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GH's Kristen Alderson takes to twitter to share her thoughts on the death of Cole and Hope!



Many One Life to Live fans were dumbstruck when seemingly Starr’s entire life blew up in her face, literally, when her boyfriend Cole and their little girl, Hope were trapped inside the car, following an accident involving Anthony Zacchara! With a big assist and thanks to having his tires shot out by presumably Sonny Corinthos, although in our minds, Kate is acting very weird these days and perhaps she had gone trigger happy, or her alter?

Kristen Alderson (Starr) who made her debut on General Hospital last week took to Twitter to share her sentiments on the story which obliterated her on-screen “family” unit!  Kristen tweeted,  “Sole fans-Trust me.  I LOVE & will miss Starr & Cole. But don’t blame Ron Carlivati.   Not his fault that both of our Cole actors r unavailable lol.   I know this is a tragic storyline, but it’s VERY well written.  There are  great obstacles & triumphs ahead for Starr to encounter. Thank you for being constantly supportive.  I just wanted to help ease the pain by telling you “business” wise why Cole isn’t … well alive. lol “

Alderson is referring to the fact that Van Hughes (Cole) is not available due to his schedule with his role in the touring company of American Idiot.   And, in our recent On-Air On-Soaps interview with Hughes, he revealed about Cole’s demise and Starr’s plight, “It is not anybody’s decision what happens with us.  It’s an accident, let’s put it that way.  There is something that has nothing to do with either one of us, but you know how it goes in the soap world.  People keep coming back and they are never really gone, and people are never really broken up, and so I like that prospect and the potential to play Cole Thornhart here and there.”    So far remember soapers, the body had not been found or recovered!  So it will be interesting to see if they ever find the body, or if later down the line Cole could reappear to stir up Starr’s life down the road, or if he is in the true sense “dead”.

Let us know what you thought about the story that now lands Starr squarely in Port Charles and clearly near Michael Corinthos!

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I can understand about Cole and that we could get him back (hopefully with Brandon) but everyone was shocked when it was Cole and Hope that were supposedly killed. Hopefully though we can get them back.

They are as dead as OLTL.

I don’t beleive that for a second. If they can bring back people from the dead, like for example Mitch Laurence, then they can do the same thing with these two.

you are wrong they are not dead

Although it is really sad that Hope may be dead… isn’t that better than knowing she exists but i never seen on the show? How often was she refered to but never seen on OLTL?

That’s quite a rationalization, but in a way, I think you are right. It would have been better if Starr never got Hope back from Jessica. Starr was never written as a realistic teenage mother. After Starr got Hope back, Hope was out of sight so Starr could return to her fun, glamorous teenage lifestyle as if her daughter didn’t exist.

I disagree with that. Starr did behave as a realistic teenage mother. Many times a “fun, glamorous teenage lifestyle” did take a backseat so she could be a mother to Hope and a girlfriend to Cole. We saw her trying to juggle being a mother and college student. Now, in the last few months Hope kind of “disappeared” while she was building a relationship with James, but I think Starr was portrayed as realistically as she could be on a soap as a teenage mother.

I don’t mind so much that Cole was “killed off,” but I hate the way that soaps have always found a way to kill little children. That does not sit well with me. Of course, down the road, Cole (and probably a very much aged) Hope could turn up again. And while I’m here, did anyone else notice that Hope had dark hair? I mean, geez, for continuity’s sake, couldn’t they find any small children with blond hair??!! Hope had already looked aged and different since OLTL’s been gone. It hasn’t been that long!!

It’s never great seeing kids die on the soaps we love. But, unfortunately, children do die in real life and the daytime dramas try to reflect that. Who wasn’t upset when Donna Beck watched in horror as her baby died in a house fire on All My Children, or when Brooke lost her little girl in a hit and run? Life isn’t always pretty.

sad ,but true.

I can’t believe they wouldn’t let Starr keep her daughter at least..

I think they where killed off to enable Starr to be with Micheal. They had to be killed off as a reason to have Starr stay in PC and a reason for Todd to hate Sonny and want revenge.

Except for revenge, I can’t see how that would make Starr want to stay there.

yeah ,I heard about this earlier ,sad,I understand cole ,thats soap opera drama,but baby hope can have a kid and a love life to ,ask liz ,she does it all the time,I still hope they find the baby.I like that starr is staying in port charles ,I also hope that todd and blair come back for another visit after this ,then stay alot longer.looks like todd will have a good reason to kick sonnys ass ,then john mcbain can report to port charles and do his thing,then let sonny corinthous have claustrophobia and rot in prison some where, oh god ,let me grab my box of tissues.


