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DAYS Recap – Aug 2 – Aug 6th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Hope intends to take care of Bo once and for all. Inspired by Carly’s killing of Lawrence, she has a few words with Vivian and then heads over to Bo’s. Meanwhile, Bo is taken aback by Ciara’s statement about Hope having a collection of men’s wallets. Justin meets with Bo at the Brady Pub. He is concerned about Hope, and Bo points out she hasn’t been herself. Bo receives a call from Hope, who is at their house. Using Ciara as a cover, she explains she needs to see him, and he agrees. Hope then calls Baker and chews him out for putting in an anonymous tip when she was trying to kill Bo, but forgives him and says goodbye. Later, Bo shows up and is wary of Hope’s mood. She tells him that Ciara was an excuse. They need to talk. Hope’s choice of words tips Bo off that something is definitely odd with her. Hope pulls a knife out of her purse and thrusts it at Bo. EJ’s proposal to Sami falls flat. She won’t accept it because she’s still in love with Rafe. EJ charmingly makes his case. Although she doesn’t say “yes,” EJ makes her keep the ring. Using a coded address he found in Nicole’s diary, Rafe tracks down Fay Walker. Fay doesn’t want to get caught in Nicole’s scheme, so she admits her daughter sent her an envelope and told her to protect its contents with her life. In Salem, Baker wins a final game of poker and plots to skip town. Nicole orders Marco to find Baker and keep him under house arrest. Brady stops by and he and Nicole, who can’t believe their relationship is really happening, finally make love. Off her conversation with Hope, Vivian puts Maggie on notice about Victor. Bo stops Hope from stabbing him with a knife. She figuratively rips his heart out when he hears the depth of the pain he’s caused her. Bo realizes that Hope’s behavior is a side effect of the sleeping pills, but also a result of her deep feelings of betrayal. He videotapes her confession to the muggings and his attempted murder. Later, she finally falls asleep, and Bo wonders what he’s going to do now. Brady discovers a photo of Nicole’s long-ago sonogram, and they share a moment of remembrance. This emotional moment is interrupted by a phone call from Baker, who informs Nicole that he’s been brought in by the police for illegal gambling. Nicole rushes to the police station. Baker insists she bail him out, or he’ll tell the cops she framed Arianna. Nicole says she’ll handle it. While he is alone in her apartment, Brady realizes Nicole has suddenly come into a large sum of money and is suspicious.Rafe gets Fay to talk to him about Nicole’s illicit activities. Fay turns over the materials from the envelope Nicole sent her, but Rafe is dismayed to realize she destroyed the contents. Rafe promises this conversation will go no further, but vows to piece the information back together and find out the truth. Carly swabs Daniel’s cheek to get his DNA sample. Later, she and Melanie bond. Carly realizes more clearly than ever that Daniel and Melanie will never forgive her if they discover the lie she now shares with Chloe. Carly confides to Chloe what she has on the line, and Chloe feels badly. Later, Chloe and Carly make secret plans to go to Saint Mary’s hospital in the morning. Daniel and Melanie also plan on going to Saint Mary’s at the same time for a patient consult.

Hope wakes up and Bo confronts her. She doesn’t remember anything from the night before – and Bo is forced to play the tape of her confession. Hope is horrified by what she sees. She insists she turn herself in. As Bo and Hope are about to leave for the station, Ciara arrives and wonders what is happening. Brady is convinced Nicole obtained money illegally. When she comes home, he subtly gives her a chance to come clean. Unaware Brady knows about the wire transfer, Nicole lies. Brady then makes angry love to Nicole. Afterwards, she is shocked when he denounces her. He knows she has lied to him, again.  He questions if there is anything else she’s lied about. At the same time, Dr. Baker waits for his bail to be paid. Roman receives a description of the man who bought the arson materials to torch Bo’s house and realizes it’s the man waiting to be released – Dr. Baker! Roman then recognizes him as the man who switched Sami’s baby. At St. Mary’s hospital, Chloe and Carly bond as they await the paternity test. Daniel and Melanie arrive at Saint Mary’s for a consult. In a mix up, Daniel is sent to Chloe’s room. Carly is shocked to see Melanie while Daniel enters Chloe’s exam room.  Bo and Hope face a horrible moment as they must tell Ciara that she is going away. Ciara’s pain is so strong that Bo and Hope reconsider her decision to give herself up. When Julie arrives, she asks what’s going on. Understanding only that Hope is upset, Julie blames Bo. Hope defends Bo and they go to the station. Brady confronts Nicole, who only proclaims her love for him and says nothing about her illegal account. Brady tells her it’s over between them. He drags her to the police station so she can confess where she got the money. Once there, Nicole comes face-to-face with Baker. Before Baker can say anything to Nicole, he sees Hope arriving and cries out to her.  Daniel speaks to a shocked Chloe through the curtain of the exam room, thinking she is his patient. Chloe remains silent, fearing he’ll recognize her. Meanwhile, a horrified Carly learns Daniel is also at Saint Mary’s. She realizes that he has inadvertently been sent to Chloe’s room. Daniel’s declaration of caring causes Chloe to break down, and he thinks he recognizes her voice. Carly stops Daniel just in time, explaining the mix-up, but he insists on apologizing to the woman. Melanie joins her mother and father as they head back to Chloe’s room. Daniel enters the room with an upset Carly and frantic Melanie. Will Chloe finally be caught?

