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GH prepares viewers for tearjerker! Little Jake in hit and run!



Word spread over the past week that General Hospital is preparing viewers for a real tearjerker, In the middle of it is all is Jason and Elizabeth’s biological son, Jake, who is going to be injured in a hit and run. ABC Daytime has released a brand new promo, which is our featured On-Air On-Soaps Video of the Day, showing the history of Jason’s relationship with Jake, and how to keep his son safe, the mob hit man gave him up to Lucky and Elizabeth to raise as their own.

As the must-see week on General Hospital unfolds, the town of Port Charles will see a tragedy unfold like never before! Here is part of the set up….just as Elizabeth learns the truth about Aiden’s paternity, her other son Jake wanders off and he is hit by a car and immediately taken to General Hospital for urgent care.  In the meantime, Carly and Jax’s daughter, Josslyn becomes ill and the parents get a devastating diagnosis. GH promises that one way or another, a miracle will happen. Plus, who was responsible?  Everyone from Sam, Sonny and Brenda, Robin, Luke, Lisa, Theo or Carly could be guilty of running down the little boy!

So we ask you, the loyal viewers, are you upset by the set-up of Jake being mowed down? Do you see a story reminiscent of the legendary BJ/Maxie heart-transplant story coming down the pike? Let us know! We hear the performances from everyone are not-to-be missed!

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I am disgusted that they are doing this to Jake. So much story yet to be told. He is part Quartermaine after all. In the 30+ years I have watched this show and now I am done. Thanks to GH writers and TPTB that have given me an extra hour to my day!

I, too, have been watching gh for 30+ years and if they play this lame storyline to the end and do not let Jake miraculously survive, then I am also through. I will no longer tune in. I watch gh because of all the connections to the characters. Jake’s story down the road has all kinds of possibilities. If they aren’t smart enough to see that, then they can stick with their lame story lines for others to watch but I won’t be one of them. They don’t mind saving the other “temporary” characters like Brenda, when Vanessa M is planning on leaving again anyway. I am disappointed.

I pray they DO NOT kill off Elizabeth and Jason’s and I definitely hope they doNOT do a repeat of BJ/MAXIE. I like the fact that Jason has a beautiful boy in secret (for now) but has a wonderful connection. Besides ENOUGH of the baby’s death. General Hospital I hope he survives or else…

I am disgusted with this story as well, mostly because of the way it is written. It most deffinately is to pave the way for jasam baby, and it is obviousl they don’t want any scenes between jason and Liz that might make fans want the pairing or pull for them, The writing is so lopsided against Liz it is rediculous. I just want the writers to know It does not matter if Liz and jason are together or apart, If jake is dead or alive , I will never accept jasam as acouple or as parents. it will most likey make me quit watching all together, I barely watch now. As far as the carly scenes today I thought they made her and jason look bad. The writers need to go back to school and learn to write a decent well told story . On another note. Becky was awsome in her scenes.

The fact that GH has decided to hurt another child and if rumors are correct to have him die, is not going to be a smart move. This little boy is a Hardy, Webber and Quartermaine with so much potential story line for the future. The fact that no one in PC knows that he is Jason’s son because they are all blind is a travesty. The better story would be for him to live and have Jason and Liz co parent him and allow him to be around his grandma and great grandfather. Talk about lazy writing. Joss is no relation to Jake. Maxie and BJ were cousins. Also if this is the way they wanted to go then Aiden would have been the perfect one not Jake. Also we are now on our 4TH HIT AND RUN in 4 years. Can’t the idiots that are running ABC Daytime come up with a better story then this. All GH will accomplish is lossing more viewers then they already have.

This is going to be so sad. Why does it take the death of a child for the adults to get their priorities in order? These children in PC are unsupervized most of the time. it”s unfortunate, but not surprizing that this accident happens.

I know the performances will be great and it will be a heartwrenching story, but I do not appreciate the repitition of the BJ/Maxie storyline nor am I pleased to hear that Jake will die from this. There is so much story with little Jake and I think the same reactions of bringing characters together and characters realizing the important things life can be expressed by having Jake injured or in a coma to be aged later. I’m really tired of the writers killing off great legendary characters for the plot point of the week. It’s garbage I refuse to tune in for and it’s disrespectful to fanbases. It would be nice if for once the TPTB at General Hospital would think about the future of their show. If they did they wouldn’t be resorting to killing off the next generation and thus because of that we can clearly see where TPTB are headed with General Hospital.

I believe that it’s time for GH to bring in new writer’s with some origianl ideas. Jake is part of the families that started this show. When it comes to GH, I spend most of my time frustrated or at the very least shaking my head!!

I couldn’t agree more. Bob Guza has been head writer since 1997, and I think it’s long past time for some new ideas, and a fresh perspective on the characters. His stuff is starting to get really stale.

This should be a tear jerker but I am hoping he survives.

Yes, I also hope that li’l Jake make it. I also hope that Carly and Jax make it also.

I’m on the fence. On the one hand I don’t want to see a child hurt or killed. On the other hand- it is a soap opera & this is classic soapy drama. On AMC Brooke’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver, on DOOL Bo and Hope’s son was killed by a hit and run, and BJ was killed on GH and a young Maxie was given her heart. They are terrible situations that we don’t want to see but they are stories that will give us good acting and the soap opera drama that we expect. I just hope that this storyline is done very delicately & with handled with care.

This story is sick and GH is desperate of viewers. This character had such great potential for future stories. I guess GH knows the show has no future, so why write for it!

This is going to be so sad. Jason should really be able to tell Jake that he is his father . No child should live with a lie about their paternity. Also I also think that the powers of be at GH should bring back Stavros. He had always been so kind to Laura and Lulu. So why shouldn’t he come back ? It make for a great storyline . Especially now that Leslie Lu is all grown up.

Oh and another thing…Jake is STEVE HARDY’S grandson! IDIOTS!!!

Yes, this another BJ/Maxie, b/c they want to end the relationship between Jason/Elizabeth. Why is it always saving Carly or Sonny children? So all the children are Sonny’s. Why doesn’t Jake have to die so Carly child live? Why can her child die.

I’m asking the question but I do know why. They want to make us feel for Jason but I don’t and well not, he gave Jake away but was involved with every other child on that show. With Jake they had so many stories but of coarse Jake isn’t Sonny,Carly or Alexis.

What happen with the Q’s family? Just so many stories. So now they was to give Jason and Sam a baby, what a joke, now he not to dangerous for their baby. Now that Jake is gone he can have a baby with Sam, the worst couple ever in the history of GH. So I guess Brain Frons is getting what he want, by his couple is still sorry and a baby will not change the way we feel about this couple.

I feel for Elizabeth whop is treated so badly and she have to lose her child to set this couple up with a baby.

Oh please…. What the hell does the Jake story have to do wtih Jason and sam having a baby, really! That is stupid. Even if this story didnt happen and Jason and sam had a beby you would be bitrching about that too, how can jason give up a kid with Liz and have one with Sam. Please… It was liz that asked Jason to let lucky be the dad, cuz she didnt want lucky to go off the wagon, then when lucky found out, it was oh jason your life is dangerous. So they agreed. And Jason did that for liz so that she would not always live in fear. And Liz and Sam are 2 completely different people and Sam would NEVER ask jason to give up his kid for another man. AND, Sam was the one that engourage jason to be a part of his life, but it was his decison.
SHit if this is what its gonna take to finally get the crazed liason fans to understand that liz and Jason were so BORING, they had no real connection at all seariously and Ive been watching since late 80s , it was always oh lets try them again and again and again to find out it just doesnt work..
This type of thing happens everyday. Well maybe not leaving the front door wide open and having the kids toys right there by the door, but kids die everyday in the real world. People, this is a SOAP!
Now Liz and Jason, that is the worse couple ever! seriously, what is their story really do they have one!
This story is about a child dieing, not a child dieing so another can have a child.

