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Holy Cassadine! Thaao Penghlis Set To Return To General Hospital!



We have set it before, and we will say it again, the hits keeps coming from General Hospital! 

This time, they step back into the heyday with the news today from Soap Opera Digest that none other than Thaao Penghlis is set to reprise his role as Victor Cassadine!

For those who recall, it was back in 1981 in the Gloria Monty days and the Ice Princess storyline, that we were first introduced to Victor.

After the entire Ice Princess plot was foiled by none other than Luke Spencer, apparently Victor was sent to prison! According to a tweet from Penghlis today when fans were commenting that this could be another back-from-the-dead storyline, Thaao related about Victor C:  “If you knew the history he was the only one that survived and went to prison.”

Thaao will be back on set early next year at General Hospital and his first air date is tentatively set for January 30, 2014!

Days of our Lives fans know Penghlis very well for his portrayal of Tony (and Andre) DiMera over decades on the NBC soap, too!

So, what do you think about the news of the character of Victor Cassadine coming back to GH? How do you think he will figure into story? Comment below!

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YaY! Terrific news!

between Robert and Luke. be great exit for Robert. and wouldn’t it be great to see Helena to come back from the dead and go up against her brother-in-law. and Victor to end up teaming with Luke to bring down the Dragon Lady?

i really hope he comes back as a good guy. that Robert Scorpio knew about his whereabouts, like he’s been undercover for the WSB all these years as a plea deal. and it would be so cool if Sean and Tiffany would come back too. what a great love triangle that would make! like Sean knew all about this too right along with Robert. putting a rift between Sean and Tiff and between Robert and Luke. be great exit for Robert. and wouldn’t it be great to see Helena to come back from the dead and go up against her brother-in-law. and Victor to end up teaming with Luke to bring down the Dragon Lady?

yes that is a great news

I love him, but lets get an actual story for AJ who is on trial! Bring his family to supppurt him. Monica, at least!!

I agree.

I second that motion—missing those Quartermaines!!!

I also agree..More Monica and AJ..The cast is very large, so focus on the fan favorites more..Very tired of the same old Cassadine vs Spencer plot..Why not focus on a new Cassadine Vs Sonny Corinthos story..I think that should be a blast to watch.

me too that will be interesting

I agree!!! What was the point of getting us to like him only to drop him????

I don’t know

I will me kara anderson i will gave him my support

I am a part of his fan group. I have enjoyed his performances in many shows. He recently did a couple of Christian films, ‘The Book of Esther’ and ‘Redeemed’. He is a marvelous actor and a great cook. Its a true blessing to have him back in his element. I look forward to seeing him back in his office. Full throttle Thaao!

your right I ‘am very happy he is back

No offense to the actor, but I am over the returns from the dead of over the top villains. We just got done with the Faison/Dr. O/Jerry Jacks nuttiness. We know who is going to win from the outset. Is Luke Spencer really going to die? Doubtful. When will we get back to the GH that told stories that mean something? ENOUGH!

Actually, it is a known fact that Victor NEVER died, he was only sent to prison. Also, Penghlis himself confirmed this on Twitter earlier today, his character was never killed off.

just shows how much these so called soap fans know………….

Dear Ethel – I apologize that the information I stated was wrong. I was only sighting info from soap central, and GH itself. Soap Central said that the character was presumed dead. And Nikolas, Helena and others have all stated that Nikolas was the last of the Cassadines. I believe that Nikolas even said that he was alone in the world not so long ago. So for now I’ll just genuflect to your superior soap knowledge despite the fact that I’ve been watching the show for close to 30 years.

I would LOVE to see Victor Cassadine back (hopefully NOT from the dead)…. but I agree with MC in that I don’t respect RC’s writing ability enough to presume that he can do justice to the storyline. I don’t want to see campiness here. Have to also say MC, I think you’ll be disappointed from now until the day GH is cancelled if you expect to see stories that mean something from this head writer. He doesn’t have talent, he doesn’t have the depth, he doesn’t have the humility to understand what used to make GH great, indeed, iconic. That show is sadly long gone, even if we all DO love seeing the vets onscreen again.

So is he here to pick up Sabrina’s wedding dress? is he going to be on for one episode and say about ten words? Inquireing minds would like to know! Just what is RC doing over there?