This does make me feel better though. I am going to just think that Cole and Hope made it out and that Cole has amnesia and took Hope to safety. I do think they could have saved Hope though.

whatever, not watching anyway

Wow…what a grump! Why are you even here?

If you aren’t watching, why are you here?
Your watching. Just not admitting to it. lol 🙂

good question.

I am not mad about NuCole being gone. I am more disapointed that they killed Hope.

PLEASE writers, you are obviously writing Michael/Starr together. With the death of her child, does this mean 2 mopey people storyline??

I wish people could be just a little kinder to Cole when commenting.
I’m disgusted by it being OKAY Cole died THE KIDS FATHER!

Who was being mean? If someone posted something that wasn’t kind, it was only because the character of Cole we knew for one week. Not much invested in him.

Hope was the grandchild of both Todd and Marty and its a shame they killed her off.

I don’t mind Cole being dead so much-he was gonna be in prison for a very long time anyway but HOPE? I wish Blair & Todd had begged Starr to leave her with them while she got settled in L.A., I thought it was. Lord knows (no pun intended, ha) there is enough family in Llanview to take care of Hope. When you think of all of the great story that Starr getting pregnant created! Remember when we thought Hope was Chloe? And why am I rambling about this-nobody is sitting at Llanfair mourning Hope. Unfortunately.

Dont mind, dont care he’s dead….some of you just get it. Fews hearts here, its just sad.

I didn’t like that the writers made it seem like Hope died but, I’m hoping that she will be found alive just like a soap is sometimes written. She could of fell out the door as the car was falling and she might be on ground somewhere and someone finds her and saves her. guess what they bring her to general hospital. Won’t that be great.

We have to give the writers a chance..No one want to see Hope killed but lets wait and see how it all plays out. I love OLTL and am excited to see how the crossover works out. I watched all three soaps for many years.. Lets give it a chance who knows what will happen! We all might be really suprised and happy with the new storylines.

Agree with both of you!

I love Starr and cole and it sucks that he and hope were killed off. I hope it opens the door for Brandon buddy to come back if /when he and Hope come back.

Nice sentimate and I really mean thank you for actually caring about SOLE.

I think that Cole and Hope’s body will not be found and that’s why she stays in PC instead of going home… cause she thinks they are still out there. Maybe John comes to PC to investigate via Blairs request?

While I was surprised that Cole and Hope were killed off there wasn’t that connection with the new actor who played Cole. Also if it was the original Hope that would have been harder. Looking forward to the upcoming storyline.

So you dismiss it and move on, the storys over.

Im with you i cared about cole and baby hope.there are other ways with out someone dying that a person can ,not be there anymore.cole with his family and baby hope with todd blair or dorian,throw vicki and clint in there to cole and hope could be together.I want my characters from one life to live to be happy,not dead.

heres another soap news flash on march 23 rd soapnet will be abc family for now,and they will continue to play the soaps ,anyway looks like soapnets gone,abc family takes over,wonder how long the soaps will stay?there still turning it into disney junior,just not yet.go read it at abc soaps in depth.

Guess Hope actor was asking for too much money.

they always use triplets or twins,when they are that young.

I know. I was joking.

Lmao! Right?……I’m just glad we still have the mannings…..It’s more the concept of hope being a child then the reality of anyone really missing her….I mean we never saw her…….It’s just how they had to roll because obviously they are not taking OLTL’s entire cast over.

Why couldn’t they have Cole get custody of Hope and move somewhere to raise her? Or give custody to Blair? They could say Starr is trying to rebuild her life so maybe she could get custody or maybe she wanted to go to school, get education, something rather than kill the pair of them. But I would say writers’ imagination is limited and they took the ‘easy’ way out.

I don’t care about the death of Cole, my concern is them killing off Hope. After the Jake storyline, this is just another beloved child killed on General Hospital in less than a year. Even if it is “well-written” I think it was unneccesary for one of Ron’s first storylines to be yet another child death- especially because of the hideous mob scene.

You’re heartless words about Cole were not called for even though we are talking about a SOAP Character.

I dont like that cole is dead either .

