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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco and The Baker Brothers!



On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Franco (Roger Howarth) comes face-to-face with the second Baker brother (He has the first one caged up, or so he thinks!).

Meanwhile, viewers get to see more of Michael Rodrick (Seth) who just entered the canvas as Seth.   It all goes down at GH when Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) introduces Franco to Seth, who is looking for his missing brother, Tom (Don Harvey).  It’s clear that Seth does not trust Franco. Suddenly, Elizabeth is called for a code blue, which turns out to be her sister, Hayden (Rebecca Budig), who life hangs in the balance! While Liz is gone, Seth tells Franco he is going to go to the police if he finds out Franco harmed his brother. Franco makes himself not look like the guilty party for Tom going MIA, by telling Seth that his brother is probably out there somewhere causing trouble.  That is something that Seth cannot refute is a possibility given his brother’s criminal past.


Back at Franco’s art studio, a caged and enraged Tom is able to free himself from the cage and remove his shock collar, but finds that the front door to the studio is locked from the outside! His rage and frustration mounting, he has to figure a way to get out of this – in what is essentially- kidnapping by Franco.

After Hayden is stabilized, Liz comes back to the nurses station and overhears Franco telling Seth about how he was once a bad guy, but he has changed.  He tells Seth he wants to, and is trying to b,e a better person for Liz.  He promises Seth that he wouldn’t risk doing something to Tom which in turn means he could lose Liz . Seth exits and Liz gives Franco a big hug and a few steamy kisses are exchanged.  She tells Franco she overheard what he said and appreciated it, and from her experience a few moments ago where she almost lost her sister, Hayden, she realizes life is too short.

Later, after his run-in and chat with Seth, Franco returns to his studio with a different perspective, such that he will let Tom go free.  When he sees Tom apparently sleeping in his cage, he tells the ex-convict he is going to let him go.  But Franco is had!  When Tom gets out of the cage and Franco’s back is turned away from him, Tom chloroforms Franco.

The questions left for the viewing audience are among many:  Where is this story going?  Has this story somehow redeemed Franco for his past misdeeds?  Will Liz flip when she finds out Franco lied and had been holding Tom captive in a cage?  Will Seth Baker remain in Port Charles for awhile? Will Franco now go MIA, just as he and Liz were getting closer? Share your thoughts on this story in the comment section below.

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LOL.. Ok
How did Tom get hold of chloroform????????
It’s not a household item.

I had no doubt that Finn would save Haden in the nick of time, and himself.

Seth and Franco will play each other for awhile and Franco will prevail.
Franco is da`man..

Franco was redeemed when his crazy was cut out however he will always be good and bad and on the fence.

Franco and Liz will eventually break-up (they all do) and then get back together again most likely by a tragedy.

Good catch, SuzieQ. LOL. How did Tom get his hands ob chlorophorm? Maybe he carries a supply around…one never knows when it could be handy.
Well, all I can say is that, albeit I have no clue what’s going on in Tom’s head…..what his intention was once in town; but, Franco deserved what he got. In my estimation, there’s no way Franco is sane. Normal people do not act that way. And, taking the law into his own hands is a no-no. I do not eish him on Liz, no matter how much he loves her. He is so mercurial, he could snap in a sec.
Nonetheless, Tom will be blamed for breaking and entering into the studio to do Franco harm…..unless anyone, other than his brother, believes Tom’s account of the story.
Needless to say, Franco needs a brain transplant….he should go away, get another surgery and try again. Sad….I do love Roger.
I agree with everything you said.

hey CC..
I thought it was original of Franco to treat Tom as a dog and train him to stay away from Liz..
Franco did not beat him, set his hair on fire or hold a gun on him, the dog shock collar aha good one! (if a dog can take it so can Tom..

I don’t watch DOOL but a friend does and she told me Franco is more mellow than most the guys in DOOL ..

There are times I wish Franco would grow his tumour back and give me some suspense and put me on the edge. Instead, Franco has become a powder puff.
Ony Roger could play Franco and he does it very well. A very unusual character.

Oh, I gey it, su. You like the bad boys…so do I, LOL….. But, not when said bad boy’s actions become criminal. No, Franco did not beat Tom, did not set his hair on fire. What Franco did is still criminal….kidnapping and holding someone ‘hostage’, imprisoned in a cage like a dog, no matter how rabid, lol, proves Franco has a screw loose. Maybe this is what true love does to Franco? What it means to him? Poor guy, he has probably never experienced that particular surge of feelings. He doesn’t know what to do with it.
I realize he came to his senses, at the eleventh hour, but too late. The roles are now reversed, which makes Franco no different from Tom.
Well, something’s afoot where Tom is concerned. What now? Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn. HaHa. ….not particularly interested in this story.
Happy and Healthy Holidays, my love.

I guess every psycho has chloroform lying around!

Hi, Timmmy,
Merry Christmas and a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year, my dearest friend. Hugs and cheer.

@Timmmbo….Wishing you a most Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!! (Because what says festive more than psychos and chloroform??? Only on GH, only on GH….)

@su – what – is … THAT

“LOL” perchance was that a gut busting roaring LAUGH

I thought it could have been paint thinner ? reason for his delusion

ugh! it’s going to be telling just how the two woman writers will treat Liz

I don’t know… I thought it was my just dessert to see turnabout is fair play… that Tom Baker can exact his toll

I LOVE the Fabulous Baker Boys (acting)

Hey, su….I only hope that Tom is not after Kiki, as revenge…or after Liz’s kids. He is such a coward, he only attacks those who are weaker than he, women and kids.

An odd place to reply but I do wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a good new year C Squared!

I don’t like this story. It’s sick, and going in my ff column.

Yep! Scenes of the torture in the cage were unwatchable.

Love between Franco and Liz makes no sense unless Franco redeems himself, renouncing evil for good, and the exact opposite is happening. And now Liz seeks advice from Heather.

