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Michael Muhney Fans Take To The Sky Via Banner Over CBS In Protest Of Axed Star!



Fans of Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) delivered what they had promised with a special note across the sky in protest of his dismissal from the number one soap opera, The Young and the Restless!

The fan group who raised money via facebook raised over $785 for an aerial banner which was flown today over CBS Studios in West Hollywood, where the soundstages that make the town of Genoa City are located, in other words, where the series is shot.

The banner simply stated: “#TEAMMUHNEY SUPPORTS MICHAEL MUHNEY” and ended the statement with a heart. who has been following the story over the last several days, has this attached snapshot from the aerial display but also indicated that the fan group should have flown the banner over CBS Studios in Studio City, where the main executives are!

What do you think about the aerial banner display?  Do you think this helps Muhney’s cause?  Are you glad the Muhney fans took some action and made this happen?  Comment below!

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What a waste of time. I highly doubt JFP even looked out the window.

JFP wouldn’t have saw it anyway. They flew it over wrong studio. LOL!

you are incorrect…went over the correct studio and TPTB saw it

lol i totally overlooked that part

Even if it did go to the correct studio, its not like JFP gave him a phone call. Did she


dont understand this crap, how can they support a MARRIED man and has CHILDREN, to touch a young actress! frankly what he did that is molestation and also he should of been arrested that sexual imposition

ummmm it is called innocent until proven guilty…..

NOOOOO I will not want MM back. He is trash . Sorry those people wasted there money

#ALLEGED There haven’t been criminal charges laid. Slanderous claims! Both MM and HK are victims of their attempt to get rid of MM. Shame they had to use HK as a pawn in their stupid BS

Those allegations were found NOT to be true!


I think it’s amazing…

will this affect, TPTB… in any way… to listen to fan outcry…

the writing stinks! in Genoa City… how dull, tired, and disinterested Y&R is

hey, we all can’t be good writers – just saying… whomever, helms the production team

it’s simply time… for JFP to celebrate her status and reign us all in… with something

after January, 2014…

Genoa City… will look like a morgue – so much dead weight to fester and languish with Victor… self-preservation, wasted

How stupid. How many people even know who Micheal Muheny is? If I wasn’t Y&R viewer who already knew about the scandal from being online I would have though that banner was talking about some type of sports team pumping one of it’s special players, or a family supporting one of it’s kids.

ICAM. I don’t watch Y&R myself and am only aware of the MM situation because it’s been discussed on boards for another soap I do watch. Otherwise I’d never have heard of the guy.

MM fans didn’t do themselves or him any favors calling more attention to a very touchy workplace sexual harassment situation.

We did this because we support MM and 100% have his back. And it has been noted by someone that was there that TPTB saw this banner…..TEAMMUHNEY!!!!

Way to go! ! TEAM MUHNEY! !

I am and always will be a Michael Muhney fan what a gifted actor and it Y&R loss,shame on them!!

I think it was a awesome statement from the fans of Michael Muhney. A wonderful way to show support for a man that has been declared guilty of something awful without any confirmation from anyone involved. He is loved by so many Y&R fans. It’s a nice way to thank him for the years of passion he put into the Adam Newman character. He should have been the future of the show. No one can replace him when it comes to that character. I for one will stop watching when his last scenes air on 1/30. Seriously best actor on the show. I am gonna miss him. Find something fast Muhney!

I agree with you 100 percent Lizzie. He is Adam Newman in the part. No one can come in and claim the role as his own like MM has. I also happen to like Hunter King in her role as Summer and have no reason to dislike her. He has not been declared guilty and I am tired of hearing that he’s guilty by his peers. Thank goodness that Sharon Case made the video tribute and that Peter Bergman has not made a statement. That just shows their class. I am also not going to watch when he leaves the show. I’m sure that we’ll be hearing of a better show having him grace their cast.

