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GH Recap – Sept 27 – Oct 1st

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Brenda recovers from her drug overdose in Jason’s arms. Jason tries to convince Brenda to return to Port Charles for her safety. Robin manages to escape the cabin, only to fall into an unmarked well. When Lisa returns suddenly to the hospital, Patrick tries to trick her into revealing her emotionally unstable nature. Despite Dante’s warning that the Balkan is dangerous, Lucky moves forward undercover as Ronan O’Reilly. Lulu wonders if Siobhan has developed feelings for Ronan when she acts protective over the seeming threat of US extradition. Carly pushes Sonny to admit he is using Claire, just as Claire arrives on the scene.  Sonny takes her home for dinner, and they have mischievous, passionate sex.  Brenda finally agrees to go to Port Charles for her safety, vowing to stay away from Sonny. As Robin remains hopelessly trapped in the well, Patrick tries to work Lisa for clues. Mac breaks police protocol, asking Ronnie to do whatever it takes to find proof Lisa caused Robin to go missing. Robin is visited by visions of Stone as she lies huddled at the bottom of the well. Siobhan overhears Lucky’s true identity as Lucky and not Ronan. Sonny surprises Claire, inviting her for a weekend getaway. Kristina realizes that her father is only dating Claire as a way to keep his mind off of Brenda.

Carly tries to convince Sam to bring Jason home, away from the clutches of Brenda. Lucky chases down Siobhan when he realizes his cover has been blown. Dante and Lulu get lost in the Irish countryside. Lucky is arrested by Irish cops for the death of the Balkan’s thugs. In her dreams, Robin and Stone discuss their past.  Stone helps her find closure and also reinvigorates her will to live – she wants to survive for Emma’s sake. Spinelli counsels Patrick to consider the possibility that Lisa is innocent. Mac arrests Patrick for Robin’s disappearance. Claire gets a call from work requiring she cut her vacation short with Sonny. Carly refocuses her efforts to get revenge on Dante with Spinelli’s help. Brook Lynn, looking poised and polished, heads off for France with Nik but then is seized by a panic attack on the plane. Ethan and Maya finally have a serious conversation about their values, with Ethan admitting he ultimately prioritizes his family.

Brenda arrives in Port Charles. Jason suffers Brenda’s diva antics. Feeling insecure, Sam asks Maxie for help in “dressing sexy.” Deathly weakened at the bottom of the well, Robin continues to hold out hope that she will be found. Robin goes unconscious. Lisa helps Patrick get released. Steve finds a lead in finding Robin. Stuck in the Irish countryside, Dante questions Lulu’s motives for having an adventure.  Lulu admits that she feels pressure to live up to the “Luke & Laura” life that her parents led. Brenda thinks Jason is in love with Sam because she looks like her. Sam tells Jason that they should break up. Sonny arrives home after his weekend with Claire to find Brenda waiting for him. As Robin lies dying in the well, Steve stalls Lisa so Patrick can race to the cabin. Patrick saves Robin just as Lisa arrives – tears streaming, unspooled – and points a gun at them. Agent Bates tracks down the couple that is “investigating Ronan O’Reilly,” but before he can identify himself, Lulu strikes him in self-defense. Sonny and Claire join the “mile-high club,” and Sonny convinces Claire he cares for her and can trust him with her heart. Maxie cannot help but be jealous when she finds Spinelli wholly infatuated with Brenda.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL 56th Anniversary Episode: Gail’s Final Wish Brings Remembrances & Touching Moments

Simple two-person scenes that most soap opera fans long for were the order of the day in a special love letter to longtime viewers tied with a nice bow, as well as saying goodbye to the beloved Susan Brown (Dr. Gail Baldwin).  The actress passed away at the end of August of last year.

Using the history of many iconic characters relationships that are still on the canvas decades later, General Hospital celebrated its 56th anniversary with the airing of this special standalone episode on Tuesday.

In story, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) has gathered everyone that Gail has requested to be present at the hospital to honor her final wishes. So, Scott (Kin Shriner), Franco (Roger Howarth), Laura (Genie Francis), Lesley (Denise Alexander), Bobbie (Jackie Zeman), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) Monica (Leslie Charleson), Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), Lucy (Lynn Herring), Maxie (Kirsten Storms), Mac (John J. York), Felicia (Kristina Wagner), Sonny (Maurice Benard), Carly (Laura Wright) and Julian (William deVry) all wind up together at a nurses’ station.

