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Networks To Preempt Daytime Programming For Donald Trump Impeachment Hearing Coverage

Photo: ABC, CBS

Just as your favorite soaps are kicking into high gear for November sweeps next week, comes the news that due to the House public impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump, daytime programming will endure several pre-mptions starting with the first two on Wednesday November 13th and Friday, November 15th.

CBS was the first network to announce their plans for their extensive coverage, and according to the Washington Post all other networks have followed suit.  By this move by the networks it gives the hearing some extra weight and exposure to the American voters and viewing audience.

So far, leading network coverage for CBS will be reportedly anchored by Norah O’Donnell and for ABC George Stephanopoulos.

On Wednesday, the hearings begin at 10am EST, the second is scheduled for Friday beginning at 11am EST.

William Taylor, the U.S. diplomat in the Ukraine, is scheduled to testify Wednesday and on Friday Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, is scheduled to testify.

The networks are expecting big numbers for covering the hearings, as they have in the past for impeachment proceedings and hearings.

No word yet how the soaps plan for you to see the episodes that don’t air at their regularly scheduled times, or if it shifts your soap viewing schedule by several days.

Nevertheless not great timing when the soaps are revving up their stories to make you tune-in for not-to-be missed episodes.

So, what are your thoughts on what the Impeachment hearings could mean for daytime dramas in in the weeks ahead? Comment below.

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Lets make daytime tv great again-keep soaps on…damn Trump nearly out of office…i could care less who is in office any more…nothing is really done to fix the problems especially with so many mass shootings ect

I agree. The soaps are much more interesting than Trump. Half the time I don’t think he knows or understands what he is saying. He is always so long winded, I think he just likes listening to the soumd of his own voice

Love Trump but this whole thing is nothing but a show for schiff. I’d MUCH rather be watching my soaps

I agree with you 100%


I agree

You hit the nail on the head.

The Democrats need to STOP this is nothing but
A Hollywood show with Pelosi and Schiff as director and lead actors

No Trumpy is a criminal!

Lock him up!

Amen Carol!!!

Me too. I can catch up on Fox or CNN

I totally agree Janice! I couldn’t stand democrats before this, but now I despise them! I want to watch GH not this shitshow!

Yeah damn those Democrats for making our Orange Lord and Savior a criminal wannabe dictator. Shame on them!

Exactly how I felt about BO for 8 years….we have something in common Cow

Oh poor Jessica, having to endure a president with no scandals, and who was scholarly, dignified and thoughtful. It must have been an unmitigated hell for you to endure! Now we have a corrupt,orange, mendacious president who lies like he breathes and who is now the world’s clown.

Devin Nunes’s Cow? Ha! Very clever. I wonder how Nunes’s lawsuit is going?

You are correct. Both sides tear each other down no matter what party is in charge and they dont focus enough time on crime, education and our great heroes that have served!


The soaps are more important. We can hear all this on the news. Thats what the news is for. I hate soap getting took off now we miss it coz there is nowhere else to watch it. Yall should show soap some other time when talks from white house end. We want to see the soaps not news. We can see news at news time. Damn its on morning noon and night. Cant we watch our soaps too?

I agree with you!! I don’t like not being able to watch my soap!!

I’m with you, but I never watch news anymore either because it’s all fake. I do my own research and look at how the country is with my own 2 eyes. Bring on the soaps.

I agree

Put our soaps back on or I won’t vote in next election. We can hear all this on the news

——Since– 1789..
Two Presidents were Impeached:
Andrew Johnson
Bill Clinton
(( both were later acquitted by the Senate.))

Nixion resigned before he was to face prosecution.

Trump being held to Impeachment, is a Serious deal.
He is the 4th president since 1789 to be brought to impeachment= pre-mptions

I agree with you 100 percent. If you want to broadcast it take one channel like 50.

I watched Days of Our Lives on the free NBC app that I downloaded from the Apple Store. Dr Phil wasn’t available on the free CBS app.

I agree

Our local Fox channel aired their regular programs and put the hearings on their sister station. The funny thing is that I do not watch the Fox channel during this time, I look at my soaps. 🙂

I agree…to hell with Trump..I want to see my soaps

No thanks! Hell doesn’t want him!