I checked online to see the costs involved with a banner being made and flown. No idea how it was done for under $800.00 as most cost is closer to $2,000 for a private plane to fly a banner. Fuel costs alone are over $300.00. Also, where is the plane. TMZ may have posted this photo from a tweet photo. Where is the plane in in the photo, not seen. A sky background could be even a piece of poster board. So, did anyone actually SEE this banner flying over the GC studios at CBS? That would make it valid. Otherwise, it’s a hoax. Just saying.
Despite the emotional reactions of MM’s fans, I have to seriously wonder what this banner achieved, if it did indeed fly over LA The Muhney’s won’t have seen the banner, MM isn’t there at the studios now. He could be all involved now with other ventures and not looking back at all.
For all the good intentions, personally, a fund drive to support MM’s Pancreatic Cancer Run in LA would have had more of an impact on reaching MM to let him know of continued support.
No matter what he does in the future, the fan base that he will maintain, banner or not, will be supportive.

As a matter of fact there is video of it flying over CBS. Don’t understand why you would think its a hoax and it’s not the first time it’s been done. It was also done for Daniel Goddard.

It flew over. There is a video of it plane and all. Video is probably on YouTube by now..

Wendy, If you see my post below you will see that MM fans DID also donate to his pancreatic cancer fund, and breast cancer fund (his Aunt was just diagnosed), in addition to the banner, and T-shirts, and bracelets. Oh, and the plane WAS real. There is actual video of it too! You will see it if you look online by tomorrow I am sure. I have seen it today. Michael’s fans who live locally in LA, also turned out to view the banner and film in front of CBS studios.

We want Michael to be exonerated and believe he will be. We want him to know of our support. We do know that he is being informed of our activity and the banner.

The only thing that is disgusting is people believing malicious stories with no proof. Has everybody forgot innocent until proven guilty it how about not judging until you know the whole story?

The same for Hunter King…they need to leave her alone! The diehard MM fans believe she lied but how do they know for sure?


I am a Michael Muhney fan!! Was & am very proud of the banner. I feel this did help the cause. If anything it made him & his family proud. It dosen’t matter to me the fact that the Execs. might not have been there to see it. If they did not see it then, believe me, they knew it was coming!! I am a true fan because of his great acting abilities. I will remain a fan. I have already, after years of watching Y&R stopped.

I think it’s awesome the Muhney fanbase is supporting Michael. I support him. I just hope this doesn’t backlash and the judgmental, hurtful people who HIDE behind their computer screens, don’t turn this into something it isn’t.

Well it is obvious TMZ’s investigation skills suck because we raised $1230 for the banner. There were 62 people that contributed to the banner. The banner flew exactly where it was suppose to fly and that is over the studio where it was suppose to fly.. The execs we wanted to see it were JFP & Angelica the 2 that work at 7800 Beverly Blvd. Hollywood and let this situation get out of hand, plus all the cast members that are afraid of losing their jobs and turned their back on him. You can bet you $$ it flew exactly where it was meant to fly! You can also bet your money the execs saw it because they were onsite today.

Right Marcia!!! Well said! We DO know it was real and we do know Michael knows about it, and we do know those meant to see it either saw it or knew about it. Team Muhney!!!

Also you bet rather JFP & Angelica seen it or not that they know about it to.

Do you not have a loved one in need? A family member? A friend? Do you not see homeless people every day? Is your life that void and empty that you would spend your hard earned money on a person who earns 6 figures a year? Anjelica and other execs are laughing at you right now. They dont give two hoots how many banners you fly. And bragging up from 785 to 1230 does NOT make you sound better.

Well said ~ I mean honestly, there really are more important issues in the World.

My sentiments exactly.

