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Days of our Lives Kicks-Off Possession Storyline Revisted with ‘Doug’ Twist Cliffhanger, Followed by Fall Preview


Did the ‘Devil’ make them do it? Doug Williams  (Bill Hayes) is Satan? In what can only be described as major surprise twist on NBC’s Days of our Lives, for weeks, fans have thought they were about to embark on another dementia or Alzheimer’s storyline on the soaps with another beloved character.

However, Days head writer, Ron Carlivati ,and his writing team came up with a way to make it seem like this may be Doug’s fate only to use the long-running character as the impetus to bring the classic possession storyline back on the air some 25 years later.

It all goes down after Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) calls Marlena (Deidre Hall) to ask him to see Doug, after his MRI and other tests proved inconclusive for dementia, etc, to see if Dr. Evans can assess him.  The phone call to Marlena happened after John (Drake Hogestyn) was discussing the past, since Johnny (Carson Boatman) is ramping up to a shoot a movie on Sami’s life, that will include the time that Sami walked in on John and Marlena having sex, which caused Sami to act out for years and years.


However, and this is key, John tells Marlena that moment in time also left her alone and vulnerable to the darkest time in her life – alluding to when she became possessed by the devil – and Marlena was clearly having difficulty admitting that or going down that road of remembrance, when the phone call from Kayla saved her from digging deeper into the past.  Well now, John and Marlena may never have that conversation as she is primed to once again become possessed.

Meanwhile, Johnny is reading Will’s script for the Sami movie, and is shocked to read in it that Marlena was once possessed by the devil, as John takes out a dusty box with his Father John collar, a bible, and a news clipping of Marlena being possessed.  John is feeling that this movie will bring bad things on to all those he loves, especially Doc, and he looks to be right!

Now at her office with Doug, he admits he knows something is wrong.  He acts out and does strange things and does not know why.  Marlena brings up why Doug locked Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) in a freezer by accident. Doug gets adamant saying: “That was no accident. I locked that bitch in there on purpose.”  Marlena is shocked at his word and tone.  Then as Doug laughs, he says, “I’m not Doug.”  Next thing you know, the lowered voice of Satan comes out of Doug’s mouth and he tells Doc, “It’s been over 25 years Marlena. But did you really think I wouldn’t come back for you?” End of episode.  Great cliffhanger!

Now, check out the fall preview released following the airing of Friday’s episode by NBC below, which teases more demonic moments on Days. Then let us know in the comment section, what you thought of the ‘Doug’ twist as the possession storyline begins?

Plus, make sure to cast your vote in ‘Michael’s Poll’ of the week on the revisiting of this classic tale now in 2021 below the preview.


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Admittedly, coming back in the body of a 96 year old man isn’t my usual style. But Doug is just a temporary residence. I’ll be relocating shortly….

Doug may be NINETY SIX but you are a lot older than than so why do you care that you are in his body?? Try Ben Weston next because he is younger and already was the Necktie Murderer so you probably liked that.

Possessing Ben for a couple of days might be fun, actually. But they might not ever be able to bring the character back from that, especially if I sent him on another killing spree, which seems to be what you’re suggesting.

Let Ben be happy. He has been through enough

Amen Dot, Ben has been through enough


If you are who claim to be, Jesus defeated you when He was on the cross, and any Christian can cast you out in Jesus’ Holy name

My old friend JC has a lot bigger problems to deal with… like all the fools that have been doing some very UNChrist-like things in His name since 1980 or so.

Seriously, me and JC got over our differences a long time ago. His old man… that’s another story. Dude can’t let go of a grudge.

No not ben. Please not ben. Try another.


Having Doug being possessed by the devil is just as bad as the Alamayne Peacock story. This is so not worth it.


I totally agree!!! It’s ridiculous!

Amen Trish

Ron’s revisiting old stories isn’t usually your thing either. Had he stuck with GH, no doubt Casey the Alien would have returned, Susan Moore and Diana Taylor returned from the dead, and who knows what else.

Revisiting old stories isn’t the problem. Recasting old characters so that they no longer bear any resemblance to the original is. That’s what I have a problem with Ron doing (i.e his fraudulent takes on “Eve Donovan” or “Diana Colville”)

In this case though, Marlena is still Marlena, Doug is still Doug, and I’m still my lovable, most unholy self. So it’s working…. so far.

I bind you Satan in Jesus name get out of Salem

You bind me?? That sounds a little kinky….


Steve, I definitely would have been in favor of Susan Moore and Diana Taylor returning from the dead!

Honestly I’m surprised they never brought back Susan as part of one of Frodd’s 666 failed “redemption” stories. Doubt they would bother now. Jason wouldn’t remember her and nobody else would have any idea who she is. Except Monica… who would probably kill her.

Diana Taylor?? Not sure how she would have any relevance these days unless she’s secretly been alive this whole time, has been married to Jeff Webber (and thus Elizabeth’s mother) and that’s the reason Jeff hasn’t set foot in Port Charles for 40 years.