Elizabeth, I totally respect that RC’s writing isn’t your cup of tea. But I would argue that GH *is* in a “great” era right now. The actors are happy, the fans are (mostly) happy, it’s using history like never before, and it recently got SIX YEAR high ratings in the demo after steadily improving ratings over the more than a year RC has been writing the show. Does he have faults? Absolutely. I think his canvas is too big (too many characters). Other things (like resting characters for 2-3 weeks at a time) I now like, but just needed time to get used to. The humor I LOVE, so while I get it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s one of the primary reasons (the show has lightened up considerably) that I’m a daily viewer again instead of a 2-3 times a month viewer who watches clips on YouTube. The show is great and iconic again, and is the daytime show with the most mainstream news coverage and buzz and has been for over a year now. When people talk about soaps coming back from the dead, they keep pointing to GH because it has had the same kind of creative resurgence that DAYS has had, but actually has the ratings to back it up as well (it helps that it’s not up against the #1 show in any markets, like DAYS is). So it’s okay that you don’t love it and the days of GH having a more traditional or at least different tone than it does now. But to say GH is meanningless or that the writer is talentless is too far, IMO. It’s just very different–moves faster, mixes a higher ratio of shallower stories with one heavy one at a time, and splits time among a huge canvas of cast members–but that also means we see more vets who were previously fired and we see a lot more history being played. To just write all of that off, including the ratings success, as not worth anything, while only focusing on what RC does poorly, doesn’t seem fair. If we really went back and looked at Monty, or Marland, or Nixon, or Bell, or Reilly, all considered greats now, there was a lot onscreen at the time that no one remembers because it wasn’t that great, and there were plenty of characters and stories that didn’t work. We remember one or two great stories from each few years and great performances and that’s what a writer is defined for for history, not the day to day. We forget that stuff looking back.

Well Breck, you are certainly more trusting than I am. I attribute much of the ratings success to the return of the vets and I am guessing that when the 50th year of celebration is over we won’t see them any more, at least in major roles. I also differentiate between humor, which is funny and enjoyable as compared with camp, which is unfortunately stupid and cartoon-like. There is plenty of opportunity to be faster moving without skipping over half the story (most recent example we have learned is that there have been NO scenes taped between Patrick and Robin where he even asks her what she endured in captivity. Most viewers I would bet would be interested in that scene despite it slowing down the pace.) I guess my biggest issue is that I was never a fan of One Life to Live, thus am not interested in an amalgamation of both shows.

luke spencer will not die i know he is sick he will survive it

Love Thaao. He’s the best. GH has a new fan!

Love Thaao Phenglis no matter what role he plays. I’m happy he’s returning to GH, but I’ve been waiting for him to return to DOOL for years.

RC sure likes his back-from-the-dead storylines. I’m not complaining because I’m loving the returns, but it is getting a bit redundant.

ohhh my gawd!!
GH is bursting with excitement!!!

I love the idea of Thaao returning to GH after all these years! I got a suggestion-how about casting Leann Hunley as Tiffany who was Victor’s love interest back then? Then we can have a Victor/Tiffany/Sean triangle and bring Tiffany and Sean back home along with their daughter!

just to see Leann Hunley back on screen in any capacity… would be out of this world…

however: she belongs on DAYS… wishful thinking….

she should be back in Salem… to give some femininity and Womanly adversary… for the DiMera’s


sorry to say this: what if… Leann Hunley dyed her hair… brown/red and TA-DA! is a recast for Bobbie Spencer?

would’nt this knock our socks off… as Carly’ mother… and Luke’s sister….


I love Jaclyn Zeamon… don’t get me wrong….

@Patrick….Thaao and Leann made a fabulous supercouple….full of class and elegance, which is so sorely missing in today’s soap world! Would love to see them reunited in a new way on GH. That being said, I will happily welcome Victor back solo to Port Charles to wreak some dastardly deeds in his own dashing and debonair fashion! Just wish his old nemesis and romantic rival, Robert Scorpio would be there to greet him!!!!

Wow great news. who else is coming back for 2014, alan quartermaine and emily. You never know? Maybe there alive, locked in the room.

FV seems to be bringing back the great actors that made GH great!!
I am all for it.. to have these great actors back to enhance GH and bring us great stories preformed by the great actors, it doesn’t get ant better than that!!

GH has an abundance of excitement and having these great actors/characters back is wonderful!!

I love it!!!!!!!!


I am happy for the Cassidines, yeah!!!!

I agree 100%

I do not see it as back from the dead..
There were no bodies etc..
I see it as bringing the best back; great entertainment!!

FV and RC are bringing back the best of GH to give us the best stories possible!!