I agree with Alva…..THey want to kill anything related to Jason and Elizabeth.
So I will not be surprised if Jake dies to save carly’s child…..Fine don’t put elizabeth with Jason, but leave the kid for future story lines….

Well then maybe they should do this story if you think its gonna kill everyithing between Liz and Jason. Just done with everyone thinking they are doing this so Jason and Sam can have a baby. That doesnt even make sense.
If this is the way the writer are gonna go, to kill that relationship that went way over what it should have then go for it.
I dont want to see a child die, but this is a soap!!! TV, Drama not real life.
Who knows, it just may redeem Lizs character

If you have to resort to calling a poster stupid … you have just show yourself as a fool. Everyone has a right to voice an opinion. Keep your hating to yourself please. This is a place for dialogue between supposed adults …referring to a fanbase as “crazy” is again making yourself look foolish.

I hate this storyline already. Why does Jake have to be sacrificed for Joss Jaxs? ABCD/Disney/GH keep making the same mistakes. GH is the only soap fixated on the constant violence against women & children. They don’t consider that most of their audience are women with young children and won’t want to see a young child violently mowed down & the devastating outcome that follows. Jake has ties to 2 legacy families and it makes no sense to kill him off -he has so much more story to tell. It’s like ABC/Disney/GH mission is to kill of all of their legacy families maybe the ABC/DISNEY execs should consider hiring a new writing team that can bring new, fresh, original, & different ideas to the table. Finally, after 20+ years I won’t be watching anymore because I can’t stomach another violent storyline against a young child. It’s obvious that ABCD/Disney/GH don’t care what the viewers think about their inferior product because no changes looks to be forth coming.

Danielle….Jake would be Steve Hardy’s Great grandson on Liz’s side, and Edward’s Great grandson on Jason’s side.

oh yes…that’s right! My mistake! Thanks for clarifying! Talk about a waste…kiling off the great grandson of an ORIGINAL LEGACY character AND another LEGACY character as well!!! It just makes me so upset!

Hopefully, GH will do this story justice, unlike the waste they made of Alan Q’s death. I do NOT want this story to be all about “poor Jason”. He learned nothing from his father’s death.

I seriously doubt it with Mr Frons writing it. He brought us toxic balls and every other bs story since 2009. He’s head writer now. He should get script writing credit AND credit for crappy ratings

Hopefully there’ll be no tragic end. Keep Jake alive with his many links to the familial ties he has with the Webber, Hardy, and Quartermaine. He has the potential to show the safe side of General Hospital instead of those continuous mob centric stories. Let Jason, Liz, and Lucky lead him and teach what it is right & good. We all know how Michael’s life is going to be, Sonny’s right hand man just b/c of how Jason, Sonny, & Carly have raised him. Look how Y&R are using the next generation of Newmans (father vs offsprings). This show knows how to use the next generation. Also why does it have to be someone’s else child to save Carly’s daughter? Why can’t she use her biological children’s organ for donation; they’re a better match than a nonrelated person. TPTB must know that the audience are aware of modern technology and the importance of perpetuating a good family lineage.

omg yes – i remember thebj/maxie story!!! gh was a well written soap back then – i guess i had better get my tissues ready – on the other hand felicia & bobbi were close friends but liz & carly can’t stand each other so this will make an interesting angle to the devastation….

I am so very upset. And I am hoping for a miracle. I am hoping that GH will not kill off Jasn and Elizabeth’s son, Jake. It makes no sense to me really. Why kill off the possibility of future storyline for Jason and Jake…and Elizabeth. Why? If GH is hoping to sever the connection between Jason and Elizabeth then they are sadly mistaken. Jason and Elizabeth were connected a long time ago and the death of their son will not end it. If anything a tragedy like this will make it stronger. If GH does indeed go this route, then I just don’t get it.

I am disgusted on many levels. One being that Jake has never known his father or the Q’s as a family. Two the storyline potential for Jason and Jake, Jason Elizabeth and Jake is throught the roof. Three we loose Jake a legacy child that connects Hardy/Quartermaines and continues GH history, and are stuck with Pablo/Aiden/baby pointless a kid NO ONE cares about unless they are Lucky/JJ fan. It’s annoying and contrived and agenda ridden. They always drag out Jake when they want a ratings boost. It’s pathetic that they need that little boy for ratings when the featured “everyone’s talking about” bs pairings can’t get them numbers. 260k tune out of viewers when people learned Skunk Mccall was alive. Should tell you you something. Jake shouldn’t die because MR FRONS can’t sell his agenda. Ask JZ she gave an interview. What we see on screen is NOT what viewers want or what stories writers want to tell it’s purely THE IDIOTS IN CHARGE agenda. Welcome to cancellatin GH

I can’t believe TPTB will kill Jake to spite the fans who got Becky back to work. I haven’t watch GH since 2008 but if Jake is kilkled to give Sam a kid that will be the end of GH for me and my friends. I want the Liason family and in 2011 but it’s all about Sonny and his family that is the show why can’t Joss die and give Jake a body part why kill him to same Joss, is she more important than Jake or is TPTB just don’t care about Liason and spit on our face by saying to hell with you all we are worth nothing to them. I rather give my ratings to CBS and see that GH gets cancel for what they are doing to us. I will not watch the killing of Jake to give another couple a child who endanger that same child. As I say GH doesn’t care about the Liason and what we stand for and believe in family value which the show doesn’t have it’s all about the Mob and belittling Women. People tune your TV to CBS and NBC to Y&R, B&B and DOOL and boycott GH.

You honestly think it was the fans that got becky back to work! And what constitues family: you must be in love or be with the person you have kids with? I personally like the Mob part of General Hospital. I mean what are we supose to have white picket fence stories all the time, that would be very boring. Jason can have a family and that is a family with Sam and her family and hes starting to connect with the Qs a bit more, and yes, that is because of Sam who always engourages that in Jason. If people need to realize that Liason doesnt represent Family. They were never really in love, seriously. Yes he loves her because of Jake, so is that the kind of family values your talking about.
I thing GH is good as it is, and kids die everyday. Liason family, would be boring a constant liz is scared, jakes in danger, blah blah blah.

GH is clearly not the soap it once was. I strongly dislike the way the mob has taken over. I dislike the recycled storylines and I strongly dislike how TPTB play fanbases against each other.

I can’t believe that GH would kill off a character with so many historical ties to Port Charles, while Sonny has enough children to start his own commune.

I haven’t been happy with GH’s writing in a long time, but this story, which is incredibly myopic, sounds like a tease to bring in old viewers.

GH needs an overhaul — starting with writing.

Just my humble, but accurate opinion.

It would be most unfortunate for Jake to die without ever knowing that Jason was his biological father, and that is just one of the major differences that makes this storyline reek as opposed to the BJ/Maxie storyline that was truly compelling.