Terrible writing

I don’t like it either, and it’s a shame that it involves three very talented actors.
It seems to me that there will be no positive outcome for this very dark story line, and hence, no viewer satisfaction.
It’s frustrating that we are fast forwarding through these scenes because as I said before, all three actors are extremely talented.

I agree, it was a sick storyline to come up with. Says something about the state of mind of the writers. Years ago one could count on GH writers and other staff not to broadcast something like this.

Addison….Wishing you and your good friends, Demelza and Harry, a Very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year….oh, and a Happy Hanukkah to “Mrs. Kravitz,” too!!!!!

I am with you, Rose.

I was just going to post the same thing, Rose. Where do they get this stuff? It isn’t even interesting.
The same goes for the pawn shop guy, the Chinese mob ( is it Brad’s family?), Julian, Sonny and Jason. Is it a guy thing?…,,,because I am almost positive none of we female viewers are ‘enthralled’ by the lack of substance to these particular stories.

Celia…I’ve been thinking it’s could be Brad’s family since I saw the red shirt a few weeks ago. It goes back to the Brad/Rosalie “marriage.” I don’t remember all the details except Brad did talk about his West coast, mob family, that they were dangerous, and perhaps wanted to expand to the East coast…which means topple Sonny. Could mean they enlisted Julian to do the job in return for some sort of place in the mob organization. We’ll see. These writers can be tricky.

@CeeCee….I completely agree with you on all of it.
The entire Tom/Franco storyline is vile & disturbing.
Regarding the other storylines they R sad barely
watchable… Beyond Bored w/ Sam & Jason, Sonny
& Jason, Sonny & Nell’s storyline has been done to
death on this soap & numerous others… Finn and his
lab rat self, let finally find a cure for him and Hayden &
let’s move on already. That’s the problem (among so many
others) every story drags on for far tooooooo long…..
Where’s the fun, joy and love… Especially this time of year!
I’m saddened by what’s become of this show.

Hello, my lady,
I hear you, Fanny. It’s so weird, but, I lack the enthusiasm I reserved just for my soaps. What is going on? Soooo disappointing.
Yes, the stories do drag on…..I feel like reaching in my TV set and shake some sense into the characters. But, then I realize, it isn’t they….it’s the writers!!!!!
If the stories had a semblance of suspense; of honest-to-goodness drama; I guess I could tolerate a bit of stretching the story to its limit. But, I get antsy watching.
Yet, I watch out of habit.
By the same token, the stories that do have merit, I look forward to seeing them through…eg. Finn and Hayden; Valentin and Nina….more suspenseful; Valentin and Anna.
I said from the very first when Anna had a glimpse of Valentin, there was a backstory there. That does interest me. But, typically of GH, it will drag forever.
Joyeux Noel, madame ….a’ vous et les votre.

Oh, I forgot….I want Kiki and Dillon to finally be together. As I’ve already said a while ago, this guilt/onus that the writers are putting on Kiki is stupid and ridiculous. How long will she be carrying Morgan around? She’s so young. Give this girl a break. Have her fess up and tell Dillon she is mad about him and wants him lickety-split!! LOL.
A’ bientot.

@CeeCee…Ma belle, Joyeux Noel. Bisous, Bisous.

Merry Christmas, CeeCeeGirl!!! Hope you and yours have a fabulously festive and blessed holiday, especially that happy chappy and little cherub of yours…may they both enjoy the magic of this evening and tomorrow morning!!!! Peace and love to you, mia amica!!!!

@Fanny….Merry Christmas, dear lady! I’ve missed you!

GH writers need to get some paint remover and brush Freak-o off the GH canvas but since F.V. has his own pet zoo which includes Roger Howarth I doubt it will happen but it sure has brought ratings down.A disgusting story line with disgusting characters

Speaking of paint remover. I was thinking it might be some kind of solution used in the arts, painting, etc. that Barker used to knock out Franco. Do not like the turn or implications this SL is headed to.

LOL! Pet zoo. Yeah it’s all about Roger and Frank’s obsession with him. Add Easton to the zoo as well, two guys from OLTL that Frank can’t live without but a lot of GH fans sure could. And now the talk of Todd possibly coming back. Amazing how little GH matters and how much a mediocre (at best) actor does matter to Frank.

I am loving this storyline! Roger Howarth & Don Harvey are fabulous as foils to each other and Franco/Liz remind me of classic soap couples with their slow and intricate build! The chemistry of the actors makes this over the top story work! Can’t wait for the fall out and to see Friz overcome the obstacles… both external and internal!

The pairing of Franco/Elizabeth is something I’d never dreamed of but they fit so perfectly. Two broken people who healed thru love. GH has given them a year long classic slow build taking them from frenemies to reluctant friends to supportive friends to blossoming romance. Becky & Roger have off the charts chemistry be it comedy, banter, tender yearning or romance.
Franco’s already redeemed himself IMO. His past crimes were caused by a tumor that led to psychosis. This past year he’s devoted himself to helping her damaged son, lead a more productive life & moved heaven & Earth to help her when she almost died.
Was his capture of Tom misguided? Yes but all he wanted was for Tom to lose his parole & for Liz to be free of Tom. If Franco hadn’t truly changed he’d have gutted Tom & buried him in the pine barrens. Friz have a strong foundation that we’ll weather them thru this set back.
It infuriates me when people say “Can Franco be redeemed” ? Franco’s actively tried to change his life. When the heck will Sonny/Jason/Julian/Ava etc going to pay? When are they going to change & live better lives? Their crimes are whitewashed & glossed over.
Agnes Nixon once said every character is redeemable & Jelly/Becky/Roger have proven that w/Franco.

This is a good one because I can’t even figure out where this is going. The story does have some strong possibilities although I can’t help feeling Tom is going to violate another lady on the canvas.

Maybe, but I hear he gets his just deserts!

