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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Aiden Works For Stefano! Paige Is Murdered! Who's Got Bo?



Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s Days of our Lives was packed with plenty of storylines all with intrigue, as the series begins to kick into high gear under the new head writing regime of Josh Griffith and Dena Higley.

Of note, was a major reveal that looks to be a major setback to Haiden fans, as viewers learned that Aiden Jennings (Daniel Cosgrove) has been working for Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo) ever since coming to Salem!  From the conversation the two men had, it looks like Stefano is holding a major secret over Aiden, while Aiden needs money from the Phoenix, and Stefano’s goal was to have Aiden marry Hope (Kristian Alfonso).

But, what does this all mean? That even though Aiden entered into this situation in cahoots with Stefano, that he doesn’t truly and deeply love Hope?  We may soon find out.

Elsewhere, the Necktie Killer struck again! And as expected, poor Paige (True O’Brien) was the next victim! The set-up of this murder does not bode well for already leading suspect Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn), who was seen at Horton Town Square grabbing Paige in an effort to keep her mouth shut about the night she saw him with the first murder victim, Serena Mason (Melissa Archer).  However, Rafe (Galen Gering) saw the whole confrontation, and now Paige is dead.  Sadly, it was JJ (Casey Moss) who found Paige’s lifeless body in the shower in her dorm room.

And where’s Bo (Peter Reckell)?  Now thanks to Patch (Stephen Nichols), everyone is beginning to question the generic notes and content within them that Bo sent to his family members of his whereabouts.  After discussions with Patch, both Victor (John Aniston) and John (Drake Hogestyn) are also alerted that something is amiss.  Something must have happened to Bo.

Meanwhile, after a conversation with her daughter Ciara (Lauren Boles) in which she gave her mother her blessing to marry Aiden, Hope begins to think about her passionate memories with Bo, and then her passionate moments with Aiden.  Is Hope truly ready to let go of Bo?  If she chooses Aiden, and then realizes Bo has been help captive, what will she do?  The final moments of the episode revealed the face of Peter Reckell, who after more than a three year absence returned to the soap as Bo is in serious and dire straits.   Will Patch find him before it’s too late and bring him back to Salem?

So, what did you think of yesterday’s episode of DAYS?  Who do you think murdered Paige and Serena?  Many are now speculating it’s Ben (Rob Scott Wilson), who has a major axe to grind with Chad.   What did you think of the twist with the Aiden and Stefano connection?  What is going on between these two?  And, who do you think has captured and Bo and is keeping him prisoner?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Paige wasnt murdered…it was her identical twin Saige who was killed…this is a nod to the original Salem Strangler storyline when Marlena’s identical twin Samantha was murdered and Roman thought it was Marlena…ok, maybe but it is possible…lol

Stephano keeping Bo for his beloved daughter Megan who is also alive and survived being electricuted all those years ago…Aiden is being blackmailed by Steph’ because Aidens wife is alive and locked up in a mental hospital…ok, these are just guesses too…happy 50th Days…i was watching when it all began…lol

I like your idea of Aidens wife in a mental hospital I would like to add that she is in this hospital with Jennifer’s mom Laura OR Jennifer will be sent to it after Eve drives her crazy.

I like your storylines. Happy Days!

Does Aiden have a gambling debt?

I like the idea of Aiden’s wife locked up as well but then who was it that was shot in Aiden’s house many years ago? The police did find the body of a woman.

getting really good what about the Donovan family what will happen to them will they get to come back it was shane donovan granddaughter paige was part of that family its making more sense this story hope kim & shane will return .

I wasn’t expecting Paige to be the next victim – she was so good in the role, really honestly I thought she was. I’m sure her contract was up and maybe she’s just moving on. Poor JJ —I felt badly that he was the one who discovered her. I thought maybe they would find their way back to each other….uh…guess I was wrong on that one.
I still watch the show, it kind of annoys me that in recent episodes they completely took Will, Sonny, Paul and the elusive Derrick off the canvas. It felt to me like they switched horses in mid gear – but I realize they wanted to bring back original characters.

i share both your sentiments! dont care much for sonny and nuwill but do hope paul and especially derrick stick around! derricks too cute not to stick around salem!
as well i also enjoyed the sweet young romance between rough around the edges jj and pretty paige! disappointed that the paige murder wasnt kept secret as it would ve been more suspenseful and also even though it was sad that paige was warming up again to jj before her murder it could ve been amplified a bit more as to devestate jj further! can t wait to see jj fly off the handles!!