I agree I am so sick of this crap on TV all the time

I agree with Jim and all the others who say Trump is a corrupt and horrible president and it would be much better to delve into the escapism of soaps. However, we must hold the criminal in chief accountable. This is about checks balances.

I think it sucks. One station coverage and they should alternate.

Yes, or launch another public network for those Americans that want to view.

I totally agree.

That’s a great suggestion. It appears that redundancy of the news is the way to go…NOT!

With so many news stations WHY must our channel be interrupted time and again. It’s ridiculous. I could care less.

Totally agreed!

Other than DAYS, the three others can preempt and be back on calendar within 6-8 weeks. As DAYS shooting schedule is now 6 MONTHS ahead, preemptions are much more challenging.

Luckily, the DAYS format never caught on with the other remaining shows. GH sometimes airs some scenes 2 weeks after their shot.

Really? The only decent thing on daytime and they’re going to preempt it? Show highlights on the news; leave soaps alone.

Absolutely ridiculous! Who needs this Trump soap opera?! Give us our real soaps!! That’s what CNN, MSNBC, etc are for!!

Totally agree, you said it right.

The people who have to watch this crap are the poor who can’t afford cable!!
The ones who these Blowhards who could careless about the poor Trumps an idiot he don’t even pretend to care about the working poor or poor!!!

complete waste of time and money.

Thank you the DEMOCRATIC party is a waste


Amen to that!!

What a waste of airtime. I look forward to seeing my soap when I get home from work. This whole thing is so ridiculous.

Most people are working during the times these hearings air. Why not tape hearings for showing in the evening when most people are homes and leave daytime tv alone. I have no interest in watching the hearings and believe it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars $$$$$

I think the public needs to see the proceedings. It’s about upholding the constitution, protecting our Democracy and about checks and balances. No one, not even the corrupt orange one, is above the law. That said, I do wish the 3 Networks could figure out a way to stream the soaps.

I watch any show that’s preempted on Utube or Google. Just type in Full Episode and the date.

More like using and abusing the Constitution in yet another of umpteen tries to overturn an election simply because the left didn’t approve of the results. Even GH couldn’t come up with such a sorry spectacle as the absurd Adam-scripted “Schi#+Show” which is coming soon to daytime television, and THAT is saying a lot! Still, there’s no way that the ratings will compare to the “Clinton XXX soap opera” that simultaneously riveted and revolted those of us who were unfortunate enough to have witnessed that absolute obscenity of historical proportions which was actually based upon real crimes having been committed.


Thank you, too, Judy Klosterman!


Thank you, Sandie Hull!

Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to share it Shay. You’re certainly not shy with yours and neither am I. I fully support whomever is elected into office and there have been some I didn’t like but tolerated. Because they respected the office and both governing parties with decency. Trump however has used the office to lie, bully and profit from. And it’s NOT OK. The constant stream of name calling, press bashing and general caustic rhetoric has taken it’s toll. You can’t blatantly make on air statements and then pretend you never said something, repeatedly. He’s bad for democracy and the country in general. He covers his ignorance of governing with nastiness and fake outs. I’m over him. I tried hard to root for him and hope he’d change, but nothing doing. He needs to go. The sooner the better. He caused all of this himself. No one helped him arrive here because he won’t listen to them anyway. Over it. Over him. The man child.

davlestev1…Trump’s been everything you described and much worse since the beginning and I applaud you for having an open enough mind and being informed enough to change your view.

What’s sad and frightening is the amount of people who think the impeachment, the hearings…are a waste of time. People vote for someone, support someone, without being informed. I bet if you asked 90% of these people the definition of impeachment or why Trump is being impeached they wouldn’t know. The standard answer is, “because the dems lost and they just want to get him on something and they’re afraid he’s going to win again…” They literally have no idea why this is happening. And the logic is missing. If it was just a case of Republican vs Democrat there would be this chaos EVERY time a Repulican won. There isn’t.

