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Olivia Rose Keegan Dishes On Scheming Claire On The Latest ‘Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast’

Photo: NBC

Oh, what a tangled web we weave if your are dealing with a jealousy streak a North American continent wide, and have a penchant for manipulating people to get whatever you want, and whatever man you might want.  That is just what Days of our Lives’ Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan) has been doing in recent months and then some.

On an all-new episode of NBC’s bi-monthly series, Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast, host Michael Fairman welcomes Olivia Rose Keegan as the featured guest who spills the tea on how she tackles getting the scripts which have Claire doing heinous things to those who are supposedly her friends.  There’s that little ditty of setting fire to the cabin with Ciara (Victoria Konefal) in it, turning illegal immigrant, Haley Chen (Thia Megia) basically over to the Salem PD, when she spills to Eve (Kassie DePaiva) that Haley is at Tripp’s (Lucas Adams), and then there is her wanting to do anything to keep Haley and Tripp from being together, no matter what the cost.  Keegan weighs-in on all of that, offers up some fun behind the scenes anecdotes with her co-stars, and touches on her music career.

Later in the episode, DAYS favorite Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) welcomes her on-screen son. Casey Moss (JJ) to her dressing room for some behind the scenes chatter on how they prepare for their scenes, their relationship as Salem mother and son, and much more.

Photo: Jen Strauss/NBC

Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast is available for download and to stream via iTunes and all major podcasting platforms, or you can check it out on Salem here.

Check out the latest installment and let us know what you think of the devious plots of Claire Brady via the comment section below! Will she ever get her comeuppance?

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I never did like Claire. Seems to me like she is fascinated by fire. The actress that plays her certainly does a good job of portraying her though. No offense but she needs to eat even my best friend says the samething. There was Claire picking on Ben and she it seems like she is having a mental illness now. Believe me I know all about mental illness’s .However if she keeps this up she will lose Trip for good She kind of reminds of a young Angelique from Dark Shadow. Just look at her eyes..

Yet another example of Ron C trashing a legacy character in order to push more plot and prop up newbies. Claire and Ciara should have been the next generation Hope and Jenn…not Kate and Vivian!!! Claire being a pyromaniac is completely out of context, out of character, and appears to be a last minute decision.


I cannot wait until Claire is hauled off to jail….. despicable character…
I do not like the theme this storyline is adopting. The writers have eschewed a very sensitive immigration issue and made a dirty, false rag out of it.
The law is being misrepresented. Haley was brought here as a child. She grew up here. Educated here. Works here. Paid taxes here. We are not talking about a criminal or derelict; as we see on a daily basis in real life.
No judge would ever send her back to oblivion….a country as unfamiliar to her as Confucius.
Why are ‘ye gods” following this vein? This falsehood?? For shame. My philosophy has always been that even soapland should follow a semblance of reality—-this reality is fantastical….cross the boundary somewhat, yes—but, keep it within the perimeters of reason.
That’s not how it works. Ridiculous.
Aside: Haley is Melissa’s daughter; and little David is Rafe’s.

I don’t like Claire ready for her to go I don’t know if they tried to turn her into Sami Brady but there’s only one love Sami

Oops—- Melinda? Not Melissa. I can’t keep Haley’ “sister'” name straight….I mean, Haley’s mother.
Also, I am a bit confused about Jordan? Have the doctors realized that she has had ( still has) some trauma to her brain, due to a car accident? The fact that she is so secretive ( that Rafe is her baby’s father) about personal issues, proves that her sanity is not completely “off duty”…. I only want this story to move along…..for Jordan to get her health and life back with Rafe and their son ( Well, I want it this way. LOL)—- and for Hope to move on with the sotto voce mumbler ( Ted)….yuck!!!!!!

