR scheme again! I was glad to see Ray and Lucy there for the wedding, and as contracts and negotiations allow, may there be more cameos from those we thought had ridden into the sunset. And the acting was strong. The Ewings are in good hands. Already this tale is far far better than any of those reunion movies!

I am eager to learn Ann’s backstory, explore the dynamics between these fathers and sons, enjoy a good well-played love triangle, watch all the treachery (John Ross is out to scam his own father!) and pray for redemption. But I also enjoyed the attention to history and tradition. Everyone is still drinking and gathering for dinner!

My only quibble and it is minor and sure to be resolved as characters develop. John Ross is almost too angry. I hope he may develop a little twinkle and charm and vulnerability to go with the rebellion and swagger and sexiness to make him a true anti-hero we can feel guilty about rooting for even when he is bad. But I bet that will come as he learns from JR.

Is it next Wednesday yet?


I loved it,and Im 64 now,and got all the DVD’s of the original Dallas.
and when the new Dallas DVD’s are out I’ll get them too 🙂

that’s a fun tidbit to share… it was one of the best shows on the air… and it’s a treat to be giddy about Dallas again.

Proves… soaps… are being watched…. !

I would love to own all of Knot’s Landing on dvd.

darn, I don’t have TNT, but one of my co-workers was telling us about it. she said it was Awesome! She loved it! and said if it hadn’t had all those original actors/stars in it, she would have have watched it. She said it had a lot of the same sort of gossipy dirty deals behind someone’s back jus t like the original series had.

oh that should read. if it hadn’t had all those original actors/stars in it she would have NOT watched it

That’s how I feel to the originals made the show they all have to stay, John ross, jr’s son is going to be very interesting to watch he was good. I can’t wait to see him and his dad go after each other, There was a lot of back stabbing and it was like we never left South Fork, every thing is the same, we are all just older.

Where is Pam? Loved Victoria P. Did she die in the original Dallas?

She abandoned Bobby and Christopher after an accident left her disfigured. V.P. runs a mega-successful company now and doesn’t want to return.

One of the reasons VP left was after they made that whole season a dream they went back to making her character weak she was vey upset , I loved Dallas but it was never the same when they made that a dream, they should have put Bobby in a coma. I mean I guess Pam went over to Knots and dreamed for Gary. The producers at Knots were furious and their were never any crossovers again for the character of Gary I mean Gary sufferd etc on Knots for how many episodes.

Great show , loved it the actors were great just as good as the old ones. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you Michael for the update.

I really enjoyed it. I thought the plot twists were great and I loved seeing Bobby, Sue Ellen and especially JR again! The one weak part for me was John Ross. JR’s longevity as a villain is because as bad as he is, you love watching him. John Ross – not so much. I didn’t enjoy him & wouldn’t mind seeing JR crush him and send him packing.

I read about the new series in Southern Living and saved the date, but somehow missed the premiere last night! Two hours to boot, will these two episodes be shown again in the near future? Maybe on the internet?? R.

TNT has been playing it all week and I believe it is on again tonight.

loved it….loved the new characters

I loved it !!
But didn’t like the whole Bobby dying bit. NO ,NO, NO !
It was nice to see Ray (Steve Kanaly) and Lucy (Charlene Tilton).
It would have been nice to see that familiar portrait of old Jock, but I would imagine they would have to pay the estate of the late Jim Davis for the use of his image.
Overall looking forward to next weeks episode.

Only one minor fault. I wish they had done the opening credits in the style of the old show , with pictures of the stars in alphabetical order.

I thought that too, but none of the primetime shows do that anymore. Just changing of the times.

Loved the original, but this was great too. loved hearing that themesong.

I was always a hardcore Knots Landing fan, but I watched and it was amazing!!! Every which way you turned, there was treachery and deceit… was so damn delicious. Can’t wait til next week! LOL

LOL…. “…it was so damn delicious… can’t wait…”

it’s a treat to be giddy about something.

I love this web site…. i laugh… think… enjoy…

am pleased that soaps exist with “us”. OK?

I know i am responding late. But I agree with you about Knots Landing. That would be awesome if it came back as well.

It was incredible! Writers you guys are awesome. I am so excited it is back and it is good! Thank you!!!!

That theme song and credits! Fantastic! Instantly familiar and felt right at home.

