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On-Air On-Soaps Names The Best and Worst In Soaps 2015!

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As 2015 comes to a close, we took a look back with our annual list of the Best and Worst in Soaps!

As it does every year, On-Air On-Soaps take this opportunity to pay tribute to the tremendous work of the talented men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes, whose tireless efforts in the grind of producing and acting in this genre’s format is always astounding, and to be admired for its sheer volume of material that is churned out in such shorter order, and the caliber of it!  But of course, in addition to naming the best moments and performances of the year, there were several not so stellar moments, characters, storylines, and more that get the dubious honor of some of the “Worst’s”!

So with that said; we give you our Best and Worst in Soaps 2015! As you will read, we try to dissect it all in our look back at the year through our various categories.   Now, while we know many of you have your own picks and choices, and may disagree or agree with our picks, we encourage you to let us know your thoughts as well.  And most of all, respect everyone’s opinions, as you wish them to respect yours.

Finally, we want to wish our wonderful community of site visitors and fans, a healthy, prosperous, and festive New Year!  It is all of you with your unbridled passion and devotion to the soaps genre itself, who root for the characters and performers you love, that make this such a special and unique medium.   So here we go …  we reveal the list of the Best and Worst in Soaps 2015!


Brad Bell – The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas

When you bring in a social issue of our time, ethnic diversity, classic soapy tales, and numerous unexpected twists and surprises, it’s a good year.  This executive producer and head writer continued to weave the story of Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) throughout 2015, and this story was more than just a one-note wonder.  Interview with the honoree here!


Days of our Lives – (Aug through Dec)

Prior to August, DAYS was mostly unwatchable, but a much needed behind the scenes shake-up in the writing and producing departments, and a long term initiative that began to be executed to take viewers into the series golden anniversary and beyond, hit the right mark!  With cant-miss-an-episode TV returning for the long-running NBC series, big returns, and some dark and heavy duty story turns, that made for many a controversial water cooler moment, Salem was on the map again from August till the end of this year and hopefully well into 2016.  

The Bold and the Beautiful – (Jan through August)

Learning Maya was born as “Myron” in the soap bombshell of 2015 back in May, and her emotional nuptials with Rick (Jacob Young), where her father Julius (Obba Babatunde) confronts her, made this show powerful soap at its best.  Late summer we had another shocker: a psychotic Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) in a battle with a crowbar with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) hit her head and died!  Earlier in the year, Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) battle with the bottle also made for an interesting beat.



Days of our Lives

This show had a total and badly needed re-haul, and it knew that it could not fail to deliver for its 50th anniversary.  Measures were taken, and it paid-off.


The Bold and the Beautiful

Still the soap that delivers montages, remotes, well-designed sets, and those fashion shows … while making everybody look bold and beautiful is at the top of their game.


The Young and the Restless

Y&R boasts the biggest A-list cast in daytime.  The performances continue to astound day to day, and when the show is good it’s daytime’s finest, but when it misses it leaves us bewildered at the choices in stories.  Their disaster storylines while a signature of head writer and EP Chuck Pratt Jr. give us breathtaking sets, graphics and moments, the day to day can sometimes leave us desiring more.



General Hospital

You know we love our GH, but 2015 delivered both creative and engrossing episodes, or meandered about where it was very lacklusterBehind-the-scenes changes were part of the challenges the series faced.



It was the biggest ratings success story in primetime in years for its first season, while taking a dip in its second go-round.  Still, the Fox hip-hop music sudser has so much soapalicious drama going down each episode you need a scorecard to keep up.  Take note daytime soaps!


Justin Hartley – The Young and the Restless


This was the year we finally got our long-awaited Adam reveal.  Throughout 2015, navigating all the complexities of the black sheep of the Newman clan, trying not to be discovered of his true identity, while ultimately being found-out, and ultimately trying to bring down his father and his company, and rationalizing doing it for the love of his wife and son, showed why Hartley is at the top of his game.


Billy Flynn – Days of our Lives

Eric Braeden – The Young and the Restless

Anthony Geary – General Hospital


Peter Reckell – Days of our Lives


The work by Peter Reckell in his short, but powerful return to Days of our Lives left us all heartbroken. and wanting more.  It was the finest work of his career.  Peter’s ability to show raw emotion, simple and sweet, left America with a puddle of tears on the floor when Bo died.


Anthony Geary – General Hospital

There was not a more masterful performance than the brilliant Geary in GH’s 52nd anniversary episode.  It is there we learn the secret that caused Luke to be Fluke, who accidentally killed his mother, and murdered his father.  Geary not only played Luke, but his father Tim in a performance that will be remembered in the annals of soaps.