Hope confesses to her crimes in front of everyone at the police station, much to their disbelief. Baker tries to stop her. Bo and Hope realize Baker must have been her accomplice. Bo shows Roman the tape of Hope. Later, Hope apologizes to Roman for mugging him. Hope then turns in her badge and tells Bo to arrest her, and he does. Baker decides not to rat out Nicole for framing Arianna. Brady realizes Baker must have been the one who drugged him and goes on the attack. Brady leaves with Nicole, who is encouraged that he changed his mind about turning her in for her illegal bank account. Brady says he won’t turn her in, but he’s done with her – she’s dead to him. He leaves, with Nicole crying after him. Julie, Doug and Caroline try to comfort a distraught and confused Ciara, as they also try to figure out what’s going on with Hope. Carly manages to keep Daniel from seeing Chloe in the hospital. Alone with Chloe, she realizes how much it is costing both of them. Carly stands to lose both Daniel and Melanie if they find out she kept the secret. Chloe has the test and they will get the results on her birthday.

Melanie is offered a job at Saint Mary’s and Sister Anne asks to meet with her for an interview. Melanie is impressed by Carly’s story – that her “patient” is an immigrant woman she’s helping. Melanie finally calls Carly “mom.” Chloe is about to sneak out of the hospital, when Daniel catches her. She covers that she got opera tickets and was looking for him there to spend the day with him. Daniel is moved, and they share a loving moment, even though Chloe is tortured.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sonny and Will Say Their Final Goodbyes and Leave Salem

Not a happy day for fans of Days of our Lives’ WilSon.  Although it has been known now for over seven months that Daytime Emmy-winners, Chandler Massey (Will) and Freddie Smith (Sonny) were let-go from the long-running NBC soap opera, it still was hard to watch them have their final scenes on Tuesday’s episode.

As was in the dialogue, the writers and the show left the door open for a Sonny and Will return down the line when Sonny uttered: “Goodbye Salem, for now.” And, as is with most DAYS characters, they seem to somehow return at one time or another.  But still, it looks like the soap has made the decision to rest the characters.

Before their final exit, Sonny and Will had a visit with Sami (Alison Sweeney) to tell her they are moving to Arizona. Sami is up to her eyeballs in trouble with the custody hearing for Allie’s baby versus Nicole (Arianne Zucker).  Will tells his mother he wants her blessing before they go, and that he already received a blessing from Marlena (Deidre Hall).

An emotional Sami tells Will how sorry she is for all the things she has done, and the mistakes she had made when she was younger and along the way that impacted him.  In tears, Will says he is going to miss her, and the two of then share a hug,

After Sami leaves to head to the custody hearing, Will and Sonny look at Allie’s baby and the two talk about how things worked out for the best; even though Allie did not ultimately let them adopt her child.  The two realize they are about to give their daughter, Ari, a new life and Will thinks another baby and a dog might be in their future, too!

Photo: JPI

Later, it’s time for one last look at Horton Town Square, and Sonny and Will remember their love from the beginning in a short flashback with a few moments of how they came together.

Will says it’s a tradition for when a Horton leaves Salem to visit the dedication to Tom and Alice in the ‘Square’.  Finally, it’s time for Sonny and Will to say goodbye to Salem for now as they walk out together..