Satan being “honest.” I like it! Great points, Satan. Diana Taylor (as originated by Valerie Starrett) will forever be my absolute favorite character. So even though another actress played the part the last few years until Diana’s murder (1981?) — ancient history, I know) — I am always thrilled when there is any link or mention of the character, if not on the show in some time, at this site.

Bringing back Susan would’ve been a direct replay of Todd’s long-presumed dead mother, Irene Manning coming back to explain the 2 Todds on OLTL. I did love Gail Ramsey’s portrayal of Susan. With Alan gone, bringing back the character would be pointless.

With no connections on the canvas, Diana coming back wouldn’t make sense.

The murders of Diana and Susan were probably the best 2 whodunnits in GH history (with Beatrice LeSeur’s in a close third). Bringing either character back would mess too much show history (akin to Erica’s unabortion on AMC).

Steve, great points as usual. If you read my reply above to Satan, you’ll know where I am coming from regarding Diana Taylor. But I will add my pick for the best murder mystery in GH’s history, which may have preceded your viewing (1974, I believe): It was the murder of Phil Brewer wherein there were five suspects: Jessie Brewer (initially arrested after being found with Phil’s body), Diana Taylor, Peter Taylor, Jim Hobart, and Augusta McLeod. GH did much promotion for this storyline, releasing a photo of the suspects. There were many twists and turns, with the focus shifting from suspect to suspect, until the actual murderer (Augusta McLeod) was revealed.

James, you remember that stuff a lot better than I do! I remember Phil getting his head bashed in with a rock (some sort of geode, I think) but couldn’t remember any other details about it.

And of course the thing that sticks out about Diana’s murder was the attempt to frame it on Anne Logan by writing her name in blood, trying to make it look like Diana herself was naming her killer. Which of course was not Anne… or even Heather, who seemed like the logical suspect. Senior Satan moment again.. it turned out to be Heather’s mom, Alice, right?

Yeah between Heather, Alice, Susan, and Frodd… there’s a whole messed up gene pool right there. Ironically, Jason turned out to be the most “normal” person from that family tree… even after AJ scrambled his brains!

Satan, from what I’ve read, you have an excellent memory. No senior moments here. But I remember things that were important to me much more vividly, as was the case with Peter and Diana Taylor. I mentioned this a long time ago here, but in the 1970s, I would regularly buy Daytime TV (magazine), read their features on the stars and soaps. They had a weekly Reader’s Poll, and I regularly voted by mail (a good thing!) for Valerie Starrett (favorite actress), Craig Huebing (favorite actor), and GH (favorite soap) and read how they did in those polls (pretty well, actually).

I still somehow managed to watch the show after Starrett was let go and replaced by Brooke Bundy. And, yes, Heather’s mother was revealed as Diana’s murderer. At the time, it seemed the writers initially planned to have Heather be the culprit (as you maintain), so the reveal was a big surprise — not sure whether that was a change in direction or planned all along.

You’re right about that gene pool of Heather, Alice, Susan, and Frodd! Take care, Friend!

James – While I did get started at a young age on GH, the Phil Brewer murder was just a little before my time. Earliest GH memories include David Hamilton’s death and the first Rick Webber. Fairly certain I remember “the role of Monica Webber is now being played by Leslie Charleson”.

And yes, Alice Grant (Heather’s mom, Susan’s aunt) killed Diana (at that point played by Brooke Bundy).

Hey Steve: I got started at a young age, too. Your earliest GH memories made a great place to start: the David Hamilton murder was riveting. Take care, Friend!

Hi there. Did you ever get those V.S photos from Ebay? They are still showing a lot for sale. Good luck and good health to you. Am looking forward to John saving Marlena again. He’s got all his props ready to go once he figures out what’s going on. What do you think of Abigail playing Marlena in Johnny’s movie?

Hello Violet! Thank you for following up with me on this. Yes, I have purchased Valerie Starrett photos and magazines with her on the cover from eBay. I do cherish them, and I thank you for the heads-up!

I didn’t know about Abigail playing Marlena in Johnny’s movie, but we know the actress can play evil.

I am also in the middle of Beyond Salem, and I am enjoying it. Best of health and everything to you as well, Violet!

No I had bringing back Marlene Obsessed, this is where I stop watching I hate rehashing old Garbage

I agree, I will no longer watch the program.

Count me in! I’m not going to watch DOOL anymore

Sometimes leftovers make the best meal. So much fun improvising.

Not when the leftovers include Satan

I agree. I’m done with DOOL’S. I left once and came back thinking it was getting better but now it is not enjoyable anymore. I am 71 years old and have been watching for years. Now I have better things to do than to watch people possessed with the devil and also watching gays and lesbians.

I have been a fan and fallower of this show since my teens, but latly i am getting disappointed more and more by story lines. It seems that low budgeting has a bad effect and possibily diffrent (new) writers.?!!