I’m enjoying the story. I don’t know where this redemption idea came from but that’s not what’s playing on screen. Franco has a man locked in a cage! (before he turned the tables on him) He made a mistake, obviously, but that doesn’t take away from the wonderful job Jean and Shelley have done developing and humanizing this character. And it certainly didn’t begin with this story-line.

Well from my name you can tell I love a mystery and General Hospital is chock full of them lately and it doesn’t look like they are about to stop anytime soon. Do I beleive Tom will die, let’s hope if he does he really is but while Franco will be the prime suspect I would love to see a twist. Franco the only one with a rock solid alibi and not the routine “he did it” and then clear him. A true whodunnit where it could be anyone but the prime suspect! Do I believe he’s been redeemed? Yes the tumor’s gone but is he a perfect man? Sorry no such thing even in the real world! However, he’s fun, loyal and a messy wonderful mix of fascinating not to mention he’s no slouch in the Liz love story. Seth? Who knows it could be him! Loving the writing and the witty repartee with the characters lately and hope it continues. Daytime has come alive again and I’m happy to be there to share an hour with them everyday. They’ve hit gold with their pairings from Vets Laura and Kevin too Liz/Franco and Hayden and Finn. Tracy Jane Elliott has been given prime space and I’m thrilled with the stories.

Oh, what a sweetly optimistic post!! I mean it.

i’m with Addi ; keep sharing

I’m guessing … it’s whatever the behind the scenes production… want to do with, Roger Howarth

now… that Todd could be a return character

wow… if GH was looking for a stark and demand Franco nut up and be gone ? they sure lit a fire under that… with almost no redemption value. and I’m in on this. whew!

I agree with you @Susan/ GH has made inroads… their may be ALOT of lose ends….

the one that gnaws at me… oy! the miracle cure… just before Christmas… Finn the loopy chemist/DR finds a CURE.

I shed not one iota of care about Hayden. oh, the suds stink… when they mention to Hayden… she did die in fact . no tears for this tired prop.

LOL : have to mention… Valentin and Nina… are up to something… as Nina is telling Valentin… did you see her ( Lulu ) she ripped the glove right outa my hand… she’s not going to let her (charlotte) go… like she’s a toy.

YES . dag. their love scenes are so smolder … it’s as close to x… as I’ve ever believed.

VAlentin and Nina need to marry. and set up Lulu to fall. YIKES.

What about poor Charlotte having not only the murderous “Papa” but the nutty Nina as the cloying stepmama!

I agree, Susan. I love Franco and how passionately, albeit off the rails/out of the norm, he defends those he loves. He hunted down Heather when she kidnapped Carly, buried her and almost died at her hand. He then followed that up by taking some hallucinogenic to have himself committed with Nina…and now this. Lol…his heart’s in the right place…and one would think in a town in a town of criminals with past alien visitors (Casey), people walking around in each other’s face (masks), ice princeses, people back from the dead…that Franco wouldn’t’ be such a pariah! I have to admit though that the cage got to me. If Tom was just sitting in there unable to get out while Franco delayed him just long enough for him to miss his parole and get him sent back to jail, I would’ve been okay with it. Payback’s a bitch and he WAS in Liz’s space one time too many…but the degradation sorta got to me and I wondered how Franco could be seen sane after that. But here I am a day later and I’ve gone back to appreciating the poignancy of Franco. It was as I suspected part of his psychological journey…he KNOWS he’s got issues but he’s so sincere! I love his protective feeling toward Kiki as well. Not sure if Liz will see past his zany…and Griffn looks so stable, level-headed, mature…beautiful…not sure where the writers will go….

I’m sure Liz will be angry with Franco for lying to her but he did it to protect her. People are forgetting that Tom came to Franco’s studio to attack Kiki and he was trying to lure Nelle as well.

For me, Franco has already been redeemed. He had a tumour and did awful things! Many residents in Port Charles have done horrible things and they have no tumour nor do they seek redemption.

I believe Franco has changed, old Franco was cold, calm and calculating. He didn’t care about others feelings and he never tried to protect anyone. If this were old Franco, he would’ve killed Tom
and felt zero guilt. He wanted to hold Tom until he broke parole, is the kennel over the top? Sure, but it’s a soap! Hello panic room, meat hook, padded room etc

Franco & Elizabeth are classic soap, they’ve gotten a slow burn and great writing.

Great post!

While I think there might be a few bumps for Franco and Elizabeth, I think they will overcome this. Franco might not have gone about it in the right way, but his intentions were to protect the woman he is in love with and during his conversation with Seth you could visibly see him come that realization. It may not have been the story most people wanted with Tom Baker coming back, but I will say this, Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst and Don Harvey have been outstanding. GH would be stupid to waste the insane chemistry between Roger and Becky….I look forward to seeing how this all plays out.

As I said about Erica’s post…same to you…Great comment; agree!

I am hoping that #Friz will confront this next obstacle to gather. I expect Liz to be upset at first about the Tom in a cage thing but know it was his way of protecting her and have his back the way he has always had hers. I don’t expect one story to mean instant redemption for some viewers, for me its about the journey which he start long before this. I would like to see more of Liz POV though, after all she too is on her own journey. Redefining herself, dealing with her rapist release and embracing a non traditional love interest.

Where, indeed ?

What I find really unfortunate about this story is that they chose to take a signature storyline from Elizabeth’s past and turn it into a story about Franco. Tom Baker’s release from jail should have been focused on Elizabeth dealing with her rape years later as the adult woman that she is. It shouldn’t be a storyline focused on Franco wrestling with his demons. Rebecca Herbst deserves better than this. No doubt that Roger Howarth is acting his butt off in this story but it shouldn’t be about Franco at all.

So agree!

