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Linsey Godfrey Clarifies She Did Not Exit DAYS Due to Mental Health Issues

Photo: JPI

Former Days of our Lives star, Linsey Godfrey (Ex-Sarah) wanted to clear the air on social media yesterday for those who were perceiving that the reason she departed her role on the NBC soap opera was because of her struggles with mental health.

Back in March, the Emmy-nominated actress shared some very personal information in order to help others – she suffers from Borderpolar – which means she has both Bipolar Disorder II and Borderline Personality Disorder, which can cause depression, anxiety, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.  Godfrey also shared how her conditions are very manageable and that she is not taking a break from acting.

For those who perhaps misunderstood, Godfrey did not choose, or leave, the NBC soap due to anything related to her health from her statement.  It clearly appears that she was written-out.

Linsey expressed: “Hi. I wanted to be clear, me choosing to be open about my mental health has always been as a means to help normalize the conversation around mental health. I want to help destigmatize these issues. Not because I’m taking a break from acting for my own mental health. I’m not sure how my history with cancer got brought into this either. I’m an actor. Sometimes we’re working & the other times we’re auditioning. But making assumptions that it’s because of my mental health is the reason why me talking about mental health issues is important. I shared my diagnoses to show that mental health doesn’t discriminate. I didn’t expect me sharing that, would turn into a rumor mill as to why I’m not currently on a show. These thought processes are exactly why the discussion around mental health is so important. Again, I appreciate it but I’m not taking a break from acting. I’m not on a mental health break. I just shared my experience to help normalize.”

So, do you miss Linsey on DAYS?  Do you appreciate how she is trying to help others through her social media posts? Comment below.

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Well, I distinctly remember speculation at THIS site that she left because of mental health issues… Kudos to Godfrey for her openness, though her fans certainly aren’t owed any explanation.

The storyline involving her departure was idiotic, infuriating, and insulting. I, for one (of many, no doubt), miss the character of Sara and hope that Godfrey returns to DOOL at some point.

I agree, James—-albeit I am not a fan of the actress—yet, be that as it may, I had no idea she had these medical isdues. This is the first I heard of it. I am happy to hear she is handling her depression and bipolar condition. She sounds very positive—good thing!!.
It makes one ponder —-did the network terminated the role for exactly those reasons? Too coincidental, perhaps??
Personally, I think Sarah should have continued the role. She “healed” Xander and I so liked the reborn character. At the very least, Sarah should have been recast—-her absence only messed everything up for so many characters.
Salem has become Zombie-Town—-oh, wait; it has always been thus. LOL.
Aside—-I mute Chanel(le) whenever she’s on. The most annoying character yet!! Why can she just come out and say she’s gay/bi? Why beat around the bush? Maybe she’s confused. That’s fine.
The writers are doing the role an injustice. This is the 21st Century—-no one puts labels on anyone unless he/she is a bigot.
My best friend is gay and he was confused before he came out. But, one comes to an age where the confusion dissipates.
So, it seems to me that Chanel knows exactly who she is. Yet, her playfully-in-your-face- nonchalant attitude is unnerving. I get the urge to smack that spoiled brat mentality off her face. There must be a serious side to her—show it for petey-sakes!!

Decimating the Horton family is shameful. Laura was killed off. Maggie is rarely seen.

Sarah, Jennifer, and Hope are all gone.

Ron C. prefers to write for his newbies and pets. He did the same thing at General Hospital to the point where there was hardly a recognizable or likeable character.

I love Jackee, but her character and story is a disaster!! And all the newbies in her circle seem forced in.

Now that this show has a firm 2 year deal, it is time for a new writer!! Enough drugging, doppelgängers, and dungeons. Those are the only stories Ron seems to know how to write.

Well said, JJ—-I am not feeling any story. Child’s play!!
This Jan/Gwen/Dr Sneider “melodrama” is another example of a dormant imagination.
As my grandmother is wont to say, “Something’s gotta give…!!”

Fire head writer Ron Carlivati! He has written of Sarah, Hope, Adriene, Eric, Vivian (I love Linda Dano as the new Vivian), Kristen, Stephan O, and Abigail (find a new love interest for Abigail)

Get rid of all these boring characters including Belle, Sean, Phillip, Chloe, Gwen, Chad, Jan, Claire, Jack (Jack is no good without Mellissa Reeves), Allie, and Chanel. Doesn’t Carlivati understand that Hope and Jennifer cannot be replaced! He is ruining the show.

Not only are the characters you mentioned insipid, I can’t see their purpose. The repetitive hospitalization of Jan is so dumb. Nobody cares!!
Chloe—yeah—another useless role put there to start friction between Philip and Brady. How old are these people? They act like teenagers in the throes of first, innocent love–Played and replayed.
Recasts of characters who have spent most of their lives on the show doesn’t work for me either, Lesa.
My grandmother told me that Josh Taylor originally played a bartender ( or manager in a bar) named Chris Kositchek. I guess he left the show and came back as Roman, who had been played by Wayne Northrop.She said it took her years to get used to the nuRoman.
Now, my eyes need adjusting to his blond hair.