IMO Jake should survive, and this story should result in his paternity being outed with Jason and Elizabeth raising him together. If Jake doesn’t survive, it’ll be hard to convince most people, including myself, that his death, on the heels of Rebecca Herbst’s firing (I’m happy that was reversed) and the radio show clip of Jackie Z (GH’s Bobbie Spencer) explaining how we get what we get onscreen through manipulated focus groups and certain higher ups’ dictation, that it wasn’t agenda driven. In fact, it may just very well convince even more people that GH is run by agenda, a bad one at that, so for their sake I hope Jake survives.
Plus, I just love Jake and how he looks exactly like a Jason/Elizabeth child with mannerisms of both characters. Very good casting. Lots of story potential. Gold mine just waiting.

It is going to be a tearjerker and great drama I am sure. I know that Becky Herbst, JJ, and S. Burton will be fabulous and bring their A game to this. I am particularly sad for Elizabeth. She has had a horrible year. I hope there is some happiness for this character soon. I have to say I think it is short-sighted if he does die. There is so much storyline potential with this character and so mnay ties to the canvas. FYI GH writers, you wouldn’t have to spend half a commercial showing Jakes ties to Jason if you had actually shown it onscreen. He has seen his son once in over a year and barely mentions him. I will def have my kleenex on hand.

Sorry BUT I just dont see where Jake being killed off **IF IT HAPPENS**would be for Jason!Jason has NOT been a part of his son life!Jason has never had a flash back/thought/wish NOTHING about his son…Jason didnt even remember his son Birthday!SORRY I dont care about poor Jason and his box of pain!IMO TIIC made Jason a dead beat father!Jason has shown more WHATEVER for the BITCH who wanted his son DEAD and paid men to scare the crap out of Liz/and her babies!IF Jake is killed off IMO it will be ONLY to pave the way for Jason to have a kid with his hodown!SORRY FANS wont buy that and WE won’t ever forget what she did!

There is absolutely no good reason to end Jake’s existense on GH. This little boy has so much storyline potential. He is a Q/Morgan and a Hardy/Webber. He has ties all across the canvas-hospital side and mob side. I hope this show makes the right decision and lets Jake recover. I would love to see this bring Jason and Elizabeth closer together and they work their way back to each other.

Bring back Frisco Jones…….

I am looking forward to this story. Lucky and Jason are going to break my heart. Loved the scene with Lucky and Luke hugging. I’m just glad that Jason has the love of his life Sam to confort him like she had him when her baby died. They will come full circle. As for Liz i don’t feel sorry for her it will be her fault. What kind of a mother leaves their door wide open with a child sitting there with all those toys around him. Also looking forward to Carly scenes with Jason.

Maybe Liz should watch Sam’s child be kidnapped or have someone put a gun to her….. Sams going to be such a good mother…….

Sam will be a good mother. She has proven that over and over. And maybe liz should watch their kid get kidnapped, that would make for a good story, but I can tell you, that Sam would probably never leave her kida unattended.

I agree. If Jake does die- I have a feeling that they are going to cut ties with LIz and Jason- Im upset about this. Im a Days of Our lives Fan and got into GH recently and loving it as Days has such horrible storylines currently. I hope he doesnt die as GH recently had their views up- this will bring it back down. Also go SCRUBS

How can one say that Sam will be a good mother? Is she somehow removed from all the others currently in PC that never know what is going on with their children or hardly ever with them? All we know is that Sam found it very easy to watch Jake be kidnapped and then to put him in peril when she hired the 2 thugs to pull a gun on them in the park. Sam does what is best for Sam, and she’s been doing that since before she strolled into PC!

Really?? Hmmm.. I know that Liz does what is best for Liz. I dont see Sam that way though not at all. She is the most selfless person on the show really. She doesnt judge people that is for sure. And the writers got that wrong with Sam watching Jake get kidnapped but after all the love of her life kinda just dropped her for ummmm what, someone that constantly asks him to Lie. Sam has always (before the kidnapping) watched out for Michael and her sisters so whatever. Liz is a liar most of the time and she uses her kids for men. And when did they ever really share screen time seriously. I can probably count on one had the number of hours throughout the years that they actually were on screen together. And most of that was, well I dont know what it was but it definately wasnt the lover of their lives!

we must be watching two different shows. Sam selfless not!!!!! I think that would be Elizabeth.
Sam is extremely selfish. Sleeping with her mother’s husband hello…Sam is only out for sam.
They don’t want Elizabeth and Jason together which is fine. But Sam and Jason are a Joke also. Liz lies to protect her children, works her but off for her kids and is constantly helping people ie having courtney and jax’s baby. You just don’t like her which is fine …. I don’t like Sam. lets leave it at that. 🙂

Yeah.. Ok. Sleeping with your fiances brother I quess is ok. Or sleeping with your best friends boyfriend, ok I quess thats ok too. Never Said I didnt really like Liz, we need bitchy selfish people on Soaps and that is what Liz is. OH wait, yes, she uses her kids to get her men to after she rejects them and then as soon as they find someone else, um yep theres Liz saying oh wait I want him now. So shes a nurse so what.. She uses people and yes she is very selfish and I think she would agree, she says it all the time.
Jason and Sam actually have a love story.

I agree….but don’t put liz with lucky. I actually watched a little today. I haven’t as I have been annoyed with the story lines. I feel sam and jason are fine together. They need to put liz with someone..even patrick… not a scrubs fan!…she did sleep with Nicholas before she was with Lucky again…(that was also poor writting) she should have not gotten engaged to lucky as she was in love with nicholas……’s been nice chatting with you laurie…..

Let Sam and Jason have a baby…..just let Jake live. He does not need to die. O. K. relax….Liz is no more bitchy than Sam. I don’t want Jason and Liz together…she would be a fool to take him back…but she probably would. I think Jason is alive because Liz keeps saving him…….I am confused who did Liz sleep with ( her best friends boyfriend) you mean NIcholas? If you do …her best friend was dead and she was not with Lucky. But Sam on the other hand went right after Lucky and seduced him ….after she slept her mothers husband….nice!!!

Exactly, let them have their baby. Guess the writers did a bad job with both characters.. And think Sam has saved him a few times too and shes not even a nurse! Why not go after lucky! Funny how Sam and Lucky had a great run as well. But Liz and Jason, well it kinda fell flat. Didnt liz sleep with her Fiances brother? I quess that really no different than Sam sleeping with RIc.
And Ive said all along, let Jake live. Bottom line is people would have a problem with that too if Jason and Sam had a child. Its good everyone is where they are supose to be. Well liz is alone right now. Hopefully, Lucky will give her another chance.

Don’t tell me this is not pay back for fans wanting to keep RH! I removed it from my DVR weeks ago. I could care less about Carly or Sam! And by the way Liz has always been a great mother. You did not need to get rid of Baby Jake to keep Jason and Liz away from each other just make Jake Lucky’s son after all! Problem solved for Guza!

