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General Hospital’s Haley Pullos Enters Rehab

Photo: IMDB

Haley Pullos (Molly, GH) has been taken to a rehab facility by her family, after her arrest for seriously injuring a 23-year-old male driver back on April 29th in car collision. As reported, Pullos had to be rescued from her vehicle, and also sustained some injuries.

According to the Daily Mail, on Wednesday, Pullos was driven to the Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center by her father.

The treatment center is reportedly $2600 a week and has several alcohol and drug addiction treatments, ranging from a ten-day long detox to a more intensive medication-assisted treatment with a residential option for round-the-clock care. An intensive outpatient program is then offered as a transition, as well as an aftercare program for those who use the facilities.  At this time, it is unclear how long Pullos will be in the rehab center.

Photo: Pasadena PD

The night of the crash, Haley also hit another vehicle. According to the report, Pullos collided with a 27-year-old woman moments before the major collision with the male driver.

The police report noted: “It was determined Haley Pullos was involved in a hit and run traffic collision that occurred in the city of Pasadena prior to entering the wrong way onto the eastbound SR-134 freeway.”

What do you think about the latest developments in the car crashes involving Haley Pullos and  entering a rehab facility? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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I hope she takes advantage of the help being offered.

hope she takes the advantage of the help she isw getting anfd gets c well soon.

Hope they fire her; haven’t liked the actress in a while. Comes off very shallow and self-centered on IG and Twitter. And her first reply when they pulled her out of her car was reportedly to tell them to get her hands off of her; her shirt was $400. Meh; recast. Hope the victim of her selfish act is going to be okay…

I’m sure that GH will fire her and perhaps recast her part. It was announced recently that she would be temporarily recast due to a personal issue. Perhaps something already alerted them that she had some problems. Hopefully she gets the help she needs.

The accidents were on april 29. I am surprised TMZ didn’t get the news sooner.

You are a person who thrives on TMZ!

Says the perfect lady
I don’t particularly care for her acting but that aside she’s human… Not perfect
Praying she gets help she needs but those of you who point out her bad discission, maybe you should look at your hand while pointing at someone else, 3 of those fingers are pointed at you. Everyone one has made bad choices in their lives.

Totally Agree

Thank you!! People are so judgmental and bichy nowadays.

You must not know anything about alcoholism.I feel for you.You should not judge her when you don’t even know her.God bless you anyway.

You are a very unforgiving person. God forbid anything happens in your family and people treat them so unforgivingly!

Blah, blah, blah. I didn’t like Haley Pullos way before this. In the midst of covid, before vaccines, when bodies were piling up and people were lying on vents and business were going under, she tweeted that her takeout salad had something in it she specifically told them she didn’t want. She then gave the name of the restaurant so that others would stay away. So basically in the midst of thousands dying, she felt a need to complain about her salad. Now, she’s drunk off her ass, has a hit and run, almost kills someone minutes later, and tells the first responder to get his hands off of her $400 shirt.

You can feel all the compassion you want for her. My compassion is for her victims and the restaurant owner whose business she tried to ruin over a salad.

If I never hear her whiny voice again it’ll be too soon.

This young lady is sick she needs some help. It is obvious you need some help also to make such a mean callous statement

Angie.. what the heck is wrong with you?.. why do you hope this young lady rots in prison?..

You seem like a very angry, sad person, Angie W. I shall pray for you (even though I’m not religious).

Geeeze Give the girl a break. She’s not the first,young adult to make a wrong decision. Or Adult for that matter. Let’s hope she learns from her mistake and makes better choices shes got alot on the line. Her life her job. Her reputation. Good luck Haley!!! I’m praying for you!!!

This is not her first time in trouble. I wish her parents intervened before this happened. She could have died and taken somebody else with her.

She is 24, the parents can’t do anything..

Parenting doesn’t stop at 18. Idc if I’m 100 and my child is 81 and 78.

I agree with you Miss Evans. We always need our parents and our children will always need us. Good luck Haley!

I agree with you!. She is young, we all make stupid mistakes. Hope everyone is doing well.

This goes beyond young and making mistakes. She tragically changed the lives of others and showed no remorse. Yes. She needs help, but this just can’t be written off.

Yes, the state of CA isnt playing.

California??? Living in that cess pool is punishent enough!

