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GH Recap – Aug 23 – Aug 27th



Johnny arrives at the ER with a serious gunshot wound.  While Johnny struggles in the ER, Sonny claims he wanted peace, convincing Dante that he shot Johnny in self-defense. Ronnie disposes of Johnny’s gun into the river. Ronnie arrests Sonny and tells Dante that Sonny lied and Johnny was found unarmed. Brenda refuses Von Schlegel’s offer to be the face of Franco’s art masterpiece.  Jax warns Claire about Sonny’s patterns with women. Through a gunfight, Jason helps rescue Sam from Lopez and his men, but the couple runs into trouble when a police officer stops them on the side of a dirt road. Patrick finds Emma with Lisa back at their home.  Lisa makes a veiled but very unsettling threat. Sonny continues to plead his innocence that he shot Johnny in self-defense and asks his son to uncover the truth. Sonny and Diane are surprised when Claire reveals her evidence of recorded conversations in which Sonny planned to murder Johnny and then claim self-defense. While Johnny is in surgery, Lucky’s investigation leads him to question the absence of Johnny’s gun. Michael pleads his father’s innocence to Jax and Dante. Brenda is pressed to give Murphy an answer to his marriage proposal, but she remains noncommittal. Jason and Sam act their way out of getting arrested carrying contraband. Sam twists her ankle and Jason carries her safely to a wooded campsite and they share a romantic evening by firelight. Patrick and Robin confront Lisa for essentially kidnapping Emma, but delusional Lisa feigns innocence.  Patrick confesses his infidelity and Robin is shattered.  Robin kicks Patrick out.  Kristina stands vigil outside the ICU after Johnny’s surgery.  Ethan arrives and assures Kristina she is not to blame for her father shooting. Jason and Sam come under fire. Lisa overhears Robin telling Maxie that she kicked Patrick out.  Maxie counsels Robin not to rush to judgment. Maxie asks Lucky for help in digging up dirt on Lisa. Robin warns Lisa that if she comes near Emma again, she will kill her. Lisa approaches Lucky at the PCPD saying that Robin threatened to kill her. Robin melts down on Patrick in front of everyone at the hospital. As Dante and Lulu are about to reconcile, Brook Lynn shows up insisting that just because Dante was drugged, it doesn’t discredit the fact that Dante truly wants her.  Lulu suggests they take a break, but Dante works hard to convince Lulu otherwise. Dante and Lulu make love. Michael discovers Carly is paying Brook Lynn to seduce Dante, and he confronts her. Nik overhears Liz admitting that she will always associate Wyndemere with betraying the love of her life.

Sonny, faced with serious murder charges, maintains he shot Johnny in self-defense.  Unable to get in touch with Jason, Sonny asks Dante—not as a cop, but as his son—to believe him. Sitting at Johnny’s bedside, Olivia begs Johnny to live so she can tell him how much she loves him and so they can be together. Trapped, Jason and Sam barricade themselves inside the cabin while Lopez’s men continue to shot at them. Patrick begs Robin to give him another chance, swearing he loves her – but Robin refuses Lisa files a report with Lucky that Robin threatened to kill her, and she believes her life is in danger. Lisa discovers her locker trashed and covered in blood. Brook Lynn denies Michael’s accusations, giving nothing away that Carly put her up to breaking up Dante and Lulu.  Lulu confronts Brook Lynn and warns her to stay away from Dante. Nik makes an unselfish move and arranges for Elizabeth’s sister, Sarah, to invite Elizabeth and the kids to come stay with her.

Dante tells Sonny that he believes his story. As Diane berates Sonny for trusting Claire Walsh, Sonny flashes back to the time he discovered Brenda wearing a wire. Brenda reminisces of the time Sonny and her first made love.  Brenda accepts Murphy’s marriage proposal, and they make plans to return to Rome. After a passionate kiss with Sam, Jason decides to slip out a side window for a sneak attack on the Lopez’s men. Lisa immediately blames Robin for trashing her locker. Both Robin and Patrick recognize they are dealing with someone who is mentally deranged. Despite all of Patrick’s apologies, Robin will not forgive him. Lisa throws herself in front of Robin’s moving car, making it seem like Robin tried to run her over. Brook Lynn admits to Lulu she is officially giving up on Dante – but Lulu does not buy it. Brook Lynn bluffs to Carly that she succeeded in breaking up Dante and Lulu so she will pay her.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura and Kevin Adopt Baby Ace, Adam Huss Exits For Now as Nikolas: What Do You Think of the Story Point?

Last week, Adam Huss wrapped his current stint as GH’s Nikolas Cassadine when he was sent to prison for his crimes of kidnapping Esme. That spelled the end of the actor’s most recent run on the ABC soap opera.

However, in the story, that left who would take care of his baby boy, Ace. Before he was whisked away to the slammer, Nikolas brought Ace home to his mother, Laura (Genie Francis), for her to take care of him. All of this on the heels of the presumed deaths of both Esme and Spencer.

Now on Monday’s episode of General Hospital, a knock on the door at Laura’s changes her life and Kevin’s (Jon Lindstrom). Laura’s brother Martin (Michael E. Knight) arrives with adoption papers concerning Ace. Laura tells Martin that they are only watching Ace as temporary guardians until Nikolas gets out of prison.


However, Martin explains he had a conversation with Nikolas and the best way to make sure nothing happens to Ace is for Laura to become his permanent custodian. Laura is in shock. Martin says Nikolas gave him permission to start the paperwork, now it’s up to her.

After Martin leaves, Kevin assures Laura he is on board with it, if she wants to adopt the little boy. Laura tells Kevin that she knows he didn’t sign up to be a baby daddy at this point in his life. Laura says this is a huge responsibility. Kevin says that he knows adopting a child at this stage of their lives is very complicated.