Me too…. To The Young And The Restless on CBS

Why did you leave Doug’s body, Satan? What came out of his mouth, while possessed, was “absolument” priceless–
Marlena, “You locked Julie in the freezer. That was an accident.” ( paraphrasing).
Doug/Satan, “That was not an accident. I locked that bitch in the freezer on purpose.”—- I had the best laugh—double and triple LOL.
You must really hate Julie, Satan. But, please!!—don’t you dare touch Ben. How about, John, EJ, Giovanni ( pronounced Jovannee), Chanel, Brady—hmmmm—let’s see—-who else??

Hello Celia, I’m thinking the Devil will eventually possess Abby, making everyone think it’s one of her other personalities. I also think Ben and Ciara’s baby will be possessed.

Well, Hi, 4ever—-it’s been a while—missed you!!
Yes, Abby is a good candidate…..I hope it doesn’t go that way……she has little children.
The same goes for Ben’s and Ciara’s baby—albeit, the demonic traits from the father could be passed down to his offspring.
Satan can smell the pure of heart. Doesn’t he prey on innocence? Do you think this storyline will run through All Hallows Eve? Beyond?—–maybe until the Salem Stalker/Killer rides through town? ( My grandmother’s idea–LOL).

Doug’s a 96 year old man. Long term occupancy of his body probably wouldn’t be very healthy for him. As far as Julie goes… she’s a hypocrite. Always whining over her “poor cousin” Nick Fallon, who – no surprise here – has been on dragon stable duties down here in Hell for several years now.

Nick was a rapist, a murderer, and pretty much an all around asshole who got exactly what was coming to him. And much of the damage he inflicted was against Will…. who is also Julie’s cousin. But that fact seems to have slipped her mind. So yeah, I decided I would have a little fun with her before I made the jump over to Marlena’s body.

Oh, yeah. I remember Nick and his wicked, crazy ways well. To be honest, I never liked the character ( Julie, that is)—-self centered and elitist.
She does have a knack for obfuscating the truth, even when it stares at het in the face..that’s the pure definition of hypocrisy.
I don’t remember her “behavior” or “misbehavior” of her younger years but my grandmother, who has been an avid watcher since day one, said Julie has always been weird—specifically marrying her step-father.
So, I’m with you.
One question: how do we know you really have yellow eyes??

I was not looking forward to a depressing Alzheimer’s story showcasing precious Doug. I’m relieved the actor gets to portray something different with a twist. It must be fun for him. Although, I’m not sure I can watch a possession story either. Maybe I’ll fast forward through those segments. I’m just glad sweet Doug (and hopefully the actor playing him) is otherwise doing well. I understand the writers choosing to do this since Halloween is around the corner though. Writers: Thanks for sparing Doug!

I agree and I thought the first person possessed would be Ben Weston because he is younger so Doug was a shocker.

I agree

No no no peter

I think the writer’s have no idea what to write about .this devil stuff I don’t like

I’d rather see all of them
Helldup in a restaurant or a airplane And it turns out to be a dirty Halloween joke buy some young ruthless teenagers

That’s a great idea, Carolyn—-

Sounds fun to me!!

I really disliked the demonic times before and will like them even less now

I agree!

Really? Are they that desperate for material? This is getting stupid!

Couldn’t agree more

I agree

Not desperate at all!! Actually it will be ratings gold!! No matter what people think or how they feel people will be turning in to see what happens next! Ratings will soar as it did 25 years ago!!!

For sure. What about Abigail,Chad,Gwen etc. Why not focus on them. Instead of Ben,Marlena or Doug


I totally agree.

Hated the story line 25 years ago, really feel like it shouldn’t be replayed. I guess they really were desperate to find a storyline that would keep Bill & Susan Hayes on the canvas.

I boycotted Days for 2-3 years during the first story, and will likely again. It is dangerous to viewers and actors alike, to their psyche and emotions. After pulling off Beyond Salem, then do this? I am a Christian, and I do NOT want Satan in my home, via tv or otherwise. We have enough evil going on around us. We need happy, uplifting stories, you have so few of them! The dementia story was fine, that is real life, and could be a helpful one to your viewers. I want to enjoy watching Days! I finally can watch it all the time, but now I may have to pick and choose my episodes on Peacock. VERY poor choice, Days.

I also boycotted it back then, just for about 20 yrs. got hooked again while visiting my sister, who still watched. Looks like I just gained another hour of my life back.

Well said. I agree.

K. L,
I’am saying this in the nicest way. No one is forcing us to watch this crap and my remote lets me push a little button to shut it off if I don’t like what I see.
I don’t like this stuff either and wouldn’t watch it the first time, but I found out Iam more broad minded and not so apt to poo poo things as much as when I was younger, so I say let’s put the old broad up on the board and see what happens. We might like it better this time around. I thought Beyond Salem was a terrible idea, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. Kind of like watching a movie where you know everyone.

I’m already in your home and in your TV. Ever heard of the “National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences”? You probably watched their awards show last night. Now what’s the abbreviation for that?