I have to agree with your opinion. For every ‘kidnapped’ person to end up in the Dimera ‘secret’ wine cellar is rediculas and redundant. After soooo many people have been secretly held and hidden there, anyone with half a brain would look there first.
They are either sending actors away, killing or kidnapping them, soon there won’t be anyone left on the show except Doug and Julie….lol. ( I do love Doug & Julie).
Sending Ciara away again was just plain Dumb! Surely they could come up with a better storyline.
And Zander….love this guy❤️ I was sooo looking forward to he and Sarah finally getting married.
Negative waves is what I’m getting from watching this show. Nothing good happens, no happiness for anyone. And BTW… how the heck can Kristen pick up and move all these people she’s kidnapped to other places…ain’t no way she could pick them up! Good Grief!
I think Days does need new and expendable characters so they can expand storylines. Add some interest to the show. I’ve watched Days from the start and don’t want to see it succumb to another Talk Show or Game Show. Gotta spice it up and by all means…ditch the inescapable wine cellar
Anita Hawkins

Perfectly said!!

Thank you, Celia! I enjoy reading your further thoughts on Sarah — forgive my own initial misspelling of the character’s name — particularly her relationship with Zander. And I continue to assert my hope that Godfrey will be back in the role.

Plus, I appreciate your discussion of the gay issue. And I admire you for your allegiance and support of your best friend! I may be in the minority here — how’s this for a segue? — but I am actually enjoying the character of Chanel. And I think we got a glimpse of her serious side in her scenes with Eli. No mic drop moment to be sure, but a towel drop moment…

Hey, James—I had yet to see the scene in question when I commented.
Yes, I guess Chanel does have a serious side–perhaps her reticence is a facade….. A defense mechanism. Was she mocked because of her sexual orientation? Teased? Verbally tortured? Who knows? Why not delve into her past?
People can be vicious, James—it’s all about ignorance and the fear of trying to know and understand that homosexuality is not a disease. Words hurt and although my friend is very happily married, the battle scars are indelible.
Some wounds never heal.
TPTB completely walked in circles around Will and Sonny—Their story was too tailored and then they werebsent to pasture.
Chanel’s story is a perfect opportunity to paint a picture; that is, homosexuality is not a choice—-no more than being able to choose one’s eye color. It’s biological, not psychological.
Now, with Chanel, I feel that the writers are not being true to the character—But, hopefully there will be lots of room to expand and explore….
So, I was glad to see that there is a real person/brain inside that seemingly lackadaisical personality.
Stay well. My friend.

Celia, you make a lot of great points! The exploration of the character of Chanel could be a great opportunity to address issues you’ve outlined. I admit I was put off by her character in her debut, but she has grown on me. Also, I like your analysis of Will and Sonny (“too tailored”); likewise, I considered it “too antiseptic” at times. A good ride, though. Take care, Friend!

I miss so many characters that made Days worth watching. Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), Will & Sonny, Hope and, once again, Abigail.

I completely agree with you James- I hope someday, DAYS will bring back Sarah Horton and in the form of Linsey Godfrey, and as fan, I appreciate her openness and wanting to share personal matters to help others. She’s a powerhouse and a true gem. She is greatly missed on Days, it’s a real shame that they paired her with Rex, then Eric, then almost Brady and had something quite special with Xander and then wrote her off. Her scenes with Paul Telfer were fantastic.Thanks Linsey for your honesty and truth. Keep on acting! Know that you are missed.
And thank for setting the record straight. You are a class act. Linsey power!

Jeremy, thank you for your reply! Glad we are both fans of Godfrey as Sarah. And I agree with your point about the “pointless” pairing of Sarah with the others before establishing a great pairing with Xander, scenes that you rightly consider “fantastic.” I admire your further accolades to Godfrey.

PS: Assuming “Jeremy” is your real name, while in my early 20s, I almost legally changed my name to “Jeremy” (always liked the name) — backstory not worth getting into here — but I decided to stick with my formal, given name. And all is well! Take care.

