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Michael Mealor Confirms His Exit From Y&R and Shares, “Thank You For Allowing Me To Be Your Kyle Abbott”

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After various rumor reports, Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) has confirmed his departure from CBS’ The Young and the Restless.  The actor who played the son of Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) for more than three and a half years took to Instagram to send out a heartfelt farewell and thank you message to his colleagues and his fans.

A few days back, Mealor’s on-screen Uncle, Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) had commented on a a fan response when the fans said they would miss scenes between Billy and Kyle on Twitter, which indicated the rumors of Michael’s exit may be true.  But it was not till Monday, that it was for certain with Mealor’s post.  No word yet on Michael’s final airdate.

Previously, Soap Opera Digest indicated contract talks may have broken down for Mealor and Hunter King (Summer) with the series in their latest issue on newsstands now.

Today, Michael expressed:In true Chanccomm fashion, Uncle Billy broke the news first… time as we know it on The Young and the Restless is coming to a close. The last three and a half years has been a truly humbling and life changing experience. I wouldn’t have been here this long without the love and support y’all have shown me throughout every inch of this ride! From appearing on national TV in my ‘birthday suit’ to digging up graves for DNA fragments, every engagement and every heart break, whether you were #KOLA or #SKYLE, y’all were along for the rollercoaster. Thank you, The Young and the Restless, CBS and Sony for trusting me with this incredible character. Thank you for allowing me to be your Kyle Abbott. So much love to each and every one of you!”

So, sad to know that Michael is exiting as Kyle Abbott? Share your thoughts and well-wishes to him via the comment section below.


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Sony & CBS appear to have blown this one.

They have blown a lot, but the biggest is letting Gina T go from the show. There has not been any fire in acting since Gina T on Y& R. They need her back. I am not a fan of Michelle S, she’s boring as hell. Hunter and Micheal had great chemistry they will be missed.

WAKE UP SONY, AND CBS, and get these all 3 back, get rid of Josh G. he’s awful & crappy.

Denis agree with you totally.

I miss Gina terribly!!! I never disliked Michelle before she left for GH, but I cannot stand her with her return rendition of Phyllis. No storyline and terrible acting. There needs to be a mystery woman to come to Genoa City. And yes, please drop Josh immediately. I was on vacation for 10 days and deleted all of the Y and R episodes on my dvr.

Amen re: Gina T, Denis. I gave up on the show when they pulled that awful move. TBH though, I wouldn’t wish this terrible writing on a gem like Gina T. I’m relieved she was spared this fate.

Never liked him as Kyle, What’s Chandler Massey up to, that would be a great recast.

Massey is a good suggestion. Drew Garrett or (bite my tongue) Bryan Craig might also work.

Chandler would be a good sub.but a hard no to Byyan Craig. Didn’t mind him on GH, but I think he’s not right to be an Abbott. He looks nothing like Jack, at least M.M was believable.

Too bad. Best Kyle ever. A loss for restless and if hunter king is leaving too it is even worse

Major bummer!
I cant believe the ptb screwed his renogiations up. How do you let the shows most popular younger star go?!
Kyles my favorite and I dont see myself caring enough about the other stories to continue watching regularly.
Michael was soo mature for his years and really carried in my eyes alot of major storylines in the years he was here, alot of them as a leading man. I was always team #kola and felt when Griffith pretended to take the reigns from Mal Youngs awesome Lola/ Kyle/ Summer triangle and threw Theo in the mix it screwed it all up. This Tara / Sally shenigan is really trying.
Hoping this incompetence of letting Mealor get away will piss off enough young and older fans alike and make Griffith and Morina dissapear. …and maybe like Mishael Morgan a new regime will undo this wrong.

I agree, Damien. They finally got a perfect Kyle and now this! Though I didn’t like his Summer pairing, he’s a wonderful actor with talent and charisma (and great hair) to spare. I just hope he doesn’t ride off with that dreadful Tara. That would be insulting to us fans.

this makes zero sense after giving him a front-burner storyline with lots of legs and hiring new cast members to add to the mix

Kyle was ok-
But- the Summer-Kyle- junk got old.
As for Kyles’s other couple of stories eeehhh nothing special.