I think the banner was a wonderful way for the fans to display their support for Micheal Muhney in a big way! I think that it shows their appreciation of Muhney’s acting talent and with that, yes, it helps to remind Y&R/CBS/Sony and future employers that this actor is well loved and has a tremendous following! I am proud of the Muhney fans to make this happen, as I am one of the supporters as well. This man is a class act, with all the negative press lately, he has kept his composure and respect for himself, his family, his fellow co-workers, his friends and his fans. We could all learn from his example how to treat others nicely! I am proud to be one of his many fans!! #TeamMuhney

A better way would be to stop watching the show. Until the ratings drop the execs could care less.

agree with you Christy: “…it helps to remind Y&R/CBS/Sony and future employers that this actor is well loved and has a tremendous following! ”

A tremendous following… oh geez! I can’t believe how stumped I feel about his being let go

one cannot express how obvious it was to reel Michael Muhney and Billy Miller… and should have been the herald…. nu Victor and nu Jack… with formidable TALENT…. just in awe, stunning, fascinating,

which is why we watched for decades… it was like the nuKINGS were about to threshold and take their rightful place… as thee LEADS

and, it’s ALL gone, kaput! poof! just like that…. ???

what’s the point…..

thee remaining cast are aligning themselves as team players.. because? they have so much faith in JFP… new regime? that it’s been 1 1/2 years since she took over… and we’re left with ??? nothing works

I have to add in how much I still love Amelia Heinle and Sharon Case… the two reigning queens without

say what one will about fan loyalty…. the writing is not their.. I’ve gone so far as to say… it’s so bleak.. their is no foundation from which to build.. it’s empty

it’s too stunning a turn of events the downfall

Mr. Michael Muhney… I wish you the best… in your pivotal career…

you were absolutely… instinctual… this is from Eric Braeden’ victor :

“…It was Muhney who wanted to get me off the show and he expressed that to various people. He wanted me off the show because he wanted to be head honcho. In his words, I was the old lion and he was the young lion. He wanted to push aside the old lion.”

the thing that Eric Braeden needs to realize… he is not as beloved as the Y&R production would lead us to believe… it’s not like he’s….

Alice and Tom Horton – DAYS
Adam, Palmer, Phoebe – AMC
all the stalwarts with character… on all the Serials that existed

the writing has done nothing to endear his character… GOD… he has to rely on MTS, Nikki… and i have to bet… these two only connect for their jobs… it’s painful to watch Victor and Nikki… just dust them off and fade

I think you people should take a long look before u give an opinion ,its confusing that has to be a second alleged groping in order for all this crap to come out ,the man has a family ,pls be honest nd just say the women wanted him out and its not the first time she its done it ,llets be honest! Get the facts first!… She its going to ruin Y&R ,just wit ,it will be the next to go off the air ,she its bad news!

You have a good point, it’s JFP that’s doing this and she needs fired, does The Bell’s have anything to do with the show anymore? I hope Jill’s boss is taking notice!

I think it is great! If you are a real fan you should be supportive to actors that you care about. I am absolutely a Michael Muhney fan through and though he is a wonderful actor. As for the rumors about him, that is all they are and if it were true circumstances revolving this whole situation would be different. I hope things turn around soon for Michael Muhney, Hunter Hailey King, and everyone involved. Team Muhney!

I love it! Fans showing they have a voice and boy did they!

We are supporting Michael love him and his work

Since no one knows anything for sure, rumors are rumors. Facts are facts. Point is that Y&R has lost the best reason to watch. Supporting a favorite actor isn’t a bad thing to do. I say good for them! It got media coverage, so the mgt knows about it.

Its great fans show support for the actor, those are true soap fans!!

The banner showed how his fans feel about his being let go of a show where he is the Main Attraction ! Linda

I believe it’s not gonna get him his job back. Don’t believe MM wants it back at this point. But it’s about the support and all his fans coming together just to state we still care. Hopefully the ugliness dies down and the people involved can resolve what needs to be resolved.

It expresses the feelings of a lot of people. If Muhney is not rehired, I will no longer be a viewer after 1/30/14.

Even if they wanted to rehire him, I doubt Muhney would agree to come back.