Hey Celia
Here it us July and I am just reading your comments. Are you sure you didn’t steal them from me, ha, ha. I hated Claire, so that’s why I don’t usually read anything that had to do with her. They sure utilized her character, before they nailed her down as having a mental problem, instead of just a general wackiness.
About Jordan. It seems to me that she had left town too long ago, for that baby to be Rafe’s, at the age he was when he brought him back. I’d say she left Salem closer to two years, but this baby would mean, she’d been gone only about 15 months. Right now it’s looking like Rafe and Carrie might get together, again.Looks like Hope will be saving that”mumbler” . I am not a big fan of Hope’s , but she’s got to find someone better than Pepe LePew.

Hey, Violet,
Good riddance, Claire—now let’s have Eve step down ( love Kassie–do not want tho lose her)…. not that I like Hope, but we cannot have a crooked commish.
Ted needs to go—-Jack needs to snap out of his ridiculous fake world or go away–Zander needs to be redeemed—and, will-the-real-Nicole please stand up?? Is she alive?
Now, Jordan….Perhaps when she left she had no idea she was pregnant—that accounts for the nine-month-discrepancy…..
besides, my friend, it’s a soap…..age and years make no difference when it suits the PTB’s purpose. LOL.
As I said, I like it to turn out this way. Love Jordan—can’t stand Carrie– I am a visual person—I know, I know; I’m soooo shallow—but, it’s something about her mouth and chin–or lack thereof. I’m a bad girl????!!!!–go figure!! I know she everyone’s favorite, but….what can I say?!
Yeah, Pepe is just too much–he and Kate seem to have a very comfortable ease about their interaction—chemistry, albeit his bell-pepper-like nose gets in my line of vision.
Hope is simply too good to be true and we know otherwise—her past isn’t that pristine—then, there is that matter about her eyebrow–annoy-a-rama galore.

Hi Celia
I was lucky to find your comment here. As I’ve said, Michael does not send me notifications anymore of any replies to me, or when my comment has been posted.
Anyway, as usual I agree with all your comments, especially about Claire. With me it was the eyes, which I’m sure she used to her advantage. I get what you said about Jordan. I just have to get over this thing I have about real time and reel time, it makes me crazy.
Today, Fii. show was pretty good, but it was hard for me to concentrate on the Kate and Ted scenes, because I was checking out his bell pepper nose.
The end was shocking huh, when they revealed to Hope which DiMeara locked them up. Hope was a little too relieved when she saw Ted. Kate wasn’t happy, I think she thought she and Ted would get another chance. Hope to talk to you soon, maybe in Port Charles or Genoa City. Have a wonderful week-end.

Hi, Vi,…LOL
Ok, let me put my serious face on—-As I’ve alread said to you, I went through the same thing. It’s not Mr Fairman’s or his staff’s fault—
With me, it was something stupid I had done without realizing it—-if you notice, right below the ‘reply’ space, our name appears ( eg. Celia), and below that, our email address.
I realized that I had somehow added an extra letter to ‘Celia’ , preventing me from receiving any mail. I suppose I must have gone back and forth correcting my typos and inadvertently scrolled down to my name. It took me a while seeing what I had done.
So, at the risk of sounding idiotic ( not you, MOI, LOL) I hope I am making sense??
I am getting somewhat antsy with the fake Nicole storyline—-while changing Nicole’s face to Kristin’s is a sort of a fait-accompli serves the plot’s purpose; the physical body does not. Ari has a curvy, womanly body ( as a female of the species should), but Stacy is not only shorter in stature—-she also has a boyish figure—no hips and other “paraphernalia”–
Miss Violet, when I see one faux pas after another, my interest dissipates. As I said, I am very visual and what may be minute details to others, they, nonetheless, become augmented for me and they stick out like a sore thumb.
What’s making it worse is Hope looking at Peperone ( or pepe which translate to pepper in Italian). So, when you called Ted “Pepe Le Pew”, you weren’t far off. HaHa.
In other ‘news’, I hope Celeste’s story does not become another battered wife syndrome without exploiting its origins and solutions in depth. We see these plots appear but never the mental disease displayed by the perpetrator are truly ever discussed….and most importantly, the residual trauma afflicting the children. Celeste seems to fit the pattern of forgiving someone who should not be forgiven; acceting him back into the “fold”. “Battered” does not only imply physical abuse—emotional abuse sometimes scars somone more indelibly than hitting. I have yet to see a soap storyline delve into this.
Oh, yeah; Claire’s eyes are scary big!! I wish her well—the actress can act. She’s excellent.
Soon, my friend.