Hello everyone! We are still keeping up the good fight to Bring Back One Life to Live! We will not give up. Thank you all for your support! Please sign our petition if you have not yet. The petition is at Share this page with your friends. Participate in as many of the FB campaigns as you can. We need our OLTL back!

U need to be posting this ALL the time, everywhere, bc you know how this site works. This is the happening page today, but tomorrow there is another happening page, and just because someone post on this page today, doesn’t mean that they will post tomorrow given the daily media information. If this is a fight, it has to look like one!

your pulling you disappearing act again,where have you gone this time?heres some good news that us boycotting abc/disney can use ,I love good news dont you ? well here it is commas and all ,over at tv mediainsights.the february ratings are in for the prime time shows ,I wont give you the numbers you can go there and see, also go for a good read at soaptown ,usa, looselips ,good things are happening on gh this week,anyway heres how the ratings go ,cbs is first,nbc second,fox 3rd and poor abc/disney 4th ,I was so happy to read that ,read the posts when you go there to, theres alot of abc/disney boycotting going on,reading this made my day,hope your not lost again,alot of good soap news happening here ,want to hear what you have to say about everything,post soon.

signed every petition there is also IM calling ,e mailing,and sending letters to abc/disney every day sometimes several times a day.we have to keep up the fight to bring one life to live back.1loveabcsoaps is right you have to come back here every day and post.

It is the writer’s fault they are dead, not business. If actors are unavailable, characters can be handled by other means than killing them. Is RC really so dim or unimaginative? Cole and Hope never had to appear in Port Charles. Maybe they went to visit his parents. Sorry, Kristen, but your excuse is as poor as RC writing in this case.

She’s trying to soften the blew for them so we watch and except.
We’re not children we are adults and we can choose to watch or not.
They had to see the out pouring of disappointment coming.
You just dont put back together a polential Super Couple and break them apart.
They played with us ALL.

Yeah, I don’t understand why they couldn’t get another actor to play Cole. But they obs want Starr single and unemcumbered in PC so she can is ready to mingle.

But I’m sure these two will be resurrected years down the line. A grown up Hope will return with vengeance on her mind.

Down the line assumes GH will still be on television after this year, which is questionable. In the short term, it’s trashy killing a child and her father so the writers can hook up the grieving widow Starr with the teenage, convicted felon, want-to-be mobster Michael (and I like Michael as played by Chad Duell). It’s the lazy, violently expedient means that bothers me.

I am giving you a standing ovation. What does business, i.e. actor’s availability have to do with what writers write for characters. I do believe RC is dim and unimaginative and Cole & Hope did not have to appear on screen to be killed. The Starr actress need to let RC & FV handle their own decision making processes and just act what is written for her.

My friends & family talked me into watching GH to support the soap industry after mines & theirs disappointment & disgust with the last couple of months of OLTL & outrage over the crossovers. However, for me, it proves my point of this being more of RC & FV drivel & the ole saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me & I am done being fooled. Even with my reservations, I & we truly tried & I just cannot put up with RC & FV “attempts” to help save the soaps. My friends & family finally agree & we after over 30 years of viewing soaps are out of the soap watching business & sadly this time we & I mean it.

I thought the purpose of hiring a new producer and head writer was to change direction. Can’t anybody write for GH without gratuitous violence or is that what defines GH? There are already enough deaths, murders, accidents, and violence in real life. I was hoping for a break with some fun, escapist entertainment, but if violence defines GH, then I am stupid to watch.

Below Debi writes (March 2nd) in response to Jan and Nancy M, “you have to remember, this is GH, not OLTL. People who watch GH want to see GH stories. . . . It is merely a story for Starr to get rid of her kid. Its a new day.” If this is what people who watch GH want, then you are welcome to it. Good luck with the survival of your show, if all the violence doesn’t self-destruct it.

Things happen on shows that we don’t like but we have to live with it. I am sorry that Cole and Hope had to die, but I seriously love Starr and am more than happy to be able to see her. Thank goodness that the new writers and Frank are so awesome. GH is finally not boring.

We dont have to live with any of this and I’m certainly not.
This whole thing is NOT awesome without Cole & Hope in Starr’s life

Jan, while I agree it is never nice to see death, you have to remember, this is GH, not OLTL. People who watch GH want to see GH stories.
That child in the car wasn’t the same child we have all known for years.
It is merely a story for Starr to get rid of her kid. Its a new day.

Being Michael is the most depressing person there is, I don’t see how this couple has a chance with her mourning the death of a child, and him mourning life.