It’s frightening to think so many vote who have no desire to be informed. For all the cries of ‘fake news” they have the opportunity to watch and listen to testimony…not hear ‘about it” but actually hear it from both sides…but don’t want to. And, yet, they vote. And then those of us who ARE informed have to live with the consequences of an uneducated public.

Oh, Rebecca1, thank you for saying this. Although I don’t believe this site should get deep into politics, I must admit that a lot of these posts frighten me. Why doesn’t anyone look at the facts? It’s not a partisan issue when a President admits that he wants foreign help to investigate a rival. Forget the quid pro quo. He ASKED for help ON CAMERA for everyone to see. How is that partisan? Anyway, I remember watching the Watergate and Iran Contra hearings and seem to remember, as another poster indicated, a rotating coverage among the networks. Much better system.

Harry…I’ve been watching every day. It has also been a chance to see live, real time those civil servants who until these hearings can go unknown. Didn’t realize the the different governmental agencies both within our country and throughout the world that are there to watch after our interests and keep up our relations with other countries. Very impressed with their professionalism and patriotism. Especially the ladies!

David, and Becca and Rose, oh my! I agree with all of you.

Well said, rose. Our women are truly shining in these proceedings. It’s about time!

They Always prempt our soups because they get (therich and who is rich?)REPUBLICANS HAVE ALL THE MONEY. THEY LIKE THEIR HIGH PRICE PRIME TIME SHOWS and don’t want to lose the profits from not showing them. They forget soaps made tv what it is today!

I can’t stomach that weasel, Stephanopoulos. Another phony.

It is disappointing that all major channels will be carrying the same thing. This could go on until Christmas which will be difficult for those of us that watch daytime television. Can GH stream their shows so that we can see them?

The last time the networks pre empted coverage for weeks was the OJ trial and we know what happned to soaps. With Y and R ratings in free fall I have bad vibes about this.

COZI Tv usually picks up DOOL , GH usually will air at 1 AM or somewhere around there

This could be devastating to the TV soap opera genre. During the OJ Simpson trials, soaps lost legions of viewers who never came back. I am not sure why every network and cable news has to show the impeachment proceedings. I will watch the impeachment proceedings but I would also like to be able to DVR the soaps because for me, escapism is as important as upholding the constitution (now, more than ever). Can’t we have both? Pretty please?

Harry, these networks dont give a crap about daytime! We have discussed this a couple different times. They do whats best for business. They dont care about loyal followers. Jerry Seinfeld said in numerous interviews if his showed would have premiered in this day and age, his show would have been cancelled. His number were atrocious in that shows first year. He said it took three seasons for it to find itself. The networks would NEVER roll the dice like that anymore. Soaps could have freshened up, used todays technology and had their own outlet but they stayed in the dark ages which puts them in a position to be stomped on!

Harry and Timmm…Geez, just when Anna has come back on GH. And JVParise (ex-Carlos on GH) just got his come-upance on Y&R. But I guess every network also wants to show how important they think these moments in time are for the sake of keeping our democracy intact. And while they can be tedious for the viewer, I think it is almost a civic duty. Just like voting. You make your own impression, get the full comments and not portions or spin from snippets on the news or “experts.” And they are probably not big money winners since there are no commercials from big pharma. So networks should be happy to have their soaps back onto a regular schedule. I for one watch them like the Kavanagh and Mueller ones, and feel lucky we still live in a country where there is the transparency in seeing these proceedings. It gives me a first hand measure of the men and women who question and are being questioned. And some of them are real jerks. Sometimes I pretend they remind me of some of our soap characters…like, well I’ll leave that up to you.

The foreshadowing vultures are already circling above the DC Democrats’ latest lame coup attempt to oust our duly-elected president just as surely as they’re precipitously looming over Port Charles and its own precarious future existence. Neither shall eventually survive.

Would rather see the fiction in Salem, Port Charles, and Genoa City than the tacky plot scripted out of Washington.

Only in the Democrat-led House could there be this totally fabricated impeachment-themed “Kabuki Theatre” presentation targeting our president for doing his constitutionally-directed duty to investigate massive wrongdoing by a previous office holder when it was said subject (Biden) who ACTUALLY brazenly bragged and implicated himself on camera of committing the exact crime of which Trump has been falsely accused. Talk about living in a parallel universe…this truly is as surreal as it gets!

