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General Hospital Serves Up CarSon Montage! Carly Prays For Sonny's Recovery & Recalls Their Journey!



On Monday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital, fans of Sonny and Carly as played by Maurice Benard and Laura Wright, were treated to a recollection of scenes and moments since Wright has played the love of Sonny’s life.

Over the years and during Wright’s tenure in the role, Sonny and Carly really never got as close as they are now about to be remarried.  However gun shots intervened and now instead of exchanging vows, Carly is praying that Sonny will live to see another day.

When sitting in the hospital chapel, Carly recalls their stormy and romantic journey which led them to the place they are now.  And in the end, Carly still vows to be with Sonny and that they were meant to be with each other.


To illustrate the journey, the GH producers culled clips from past scenes of fights, sex, weddings, emotion, and more between the duo.  It was clear the magic that Benard and Wright have created, and how Sonny and Carly have always been in each others orbit, had each others back, and loved their children, no matter what was going on in their lives and around them.

Now after the jump watch the CarSon montage. Let us know what you thought of the clip package and what has been your favorite moment through the years between Benard and Wright’s Carly?

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At least Maurice let GH show clips! Tony Geary, shame on you! No but I was more focused on the three sons at Sonny’s bed side. I thought Morgan’ s scenes sucked, not bad for Dante and Michael pulled off the most emotional bed side visit. Chad is too light and fluffy to be Michael but he rises in big scenes. BTW, Michael E. Knight just signed with Y&R. He reminds me of an older Chad Duell.

I have no use for Brogan and his sulking demeanor.

Hi, Timmm.
I agree about the brothers 3. Very well done, Timmm…perfect depiction. I think Morgan is acting like a lunatic. However, could this be done purposely by the writers? You know, show the extent of Morgan’s mental disorder? I am not enjoying his acting right now….it is forced; it is not smoothly executed as his previous scene with Sonny was.
Dante was great …..natural…believable.
Michael? I still can’t get passed the switch from resentful anger to loving son to a man who not only killed his bio father, but the man who kept him from AJ all his life. I am not buying any of it.
Also, as much as I like Sabrina, she’s starting to get on my nerves, as well (Hey, Shay; you hear that? HaHa). She is consoling Michael? She is heartbroken? She should smack Michael upside the head, and bring him to his senses. What if it was Avery who had been kidnapped?
You know, Timmm? I wish I could feel something for Sonny. But, unlike the scene between father and son, which was chock-full with emotion, I feel nothing. Do not care. Besides…my eyes are puffy from crying already today.
I cried so much with DOOL. That scene with Eve, alone in her apartment; agonizing , destroying, weeping, yelling, sobbing her heart out really got to me. It hurt so bad(ly). The woman deserves the Emmy. Later.

@CeeCee, bonjour Sweets…
Agree on the three brothers….great job. Morgan’s disorder is letting itself
be seen… Dante shined. Sabrina is only NOW starting to annoy you????
She’s been getting on My and Shay’s nerves forever, welcome to our
world CeeCee❗️

After the Metro Court siege and Sonny helped Carly bathe in the tub..I loved Laura Wright as Cassie on GL and that GH scene cemented her as a viable replacement in the role of Carly.

Norah Jones The nearness of You playing over the scene…OHHHHHHH…

Every time Snorebrina walks into a scene she sucks the life out of it. However, when she showed up at the hospital with a fresh change of cloths for Michael, I thought that was sweet. BTW, why isnt Olivia at the hospital? She and Sonny have history and they recently talked and were civil. Plus, she is Dante’s mother and his dad is fighting for his life!

The best , in order from best on down :

Brian Craig
Chad Duell
Dominick Z

I’m with U Will.

We disagree but thats okay. I respect your choices. One thing I see with Morgan is they seem to be shoving bi polar down are throats very quickly. His past actions have clued us in on him possibly having this disease. Him being obnoxious in the hospital and lashing out on everyone doesnt help Carly and his dad is lying there “Dying.’ Save the over the top stuff if Sonny dies or if Julian taunts him. And Ric never did anything to Morgan. I know he released Charlie but it was through Jordan AND Sonny was a fool for going anywhere without havinfg someone cover his back. So with Morgan, him going overboard is why I saw his scenes with Sonny AND in the waiting room as sucking!

There a many mental disorders.
Morgan may not be bipolar and simply is just cray cray lol
Body chemicals can go wacko, the guy needs a pill.
He is mentally ill and mentally ill people do very crazy things that is what they do, go bonkers lol
anyways= it is soap and soapy type drama ..