This is getting to be a lot like Dark Shadows where the dead rarely stayed dead!

victor cassidine never died – he survived & went to prison……….

Thanks 4 reply…i got him mixed up with another Cassidine…but with others back from the dead…Robin, Julian, Duke and maybe Lily its still a little Dark Shadowish!

Would rather see another Cassadine back, than Kiki, Sonny, Carly, or Franco!

Yeahh!!! Gh is the best!!

I question this. This show is already overun with villains, murderers, psychopaths, and mobsters.. So we really need this forgttable Cassadine who made nary an impact at all?? There are so many beloved characters to being back from he dead that were killed during the Guza regime…Alan…Georgie..Emily…etc…Could we not have the return of them instead of more villains?? So many vets are currently not being used….I wouldn’t even classify Thaao as a GH vet. DAYS vet for sure….but GH has mishandled so many vets recently…their treatment of Genie Francis has been terrible.Felicia and Mac put in a token appearance once a month. I just sincerely don’t get it. This Victor Cassadine will bring no shock or emotional impact or value. Why bother??

well,you can always tune out and read a book, no need to suffer through it..

I love it!! It will create great entertainment!! 🙂

Or I can keep watching and comment on it like you and everyone else. Without being instructed to go read a book

thank you for posting this………….gh is the best soap on right now – i know because i watch all four remaining soaps that are on the air!

Superb news for #GH. Thaao Penghlis is talented, approachable and ever so professional. Big win for viewers and fans.

I agree with you 100%

I think it’s great!!! Nikolas needs some of his crazy family back! Had hopd it would be Steven Nichols as Stephan… this is still great!!!

yeah i wants stefan back too but i’ll take victor…………

would love Stephen Nichols to return!!! Then all my dreams would be complete 🙂

LONG OVERDUE!!! The return of an original Cassadine from ’81- I wonder if he will go after Tiffany for betraying him all those years ago. Of course, that depends on Sharon Wyatt’s health.

It would be awesome to see Tiffany and Sean back together again.

Such great news !!!

YEAH….he is such a great actor, GH has rocked it this year and I can’t wait to see what is coming in 2014.
Thank you GH

This must be the sl that TR had to be wrote out of. I was hoping for a roiniesbert and victor they were eminies before the ice story. Been ating for his return s TP left Days. Stephan sad that Victor ws dead . but never believed it.

Alan is dead let him rip……the original actor is retired. Blind items clearly stated he had issues reading the teleprompter.

I’d love to see Victor, Stephan, Starvos, and Nicholas ALL take up residency at Spoon Island. We need a core family on the show since they seem to be going away from the Quartermaines again. Yeah the Cassidines are evil but most people with money and or power are. Can you imagine those four guys in one mansion. Who would take out the garbabe?

I’m game!

Love it can’t wait till he’s back

BEST news ever!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Thaao!!!! Days blew it when they let Tony DiMera go so I’m thrilled Victor Cassadine is back!!!! Doing the happy dance!!!! 😀

I agree with you thaao will be great as usual on GH or Days

Days loss is GH’s gain…looking forward to more campy fun!!

Agreed Bella! I started watching Thaao as Victor long before Tony DiMera but I love both characters .. Thaao is just sexy & dashing no matter who he plays!! Can’t wait for his first airdate 🙂

DAYS’ loss is GH’s gain. Thaao always plays powerful villain characters; and never “phones it in”. Hoping for a long run for Victor Cassadine on GH!

The Cassadine’s belong back on GH!!!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED. Thaao on days of our lives. Then that means that I will LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE him, on GH twice as much. I know of his character, and his history but I never watched his character before. So watching him as Victor is new for me. Thaao is one iconic daytime actors that ever lived. It’s like it has come full circle for him. First he started on GH, then onto DOOL, and now back to GH. That’s what makes him iconic.

What’s with all of these people coming back from the dead? When they say they are dead……they NEVER show them dead, just so that they can bring them back at some point.

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The good news is Dante pulled through and is now back to his old self, and just in time for Dominic Zamprogna’s 15th anniversary with the ABC daytime drama series, which is June 22nd.

Dominic spoke to Soap Opera Digest on his milestone, and reflected back on the fan response from earlier this year when it may have appeared he was exiting the show for a second time.


Zamprogna shared, “It’s nice to hear you say that people were worried about me – when I went into Frank’s (Valentini, EP, GH) office and he told me I was going into a coma, I started to worry about me (laughs)!”

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Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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