I miss One Life To Live, They really need to bring it back!!! I want ONE LIFE TO LIVE BACK PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE

Okay I do like the respect going on here for Brandon.
But if this was save GH, forget it. Sole fans arent gonna watch Starr with someone else. ( Sure Brandon was the BEST) but Please I’m not watching Starr without either Cole or Hope it JUST doesnt make sense and that is why I’m certainly not watching.

I will watch Starr with someone else. OLTL is over.


OLTL had it’s moment in time, and GH still has their’s….

wait, what happen with TODD being aressted for killing JR, howcome he is not in jail?

this is my question,also.will be so pissed if Todd gets away with this!we know Vic is alive,still attempted premeditated murder!

Damn Ruby, I like when people come up with something on this site that get’s the mind thinking….and you have. I guess when Todd shows up they will explain that, if they don’t it won’t make sense. Trust and believe those writter’s and reseach team get on this site and read what the fans are saying and even consider some of the suggestions…. But GH will have to address the Todd storyline left over from OLTL almost immediately, after finding out his ” baby ” Starr is ok.

I tried to ask you ,mary and ruby ,how many people did sonny and jason kill?michaels sight didnt understand what I was asking It wouldnt let me ask the question 3 times because I want 3 answers,anyway my point is ,why arent they in jail?thats when my hero john mcbain rides into town,maybe he followed todd there ,decides to stay in town and throws all the crime bosses behind bars.I thought todays episode was good,Im trusting the writers to turn port charles around ,I think michael is cute the way he is concerned about starr,when luke found robert ,I was hoping they would hear a baby crying and baby hope was alive.

I forgot to add this ,no one in port charles gets arrested ,so why should todd,they all go to that room and wait for diane or alexis to come and they say the arrest is illegal and there client walks,they will do the same with todd,but here is a thought maybe tia can get him out and use the same excuse thats been going on in port charles for to long.maybe thats what brings john mcbain to town,I cant wait.

how many people did sonny and jason kill?

Already another ridiculous storyline, we wait forever for Starr to appear on general hospital, and the minute she gets to port charles they kill her baby, absolutely ridiculous! totally disappointed!

Hmmm…Robert Guza received a lot of flack for writing the storyline of Michael getting shot. He was ostracized for being too mob centric and violent for daytime. Well in the one week that Ron C’s storylines have been airing we’ve had Sonny shot, Fake Kate acting all freaky and wearing a bloodied up wedding dress and a 2 yr old fall off of cliff and presumably die in a car explosion! Doesn’t appear the violence is going away anytime soon. Just sayin’!

First you have to realize that Ron came and some of the storylines were already in progress so you have to let them play out. Ron’s show didn’t start until last Thrus or Friday. Let’s give him a chance! He was awesome with OLTL storylines.

I agree with you mary h.

I’m willing to give Frank and Ron a chance. I really do hope they can turn things around and save GH from cancellation. I’m enjoying the return of the legacy characters and hope more are on the horizon.

OLTL and it’s rich history are not a factor on GH. Kristen Alderson was given a unique opportunity to continue her role on another legacy soap with the hopes that many OLTL fans would follow, and also feel like a part of the show is still there. I am not “happy” that Cole and Hope died, but I understand why they were killed. It is a great story for Kristen Alderson as an actress to play, it sets up great conflict for Todd and Blair to make an appearance, and it frees up the character of Starr in so many ways. Better that her being alone on GH is explained realistically, rather than the way OLTLs Kelly came to Llanview without her child that was way too young to be in boarding school. GH had room for Starr….not all of her ties to Llanview. I for one am happy I get still see Kristen Alderson on my tv screens. She has been my favorite young actress since she started on OLTL, and has never been recognized with a single Emmy nomination. Now she will be recognized as the turning point in GH dreadful ratings….here is hoping. We all want OLTL to continue on GH, but the fact is……it doesn’t. I miss Viki, Dorian, and Roxy terribly….but GH used to be a great soap opera and can be again. Hopefully we OLTL fans will be satisfied with just Kristen. I have been loving Holly, Robert, Anna, Luke, and Tracy…..feels like GH from the 80’s and early 90’s when I used to watch it religiously. Ron and Frank will turn this show around. OLTL lives on in the dialog and heart that was displayed today in the scenes where Patrick had to tell Emma about Robin. FYI …I always though Brandon Buddy was not a strong actor. In just 1 episode, Van Hughes made me tear up more than all the years of Brandon Buddy. Kristen Alderson will shine with Chad Duell. I can tell already.