Sorry for the actor’s situation but the character/Kyle I won’t miss him.
I have no doubts Michael will go onward into new beginnings.

The only watchable; Ashland, Victor, Billy and Adam, the others eeehhh ..
((ahaa no women in there because they are eeehhhh))

Wishing Michael a prosperous journey!

Show going down

Totally agree…Only watchable Male characters are Ashland,Victor,Adam,Nick…Michael as Kyle always came across as weak and meek at best….

Happy to see Summer and Kyle gone! Now get some decent people around Devon.

Not a problem, Y&R’s loss is GH’s gain! Hire him as the new Dylan Q!

Thanks, Timmm. That idea at least gives us hope. And I love the others’ suggestion of excellent Chandler Massey as a replacement for Kyle.

An overhaul is needed in the writing depth for Y&R. Veterans playing background and characters we could care less about: Sally, Tara and I am sorry to say it, Amanda’s extended family. Are they to join the ranks of the Newmans & Abbotts? If so, mix them in with the other residents of Genoa City. Also, PLEASE give Jack a brain!!!!

THANK YOU, Lew! What the he** is going on with Jack? He’s on “brainless dummy” mode, as is Phyllis. In what universe would Phyllis not figure out the Tara blackmail tangle? And Amanda’s family? They seem to have wandered over from an amateur revival of A RAISIN IN THE SUN. This show is in trouble. Where are good stories for Lauren, Michael, Kevin, Gloria, Traci, Ashley, Nikki, Paul, Jill, even clueless Esther. Moses and Faith? There’s more excitement in the phone book.

Soaphound I
Glad I bumped into you here. You can see how much I agree with you in my comment to Lew.Gee, has Jack always been this bad with women? I remember his days with Jill and thought that was bad. I think Phyllis will come through with those two coniving women, just hope it’s not too late. I’ve read other gossip that Tara and Ash may be in cahoots somehow, as a con or whatever but Iam hoping it will get more interesting. Will they replace Kyle or what? All I have is questions, sorry.

Yes, Violet, I do think Ashland is either faking or will get mysteriously better just in time to take control back of NewmanLocke and hand Victoria her walking papers. Not sure if Tara is in on it but either way she needs exposing QUICK, hopefully courtesy of Billy and Phyllis.

I need your opinion on the dissappearance of Mariah. I thought from the beginning it was Stitch, but now, not so much. If he had her, wouldn’t he just stay away from her family and friends, acting all concerned? Now I have a horrible feeling it’s Chance. Am I way out in left field?

Oh Violet, I think Stitch is SO obvious it probably is him. Motive could be compensation for a child (Max) he might blame Abby for losing to madness? It’s wild but it makes “soap sense”. I did read that Chance had been recast and will return but I can’t think why he’d do it. Wait until Victoria hears about; she’ll undoubtedly blame.. you guessed it, Adam. I’m just not too enthused about this either. Right now, I just want Miss Tara exposed PRONTO and for Phyllis to then give Jack the Cher slap — “Snap out of it!”

Oh Violet, even though it’s way too obvious, I think Stitch may be guilty. Can’t think of any other reason for him to be back. Perhaps he blames Abby for his son’s madness and wants a replacement kid? Crazy, but it makes ‘soap sense’. I read this article that said Chance had been recast and will return but I can’t think why he’d do it. I’m not really into this story anyway. I’m more anxious for Phyllis to expose Miss Tara and then give Jack the Cher slap — “Snap out of it!”

It seems so obvious and that’s why I thought/hoped it might be someone else. I like Ben and hate it if he turns physco. Tara needs to be found out and dealt with. She even used Sally to make that video.Although Billy and Phyllis are on her trail Iam afraid it might backfire on them. As good as Phyllis is Iam also afraid they have underestimated Tara and her agenda and capabilities.