NATAS…… now what happens when you flip that around?

You’re welcome!

Ohhhhh, you’re scarry!!!

I really don’t know which word to use here, ironic or demonic maybe but today while they were showing Marlena in a scene before they showed her devil eyes my TV started acting up, the screen jumping around and those pixels I think they call them landed right on her face making her eyes weird and greenish. I know this was probably a coincidence, which I don’t usually believe in but I think I’ll go with word ironic because it happened again an hour later, I’m sure a technical problem, right?????

I never possess inanimate objects, so whatever is going on with your TV, it’s not me!

Stopped watching Days after this stupid storyline a million years ago. Truly haven’t turned it on since. Can’t believe they are bringing it back!

We as Christian’s will no longer be watching.

Yeah… because Days was such a great example of my old friend JC’s teachings before I showed up….

Right, love the sarcasm

I invented sarcasm, of course!

Why? The storyline is actually pro Christian, love of God and faith destroys the devil, it doesn’t get more pro Christian than that


please don’t do this!!

Same here. I hated this storyline then and I’m just turning the channel now until it’s over. I want the other storylines that were going on. This is just beyond stupid

It’s stupid. It’s been done. The last time, I stopped watching until it was over. Doing it this time too.

Me too

It was not fun watching it then and it is not fun watching it again specialy since our wourld been hit with the C. Virus and all the stress after that.

Feeling the writers are lacking true creativity in the storyline. I didn’t watch the first round of possession and I won’t entertain this round. The program is going down hill fast. Salem is a place no one finds real happiness, should never have a wedding, I doubt if this soap will continue very long. The quality is missing.

I agree

Agree!! I didn’t like it 25 Yeats ago and still don’t like it now!! Stupid!!!

Agree. It is sad and unfortunate. I have been watching it almost from the beginning.

Being tne wife of an advanced alzheimer patient this revolts me.

The original Possession storyline made Days a Pop Culture Phenomenon that it never was before and I never even knew about the show but it was on Entertainment Tonight and showed clips and they raved about how great the show was so I thought I better check this thing out. It was way better than I expected and more like a movie inside of a Soap.When it ended the show was never that good again so I always thought it was weird that they never tried to do something like that again. P.S. BEN WESTON WOULD MAKE A REALLY REALLY GREAT VAMPIRE.

I disagree. You are getting to far out on this.

A good storyline for Ben would be that he has an identical twin and it was the twin who was the necktie killer. Ben was drugged and brainwashed to believe he was the necktie killer when actually it was his evil twin who has been locked up by Clyde for years.

No, the last thing we need is another twin/doppleganger.

Besides, ReRon can’t help but reuse his old storylines, so it’s only a matter of time before Ben develops a sudden “brain tumor”, just like Frodd had on GH, to “absolve” him of every crime committed by the actual Franco

You will get mostly HATE COMMENTS about it because for some dumb reason think that is what they have to do but the Jim Reilly Era kept the show from getting cancelled and put it at the top of the ratings and I only watched the show because they were telling people about it on shows like Entertainment Tonight. However this version of it turns out I think that they need to try it again to find out. They are copying what Reilly did but a lot of viewers now never watched that storyline so this is NEW to them.

Exactly, I loved the James Reilly years, look at my username

I don’t think it’s a good idea although it’s good for the ratings,we’ll just have to see, it was different back then but now hmmmmm I don’t know!!!

What is the big deal with redoing the possession storyline? 25 years ago it was a huge ratings hit for Days I was still a teenager when watching it with my mom and it was the first time a main character on television became possessed! I think redoing with Doug in it is ratings gold! Who needs another sad Alzheimer’s dementia storyline? Not Me! The previews look so good and I can’t wait!! It’s daytime tv so sit back and enjoy the show! And if it bothers you that much simply don’t watch stop crying about it!!;

Ugh…so it’s Doug at first and then be passes it “back” to Doc? Oh come on. Oh well…can’t protest the story, it’s a done deal. Sigh…

Personally I’m just glad that Xander is finally learning the truth about what happened to his beloved Sarah as shown in the video now pair Gwen with a returning Andrew Donovan and the producer KC needs to break up Eli and Lani they basically suck like bricks dude Eli deserves way more better than her.

Why so hostile towards Lani why isn’t she good enough for him he’s not much of a cup of tea either

When KC pairs Eli with someone better for Eli like a past love of his who’s an established member of two families of Salem and a former resident of the town then he’ll be much improved he sucks with Lani big time.

Nice acting showcase for Bill, if we can stand it!

I hate the idea of the devil again. I did not like it 25 years ago. I have been watching Days for as long as it been on. The devil coming back is crazy.

What can I say? Hell gets a little boring now and then. I don’t really do possessions much anymore, but this just seemed like a good time to come up for a visit.

It is a no for me…. I typically record the shows but will no longer record until this storyline is over.

Same here.