Timm, I do agree. Morgan is suddenly acting all shrill goofy and his behavior is not indicative of bipolar disorder. He is quite simply acting like a Jackass.

It’s ridiculous how they try to spin Sonny and Carly’s “romance”. Sonny’s TRUE love is and always will be Brenda Barrett. When the show ends, he will go off into the sunset with BRENDA!!!

I feel like Carly is so much better suited to Sonny now, Brenda is a children’s rights advocate, for crying out loud! The mob life is not for her and her son. Unless Sonny has a huge sea change, “sees the light” so to speak, I cannot see Brenda wanting to be with him ever again.

You’re wrong…Sonny’s TRUE LOVE is Jason Morgan…lol

“I knew you’d be Here”

Best answer, Jimh. LOL.

Jimh- true that!

Brenda is a snitch! Carly is loyal to the end!

Where else would i be?…lol

Brenda had the good sense to want to keep her child safe from Sonny’s violent world. I guess Carly could care less about her kids.

I like Sonny and Carly but i prefer Jax with Carly (with Layra as Carly)….. And then there is MY couple that i will never get 🙁 but i want since forever: Jason and Carly! Their story is way deeper than friends, i remember how Jason was hurt by Sonny and Carly’s betrayal…. He took Micheal as is son and i always dreamed that in the end, he would be his real father.

That’s what my heart has longed for…Sonny & Brenda. In the end
they should come full circle… It’s the romantic in me that still wants
them together. Maurice and Vanessa have unbelievable chemistry
that obviously spills over unto their characters.. What can I say the
heart wants what the heart wants… Carly is better & smarter w/ Jax.

Sonny’s wedding vows were perfect n loved how they had Sonny say them!!! I’m so glad they went all the way back to 2005 for flashback clips. Sonny n Carly fans have waited 10 yrs for this reunion!!! This shows how CarSon through all the ups n downs are meant to be, soulmates n end game!!!

Hi, Sarah.
I admire your sentiments and romantic heart…I really do. We all love a good passionate story with breathtaking romance. But, the romance between Carly and Sonny, as I understand it , has the unfortunate history of chipping away at the edges and riddled with festering holes.
Repeating wedding vows to the same person five times becomes redundant and moot, when said bows are not met or kept. It is like making the same mistake over and over again. Sonny’s vows lose their meaning…it’s a joke, really. Carly is so much more believable. She was great today. But, I lose respect for any woman who keeps going back and hanging on to a man who has bruised her mind and waged war on her heart several times, yet, she goes back for more. What a masochist! At the risk of sounding repetitious….Carly needs to get her priorities straight. No man should take first place within a mother’s heart and life. I wish the writers could keep that in mind. Has Carly always made bad choices?

Isn’t that a true sign of insanity…. Doing the same thing over and
over again, hoping for a different we see insanity
does run in the family. In answer to your question..YES Carly
from the very start has made bad choices.. One of the worst
was cheating on Jax with Sonny…Jax was by far her best mate.

I am just in love with your always jovial personality. As with Shay, Timmm and several more posting-friends, I feel I’ve known you forever. You ARE the sweet one.

Poor Morgan. So, his parents have been dancing this dance for decades, it seems. I suppose Sonny is not the only one with the mental disorder. Carly does not sound of being in her right mind herself……to subject herself and, more importantly, her children through the insanity. Going away to boarding school has nothing to do with it. I have five siblings (same parents.Lol); we all attended boarding school ( High School) in Connecticut; we’re all compos mentis ….a close-knit family living a healthy and fruitful life. (I hope….I think! Lol).
And, even though this is a soap, it does demonstrate human frailty and reality……and the blame always shifts to the parents when the children turn out to be what they are. Many times, though, my dear friend, genetics or not, something goes wrong during gestetion and the brain is affected. Could this be Morgan? It may be congenital, environmental or inherited. The point is, I hope, and I truly am emphatic about this, the writers handle bipolar disorder with care. It is not an easy undertaking. It is a mysterious illness….one that has led to suicide by many. So, the writers need to be mindful; it is their responsibility.
I also think, they must improve how mothers, in general, are represented on these soaps. Most of these women appear as whiny, dependent ninnies…..that they are lost without the support of a man. Ok, I get it! But once children come along, one would think these women would get a backbone. I understand, generally, that is how women were seen and depicted……but we women are a strong lot…..our ancestors were pioneers……..strong, undeterred women. Show some of that, writers!!!! Think of Lila quartermaine, Alice Horton, Catherine Chancellor…..I read and watched episodes of these three unforgettably strong women on soaps. Bring their characterization back!!! Sorry for the ‘essay’, mon amie.
A bientot.

