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Matthew Ashford Talks Jack’s Political Decisions & Amnesia On All-New Episode Of ‘Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast’

Photos: NBC

The latest installment of of NBC’s Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast is out now featuring conversations and segments with three of the popular stars of the long-running daytime drama series.

First, host Michael Fairman chants with Matthew Ashford for a return visit and six-month check-in since he first returned to DAYS as the beloved Jack Deveraux but with a twist!  Yup, Dr. Rolf got a hold of the guy, and he has amnesia.

Now after this return, he is won the mayoral race in Salem, placed Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) as the police commissioner, and is trying to get Haley (Thia Megia) deported out of the country in the immigration storyline, even though his son, JJ (Casey Moss) is in love with the young woman.  In the meantime, Jack is upsetting his family and loved ones with his latest personality change, while Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) hopes somehow she get still get through to her one true love, so he remember his past.  On the podcast, Matt dives into all of it.

Later in a dressing room, segment, Camila Banus (Gabi) and Freddie Smith (Sonny)  chat about working on the show, with each other, and some other fun tidbits as they catch up.  And as viewers know, Gabi and Sonny, as well as Will (Chandler Massey) all have a unique and special relationship with one another.

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To listen to the podcast go to iTunes to download or you can head over to and listen there as well.

Now, let us know in the comment section below; how you are liking the current machinations of Jack, and if you prefer him with Eve, or are you still hoping for a reunion with Jennifer?

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@DAYS of OUR Lives ; Ron Carlivati CURRENTLY, you’ve got three “leading” ladies who are working their arse of All three have been FIRED – I question this 1. my lovely forever emmy nominated Olivia Rose Keegan. she’s a mega watt force.. who does have a lot of physical and facial expression.. but no matter… she’s intriguing stuff to watch. she’s the last of the SORAS 5 teen beat to be let go. ???? was this done for the salary of Stephen Johnson and Matthew Ashford ? and/or to bring back Stacy AND Peter (Kristen / Xander ) ???? please less spotlight on Nicole Walker ! Ari Zucker ? oh well as much as I love my burgeoning Erica Kane in the form of Ciera Alice’ Victoria Konefal.. and her uber hotted out romance with Ben. SIZZLEAN anyone… this is FIRE. I keep going back to my Claire… wounded ? how has she made it all this time without Belle and Shawn and grandma Marlena ? yet she did. 2. Chloe played by the always on fire, present, should have catapulted to the top of the line. I especially thought this would be the case… she and Julie bought VIP . Nadia Bjorlin. who was working FANTASTIC – magic – WITH Tyler Christopher… GOD the chemistry was leaping out of the telee. WOAH. let me tell you this @Ron C. whatever reasons behind the – firing- of Tyler. He LOOKED EFFING AMAZING @the emmy this year. he is @the top of male feature. “The dream will never end “. so to see Chloe going thru so much pain.. be it with Nicole, or Is it Kristen… reading her the riot act. Chloe is the birth mother who was doing Nicole a favor. is breaking my heart… along with knowing she was fired. okay just stab me in the back. this is a travesty. because once again we are back to the same old. Eric / Brady / Nicole. no matter how much you can swing in nuKristen and the best their is Sarah. they have a good thing going with interesting work with Xander and Rex. so this is all buffet. just give us all an effing break with all this canvas… less is more on the repeat of ; Eric / Brady / Nicole. because it pisses me off that talent such as Olivia Rose AND Nadia .. AND Eve’ oh my love, Kassie DePaiva ARE FIRED for the drivel of repeat we could be feasting on Nadia AND Tyler !!!!! yet we get repeat fodder of old. 3. Kassie DEPaiva… how could this mega watt writing team… NOT KNOW what to do with Eve? it was fascinating to watch Kassie and Matthew Ashford… I was thanking the STARS they did not jump right in the tepid fire of just Jack and Jennifer. THANKFUL !!! so they went and made Eve the scapegoat… and all is forgiven with Jack action as usual… she emmied her way thru her tenure.… Read more »

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

I love this actor, but certainly not the brain washed amnesiac he’s portraying now. I would rather see him with anyone but Eve. She’s as crazy as Claire, and worse, because she is helping Claire to get away with attempted murder, so as to frame Ben.