I am not enthused about this satan storyline. I rather know what happened to Sami instead.

So you’re saying I should possess Sami?
Because I’m down with that!

Yes, I always felt she was the devil’s work.

I didn’t create Sami, but she’s had a lot of fans down here in Hell over the years. Probably because she can be the “bad girl” without being completely batshit crazy, like most other “bad girls” in soap-land.

No I think Days of our lives is getting crazy again for real Doug Williams being possessed by the devil and now Merlin is going to be possessed by the devil again and all that other stuff’s going to go on again I think this writer’s a little out of his mind that story line was already on 25 years ago why bring up the past on that because you guys can figure out what else to put on Days of our lives you know you can bring Billy and Bo back and make them a couple again and carry and Austin and a couple other things go on cuz your best show was the one that was just on the the Days of our lives other one were Billy Reed was on it and Shane was on it and they had all the stuff that happened with it so you know beyond Salem was a lot better than Days of our lives and you need to bring back the good characters like bow and Billy and Carrie and Austin and will and sunny and everything else like that like you had on the beyon Salem and the right Christian the good Christian Eileen Davidson but this this thing that you’re doing now is terrible

Why would I possess Merlin? And when did that crazy old magician come to Salem anyway??

You are so damn funny. You know darn well she’s talking about Marlena not Merlin, ha, ha.

As a Christian, I strongly object to the possession storyline!

As the Devil, I strongly object to your devilphobic bigotry.

I am REPULSED that you even post under a name like SATAN. People like you WILL Find out in the end what is what! It’s really not cute or even close to funny.

Hey Johnny, hey Dee Dee
Little Tom and Joey
You know we’re comin’ over
Sweet sweet little Ramona
You’re getting better and better
It’s getting easier than ever
Hey you kids in the crowd
You know you like it
When the music’s loud

Sweet sweet little Ramona
she always wants to come over
Sweet sweet little Ramona
I think I’ll try and phone her

I let her in if you’re wondering why
Cause she’s a spy for the BBI
I let her her in and I started to cry
And then I knew I wanted to die
Oooh, little Ramona

I’m So Impressed you took the time to write me a poem. Must have Struck a Nerve. I’m laughing my head off. Last time you hear from me, I will not bother myself to even review future posts. Thanks for the Laugh

I can’t take credit for that poetry. That came from the greatest rock band to ever come from NYC. The Ramones.

Not that I normally agree with Satan -but maybe you should be watching a soap opera without premarital sex, alternative lifestyles and unethical medical procedures. Oh wait they don’t have those. Pray for the world: that they know the word before the end of the world. We, as Christians. know how this story ends. God wins! And as for “Satan”- Get behind thee (Matthew 16:23) and most excellent commentary!

If one believes in God, then one must also believe in the Devil.This is how we differentiate between good and evil because they do co-exist. I am not too thrilled about this storyline. But, it’s a soap and I know a spoof when I see it. Halloween is on its way.
Monseigneur Liptak always told me that we prove our love and belief in God by rejecting the devil—-never fall into temptation.This is a great opportunity to do just that. I always wear my crucifix. So, you can’t touch me, Satan.
Begone!! I reject you, Satan.
I thought Doug was outstanding. For an elderly actor, he has superseded many who are much, much younger than he.
Let’s just watch. I don’t know much about the “possession” of twenty-five years ago—-I was in grade school. So, this is kind of new for me.

I think days is stupid for using reruns and Doug of all people

Why is it in soap operas yo always have to go back and relive the past . My God let it go What has happened has happened move on we don’t need to see Marlena or or Doug possessed by the devil, that causes problems for people in real life, people start believing in that. Next thing you know they think they’re possessed who knows what could happen to them in their own lives. They need to leave that kind of stuff off TV. It’s bad enough people deal with mental issues a 100 times more today than they did in the past. Now their fave soap wants to bring the devil and being possessed into it. Very poor choice Days of our lives writers. Let’s not relive the past we have enough in our plates with today’s medical issues. Doug is a wonderful actor but he’s old and it’s time for him to part ways. Write him off and leave it at that. Don’t make it some ridiculous exit. Leave the devil where he lies n dint disturb.

Day’s writer’s better stop and think about bringing back the devil or even someone being possessed by the devil. There’s a lot of religious people in this world and they could essentially lose a lot of viewers over the fact of bringing the devil into any storyline. . It wasn’t good back then and not good now. You can say what you want people, it’s just a soap opera right. Wrong. You think it’d be funny and cute or you like that kind of stuff. Well not many others will agree with you. but in the real life world it wouldn’t be cute or funny if that happened to one of your relatives. That wouldn’t be quite so funny would it. Aunt Mary or Uncle Bob is whacko. Now say it’s not aunt or uncle but it’s mother or father or son or daughter and you have to deal with much more closely wouldn’t you. Try and stay calm and sane over that. No thanks. That’s a very touchy subject and I suggest they stay away from it. But they won’t. So say goodbye to lots of religious viewers. That’s on you Day’s writers.