I am so very upset. And I am hoping for a miracle. I am hoping that GH will not kill off Jasn and Elizabeth’s son, Jake. It makes no sense to me really. Why kill off the possibility of future storyline for Jason and Jake…and Elizabeth. Why? If GH is hoping to sever the connection between Jason and Elizabeth then they are sadly mistaken. Jason and Elizabeth were connected a long time ago and the death of their son will not end it. If anything a tragedy like this will make it stronger. If GH does indeed go this route, then I just don’t get it.

yes they will realize that everything they did was a mistake. Jason and Liz were not a connection from a long time ago, they were friends, hell more like oh wow have seen you in a long time, how you been. What did he say to cortney, I never loved liz. Wow now that is a connection! Really maybe this is why they are doing this whole thing so that she can move on with lucky as it should be. Liz is weak, sorry she just is. Im actually hoping that they really dont have any scenes together through this at all maybe one for closure. Be done with Liz and Jason, they are the most boring paring every. How many times they got to try it to see it doesnt work.

I’m pretty sure the brass IS done with Liz and Jason as a couple, considering the LACK of screen time they have shared over the years one on one. It’s the FANS who want them back together. One of the cast members said it during an interview that Jason will NEVER be paired with anyone else unless KeMo leaves. Jason and Sam are it, I get it, doesn’t mean I have to like it – it means I have accepted it and am willing to accept LnL2 again.

That said, I’m sorry, but if Liz and Jason have NO scenes together, that makes NO sense. No matter if one or more people think they have a connection or not, at the end of the day, they are Jake’s biological parent’s. Therefore, they should have at least ONE scene to grieve together over their child’s death. Even divorced parent’s who have stopped speaking over twenty years will come together when their biological child dies, ESPECIALLY when the accident is as tragic as this. That’s a gut wrenching ache that one NEVER recovers from. I should know from personal experience, so I will not be happy in the least if it is so unrealistic that Liz and Jason do not have a moment together in the name of their son. You don’t have to be a Liason fan to want a bit of realism when that is what they are unfortunately trying to attempt with this storyline.

Well Ive said over and over, that do I want a child to die, but it does happen. And like you I too know from personal experience. And I agreed, they should have a scene to greive, but no more than that as this is a soap not realy life. I also hope they they both realize that all they did was a mistake, with the lies, the sneaking around, etc.and hope that they both have big time regret. They will definately have a scene or two im sure. Its just too bad that Liz wanted Lucky to raise Jake, and Jason did that for her so she didnt have to live in constant fear. Hopefully this will redeem her character a bit.
People need to get over the fact that Sam and jason may or may not have a baby and that it doesnt have anything to do with Jason giving Jake up. Because lets face the Liason fans truely beleive that this will bring them closer, and I personally think it wont, its gonna fix something that was wrong from the begining.

Well, I’m a Liason fan, and personally, I don’t think this will bring Liz and Jason closer together, I think it will bring Lucky and Liz closer together since they were the custodial parent’s of the child, and if I cannot have Liason, I would rather have Elizabeth with her first love. So I wouldn’t speak for all of us. It would be different if Liz and Jason still shared screentime, but they don’t. Therefore, I see it more about Liz and Lucky coming back together down the line.

As far as Sam and Jason and what others may see as a possible baby in the future, I’m not going there anymore then what I already have because it leads to Liason vs. JaSam fanwars, and I don’t like being involved in that.

Good I hope Liz and lucky get together. But she has done some pretty bad things to Lucky, not that he was innocent, but…. And Ive said before, I can probablyu count on one had the number of hours they actually shared screen time together in the number of years they both been on this show. And Jake is Jasons son, and Lucky is the only one that actually acknowledges that and has said that Jason got the bad end of the deal because of Elizabeth. I dont think it will bring Jason and Liz closer either. Thank god! Let Jason and Sam have their baby (if thats what they are gonna do) as they always wanted before Liz came in the picture. They actually wanted to have a family and kids until Sam couldnt.

Really I am sick of all the Liason fanactics and how they like to re-write history. Lucky is Elizabeth’s soulmate and Sam is Jason’s. They produced Jake after a drunken one night stand and before that… Jason and Sam had been together for years and Sam had always been by Jason’s side until he walked away and drove her to act out crazy and all…. They are the best couple on GH with the most chemistry and this tragedy will make them stronger… whether they have a baby or not… Jake hnr is not Sam’s fault. … contrary to what all the Liason fans say… they blame her for everything.. Both ELizabeth and Sam have messed up bad and made mistakes and paid for them dearly. No Jasam fan wanted Jake to die… he is Jason’s son and Sam would never want that either… so quit re-writing history and let this story play out…………ugh

“Really I am sick of all the Liason fanactics and how they like to re-write history.”

Can we take Liason and JaSam out of the equation for a moment, please? IMHO, it’s not about Liason vs. JaSam for many of us, contrary to what is seen in various places online. As I said, I do not involve myself in that mess. As a Liason fan myself, PLEASE do not lump all of us in the same category of batty nut jobs who are not only obsessed with one non-couple on the show but wish to rewrite history or change the past as well to suit themselves.

I like Liason, I liked Liz and Jason as friends years before after Lucky “died” in that fire; others don’t see chemistry between them. Fine. Okay. At the end of the day, I truly don’t care. I do not do that with the JaSam fans or any other fanbase, and aside from the fact of liking one couple over the other, I don’t rewrite history of what I have seen play out onscreen with regards to any couple on any show, ever. I comment on what I see, as per my personal opinion. There are fanatics on all sides of the fence, as there are with all fanbases.

At the end of the day, it’s not about Liason vs. JaSam, or Liz vs. Sam for all of us, it’s about a little boy dying and all of the adults in his life coming together to try and make sense of this tragedy. THAT should be the focus because apparently, many of us do not want it to happen at all, no matter the child or fanbase. For me, it’s not about who belongs with whom. Jonathan Jackson has admitted that Liz and Lucky find their connection again through this tragedy in the new SOD, so like I said before, if I get Liz and Lucky in the end once all is said and done, I will be happy. EOS.

I agree Brenda!! And Inez, your right, at the end of the day its not about Jasam verses Liason, but then why a lot of the Liason fans, and or Liz fans keep saying that this is a way to pave the road to Jason and Sam having a kid. And the they are doing this to sevre all ties between Liz and Jason. Please if Liz and Jason have such a connection, its gonnna be there whether Jake is gone or not. Just not the way most want. Jason had a love affair with Sam until Liz started coming around after she saw how much love the man can give and she wasnt getting that and she took what wasnt hers int he first place. yes Jason had something to do with that to. Jason only stayed with Liz for Jake and that is apparent, cuz that is who Jason is. Parents should be together, is how he thinks, but I think now he realizes that was wrong and Im hoping that they both, Liz and Jason realize that. I also hope she realizes how selfish she really was to not let Jason be a part of his kids life.
Im hoping that Liz and Lucky do find thierr connection as you say, cuz that is really what should happen. Lucky and Liz are their true love of their lives as Sam and Jason are. I think, and hoping that both couples can figure that out.


I can’t wait for the storyline to start. Do I hate the thought of a child dying, even on a fictional show, of course. Will I stop watching my favorite show because of it? Of course not. I’m a fan of the show, not just of one or two characters. This has the potential to be one of the best storylines in the past several years and I look forward to what the actors will bring to the table. While I am a Jason & Sam fan I don’t believe the writers did this to prop a ‘JaSam baby’ (which I don’t think is coming any time soon) or to destroy the ‘Liason connection’. I really think the writers have much bigger concerns than a silly fanbase war. Jake was the obvious choice when it was determined that Joss would be the sick one for two reasons in my opinion: He’s Jason’s son and she’s Carly’s daughter (helloooo they are best friends) and you also have the fact that Liz and Carly hate each other which will make for good drama. GH is still on my DVR and it will remain there until the day GH goes off the air (which I hope is a long time away).