Shay. Stop spreading “fake news”. The video of Biden “confessing” was excerpted and taken out of context and not the whole story.

The Obama administration was fighting corruption in the Ukraine and was asked by US embassy officials to withhold one billion in loans until the Ukraines cracked down on corruption. In fact, Obama and Biden wanted a Ukranian prosecutor to investigate the company Hunter Biden worked for, who only hired Hunter (Biden’s son), unbeknownst to Hunter, so they could appear honest. It was found out the Ukranian prosecutor was corrupt which is why he refused to investigate, and he was ousted. Biden’s son was guilty of nothing. Nor was VP Biden.

So…VP Biden was instructed to withold aide until Ukranian corruption was ferreted out…unlike Trmp,, who KNOWS the Bidens were innocent, but wanted to cast doubt on Biden for the upcoming Pres election…so for his own personal gain (to discredit Biden) not for the coumtry but his own gain). He withheld aide to an ally, Ukraine, until the new Ukranian Pres agreed to investigate Biden. Zero comparison. The irony of Trumo, with one of THE most corrupt “swamps” to ever slither into the WH…trying to bribe an ally, withold aide hoping to find dirt on a former U.S. President!

To summarize…Trump asked the the new Ukranian Pres to first “do him a favor” and investigate Biden (when there is zero evidence or suspicion he did anything wrong) because,what a surprise, Biden was leading him in the polls. Of course…he needs a new chant to “lock her up.” He’s hoping for a “lock him up” as he continues to con his way to the top of the swamp he’s swimming in.

Brava again, rebecca1. Do you ever feel like you’re living in an alternate universe? People hear the same info as I do and yet come to diabolically different conclusions. At least during Watergate, we had a semblance of truth. NOW? What’s that line from FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF…”I weep for the future.” How right that was.

This is to be expected

‘So, what are your thoughts on what the Impeachment hearings could mean for daytime dramas in in the weeks ahead? ‘

LOL, the question should be, what does it mean for the networks that do this?

This how they started the spiral of loss decades ago with the OJ Simpson BS decades ago… Trumps impeachment is bound to be more boring than watching the police chase that white van for hours, and the audience invested in this doesn’t really have the attention span of those decades ago nor the intelligence.

The networks may get some ratings, especially with neilson in charge, but should expect drops across the board during-if goes on go long, and after.

It may be the resugence of soaps, as they finally realize where they went wrong, and try really hard to get back into the game. Time will tell.

People want to be entertained more than they want to be politicized, dogmatized or brainwashed.


Or, apparently… educated, informed.

Rebecca you are far too, and sending on the general public most people have a hard time becoming properly educated on the politics of the world because it’s hard to decipher what information is true and what is not not everyone is as fabulous as you are.

Well, anonymous, you don’t have to be “fabulous” to track down the truth. Just interested, curious, and open-minded. Granted, we’re all asked to deal with a lot of dishonesty these days. That’s why we shouldn’t give up being diligent about the facts. They matter, even at the end of a long day. Maybe even more so. Hang in there, all of us!

Like I have said with ANY President and his messages, announcements or commentary, why the HELL are there 24 hours news channels if they have to constantly screw the day time fans? The nightly local and national news will cover this to death!

Ridiculous that we have to indure these stupid ,bogus impeachment shows. They should be on 1 channel only

Ridiculous to be forced to watch these bogus partisan impeachment shows that will never lead to impeachment. They should be on one channel only

They cannot force you to watch anything – I am sure the subscription services will be on cable

Totally sucks! Isn’t this why we have C-Span and the 24/7/365 news networks? Ugh!

Do like the Watergate hearings, the commerical networks should alternate days of coverage; or let CNN, MSNBC (but not FOX) have exclusive coverage.

Surely there are sufficient cable and cable news channels to air this rather than broadcast channels.

They are going to take off “The Price is Right”! I think I will boycott the Price is right forever because cbs is always pre empting it. I’m done !