Excuse me? Just who the hell do you think you are with your insulting judgement? Probably some idiot who lives in some hobunk town that you probably are ashamed to mention or a society broad that looks down her snooty nose at everyone not in her little boring town.

Hey, Violet—-you are right. It doesn’t really matter in what corner of the world we are—tragedies happen anywhere and everywhere…..
I was stunned—this seems to happem to many child actors. What I don’t understand is how the parents didn’t notice changes—I mean, this just couldn’t have happened overnight—-
I do feel badly for her—she looked so vulnerable in her last scene—

Who would ever want to live there? My son dud internship in LA after college and his eyes were opened lol. He couldn’t get back to east coast quick enough. You can only live comfortably and have a nice home in LA if you’re wealthy.

I agree. She is a problem on the roads and has been for some time. I doubt if she will take advantage of what is being offered to her. She should be doing time.

She deserves redemption, but also accountability… hopefully, she gets the help she needs. Alcoholism is a disease, but many have recovered…. Remember Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey Jr, First Lady Betty Ford…

We all need grace and mercy at some point just as God showed all involved in the accidents with grace and mercy by sparing their lives!


Marti, I agree!!!

YOUNG, she is 24! Old enough to drive drunk and high, old enough to lay in prison!!!

You’re a piece of work.. hopefully you don’t need compassion any time soon in your own’re not a good human at all .

The human brain doesn’t fully developed to effectively think critically until after 25 so grace, mercy, and guidance is pivotal

angie is a self righteous model of perfection

I agree she should do some jail time

A mistake is when you park in someone’s parking space!! You need to take a tour of the trauma centers in La, then post your idiotic post!!

I agree almost 100%. She is damn LUCKY she didn’t kill ANYBODY!

She is only human and she’s young give her a break

Give her a break??!! If she killed your family members, you would be singing a different tune!!

Prison is not the answer! I work in a drug rehab. Yes she needs to detox, attone for what she did. She is an addict who needs treatment. Maybe community service with the poorcould help. Or a scared straight program where she does spend a few days or in jail . But a prison sentence per say is not the answer. If her family got on board with tough love that would help.

Nah pls delete

Agree Becky

40 year counselor: scared straight doesn’t work. The family’s tough love will help if they learn how and they engage in recovery, a prison stay will get her attention and just might save her life with many years left to live in recovery. There are so many unknown factors with this situation primarily what else is involved. Listen to Alice Cooper and find out how he got sober. “PAIN IS THERAPEUTIC. IT BRINGS ABOUT CHANGE.”

Rosalyn & Marti, I completely agree with you. People make mistakes- really stupid ones – we are only human. And thankfully, no one died, *and* she is getting the help she needs.
I’m always baffled and disappointed when people are so quick to judge others and wish ill on them. Shouldn’t we love and support one another and give everyone some grace?. I can’t imagine how exhausting and stressful it must be to always be in the public eye and scrutinized for every little thing one does.
I wish this young actress the best – hopefully, rehab will help steer her in a positive direction.

Totally agree! She is young and needs help. So typical actions of young people thrown into acting unsupervised. Child actors need professional guidance to prevent this type of actions. Praying she gets and accepts the help offered.

Denise, you’re a very compassionate soul. As far as the responses I’ve read that have such anger in them – I wonder if maybe they come from places of experience, or that of a family member or close friend. We never know what other people are dealing with. I hope that this is the pivotal moment for her. I don’t envy her once she totally understands the gravity of her actions. As horrific as this all is, everyone made it through that night. That’s not always the case.

May all those involved heal completely – emotionally as well as physically.

She could have Killed Someone! That would have broken their family members heart! No excuse for Drunk Driving no matter who and what their age is!

There is no excuse for driving drunk. I am an addict, now sober and don’t drink anymore.
The public needs to understand addiction is a disease. No one is saying to excuse what she did. I pray she wants to get sober, and does the work to do do. I pray she seems support, treatment to do so. Amen
I currently work in a rehab helping others.

Being young does not excuse you from making wrong choices. If you are not taught to make good choices, you should learn them by following good examples. People know when they are doing wrong.

I agreed

I agree with you 100% She’s young and if she can get help and recover, I think she deserves a second chance. She will have to face the consequences of her actions, but it doesn’t have to define the rest of her life if she gets the help she needs.

She was involved in a previous accident.

I agree with you Gail because I am a recovering alcoholic.Unless you have walked in an alcoholic’s shoes or loved someone who is a alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic you don’t understand.God bless you.