How is this banner disgusting! You know what is disgusting is ppl crucifying one another without any facts or truth! I believe both MM and HK have been spun in an awful web of lies & NEITHER deserve the hatred spewed at them! Another thing,..noone has reported the correct price of the banner lol Get your facts straight! We raised the money for this banner in 2 weeks! Not easy asking strangers after X-mas to donate in hopes of this happening but, we did it! MM has A LOT of fans who rally behind him & TPTB really messed up here up here BIG time! The insults & rude tweets that have come firing out from some #YR cast is unforgivable & has only pushed away fans leaving a bad taste in our mouths! The secrets, conspiracies & LIES will all slowly be revealed. You will see! #TeamMuhney

So that makes 2 planes at $785 each.

I said it before, guilty or innocent, what a gigantic waste of good, hard earned money. To each individual their own, but this is a person getting fired from their job. No different from you or I. Would this person go to such lengths to get you back your job? I’d bet the money of 4 skywriting planes he would not. I seriously have concerns over these people going to such lengths for such a ridiculous, nonsense cause. Do some real good, even honor the actor (if you must) in a way that gives back to your community or the world, but this is just money down the drain….or up in the sky as the case may be.

Get a hobby people.

I agree with you Jules. Normal folks whether just changing jobs, or being fired is no one else’s business. This has gone beyond the delusional right that fans think they have to know the details of a man’s work life. Personally, it seems the familiarity of fans through social media with celebrities borders on these fans thinking they know the person. But they have the right to know the details of their lives. If a celeb. is willing to share details, it is up to the celeb. and certainly not to be demanded from. . It all rather bizarre. Plus it’s really the advertisers who support the continuation of any TV syndicated show year after year. Plus the future plans of Sony for how they wish their studios to ‘look’ for the TV viewers may not include Daytime Dramas for too many more years. Talk shows & reality shows have taken over many time slots. Fans maybe think they drive the show’s success, but the dynamic is the fans are just that, fans, who do indeed support in many ways the actors efforts. But the actors also do not work for fans directly, they work for their families to support them or their own lives and to pursue their creative, artistic profession. Just as most working adults do. We really need to take celebs off the visible pedestals they seem to be place on by fans, ie. they can do no wrong – think of Bieber fans here, and realize they are just doing their best in a difficult job with lots of others.

Thanks Wendy! I’m with you!

Small error in my statement above: To correct, But they haven’t the right to know the details of the celebs lives. (instead of But they have the right to know the details of their lives. Sorry about the error.

I totally agree with Jules.

People being added to soaps and people leaving soaps happens all the time. I am an AMC fan that has started to watch Y&R. The fans of Y&R should be happy your soap is still on TV. The fans of AMC and OLTL have lost their soaps twice and never got an ending. There was a reason MM was fired. MM is a great actor and was liked by fans so it had to be something really bad for him to get fired. MM has never come out and said he was being treated unfairly…that should tell you something. The best thing you can do for MM is to quit talking about it and let people forget. Use this energy you have to do something that adds value to our world.

Right on Kate! An actor doesn’t make a show, and without questions, MM didn’t make Y&R. If you watched for an actor, then you were never a fan of the show. You were a fan of the actor. Follow him as he moves onto other things and don’t concern yourself with the show anymore at all. It’ll go on, business as usual. That’s JMO.

See folks are entitled to spend their own money how they want and because this did not HARM anyone why should you care???? Muhney fans wanted to show the actor they support him; they not only did the banner but also donated to organizations that he is a supporter off. Good for them for not abandoning an actor based on RUMORS that NO ONE has officially stated are FACTS.

I believe I did say “to each individual their own”.

Truthfully, I don’t care. It’s their money to wholly and pathetically waste. But to say “Good for them for not abandoning an actor”, quite frankly, I am so amused at a statement like that. Such strong words for such an insignificant and irrelevant occurrence. Do these people have no where else to offer such strong investments? None? I think you and others are paying someone far too much respect to anyone you don’t know or knows you deserves. Not because he did or didn’t do something. I honestly don’t know and I have no horse in this race to make a call either way. But because all he did was perform a job that provided entertainment. It’s not worth any kind of fight WHATSOEVER.

VIVA #TeamMuhney. We love MM

People can spend their own money however they want. It’s not up to anyone to tell them how to spend it.

See above.