Lew S.
He’s got a brain, it just isn’t where it’s supposed to be. He’s always been stupid and gullible where women are concerned but letting these two witches bookend him has got to be the worst.

Meant to write the writing dept.

Both of them have a bright future and good luck to them both

I was not particularly fond of Michael’s Kyle. There was a lack of sincerity in the acting that was a distraction to his storylines. On the other hand, I love Summer’s character and will really miss her.
As a side note, I also miss Phyllis/Gina! Michelle is a great actress, but I preferred her on GH and Gina as Phyllis.

He was the best Kyle. I’m going to miss him and Hunter.

PLEASE bring Hunter and Michael back. These were two of our favorite characters on Y&R!!!!!!!!!!

Wish that he were not leaving. I was just beginning to visualize a fun conspiracy storyline with Ashland/Tara/Jabot and Newman, but it needed Kyle. It is difficult when a new face steps into an established role; especially in the middle of a storyline. His acting has so improved over time. The chemistry with Summer worked for me.

I will miss Michael/Kyle. It’s kind of crappy taking one of the main characters out of a pivitol storyline. I wonder if he sings? He’s got a little Buble going.

What a great idea, Violet! He’s got the sexy confidence of Buble. Rami Malek won every award for BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. Renee Zellweger won an Oscar as Judy Garland. There’s always an audience for these musical biopics. One of my old favorites is LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME with Doris Day playing singer Ruth Etting. We need more music in movies, like the terrific WILD ROSE.

While I love all your comments and ideas, what I meant was that M.M.looks remind me of M.Buble. I would sure love some real music on Y&R rather than that incessant stuff they play in the background, drowning out all the dialogue.Give me the old organ music from the old days.

Violet…A little off topic but bringing back the old organ music from past days also applies to baseball. Major League Baseballs ptb are systematically ruining the game with their changes from the sport’s traditions.

I liked Mealor’s Kyle at first but the writing has been so abysmal & the storylines so boring & repetitive that he didn’t have much to work with and Kyle never grew past the one note he started with. The bad writing on this show knows no bounds. What is Y&R’s endgame here?

Does anyone know when he’s leaving? Will we get a replacement or? I can’t take much more of Tara and wish I could slap her lying face. Sally at least is obvious in all her maneuvers but Tara is so devious while trying to be loving, caring and pathetic.

I thought we were going to see Mariah today. Can’t wait to see if it’s Stitch or someone else holding her. How could they expect to take this baby without getting rid of Mariah and how will they account for having a new baby? Hard to believe he or some other person would want to hurt Abby so much. They must really be sick!

Poor Rey who is once more forgotten while Sharon moons over Adam. She’s supposed to be a therapist but can’t even deal with her own, so obvious obcession with Adam. I see a strong parallel with these two as with Carter and Quinn on B&B.

Violet, I need you to talk me down. I saw something yesterday that I found disturbing, so I replayed it to see if my eyes were playing tricks. But no tricks. I swear I saw something going on between Adam and…. Chloe! There was a bit of playfulness in his teasing her about her office keys. Just some spark. I know, I know I’m probably wrong but what if? Can you imagine after Sharon couldn’t wait to accuse Adam of stalking her and always “changing the subject” back to their unbreakable bond, if Adam moved on to someone else? She’d be back in his bedroom faster than you could say, “Adios Rey!”

I usually catch things like that or think I do but this time I only laughed because it seemed he was just teasing and annoying the heck out of her, knowing how much she hates and distrusts him. As far as Sharon goes, she has said Adios to Rey long ago although neither of them can or want to admit it. I think Sharon likes the idea that she has someone out there that wants and desires her and all she has to do is whistle and he’ll come running. One day they will bring someone in to catch his fancy and she will have to get off that hot tin roof she’s been on.
I am encouraged with what Phyllis has been doing trying to catch Tara and Sally. I don’t usually go along with her scheaming and plotting but his time Iam cheering her on. Jack and his son are blind idiots! Can not wait for those two women to be run out of G.C. I read that Eric Forrester is coming back which will hopefully lend more insight to Summer’s going to Italy. Let’s catch up on Mariah next time.