Why not just on CSPAN, CNN MSNBC, AND FOX NEWS channels

The hearing can be shown on CNN. Fox news. OAN, and other news stations, msnbc, etc. Leave dome stations available to those who don’t want to watch this nonsense hour upon hour. Don’t preempted soaps or show them later instead of game shows

lol, the only station that really REALLy wants this one Sarah, is OWN!!!

If people want to watch the hearings there are plenty of other channels that will be carrying it. Why do they have to interrupt our soaps???!!! 🙁

Why do they have 24 hour news networks if they constantly use their regular platform? For extended coverage events, air that on your “news” network. If a viewer wants to watch, they will turn to that channel.

It’s not fair that they keep interrupting our soaps for this I don’t like it one bit it’s a big joke they are waisting their time and tax payers money

There are enough cable channels to handle this stuff.It will be on C Span I’m sure. We get this stuffed down our throats enough. If you can’t put the soaps on at a later time so we can DVR them then stick to the regular schedule.

Bummer!! Won’t even bother getting into this lunacy.
But—–since there is no other space to leave a comment about Y&R… it goes……
The ye gods should have given more thought to bringing Lance back. It should have been Ronan—–make it spicy and inspiring. Ahhhh—-Michelle’s Phyllis and Jeff’s Ronan!! —-match made in in hot-heaven!!
Nonetheless, what are the chances, there will be a Phyllis/Lance union? Another brother in the midst—-so original!!

I could care less about the hearings and hate having my shows premepted. Just show on the news like Fox CNN etc and leave regular daytime programing alone.

This is reducing us to 24 hours of news overload causing depression and people in general can’t be exposed to this thank God for internet and Canadian tv. I work hard all day to come home relax and now that won’t be possible because you crazy democratic leaders are sore losers grow up and get a real job and life!!!

Thanks to the Washington Democrats for the screw up again how much is this costing taxpayers MILLIONS????? Or should it cost NANCY PELOSI OR CHUCK SCHUMER

I’m not Chuck Schumer’s biggest fan, but how is he to blame for hearings taking place in the House of Representatives?

Not a big fan of Pelosi either, but I’ll take her over the two clowns who keep disrupting these hearings to interject their own agendas…

Devin Nunes – previously best known for filing lawsuits against a fictional cow.

Gym Jordan – belongs in prison for his part in enabling a serial child rapist.

Maybe you should be billing those two… or at least the corporations who bankroll them?

Satan, two thumbs up. Nunes provided some comic relief as I watched his face go from constipated to deer in the headights and Jordan…he needs a muzzle.

SATAN! David Nunes is obsessed with naked pictures of TRUMP! That little, shifty eyed weasel keeps bringing it up. The horror, the horror!

If anyone were obsessed with the notion of naked pictures of Trump, it would be Adam Schiff! He was absolutely giddy with delight when he was unwittingly punked by a comedian’s recorded phone call purporting to be a Russian agent said to possess such photos. Shifty Schiff couldn’t contain his willingness to “collude” with him in order to get his grubby hands on the so-called “compromat!” That is why DEVIN Nunes kept bringing up the subject….to remind everyone what a slimy, desperate little fool Schiff truly is!

Shay…From what I have read, Schiff was not obsessed, giddy, or colluding when the “possibility” of getting nude photos of Trump which were offered by the Russian comic hacks. He said he would accept only if they talked directly to law enforcement and FBI. Or to legitimize it. A big difference than sending his lackey Giuliani to get “dirt.” And even then, I really dislike what the politics on both sides can/are coming to.

Not a happy camper with my Daytime Soaps and other shows being preempted. My idea is to have a public channel broadcast the impeachment hearings. Think someone else said that. Leave our shows alone! Let people watch what they choose!

All three networks have streaming services. Why not just put the current episodes online until the hearings ends. Soaps routinely draw the biggest audiences on the network apps. They could continue to storylines and draw millions of people to their streaming services and to cable on demand. When the hearings end they can do a week of catch up storyline. It could keep people watching, actors employed and possibly save the genre.