I have watched Days since I was eight years old, since 1969. I have to be one of the biggest fans. The only time I didn’t watch the show was when Marlena was possessed. I will probably not watch another possession.

Deidra Hall and Melissa Reeves are two of my favorite actors.

I’d consider possessing Jennifer for a while if she would come back.

Hell only knows she needs to loosen up a bit, right?

Here we go again we stupidy.
Quit watching the last time.
Guess I won’t be watching for awhile.

OOOOOOLaLa, quelle surprise!!!! The dirty old man is the devil!! Come get me—-I mean, Marlena—firahh!!

I am really looking forward to that story line again it was good then and will be good. now its just a soap story line good actors and actresses doing a great job and it’s close to Halloween its going to be great

Now I have to stop watching it again. Stupid writers…

Stupid writers??? They’re not stupid for trying to “levitate” the ratings like when it occurred over 25 years ago. You fail to realize the storyline that made you quit watching made it possible for the show to continue all these years. If you choose to stop watching because of the repossession, the least you can do is not badmouth it. DAYS future depends on this storyline.

You all must be getting paid by ABC and CBS to be so hateful and toxic towards DAYS… ENTERTAINMENT FOR SURE……I AM EXCITED…THE LAST DAYS OF OUR LIVES ENJOY THIS SHOW PEOPLE THIS IS TV GOLD AND WE ARE WATCHING THE END OF THIS ICONIC SHOW ….maybe we can get a witch named Tabitha next.

They need to take Julie off her high horse, let Doug demon side go after her. I don’t like the new EJ really, you just can’t take him serious. We need some excitement on days. I’m rooten for Doug to be evil. His role is so dull. Throw Julie in a dungen.

Did not see that coming!!!!

I will not watch this garbage

Stupid story line. I won’t feel bad missing some episodes!

Why in the world are you bringing back the possession devil storyline? This is a very negative story. I won’t resume watching until its over.

The storyline is stupid stupid stupid!
Come on guys, Really? Maybe its time to go
back to watching Y&R.

Sorry, but that’s what you get for quitting Y&R in the first place. Now you are deserting Days, two wrongs don’t make a right. Why not toss out your TV, put some camphor or whatever around your neck and go hide in a closet until this is all over.

Soaps shouldn’t have such controversial subjects,Days is not the Exorcist!!

Days is going to the Dogs! That Storyline Again? It’s not The Exorcist

This storyline sucked years ago when they played it. Can’t your writers come up with original storylines or are they they headstrong for us to sit and watch repeats of the shit that failed years ago! The world today is to demonic as it is why add to it!

Doug is Devil? Really! This story line is trash. My daughter used to watch Days. What turned her off was the Marlena devil story where her eyes turned yellow. I think it’s time I stopped watching and giving my full attention to GH. Much better story line.

Well, Been watching Days now for Many years and I have to say , real or not, I think I will have to leave now as I’m NOT INTERESTED in the least being entertained by a satan character. This IS WRONG on So Many levels!!!. Shame on these writers for even going there. Are things in this world not Dark enough?!

Watched the show since it’s premiere in the 1960. Left for a while because Marlana being possessed was too much. Can’t believe it’s back to that again and think it will be the end of the show. It’s too stupid a story line. Plus to much near nudity and bedroom scenes.

Susan, you may as well say you first listened to DAYS on the radio…DAYS debuted on November 8th, 1965, not 1960. I have complete “faith” that this storyline will insure several more years of DAYS. Why is it so hard to believe the devil is back? The original storyline was a success, and DAYS may have not lasted much longer without it.

How can we as Christians stop Corday/NBC from airing this demonic plot

Why don’t you do something useful and tell them to stop airing dumb reality shows & bubblegum “singing” competition shows?

Then you can call CW and tell them to stop “rebooting” old TV shows and turning them into complete jokes.

I’ll bet you’re one of the people who wrote the Fox network and told them to cancel my show “Lucifer”, right??

How well did that work out for you? I got an extra three seasons on Netflix, and I got the ultimate job promotion in the end. Yes, I had to turn it down for “family reasons”, but just the fact that I got the offer in the first place had to really not sit well with some of the overly FundaMENTAList religious types.

It’s story telling, and hopefully they will do a good job with it. Doesn’t your Bible include that chapter where some of my employees invent “deviled ham”? You wouldn’t try to cancel that, would you??

First time in 25 years on Days by revisiting “The Mardevil” as a riff from the legendary gothic soap opera “Dark Shadows” and they used to have demonic possession storylines with Barnabas Collins became as a vampire and Angelique who became as a witch with supernatural powers. 50 years later after Dark Shadows ended, Days decided to bring back with sci-fi supernatural storyline. Don’t forget about John Black who will burn “The Mardevil” aka Dr. Marlena Evans who is a witch with supernatural powers. “BURN WITCH!, BURN!!!!!!!”