Runner up:

Tyler Christopher – General Hospital


After his young son, Spencer, is badly burned in a fire at Wyndemere, Nikolas is overcome with emotion as he learns of his son’s condition, and later anguishes over Spencer when he is allowed to see him.  Tyler reminded us all he is one of the finest actors on the soaps when given the material to shine.


Laura Wright  – General Hospital

Wright wowed us continually through 2015.  Whether it be her emotional turn a s Carly pleads with Jake to accept the evidence that he is her beloved friend Jason Morgan back from the dead, or playing Luke’s mother, Lena in the 52nd anniversary episode, and reprising it again in farewell scenes with Tony Geary … and not to mention the love story of CarSon and Carly being tough and loving mom to her kids … Laura was definitely an MVP.

Runners -ups


Karla Mosley    – The Bold and the Beautiful

Finola Hughes   – General Hospital

Linsey Godfrey – The Bold and the Beautiful


Finola Hughes – General Hospital

Anna is planning on heading to Glasgow, Scotland to give her beloved late Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) the send off he would have wanted, and that she wants to give him with his ashes in tow.  Her old friend Luke stops by to see her, and as she grieves over Duke, the two commiserate and say farewell.   It was Hughes at her exquisite best.


Kimberly McCullough – General Hospital


In story, Robin sees Jason for the first time since his most recent brain injury and amensia, and with his newly reconstructed face. Their encounter happens on the same bridge that meant so much to their past and Robin’s future.  McCullough captured the essence of their relationship, and Robin’s past in a simple, understated, and emotional way.  It reminded viewers why she is a daytime treasure.


Karla Mosley and Obba Babatunde – The Bold and the Beautiful – The Wedding showdown

This year it’s a father/daughter duo with a complicated past, and future at the top of our list.  On Maya’s wedding day to Rick, her father Julius cannot accept who she has become, and what she is doing by marrying a Forrester.  The performances by Mosley, and Babatunde were exceptional.


Franco and Kiki’s goodbye scene: Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson – General Hospital


Kristen Alderson made the decision to exit GH as Kiki.  Former GH scribe Ron Carlivati and his team wanted to pay homage to Alderson, and long time OLTL on-screen dad, Roger Howarth, who were now both on GH.  In a touching a speech as Franco is in the hospital, and as Kiki said her goodbyes, Franco says to his almost bio-daughter: “You’ll find something that you love to do, and do it.  And don’t ever marry a man unless you trust him.  Most importantly, believe in yourself.  I want you to have an OK life.  I think you deserve that.”  Alderson’s Kiki then says, “You don’t have to do this.  I’m not saying goodbye forever.”   To which Roger replies: “Maybe you are.   So just in case … goodbye.  You’ve been a gift to me.  I won’t forget you.”   Hankies!


Obba Babatunde’ – The Bold and the Beautiful

Acclaimed TV and Broadway star, Babatunde was the breakout star of B&B.  His opinionated, and imperfect father to the Avant clan deserves an Emmy.  He had to be the naysayer and speak for those in our country who cannot easily accept Maya’s difficult past and present.


Photo Credit:

Freddie Smith – Days of our Lives

Rob Scott Wilson – Days of our Lives


Amelia Heinle – The Young and the Restless

As Victoria Newman, this two-time Daytime Emmy winner continued to show that no matter how central she is to the scene, or even if she is not the focus, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of her.  Amelia’s gutsy and realistic, and not over-played performances continue to draw us in, whether it’s going toe-to-toe with her father, Victor, her half-brother Adam, or dealing with her messy relationship with Billy.  We can’t wait to see Amelia work with Jason Thompson as the new Billy in 2016.


Taraji P. Henson – Empire

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie – what else can we say ya’ll?  Oh, except take that Boo Boo Kitty!  Ah, these character names!


Jonathan Jackson – Nashville


Jonathan Jackson’s Avery Barclay, as a confused single dad to a newborn, was touching, heartbreaking, and complex.  Estranged from baby Cadence’s mother (played by Hayden Panettiere) his scenes were fraught with drama.  And let’s not forget, we get to hear the guy sing, too!


Killing off Will Horton – Days of our Lives

To kill the legacy character of Will Horton by having him brutally murdered by the Necktie Serial Killer, instead of sending the character off the canvas if they wanted to reboot the character (that under the previous writing regime became an unrecognizable character in his actions), would have been the way to go.  This sent a message to the LGBT community, and the viewers that caused a major negative backlash.


Will’s Funeral – Sonny sitting in the second row – Days of our Lives


You can’t fool a soap fan!  During Sonny’s funeral, Will’s husband Sonny was relegated to the second row, while Will’s immediately family was in the front.  Not cool!