Patty, I couldn’t agree more. I hate the idea of any child being hurt or killed but, it is a soap and this is classic soapy drama. I have no doubt that these GH actors are going to bring it this week. It’s going to be gut wrenching and heartbreaking but that’s what a soap is all about. I don’t think for one second they are killing off Jake because of Liz and Jason’s connection. They are doing it as an umbrella storyline. How will Liz be affected? How will Lucky be affected? How will Jason be affected? How will this affect Carly and Jax? Will Carly and Liz become friends instead of enemies? How will this affect Jason and Sam’s relationship? What about the Q’s and the Webbers and Spencers? What about Patrick and Robin? We know they are performing the surgery on Jake. Also, who ran down Jake? This is all meant for different storylines throughout the show. I for one can’t wait to see how it plays out. I just hope it’s handled with care.

I do feel that if Jake dies it is because they want a Jasam baby only right now on the show. The real question will Jake really die…because we all know that he will come back in 3-4 years. I used to be a Jason and Elizabeth fan…..however I am not a Jason fan at the moment. I would love them to put Elizabeth with someone else and move on…….

Ill say it over and over what does one have to do with the otherNOTHING.. So what if they want a baby, I think they would do it no matter if Jake lives or dies. And shit iff Liz can have babies left and right, why cant Jason and Sam.
And even if Jake lives, people are still gonna have a problem with them having a baby. Cuz, Liason fans want only Jason to have a kid with Liz. Stupid.. She has 3 kids all different fathers (well maybe, cuz Im still hoping that Jake turns out to be luckys) why cant jason have a kid with someone else.

Potential for one of the greatest storylines! If you think that then you must not think much of gh at all because this is a sick and awful way to put an end to all the great storyline possibilities! No this is gonna be a big mistake!

We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this topic. The BJ/Maxie storyline was one of the best in GH’s history and GH has given me no reason to believe this one won’t be as well. No character is indespensible, the deaths of both Alan & Emily proved that. Most of the comments I’ve read have been the point of view of a Liason or JaSam fan but I’m not looking at it from that angle but as a GH fan. When looking at potential storylines I don’t look at them as a couple fan (I’m a JaSam fan btw) but as what it will bring to the show overall because there are more than just four lives affected (by 4 I mean Jason, Lucky, Elizabeth and Jake), there are also several supporting character that this will impact. I have no doubt the actors involved will bring their a-games and that’s why I want to see it. I don’t want to see my favorite actors do fluff, I want them to earn their paycheck!

GH, now you’re stooping to killing babies!! Jake is a cute little guy. I told my wife if Jake dies, I won’t look at that show anymore. My 19 year is smart; she stopped watching the show.

As a 10 year fan of GH, I’m disgusted that they continue to use violence against a child as a plot point. The character of Jake has been through enough. GH has wasted 3 years with Jake and Jason. I wanted a real story with the paternity reveal and I wanted Jason and Elizabeth to raise their son. This is purely agenda driven. They are keeping Becky on but have plans to kill the one child that has so much potential for future stories? I don’t think violence against children is entertaining and I believe GH is making a big mistake by getting rid of Jake and eliminating future story potential. This seems to me like another nail in the GH coffin. I never thought I would stop watching GH but this will make me turn my tv off.

Regurgitating old stories is what GH loves to do..This story is one i’m dreading..

I don’t have a problem with killing off a child but is GH/TPIC are doing it only to promote another pairing to have a child then I think its pathetic. If they kill off JAKE to bring LIASON TOGETHER then I’m all for it. But if 4 weeks from now Sam turns up pregnant then I know that FRONS/GH WHOEVER DID the firing of Rebecca Herbst and killing Jake off all for the purpose to promote Jason with Sam and to allow them to have a baby. I hope FRONS/GH whoever gets a HUGE CLUE AND DOESN’T allow this storyline to go forward all for them. I think they need to change and let fans dictate storyline. FANS do not want JAKE GONE AND KILLED. I WILL not return as a viewer if Jake dies and they return to same old Jason and Sam. They have had almost 2 years of couple time. Its time for GH to move Jason a different direction and allow him to be with Jake and Elizabeth. If GH DOESN’T THEN my answer is GH IS ALL POLITICAL AND RUN BY higher ups. It is not run by fans and they are pathetic to think of doing a storyline all TO JUST GIVE ANOTHER couple a baby. Very Pathetic to me.

What does Sam and Jason having a child have anything to do with them Killing off Jake? So, lets say jake doesnt die or they didnt do this story, Liz/Jason fans would have a problem with Jasam having either way.
So what if Sam becomes pregnant, Liz has kids and a Family why should Jason and Sam. Oh let me guess because he left Liz and let her and lucky raise Jake. Well if you thing that way, then I guess you really didnt get the whole thing about Jason giving up Jake. Being who he is did that for your precious Liz so that she didnt have to live in constant fear. They could have found a way to make it work just because Liason didnt work. Because the didnt, they were so boring. Why do you think they brought Courtney in, and then after Courtney Sam, which by the way was GOLD, as SB says. Fons is doing just fine and this story is about a child dying, not another couple having a child. Its just stupid that you would corrolate the 2 makes no sense. The show should be run by fans. You got Liz back so I hope your happy with whatever they do with her, I dont think they will every break up Jason and Sam again, and if they do it definately wont be for Liz and Jason. They put them back together because they work. And you can talk all you want about their history, but really they dont have a strong history as you may like to think they do.
And again this is about a child dying, not another couple having a child because of it. And maybe Jason will realize that he should have never listened to liz and now realizes something that Sam has always said to him since way back when, that Mob or no Mob kids get hurt. Well especially when you leave doors open!

Jason and Sam were a couple long before Elizabeth and will be long after… Elizabeth and Jason had zero appeal and no sizzle as a couple… Don’t blame Frons or Guza for that….Sam wanted a baby with Jason long before Jake came along and she would never want him sacrificied… so they could have a baby… Two years is not long enough for this couple… they have staying power… Let Elizabeth go back to Lucky who is the father of her baby and had her heart on a permanent lock… remember… GH does give the fans what they want….JASAM

All I know is I will watch the show in the next couple of weeks and if they kill of Jake, 3 weeks later Sam is pregnant then I have my answer how this soap is run. If it isn’t political then why did they fire Becky? Why are they killing off Jake? I think it stinks and someone is making this happen knowing full in well that there is Liason fans out there who want Liason to have a chance. I think Jasam have had many years of Chance as a couple. All soaps end couples and it is time for them to end. If TPIC WANT TO PROVE to me they are not political run then they should do what they did with BECKY AND NOT KILL OF JAKE. They should end Jasam and reunite Liason. It is time.
If they dont’ do this and Jake dies, and Sam is pregnant it stinks BIG TIME AGENDA. Nothing you say will change my views or mind. Try putting yourself in our shoes and how we see it.