I agree it was better than i expected. The one, minor “fault”… and i agree with ^Iakovos^.
“john ross came across as almost too angry…” i agree with your take on his character… perhaps… they shouldn’t have had his girlfriend (Jordanna Brewster)… Christophers’ Ex… not smitten and alligned with him (ie: John Ross needs someone in his corner). This would have made for more interesting story. ie: what matters, is that the rivalry, with john ross and christopher… is believeable. or showing Sue ellen… supporting John ross more fiercely and protectively… hopefully, we’ll see JR and Sue Ellen… pulling at John Ross’. hopefully, they explore what john ross said to his mother… “you shouldn’t have sent me to the boarding school….” and later JR telling john ross… “i forgive you for not visiting me all this time”… JR, at the REST home. it’s a big role to fill… when he lets his guard down and accepts that human need for feeling.

Bobbie with cancer… NO, NO. NO. ^lisa^ Geez! we want him for as long as we get Dallas! it brought tears to my eyes.. the resemblence, Bobbie and Miss Ellie bear…. Bobbie’s emotional run on dallas is pivotal… the good son versus… JR. it was like old hat.. the core of Dallas… heartbeat… jr and bobbie… staunch delivery of “their” Ewings.

I accepted Ann on the spot… JR… spot on… telling Ann he never liked Pam… letting Ann know she’s “at arms length?”. till the hatchet falls… Christopher, is easy on the eyes… smoldering… i think he fits the part. his innocence of both bobbi and ann. Did i miss something? is Christopher’s new bride.. in cahoots, with her brother, to bring down the Ewings? I like her acting… having christopher and John Ross fighting for her attention is more interesting than Jordanna Brewster, the maids daughter.

agree, with ^barbara t^, “this is going to be a good summer…* The ratings speak… highest rated cable series premiere.

Ann and Bobbie’s marriage tested… and Sue Ellen and JR’s flight.

Loved Dallas! However, the young female leads were very bland to me. I don’t see John Ross or Christopher having epic love stories with either one of them. Bring in some new characters for them. John Ross should have some hidden good guy points. I also don’t think JR would have ever slapped his son..ever. Loved hearing the theme song.

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Great to see the show staying mostly true to history. Yes, I wanted to see the credits in alphabetical order just like the old days. Ray and Lucy’s appearances were all to brief. I love how they’ve showed John R as a bit of a booze hound. Sue Ellen is an alcoholic, and I remember her mentioning in season 4 that her father was as well, so it’s hereditary. Is it possible that his anger issues are due to a mental disorder from fetal alcohol syndrome? I hated that he was so disrespectful to his grandmother’s memory. She adored him almost to a fault.
JRs best line “watch and learn boy”, faking a handicap.
I heard there is a new portrait of Jock and Miss Ellie to be unveiled soon.
I, too, hate that Bobby has cancer. Please Patrick Duffy, stay!!!!

I didn’t like that both boys physically strong armed Elena. It made me unconfortable.

I heard Cliff returns next week’s episode. Maybe some information to Pam’s whereabouts? What if she were to find out about Bobby’s health?

Ooh! Nice, with the… what if Pam finds out about Bobby’s health?

that would be great story… isn’t it something… that Bobby has to “fight” off being in love… and JR… keeps feelings and affection at arms length, at bay… oh sue ellen!

Patrick I thought so too. Brenda Strong is a wonderful actress and I’m liking her character so far. She could SO pull off the emotional strain of worried, insecure wife. What a great story! All the Ewing money can’t buy her piece of mind about losing Bobby to cancer, or to the love of his life. I can’t imagine, with Christopher’s resources and all of the modern technology, Pam can’t be located. LOL, JR has Pam locked away somewhere far, far from Bobby and Southfork.

Shelly… she’s a lovely and alluring woman. oye! as stated in above article… she was fierce and protective, in the opener… the way she picked up that double barrell shotgun… told the new bride… you’re married to my son… and the way she emoted over finding out about Bobby’s illness….

geez! throw in your idea.. about Pam finding out… and wishful thinking, her showing up at southfork…. Woah! smelling salt… too much. it’s a big ride and good stuff to act… and brenda Strong already proved she’s ready.

I have not seen the entire show yet, but LOVE what I have seen so far. I really hope it is successful. I would love to see Gary and Val to come back for a visit, so we can get a Knotts Landing revival as well….I can see Val now telling Bobbie that things are getting interesting again on the cul-de-sac and he should come for a visit.

I have only watched 1/2 but loved what I saw & I was a real Dallas fan back in the day…the new version truly has the feel of the original series with the updated storylines of course, (Christopher’s wanting to provide “green” alternatives) but the underhanded dealings are just as great as the original series..& I love the outside wedding party, just like the BBQ’s of Southfork of the past..I loved the half I saw & can’t wait to view the other half this weekend if I get a chance..