I can’t believe the writers are bringing back this crazy devil storyline, are they all losing their minds out there. I hate this storyline, as any Christian knows Jesus is much more powerful then the devil

It was stupid 25 years ago, it’s even more stupid now.

I can’t wait to see Days or GH ratings coming up. Both falling back 20+ years for story..smh

Don’t care for this storyline!

I wasn’t watching during the first possession storyline, and thank goodness I’m not watching for the second!
I watched the show for several years a while back, but couldn’t take it any more. If I hadn’t already quit, I surely would now!

Getting back to the topic at hand, I feel sorry for the actors who have to emote such ridiculous drivel and try to make it believable. How can they say these lines with a straight face?!?!

This storyline is an embarrassment… It’s also an insult to the viewers. Yes, we can tolerate back-from-the-dead characters, evil twins, baby switches, faked paternity tests, and so on. And this show also gave us brain chips and face masks, so that a given character was programmed to be (or could impersonate) another character. Those storylines were also insulting. But the possession storyline is a bridge too far!

As an actor, myself, I think it would be a fun experience to play, to stretch and enjoy the campiness of it all. It’s not for everyone apparently, but it is called entertainment, and for those who don’t like this storyline or others, they have a choice to stop watching. I will watch. I was fascinated with the possession storyline 25 years ago but I was quite young back then, but I loved it. It’s entertainment people, take it or leave it. If the main actors (Deidre and the actor who plays Doug – I can’t recall his name) had problems with the second installment of the possession storyline, I am confident that Deidre Hall would have spoken her mind. I believe she enjoyed it 25 years ago, and had fun playing Evil. Hell, I believe, she filmed burning down the church (St Luke’s) and left set that day to be there for the birth of her baby.
To each their own, but soaps get stale very easily with poor writers at the helm, it was ratings gold for DAYS 25 years ago, I’m so excited for the actors and storyline to come. The role of an actor is accept and play any character, they may have disagreements or conflicts playing a character but this is what we do, as actors – we play a variety of characters good and bad. And, an actor(s) can protest, like Deidre could have said to the writers and EPs: no, I’m not interested to retell this story. We don’t know what their conversations with her and others were like. But they are there, doing the work. Good on them! Go MARDEVIL!!!

Jeremy, although we have had good back and forth previously, I can do without the condescension here. Yet hearing the point of view of an “actor” is certainly welcome. Root for the devil all you want…

PS: I used quotation marks because I was quoting you, not questioning your assertion. The last line was in jest. I realize that sometimes it’s hard to ascertain tone or intention from some of these comments. Condescension was what I perceived. Regards…

Perhaps, you may not want make assumptions on my “tone”. There was no condescension toward you at all.
Not that I owe any explanations, my comments were merely my own personal opinions on the current storyline, just like yours and many others have their personal comments and opinions, too. Again, there was no condescension on my part. I suggest, not jumping to conclusions or making assumptions based on “tone” when in fact you don’t know what my intention actually was. There was no malice or anything of the kind.
Simply, you could have commented back and asked: your response Jeremy felt condescending, was that your intention?

Peace man.

Jeremy, I REALLY appreciate your reply. And you, of course, don’t owe me any explanations. Your suggestion, starting with “Simply…” was a great one! That is the route I should have taken. I added my “PS” because I didn’t wish to be misinterpreted, but that is what I did with you in my initial reply, as you lay out.

Can I blame my knee-jerk, bad reaction on my evil twin? My opioid addiction? Satan? That I was bullied in school for 3 years of high school and am thus, all these years later, at times overly sensitive and jump to the conclusion that someone is attacking me when no such act or intent is there? (yeah, there’s some truth to this last one…)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my interactions here, with terrific people, including yourself. So I will take this as a learning experience. I wish you well with your acting career — and all the best in general! And your closing “Peace man” is truly gracious. I appreciate that more than I can tell you, and wish you the same…

Hey there Jamesj75,
Apologies for the delay. I have been ill the past few days. Hopefully, it’s just a cold! I could write more, however, today, I feel pretty weak, yet, I wanted to acknowledge your message reply. I hear you, and all is good. I look forward to further conversations and interactions with yourself and others.
I’m actually really not a regular contributor on this site, just… sporadically I would say. Sorry for a short reply today. I wanted to let you know that I wasn’t ignoring your thoughtful message, I’ve just been under the weather. Time for the flu shot, I think! Stay well, and healthy yourself. Thank you again for your note and friendship, I appreciate hearing your thoughts and feelings, too.
Take good care,

Jeremy, your gracious reply has made my day — sincerely. Sorry again for my transgressions here. I hope you’re feeling back at 100% ASAP! And I look forward to your posts as well as any back and forth we may continue to have. Bless you, and thank you, Friend! Take care.

James, thank you for your well wishes. No more apologies are necessary, k? We are good. 🙂
Be well and we’ll be in touch. Oh, I just now got your reply, thanks for your response about my post on NLG.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Favorite Lamon Archey Welcomes Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for Lamon Archey (Eli, Days of our Lives) and his wife Krissy Terry.  The couple have welcomed a baby girl into this world named Kennedy.