Alexis explains the task at hand at Gail’s request that has each of them receiving a piece of the original blueprint of the hospital.  Next, each person is to go to that location and find an envelope with their name on it and then return to the nurses’ station.  And from there, the story unfolds, putting former enemies, painful memories, and heartfelt enduring relationships to the forefront.


First, we find Lesley Webber and her longtime nemesis Monica Quartermaine going at in the locker room looking for their envelopes, which featured Lesley calling Monica “a slut” for ole’ time sake!  Next, Bobbie and Felicia find their envelopes by the wall of photos which brings back B.J.’s death and Maxie’s heart transplant that saved her life.

We then find Lucy going through some of her Nurses’ Ball gowns and Monica happens by.  Lucy finds a pocket square of Dr. Alan Quartermaine, and then tells Monica how badly she feels that she treated so bad, and that Alan would want his true love, Monica, to have the pocket square.

This episode though, truly belonged to Kin Shriner, who brought the anguish of a grown-up son now having lost both his parents.   =When Scott sees Laura, she is trying to help him figure out his piece of the blueprint.  He shares that he remembers Gail dragging him back to Port Charles kicking and screaming, but how if it was not for her, Laura would have never been in his life.  When Laura finds the envelope meant for him, he shares that he hopes it contains advice about how to continue on without Lee (the late Peter Hansen) and Gail.


Then, in a hankie-inducing moment, Franco apologizes to his dad for working undercover with Jordan and not telling him.  Scott understands, as it reminds him of how he treated his parents in much the same way.  An emotional Scott tells Franco he loves him and he will never turn his back on him.  Because of Franco, Scott now understands what his own parents went through and the two men hug, sort of.


At the hospital chapel, Sonny and Laura talk about how she knew that the mobster was a good guy right from the start, and the two touch upon their mental health issues.  Maxie thanks Mac for being there as her father, while Mac says he never thought he would be a stay-at-home dad, but wouldn’t have traded that experience for anything.

Epiphany and Liz have a nice moment about the nursing profession and being there for each other, Carly tells Bobbie she’s pregnant, Julian and Alexis share a close moment.  And later, Scott and Bobbie discuss their past which ends in a friendly hug.   Also, Sonny comes down the hospital stairs and looks up and see the Stone Cates Memorial plaque in remembrance of the fight against HIV/AIDS and a nod to that landmark storyline on GH.

Kevin and Lucy cross paths, and he clarifies he loves Laura.  Lucy says even still she will stand by him.   When they go to the hospital chapel to find the envelope for Kevin, Laura is there waiting.  Lucy bows out.   Kevin says he will always love Laura.

Once everyone returns to the nurse’s station with their envelopes, it’s time they open it at the same time.  But what was in it?  Confetti!   When Alexis reads more of Gail’s letter, she tell everyone that they all need to carry if forward, and do some amazing things. and Gail thanks them for coming and being her friend.


Just then, Scott leaves the group and walks to the GH memorial wall and unveils a photo of Gail.   What followed was a montage of many of the moments discussed earlier in the two-person scenes, which was a clever way to let the characters and the dialogue speak for themselves, and go to the clips at the end of the episode.

How nice it was to see moments with Kin Shriner, Genie Francis, Jackie Zeman, Denise Alexander, Leslie Charleson and many more!

What did you think of GH’s 56th anniversary episode? What did you think of the performance of Kin Shriner? Genie Francis. etc? Share your thoughts and review via the comment section below. But first, watch the final emotional moments and montage of the 56th anniversary episode below, as the song “Good Times” an original composition by Becky Shaheen and Gavin Linnahan, written for this standalone episode, accompanies the action.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante Leaves A Devastated Lulu Again; What Did You Think Of The Exit Story?