One thing that would be interesting to bring up is that Jenna Wade had Bobby’s bio son and married Ray and they went off into the sunset I hope we have another visit from Ray but it would be great to bring that up I beleive she called him Lucas!!

I definitely enjoyed it enough to keep watching, but I think there was maybe one too many betrayals/backstabbings/deceptions going on… And I agree that I’d love to see this series do so well that Knotts Landing makes a comeback.

I absolutely loved the DALLAS premiere! It so reminded me of the original show with all back stabbing and plot turns coming right out of the starting gate! Can’ wait for this week’s episode! This DALLAS re- do is starting out a total winner!!

I had my doubts when I heard they were doing a Dallas reboot. It was such a great show I was afraid they wouldn’t do it justice. I watched the premire and I am happy to say I was so wrong. I loved it. I wasn’t 15 minutes into the episode and I was hooked! The writers have done a good job of staying true to the original story but yet handing the reigns over to the next generation. The actors who play John Ross & Christopher are believeable in their roles of their inherited competition. And seeing the original cast members after so many years is just great. I am looking forward to Wednesday night!!!

I think the ratings speak well for soap opera drama on primetime! Yeah for TnT for being so smart! Take that and shove it ABC!
Dallas is going to take us on an exciting ride!

I thought it was fabulous. I don’t care about Pam. She was a weak character and I’ve never been a VP fan. Let Ann and Bobby have a strong marriage and be the moral compass of the show. Would love it if Ray came back on the show as a regular.

Tuesday – 06/20/12 FYI. Dallas, the original series premiere… is being offered… FREE. on I-TUNES. I’m pretty sure, this free download… will be good till this coming monday.

no surprise…. i-tunes, is selling the first season episodes…

I’m sorry… disregard… it’s from the new season….

i love it, dallas is such a big hit,classic i watch here and there on regular cable tv,
i seen it on CMT,six epie’s and i love it, (june 2012) then regularly watching repeatedly the new ones. i love the girl from Fast and the Furious is a hit in this,as well as mi girl the lovely and very talented,Jordana Brewster,i hope chris ewing,end up with her they are so cute,and i want him with her,the other chick is clearly playing christopher,for the money $ even workin with her own,brother,that is a shame,and i love patrick duffy look great at sixty,and so do linda gray sue ellen,JR is the same i love him! and i love john ross,coming on again in 1 hr. i will be watching it is a HIT, i love i!does not have to be the old great,GREAT classic 80s one,but it is new and improve,and just as great just to see even CLIFF BARNES,coming back and all i love it so much! and i pray it stay on for a long time to come.


Bella Melendez
Dominicana Pink Diamondz Records N.Y.C.

Loved all the episodes of the new Dallas ..
Now wondering if there will be more episodes to come ..
Tonight is the last one .. August 8th 2012
If anyone has any news on this please post it so we will know …
thanks all…

I sure hope Knots Landing comes back as well.


Lifetime’s ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’ Brings Epic Food Fight and “Slapfest Coup de Grâce”

Get ready for the feuding soap opera divas, when five actresses known for their signature primetime and daytime roles are brought together in Lifetime’s new holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas.

Saturday night, December 2nd on Lifetime (8pm ET/7PM CT) marks the highly-anticipated holiday movie premiere featuring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing), Nicolette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest et al), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Here’s what we do know! In story, five alums from the long-running soap, The Great Lakes reunite for a live Christmas finale. Uh-oh!  Now take a look at the backstory of the colorful cast of characters (pay special attention to the clever twists on the actresses names!)

Photo: Lifetime

LAUREN EWING (Linda Gray) “Everyone thinks I’m so damn good all the time,” confesses the junk food-loving Lauren of her second act as a lifestyle guru. “I don’t know how Gwenyth Paltrow does it!”

DANA CUNNINGHAM (Donna Mills) Now a sitcom mom, she’s yet to make amends to ex-bestie Juliette after abruptly leaving the soap back in the day. Not that she hasn’t tried: “When I thought the world was going to end in Y2K,” Dana says, “I reached out to her, and she never called me back.”

LILY MARLOWE (Loni Anderson) After replacing Dana on ‘Great Lakes’, Lily never again found a role to win her acclaim. “What do I have to show for (my career)? An arc on  For the People – Shonda Rhimes’ only flop!”