It is so unfair how he was treated. After 1/30 I am done.. MM we love you !!!!

Michael Muhney fan’s showing their love and support..
We’re with you MM 🙂

Proud to be part of Team Muhney. It may not get his job back but we showed him and the idiots in charge at CBS that he had a huge loyal following. Firing him was the biggest mistake in recent memory and as a result YR will be losing so many viewers that their time as No 1 is limited. This also shows his unprofessional co-workers that we have his back. At this point all allegations are rumors. I’m done with this show after 40 years of loyal viewership.

Would that money have been better spent going to a homeless shelter, food bank, or donated to a fuel fund given the sub zero temperatures most of the US have been subjected to this week? I’m sure MM must have a charity he supports that the money could have went to, it would have been a way to support MM and help others at the same time,

TEAMMUHNEY’ have raised $$$ for the pancreatic cancer fund in his name.

What makes you think his fans have not? I have donated to his causes.

In the words of the immortal MAB, I’m a fan of Michael Muhney, the actor, not the person. But unlike her, I don’t know him. Michael delivers where it counts, with the fans. His character is dark, it’s not so shocking to me that the actor playing him isn’t perfect. If the airplane stunt made him feel better, it served a purpose. I just want him to be able to pick up and go on from here. As for Y & R, if they don’t hire more talented actors and stop telling the fans how great Jason-er, Dylan is I won’t be watching because there is nothing there any longer for me to see.

This is awesome…I love Michael Muhney and I am behind him 100% … Go TeamMuhney and FortheloveofMuhney..and all of his other fans that had a hand in making this happen…I really hope that the high ups listen to the fans of the longest running daytime soap opera because WE THE FANS IS WHAT HAS KEPT THIS SOAP ON THE AIR FOR OVER 40 Yrs…I stopped watching the day he was fired..Until I hear of Michael being rehired I will not watch again.

You won’t be watching again then. LOL!

This was for sure a wonderful gesture from MM fans and I believe it made a statement, that MM is an outstanding actor and they support him all the way. If it is not going to give him his job back it will at least put a smile on his face and help him get through this difficult times. I hope he rises from this to be bigger and better. Remember he is innocent until proven guilty. Y&R, shame on you for treating this great actor the way you did, things could have been handle differently, anyway, it’s your loss. As for me, after January 30. I’m done with you

(1) #TEAMMUHNEY (2) The plane and the banner were REAL. (3) We have raised $$$ for the pancreatic cancer fund in his name. (4) The folks who needed to see the plane and banner were present. (5) Michael will be vindicated. (6) #SAVEMUHNEY……that is all… have a blessed day 🙂

What a waste of money! You should’ve done something worthwhile like feed the homeless or the like. Michael made his own bed and now has to “lie” in it. That banner did not and will not change anything.

So what is plan B if the facts come out that MM is not vindicated and he is guilty? will the same group fly a banner over CBS saying sorry Hunter?

I am thrilled and proud to be part of the Michael Muhney movement showing support for Michael by contributing to have this banner fly and show how we feel. We are from different walks of life and circumstances and have come together united in our wish to have Michael Muhney returned to Y&R as the one and only possible Adam Newman. We have also joined forces and contributed toward the prostate and breast cancer funds and charities that Mr. Muhney supports. I am a professional with a full-time job who just happens to be from Wisconsin, which is also the fictional location of Y&R. I have watched Y&R since the beginning and no matter which state I lived in, I always felt at home watching Y&R. Sadly, if Michael Muhney is not brought back to Y&R there will be a mass exodus of us long-time fans after January 30th, which is Michael’s last air date. February sweeps will be swept right under the rug for Y&R and CBS when we make our lack of presence known. We believe Michael will be exonerated. The truth is already beginning to come out thanks to several “in the know” articles that are surfacing. Thank goodness for that. It wasn’t right this RUMOR was brought forward in the first place, involving either party. Certainly a young woman’s name shouldn’t have even been mentioned or associated with it regardless of her involvement. Michael will be proven innocent. We can only hope Y&R, CBS, and Sony will make this right and bring Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman!!!