Amen, Meghan. Elizabeth’s story has been diluted….blown to smithereens.
Trying to protect Liz? Only a crazy guy protects this way….risking whatever relationship is developing between him and Liz.
I had my misgivings about Liz and Franco, but, because I love both so much, I wanted them to overcome whatever difficulty and go on with their life.
But, this turn of events sort of stunned me. Why? If TPTB are trying to prove that Liz’s and Franco’s lovevstory is so strong, it could survive anything, is a very obnoxious way of showing it. The writers could have written it another way.
To revive a tragedy from Liz’s past, and at such a young age, is without merit or understanding. Pathetic.
I am sure a few rape victims must be watching……boy!! What a message!!

I understand what you’re saying Meghan but I see it another way, as well.Because of Franco’s personal history with violent behavior this was a great opportunity for him to confront himself thru Tom. When you combine the “looking in the mirror” aspect with his love for Liz it was the perfect storm. Since Tom’s currently AWOL, maybe he will go after Liz in retaliation…perhaps she’ll overcome him or outfit him…coming out the victor…reclaiming her power…


Rebecca – I can see what you are saying about Franco and agree it is a vehicle for him to really examine some of the terrible things he did in the past. I am just struggling with seeing what I would consider a “signature” story from Elizabeth’s past used to focus on Franco. Maybe you are right and she will play a larger part as the story moves forward but I have my doubts. I think it is a disservice to Rebecca Herbst and Elizabeth Webber to revisit a story that was such a fundamental part of her early history and not have her at the center. I would like to see more of Elizabeth dealing with her rape as an adult and see her navigate that…but there are obvious limitations to fully being able to explore that story because none of the other characters (Lucky, Emily, Audrey, Nikolas, Sarah) that were involved in the story are on the canvas anymore. I hope that I am wrong and that Elizabeth becomes the center of her own story.

I Love Franco & I Love Liz & I Love #FRIZ this Slow building True Love Love Story has me believing that Love Redemption Growth & Inspiration can overcome challenges &past demons. I have watched Franco & Liz slowly fall in Love over the past year it’s been so beautiful to watch unfold so impacting & yet there has not been an ILY yet or the next step of intamacy yet and they still make our hearts pound. I hope to see them get over this Tom bump continue their layered Sexy Exciting Complicated yet So Loving fun journey. They take us away from the real world bring us into their world that is Captivating makes us Believe that Love can conquer all & it’s Them Against the World. Becky & Roger have Chemistry that is off the charts and delivers the beautiful writing for #FRIZ PERFECTLY I hope they are on my screen together for a long time to come. I would love to see a #Friz #Fayden story those 4 Amazing actors together would be stellar and Webber sisters with their men epic #GH

Hope Tom doesnt have to go potty…this Baker Story is just soso for me…why doesnt Liz have a restraining order to keep Tom away…and Nina gets on my nerves…Lulu should had punched her one-Charlotte is Lulu’s but maybe not?…i find Nina a total ‘B’ and too involved with Valentin…she seems to be in eveyrbody’s storyline while others have very little to do…Sam and Jason…always wearing black clothes and are a snore…Jason doesnt even feel like a Q…have him marry Sonny and be done!!1

is Kristen Storms ok…she looks a bit gaunt and seems to be hiding her face again…i could be wrong and i hope i am..just a concerned fan.

I noticed that, too, Jimmy….the right side of her face.
I think she has some kind of recurring dermatological issue. I hope it’s not consequential to something ‘bigger’ than that! I wish her well… she has a child who needs her.
If she were not well, I doubt dhe would show up for work.
It’s so like you to worry about others, Jimmy. Merry Christmas and God bless!!

Re: Julian….are we sure it was he? Did he follow orders from a bigger source? Brad’s mob family?

Hey Jim…noticed it too. She was looking back to herself…seemed to have gained weight, her face was fuller…and now she looks gaunt and yes…hiding her face again. Unless they shoot out of sequence? Could these scenes have been filmed weeks ago?

@jimh….Sending you wishes for a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy and Hopeful New Year. Take care, my friend!

i was right it looks…Julian plant the bomb in his own car

No he didn’t Jim. Someone was either trying to kill him or set him up.

It is a real shame to me, Jimmy, that this regime doesn’t know what to do with Michelle Stafford. So, you are so right about Nina and this story.
I must say, though, Valentin and Nina are goo together; hot!! I only wish that Nina were not objectified.
As far as Lulu…this is another inconceivable story: pardon the pun. Regardless of the fact that Valentin has custody of Charlotte, all she needs to do is sue him for sole custody…..Valentin stole her egg and fetilized it with his sperm unbeknownst to Lulu. I would think that counts for something?
LOL….yes!!!! Jason should marry Sonny.
As far as Franco and his apparations? Poor imitation of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

It never crossed my mind that Lulu was Charlotte’s mother. But, Aria guessed right. I always thought that Valentin was the father and Claudette the mother.
As I said, this story and Franco’s are candidates for TWILIGHT ZONE or PASSIONS.
I would love to see a beautiful, sweet love story unfold…wrapped in a pretty box with a red bow on it, for a change.

Im kind of worried about Kristen Storms…she looks a little ill and covered her face again…im having all my own problems and i still worry and care about others…thats my heart…i want all to be healthy and fine…

Nina and Valentin do seem good together and Nina could become the next HelNina Cassidine but they were brought together too soon almost forced like that it can backfire…and i agree with you…this show like all soaps need a good old fashioned love story…with all the gloom and doom in our world today we could use a little love there too

Happy Holidays Shay, and to all other posters!

Thank you, jimh! A much belated Happy New Year! I hope 2017 treats you well….you deserve it, my dear chap!

As a huge Friz fan I was worried when I heard about this story but truly I have enjoyed it. Roger’s ability to play serious and humor at the same time has made it fun to watch and kept me entertained. I love the soapiness that Liz has finally realized she needs to just jump in with both feet just when we know things are going to come tumbling down a bit. I have faith the writers are committed to building Friz so I can not wait to see how the rest of this plays out.


I am loving Friz. I’m curious as to what Franco will dream, and what the fallout of this story will be.

I’m definitely here for Franco’s redemption. He actually wants to be a better person. I also would love to see Franco and Liz’s love prevail. They both deserve it.