In a beautiful photo of Kennedy with her mom and dad via Instagram, Lamon shared: “Blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings. #Blessed  @monicamartinphotography”

Terry added,“My princess. Kennedy Archey. You are my everything. I pray I am everything you want me to be in a mama. I never thought I’d love so deeply the way I love you, baby-cakes. I’ll forever be your guide, protector, and nurturer.”

Photo: LArcheyIG

This is Archey’s fourth child. His three other children are: Machiah, 21; Caden, 14; and Gaia, 11

Several of Lamon’s Days of our Lives co-stars shared their well-wishes on his IG post including: Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Galen Gering (Rafe) and Sal Stowers (Lani).

Lamon and Krissy were married back on March 25th of this year.

Send your well-wishes for Lamon, Krissy and new little bundle of joy, Kennedy via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Jen Lilley Signs Off at Days of our Lives: “Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan Off and On for the last 10 Years Has Taught Me So Much About Empathy and Grace”

This week on Days of our Lives, Jen Lilley will wrap her short-term run as Theresa Donovan. Lilley came back to reprise her role to a be a part of the on-screen memorial for Victor Kiriakis, and to honor one of her her all-time favorite scene partners, the late John Aniston.

While Lilley explained in interviews with the press, that she gave the series a 3 to 4 week window of time she would be available to reprise the role, she noted the long-running soap opera wrote more episodes and story for the character; thus the part will be turned over to another actress for the next leg of Theresa’s return story.

Meanwhile, through the years, Lilley came under fire over her run on DAYS being a devout Christian, and taking on the role of the troublemaking Theresa.  She fired back in one interview, “Why should I play a role like this,’ you know? That’s been something I’ve been asked over and over again, by Christians, like,‘How can you be a Christian and play this role?’ And the truth of the matter is that from a human perspective, Theresa’s kind of a horrible person, but from a God perspective, she’s exactly who Christ came and died for.”

Photo: JPI

With her final episode streaming on Peacock on Friday, September 22nd, Lilley took to her Instagram to share her sentiments on her Salem journey over the years.

Jen shared: “Last week of me exploring this girl’s shenanigans on screen. Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan off and on for the last 10 years has taught me so much about empathy and grace. I have enjoyed every moment of her hilarious sass and ferocity, layered with brokenness. To the cast and crew at @dayspeacock, I love you forever. You’re my family. And to the best fans a girl could ask or hope for: remember there is no pit so deep you could ever find yourself in where God’s love cannot find you still. You are never beyond redemption. You are called by grace and marked with love. Thank you for supporting me on this decade long journey. #Days #RIPJohnAniston #ripvictorkiriakis #DOOL”

No word yet if in the future, and with Lilley’s busy filming schedule (once the SAG-AFTRA and writers strikes are resolved) for Great American Family movies and other projects, if she would be available to return to DAYS should the show decide to write for the character.

So, are you sad to see Jen exit the canvas as Theresa? Curious just who and how will take over her role? There have been plenty of online rumors that a certain actress currently on the show is taking over the part. Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Celebrates One-Year on Peacock (Photos)

When Days of our Lives moved from NBC to the streaming service Peacock after 57 years on the air, it rocked many longtime fans of the beloved soap opera. However, NBC/Universal decided to make it a high priority on its companion streamer as one of its flagship shows. This was due, in part, to its dedicated fan base and viewership.

DAYS started its run in its new home on September 12th, 2022, and now one-year later, Peacock helped the show celebrate its first anniversary in its current streaming digs with an ice cream truck outside its studios in Burbank on Monday.

Taking a break from Salem, and to partake in some ice cream were DAYS stars: Billy Flynn (Chad), Ella Cantu, (Jada) Abigail Klein (Stephanie), Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie), Carson Boatman (Johnny), Raven Bowens (Chanel), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve), and Greg Vaughan (Eric).

Check out some of the snaps from the ice cream truck fun below!

Photo: JPI

Mary Beth Evans, who shared on social media she used to serve up ice cream at one time in her life, took a pic inside the ice cream truck with Stephen Nichols. Seems “Stayla” likes ice cream too!

Photo: JPI

Raven Bowens served up an ice cream cone to Carson Boatman!

Photo: JPI

Too cool for school! Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes strike a pose with ice cream treats.

Photo: JPI

Greg Vaughan with his longtime castmate, Mary Beth Evans, celebrating the one-year anniversary of DAYS move to Peacock.

Photo: JPI

Here’s the signage from Peacock upon sending the ice cream truck to DAYS.

Photo: JPI

The Salem gang strikes one final pose before heading inside and back to work to tape all-new episodes.

So, what do you think about Peacock sending the ice cream truck to DAYS to mark the occasion of its move to the streaming service? Are you glad DAYS is still moving forward on the streamer, even though a year later it’s not on or coming back to network TV? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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