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Hollywood Heights Melissa Ordway Cast As Abby Newman On The Young and the Restless!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

As Emme Rylan departed her role as Abby Newman on The Young and the Restless for General Hospital to play Lulu Spencer, the CBS soap recast the role right away with former Hollywood Heights star, Melissa Ordway, according to a report from Daytime Confidential!

Ordway most recently played Chloe on Nick at Nite’s Hollywood Heights, and this marks the third performer from former Hollywood Heights and current Y&R executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps, who has been in a recast in a role on the number one soap.  Melissa Ordway follows Robert Adamson (Noah) and Hunter King (Summer).  According to DC, Ordway will first appear on the April 22nd episode as the new Newman heiress!

So soap fans, what do you think of the casting of Melissa Ordway as Abby? Weigh-in!

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JFP strikes again! Hiring her former employees. Before you know it Y and R will be a Primetime novella!

There is nothing wrong with people hiring people they have worked with in the past and know- it is done all the time, in all kinds of businesses– just look at how many former Y&R actors ended up on Bell’s other soap B&B over the years– it just the way the world works– but in the end who you know might get you in the door- but if you fail to deliver the goods- eventually your behind will see the door.

I love this idea. The old Abby was annoying. I love Sharon Case, Drucilla still needs to come back to the show. Love Phyllis and Jack and that Summer is Jacks. Love Dylan is gonna turn out to be Sharons half brother. Love Sharon and Adam. They need to replace this Chelsea character she can’t act! Send her back to Pine Valley

Please get rid of Chelsea and Chloe. Those two need a recast!

I vote for getting rid of MCE. she cannot act her way out of a paper bag. I don’t get the hype.

MK, what is so wrong with that? We have lost very little compared to what we have gained. We finally have the majority of the cast working and their stories are moving along better. Many are getting juicy stories for their Emmy reels.

Actors leave jobs all the time either on their own or being let go. Contrary to what some believe, Y&R has not become this revolving door. It is the natural ebb and flow of this business.

The only thing I would like to see is more story line for the Mason character because I see some potential in him.

I like new beauty. So I am down with the new Abby. Marcy was so so a character it is not like trying to replace a icon like Sharon or Phyllis or Mrs. C or Drucilla or the hot mess they did when trying to replace the awesome Shelia with Phyllis’s face. That was an insult to us the fans and the icon Kim Brown as Shelia! 🙂

she look way older than Abby. Love the old Abby. Always changing thing.

she is actually younger then emme. Emme is 32. the new actresses 29

Emme had a youthful spirit about her and that is why she played 20 something Abby so well. This new actress, just by her photo alone, seems so much older, not just on looks but vibe she is projecting in her picture. Hopefully this new actress can capture some of the spunk Emme gave Abby, but change always forces us to accept a new normal- so eventually whatever she brings to Abby will become Abby for me.

Mary SF, I think they broke the mold when they made Emme. I have shared tweets between her and she is just amazing and down to Earth and not to mention very appreciative. I suppose it helps that she is from a small town and she hasn’t lost that part about her or maybe it is because we both have little boys the same age. Whatever it is, I am so happy for her to have contractual work. I thought she got the biggest kick in the teeth when she was let go before the holidays.

As for the new actress, I think she will be fine since she will be working with the Y&R legends most likely taking her under their wings.

Like the old abby (sassy) the one is doing better..

I want Emme back!! She was great in Guiding Light and she was a great Abby Newman!! She plays “bubbly” very well!

Don;t know yet until see her show and until then I give the actress the benefit of doubt. Y&r was not half to recast the role, if they have put marcy rylan back on contract. Jess walton is not even on contract she could go to another show

They totally should have put Emme on contract. It’s a loss, but somehow I doubt Jill thinks so. She’s probably in her rolodex seeing who else she can recast with a pal.

Yes, folks. It’s time. The gloves come off. I gave JFP the benefit of the doubt until now, but so far Y&R is still just grinding gears and spinning its wheels in the daytime ditch not going anywhere. This show has been boring for a long time and still is. All these Hollywood Heights cast replants and the Jason Morgan Show reprise is enough to make me not even want to bother tuning in. Watching paint try would be a more colorful experience. JFP = Just F’n Pathetic.

hmm ”Y&R grinding gears and boring as watching paint dry” ..
Didntcha hear Y&R is the #1 soap the past 2 decades .
No other soap has been #1 in decades, so it being redundant and boring must be tyepo’s 😉

Well Jeffrey I think they should wear Friends of Jill in every scene their in. This was probably the plan all along when they brought Marcy Rylan back I was surprised.

That was quick! Is she on contract or recurring?

And some people thought JMB ex Lulu was going to be the new Abby. I knew better.

I know it was me and I lost $50 I was just throwing the idea out there.