Here Here Todd. I’m with you!

I agree with your assessment, Todd. The tragedy befalling Starr Manning only opens opportunities for her character in the new setting of Port Charles. I applauded the Starr-Cole-Hope story, and in Llanview Starr had constant family support and was born of and integrated deeply in that community. Starr is on her won in Port Charles and a toddler and undercover boyfriend can encumber a character. It hurts because two months ago we got from OLTL what we hoped was a “happily forever after” for Starr, but life does not work that way.

I trust the new leadership at GH and look forward to the changes and improvements to this daytime institution.

Bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE and be done with this GENERAL HOSPITAL excursion. None of this would have evolved had the greedy corporate ninnies holding OLTL and AMC (ALL MY CHILDREN) hostage had made wiser decisions, such as leaving the shows on the air.

If GH viewers like violence, I hope the new police detective or FBI agent John McBain (yet to appear) from Llanview kills every mobster and criminal in Port Charles, except for Johnny because he’s nicer than the rest. Maybe Sonny and Jason dying would be the most fitting way to end GH.

I love the Mannings but when I heard that they were being transferred to GH, my first thought was that this is not a good idea. Now, I grew up with the soaps and I know quite well how the stories can be mercifully unbelievable and that Hope and Cole can resurrect at any time but, for me, supposedly killing off Cole and Hope as they did, ended my daily watching of GH.
I have watched GH since I was in second grade, when GH began. For many, many years I was a loyal GH fan When I had to choose between GH and GL, I chose GL and then, sadly, I could never get back into GH. I have tried but the show leaves me cold. In one fell swoop, the character of Starr has been destroyed and re-written. I am very, very disappointed.
I am sure that I will tune in periodically in the hope that I am wrong but I think that the Manning family will be a school of fish out of water at GH. I predict that they will not be on the GH canvas very long. Please understand, I like Ron Carlivati’s wriitng a lot. When he is good, I think that he is the best but when he is bad, I change the channel. I am so sad about what has happened to daytime soaps.

Who cares about Cole. This is dumb, all the sudden it can only be played by VH. The character isn’t needed…period.

I hate that Cole and Hope are supposedly dead. I hate even typing that sentence. As a Sole fan since October 2006 when they first met; Kristen Alderson as Starr Manning and Brandon Buddy as Cole Thornhart. Their chemistry on screen has been nothing short of Emmy worthy greatness. They just spark and feed off each other so naturally. Starr and Cole have been through more than just your average couple. They are, in my eyes, a supercouple! Having Hope made them a family. To see this storyline unfold the way it is, just mind blowing that Ron and the rest of the writing team could just “kill off” Cole and Hope, especially the way they did. And especially Hope! How can they kill a 3 year old?! I will firmly believe they are not dead because there were no bodies found, nothing confirming death. Cole and Hope are alive as far as I am concerned. You can not just do that to them to give Starr a so called blank slate for her to have a common bond with Michael. I can already see where they are going to take Starr with that direction and it is not right at all! Starr and Cole belong together with Hope! They are a real family. Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy with help from Van Hughes are Sole. However, in my eyes, Brandon Buddy will always and forever be the only REAL Cole. SOLEmates forever and always!

is general bringing back hope and cole?

is cole and hope thronhart really dead on general hospital

do you think they will bring back hope and cole thornhart?

is hope thornhart alive

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Burton shared that in the key moment, “Brooklyn (played by Amanda Setton) came in and that’s where she gave me (Jason) the letter from Monica. That was a very hard scene for me to do. That was a tough one. That was the one time I was almost going to call ‘cut!’  It read ‘Jason, I believe in you.’ I was literally going to walk off the set.”

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To clarify and in the story, Monica was saying “I believe in you” and that she knows Jason didn’t shoot Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Steve added, “It was tough, man. Emotionally, it was a tough scene. It was overwhelming in the moment.”

Steve went on to detail to Anderson, “She (Brook Lynn) pushed it to me and I read it and she was walking out and I had to stop her, but I was so emotional I couldn’t even get it out.  And at that point, I’m like, ‘Do I just keep going … or do I just walk off the set right now?’ But, I knew just to stay, because it’s so hard to get back there, once you shut it down. I knew, the next take wasn’t going to be the same.”

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If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

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