And the point of this was __________________?

Keep Michael Muhney on Y&R A hund
Red people can conspire and LIE

Johnny…AGREED!!!!! Y&R (and CBS) won’t change their minds anyway. So…what was the point??? None.

To throw away money.

Next time hire a blimp with words of support on the ticker. We can call it The Hindenburg 2.
All kidding aside, it seems like a positive show of support and I am sure he and his family appreciated it.

Where is the sky or the plane or the banner in this picture??

Please do not let Michael Muhney leav
The young and Restless. There are two

Sides to every story. I DO NOT BELIEVE MICHAEL IS GUILTY. I WILL STOP WATCHING THE Y&r if Michael leave the show. Have Compassion for Michael a.d his fam

Michael keep strong for your family. I do not believe you are guilty

I am so proud of the FANs that organised this flyover CBS this morning. Even if the honchos were not in the building they certainly would have heard about it. We certainly heard about it in Australia! If you get a chance have a read of Nelson’s Branco uncensored – it appears that both of these actors have been villified in message boards/twitter/face book over a stupid misunderstanding/rumour. It is really sad that some people knew/know the truth and don;t have the NADS to come out and exonerate MM and HK. Shameful mess!

A lot of you people have also flown more than a banner…you flew over the cuckoo’s nest as well, enough said!

Good one. lol.

SNAP! Okay, whatever team you are on, you have to admit, Jim made a good one.
Anyway, I have burned myself out on this subject. All this “Team” stuff? It’s starting to sound like The Real Househusbands of Genoa City.

Or like those Twilight movies: Team Edward!, Team Jacob!,…lol

LOL. yeah, good one!

“high” 5

i love my glass of wine

you know, tho

I’ll be impassioned… till, January 30, 2014

i’ll be emotional… till the last king… and/or card has been played

i’ll fold…

and wish the best…. Adam and Billy
and wish the best… my lady loves… Amelia Heinle and Sharon Case

Jim…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Good one…LOL!!!!!

So what happens if all “rumors” are true about MM? Will a banner be flown over CBS saying OOPS, Sorry Hunter!

great point

All you “fans” supporting this sick individual need to sit down and stop insulting all the other cast and crew that have flat out stated YES HE DID SEXUALLY HARASS WOMEN ON SET. Victim blaming is NOT COOL! I am so disappointed in this fandom.

Shame on that statement from you,,
NO one has ever said MM did what he is allegedly said to have done..
Not once has anybody ever said he did it..

Ummm which cast have stated this to be true????? It seems NO ONE not even the ALLEDGED “victim” have stated anything official we know off. So please stop victim blaming Muhney by calling him sick without anything to back up your claims but a RUMOR. All we have heard from the cast is for folks to leave the actress alone and she should be left alone; but it does not mean folks should stop supporting Muhney based on a RUMOR.

So you go take several seats yourself and let others do what they want with THEIR TIME AND MONEY. Hell, it takes time to come to a site and comment on others wasting their time doesn’t it.

Too much time on your hands people! Would MM fly a banner over your former place of employment to support you! Seems more people are upset over this than the healthcare fiasco!

Michael Muhney does such an AWESOME job in the role of Adam Newman! As a fan since day 1 I am SO disappointed in the loss of the
BEST actors and actress this show has had. Unless Michael Muhney stays I will no longer watch after January 30th. It is sad for me because the show has been part of my daily routine! 🙁

Was anyone outside to see it?

The mailman saw it.

LMAO all that money spent for nothing

Personally, I think the message was lame, and should have been the message they originally were going to use, “no Adam without Muhney” or something to that effect. It doesn’t matter where it flew, so long as they showed it on TMZ, but I am positive Angelica’s hubby made that rude comment about it being the wrong studio.