In the end, Kevin feels it’s something they should do together and for Ace. On that not, Laura says to Ace, “Welcome home, baby!”

So, what do you think of the story? Are you glad Laura and Kevin are adopting Ace? Will this spell trouble in their marriage? If Laura becomes the ‘mother’ figure to Ace, will there down the line be a court battle for custody of the little boy from either a ‘alive’ Esme or a free’d Nikolas? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Spencer is Laid to Rest; Heather Rants on Kevin over Esme’s Death

Wednesday’s February 7th episode of General Hospital was a somber one as Port Charles gathered to say goodbye to Spencer Cassadine at a gravesite service honoring the young man, who is now presumed dead.

With Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) reciting the eulogy, her words were superimposed by moments of Spencer family and friends and of course his girlfriend Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) mourning him – each putting a white rose on his grave.

Returning for the funeral was Cameron Webber (Willian Lipton), Spencer’s best friend, who had an emotional reunion with Trina, and of course, Josslyn (Eden McCoy). Cameron tells Trina he’s so sorry for her loss, but she says she is sorry for him as she is well aware that Spencer, Joss and Cam have been friends since they were children. Laura, Kevin, Cyrus Sonny, Ava  Portia, Curtis Sam, Dante, Joss, Kristina, Gregory, Finn and Liz are also there.


Later, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) goes to visit Esme’s grave which has a signpost in it, not a tombstone. Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) joins her and places a white rose on the dirt in front of the marker for Esme.


All of a sudden, a prison guard a shackled Heather Webber (Alley Mills) arrive at the gravesite, and Heather cries out for her daughter, Esme. She then lays into Kevin, blaming her death on him, for the mere fact that he resurrected his serial killer brother, Ryan. It was Kevin who tried to trying to cure him, and then unleashed him back into the world so Ryan could get his hands on Esme and twist her mind.  In the end, Heather tells Kevin to do better by Ace than he did for Esme or there will be hell to pay.  Next, Heather is taken away.


Now home and devastated, Trina tells Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Portia (Brook Kerr) she is not returning to Paris for the semester and she is also not going to go to PCU. In fact, she’s not attending school at all. Eventually, an emotional Trina Trina heads out. She later pulls her turtle dove out of her jacket pocket and recalls the time Spencer gave it to her and the importance of it in Sprina’s relationship.

What did you think of Spencer’s funeral? Was it emotional for you? If so, what was your favorite part? Seeing Cameron return? Heather lash out at Kevin? Trina remembering the love of her life? Or another moment? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Spencer and Esme Go Overboard as Nicholas Chavez Makes His Exit

The Wednesday, January 31st episode of GH had Sprina fans tuning-in to see just what will become of or befall their favorite duo.

Will Esme (Avery Pohl) get away with her plot? How will the show handle the departure in story of Nicholas Chavez (Spencer), who has left the soap opera, at least for now, to film his leading role in Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story.

In the pick-up to yesterday’s GH, Esme finds Trina (Tabyana Ali), while Spencer finds a pool of blood on the deck of the yacht.  Alone with Esme, Trina asks Esme what is she doing on the boat. Esme says with Ace gone she’s been so lonely, and that she missed her and Spencer and decided to tag along.

Photo: ABC

Later, Spencer bursts into their room telling Trina that the captain has been attacked and someone is on the boat. However, Trina doesn’t appear, but Esme does.

Spencer grabs Esme around the throat and pushes her up against the wall. When he tells Esme he has already called for help, Esme tells “Spence” she already smashed the tracking satellite so no one will locate him or his girlfriend. She asks how it feels not knowing where Trina is. Next, Esme throws in Spencers’ face that his pain doesn’t compare to the torture of what it is like to know that he gave Ace to Nikolas and she has no idea where her son is.

Photo: ABC

Esme tells Spencer to go ahead and kill her, but if he does that, he will never know what she did with Trina. Spencer tells her that he’s not going to kill her because he wants her to suffer a long life knowing she will never see Ace again. Esme says Trina will die if he doesn’t do as she says. So, Esme orders Spencer to turn around so she can zip-tie his hands and feet together.

Next, it is revealed that Trina is actually in the cargo of the boat zip-tied and gagged. She manages to cut herself free when she sees a screw sticking out from a pipe and uses it to extricate herself.

Meanwhile, Spencer wants to know what the plan is for him and Trina. Esme says she left instructions with Trina to call Laura (Genie Francis) when she’s free, and by then they’ll be long gone. Spencer is angry, especially when Esme says Laura will have to find Ace and give him back to her if she ever wants to her grandson again. He says he’ll fight her every step of the way.

Photo: ABC

That’s when Esme shares that’s she’s brought some special medicine on board to make him easy to control as too much of it may make him a blubbering idiot, and even more, could kill him.  As Esme reaches for the syringe, Trina arrives with a wrench and the two go at it in a cat fight while Spencer is tied up.

Ultimately, Trina clobbers Esme over the head and knocks her out, giving her enough time to free Spencer, who calls Trina, “my hero”. Spencer asks what should they do with Esme. A defiant Trina says, “Let her bleed.”

As Sprina get to the deck, they try to signal for help from an oncoming boat. Next, Esme appears and jabs Spencer in the back with her syringe. Spencer starts to go down. Esme says she has enough to take out Trina, and the young women begin a fight for the syringe.

Suddenly, Spencer is loopy, but he get to his feet and grabs Esme off of Trina, but the two fall overboard as Trina looks on in anguish. We fade to black.

So, what did you think of how GH wrote off Nicholas Chavez? While we know Spencer won’t be found for now, what about Esme? Is Avery Pohl still going to be with the show, or is she temporarily written-out too? Share your theories and what you thought of today’s GH in the Sprina and Esme story via the comment section below.


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