Violet, I don’t know what’s up with this Mariah tale. For me, unless she’s being held captive by Harry and Meghan, I’ve already lost interest. The only good bit was Tessa practically calling Sharon a lousy mother by not being more concerned. How about Rey’s classic Genoa City detective response: “There’s lots of reasons a pregnant woman would just disappear into thin air with only a trail of odd, evasive texts in her wake. I’m not concerned.” Alright, I’m paraphrasing but you get my drift. Sharon’s coffee shop should be rechristened “CLUELESS CENTRAL.”

Looks like everything is catching up with Tara and Lucy. I guess that’s when Kyle/ M.M will make his exit, probably flying off to Italy to reclaim Summer. Then we will hopefully be enlightened to wether Ashland has another agenda as far as Victoria is concerned. If he is just after her company, that will leave her weak and vulnerable to Adam’s maneuvers, even though daddy has told him they will not do anything to hurt Vicki.

Well, I imagine we are seeing the last of Michael Mealer, once Kyle sees Summer in Italy. Knowing he wouldn’t be leaving Harrison for very long, Iam thinking when he returns to Genoa City, we will most likely have a new Kyle.

Hey Violet, how great was Tara’s takedown on Friday? Vintage Phyllis, and with Lauren in tow for good measure. And Tara is STILL blaming everyone else! My next question is… who’s gonna deal with Sally? Can’t wait! I’m curious about Rey’s apparent midlife work crisis…suddenly seeing new opportunities. Wonder if they’ll lead him, or Sharon, in Adam’s direction. I liked seeing Adam and Nick breaking bread (or tea?) on Friday also. If we could just eliminate the Moses and Faith story, things might start to look up. Oh, and send Amanda’s family packing, too.

Loved Friday’s show.I got greedy though. I kept hoping for Sally to show up at the Abbott’s. Kill two birds with one stone, you know. I don’t know what to make of Rey. While I like him, they have made him so boring. I think he and Chelsea may hook up one of these days. He speaks of her in such glowing terms. And Amanda and her clan, Adios,who cares?? Speaking of getting rid of the ones you mentioned, I have long had a way to solve that problem I record all my Soaps and than I can just fast forward through the boring scenes.
I would also like to know why Queen Abby and the sit-on-his hands Devon aren’t doing something, anything to find HIS baby? Do they really believe Mariah is that flakey? Do you remember a while back when Esther told Nina about the soundproof suite in the mansion where she could go to work in peace and quiet?The perfect place to hide someone, and the furnishings look like in an old house. Nina has been acting kind of funny, and not overly concerned about Mariah being missing. What do you think?
One final thing. I didnt think even the Abbott Jet could get to Italy as fast as that one did, ha!

Don’t know if you’ll even see this post seeing as there really isn’t anywhere to discuss the show in general. Anyway, just wanted to say Iam having bad feelings about Adam and Sally getting together, two of a kind. Also I think the rumours of Ashland being a bad guy might be true. With Victoria wanting a lavish wedding, you know there has to be a reason and what better way for Ashland to announce to the guests and the world that he somehow got a hold of Newman by marrying Victoria. I hope Iam wrong.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives wins WGA Award for Daytime Drama Series

Sunday night, April 14th in concurrent ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York City, the Writers Guild of America is handing out their 76th annual WGA Awards in the fields of motion picture, television, news media, and radio/audio.

In the Daytime Drama category, Peacock’s Days of our Lives was the winner, taking home its fourth WGA Award in this category in a row.

The DAYS winning writing team consisted of Head Writer Ron Carlivati Creative Consultant Ryan Quan and Writers Sonja Alar, Jazmen Darnell Brown, Joanna Cohen, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton, Cheryl Davis, Kirk Doering, Christopher Dunn, Jamey Giddens, David Kreizman, Henry Newman, Dave Ryan, and Katherine D. Schock.