I think Franco & Liz will overcome this obstacle. It won’t be easy, but true love is never easy. Franco’s demons needed to be addressed in order for him & Liz to be able to move forward, stronger. Unlike most characters on this show, he’s not having his past whitewashed or romanticized. It’s out there for everyone to see. He carries it with him all the time. In some weird way I feel like him punishing Tom was him punishing himself. He sees himself in Tom. He’s very self aware. I know Elizabeth will be hurt & angry. I would expect her too. It took a lot for her to let her guard down & finally trust him, and now this happens. I know she will be devastated. I hope in the end they will be able to conquer this. Liz and Franco are amazing together. Beautiful, tragic, complex, soapy, passionate, & oozing chemistry. They are the unexpected. I want to see them last a long time. So much story to play with these two.

Dumbest. Storyline. Ever. Roger is not worthy of this stupidity. He deserves better.

thank you….agree 100%…..

I am LOVING Franco and Liz’s storyline. Yes, I wish Liz had a stronger POV, but I do get it. The story is really about Franco coming to grips with his past, the hurt & pain he caused, & the lifetime ramifications of said actions. However, I don’t think this is about “redeeming” Franco. I think it’s more about humanizing him & making him more self-aware. “Redeeming” Franco implies, to me, that GH & the writing team somehow touches on his bad deeds then sweeps them under the carpet, never to be heard about again. This is so NOT the case. In the past year since Franco and Liz started their unexpected journey, his past constantly and continually is an issue, whether it be from Liz or from other resident of Port Charles. We’ve continually and constantly heard others refer to him as a “freak”, an “idiot”, a “monster”… We’ve heard repeatedly that he is “sick” and there’s no way for him to make up for what he did.

The return of Tom Baker has made Franco more aware than ever what he’s done, and has made him really wonder if he HAS changed, and whether or not he WANTS to change. The fact that he’s now involved with a woman who was a victim of crime he himself more or less perpetuated only adds to the layers of makes Franco Baldwin such a complex and complicated character.

I have been a soap watched for well over 40 years. And I enjoy the messy, soapy goodness this genre is known for. But I also want to see the humanization of characters, the path in which they take to try and do better, to not make the same mistakes as before…to learn & to go & to somehow navigate their lives from here on out. For the most part, every single character on GH has done horrific things that, in real life, no one would ever condone, approve of, or excuse. But that’s not why we watch soaps. We don’t watch them for lessons on morality. We watch them for the journey. We watch them for the scheming, lying, manipulations. We also watch them for the romance, drama and angst. In Friz, in a way, I have everything I want. I have two actors who are at the top of their game, who bring everything to the table in each and every scenes, and who have the kind of chemistry that cannot be taught, directed, or learned. The chemistry Howarth & Herbst have is simply natural.

I’m fully enjoying Franco’s journey, and he isn’t, by any means, the hero. Yes, he wants to be and is trying to be, particularly for Liz, but he’s not because he has gone against her wishes, he’s lying to her about keeping Tom captive, and though his motivations I believe are honorable, he’s going about it the wrong way. But that’s exactly why I find him to be so compelling to watch, and why this story is one of GH’s best.

I love Franco. I dont think this story was about redemption and I dont want or need him redeemed. It was to show Franco who he was vs who he wants to be. Most of the characters on GH have been “redeemed” and their pasts forgotten. Watching a character truly struggle with who he was with who he wants to be is way more interesting and enjoyable then everyone forgiving and forgetting. Seeing Franco’s internal struggle to be better makes him relatable and rootable. Liz should be upset with what Franco did but I know she will eventually understand. What I love about Franco and Liz together is their ability to look beyond their surface personas and see the others soul. It doesnt matter what the rest of Port Charles thinks, believes, does or feels about Franco and Liz. It only matters what Liz and Franco think, believe, do and feel.

What sane man locks another in a dog cage?
Why is a legacy story being revisited from the POV of the new boyfriend (minor focus on legacy victim)?
Where is Jason in this story — he was close to both victims
Who else prefers to have Todd Manning back?

Why not have Caleb back too. And Steven Clay. And Silas. And Rebecca Shaw. I get that we love certain actors, but how far are we supposed to suspend our disbelief?

I believe Liz and Franco will overcome this. But not before a (hopefully) short break where they address his lies to Liz, his actions towards Tom… and clear his name. I want Liz to remember what she heard Franco telling Seth and choose to remain ALL IN with him. When he spoke to Seth I truly FELT Franco’s realization that his recent actions were a mistake and that nothing was worth risking what he’s got with Liz…least of all revenge against Tom. Roger played that moment with such authenticity. Old Franco NEVER would have made that observation much less been so self-reflective. I’ve seen Liz have epiphanies before of not wanting to waste time or have regrets…but this time felt so much more….effervescent. It felt like the first time. And I really wanted it for her. I think that’s the magic of Becky. She just brings you right into Liz’s perspective.

I guess it’s no secret I want this pair to find a way to resolve their issues and work through this together. I think that’s just one of the many things they do best…clearing up the misunderstanding and tackling a situation as one. Let’s face it there’s no one better at solving mysteries in this town than Liz. And something tells me Franco’s going to need her help. I would LOVE to see her take charge in this story and be the one to clear his name…save him.

I’m enjoying this story! Franco and Elizabeth are a classic soap love story! I hope this story brings them closer together and solidifies them as a couple!

Yeah, but can’ they at least clean him up a little. God, if I bumped into Franco in a dark alley, he would scare me a a lot more than Tom. I look at him and think that poor Liz has to snuggle up to that hairy beast in real life, yuk! Be honest gals, how many of you really find his look attractive?

LOL…Roger is soooo good-looking but I agree…that beard/mustache has got to go!