Why do the Directors always pick the wrong one to be murdered off. It should’ve been Kate who actually brought Clyde into this town to cause all this trouble. She indirectly also killed EJ. It is to sad to see a young girl being murdered like that with a tie around her neck. I did not like it one bit. Don’t really know if I will continue to watch now because things like that upset me. Let the creeps suffer, now the innocent. And why is there no episode tonight on youtube. It is becoming too much trouble to watch lately.

It bothers me too that the characters involved in the storyline that has earned the show awards, publicity and was easily the most consistently entertaining during these last couple of lean years, are the characters that were pretty instantly put on the back burner (yes, I know Sonny is off the show because his portrayer left). While the new writers have seen fit to try and find other things to do with most of the other characters who have spent the last few months boring us, they can’t even seem to find ANYTHING for Will or Paul to do.

I’m just hoping this is just an issue of bad timing – with Sonny off the canvas, perhaps this is a break for those two characters while the show resets, and then they will be brought back in – but the fact that Sonny leaves and it’s days before we see Paul or Will again – and then, as nothing more than talk-to’s – there was no real follow up or fall out to Sonny leaving for them. It doesn’t bode well.

Yes I agree, they really left things “up in the air” for the viewers by not resolving the issues between Sonny, Will, Paul or Derrick. Obviously, Derrick is out of the picture, that wasn’t terribly bright, who the heck would let go of HIM – (lol) – and Will has been reduced to listening to Abigail’s problems. So, I am taking this to mean that the current Writing team just doesn’t care about the gay characters. It really seems that’s how it is – and for right now, they are concentrating on the older characters to honor the 50th Anniversary. That’s fine, but those of us who are newer viewers don’t really care that much about what happened thirty five years ago – let’s just say I’m ambivalent about things right now. Why couldn’t poor Paige just transfer over to College and tell JJ good-bye for now – I didn’t like the murder bit, I didn’t mind it on slutty Serena and her stupid Elephant with the diamonds but the writers should know that the viewers rooted for Paige. The scenes were well acted, and I was crying during the scene with Eve and her young daughter in the morgue….but really, it was depressing and I wasn’t expecting Paige to be a victim, I was hoping for a better outcome, like maybe she would be held by the Drug Dealers and JJ would save her but get wounded in the process – but to just kill off a young girl like that, I didn’t like it. To be honest, I was hoping it would be a hoax that Paige was in on, to throw Clyde’s people off the trail.

I’m tired and disappointed in DOOL with all the murders in the last 2 weeks! It’s too much. There has to be another way to have people leave the show. And why are so many leaving at the same time? Is there contract up? I’m not happy seeing these brutal murders on a soap. It’s not fun to watch. I hope this will all stop with Will.

i am waiting to see jj & also eve’s reaction to paige’s death – i think we may see some emmy worthy scenes from both of them………………….

I really don’t like that they killed Paige. Why? Granted, her storyline lately hadn’t been that good, but the writers are to blame. Sad that Eve’s daughter is dead. They could have sent her Stanford rather than killed her.

Sad about Paige’s demise, but I love a good murder mystery. I think it’s Ben trying to frame Chad, but maybe that’s too obvious. I wish they hadn’t made Aiden a bad guy, but it is a good twist. Loving Days.

I am so sorry that Paige got it so soon. I enjoyed True O’Brien. I think she did a fine job with what she was given. She was wonderful when she let Eve have it. I wish her much success in her future career.

Ben as the murderer? That thought crossed my mind. I hope not because I like him too. I wonder if Clyde isn’t behind the murders to frame Chad and get him out of Ben and Abigail’s world.

It was amazing. I hope to see Kristian Alfonso’s name in the Best Actress category this year at the Emmy’s. Kate Mansi is doing an incredible job. I think the fans are too hard on Ben. If someone’s fiance is sneaking around sneaking someone else, wouldn’t you be angry too? I was surprised Aiden works for Stefano.

DOOL is back to being “must watch” TV. If it has been a few years since you have watched, now is the time. Patch, Kayla, Hope, Bo, Marlena and John are back in the forefront.

All I know is that it was NOT Chad. Days is amazing again!