Hi Celia
Thanks for your ideas about my predicament.I’ve done everything I can think of, including writing a note to M.F with no response. This particular thread, if that’s even the right term, Olivia Rose Keegan Dishes, etc. is very hard to find, so it takes me days to reply to you. I have to say I too notice things that bug the heck out of me, and I keep forgetting to mention this particular one. Unless this is something everyone knew but me, than I apologise. A few weeks ago they showed Nicole exiting the Salem Inn, which went right out into the Square, next to the restaurant where Tripp works. I was like what the ?? I knew it was in town somewhere, and always pictured this big beautiful hotel, not this rinky-dink place, looking more like it should have had a rail or whatever, with horses tied up to it. Am I crazy, or what?
This mama Celeste SL should be interesting, especially when papa hits GC. A.Martinez comes to mind right away, si?
Celia, if I can’t find you here, I will most certainly run into you somewhere else,soon I hope. Saw that you went to Fire Island. I’ve never been. Hope it was fun, how old are your kids? That place is probably fun at all ages. I hope to hear about your other vacation coming up. So long, for now.

Hi, Miss Violet,
Sorry to hear you’re still having a hard time finding sites or receiving replies.
It matters not if your response is late, as long as you, somehow, get through.
I wouldn’t stress out too much about the scenery, Violet—-I do double-takes practically on every episode. I’m with you—-the Salem Inn is purported to be this high-class, top, sophistique’ hotel… would not think of it being in thst part of town.
I am not liking this at all. Bringing Susan back has me emotionless. Literally. I love Susan, but Stacy cannot come through for me—-neither as Kristen nor as Susan. Eileen Davidson, as Susan always made my day!! She was perfection. I would break into peels of laughter whenever she made an appearance an er utterings with that voice—-just cracked me up, ” Don’t look now, Elvis….here come them girls–“….”Gotta make my head blank—-get, get, out of there, Stefano”; while she kept pounding her head—–no one else can duplicate that.
It is too difficult for me to digest—-as I said, look at Ari’s body, and how she fills a sleek shift and Stacy doesn’t.
Yes, Martinez would be a perfect mate for Celeste—Plus, he has already played opposite Jordi, on DOOL, as his father.
I have only been to Fire Island once before—-but, my son ( he will be ten in a couple of weeks) and my nephews wanted to go. No cars allowed on the ferry—-it’s not much—overwhelmed with shops!!! I mean, a LOT!! … Supermarket—not one of my favorite places, LOL.
And, oh….my little girl is five.
Thank you for asking…talk soon.❤️

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Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts and Marlene King Land ‘Calabasas’, a Soap in the Vein of the ‘O.C’ and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, at Netflix

There has been lot of soapy projects coming to life and in the works of late, and now comes word that Kim Kardashian is executive producing a new series in development for Netflix called Calabasas.

After a bidding war last week, it looks like Netflix cemented the development deal from Kim, and her producing partners American Horror Story co-star Emma Roberts (pictured below) and Pretty Little Liars creators Marlene King and Alexandra Milchan.

The concept of Calabasas is based on the book If You Lived Here You’d Be Famous By Now by Via Bleidner.  King set to write the adaptation and will serve as the series showrunner.