Long time GH & Elizabeth fan here. Gotta say I was a little worried but curious at how the gh writers would develop the Liz/Franco/Tom story. So far I’m enjoying it. I like the dynamic between Becky-Roger-Don & now Seth. I also like how everything Franco is doing, while somewhat misguided, is coming from a good place in protecting Liz & those he cares about. Liz should forgive him & thank her lucky stars someone is finally putting her needs & well being 1st, even as it’s going sideways.

As a steadfast Liz/Jason/Jake fan, this past year of the Friz relationship totally caught me off guard and also surprised me in so many good ways. I’m liking how the characters of Elizabeth & Franco are finding their way separately & together. For me this shows growth, not total white-washing or complete redemption, but real character growth. Love how both of their pasts keep creeping in & how each navigates the hurdles. I find this to be so much more interesting and layered then just being absolved of all past sins or crimes. Liz & Franco are the best thing going on GH. Becky & Roger have awesome chemistry and I love how they bring 150% to every scene. The writers have done a great job in building a solid foundation for Liz & Franco and I’m excited to see where their story takes them. Very much looking forward to watching how Franco navigates himself thru Liz’s boy-centric Webber household.
Anyways, loving this story-line, appreciating the writing & enjoying the talented BH &RH.

I love this story and that we could see all the different emotions and demons that Franco was experiencing with Tom back in Port Charles. I loved that Franco wanted to protect Liz and Kiki from Tom who wasn’t reformed by prison. I think that some of Franco’s hate for Tom was the hate that he also has for his past and the violence that still resides with in him. I don’t think that Franco is all bad or all good, he isn’t completely redeemed, but I find his struggles between the darkness within and doing the right thing very relatable. Liz is also not a perfect character, but the two of them lift each other up when they are down and their relationship is the perfect parallel to Beauty and the Beast.

Lots of posters I’m not familiar with. Nice to hear new (at least to me) voices

Personally I find watching GH nowadays too frustrating for words. Although I was never a big fan of Ron C style of soap writing– at least Ron knew enough never to take his idiotic plots seriously— so I could forgive a lot because his plots were dumb, but at least they were fun— This stuff, my goodness, how is anyone to take this so call drama seriously, but the writers are passing all it off as it is— Locking a man in a cage like a dog is a noble act? This stupid mystery disease that is killing Hayden and Finn– if it was a real disease, one I that could Google I might be interested– but this made up disease to create fake drama– bores me to tears—and the writers want me to take it seriously– even the Lulu drama is trying to takes bits of previous stories and put them together to make some new Spencer Cassadine connection– but others have done it before and better– so it barely interesting.

I cannot take any of the plots seriously but they aren’t written with any humor so I can’t even laugh with them– so it is channel surfing for majority of the episodes for me– hoping for a better day

I absolutely love Friz and love this story. Franco is a complex character struggling with his past and his moral compass, and the chemistry between Roger and Becky is off the charts!

very strong opinions… wouldn’t have it any other way

sidebar: Seth Baker: – WOW – as played by the uber hottest newbie Michael Rodrick

I still say… he’s got major ooh la la in all his being. what a charge.

he’s part Peter Sarsgaard and Kevin Spacey. That means take notice, build this character belong. with Anna … or the lovely Liz herself ?

it’s Seth Baker and Valentin Cassadine for the WINS

Yes, i agree!! Seth and Carly? He seems steong enough for her.

respectfully…. i’d hate to see a HOT male lead… who can clearly act, wasted on Carly.

I’ve ‘long’ posted… whats wrong with Sonny brother’ Ric Hearst’ – Ric Lansing –

it’s a perfect story… even story book ending… if Carly got her just dessert… even if Sonny is found innocent… it still mob related.. that her son, Morgan is killed.

what better way for story line drama… if Carly sleeps with her husband brother, Ric. he’s got the perfect personality… at least of the cast. to on par… match her personality. he’s definitely in the stud muffin department… I’ll never forget one of the last times we saw him… when he popped out of the elevator with Superman glasses… dang he is hot.

I still say… @GH… Sonny and Carly are so dull… it’s ruining the show… how is it they continue to feature this mob related activity… with the small budget… not enough cast… to make this mob believable ? it never worked in the past and never will…. it did… to an extent… BECAUSE… they were all MUCH younger… and cuter than all get out…. i’ll go their… Maurice Benard had IT…. no longer the case.

i’ll take it… watching Sonny , Carly, Jason, Sam…. is to far fetched… how lame.


since this newbie… Seth Baker… is on the horizon… WOW

GH has got to steer him… full time on contract… for either Anna or Liz… which would be through the roof ratings… every one has been clamoring for an Anna romance. this would be a huge coop. Michael Rodrick is a keeper.

YES!!! 🙂

My vote is for Anna and Valentin. There are sparks flying between them during a normal conversation. Nina hanging all over him, like some jungle vine may be sexy to some, but a real woman of substance like Anna, with brains and beauty beats that any day, in my book. When Anna and Valentin look at each other, it’s like WOW!!

THE stupidest story huh? Liz says the neighbors are complaining about the noise. AND, it continues. A landlord and or the police would have arrived by now. Especially since Tom is pounding on the door! I hope Tom kills Franco, Liz kills Tom and Liz falls in love with Seth!

LOL!! I could go for that!

Sure. Let’s take a traumatic event such as RAPE that happened to a fifteen year old girl and make it all about Franco, Seth and Tom!

Seth and Carly for 2017! Sarly!!!

I am actually offended that GH took this seminal event in Liz’s life and made it about Franco.

Liz has had ZERO POV, and shared as many scenes with HER rapist as Kiki & Alexis have. For me it’s not about whether I like Friz as a couple (I don’t) but it’s about the blatant disregard that this GH regime has for the value of the show’s history and its veteran characters.

Liz fans have literally been begging for this story to be told, so that Liz could regain the confidence & strength that the character once had. So that she could work through her issues once and for all, and emerge out the other side, healed.