I just regret not betting against you but its all in

Hey Jim if I had read the article on Jane Elliott/Tracy GH I would have known better, so it is all Mr. Fairman’s fault, just kidding. Now if BB does not come over to Y&R I lose another $50.00 to my sis I think I will stop making bets I am not a physic.

Good grief. Is it any surprise? So tired of this.

I’m really going to miss Emme. 🙁

this show needs help. Its been dying a slow death for years now and JFP recasting everyone from Hollywood Heights isnt going to solve the problem. Letting Marcy Rylan get away was a stupid move.

Look at how smartly GH is utilizing the current cast with fan favorites. THAT is what should be happening here. I watched my last episode of B&B when the Taylor(the ultimate hypocritte) slept with Eric. I have no problem turning this off for good if it doesnt improve.

The destruction continues. If Y&R would focus on writing great story lines instead of how to get rid of great actors their ratings may soar. This BS is just pissing fans off and eventually will push fans away. There isn’t enuf new viewers to make up the difference. Good thing we made 40. Next milestone could be canceling. Hope I am wrong.

Glad they are keeping Abby around. I don’t know what to think until I see her onscreen.

I do not watch y and R regularly, but this is a shame because this actor is not very good. I was a fan of Hollywood Heights, and she was just the worst of all.

I have to agree about the actress. I’ve seen her on HH. I also can’t see her as Abby.

Tiring of YR. I have 2 weeks worth of shows sitting on my DVR.

Maybe by being in scenes with such legends as Melody Thomas Scott, Peter Bergman, and Eric Braeden, this actress will turn around. How can she not if she shares scenes with others like Billy Miller, Amelia Heinle, Joshua Morrow, etc.?

I say give the girl a fair chance.

Love this idea. I was not a fan of the old Abby anymore. Now recast Chelsea and either bring back Chance for Chloe or get rid of her also. This show has some other great actresses like Sharon Case, Michelle S. and the one who plays cricket. Loved Drucilla. Shame she is not back yet. I do not like Leslie at all.

Chance would have to be a recast because the actor who played him is in the service now.

I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in … of Drucilla ever coming back.

I have not seen her acting, so I can’t honestly judge. I will wait until she comes on as Abby. But JFP has been hit VS. miss with her casting. Robert is working as Noah finally, but the girl playing Summer just is not. So hopefully this is another hit on her part.

The three from HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS that we have so far have been very good additions, especially Adamson. I think the new Abby will be fine and I bet she will have more storyline than poor Emme was given before being rehired to recurring.

I have to wonder if it is the ACTORS being hired these days or that the characters are actually being allowed to shine. I thought very little for Max Ehrlich playing Fenmore Baldwin because he never said anything and just sat their emoting, but this actor has really had some good material and it shows. It makes me wonder if the actress that played Summer before King took over would have done the same. Oh well.

I really like the actor who plays Noah but he does look like he could be Sharon’s young lover instead of her son. Just not thrilled with this new pushy ex-girlfriend.

Well, as far as I am concerned JFP’s hirings from HH have been plus one, negative one. Adamson is good as Noah, certainly more believable in the role that Schmidt. However, the one playing Summer is dreadful. She speaks funny (not quite a lisp but some weird thing she does), she “acts” by making stupid faces and slumping her shoulders.

So, will this new buddy of JFP’s tip the scales one way or another?

kill Farren Phelps FOJ .everything stays the same ,nothing changes. Was waiting for this why Rylan was only on recurring.
I don’t watch Y&R , but I do watch GH and I Did watch GL welcome to GH she is adorable and I loved her as Lizzie.

And this is how you know that Y&R screwed up with the budget cuts. There’s so much uncertainty with that show that cast members are actually leaving. They should have done everything they could to keep M. Ryan and instead she jumped ship.

Serves them right.

Good….nick and chelsea need to get together

I actually like Nick with Avery. I prefer Chelsea with Dillon. I didn’t like her with Adam. I think however that Dillon will find out that the child that Chelsea is carrying is not his and they might her up back with Adam. I hope not, but that’s where I see it’s going.

No way can this gal replace Rylan. Cough up the big bucks.

I don’t like her….I like the old abby this new chick is not abby character like.

Totally agree with you. This new Abby is too stiff and she can’t act for beans. Getting rid of Marcy was a terrible mistake!

I can’t get used to this new Abby either. I usually fast forward the scenes with her. I miss Marcy. They should of gave her more money. I don’t care for the new Summer either. I thought the other one was very good. I don’t understand why they hire new actors who just make the show boring. I find myself fast forward scenes with Chloe and Kevin as well. I think they should get rid of Chloe and Kevin. I don’t care for this Nick. I liked the other one before who looks something like the new Kyle. I liked Blake Hood and they got rid of him too. If they continue this I’m just gonna stop watching altogether.

Love the new Abby. Way better looking and not annoying.

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