Photo: JPI

According to Deadline, Calabasas is said to be in the vein of primetime young teen and young adult soaps the O.C. and Beverly Hills 90210. The story follows “Via, a 16-year-old sheltered Midwestern Catholic school girl whose world is turned upside down when her family moves and she’s forced to transfer to the fast world of Calabasas High where nothing is as it appears and where everyone is trying to be someone else. It’s a place where dreams come true … but not without complications and sometimes unforeseen consequences.”

Photo: Hulu

As fans of the Kardashians know, Kim and her family made the town of Calabasas a household and worldwide name. Kim being attached to this project helped make its sale. This marks her fourth project to sell since the writers and actors strikes concluded at the end of last summer.

So, would you be interested to see a teen soap called ‘Calabasas’ on Netflix from Kim and company? Comment below.

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The Young and the Restless and General Hospital Actress and Writer, Meg Bennett, Passes Away at 75

Meg Bennett, who had played Julia Newman and later became a writer for the top-rated daytime drama, The Young and the Restless has died at the age of 75.  The news comes from her family who shared that she lost her battle to cancer back on April 11th.

Daytime fans remember fondly, Meg’s portrayal of Victor’s (Eric Braeden)first wife. Bennett joined the show in 1980, after her first soap stint for two years in the role of Liza Walton on Search for Tomorrow.

Impressed by her story notes, the late Bill Bell, then head writer of Y&R, had Meg doing double duty acting and writing on the show from 1983-1987. When he decided to write off the character of Julia, he also wanted Meg to stick around as a writer.  Not only did this begin a whole other daytime career for Bennett, but she was not done playing Julia either. Throughout the decades, Julia would still come back to Genoa City for a visit. Most recently, Y&R fans saw Julia in 2018, and again in 2020.

Photo: JPI

Bennett also appeared on Santa Barbara and was a writer on that show as well from 1991-1993. She played the role of Megan Richardson. It was next that Meg had her longest writing stint coming to ABC’s General Hospital. Meg wrote for GH from 1993-2011.

In 1995, Bennett won her first Daytime Emmy for writing and her personal life changed after falling in love with nine-time Daytime Emmy winner, former GH head writer, Bob Guza Jr. In addition, GH also utilized Bennett for her acting skill when she was cast as the villainess Allegra Montenegro.  Meg and Bog Guza were officially married in 2004 and purchased a home once owned by Boris Karloff and Gregory Peck.

Photo: JPI

Additionally, Meg wrote for The Bold and the Beautiful 1987-1989 and later served as a executive story consultant to Brad Bell from 2002-2004.  She also wrote for Sunset Beach, Generations and GH: Night Shift throughout her writing career. She went on to win five WGA Awards for GH and Santa Barbara.

Meg is survived by her husband of 19 years, Robert Guza Jr., two stepdaughters, four grandchildren, a brother and a sister.

Share your remembrances and condolences for Meg Bennett via the comment section below.

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Steve Kent Reportedly OUT as Sony Pictures Television VP in Charge of DAYS and Y&R

On Friday, reports surfaced that Steve Kent, Senior Executive Vice President of Programming at Sony Pictures Television, is no longer with the company and overseeing the Sony soap operas, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless.

According to Soap Opera Digest, a set side source reported that Kent’s last day was last Friday, April 12th, which was one day after what would have been his final appearance in his Sony VP role at the Days of our Lives 15,000th episode on set celebration.

During that ceremony, Kent gave a brief speech giving kudos to DAYS for its incredible milestone. Days is a co-production of Sony Pictures Television and Corday Productions, while Y&R is produced by Bell Dramatic Serial Company in association with Sony Pictures Television.

Photo: JPI

Kent started his soap opera career as a producer for CBS’ defunct Capitol and then as the supervising producer of NBC’s Santa Barbara from1984 to 1993.

Photo: JPI

At Sony, before his role overseeing the soaps, Kent was Senior Executive Vice President of International Productions for Sony Pictures Television International department.

If reports are true, the question becomes who has taken over his position, and would oversee DAYS and Y&R from the Sony side? Share your thoughts on this developing story via the comment section below.

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