Instead, this story has been squandered in attempt number 9,003 to redeem Franco and shoehorn this character into the canvas. And now with the rumor of Tom dying, it will be gone forever. It is gross and I am appalled that two female head writers thought that this was an appropriate way to tell this story.

I have no use for the Baker Family whatsoever, the story doesn’t do anything for me, the actors don’t do anything for me. People complain about the size of the GH cast all the time and unnecessary characters being added to the show. The Baker Family is the definition of unnecessary characters.

I do like Franco returning to his evil roots, however. That’s definitely more interesting than “art therapist family man” Franco. At least it’s giving Roger Howarth something fun to play.

One thing I am really loving lately is the Valentin/Nina pairing. James Patrick Stuart has been tremendous in his role, playing Valentin with the right mix of danger/evil/sexiness/vulnerability, and it’s nice to see Michelle Stafford being given something to do again. She was kind of stuck in storyline limbo for a while. I love the mystery about who Valentin really is, his background, his connection to Anna, a lot of intrigue there. Best story on the show right now, in my opinion. I just hope it doesn’t end up going in a cheesy, cartoon direction where Valentin is really Faison or something, lol.

A lot of people think he’s really Stavros.

I will happily watch Roger Howarth read the phone book.

You have at it Mike, I’d rather read the phone book!


Hayden/Finn/Tracy, Laura/Kevin, and Anna/Emma were the only good parts of the episode…not sure why none of that was addressed in the recap above…but the worst character, most ridiculous pairing, and this horrible story is the sole focus.

Franco needs to be killed off and this Friz fiasco ended as soon as possible.

I’d watch Michael Rodrick change light bulbs, sweep floors, grocery shop, whatever! GH please give us more of this eye candy!!

The caged animals storyline is unseemly and in very poor taste. Enough of this nonsense! Flush this story…flush Franco…flush Liz & Franco…keep Liz. This stuff is painful to watch.

Move Anna and Valentin front and center! This story is intriguing to me and features the show’s best actress and one intoxicating man in James Patrick Stuart. He is a joy to watch. His eyes alone could get me in really deep trouble. Nina, girlfriend, you need to get on that STAT and quit trying to leave the room practically every scene. Grrr! Whew! 🙂

I know it’s not few and far between…

I love when we can all celebrate characters and this show with equal aplomb

it’s a blast…

I can’t help it… it’s Seth / Valentin / and yes, I forget hes still on… / Lucas and Brad

these men amp this show… i’m certain of it.

which… I will further attest and continually laud : Nicholas / Dr. Joe / Morgan / Paul

these characters set the show afire

who needs : Sonny / Jason / Finn /Michael… they do not resonate any where near

PS: I have to believe that Michelle Stafford is relishing her craft… with the likes of James Patrick Stuart and Scarlett Fernandez. Nina has come alive and it’s cheers out loud

Nina has backbone… Nina has direction… Nina is feeling … Nina’s truly falling in love.. her soulmate… is Valentin

I don’t care for Valentin and Anna…. Anna new love is Seth Baker

Liz new love could be Griffin

PLEASE GH…. doesn’t the production know.. when a story has stratosphere and REELS in their own league

with no disrespect to Lulu… she’s not anywhere in her realm or comfort zone… she’s GOOD .. damned good with Charlotte… but that’s not where Lulu fits.

GH simply has to leave well enough alone and anoint and give precedence to keeping alive the Cassadine mystique and Nina will deliver the goods.

Nina is the new heir apparent and Cassadine first Lady… with guts and no holds barred WITH Valentin

all the rest of Port Charles bite… I hate it when the denizens of Port Charles go full throttle and launch a full on attack … it’s my hope that GH will resurrect Nicholas in the near future and this will lessen the LOL barrage attack and stop adding insult to injury… no one is a match for Valentin and Nina and Charlotte.

I love it when they let RH go nuts. No one did it better than the real Todd.

this story… is hitting on so many… emotional beats

I’m glad that nothing is missed and nothing is being glossed over… from the audience point of view

if I stop to think of all that’s going on…. it’s Liz rape that hits hardest

Why am I so attached to Rebecca Herbst ‘ Liz… outside of her breathtaking beauty

Rebecca herbst talent and superlative character take… WITH the whole SHOW. is telling

I could gush and talk about her , forever

I am so taken with the two solid actors… Roger and Rebecca

I truly thought there was so much dynamic and layers of possibility… now, i’m not so sure… and that’s because posts have made me see the history of Liz, character.

Liz , gosh isn’t she forever a burgeoning flower always in ready mode to bloom; radiant

i’m not a long term viewer… no less… I’ll be watching to see how GH writers take care of Liz and watch for layers and reach

I don’t think Tom get hold of chloroform. But it was definitely something in the artist studio that would knock out Franco if inhaled.

I hope that caged story ends with Franco being redeemed soon. I’m not thrilled by it. However, it was different than I was expecting. Not a fan of Tom’s so he can go anywhere out of PC anytime pronto.

There are too many characters on GH and we all want our old favorites back but Frankie boy tends to take care of his pets. BUT, I will give him credit, he brought on the Baker Brothers which are really good actors and the guy in the Pawn shop can act, as well. THAT is a plus!

Thank goodness for fast forwarding. I cannot stand this storyline. I liked Franco so much better with Nina. He was funny & more vulnerable or something. I do not watch this part of the show at all.

i do the exact same thing……love roger……but will not watch this mess.

I love Franco and Liz together. Their build has been slow and the writers are tacking all their issues head on. I loved Franco’s realization while speaking with Seth. It was a long scene of point of view and that’s rare for this show these days. The dream sequence was pretty great and the performances excellent.

This storyline is disgusting and totally unreal and yes, I know it’s a soap opera. I hope the character of Franco is given his “walking papers” and is no more. Elizabeth needs a good storyline . There is so much that could be written for her character.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Brook Lynn and Chase’s Wedding Reception Brings a Beatdown for Dex

On Friday’s, May 17th episode of General Hospital, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding reception was the focal point as the touching celebration for the newlyweds got underway.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was seething over seeing Dex mingle with the guests. With Dex becoming a cop, and ratting him out to Anna, previously Sonny feels betrayed by his former hit man. However, Sonny’s growing paranoia and mental stability is in question, in particular, because he has been off the proper dosage of meds for months now.