OMG I can not agree more brenda. It is not the writers fault that Jason and Liz have no chemistry. Ok, they have chemistry, but freind chemistry, nothing more. But then again, Jason has chemistry with a lot of people, like Robin, Maxie, tracy (love them), Ephiphany, Sonny, Lucky, and so on. And for everyone that says they are doing this for a jasam baby is just crazy. Said it before and I will say it again, even if they didnt do this story, and Jason and Sam had a kid, the Liason fans would be all over that too. Liz has 3 different kids from possilby 3 different fathers, why cant jason have a kid with someone other than Liz. Is it because he gave up his kid, cuz Im tired of hearing that. And If sam was pregnant, and it wasnt planned, (like Liz’s 3 kids werent planned) than what is the problem..

Another thing, TPIC do not look the history of the show at all. Jason and Elizabeth have so much HISTORY ON GH AND YET they refuse to bring in their history. Jason has always loved and respected Elizabeth and always cared for her. But for 2 years GH has done everything in their POWER TO GET ME as a fan to forget they did. They have not allowed very many scenes with Jason and Elizabeth at all. I have had to endure 2 years of waiting and LONGING FOR A SCENE with my favorite couple. I have watched them for 10 years and TPIC don’t seem to care at all what I want. I want to see Jason’s love and caring respect for Elizabeth to be revealed again. I want them together as a couple, I want Jake alive. If Jason gets a family he should get Jake, not a new baby with Sam. Does GH NOT GET THIS AT ALL. They haven’t shown me that Liason had history.

Actually I think the do get it. Liz and Jason DO Not have the history you like to think they do. Ive been watching longer than 10 years and watched when Liz first came on. For her it was always someone else, she never knew what they hell she wanted. Lucky left the show, robin left the show they tried Liz and Jason, didnt work then and it doesnt work now. Please…. Well for the majority anyway.

Well it is my opinion that I think Jason and Liz do have history and I have watched for 30 years and I don’t like someone telling me I don’t know anything about a couple that I love. I didn’t say anything about a Jasam post and how you don’t know anything. I beg to differ about the majority because I do have a lot of Liason fans who do want Liason. I don’t think Liason have been written to have a chance. And all couples don’t last on any soap. What makes you think Jasam are it. I still think they are going to break up eventually.

Well I never said they didnt have a history, yes they do. Not as a love affair that you all think they do. Searioulsy. Shenn never knew who the hell she wanted. She wanted Jason, oh but wait she slept with Zander, she wanted Jason, oh but wait luckys back. And your right all couple dont last, but I think Jasam will. Like Monica and Alan. They have potential to carry a long way. And if they do break up, it wont be for Liz that is for sure. They shold have just got rid of the character, legecy name or not. Its not like she can carry the whole legacey out. She never really has a story and most of the time she is behind the desk at the nursaes station. Shes condesending and talks down to people as if she is right all the time.

You are spot on Laurie… they have a history as two people who cared about eachother but for whatever reason never quite made it work and had no chemistry… Elizabeth was wishy washy and still is … engaged to ucky and then sleeping with his brother nicholas for example…more than once. Sure Sam messed up big time and slept with RIC ONCE… and immediately regretted it and came clean to Jason even before he had a chance to tell her he saw. Elizabeth lied to Lucky for months. And Sam made that mistake … AFTER jason kept repeatedly rejecting her… I really think that the combination of that and not being able to have a baby with jason and ELizabeth did after one night …sent Sam over the edge and she did an awful thing letting Jake be taken… and she paid dearly for that but in the end … saved him from an explosion. I dont think they are killing off Jake to make room for a JASAM baby… but maybe so that jason will realize that you can never really keep a child safe… no matter how hard you try… maybe that is the real story and maybe they want to bring Liz and Lucky back together thru this tragedy.. I used to like Elizabeth but the way they have written her the last few years… she really is painted in a corner and that is why she should have been written off … I think there should not be a time limit for a couple.. JASAM is working right now and they are made for eachother and if and when that changes it will not be because of ELizabeth… guys… that ship has sailed! I agree that it is awful that they are killing off Jake and don’t see the point… JASAM fans love Jason and don’t want to have him go thru this… and neither does Sam.

Im sorry I even came in here and posted my opinions. I just think this killing off Jake is so sad and pathetic. If this is the direction they are going then it is so hurtful and sad. I have watched for 30 years. Fell in love with Liason. Longed for Liason to be a couple and be with Jake and family. All to watch them end and for TPIC to give it all to Jasam. I stopped watching when they made a MOBSTER who gave up his son for Danger and then went back with a woman who allowed his son to be kidnapped and she hired men to point guns at his son. A realistic mobster who is dangerous WOULD NOT FORGIVE but kill a person who does this. So don’t make me accept that Jason has to be away from Liz cause of danger when you have pushed me to accept that Jason forgives a woman like this. If you can write him forgiving you can find a realistic way for him to be with his family. I think it is unfair. This is my opinion. And Im done on this website for giving it. I can’t understand even a Jasam fan would think this is good thing. It is a sad thing for all the above.

Well it just goes to show you what kind of person jason is to be able to forgive sam. Afrter all all the lies and deceipt that Liz started to protect her little image started the chain of events. And Jsaon realized that. Just like he realized that Liz could never live in his world whether he stayed in the mob or not. You dont just get out of the mob!! They tried that. Sam was so much in love with Jason , (and Liz saw that many times, with the baby loss and her brother, and the poison, and getting shot, she wanted the love that Jason had for Sam.) and Im sorry but there is no way he evedr loved Liz that way. The love Sam had for Jason and vis versea, was deep and strong and when jason betrayed her, she lost her mind. They totally butchered Sams character, with all the love and support she gave Jason with Michael , and still gives, and her littlle sisters, she would have never done that . Im glad you stopped watching. And just because the couple is not together, doesnt mean they could not be parents together. Lucky is a cop, his life is somewhat dangerous too. Jason allowed Liz to make the choice so that she would not have to live in constant fear.

Inez said it all…this s/l is not about Liason vs Jasam…it’s about the violence against yet another child on GH. It’s about the rehashing of a singularly touching and breakout s/l from years ago…between 2 close knit cousins that CANNOT be compared to 2 children who don;t know each other, of two mothers who HATE each other. Will it be great acting? Yes. Will it be great storytelling? Yes, if written correctly, but only short term. TIIC would have had sooo much more great storytelling if they let this little boy live and grow up…the stories of a legacy child from 2 different families. I really feel they are dropping the ball with their shortsightedness…but that’s nothing new for the clowns over at GH. The viewers are not stupid and have long memories and fierce opinions. I think that for every viewer that tunes in or comes back to watch the short term fallout, you’ll also have those who will leave when it’s over. Time for a regime change at GH…they are out of touch with what the majority of viewers want.

I agree. But people need to stop sayying that they are doing this so that Jason and Sam can have a baby, that is just stupid. So when I see that Im gonna defend it. A baby for Jason and Sam could happen either way. And if Jake lives, or they never did this story, they liason fans would have a problem with that as well.

yeah, I’ve noticed that you keep defending it…ad naseum! But ya know what…it is true that this will pave the way for a Jasam baby…because the writers are too stupid to realize that you don’t need to kill Jake for Jason and Sam to procreate. The writers want every fan out there to love the pairing of Jason and Sam…it’s clear in the total disintergration of Liz’s charater over the years that they do not like Liz and want her unhappy and alone. They thought they finally were going to get rid if her until the huge backlash by the fans. Instead of tearing Liz down, the writers need to make her a stronger, independent woman who the audience can respect rather than the whiney liar they have tried to make fans hate.
I am a Liz fan, but I am NOT a Liason fan, nor a Jasam fan. I think Liz could do much better than Jason. Let Sam have him. But let her have all 3 of her sons, too.