I support this 100% and thank everyone who contributed to make it happen along with the money given to the pancreatic cancer fund as well as the breast cancer one. I believe in “innocent until proven guilty” and I hate the way this has been handled by Sony and CBS. Both MM and HK have been treated horribly. It is just sad and this forever viewer will not be watching after MM has his last airing on January 30th. MM is the only reason that kept me watching because the rest of the s/l’s are beyond boring. This use to be a class show at one time. Just sad.

I love how people convict him over a rumor without any proof, yet call others who believe him crazy. While I don’t believe anyone should blame the girl, either I feel anyone who blames either one is being unAmerican. I am an American, and I believe in “innocent till proven guilty.” The court of public opinion is a really crappy court, filled with idiot sheep with stones, people who call themselves Christians. THAT is what is DISGUSTING.

Why do soap fans continue to embarrass themselves? Just when I think soaps have hit a new low I read about banners flying defending an accused pervert. The entertainment industry is laughing at soaps. How long until they are all off the air?

I agree that people shouldn’t believe all the rumors they are hearing. I think there is a lot more to this story and the firing of Michael Muhney. Whatever the case my be, Y&R will never be the same again. They have lost the best actor on the show and possibly the best actor in television. If you didn’t know the name Michael Muhney before, you soon will. I’m sure he will go on and act in bigger and better shows. I loved the support shown for him by flying the banner and more importantly, so did his friends and family. What is with all this hate and finger pointing people?? I think you all should take a look in the mirror and see who the truly disgusting people are.


kudos to your post.

I wholeheartedly, agree

I’m going to celebrate… Michael Muhney… as Adam… until: January 30, 2014

CBS, The Young and the Restless… is missing some serious ammo… TALENT

all this hubub… whether .. fans need to know… or deserve to know… behind the scenes… is not unfounded

it’s good PR for Y&R to try any thing… some thing… to bounce back… from what… will go down in history… and taint… “boring” #1 for 25 years in a row. ugh! we all know… as fans attest… the cast is coming out in droves… to LOL.. dispel any truths and “undo” their faltering… dead show…

for all the good.. that Y&R has created for themselves… this year… under the helm… of JFP.. she can’t hide under a rock… after this… no stone unturned… till she reneges… the hurt… year 2013 has obliterated… what Y&R… team BELL has achieved

Y&R is SO unrecognizable…

the ratings… ie: the new years week ratings… has to be.. because of this unnecessary circumstance… OK.. i’ll take the heat… and is more to do… with catching MM in his last days… and Y&R funeral

This sure was a waste of time, it’s so sad, go home to wife MM and pray for her forgiveness…


Tom Arnold to Guest Star on The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful is adding a new pilot to its cast of characters to fly the Forresters overseas this summer to Monte Carlo, and it’s none other than Tom Arnold.

According to US Weekly, Arnold will appear in two upcoming episodes of the CBS soap opera airing at the end of July.  In story, Arnold will play the Forrester’s new pilot named Captain Deuce Stevens.

Arnold said of working with the B&B actors and crew, “It was great fun. People love The Bold and the Beautiful. The loyalty, the fans, the opinions … I started going online and listening to fans argue about certain things. It’s like sports.”

Photo: JPI

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One of the more hilarious behind the scenes moment Arnold shared, was with now two-time Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Thorsten Kaye: “I was in makeup and this guy comes in and goes, ‘Hey, can I get you anything?’ I go, ‘I don’t know, do you have Sugar Free Red Bull?’ This guy who I thought was the crew — he had a very hard handshake — was Thorsten. The rich, wealthy father.”

Photo: JPI

As a preview of one of his scenes, Steffy will be running late to the flight and cannot locate her passport. Tom shared, “One thing that is true is you have a window to land at the airport. And if you mess around and you’re late, you will miss that (window). I like when there’s some reality to this stuff. It heightened the scene because Steffy forgot her passport.” Look for MacInnes Wood to pull off some “I Love Lucy-esque” moments.

Arnold added, “You expect (the drama) for a character, but it opens the doors for some hilarious stuff. It’s very funny because things are so dramatic that it lends itself to comedy.”