Why can’t you schedule the prime time channel soap operas at a later time of the day or early morning the next day so we can at least record them on our DVRs?

Take off the perpetual obnoxious family feud reruns and run them there. Since they are repeats no one should miss them.

We can make our own choices and can watch it anywhere if we choose – some folks need the break from him and the ugliness of his swamp. Soaps and daytime TV are the palate cleanse we need to escape the ugly world he’s creating.. I NEED GENERAL HOSPITAL – I need a break from the chaos he’s created. Don’t let him take away one mire thing!


I think this is awful. The hearings can be covered on the cable channels with highlights on the regular news coverage. We do not need to be overwhelmed with this. For disabled people who are stuck at home their daytime shows provide an escape from their reality. The reality of our current politics is to depressing to cover for hours at a time. Stop It !

Ridiculous all stations,showing hearings…
Not right for all other programming…

I say these impeachment hearings are a waste of time. Whether you like Trump or not ( I do) when all of this gets to the senate it will be dropped. PUT THE SOAPS BACK ON…

I think it stinks! I hope the sponsors dump the networks. I could care less about the baseless hearings.

I look forward to watching my soaps every day. So disappointed that channel 2 thinks yet again it has to interrupt regular scheduled programming. I’m not interested in watching the impeachment hearings non-stop. Ugh.

Let CNN carry the hearings and leave daytime tv alone!

I think it’s a load of crap from a bunch of cowardly liars.

The nightly local & national news which is aired at multiple times daily has enough coverage on the subject, I certainly have no desire to see more. That’s why it’s called the “news” & airs on TV in the first place!
The soap’s are a LOT more interesting to watch!

I think the government should have their own network instead of screwing up people’s daily tv watching.

You mean something like…… C-SPAN??

Do you hope not enough people turn off the television stations during the day and they lose ratings so that they realize when they pull this crap on us that we’re not going to tolerate it anymore. We have 24 hour news channels, we can catch the highlights someplace else, if you really want to sit through it all then dedicate A channel to it, but taking all the channels to watch the same nonsense is absolutely ridiculous. I used to care about this country and the government and all that stuff, but it has become so blatantly corrupt and disgusting that only watch the local news for the weather anymore. And see what’s going on in my neighborhood that might be fun for my kids to do.

Put that crap on another station. I want to see my Young & The Restless and Bold & The Beautiful. I could care less about impeachment. This pisses me off. At least air them at night like you have in the past.

I’m sick of hearing about Trump.
I’d much rather be watching general hospital… I can watch the news later if I want to know what’s going on with the impeachment stuff.

most of you people on here must not like the country being beter off than it has in many years. thanks to the president people are working again and the nation is thriving again. most of you on her must be stupid or just crazy.oin the discussion…

Sterling…I don’t usually comment like this, but what world are you living in?

Thank you, Obama and thanks to Trump, the deficit has reached a record high. Yes, a recession is coming and it will have his fat, orange sweaty hands all over it. Not only is that creep the worst president in history, he is the worst business man in history. He inherited millions upon millions from his father and yet had to declare bankruptcy over ten times. He’s a two time loser.

Harry…had a customer in the bookstore today who reads Breitbart News and said that the reason anti-trump people don’t like him is because he is so rich he can’t be bought. I have to be neutral in my job, but I did have to say there are a lot of other reasons why, but that was a new one on me.

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Michele Val Jean Gives Update on Daytime’s Newest Soap: “The Team for ‘The Gates’ is Coming Together and It’s Fire”

CBS daytime’s newest soap opera, The Gates, is set to bow in January of 2025.  Until now, not much has been known of who else behind the scenes or in front of the camera might be coming on to the show.

However, The Gates writer, and co-executive producer, Michele Val Jean, shared an update on the series ,which has as its premise and epicenter, the story of a wealthy black family living in a gated community.

Now, Val Jean has taken to her Instagram account to share an update on the show.  Michele expressed, “You guys! The team for #TheGates is coming together and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t be happier. Exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Previously, Michele attended last weekend’s 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony where she also shared on her IG, these sentiments: “Had a great time at the #daytimeemmys tonight. I so love this community of such colossally talented and genuinely nice people. I’m humbled to be adding to the legacy with ‘The Gates’. Shout out to my #boldandbeautiful peeps. You guys are the best.”