JULIETTE MATHESON (Nicollette Sheridan) “She left me for L.A.,” the party girl turned fashion mogul recalls of Dana’s betrayal. Will their feud derail the entire event?

MARGEAUX ROBERTS (Morgan Fairchild) “Fasten your face-lifts, ladies, it’s gonna be a bumpy weekend!” The sassy grande dame of ‘Great Lakes’ sees the Juliette-Dana beef as the perfect escape from her own domestic drama.

Photo: Lifetime

Now, making this all the more hysterical is the director of The Great Lakes reunion special, which makes the five women live under the same roof, is its former child star Alex, who has gotten his ex-girlfriend, Nell to direct the finale. Meanwhile, in the subplot. the ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ come up with a plan to get Alex and Nell back together.

As with any good soap opera, there is a major food fight. Linda Gray shared with USA Today ,”The food fight was one take. And it was fabulous.” And of course, their is a bitch-fest slap-fest. Morgan Fairchild revealed, “Oh honey, we all got ours in. Mine was a simple, ‘How dare you?’ with a slap. But I was hoping for a punch.”

Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Lifetime

The movie’s EP, Larry Thompson, who is a Hollywood manager and has Donna Mills as a client, said that the entire scene peaks with the”slapfest coup de grâce.” What is that exactly? That is when Donna Mills pushes Nicollette Sheridan into a pool in a nod to Dynasty’s Lily bond battle between Dynasty’s Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans).

In case you missed it previously, check out the trailer for Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas below, also starring Patrika Darbo, Alec Mapa, Mills real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, and Christopher Atkins with theme song by Tiffany.

Now let us know, will you be tuning in to the movie for a premise that should delight many a longtime soap fan? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Continue Reading


Morgan Fairchild, Nicollette Sheridan & Donna Mills Visit ‘Tamron Hall’ to Talk ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’

UPDATED: Monday November 27th, soap opera favorites, Morgan Fairchild (GH, ex-DAYS, DFT, The City, Dallas, Falcon Crest et al), Nicollette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing) and Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing) visit with Tamron Hall on her syndicated talk show. (find times in your area here).

The trio is set to give some inside intel to Tamron on their highly-anticipating holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas, set to premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, December 2nd (8pm ET/7Pm CT) and streams next day.

As previously reported, Ladies of the 80’s: A Divas Christmas also stars Linda Gray (Dallas) and Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati) and in story, five glamorous ‘80s soap opera stars reunite to share the spotlight to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera.

The producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the whole production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together. Along the way, the divas also discover that the love between them all is still very strong too.

Photo: Lifetime

Ladies of the ‘80s: A Divas Christmas also stars Christopher Atkins, Patrika Darbo (ex-DAYS, B&B, The Bay), Alec Mapa, and Mills’s daughter, Chloe Mills. In addition, the holiday film features a theme song performed by none other than ’80s pop star Tiffany.

Check out the official trailer for ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ starring Donna, Nicollette, Linda, Morgan and Loni below, followed by the Tamron Hall Show segment.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to watching Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Breaking News

Donna Mills, Linda Gray, Nicollette Sheridan, Morgan Fairchild, Loni Anderson to Appear in Lifetime’s 80s and Soap-Themed Holiday Movie

Wowza! Now here’s a line-up of soap opera and primetime favorites all in one movie! Coming up for the holidays, Lifetime has revealed they have an 80s and soap-themed film starring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing, General Hospital), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas), Nicollette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing and Dynasty), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest, SFT, DAYS et al) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Filmed earlier in 2023, Ladies of the 80’s is said to follow five soap opera divas (how fun and perfect!), as they reunite to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera!

In story, the producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), who happen to be old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together.  

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the five leading ladies, the cast also includes: Days of our Lives favorite Patrika Darbo (ex-Nancy), Alec Mapa, and Donna Mills’ real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, plus 80s heartthrob, Christopher Atkins.

Photo: TiffanyX

There is even a Ladies of the 80’s theme song, performed by none other than 80’s pop star, Tiffany!

In a statement on the project, the movie’s EP Larry A. Thompson shared: “The opportunity to bring together Donna, Morgan, Loni, Linda and Nicollette, five powerhouse women into one holiday movie, has been like finding the perfect gift under the Christmas tree.”

The official airdate of the holiday movie will be revealed shortly in the networks’s A Wonderful Lifetime Holiday movie schedule. Deadline first shared the news.

What do you think of this upcoming soap opera-themed movie featuring Donna, Linda, Nicollette, Morgan and Loni? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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