I also am a recovering alcoholic. Hopefully she’ll get the care that she needs and be able to live her life again and be sober. Everyone deserves a second chance. It’s a disease, not a crime. She doesn’t belong in jail, she needs recovery.

I totally agree. I pray that everyone involved will get the care they all need and have speedy healing and recovery. God’s mercy and grace be with you. God bless.

Hopefully she accepts responsibility for her actions and recognizes that she may have addictions especially if she injured others by reckless behavior

Getting a math question wrong is a mistake, this is a blatant disregard for the rules of road and the safety of others using it. A little jail time as well as rehab might wake her up

Old enough to drive, old enough to do the time. Ca will take care of this. These bimbos,are a dime a dozen in CA.

Well said

No dont give her a break, that is what is wrong with the younger generation.

Juanita shanur,
While I agree with you on some degree, this generation started with the very permissive parents so involved with their own lives that I don’t even think they see or pay attention to what their kids are up to. ” mom, can I wear my P.Js to school, all the kids do”, so mom says sure, etc, etc .Well, now extreme is how I see it, the whole world we live in, too much for my likes.

I totally agree!!!


She should of thought about all that before she got behind the wheel drunk

Agreed. Then we wouldnt have so many funerals!

I’ve had the good fortune of never having been addicted to anything. Thank the Lord. However, Cajunqueen, I doubt very much that someone who has an addiction to drugs and alcohol can make wise and lucid decisions. I would think that such an affliction obfuscates one’s thinking.
Someone mentioned accountability. I agree with that. No long-term sentence but disciplined through rehab and family support. Haley is wrong , yes, but I can’t help feeling sorry for her and especially her parents. She’s young enough to change her life around. Everything is at her disposal, so, it is possible with help. God is good.

I totally agree with you

You really do NEED some help, with the way you think!!!

I whole hearted agree!


Amen to that.

Yes exactly

Well said!

God bless the young lady. Yes she made a very grave mistake. People should not condem anyone until you walk in their shoes. I am so happy there was action taken to help her. I feel so bad for the people who got hurt. It’s a horrible accident. Hope everyone comes out of it ok. If she has had this problem for awhile it is very hard to make a person get help. I have had someone in a similar situation as hers. Good luck to her and I hope she realizes where she is and lesrn.

Agreed 100%

No BUT driving f***ed up kills ! She hits someone and keeps going. Idc how messed up that scum.

Young people make bad decisions…Hopefully she will learn from this. I loved her on GH.

Tell that to all the people who attended funerals, as a result of these actions.

Good luck Haley! Continuous prayers!

Some people don’t have that luxury of rebuilding.

I hope this is a hard lesson and that GH/ABC holds Ms. Pullos accountable of her actions.

In the words of Shaunie O’Neal “Thank You for your services”

We all saw how Michael Nader was promised opened doors when in fact they were already permanently locked

This is exactly my point. ABC didn’t tolerate Nader or Tyler Christopher’s behavior. Ms Pullos should be treated exactly the same way. She almost killed another human being. Yes she needs help. But she should not get to keep her job. Regular human beings would get fired with pending Felony charges.
I’d also like to mention GH fired 2 actors for violating Covid protocol. This us far worse. She committed criminal acts. Glad her parents got her to see she needs help. From the info it looks like alcohol isn’t her ONLY problem. The evidence here is overwhelming and no one knows what that poor other drivers life will be like now. His injuries were severe. Letting her go might continue to teach her a lesson. Good Luck to her. Jail is needed here.

I agree!We all make mistakes!!

All the best in your RECOVERY! And may the other people involved make a speedy
Recovery. So sorry.

Well bless your heart, Karen.

Just because YOU don’t LIKE HER, doesn’t MEAN SHE SHOULD be fired. “Get your hands off me.” She was drunk. Probably in shock. You’re an icky lady.

Exactly, she was drunk, and obviously not making wize decisions about her actions, or choice of words, or how she spoke to people. I’m sure she’s horrified at herself now. What I’m wondering is, does she act out like this often, or is this something new? Send her positive thoughts and or prayers, please don’t tear her down she is very young and human both tend to mistakes. Tearing her down will only make her emotional issues worse.

Your way of thinking, causes death on the roads. Get a life!!