Cee Cee, I do agree. I also see Carly as Sonny’s chief enabler just as Nikki is Victor’s from Y&R.
The enabling of bad behavior on both of the characters’ parts is redundant, boring and irritating to me.
In other words, Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.

this was a nice. as a long time viewer i have had a hard time w this carly. only bc she is so much older than the original carly and i saw her since her first airdate on the show. however, to see some of these older scenes i can see it. 🙂

If only Anthony Geary had a montage like that for his last episode, I so sick of the St. Sonny pity party.

Sonny & Carly are a great couple.
They have survived through all .
They do indeed have a long history.
The only other person I’d like to see Sonny with is Ava, they have chem and would not bore me/never a dull moment for sure.

The Sonny & Carly reuniting story is awesome. It is emotional in more than one way.
ALL weddings are interrupted, and-
I did not see this one coming (surprise, I like surprises..

That’s just toooooo ugly to imagine Sonny and Ava… NO thank you.

Hmmm..I don’t know, Fanny.
Sonny has escaped a well deserved prison again and again.
What better way to punish him than to stick him with Ava?

@Harry.. Imagine “War of the Roses” Soap style.

Sonny and Carly forever!

We get it, we get it — Sonny Corinthos is the greatest man/husband/father/insert title here in the history of ever. This half month (and counting) of all things Corinthos has certainly been giving the old fast forward button a work-out.

Between Michael’s character ruining decision to just forgive the man who murdered his real father in cold blood, screechy Carly’s sudden dignified grace over a man she acts like walks on water, and Morgan’s over the top behavior I just can’t.

(And as my boyfriend said “everybody knows Sonny’s not going to die or be paralyzed so why are they wasting so much time on this story?”)

Cheers, Alan! Thank you.

Couldn’t agree more. I was basically going to write the same thing. This non-stop Corinthos every day has to stop. If the powers that be think this will turn around the ratings, think again.

I ff’d so much of yesterday’s episode that I think I watched it 10 minutes. Today wasn’t much better as Maxie and Nathan spent almost all of their scenes talking about Sonny.


Hi, Paul.
The worst for me is Michael’s 180 overnight. The idea is neither palatable nor digestible. Perhaps, I could have made a little peace with it if years had gone by.
No one seems to feel any pity for Sonny except Su…(hi, Su…luv-ya)…LOL.
Seriously, the writers want us to forget all of Sonny’s demonic actions and dark lifestyle….. he being redeemed right before our eyes. His hospital bed is being used as his pulpit. Even unconscious, he orates without words. Whoopee !!!!! He opened his eyes!!! But, never mind Sonny.
This platform has shown me what a good actress Laura Wright is!

Morgan’s over the top behavior is because he is mentally ill = logical
Son’s forgive their fathers when facing death= logical
Carly has always loved & Sonny forgiven him, she actually understands him= logical

GH has been far during the past month from being ”everything Corinthos ” (gotta keep up)

Of course Sonny will not die, it is a soap, it is the story, the journey all face and the love, the trials, struggles, the changing of lives.. it is the bumpy ride 🙂

right on schedule Su0000 you miss the point. The point is that millions of viewers have abandoned this show because they are sick and tired of the character of Sonny being written as a hero and moral center of the show. It doesn’t make any sense!

Justin that is bull 🙂
it was near 3 million with all enjoying GH, Sonny and all..
It lost viewers over Fluke not dying lol they couldn’t take it any longer.
Sonny is loved by millions , also.
He is a cornerstone character, and has lasted, been on top, for decades.

I do not see Sonny being written as a hero, I see a man dying because he did a stupid thing ..
And, it’s not unusual for Sonny to rescue the ones he loves..

So yeah Morgan’s bi-polar but his scenes are just painful for me to watch (that hug he gave Patrick today after Patrick told them that Sonny made it through surgery — was I the only who expected him to ask for his hug back when Patrick said Sonny wasn’t out of the woods yet?)

People don’t always forgive and forget regardless of tragedy because emotions aren’t always logical. Grudges are real and letting characters carry them is believable; having characters forgive things like someone killing their parent is completely unbelievable.There is way more story to come out of a long held grudge than people just pretending things never happened. This is a HUGE problem today’s soap writers forget.

I don’t have a problem believing Carly loves Sonny — those two clearly deserve each other. I do have a problem believing Sonny’s brush with death has turned Carly from a screeching hotelier into Port Charles’ answer to grace under pressure.