@JAMES. James, I think is quite a British name, I like it! And, Jeremy is definitely my real name. Anyways, I do hope that Linsey has/had the power to submit herself/her work on DAYS for the Daytime Emmy Awards (this June). She had some really great material when she had to turn over Mickey to Kristen, and as quirky and child-like her depiction could be – she was fine at her job. I preferred her with longer wavy hair. So many hair styles. Anyways, Zander began to change because of his admiration and love for Sarah. Now, he’s striking a deal with Sammy for $10 million to save her and Lucas’s lives. They are moving Zander backwards, quickie marriage to Channel, doing it drunk with Nicole, etc.
Paul manages to make the horrific story-telling… work. But, it’s time to bring Sarah back from “that Island” that Kristen sent her to. Linsey was always a fresh breath of air and had fantastic energy… I found her portrayal with Eric to be very special, too… but they
wrote her into this quirky/little girl like way, unless, Linsey chose to play it like that. But that cutesy demeanour didn’t work for me. Regardless, I hope we will see Sarah return and like I mentioned previously, I hope DAYS has sense to rehire Linsey and return to Zander who is completely damaged again. Wasn’t he originally abandoned by his Scottish/Greek immediate family? Then, it took years for Uncle Vic to “care” about him. Then, Sarah “abandons” him and now look at Zander – what a mess, a silly and pointless marriage to sleeping with Nicole, to blackmailing Sammy for cash. I hope DAYS will get a NEW HEAD writer(s) soon. And, I implore DAYS to bring back Greg Meng (former EP) back… the show is SO LUCKY to be rewarded two years more… they best use their best resources or get some new hands on deck to turn this show around. Don’t get me started
on Kristen being Susan, and also being Kate, and was also Sarah, too! General Hospital is now my preferred soap, I only watch DAYS and GH. At least with GH, I feel like the writing is getting much better and interesting stories are unfolding. DAYS, needs some new blood. Best,
Jeremy, the one, thee only. 🙂

Jeremy’s spoken… And James finds himself in agreement with all that Jeremy has said, including Godfrey being Emmy-worthy, exasperation with Kristen impersonating others, the senseless trashing of Zander’s character, and the need for new and improved writers for this show. I did like Sarah with Eric, too. I am a former GH viewer, although I will stop by on occasion, as I did on Friday, for the send-off episode for Sean.

Thanks also for the reciprocation on our name discussion. Take care, Friend!

PS, James—Pardon my grammar mistake ( ….did the network terminate; not terminated)—-I check the comments off and on between classes and breaks, so I type in a hurry.
Also, I wanted to stress that although I am not too fond of Godfrey, she was doing an amazing job as Sarah. I would love to know why the role was eliminated—or was it?

Godfrey should have been put in the position of having to explain her medical condition which is none of our business. In Godfrey’s place I would have just simply ignored the speculation and continued on without comment.

Oh my gosh. You couldn’t have said it better. Linsey is an awesome actress and I miss her even from the bold in the beautiful days. Please come back when you’re ready because you are awesome.

I wish TPTB would bring her back. I loved her and Xander story….he always teeter on the good/bad side and she grounded him

I loved her with Xander too. I miss them as a couple.

I own up to my mistakes. After the announcement was made about her health issues, she left the show, & neither side addressed what happened. That was all we knew, so I like many others wished her well, & didn’t question her or the show about her absence. There might have been a petition to bring her back, if the show let her go, or a goodbye/thank you to fans, if she just wanted to move on. We respectfully just took her last post to heart, & wished her well.

Linsey should be back on the show. As good as the show had been, it was good because it kept bringing back core characters with new great story lines. Linsey was one of them. There is an emptiness without her on the show and the Xander character has been left out there in the cold without Sarah. The Sarah/Xander storyline needs to be back. This is a power couple.

I never did care for her character, but I did like her and Zander together.

I have a mental health illness’s .It doesnt mean you are crazy it is just a problem with your mind.It can be so upsetting and annoying at times.So if she had a mental illness big deal.Doesnt make her crazy or anything like that.I didnt like her character anyway.SHe was not a bad actress there was just no need for her to be on the show.

The way DOOL writers really messed up the storylines of Sara and Zander and also Ben and Ciara…to let them be married for and happy for five minutes I guess is too much to ask for…would have made the show much more enjoyable..all the kidnappings are just tiresome…

It seems that soap writers but in particular DOOL, don’t know how to write for a married couple. I liked Sarah and Xander but thought that she acted a little immature or like his boss. As for Ben and Ciara, there was no need to bring Theo in the middle of it.

You are a very good actress enjoyed you on Bold & Beautiful just as well on Days Of Our Lives enjoy your life.

No, I do not miss her on days, never cared for her on the show. When I learned about her part in Melissa Reeves hopefully temporarily leaving the show I liked her even less. I hate these bullies that don’t allow freedom of speech or expression unless it coincides with theirs.

She is my all time favorite on Days bring her back to Xander

No idea how low the bar is that she received an Emmy nod, but I stopped watching the show while she was on it. The story line and the acting was difficult to witness. Then, she got political. Adios Amigo.

I would love to know what she is doing now or what her next tv/movie work will be. I do miss her on Days.

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The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards featured 98-year-old television icon, Dick Van Dyke receiving the first Daytime Emmy in his career for his performance as Timothy Robicheaux on Days of our Lives in the Outstanding Guest Performer category.

In addition, Kelly Clarkson made a live appearance at the Daytime Emmys for the first time in several years, and her series, The Kelly Clarkson Show, took home the Outstanding Talk Show award for the fourth year in a row.

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