I don’t condone drinking and driving as this act caused someone I hold dear to lose his life in a single car accident. I only wish he had a second chance at rehabilitation.

If pigs had wings, they would fly so ifs don’t matter. Making the if someone died comment is truly irrelevant.

God prevailed in this situation. Your manner of thinking is what put Trump in office. We are all humans…have you ever needed a second chance or made poor judgements in life? Perhaps, your just perfect and happy to be her judge, jury, and God. Just reconsider your harsh opinions of others.

Really she don’t deserve to be fired we all make mistakes she is young and at least she is where she belongs thank God no one was killed but she shouldn’t lose her job u don’t know what is going on in her life until u have walked in someone else’s shoes do not judge anyone I will them all in my prayers

The only reason no one was killed is because the collision was on the passenger side. Duh

Reese Witherspoon said the same thing. And if they knew who they were speaking to. As if she could have a DUI!!!

Diana Ross did also, but did not cause a crash.

Where did you get first hand info about what she said? Were you there? And IF she said that, I would bet it was drug induced. I didn’t know she had a problem. I absolutely love her. Praying she gets some help and recovers

IT IS IN The Police report.. it is public record!

I like her as a actress on GH, however if she has addictions that caused injuries to others and being very reckless she definitely needs to be held responsible and show remorse. It shouldn’t matter how much $$ you have you should have to pay the price like every body else. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!”

What does the cost of her shirt have to do with anything?

Because she was so messed up at that time, that’s all she was thinking of or cared about, she most likely didn’t even know what was going, why police were there or whatever.

I totally agree!

Sorry to say but alcoholics do not all act like that when they drink.The way she acted is a typical alcoholic I know because if myself & someone else that I love that has over 10 yrs. of recovery.It is not easy because it is apart of you always because of the addiction.You have to take one day at a time in your recovery.

Agree. I’ve known for a while she had issues. She doesn’t have a big part in GH anyway. Recast. As for consequences, she should face them just like any other person, actress or not!! No one should get special treatment for breaking the law!!

That’s what my earlier post was trying to say.Regular people like us wouldve been canned by now for committing a felony and getting arrested. While she’s got a serious problem, it’s not one GH should have to do press about or explain. GH can cut ties with her but still support her.

Wow that’s pretty harsh,glad she is getting some help

I agree with everything you said!!!

Rebecca1, yes she was wrong for her actions and also intoxicated. If you think she’s shallow and self centered then why are you following her?! I hope she gets help and comes back strong. Always encourage never discourage!#teammolly

What an ugly thing to say. You are so perfect, eh? With your holiness and almighty attitude. You don’t like Haley? She’s a beautiful and talented young woman who simply got caught into a trap. You do not know how she got there.

Not surprise of her outbursts. Heard she was doing porno films a while back. Troubled kid for sure. Hope she’s recast on GH

No, she didn’t do porno films. She did a Lifetime movie ABOUT a girl who paid for college by making porno films. Or maybe it was a Hallmark movie… like there’s a difference?

Either way, not remotely close to actual porn, or even nudity.

I hope they keep molly. she is the glue of her family. I adore her and tj you. Get better sweetheart. Life goes on.
Love you little one. Luck.

She is,already gone!

She needs all the help she can get.

I just hope that she gets the necessary help and will learn her lesson from it. I’m sure that the fans, cast, her family and friends will support her in her time of need.

The timing is rather suspect. The same day the news breaks is the day she goes to rehab? This is followed the next day with her best episode in years.

Rehab may fix the substance abuse issues, but not sure it can address any character flaws.

Seriously??? Alcoholism is the character flaws Achoholism changes one’s character

Alcoholism is a disease, not a character flaw. It can, however, change one’s character as you said. Haley has her whole life in front of her; I pray that she can overcome this destructive, horrible disease and that she takes responsibility for her actions.

It is a choice, do the crime, do the time. If your family was killed by her actions, you would sing a different tune. Getca teal life!

angie needs to read the bible. God spared her life and i pray she gets help, not judgement

I agree with the timing. And I’m sure it’s also being done to maybe help with court case. I do hope she is open to getting help.

State of CA. mandates this, if you arrested for these felonies. This was not a choice!


OG Steve,
Family probably had Rehab on speed dial waiting for this accident they knew would happen, sooner or later. They are the ones I feel sorry for.

Praying for her glad she getting help. Such a beautiful actress.

I’m shocked

Shocked Really!!!