So if they do decide to let jake live and Jason and Sam have a child anyway people would have a problem with that to. And there is a huge Jason and Sam fan base. Huge.. And you dont know, this may be the story to make her strong and independent and respectful. Im sure Liz can do much better than jason too, someone that in her same league. And Sam does have him for a very long time now. Minus the summer of Liz and Jason sneaking aroung and lying.
But again, this stuff happens everyday, kids die. ANd I think its a way to pave the road to a Liz and Lucky reunion, if they do it right. If the acctress can pull it off and they may have an agenda, but the again, the actors need to pull it off maybe thats why they decided to let her go in the first place.

it’s obvious they are. It’s storyline dictated, let’s get real. Jason can’t voluntarily give up his child and have another and raise it so openly. Sorry, defend it all you want, it’s the writers insulting all the fans’ intelligence. Let Sam and Jason be together, who cares?! But why kill a kid in the process?? And a hit and run too, that’s pretty bold.

I don’t think people would have a problem with Jason having a kid with Sam regardless if Jake lived or not. It’s stupid and painful how obvious the writers are about their intentions. Why not have Jason and Sam TOGETHER have the BS reconstructive surgery to HELP save Jake via stem cells because he was ill??? Carly has enough storyline on her plate. This would be a great way to shut up JaSam and Liason fans once and for all. And really, who cares who either chicks end up with at this point. Regardless, yesterday’s episode was horrific and heart-wrenching and real writing would have had Jason have his scenes with the mother of his dying kid, consoling each other, sharing the grief, flashbacks when he first held him…man, Lucky and Jason seemed more connected…we’ll see how today’s goes.

I am so upset with this, I cannot believe that Jake is going to die….Sam can have a baby with Jaison without having to kill Jake. I strongly believe that Jakes role could be a very important one…..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont make him die, maybe a coma or something but dont write off his character.
I love to see Emma Cameron and all the kids but theres something so special about Jake that makes me get so emocional.

I have watched GH since the 70’s. There were times when I would run home to see what was happening and my world would just stop revolving until the show was over. Nothing else mattered for that hour. I looked forward to it. I rooted for couples! I embraced them and so many storylines! Luke and Laura. Leslee, Rick and Monica. Robin and Stone. Frisco and Felicia. Lucky and Elizabeth. Scotty, Lucy and Dominique. Anna and Duke. I keep watching GH in the hopes that I will get some romance and love in the afternoon.

Instead, I get Nikolas and Brooke Lynn? Seriously? There is no chemistry between them! Jason crawling into Sam’s hospital bed is not my idea of romance. Michael and Abby are just plain boring. Sonny and his violent outbursts and child-like tantrums is NOT sexy and/or appealing. I haven’t seen romance or love on this show in years, aside from Robin/Patrick and Jax/Carly. Hell, Franco’s love of art/death is more romantic and sexy than the rest of the other love stories. All GH revolves around is mob stories/wars, killing people, mayhem, chaos and violence against women and children. I am sick of it. This show will never be what it once was, nor will they ever reach that potential again as long as TIIC are allowed to continue the demise of legacy characters and families. I have no emotional investment whatsoever to any of the newer characters, except perhaps Shawn. I have grown to like him more than I thought I could.

As for the “couple” fan bases, frankly I am tired of them too. They all bash each other for what? There is some idiot sitting down writing/telling a story that they don’t like. Someone else is pulling the strings that make your favorite character look bad. The puppet master runs the show. Stop arguing over characters/actors. They’re not writing this crap – they’re only acting out what someone else dictates and they’re getting paid to do it. In this economy, who is going to argue and risk their job?

I remember vividly what it was like when BJ was killed and I’m sorry, I will not put myself through that emotional turmoil again by watching a remake starring Jake and Josslyn. There’s enough real tragedy going on in the world today. I want to watch GH and escape from death, murder, crime and evil for an hour, not immerse myself in it. I get enough of that watching the news every day. Lastly, I firmly believe that TIIC are only writing Jake out to make Rebecca Herbst’s fans suffer. The fans fought for her to stay and they wanted her to get a powerful storyline…well, here you go. TPTB have given you what you wanted. Makes me think of that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” I wish Frons and Guza would both get fired. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

I think what they should do is redo the paternity test for Jake and if Jake is Jason’s then they should just come right out with it. Lucky will be sad and hurt, but who gives a shit about Lucky, Jason will regret keeping this secret from Jakewhen he’s older. Of course, it’s dangerous for Jake’s paternity to be exposed, but it already has. There are multiple people who know about Jake being Jason’s, so what difference would it make? Elizabeth watches over her boys well and if it comes out he’ll be safe. Jason has enough money to get security guards for Liz and the boys if needed. Jason deserves his son and I’m taling Liz gets full custody and Jason sees him on weekends. Just like what Carly and Sonny do. I want this for Liz & Jason, not Lucky. /please don’t kill Jake GUZZA.

Lucky knows that Jake is Jasons son.

In regards to the continued comments against this storyline, once again, I agree. The sad thing is, the current regime just doesn’t put enough heart into storylines such as this. If Joss had been sick for quite awhile the same as Maxie had been, I could understand, but according to spoilers, it doesn’t happen that way. Too much is happening too quickly to digest it all overtime. We’re expected to take it as is within a matter of days of these tragedies unfolding. I play wait and see with all of these stories, but so far, the writing just isn’t there. I know the actors will knock it out of the park, but, it doesn’t lessen my irritation with the storyline.

And I’ve stated my affiliation, but I agree that the continuous back and forth of the fanbases, from both sides, is just plain silly and adds nothing but enormous headache all around. That’s why I do my best to not get involved or argue about who I prefer and why, or state who I hate and why. It’s pointless and will not change anyone’s mind on how they feel about whomever. We keep saying it’s fiction, it’s fiction, well, okay, it’s fiction. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that the back and forth will never subside as long as the egging and attacks continue.

And thank you Sunny, for agreeing with my earlier post! 🙂

Perfectly said.

Thank you for your comment, Former GH Fan. It was much appreciated. 🙂

Are we going to drag Audrey, Monica & Bobbie out of the closet for this storyline?

That would require logical writing. And thus far, nothing has been logical with the direction of so many storylines.

I think that this will be a good story with far reaching impact if told well. Soaps re-tell classic shoddy lines all the time. I think we will see some powerful acting from Rebecca, Steve, Jonathan, and Laura. I think that revisiting the BJ/Maxie story can be very meaningfully retold with Jake/Joss because of the very close and unique relationship between Jason and Carly. Jason is Joss’ god-father after all. I will be very interested to see how this changes their relationship. I also think that this decision is a vehicle to push forward Jason/ Sam and Liz/Lucky. I see LL bonding over the loss of Jake and the revelation that Aidan is his. I see Sam discovering that she is pregnant but keeping it from Jason because he is still grieving over Jake. Love Jasam but not sure how I feel about a Jasam baby. I could be ok with this whole story if they take the time to tell it right

Please, please do not let Jake die…as others have posted, down the road as Jake grows up this would make a great storyline. I have watched GH for 30+ years and if the writers choose this route, I am not going to watch the show anymore..
I hope the writers get enough response to this and that Jake will survive..