So, what did you think of the final episode of Chandler and Freddie’s? Did you want more time spent on WilSon’s history in the flashback montage? Are you sad to see them go? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Rob Scott Wilson Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’

If you think you were emotionally drained watching Ben Weston battle himself for control – think of how draining it must have been for Ben’s portrayer, actor Rob Scott Wilson, or for the character of Ben himself!

Well, in the final three episodes last week on Days of our Lives, Rob Scott Wilson once again showed why he is in complete command of this complex character – a former serial killer who has fought so hard to redeem himself, married the love of his life, Ciara (Vicroria Konefal), only to have it all almost wiped out by a heinous plot by Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva).

Photo: JPI

Eve used drugs and torture techniques to try to drive Ben to kill Ciara as payback for him murdering her daughter, Paige (True O’Brien).  Weston was supported by some very fine scene partners in his performances: the aforementioned DePaiva, Konefal, and Kristian Alfonso (Hope); but it was Rob who drove the scenes and had the meatiest of material to play and boy, did he deliver.

Would Ben strangle his beloved Ciara with a necktie like his other previous victims? Wilson went from one minute being programmed to kill her, to another minute realizing he is in trouble … and so is Ciara’s life – so he tells her to lock the door of the bathroom and to not let him in! Although, as we saw, he eventually lost control and broke through the door and went to turn the lock reaching his hand from the outside to the inside. (Horror film moment!)

Later, when we see Ben crumpled on the floor in tears, Hope finds him, but her daughter is missing and Ben can’t recall what happened to her.  Fearing at first she killed Ciara, Hope is besides herself, and so is Ben.

From beat to beat, from turn to turn, Wilson was terrifying and heartbreaking all at the same time.  And with that, Michael Fairman TV names Rob Scott Wilson our choice for the Power Performance of the Week.

So, what did you think of Rob’s performance? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

GH’s Maurice Benard and DAYS Kassie DePaiva Named “Power Performances of the Week”

Two daytime vets in two very opposing types of storylines delivered emotional and riveting work during their scenes.  First on General Hospital, Maurice Benard (Sonny) in yet another stellar knockout performance in the Alzheimer’s storyline; showed the anguish and pain of a son trying to come to terms with his father’s ultimate fate.

This week saw Sonny originally deciding to try to prolong Mike’s (Max Gail) life by having him placed on a feeding tube, but soon after seeing the fate of Yvonne, another Alzheimer’s patient, and a talk with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Sonny changed course, and did what’s best for Mike, not for himself, and decided to let his father die with dignity and with as least suffering as possible.

We don’t think there could have been a dry eye in the house when Sonny visited Mike’s hospital bedside, and told him that it’s OK for his dad to let go, and not have to stick around for him.  Max Gail, as per usual, was also so touching in these scenes.

Benard did not overplay a beat, and for anyone who has had a parent die of this dreadful disease, you could relate to what Sonny went through in the more than capable hands of this two-time Daytime Emmy winner.

Over on Days of our Lives, what a return for Kassie DePaiva in her role as Eve Donovan! This time, she has come back unhinged and at an emotional rock bottom, so much so that she had abducted Ben Weston (Rob Scott Wilson), had him taken to an abandoned warehouse, strapped him up, tortured him with an assist from Dr. Rolf’s protege, Vincent (Michael Teh), and came up with this twisted plot to have Ben turn back into the “necktie serial killer” and kill his bride, Ciara (Victoria Konefal).

Why, you say? Well, because Eve’s daughter, Paige was one of Ben’s victims and it has been eating Eve alive this whole time. She is a mama grieving for her daughter so deeply that she can’t understand why Paige is dead and he is left on earth to roam around free and find love and happiness… and we find out she was gutted when Ben got a last-minute reprieve when he was recently sentenced to death by lethal injection.

DePaiva played this arc of Eve’s story as a soapalicious villain, but when you really deconstruct it, Eve is just in so much pain… and all of that came through even in the darkest of scenes.  And … there is yet more to come!

Kudos to Maurice and Kassie for being named Michael Fairman TV’s “Power Performances of the Week”.

So, do you agree with our picks for Maurice and Kassie? What did you think of their work? Comment below.

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B&B’s Heather Tom talks with Michael Fairman immediately following her record-tying win in the Lead Actress category during the 47th annual Daytime Emmy Awards.  Heather and Erika now hold the most wins for an actress with 6! Leave A Comment

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