Later, when Sonny sees Dex talking with Gio (Giovanni Mazza) about serving in the military, and later chumming it up with Cerullos, he is about to go postal.

Photo: ABC

Outside the ballroom. Sonny confronts Dex about chatting it up with the Cerullos, who he says are his people. He warns Dex to stay away from his family. Dex says he was invited to the reception.

Next, Sonny calls Dex a snitch, a spy, and lets him know he is “lucky to be breathing.”  Sonny issues Dex a warning to stay away from his family, or he may not be breathing much longer.

As Sonny turns to walk away., Dex grabs him by the arm to try to reason with him and to and say he’s not his enemy. However, Sonny throws a punch. In the pickup, Sonny continues to bloody and beatdown Dex, until Jason (Steve Burton) arrives on the scene and restrains Sonny.

Photo: ABC

Kristina (Kate Mansi) walks in on the moment. She sees her father is yelling that both Jason and Dex are traitors. Sonny screams that they are both dead and he’s going to put a gun to their heads.

Photo: ABC

In happy news, Brook Lynn and Chase finally begin their wedding night when they jump onto of their bed in their honeymoon suite. Chase says now they have a great wedding night, which will be followed by a great honeymoon, and that will be followed by their entire life together. They share a kiss.

So, what did you think of Sonny’s explosive words and actions against Dex and Sonny? Will Kristina figure out what is going on with her dad, once and for all? Comment below.

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Breaking News

Patrick Mulcahey OUT as General Hospital Co-Head Writer

After various reports surfaced, it has been confirmed that Patrick Mulcahey is out as the co-head writer of General Hospital. This is after a very short tenure of under five months.

Mulcahey was named to the position back in January of 2024 along with longtime GH writer Elizabeth Korte. They replaced the team of Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, who had been the head scribes of the long-running ABC daytime drama since 2019.

A source informed Soap Opera Digest that stories created by the co-head writing team of  Mulcahey/Korte team will air through mid-summer. However they added “There will be more news to share at a later date as to the composition of the new writing team.”

In addition, eagle-eyed soap fans have seen that in recent episodes former co-head writer, Chris Van Etten has been credited, as he is reportedly a breakdown writer with the show.

Soap Opera Network is reporting that Korte has assumed the head writing duties solely on her own at the moment, while Buzz blog initially reported Mulcahey’s exit.

We will have more on the GH writing team evolution in the days ahead.

What do you think about the writing team changes at GH thus far? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

TONIGHT: ‘Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer’

On Thursday night May 16th, the daytime community comes together for Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer, streaming live at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.

Stand Up To Cancer, in collaboration with leading daytime community voices Michael Fairman and Alan Locher, are coming together for a first-of-its-kind livestream event, Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

The three-hour benefit will feature stars from the world of daytime drama television past and present, musical performances, and stories of emotional on- and off-screen experiences with cancer. Special celebrity guests will also join the effort to encourage viewers to support urgently needed research and new cancer treatments.  You can watch live on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, The Locher Room or the Stand Up To Cancer website.

In support of the event, SU2C will simultaneously launch a 10-day eBay silent auction, from May 16 through 26, for soap opera fans to bid on a wide range of items, including a meet-and-greet experience with the cast of NBC’s Days of Our Lives; an autographed script from the cast of CBS’s The Young and the Restless and signed merchandsise from CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful cast; a 1:1 video call with General Hospital’s Cynthia Watros, Maura West and Laura Wright, and with daytime legends Robert Newman, Vincent Irizarry, Colleen Zenk, and more. Full details will be shared the evening of May 16, at

As part of the event, you will hear, cancer survivorship stories from General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison and The Young and the Restless’ Colleen Zenk, who will reflect on the impact of publicly sharing their diagnoses; and 2024 Daytime Emmy nominee Eric Braeden, who shares his battle with bladder cancer

Daytime icon Jackie Zeman, who played nurse Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital for 45 years, shared by daughters Cassidy MacLeod and Lacey Gorden.

Elizabeth Hubbard who played the iconic Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns and Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors, shared by her on-screen daughter Martha Byrne and real-life son Jeremy Bennett.

Two-time Emmy Award-winner Jerry verDorn (Guiding Light / One Life to Live), shared by widow Beth verDorn and his on-screen wife on Guiding Light, friend and co-star Liz Keifer.

Andrea Evans, who played Tina Lord Roberts on One Life to Live, shared by her husband Stephen G. Rodriguez and daughter Kylie Rodriguez.

Kamar de los Reyes shared by his One Life to Live co-stars Michael Easton (General Hospital) Trevor St. John (The Young and the Restless).

Poignant reflections from actors who have portrayed breast cancer survivors, including Sharon Case and Eileen Davidson from The Young and the RestlessErika Slezak from One Life to LiveTina Sloan and Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light and more.

Additional talent slated to participate in the virtual benefit include (subject to change): Eddie and Kristen Alderson (One Life to Live)Elia Cantu (Days of Our Lives)The Day Players,  featuring Days of Our Lives castmates Carson BoatmanBrandon BarashWally Kurth (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee), Eric Martsolf (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee)Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live)Don Diamont (The Bold and the Beautiful)Linsey Godfrey (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, Days of Our Lives)Leo Howard (Days of Our Lives)Lesli Kay (The Bold and the Beautiful)Eden McCoy (General Hospital)Kin Shriner (General Hospital)and Michelle Stafford (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, The Young and the Restless).

You can watch the Daytime Stands Up livestream below. Now let us know if you have a cancer story that has affected your life via the comment section below, or how a daytime TV character who went through a cancer battle, gave you strength and courage in your own journey.


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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

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