Shocked about what! 24 year old bimbos are a dime a dozen in LA.

So name calling is okay??

takes one to know one

You sound so angry! Does this situation hit close to home? Were you perfect at 24? Because the only perfect person I know is God. You NEVER MADE A STUPID MISTAKE?

She needs rehab and to lose her license

Praying for healing for all parties involved. Thank gid Molly is getting the help she needs and to God be the glory.

There will be jail time. There are many felony counts and the state if CA isn’t playing around!

Wow you guys are all really mean.
She isn’t the 1st actor or actress dealing with substance abuse .
She does deserve to pay for her Actions but she should not be defined by them.
Mistakes happen when your Young and on drugs.
Some of us have been in that same situation. Maybe we didn’t get into a car accident but all done something stupid something we are not proud of . Something that we may regret now.
You say she didn’t show no remorse maybe it was because of the Substance she was on.
Do you know now that she is in Rehab that she isn’t sorry for the choices she made .
She is a grown ass woman no one made her go to rehab it was her choice to do so ..She maybe she does regret and is remorseful of her Actions

Exactly!! Yes, she blew it. BUT, I’m sure many of us have made HUGE errors in judgment when we were that SAME AGE! Maybe not with such dire consequences, but C’mon!

Julia Ann,
Sorry, she did not have a choice. California, which a lot of folks have been criticizing and insulting has a law and it is to go to rehab, no matter how rich and or famous you are.It probably won’t help her but will give her some time without all her perks to think about what she’s done and is it just an inconvience for her or does she have some real remorse?

Rehab will not work unless SHE made the decision and is serious about recovery. It’s not an east fix but rather a whole life shift and ongoing DAILY commitment.

It is just a formality for a lighter sentence in CA. It is the law.

From experience, if she or anyone is ready to go to rehab,it will work. If someone is forced, I feel it won’t work. She has her life in front of her. Support is what she or anyone else facing this needs. I know that with the right people and the the right program, she will get help. I am sending her all my positive thoughts.❤️ She is stronger than she knows!

It’s trouble me that so many young people are doing drugs and heavy drinking. Now she has a DUI, which can be bad in trying to get a job.

She wont be looking for a job for a long time.

With all of the people making excuses, this is why this will never improve.

What a terrible situation. I’m glad Haley is getting the help she needs, and I hope she takes the opportunity seriously. My thoughts as well to the people that she injured.

I’m not going to pass judgment on Haley and wish to see her fired like so many people in the comments already have. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, as the saying goes. What she did was obviously very wrong, and she’s going to pay in more ways than one with the charges filed against her, not to mention potential lawsuits. I hope this is rock bottom for her, and she uses this as a chance to clean up her life and become a better person. Anything to do with her future on GH is a conversation for another day.

This is so very sad – Thank God she didnt get killed or kill someone. I am glad she is getting the help she needs.

I could not care less about a drunk and high, young actress because she WAS on TV. I care about the victims, she is responsible for two accidents, no one else.

If you don’t care about Haley then why are you spending so much time on here calling her a bimbo, etc.? We get it. You don’t like her. Nobody’s forcing you to like her. And we also get that you’re angered to hear about her exercising poor judgement and getting behind the wheel while she was drunk and high and injuring two people, and that there most definitely are going to be consequences. Everybody on here is perfectly aware of this. But if you really care about the victims, why waste so much time giving your attention to someone whom you say you don’t like? If you really care about the victims, why not advocate for things like stricter laws regarding DUIs? Why not donate some money, either to help them or to raise awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence? It’s hard to tell because I’ve never met you and am only basing my judgement on all these comments, but if I had to guess, I’d say that you have some challenges of your own that you’re not taking the steps to address, and instead are choosing to focus all your energy on someone else’s problems. If that is indeed the case, not only is it very sad, but it really doesn’t make you much better than she is. People are going to see these comments and get just as bad of an impression of you when they see these as they get of Haley when they hear about her arrest. If you don’t want to be like this, get yourself some help for whatever challenges you’re facing. If you do, you’ll feel better about yourself, and you won’t feel the need to spend so much time giving your attention to people who make poor decisions with their lives, especially by calling them bimbos and other names. If you feel better about yourself, you won’t feel the desire to be negative towards others because it just isn’t worth your time.

Think about this for a while.