I felt Eve’s pain….literally. No one could have carried the scene in the morgue better. My heart broke into a million pieces.
If what Kassie did is not Emmy-worthy, I don’t know what is!

this is going to crush ….. spiral Eve and even JJ mindset

if Paige is the next victim

even I don’t want this… and truthfully

it’s because I love Kassie DePaiva’ acting… and there were some scenes in which she and True O’Brien riveted me… and I so wanted the Donovan Women to flesh out… and bring their game on… in Salem

Eve’, very core and or epicenter is going to shake and rock all that Eve thinks

Her whole life is going to be in tatters

i’m about 4-5 days behind…

ps: if this is not made public yet… at least on here… but I read in SOD… that … A Martinez (Eduardo) is Eve’ ex-husband, could he have been Paige Father?

ie: back to the loss of a child… I’d die

Sincerely and best wishes to True O’Brien : she came on like gangbusters and a real trooper in the end zone… showed us her best stuff…. and yes folks… writing and bad production value do inhibit a character. my bad.. we all know that.

back to Kassie DePaiva : (DAYS production : w/Writing) this is thee opportune time to steer Eve AWAY from the utter nonsense with Jennifer… just lame uninteresting characters together? what’s the point now ? just because 30 plus years ago they hated each other in high school… bitter rivals… the good girl vs the bad girl.

pit Eve with Justin
pit Eve with Rafe
pit Eve with Eduardo as played by A. Martinez

PLEASE …. there’s so much potential to finally and at last tap in to what’s kept Kassie DePaiva at the top of her game

A. Martinzez is Rafe’s father. From the spoilers I have read, Camila Banus (Gabi) is back only for a short run and she may also be a murder victim. But I guess it’s possible that Eduardo is Paige’s dad. I had hoped that they would have Billy Warlock back as Frankie and make him Paige’s dad. That would really fuel the Eve/ Jennifer rivalry, especially if he got back together with Jennifer.

You inspire me, my dear, dear Patrick. I don’t know what else to add to your heartfelt, almost eulogy-like comment. You said it all. You are the best, my friend!

I agree. Kassie is so good in scenes like that. I want to see her play Eve with more heart and not with the writers trying to make her the next Kristen.

Absolutely, blake. I have been saying the same thing forever. It is a shame what they did to this actress. I wish Eve and Paige would have reconciled before the writers decided to kill her. It was a terrible way to end the most beautiful love one could ever experience…….that is, the love between a mother and child.
I was among many to repudiate what Eve did and I called the writers on it. This storyline of deceipt and betrayal should have never been visited….not like that.
I lost a child just a few years ago….just before his second birthday….so, this story is close to home. The poignancy of the entire scene was devastating. As Jimh said, too hard to watch, as he and I are in the same boat.
Where can this story go? All TPTB will worry about is blaming Chad for everything with their stupid, Mickey Mouse clues. Will they pay attention to Eve? Will they, at least, take the opportunity to redeem her? I would think that a class act such as Kassie, beautiful and talented deserves more than what she has been given.

CeeCee I just watched today’s show 9/10 and I was disappointed to say the least. Especially what Eve did at the end of the episode.

I’m sorry about your loss! And I thought that scene was hard to watch also.

Thank you, Blake.

She was great…almost too hard to watch!!!

You are so right. Kassie DePaiva is amazing. I imagine we will see several episodes highlighting her as the totally devastated, broken, grieving mother. At least, I hope that is what was written. Kassie can definitely knock those types of scenes out of the park.

Yes, boy my heart broke for her in those scenes, she did them extremely well, Kassie DePaiva really shown in that morgue scene, crying and telling Paige over and over that she was sorry. It was the most empathy I’ve had for the character of Eve since Kassie brought her version of the character to the canvas.

I agree. I cried my eyes our Friday watching Eve.

Oh, Kathy….right? We can’t help but cry , as humans with a heart……especially those of us who are parents. It gives the emotion of sorrow so much more meaning.

I think that we will have a lot of surprise exits with these murders from the serial killer. This will give Days actors a chance to really showcase their talents. Kassie DPV is going to rock her scenes with Paige’s murder. I can’t wait until Bo is rescued by Steve and John and brought back home. Hopefully before she marries Aiden.

While I do not believe that Chad is the murder, I am just going to say that they better not waste the talents of Billy Flynn by doing this to his character.