And um, yeah — GH has been everything Corinthos this month. We’ve been suffering through the wedding build-up and the fallout from the shooting since Labor Day with no end in sight…

Su, nothing about this family is logical . You will never convince any of us, that is, those who abhor Sonny, otherwise. Carly doesn’t know her own mind. A normal mother would have taken her kids and would have run like the very devil were on her heels. Why? Because he was, literally. Lol, later.
PS. Sonny is not Michael’s father. What a farce.

Su, I understand your BLIND loyalty……but, do you see how TPTB are milking the false idolization of Sonny? I call it paganism. LOL.

Alan, you are clearly the voice of reason on this post.

Exactly, Lil Angel. I have been saying this forever….Sonny’s sins are unpardonable. One just does not forget. Su keeps saying it’s a soap not to be taken seriously. We know it’s a soap….we’re not children. For said reason, we would like to eat something we can swallow.
As Alan said, I’m sure Carly loves Sonny….as screwed up as that is. But do not shove it down my throat, as the writers are doing.
I guess I’m not a good Christian? I should be more forgiving. I draw the line on cheaters, murderers and those who inflict pain on humanity.

Well done, Alan! You too, Little Angel and Cee Cee. That hug was just plain weird.
Someone needs to educate Bryan Craig on the characteristics of bipolar disorder.
One minute he’s acting like he has Tourette Syndrome and the next minute he’s acting like Dustin Hoffman’s Rainman with a dash of Tom Hank’s Forrest Gump. I fully expect him to start telling viewers that he’s an excellent driver and that life is like a box of chocolates.
Morgan is like a box of chocolates–you never know what you’re going to get.

I’ve never understood why someone like Sonny is considered a romantic lead. Personally, I could not care less if he lives or dies (and there is zero suspense because we know he’ll end up fine). And no matter how much my “father” loved me growing up, if I found out that he basically stole me from my real father, hung him from a meat hook, and ultimately murdered him, there is no way I’d ever let him be my father again. OR, if he shot me at point blank as a spy, I’d certainly never forgive him just because he turned out to be my father (and that’s the only reason he regretted shooting me). It’s just completely ridiculous that Sonny always wins and no one can resist him. If they would play him as a villain, I’d be ok with it. Kill him, please, because I’m sick to death of his being played like a hero and romantic lead.

Completely agree! It’s like Sonny fans, writers and viewers just throw all common sense out the window when it comes to this character. I’ve always said that the Sonny and Carly and the moral decay of this show, are the downfall of it.

Voices of sanity! Thank you!!!

Soaps are fictional drama..
watching a soap and expecting it to be as reality is not gonna work, it is entertainment.
Taking GH or any soap seriously and wanting fiction to be as real life, well it’s soaps are wild stuff.
All kinds of crazy over the top unbelievable stuff happens in soaps, enjoy it for what it is= fiction 🙂 Sonny is a complicated deeply layered two sides of the coin character..Sonny is a great soap character.. (Maurice never killed anyone LOL)

((can’t take soap anything seriously, nope or we’ll all turn into Morgan’s LOL 🙂

‘Moral decay’, how fitting, Justin. I love it. Their relationship is always out of sorts. ….too old to be star-crossed lovers. No Shakespearean tragedy that. But, this couple does have its fans. What to do, what to do.
I can say for a certainty that Morgan is on his way to destruction. He will try killing Julian. Sonny is the ‘lost’ son of Fenrir. He destroys everything and anyone with whom he comes into contact.

Su0000, I’ve been watching GH since 1978, so please don’t school me on fiction. What I’m talking about is how much I hate the mob worshiping that goes on. The show is called “General Hospital”. I, and obviously millions of others (DO YOU ACTUALLY READ THE RATINGS?) are tired of the Sonny Hour.

Justin, Suoo enjoys coming in here to remind us that it’s a work of fiction as if were are too stupid to know otherwise.
Thank God she told me Port Charles doesn’t really exist because I was fixing on driving over to Kelly’s to enjoy one of their famous BLT”s with my good buddy Scotty Baldwin.
And back to the subject at hand–I completely agree with you. You’ve got half the populace of Port Charles in the hospital praying for Sonny’s recovery but when he murdered AJ in cold blood you were lucky to get a fleeting glimpse of Monica and Michael coming in to bid him a final adieu.
As Ludwig Beethoven said on his deathbead,”The comedy is over.”

Aw, so heartwarming. Remember when he shot her in the head, after she gave birth to his son? Remember when he recently threatened to kill her?

yes, Justin . I remember, the good ol’ days.
Hope they bring them back.
Good stuff back then.

Right over your head again.

Yes, well Justin, to Miss Su, the good ole days were 2 minutes ago.