She was doing this part about Alexis drinking, acting like she cared or didn’t like it but all along, she was in her own story. How can someone drink and then drive is beyond me

At the end of the day she is an adult she knows right from wrong and she drove a car drunk. Actress or not it’s still a crime and she hurt innocent people in other cars. She needs to COMPLETE rehab and she needs to think long and hard about what she did. She needs to accept the consequences that are in front of her and if she is a praying girl she needs to pray for the ones she hurt. She can work on gh or she can stay home either way she has ruined herself and for those of you saying oh she is young.. oh she is a great actress …give her a break. Go look at the families lives she turned upside down and say that to them or better yet imagine those people are your family and see how you feel…

Yes, I am concerned for her victims!

She’s getting help thank God she needs to have her driver’s license taken away which I’m sure it was and stop drinking be more responsible and as for getting fired from GH that’s on them depending on what the judge says in court that’s up to the shows executives on ABC I hope she learns from this thank God noone was killed. Amen

She is already fired. Now she will have to deal with all of the felonies in CA.

Hope this rehab will help her. She is very young and hopefully will get the help she needs and will be a much better person. She can do this!

She is young and everyone makes mistakes! Hope she gets the help she needs! ❤️

Old enough to drive drunk and high. Old enough to pay the consequences
If she killed your family, you would sing a different tune!

Ifs doesn’t matter.

Being an alcoholic addict in recovery, I can only pray she sees this as a chance to turn her life around. Yes, some serious damage was done but she can still turn her life around as long as she wants it. This is a serious disease but it’s something she doesn’t have to go through alone.

Congrats to you.


Thanks for sharing your personal insight. Your comment is spot on and puts the focus where it should be.

Any person, famous or not, when they have get behind the wheel under the influence doesn’t realize they’re getting into a “loaded gun”. They are responsible for their actions and should be treated accordingly. I’m glad that she is getting the help and support she needs. I wish her well.

Agreed, i wish her victims well and she gets what she deserves.

I am happy her family is getting her the helps she needs. I hope that she comes through on the other side more educated.
She will definitely be hit financially so that may help make it more real. So glad that no one died.


I used to love her but this is just not ok when youre injuring other people especially in the age of über there is no excuse for driving drunk

My 18 year old premed daughter was killed by a 24 year old drunk getting on the highway going the wrong direction. She needs to understand how close she came because she would carry that with her had she killed someone…there really isn’t enough being done to help people with addiction problems.

She needs to be held accountable. Prison time not Club Fed!! Hit and run, drunk, injury to others. She should be in jail not rehab.

Chick, Learn to be Humble…….
Take the Help being offered to you And get Sober before it’s Too Late

It’s an illness which is now being treated. Wish her luck and recovery. No one is perfect.

What she did is criminal. No one is perfect but she needs to be punished for this.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, who you are, when you drink and drive and injure yourself, that’s on you, but when you injure others, that’s a whole other subject! Being a soap opera star or “just young and going to make mistakes” is why she is in this situation to begin with. She thinks everything is okay and now she is going to have to deal with the consequences of her actions. GH should definitely fire her. They fired others for much less!

I pray for anyone that us on this road to destruction! Get clean and stay that way girl! Life is short and you cannot keep that up if you’re going to enjoy it at all! Life is great!
God bless you sweetheart!

Too bad but no drinking and driving. She should know better! You can kill innocent people.

Haley is obviously a young woman in serious trouble emotionally. There are MANY out there who are. And it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, abusing/using and living out of control will destroy your life at any age. It’s great that she has the money to enter the posh Malibu rehab facility she has but it won’t be worth a dime of how much it will cost her if she’s not serious about getting help. THAT will be what matters in the end. I sincerely hope the person she seriously injured doesn’t die because that will make this situation go from seriously bad to much, much worse. As far as her job goes, that’s a decision only TPTB can ultimately make. She will have time now to think about her life and what direction she wants it to go in. I just hope she thinks wisely and gets really good therapy…

This is very sad. You never know what a person is dealing with. I hope this helps to put her the path to a full recovery. She is so young I hope she gets the help she needs.

I pray this young lady recovers quickly and continues to get hope and realize the lives that could have been taken that night besides her own. I have watched her grow up on GH into a beautiful girl who can have a great life ahead of her.

I doubt she will ever be seen on tv again! She destroyed her entire life.

I hope she gets the treatment that she needs. Also sending Prayers of healing for all victims ❤.