I noticed that Chad told Brady today that he got drunk quicker than he thought. I’m thinking someone has been putting something in Chad’s drinks, at the club and his home. Clyde was by the bar when Chad and Serena were drinking.

That is exactly my thought, as well, blake. I don’t get it. It has to be more than just for Clyde getting Chad out of Abby’s life. So many conflicting scenarios. Hard to follow sometimes.
What if Paige isn’t really dead? If you recall, Clyde killed EJ too. What if Clyde has them all in one place, alive? Morbid thought, but, far-fetched ‘drama’ has been a staple of Days. ….such as, a demonized Marlena? LOL. Later.

What a wonderful surprise if TPTB were able to get James Scott to reprise his role as EJ just for this anniversary and be involved in this story somehow.

I guess it will depend on whether TPTB want to keep Clyde on the show. Up until now they have steered clear of making him completely reprehensible.

I still say they better NOT waste Billy Flynn. He is good to look at AND can act. They just need to pair him with a firecracker instead of boring Abby.

I noticed the evil stare from Clyde in the back ground. Clyde wants Chad out of the picture. I liked Clyde but he has turned so evil as of late. He has turned mean like Luke on GH did. He has an agenda.I think he killed Paige to scare JJ. Evil Eve caused Paige’s death because she rare out JJ and then Clyde got involved. So the dope dealer, whats his name, was killed by Clyde …Clyde is too mean to be murdered.

I love Chad, Chrystie….brooding and gorgeous. Nice derrière, too…LOL….He will emerge the hero, but please not wit Abby. Jezebel is now reprising the role of the good, little, virginal girl? How soon we forget, right?
I hope Billy Flynn is here to stay. I find him to be one of the most enigmatic actors on soaps. Imagine him with Theresa. I know, I know, I’m pushing Theresa on every potentially good-for-her guy….LOL. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to stomach Brady. He should get a role befitting his age, for once!! Later.

Hi, Kathy.
I agree. Except that I’ve never liked Clyde. There was always a sinister air about him.

CeeCee I started watching Days for the first time ever because I love Stephen Nichols. I must say after watching for a few days another guy has also caught my eye. Billy Fynn as Chad. Talented and very sexy! 🙂

You got good taste in men, there, KMB….lol

After watching a handful of episodes Im hooked.

Now I have to decide what comes off the DVR: YR, BB or GH

Pick YR or BB.

DAYS and Pepsi & popcorn!

The only bad thing about DAYS being so good is I don’t like Diet Pepsi and I love lots of butter on my popcorn!!!

DAYS is thrilling!!!!!

I figured out that it was either Paige’s last day or coming close because of how emotional she was when she and Casey (JJ) had their last scene. you could see it in her eyes that whole episode. And after she kissed Casey he had a hard time looking at her. I know they are acting but that’s the feeling I was getting.

Also I just found out that True (Paige) is dating Casey in real life. I think that is great. I wish them all the best.

That’s sweet. They did make a cute couple, although they bored me because of Eve’s meddling. I would have liked to have seen them move to California together.

It is very hard, even when acting, for actors to hide their feelings, blake. I actually noticed the emotional struggle in her eyes, as well. I really don’t like what the writers did. I still have that nagging suspicion Paige will be back, somehow.

I hope this does not mean Kassie DePaiva will be exiting soon. Without her daughter her story possibilities are very limited. She has been great in the role, would hate to see her go.

I don’t see it. I see her rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. Haven’t they been testing her with different men, moving her away from Eric? Sorry I haven’t watched in a few weeks.

I agree. I bet Kassie will go through the change of her life. A rebirth, if you will. I can’t wait!….
The mere mention of Eric sends me into a tizzy. I have read enough of the tortured, Heathcliff-type self-piteous, cry me a river countenance of his to last me a lifetime. He is not a young boy coming into manhood, for Petey’s sake. One would think that having finished his seminary education…one of the highest degrees a body can achieve….., he would have a hold of his inner self and be a man. Get a grip. I know for a fact how rigorous reaching Catholic priesthood is. This is another reason some of these storylines leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Eric is not just a priest, but a man of the world. The only thing I can say is the guilt he feels. However, not a good enough reason for me. And while I understand that he is human, with everything attached to that word, he should be past that….I guess the priesthood was not the vocation for him because these demons he’s fighting cannot just magically appear. They must have been dormant within his essence for decades. He has been acting like a young boy on the throes of first love with both Nicole and Serena since his return. He should have been wise to the wiles of certain women….Amazing!! It goes much deeper than that? How will he overcome his self-loathing? I pity his predicament. HERE’S a storyline for the writers to explore !!!! LOL.