Val Jean has been a writer for The Bold & The Beautiful, Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Port Charles throughout her daytime career, and she has won Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B and GH.

Now the question becomes, who would you like to see cast on ‘The Gates’? What kind of roles might be available? Who could be helping steer other creative elements behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


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Jason George Returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Main Cast for Upcoming Season

Soap opera alum Jason George (ex-Michael Bourne, Sunset Beach) is rejoining Grey’s Anatomy as a series regular for its upcoming 21st season.

According to Deadline, Jason will reprise his signature role of Ben Warren. Previously, the actor played Ben since season 6 of the ABC medical drama. Later, George became a series regular for seasons 12-14 before departing to join the ‘Grey’s’ spinoff, Station 19.

With Station 19 now canceled, it paved the way for George to bring Ben back to Seattle Grey’s Sloan. Over the past seven years, Jason was a mainstay on the firefighter drama and would make appearances and crossover to “Grey’s’.  Both series are produced by Shondaland and ABC signature.

Photo: ABC

In story, the seventh season of Station 19 had Ben tapping leaning into his medical skills while questioning his future as a firefighter in light of his shoulder injury. Then, in the Station 19 series finale, Ben told Captain Herrera that he was going back to finish his surgical residency. The story all fits together because when Ben was a fifth year resident at Grey Sloan, he found a way to pursue his other dream as a firefighter without jeopardizing his chances to return to the hospital and medicine one day.

Photo: NBC

George was featured on NBC’s Sunset Beach from 1997-1999 as lifeguard Michael Bourne and his love interest, Vanessa was played by Sherri Saum (ex-Keri, One Life to Live) who is also the wife of the late Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio, One Life to Live)

In a post on X, following the story of his rejoining Grey’s Anatomy, George posted a video with the music from “Welcome Back Kotter” and the words “Well … it WAS kind of hush-hush. But now it’s official. Where my scrubs at?”

So, glad to hear Jason George is returning as a series regular to Grey’s Anatomy? Comment below.

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General Hospital EP, Frank Valentini, Reveals Former Cast Member is Coming Back and Teases, “I Think That The Audience Will Go Crazy for HIM”

There are some big changes afoot at General Hospital over the summer, and one of the biggest ones was revealed by the series Daytime Emmy- winning executive producer, Frank Valentini.

After winning the series fourth consecutive Outstanding Daytime Drama Series award, and 17th overall in the history of the 61-year-old soap opera, Valentini spoke with ABC 7’s On the Red Carpet at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

When asked what to expect coming up, the exec dropped a bombshell. Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

Photo: Disney

Now. speculation is running rampant of just who could it be! Is it possible that Jonathan Jackson will reprise his five-time Daytime Emmy-winning role of Lucky Spencer? Still others have thought it could actually be Greg Vaughan (because he may have wrapped his run on Days of our Lives months ago, along with Arianne Zucker, who departs later this summer on-screen) reprising the role of Lucky.

Photos: ABC and IMDb

Could Valentini being referring to the return of John J. York as Mac Scorpio; who had to exit the series to undergo treatment for myelodysplastic syndromes and multiple smoldering myeloma (two blood and bone marrow disorders), but who recently returned a month ago to the set? Or, might it be the return of two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Bryan Craig, as a now very much alive Morgan Corinthos? Fans are also wondering if GH somehow lured Nicholas Chavez back to the role of Spencer Cassadine; a role he vacated at the beginning of this year to film his leading role in Ryan Murphy’s Monsters anthology series as convicted murderer Lyle Mendenez.

In addition, Steve Burton (Jason), Kate Mansi (Kristina), and GH head writer, Elizabeth Korte, also shared some storyline intel with On the Red Carpet of what lies ahead through the summer months for Jason, Kristina, and all of the Davis women.

Watch the entire video package below.

Now weigh-in, which male actor is returning to General Hospital? Who do you hope it will be? Share your theories via the comment section.

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