Rehab? She should be in jail. To many celebrities get away with crimes

There will be jail time. There are many felony counts here in CA

I think it’s very sad that people are so judgemental. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. I’m praying for her! Like someone said she must be horrified at her actions and now she has millions of people judging her. He without sin cast the first stone

I hope the young man makes a full recovery. I am glad she is getting the help she needs. I also hope she recovers. Praying for them.

I pray for her and am praying for her , she is one of my favorite people on GH

She needs serious help and she is so very fortunate her family will pay for it. It’s now up to her to take advantage of this opportunity to take hold of her addictions. I pray for those she injured.

She’s old enough to drink then she should held accountable for her actions period. Not one accident 2 she didn’t learn from the first one of that night to call a car service . From the looks of the crash thank god everyone was still alive . Hopefully this shook her up enough and she’ll now make better choices. As for her being in the show if she get herself together i see know reason to not keep her .

The grace of God be with her. Also,this is not anyone else’s business.

instead of bashing her, lets be glad she’s not dead and did kill anyone else because from the sounds of things that couldve very easily been the case. im not excusing what happened but lets not forget, GH as a show who conciders its cast family has had alot of loss lately, first Sony Eddy (Epiphany) and last week Jackie Zeman. maybe Haley wears her heart on her sleeve and she is only 23 and just took this loss to heart. im glad she is going to Rehab and getting the help she obviously needs bc something is going on not our business what it is. she does not need to be fired as someone posted lets not go that far. but maybe Frank V knows more than we are being told and thats fine, he’s her boss and what happens happens.

Keep her in Prayers

Hi, Francesca.
My name is Francesca as well. I do agree with you. We should open our heats a little because these tragedies may happen to anyone.
When I post again, I will do so as Francesca S to avoid confusion.
We don’t see the shared name too often.
Good day.

Yes she’s young and knows what is right and wrong. If this is her first big problem and knows what is about to happen, lets give her another chance in life and see if she has learned about this and the repercussions of her actions. She is very very lucky no one was killed but she will have lawsuits. Let’s see if she takes the blame for all this and not take her star studded ego and blame someone else for actions. Giving her another chance would maybe teach her a lesson. She shouldn’t be fired from her job but be humble and make this a life lesson. Like I like to say, “Life is trial and error.” Let’s all of us learn from what we have told. Don’t drink land drive.

I think Haley Pullos looks very much like a young Elizabeth Taylor! Am I the only one?

Addiction of any substance is very serious and requires serious treatment . It can wreck relationships, careers and most importantly your health. Let us hope that she gets the best treatment possible. Maybe or maybe not they will work it into the storyline as Alexis also deals with Alcoholism.

I’m sure this is not the first occurrence. A person will only accept help when they acknowledge there is a problem and they are ready. However, facing the full extent of the law is the best to encourage sobriety. Substance addiction changes people and her being shallow and lacking remorse goes with the physical and mental of this illness. May the injured recover and she move in a more positive lifestyle.

Hope she stays in there for the long term program.I have had issues in the past with alcohol so I understand the addiction is a disease which a lot of people don’t know that or understand that.Sending my love to another alcoholic & hope you come out on the other side recovering well.A true fan of yours.

I wish her well and hope she learned from in recovery over 20 years clean and tou can do it to. Get better

I hope she takes advantage of the help she’s given and takes it seriously and more than anything that she is ready to get help and actually gets the help she needs to move forward with her life. I don’t want to see another news clip where she has overdosed and is dead in the crash. She is a very talented young woman with tons of promise. She could be an academy award winning actor some day. The world is hers to do with what she wants. Please don’t become another statistic.

General Hospital

General Hospital to Air Encore Episode for Memorial Day

Coming up on Monday, May 27th, ABC’s General Hospital is the only daytime drama slated to air an encore presentation of a previously aired episode. The episode that is said to have originally aired on October 5, 2023.

The episode features the following storypoints: Spencer and Trina return from a private tour of the MET’s archives. They make love again and lament that this is their last day in New York. Trina thanks their hotel room before leaving with Spencer.

Cody, having kicked open the door, stops Montague from hurting Sasha. Dante arrives with Mac and other cops. Montague is placed under arrest and charged with attempted murder. Cody and Sasha leave Ferncliff together.