B&B is not Tom’s first foray into soaps, having previously appeared on General Hospital in the 90’s. He spoke on how he and ex-wife Roseanne Barr (who also appeared on GH as Jennifer Smith), were into daytime dramas, “Roseanne and I loved soap operas. (After I was on General Hospital), we ended up having all these folks on (Roseanne]) from the show, because soap operas are very good actors. They don’t mess around.”

Look for Arnold’s episodes to air on B&B on Tuesday, July 30th and Wednesday, July 31st.

So, what are your thoughts on Tom Arnold coming to B&B? What do you think of his respect for soap opera actors? Comment below.

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The Young and the Restless’ Michael Mealor Says of Summer/Kyle/Claire Storyline, “It’s Going to Get Nasty”

On CBS Daytime’s The Young and the Restless, Kyle (Michael Mealor) seems to be spending more time with Claire (Hayley Erin) much to the chagrin of Summer (Allison Lanier). All this has gone down since little Harrison was held captive along with Claire by Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and rhe

While Summer has told her concerns over and over to Kyle, that she doesn’t like Claire getting so close to the little boy, Kyle seems to be somewhat smitten with Claire, or is he?

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Michael Mealor on the red carpet at last week’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards to get his thoughts on this possible love triangle, or as the popular Aretha Franklin tune says, “Who’s Zoomin Who?” Can anyone be trusted?

Photo: JPI

Mealor revealed that coming up on Y&R between Summer, Claire and Kyle that, “It’s going to get nasty. I gotta say that. No one trusts anyone, which makes good TV.”

To that end, it looks like no one in the Abbott family trusts Kyle either, to which Mealor replied, “Jack (Peter Bergman) doesn’t trust Kyle. Summer doesn’t trust Kyle. Diane (Susan Walters) doesn’t trust Kyle. Claire may be the only one, and I (may) have her fooled.”

Photo: JPI

Fans have been speculating that Claire isn’t the now “good’ girl she seems to be and that her psychotic tendencies may take over. Mealor says, “That’s a testament to Hayley (Erin) and how amazing she is because she plays this lovable character, but you just kind of go, something may be off here.”

Recently, Y&R aired the two-person episode featuring Kyle’s on-screen dad, Peter Bergman and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) where Jack tries to get Nikki to stop her bender and sober up, but ultimately loses his own sobriety and almost loses his life. Mealor shared he saw the unbelievable performances when it was being filmed.

Photo: JPI

Michael expressed, “God, that’s such a fantastic episode. They showed up for that and they filmed that over two days –  split the episode in half. I was there on set shooting other scenes, but just watching them pour it out on the monitor. It was incredible.”

Watch our red carpet conversation with Michael Mealor below.

Now weigh-in; Do you think Claire will ultimately take to underhanded tactics to get Kyle and Harrison in her clutches and away from Summer? Let us know your theories via the comment section.

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Michele Val Jean Gives Update on Daytime’s Newest Soap: “The Team for ‘The Gates’ is Coming Together and It’s Fire”

CBS daytime’s newest soap opera, The Gates, is set to bow in January of 2025.  Until now, not much has been known of who else behind the scenes or in front of the camera might be coming on to the show.

However, The Gates writer, and co-executive producer, Michele Val Jean, shared an update on the series ,which has as its premise and epicenter, the story of a wealthy black family living in a gated community.

Now, Val Jean has taken to her Instagram account to share an update on the show.  Michele expressed, “You guys! The team for #TheGates is coming together and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t be happier. Exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Previously, Michele attended last weekend’s 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony where she also shared on her IG, these sentiments: “Had a great time at the #daytimeemmys tonight. I so love this community of such colossally talented and genuinely nice people. I’m humbled to be adding to the legacy with ‘The Gates’. Shout out to my #boldandbeautiful peeps. You guys are the best.”

Val Jean has been a writer for The Bold & The Beautiful, Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Port Charles throughout her daytime career, and she has won Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B and GH.

Now the question becomes, who would you like to see cast on ‘The Gates’? What kind of roles might be available? Who could be helping steer other creative elements behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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