Hi, Violet,
I hope this comment doesn’t become a “double”— I always accidentally post before I’m done…
I do agree with you about Jack….except that I can tolerate Eve. ( As an evil “entity” ( who does display human characteristics, at times) as she is, I like her. The role is soooo her!! Kassie is a fave of mine in any situation.
Jack, on the other hand, is getting on my nerves—I wish he could speak without opening his mouth…LOL.
The writers should not have taken this path of turning him into Eve’s puppet. I understand he has amnesia; however, Jack is somewhat aware of Eve’s past—-he should know better than to partner up with a rabid bitch to manipulate people and the law, whether he’s in a state of confusion or not—–he’s not an infant.
What TPTB are doing is exacerbating Jack’s stupidity. This entire storyline is a joke…. one not even worthy of watching, as it does nothing to stimulate interest. It’s too asinine and insulting to us, the “spectators”.
I am more interested in Holly–where is she? ……with her mommy? The real Nicole? I would love it for the story to go that direction, Miss Violet—–seeing double ( the two “Nicoles” do an “en garde”, faccia-a-faccia-confrontation) should prove to be a worthy spectacle.
Another ignorant detour —– Nicole/Kristen “Mask-a-raid”–Ha!!…….will Kristin be in “Nicole-mode” forever?…. or will she “demask” after she takes over the DiMera “Dynasty”? Oy-vey?!?!?!

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

Hi Celia
OMG, this show is driving me crazy! I don’t know which SL is the worst. You pick one, and I’ll agree, ha. I record the shows, than start watching after Days has been on about 30 min. It seems that all I do lately is FF. Talk about insulting! We are watching Kirsten pretending to be Nicole, while Ari is pretending to be Kriston pretending to be Nicole. I can only see it the way it is, not in the mode they are trying to sell us. I am hoping that Holly is with her mom. Zander keeps saying that she’s on the way to her new family, whatever that means. I am glad that he’s doing the right thing, giving up the diary, even if it it for the wrong reason. What he sees in Sarah is beyond me. I wish they would send her on a slow boat to China, instead of Haley. What do you think of Hope and Frenchie? She will want to kill him and then herself when she finally finds out what a snake he is. I think Jack will too, when he recovers his memories, and realizes how he’s treated his friends and family. Do you think his marriage to Eve is legal, under these circumstances? Well, it’s after 2 A.M. Better get this old night owl to bed, “talk” soon.


I agree, Miss Violet—-I can’t get into any storylines…..they all lack the main ingredient: that is; viability!!
Frenchie? I cannot digest this unappealing slick, mumbling fumbler, with an domineering nose and thin lips. I think I said this before—-he reminds me of greasy, Dishonest John ( Beany and Cecil cartoon) of old!! My kids love watching episodes on YouTube. Sometimes I watch eith them..HaHa….
I have never liked Hope either. So, I hope they ‘fall’ as one….
I am not a fan of men sporting slicked-back hair.
Oh, oh…..Violet—-speaking of hair? Did you notice how much of it Michael Baldwin (Y&R), suddenly and unnaturally has? Wig!!?? LOL!!


Have not watched in years but I think he has had nine lives and constantly fired ! To film 8 months ahead how are they staying on the air???

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Clark shared via her Instagram today a health update on her battle with the coronavirus that hit both her and her husband while they have been living in the United Kingdom.

Christie expressed: “Oh my goodness, just starting to feel ok on this end. My husband Tom and I have had coronavirus fairly bad. Not as bad as some, no hospital needed. Hope your all well! I’m sure at this stage you all know of someone with it? When you get it, you can’t call the grandparents for help, cause they will get sick. We know about 10 people in our little circle that have had it. Like clockwork, Day 7,8,&9 were tricky and haven’t been able to taste food for a while. So excited to be in the land of the living again & start exercising…soon. Thanks for all the love. Stay safe!”

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47th Annual Daytime Emmy Ceremonies Canceled Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

There won’t be any “And the Enmy goes to _” come this June, where NATAS had originally scheduled three nights of award presentations honoring the best in daytime programming at the 47th Annual Daytime Emmys.   The three-day event was slated for June 12-14th, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena. California.  Deadline broke the story of the decision to postpone daytime’s biggest night, for now.

NATAS president and CEO Adam Sharp said of today’s decision: “These were extremely difficult decisions to make, but at the end of the day the health and safety of our event attendees and staff must remain our paramount concern,” NATAS president and CEO Adam Sharp said of today’s decision. “We are closely monitoring public heath authorities’ guidance, seeking feedback from our awards communities, and evaluating the flexibility of our venue and production partners as we plan for the future in this unprecedented context.”

 NATAS chairman Terry O’Reilly said on the change” “Given our concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided that we will not be staging the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Pasadena this coming June.  As there are so many unknowns right now with the flow of information changing on a daily, almost hourly, basis, it would simply be irresponsible to move forward with our annual celebration of excellence in daytime television at this time.”

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Daytime Emmy Awards executive director Brent Stanton, who is involved in the judging of the competition that was well-under way before the cancellation, shared “Judging continues, and we look forward to announcing our incredibly talented nominees later this spring. We are working on some interesting alternative ideas for how to best recognize the honorees later this year and will share more details in the weeks ahead.”

So, what do you think of the cancellation of the Daytime Emmys? Comment below.

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