As we head into the new week, last Friday’s General Hospital brought with it some mighty tears for fans, and the actors, who invest in the couple known as “Lante”.  In story, a fractured Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), after being tortured on his mission that took him away from his wife, Lulu (Emme Rylan) and the rest of his family, must leave Port Charles to get help from the WSB to try to deal with his severe PTSD condition,   While his mission seemed accomplished to bring down Raj, in the process, Dante suffered horribly while in captivity in Turkey.

Thus set the stage for the quick exit of Dominic Zamprogna.  The Daytime Emmy-nominated actor came back for a short ten-episode run to further the story along, while he remains off-contract with the show.

So, how does Dante tell Lulu that he is leaving her again?  At home, he begins by telling his wife he should never have come back.  Lulu is confused as Dante tells her he doesn’t feel like himself and that he has changed, and he doesn’t know how to change back to the man he was before the mission – afraid he could hurt her and his family.  Dante sadly, but firmly, tells Lulu that the kids Rocco and Charlotte, and her, are the most important things in the world to him.  He has to get help away from Port Charles to protect all of them.

With a bag packed in hand, Dante said he already has said his goodbyes to their son.  A devastated, hurt, and emotional Lulu asks, what should she tell his parents and everyone else who asks for him? Dante expresses that he is broken inside him and he had to get it fixed.

Then in an important point to note, which opens up the possibility of story for Lulu, Dante wants his wife to promise him she’ll be happy and to live her life.  Lulu responds that she will not give up on him, and that she can’t have a full life if he’s not there with her.  With tears flowing, she tells her man that she will wait forever for him if she has to.  But, Dante makes it clear that forever is a long time. Dante exits, but not before telling Lulu he loves her.   Her life turned upside down again, Lulu through her tears says, “I love you, too.” Dante walks out the front door.   We end with a shot of Dante heartbroken on the other side of the door as he is leaving behind the woman he loves, but he knows what he has to do.

So, what do you think about how GH chose to write-off Dante this time?  Do you think this helps free up Lulu?  Do you hope GH and Zamprogna eventually reach a new deal to bring him back to the show full-time? What did you think of these final scenes, for now, between Zamprogna and Rylan?  Share your thoughts via the comment section bellow.


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL Dante Comes Home; But He’s Tortured In More Ways Than One

Lante fans got their long-awaited reunion, of sorts, on Friday’s episode of General Hospital which also leaves viewers with a major cliffhanger as to what has happened to Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) since his time away from his wife, family and friends.

In story, Lulu (Emme Rylan) goes into panic mode when it appears someone is breaking into her home.  When Dante walks through the door her shock turns to happiness.  She runs into his arms and they kiss.  Dante feel guilty for not being there for his wife, when she needed him most – after she was attacked by Ryan – and apologizes for leaving her and not being there to protect her.  Then, Dante gets a call from Frisco, who congratulates Dante on a job well done in terms of his assignment to bring down Raj and his undercover work.

After escaping Turkey with his father, Sonny (Maurice Benard), and heading home to Lulu, something seems off.  While they have a happy reunion, complete with making love, there is clearly a sadness in Dante’s eyes.  We get a glimpse as to why, when in bed with Lulu, the camera pans to his back and we see multiple scars on his back, which would indicate he may have been beaten while being held in captivity during his mission.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Zamprogna reveals what’s to come this week on all-new episodes of GH, which will illustrate how troubled Dante has become: “He’s trying to hide how disturbed he, in fact, is from his experience (abroad).  He’s so happy to be with his family. He missed them. He wants to be with them.  But as happy as he is to be back, there is something wrong that needs to be addressed.”

In the Sneak Peek for Monday’s episode, General Hospital released a clip, where Dante is seen and heard repeating, “I will complete the mission” and then appears to have shot Lulu.  But is this all in his head?

As viewers know, Zamprogna is back for a short run on the show, and not back full-time.  This week, also saw the talented and popular actor receiving another Daytime Emmy nominations in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category.

So, what have you thought of Dante’s return thus far? Do you think he is suffering from PTSD … or something else? Are you happy Dom received an Emmy nod for his performances in 2018? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.   First, watch the sneak peek for tomorrow’s GH.

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Video du Jour

GH icon Genie Francis chats with Michael Fairman about her return to the soap as Laura after being taken off-contract earlier this year. Leave A Comment

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Kin Shriner as Scott

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