Like the Aiden/Stefano twist, but not thrilled about the murders. I realize they had to do this to clear house, make way for the vets coming back, and keep everyone guessing about who the murderer is, but I will be glad when these murders are past, and they start the new storylines with the vets. Glad to see Patch on, and look forward to seeing him with Bo. Will be glad to see Kayla/Patch, Hope/Bo – when I see them on the screen, I feel the familiarity and comfort of the past and think this is the Days I remember and want to see. The scenes with Patch and Victor were good. Both of them bring such presence, weight, and strength to the show. I do have to admit that the chemistry between Aiden/Hope grew. The recent scenes with them were good. Sorry to see Aiden leave. With that said, look forward to seeing the return of Days.

I think one of the reasons they came up with the serial killer story was to provide an end to Bo Brady. Since DOOL films 6 months in advance Peter Reckell has now left the building. Peter only agreed to come back short term because he doesn’t like the way Bo was written off last time he left. That’s why I think the writers are starting up with Hope and Rafe.

JJ totally compromised the crime scene. Then allowing Eve to see Paige and hold her, presumably before an autopsy had been done was another procedural mistake. Granted Days is real-life, but at least TRY to follow protocol. Paige was lucky she had her own private bathroom at college.

Like the way it’s going. Sorry to see Paige go, did she really go or was it a look alike?

OMG eve I felt her pain jj thinks Clyde kill Paige I think adien is the killer Ben was at home with abby if Xander wasn’t locked up that would be great exit for him

Clyde killing Paige would be too predictable.

Yea maybe clyde too predictable.

I didn’t enjoy Peter Reckell’s scenes in prison as Bo. However the rest of the episode was A+ Excellent!

Poor Paige got the axe (or rather the necktie)! Good performance by True in the park scene with JJ. Nice goodbye kiss and I don’t hate you scene. So at least she and JJ made peace. Expected an excellent performance from Kassie DePavia when Eve got the news of Paige’s death. Kassie did NOT disappoint! During the morgue scene involving Eve with Paige’s body it brought back memories of Sami with EJ’s body after his death. You know you are about to witness a great performance.

As for Aiden, I had thought he was secretly working for Stefano when Aiden started making those mysterious phone calls. At this point it is OVER between Hope and Aiden before she finds out about Aiden. Chances are Stefano is behind Bo’s disappearance. That means Aiden knowingly or unknowingly aided (what a play on words: Aiden aided) the separation of Bo from his family! Hope would NEVER — I don’t like using the word forgive here because forgiveness is a command. So let me say it this way: It is a permanent deal breaker with NO going back! There needs to be a word that represents that but does not carry the context of holding a grudge that is usually associated with unforgiveness. Some things are unforgivable but you forgive because it is right to do so, but you move on from it with no going back. Even before Hope finds out about Aiden, we are there unless the writers screwed up.

Since Bo is going to die, enter Rafe to pick up the pieces of Hope and Ciara’s lives and in the process make a life for himself. I am all for this turn of events for Hope, Ciara and Rafe. He needs a life beyond police work. Hope and Ciara need Rafe!

Before the Eve-JJ hook up, Paige and JJ were a nice couple. The writers and/or producers messed it up by having JJ sleep with Paige’s mother. This is probably why Paige was killed off. There was NO GOING BACK on Paige-JJ as a couple. Hope Days learns a lesson from this fiasco and not mess up a good thing again!

They had already messed up Will and Gabi by making Will Horton gay. That was strike one. Ruining Paige and JJ was strike two. Don’t go there again and get strike three. Learn!!!!!

I think they could have gotten past the affair and had JJ and Paige a couple if JJ rescued Paige from Kyle’s nonsense. Even so, they were nice, but extremely boring. Maybe if they were allowed to have a relationship without Eve’s interference I could have gotten behind it.

I’ve read other reports that JJ and Paige were boring. I never understood why persons thought so. What was so boring? What did you expect from the relationship that you didn’t see from them?