I love that Sonny and Carly are back together. I think the family unit being depicted is great! Dante and Morgan, Michael, Carly are so believable in their sadness…Yes there is a quick change for Michael but hey, Sonny has always been his dad. I loved how he “took control” after the shooting.

I also think GH is on the upswing!! the acting is better, the story line is better!!!
I bet this is when Christina comes back with Alexis, can’t wait to see how she factors in..
Finally a love story that we can root for and believe is genuine. I know Sonny is not going to die, but will he be paralyzed, that would make for a good story…

The only believable ones are Dante and Carly. Morgan is not coming through for me.

Boy am I glad I shut the show off before I watched any of this garbaqe Who cares Its the old Guza ,Frons BS. These two new, old women won’t be able to bringback the fans

Hate to say this after all the years of watching GH, enduring Fluke/Geary, and hoping for a breath of fresh air after that was over, but ff may to not be enough. How dark stories one after another, characters with not many redeeming qualities/values monopolizing story lines, who suffer no consequences and have everyone forgiving them or looking the other way…it’s getting beyond my entertainment threshold. Especially for a soap which I thought was supposed to be more of a “romantic ” (not just kissy stuff) escape in the afternoon with both strong and flawed character…not a crime-focused, psycho-drama.

Rose, thank you.
I cannot help but feel that there is a ‘careful-for-what-you-wish-for” thing going on here.
Yes, we were rooting for core families to come back to the forefront, but NO, we were not wishing for a repeat of the Sonny saga.
This is beyond depressing and I will not tune in for the Sonny show yet again.

Harry…I really want GH rebound. I have hope for the new/old writing team, not to totally take us backwards, but still maintain the character and personality that was uniquely GH. But sometimes I wonder if “some of what we wish for” speaks for all GH viewers. And even here we don’t always agree. After all we MF commenters are but a fraction of the GH viewers. And I don’t read other fan sites. What do you think?

@Harry…..You are certainly on a humdinger of a roll today, Sir!!! Always a treat to behold your sassy sense of humor! But may I humbly suggest that if you plan to dine on that famous BLT at Kelly’s, it would be downright rude not to extend an invitation to Heather to join you, as well. (It would seem she has not been getting out much as of late!)

@Rose….Well, I’m still waiting for what I’ve wished! Just look at all the mediocre characters still left on the GH canvas! (I needn’t name names…..) No matter how much the writing improves, if we’re stuck with them, better dialogue, pacing and stories will make no difference whatsoever! Having said that, this latest emphasis on Sonny and Carly is absolutely nauseating, and watching Morgan’s bizarre meltdown can hardly be called entertaining by any stretch of one’s imagination. I tried to get through Thursday’s episode, and it was all but impossible….GH is suffering a major identity crisis. There are simply not enough beloved, recognizable faces from the past, and the majority of the ones that are being utilized are a very poor choice as a means of revitalizing this series, not to mention that there remains the ongoing parade of newbies, which never seems to stop. The last thing I want to see is yet another breathless introduction of an additional cast member…or two…or three! (Especially after the popular Michael Easton was let go to finance these interlopers!) Bottom line is if you cannot stand or care about the characters, then you won’t be tuning in, and that’s essentially where I have arrived. The few actors that I do admire and are left on the Port Charles canvas cannot carry the weight for all the others that I don’t…particularly with the repetitious format that is employed: When you loathe certain players, and they are on nearly every day for weeks on end, the only recourse is to skip a huge number of episodes. Definitely not a formula for ratings success!

I’m obsessing over the song played during the during the Carly/Sonny
montage. Please help me find it.

I too would love to know the song that was playing

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For months, the two have had nothing short of contentious moments, where Drew has not let Nina off the hook for what he did to him, or to his ex Carly (Laura Wright). Fast-forward and when alone in the Crimson office, Nina brings up wanting to stick it to Carly again.

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As the fallout for their office room romp will air on the Wednesday April 10th episode, just how will the two deal with the fact that they had this fiery passionate moment in the weeks and months ahead? Will this be Nina’s new plot to get at Carly to be seen with her ex? Will Drew and Nina never speak of this again? (Well, this is a soap opera, after all, that’s pretty doubtful), or is this part of a major reset for some of the characters on the canvas now that Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte are co-head writing the show?


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On his screen-time with Steve Burton, Antonyzyn added,  “When Steve Burton was coming back as Jason, I was like, ‘Since Danny never really had storyline with him, maybe I’ll come back out here a lot more and be able to do that with him.’ And then it happened! So that was pretty cool.”

So, do you hope that Danny and Jason’s connection is explored further? Do you think we will watch Asher grow up and become Jason Morgan 2.0? Comment below.

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