Sonny confronts Gladys for her lies as Sam witnesses. Sonny accuses Gladys of using Mike, then Brando, then Sasha. After Sam goes, Sonny tells Gladys she’s leaving town and returning to Bridgeport. Sonny implies Gladys will die if she ever leaves Bridgeport. Sonny has Frank escort Gladys away without a single bag.


Charlotte listens from a hiding spot as Val explains to Anna he bought this house after Anna’s place burned down so he, Charlotte, and Anna could live in it. Val kept it from Anna because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Val explains Charlotte needs his attention, so Anna can’t move in yet. Charlotte thinks back to reading Victor’s letter that says she must defeat Anna.

So, are you looking forward to seeing this encore presentation of GH on Memorial Day? Let us know via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Jophielle Love Releases Daytime Emmy-Nominated Song, ‘Shine’ on Major Music Streaming Platforms

It’s been a big week for General Hospital’s young star, Jophielle Love (Violet). First, viewers witnessed her character of Violet learning the news that her Grandpa Gregory (Gregory Harrison) had passed away in which she delivered a touching performance, and now she has released her very first single as a singer and a songwriter.

Love first performed the song entitled Shine during a December 2023 Christmas-related episode of GH. In it, Finn (Michael Easton) along with his family decorated the tree. It was then, Love as Violet, sang her original song, “Shine,” surrounded by her TV castmates.

In addition, the song is in the running at this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Original Song. Jophielle took to her Instagram account on the release of the track sharing that part of the proceeds from the single will go to Save The Children, an organization that strives to improve children’s lives.

Photo: ABC

Love shared via the IG account run by her mom, “My first original song ‘Shine’ which I sang on General Hospital over Christmas is now available on all digital platforms ! Part of the proceeds are donated to ‘Save the Children’ who helps kids all over the world in the middle of horrible conflicts. We encourage you to donate as well, or … listen to, like and share this song and post! Let’s bring light to the world,… anything helps. More to come soon as Shone is heading to the Daytime Emmy’s, since nominated in the “Best Original Song” category”

Already beginning to aspire to be a young Taylor Swift (as in writing and singing at such a young age), Love’s second song, “True Love” debuted at Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) wedding when Violet sang it to the newlyweds and for all the enduring couples in attendance.

Photo: JLoveIG/Spotify

Jophielle shared a little video of moments from the taping of Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding accompanied by her tune, “True Love. You can see it below, and can stream and download “Shine via Spotify here or Apple music

What do you think of Jophielle’s single ‘Shine’? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jophielle Love (@jophiellelove)

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Chase Confronts Finn On His Drinking After Gregory’s Death

The saga of the aftermath of Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) death continuesdon the Thursday May 23rd episode of General Hospital. At Finn’s (Michael Easton), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) who knows he has lost his sobriety and has been drinking, attempts to tell the good doctor that she cares about him too much to let him throw away seven years sober.

Finn lashes out at Liz and tells her she doesn’t get to tell him when he is allowed to drink. Liz says she’s looking out for Violet (Jophielle Love) as he in turns looks out for her boys. Finn announces that Liz can stay here and make bracelets with Violet or leave. Next, he opens the door, and she walks out.

Immediately, Liz calls Chase (Josh Swickard) telling him to get over to Finn’s as his brother really needs him.  Meanwhile at the Q’s, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) gives a tender hug to her dad, Ned (Wally Kurth) because she can’t bear the thought of losing him.

Photo: ABC

Now back at Finn’s, he takes another drink and Violet emerges with the friendship bracelet and inquires where did Aunt Elizabeth go? Finn covers for the situation and says Liz got called back to the hospital, but she can show the bracelet she made to her later.

Just then, Chase and Brook Lynn finally show up. Surveying the situation, Brook Lynn can see that Finn has been drinking. She takes Violet for a walk so the two brothers can be alone.


Chase wants to know what happened, “step by step.” He shoots a look at the bottle of booze and says to Finn, “I mean everything that happened.” Finn tells him that Violet was at school and he came upon their father, dead in his bed.  At the point, Finn also admits he had a drink, maybe more than one, although it’s been such an emotional day he is not sure how many he has had. In addition, Finn did not cop to taking a sip of champagne at his brother’s wedding reception, which started this downfall.


Now the question becomes, what will Finn ask Chase to do? Cover for him? Help him to a meeting? Will he get rid of his brother quickly so he can continue his downward spiral? Weigh-in and share your theory via the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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