Please do not let Jake die! He could have such a good storyline now or years to come with his father (Jason). I have watched this show for many years. If they kill him off, I will never watch it again. They want to do another BJ/Maxie storyline. One time was enough. Please save Jake! They should get rid of Cameron. He has no use for the show, no storyline, no dad. Cmon people! Lets save Jake!

I have a sad feeling how this story will come out I so praying that I’m wrong if jake doesnt make it then they will lose a viewer adult stories is one thing but tragedy for a child is something more sader

The writers dont care wht the fans think, thats obvious! Call the GH Comment Line 1 323 671 4583 and leave a message , let them know how you feel. I have already stopped watching and I have been a fan since Laura and Scotty’s honeymoon. There is enough tragedy in this world we dont need to see a little boy tragically die.

I’ve been watching gh for 16 years and never have i been more disgusted with a storyline and the writers. There is no need to kill Jake off. There are endless possiblities for Jake and kill him off is not one of them. This is the last straw. if they don’t change this, i know they are gonna lost MANY viewers. The Liason fans have put up a lot of bull but this is the worst. they’ve destroyed rebecca’s character and now they want to kill off a child for a STUPID reason. the bj/maxie storyline was legit and believable. This jake/josslyn is garbage. The writers could have explore the quartermaine connection or who knows what! quit trying to ruin the connection that liz and jason have. Sam isn’t worth this sacrifice. SAVE JAKE!!!! This won’t be good for the show. How haven’t the writers realized this????

I agree with many of the above comments about not killing off Jake due to the family line and the potential storylines. However on a much more superficial level I don’t want him to be killed off b/c the casting of the current Jake is soooo great. He looks like Jason’s kid and is adorable too. His smile and acting that day in hospital was adorable. Of all the kids around his looks and paternity is believable. Jake would be the last of the kids I would kill off. It reminds me of when LuLu was a baby, she was adorable but didn’t look at all like she could have been Luke and Laura’s; Jake is all Jason even the hair.

He is a PHENOMENAL casting for Jason’s kid!!!

Jake had better survive this Guza! They kept Maxie cause there was more story there then Bj but now there is more story with Jake. What stories could be waiting with josslyn that couldn’t be surpassed by the possibilities that Jake’s stories hold? If Jake dies I’m so thru with gh I said I’d stay cause they kept Becky but this is like strike 3. Why put stories on the show that people just dread to watch! Put stories on that we can’t wait to watch. If Jake dies my 25 yrs of watching is all for not because I’m done! Thanks for nothing Guza and Goodbye!

i think that is a good twist to the story because he is jasons son and something bad always happens to him but i sort of knew something was coming because nothing bad has happened to any of the young kids in a long time. but if one of the kids die i will be mad but i will not stop watching gh.

General Hospital

OLTL and GH Alum Kristen Alderson Reveals Pregnancy

Big baby news! Former One Life to Live and General Hospital star, Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr, ex-Kiki),has announced that she and her fiancé, Taylor Crousore, are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, due in January.

On her Instagram account, Kristen shared pics of her sonogram accompanied by Crousore, which said: “Words can’t describe the happiness😭🙌💖
BABY GIRL CROUSORE! ✨Due January 2024✨ Having a baby with my soulmate/best friend is the biggest blessing I could have ever been given✨💫”

The pic was followed by a video of many of Kristen’s family and friends guessing the gender of her little bundle of joy. Those appearing in the video included: Eddie Alderson (ex-Matthew, OLTL) and Brittany Underwood (ex-Langston, OLTL).

Photo: KAldersonIG

Back in July of this year, Taylor proposed to Kristen and they became officially engaged. Taylor asked Kristen at Pier 84 at Hudson River Park in New York, almost exactly two years after the couple had their first date at the very same spot.

Photo: Tom D’Angora

Kristen appeared on One Life to Live from 1998-2012 and next appeared on General Hospital from 2012-2015.

Share your well-wishes and congrats to Kristen and Taylor and their baby girl on the way via the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ‘Sprina’ in New York Part One

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital kicked-off with Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) adventures in New York City, where finally the fan favorite couple are getting some much needed, and waaaayyyyy overdue, alone time.

In story, Sprina arrive to their hotel room which has, thank God, one bed! Spencer heads out to get some theater tickets, leaving Trina enough time to video call her bff, Josslyn (Eden McCoy), and fill her in on how her first time alone with Spencer is going.

Trina, now in her nightgown, awaits Spencer’s return. When he does, Spencer tells Trina that everything is running on schedule. He won’t divulge what he has planned, but he has a surprise for her.  When Spencer asks what Trina wants to see on their trip, she lists all the museums she wants to go to.

Photo: ABC

After a knock on the door, champagne arrive. Getting flirty and romantic with one another, Spencer calls for a toast to the woman he loves, and Trina toasts to the both of them together.

Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

Photo: ABC

Overcome, Spencer tells Trina just how beautiful she is, and gifts her with a necklace so she remembers this weekend between them forever.  After they kiss again, it’s time for them to head out to dinner.  That’s the end of part one of Sprina’s trip to the Big Apple.

So, what did you think about the highly-anticipated Spencer and Trina scenes in New York City thus far? Were you all smiles? Are you looking forward to Friday, where many are hoping it’s the episode in which the lovebirds finally hit the sheets? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Rena Sofer on Her General Hospital Comeback as Lois Cerullo: “She’s Still Loud and She’s Still Mouthy”

When Rena Sofer burst on to the soap scene 27 years ago as General Hospital’s Lois Cerullo, viewers knew out of the gate that this actress was something special, especially how she inhabited the one-of-a-kind outspoken and lovable woman from Brooklyn.

Now as previously announced Sofer is back on the ABC daytime drama series beginning on the October 10th episode. Rena last appeared on the show from 1993-1996, and again in 1997. She won a Daytime Emmy for her portrayal as Lois back in 1995 as the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Since Sofer’s original exit on General Hospital, she later returned to the soaps as Quinn Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2013-2022. However, the fan favorite actually started her daytime career on Loving as Amelia “Rocky” McKenzie, a role she played from 1988-1991.

Photo: JPI

With the current story about Ned Quartermaine’s (Wally Kurth) amnesia and believing he is former rock star, Eddie Maine, it’s the perfect timing for Lois to enter back into the picture to help her former husband and their daughter, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

Rena spoke with Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue about her highly-anticipated comeback, and how she stepped back into Lois’ skin: “It’s interesting to play her at this age. She’s still loud and she’s still mouthy. She was still a lot like me, except with a Brooklyn accent and nails.”

Photo: ABC

As to what fans can expect, Sofer shared: “This story isn’t about me.  The story is about Brook Lynn. The story is about Eddie Maine and Ned, so I need to respect that. This is not about me coming back and telling my story; this is about me coming back and supporting the stories that are there with me trying to create the knowledge of who Lois is now, 27 years later. So that is challenging, but also, part of the fun.”

The talented actress is also keenly aware of how GH fans have wanted her to return to GH for decades: “If they hadn’t spent the last 27 years constantly making little buzzing noises about Lois coming back, or me coming back as Lois, I wouldn’t be in this position. It’s inspiring, and I am forever grateful.”

Looking forward to seeing Rena reprising her signature soap role as Lois Cerullo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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