Photo: JPI

The team from Days of our Lives bested the only other team in the category from General Hospital, which consisted of former GH head writers: Dan O’Connor, Chris Van Etten Writers Ashley Cook, Emily Culliton, Suzanne Flynn, Charlotte Gibson, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Shannon Peace, Stacey Pulwer, Dave Rupel, Lisa Seidman, and Scott Sickles.


As previously reported, a show spokesperson for Days of our Lives shared that the episodes submitted for the competition were #14663, #14678 & #14679, and mostly centered around the death, and the funeral of Victor Kiriakis played by the late John Aniston.

This week, DAYS head scribe, Ron Carlivati, confirmed that, and told Michael Fairman TV on the decision of the scripts the team submitted: “I like to have some humor, but it was also the funeral, and then there was Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) giving birth, and then Vivian’s (Louise Sorel) crashing the reading of the will.”

You can follow along with the live updated list of all the winners from tonight’s WGA ceremonies here.

Michael Fairman TV will have more on DAYS WGA Award win as it becomes available.

So, what do you think of Days of our Lives winning the WGA Award writing award for a Daytime Drama series for the fourth year in a row? Comment below.

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Breaking News

‘The Talk’ Renewed For 15th and Final Season to End in December; Does Its Cancellation Make Room for ‘The Gates’?

Things just got very interesting over at CBS daytime with the announcement today that The Talk is going to end its run on the network after its 15th season, and that season looks to be shortened as the series will come to its conclusion in December of 2024.

In a joint statement, Amy Reisenbach, President, CBS Entertainment and David Stapf, President, CBS Studio, shared, “The Talk broke new ground when it launched 14 years ago by returning daytime talk to CBS with a refreshing and award-winning format. Throughout the years, it has been a key program on CBS’ top rated daytime line-up as it brought timely, important and entertaining topics and discussions into living rooms around the globe.”

Reisenback and Stapf added, “It goes without saying that hosting and producing a year-round talk show is no easy task, and we express our sincere gratitude to our amazing hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell and Sheryl Underwood, our Executive Producer/Showrunner Rob Crabbe and the hardworking producing team and crew.

Photo: CBS

Giving props to those who co-hosted or worked on the show through the years including: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen Moonves, Carrie Ann Inaba Leah Ramimi, Marissa Janet Winokur, Holly Robinson Peete, Eve, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne, the joint statement added, “We also want to acknowledge our former show hosts and colleagues who contributed throughout the seasons. We truly appreciate the skill, creativity, and dedication everyone involved brought to the show every day.  And of course, we thank the numerous guests who appeared, and the millions of viewers who tuned in daily. For the final season, we plan to celebrate the show and give it the proper sendoff it deserves when it concludes in December 2024.”

While no firm decision or announcement has been given at this time, it seems most likely that The Talk’s time slot could be given to the new soap opera in development The Gates from CBS Studio Ventures and from longtime soap opera writer. Michele Val Jean.  As previously reported, The Gates features the lives of a wealthy Black family who reside in a posh, gated community.

Photo: JPI

The Talk was originally the brainchild of Sara Gilbert, who had developed the show when it launched back 2010 and it replaced the beloved As the World Turns which went off the air after 54 years when CBS canceled it.

So, what do you think of The Talk being canceled? Will this make room for The Gates to begin to air in its spot beginning in 2025? Share your reactions to the news via the comment section.

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General Hospital

George Russo to Appear on General Hospital as Carmine Cerullo

Coming up, it looks like Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) grandfather, Carmine Cerullo is headed to Port Charles.

According to casting news from the ABC soap opera, George Russo will take on the role. Russo will tape his episode next week on April 15th and will appear on the May 15th episode of the long-running daytime drama series.

If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

Photo: ABC

Longtime GH viewers will recall that Lois’ (Rena Sofer) dad, Carmine, was previously showed up in Port Charles on and off from 1994 to 1996 and was played by John Capudice.

Clearly, it seems that Carmine will be a part of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s wedding.  Will it go off without a hitch? Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned.

Who else would you like to see attend the nuptials? Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), any other blasts from the pasts who should be present? Let us know in the comment section.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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