When I said no going back I wasn’t talking about for the characters’ sake, I meant for the viewers. That was awful! I know it has happened on that show before but back then there was no social media! Viewers talked about the “scandal” of Addie Horton marrying her daughter’s (Julie’s) boyfriend (Doug). Had there been social media back in the day Hope may never have been born!

Saw Thursday’s episode. Still not enjoying Bo in captivity. At this point they could kill him in prison and let Patch find and retrieve Bo’s body. That would be good enough for me. Get it over with.

Sometimes when you know the behind-the-scenes information about actors who play characters it kills story because it makes the fiction harder to believe. It becomes like what happened when Toto pulled back the curtain on the wizard in The Wizard of Oz! You know when that curtain is opened the “show” is over!

Right now I feel like the curtain has been pulled back on Peter Reckell. I see him pushing buttons and pulling leavers, doing his acting thing, but the show is over. Time to wrap it up!

I think the killer is Clyde.he don’t like Chad so he’s going to blackmail protect his poor lol boy Ben.

thank god paige is gone!

Mark honestly that’s just awful to say, they could have just gone off to

Kassie did an excellent performance as eve she deserve an emmy True will be missed she is a fantastic actress too. Clyde killed her so Ben can be with Abagail .

I think in the end, Jen wil’ be the killer!!

Hell Stefano might be the killer just to hurt chad

HaHa. That’s so funny, Ghlover. I wish I could see Jen’s pretty smile once in a while instead of that startled look all the time.

It’s a soap opera Clyde couldn’t killed Paige to set up Chad not to scare jj but to help his son in his sick twisted way

Oh yes I believe Chad is being drugged Clyde got that doctor to falsify the pregnancy results for Abby he could get his hands on some powerful drugs no problem

It is possible. Clyde is very evil.

He’s a drug dealer, so yes, that is exactly what happened. Clyde seems to be everywhere and in everyone’s business. He’s magical.

And I really would be glad when the men stop being such push overs and wimps I hate Daniel with Nicole I hope him and Jennifer get back together Nicole has been with every man oh the show my goodness except Xander I hate how Victor treats him

I hate how Victor treats Xander too. I think Xander should stay.

Maybe Hope’s bratty daughter is the killer, she’s been getting into Aiden’s ties lately.

We really don’t know who the killer could be, my guess is it’s Aiden and then he will be off to prison and I guess Hope will be back with her Bo.

Evidently, most of us think it’s too obvious that it is Clyde, we know it’s not Chad, and somehow, I don’t think it’s Ben although they could use that old line “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree” since he is Clyde’s son.

I think it was clyde he already threated jj if he told anybody what he was doing being involved with drugs and selling them

I think the writers are throwing suspicion on Aidan, Clyde and Stefano. So amateurish….so classic soap. Aidan seems to be under both Clyde’s and Stefano’s thumb. Doesn’t make any sense, but Days is keeping me entertained so far, more so than the others. It is moving at a faster clip.

I have benn watching days of our lives for years and I find it hard to take that they keep changing everything And everybody! Ii dint think that they should have killed off Paige and I think this will effect the ratings alot! Are they the same producers and writers as Grey’s Anatomy? Killing off everyone at one time……verry disapointed fan!

I find it strange that, other than Eve and JJ, no one was shown to be upset about Paige’s death. Jennifer, Abigail, Kayla, Daniel? They didn’t even mention it.

I noticed that too, Kathy. I guess the writers regarded the character inconsequential….like a prop. Sad!

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In ‘Monsters’, look for Stine to portray the role of Perry Berman, who was Lyle and Erik’s friend and former tennis coach. In the story, Perry found himself at the epicenter of the murder mystery when he had accepted a phone call from Lyle shortly before the brutal murders of Jose and Kitty Menendez.

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Other previously announced castings included: Cooper Koch (who plays Erik), Javier Bardem and Chloë Sevigny as parents Jose and Kitty Menendez, Nathan Lane as Dominick Dunne, Ari Graynor as Leslie Abramson, and Leslie Grossman as Judalon Smyth.

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In the series, the two wealthy brothers stand trial for shooting their parents in Beverly Hills, amid claims of self-defense after years of abuse, while prosecutors alleged that greed was the motives for the killing. Lyle and Erik Menendez have been behind bars in California for more than three decades for the 1989 killing of their parents.

Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story will debut later in 2024 on Netflix.

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