Michael Easton is killed off General Hospital

We knew Dr. Silas Clay never really caught fire when fan favorite Michael Easton was put into the position of having to play another character on GH, other than the unforgettable John McBain (due to the legal issues with Prospect Park and ABC).  Still the analogy of seeing Easton’s Silas get a knife in the back spoke volumes.  GH decided it was time to let Easton go.  While you can argue that he was completely back-burnered with little to no story, and boxed into a corner, the fan outcry was palpable.


Dee Wallace as Patricia Spencer – General Hospital

When GH announced Dee Wallace would play the role of Luke’s older sister, Patricia, it was a big get for the series.  Dee delivered poignant performances in her part of keeping Luke’s long held secret that destroyed his life, until he was set free by remembering what he blocked out.



Jonathan Jackson – Lucky Spencer – General Hospital

The orders were strong: Get Lucky!  As Tony Geary finished up his run, he wanted to work with his most favorite scene partner, five-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jonathan Jackson.  The father and son scenes the two shared one last time had us all reaching for the hankies, and then some.


Frank Runyeon – Angel – The Young and the Restless

While we loved Frank Runyeon on As the World Turns as Steve Andropoulos, his return to soaps as an angel/therapist after Nikki’s accident fell flat.


Joey Luthman – Young Luke Spencer – 52nd Anniversary episode – General Hospital


You know you have done something right, when everyone is asking, “Who was that kid? He was so good!”  Well, that young man is Joey Luthman, and he emulated and played a young Luke Spencer to the tee in the episode.


Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) – General Hospital

When Patrick and Emma were on the screen in 2015, or Emma in scenes by herself, GH fans go gaga for the young girl.  She nailed this honor though her recent star turn when she cries for her mommy, after Patrick and Sam’s relationship implodes.


Robert Palmer Watkins – General Hospital


It has been years since Dillon Quartermaine had been on the GH canvas, but Watkins has retained, in a more adult manner, the same charm that Scott Clifton brought to the role.  Watkins is likeable on screen and off and someone to watch in the years to come.


Hira Ambrosino – Days of our Lives

Where is Tori Narita, anyway?  When we first met her earlier in the year, she struggled to accept her son Paul being gay, although as it turns out, she knew deep down all of the time.  Then we learn she had a past with John Black, and it turns out Paul is their son.  Ambrosino is a talented actress we would like to see more of.


Pierson Fode – The Bold and the Beautiful

Fode replaces Adam Gregory in the role, and while maintaining Thomas’ lothario ways; he also brings some fire, and depth into the role and made this Forrester offspring interesting!


Photo Credit:

Vivian Jovanni – Days of our Lives

When DAYS decided to SORAS all of the main characters’ children, it forced little Lauren Boles, who was a Hope Williams in the making, off the canvas for teen Vivian Jovanni.   Thus far, it’s not working for us.


Salem finds out Will has been murdered!

After Will’s horrific demise at the hands of the Necktie Serial Killer, one by one the Hortons, Kiriakis, and Will’s friends learn of his death from: Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Freddie Smith (Sonny), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Alison Sweeney (Sami), Galen Gering (Rafe), John Aniston (Victor) and the list goes on.  It provided riveting performances and DAYS fans watched in shock and despair.


James Read – Clyde Weston – Days of our Lives

Clyde went from a character we despised to digging him in his final scene.  It showed how good James Read is when Clyde learned that his son Ben is the Necktie Serial Killer, and vowed to take that information to the grave him as he was extradited from Salem to Florida for his crimes.



Constance Towers – General Hospital

She’s alive, she’s dead.  She’s alive, she’s dead.  Whether you can’t remember just what state Helena Cassadine is in, every time Constance Towers popped up through 2015 she spewed her venom on the poor citizens of Port Charles.  How about that curse on Sam?


Ian Ward, The Young and the Restless

Make it stop!  While Ray Wise is such an exceptional actor, we would like some of the villainess activities in Genoa City to turn out to be from the machinations of someone other than Ian Ward, who is revealed to be behind it.


Luke and Bobbie Spencer – General Hospital

Thank goodness they gave Jackie Zeman a farewell scene with Tony Geary, and it was well worth it.  Played exceptionally by both actors, we were left in a puddle of tears, once again.



Caroline’s toast to the late Bo at Thanksgiving – Days of our Lives

How sad.  The Bradys just days after their beloved Bo passes away try to have Thanksgiving.  It’s a somber moment.  Caroline tries her best to hold it together missing her son, and delivering a touching speech about her son as everyone toasts to Bo.  McCay was splendid.


Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer – General Hospital

After all the hype, all the goodbyes, it was Tony Geary’s last episode.  In it, Luke bonds with Sonny on the pier of Port Charles, and basically passes the torch to Maurice Benard (Sonny), and walks into the fog with a nod to the camera.  Problem was: viewers were anticipating a montage of clips, a moment between Luke and Laura, or something else entirely.  But as was revealed, must of that was scratched via Geary.  We wanted to have a good cry seeing the most iconic actor and character leave our genre, but instead many fans were left scratching their heads!



Bo Dies after he recalls his life with Hope – Days of our Lives

Bo and Hope reminisce on their ionic love story complete with vintage clips, shortly before Bo dies in Hope’s arm.  Brilliantly produced, scripted, and performed by Peter Reckell, and Kristian Alfonso.


52nd Anniversary Episode – General Hospital

The acting, the production, the writing, the editing – all of the values of this show should be acknowledged come Emmy time.  The use of black and white to color to tell the story, the use of GH history of weaving in April 1st as the key day in Luke’s life, the use of Laura Wright as Luke’s mother, and Tony Geary’s brilliant performance make this one exquisite piece of television. 


The Adam Reveal – The Young and the Restless


Y&R was firing on all cylinders the day Adam’s identity was exposed, and the aftermath.  The episode, where different people confront the guy for his duplicity including Adam’s father Victor, and his archrival Billy, among others characters was executed perfectly.  GH should take note on how this reveal worked far greater than the Jason reveal.  Jason needs to remember who he is, and connect with people to make it more dramatic and effective.  Kudos to the writing, producing and top notch cast here led by Justin Hartley, Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman!


The story of Maya Avant after being revealed as transgender – The Bold and the Beautiful

Karla Mosley (Maya) was given material to shine – she took it and ran with it, B&B took us on a journey of acceptance in a story that became so impeccably timed with Catilyn Jenner’s real life announcement as the transgender community gained attention worldwide.



Serena and the elephant statue – Days of our Lives

Watching OLTL favorite Melissa Archer as Serena stand there in a room holding, or searching for an elephant statute for months on end, was absolutely a snoozer.  When the plot revealed to be about blood diamonds hidden in one of two elephant statues, and one that Eric Brady might have, this once viable option for a love interest for the former priest had no where to go, but with a necktie strangling her neck!

Runner –up:

Scooby-Doo Murders Continued – The Young and the Restless

This muddled tale started with no key characters being killed; for it was Austin and Courtney who were murdered. T he story continued into May, when Fen returned to say he spiked everyone’s punch at the Valentine’s party.  Later this all turns out to be tied in with Faux Jack (Marco), and Detective Harding who is revealed as the murderer.  And we liked Chris McKenna (Harding) and wanted him around Genoa City for much longer.


Bo is dying – Days of our Lives


The riveting performances of Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, and Peggy McCay drove this centerpiece of the DAYS 50th anniversary.  It was a story told with such heart in short order.  The final scenes of the iconic Reckell with each of them, left the cast noticeably touched, as they not only bid farewell to their longtime time castmate, but grieved the loss of Bo.   Interview with actors for honors here!


The Necktie Serial Killer- Days of our Lives

Ben, being the Necktie Serial Killer was one thing, but the grizzly murders and the darkness that enveloped this story was filled with shocking unsettling moments including: the murder of Will Horton, kidnapping a pregnant Abby and tying her up, and including that bloody fight between Ben and Chad.  However, it made it “You can’t look away TV”.  It also made Billy Flynn, the younger leading man of DAYS, capable of great depth and emotion whether it be Chad fighting for the woman he loves, Abby or whatever comes his way.



Days of our Lives – Josh Griffith and Dena Higley

The Bold and the Beautiful – Brad Bell

Griffith and Higley rejuvenated DAYS, even though some decisions may have been unpopular, it opened up the show and made it the series a you-need-to-watch-every-day, not just once a  month soap viewing, or you will miss up.  As for Bell, the transgender storyline spoke volumes to his writing team’s commitment to tackle a hot button social issue of our time.



Lucas tells Brad he loves him at Nurses station – General Hospital

Sweet! Lucas, who would not say his feelings out loud to Brad, jumps on the 7th floor nurses station desk, and tells Brad he loves him in front of the hospital staff and patients who happened by.  It was a hankie-filled moment fans were waiting for.  Now the question is: what is the pick up of the story since the declaration? What ever happened to Rosalie, Brad’s wife?



Sage’s baby being stolen and given to Sharon, who is confused if she has given birth, thanks to the machinations of Dr. Anderson drugging her – The Young and the Restless

Marco and Jack doppelganger story – The Young and the Restless

We have seen stolen babies permeate daytime soaps in the past – where one mother grieves the loss of a child, only to have had it sold, or kidnapped, and given to someone else. This tale involving Sage and Nick, and Sharon and Dylan, is one of our least favorite stories of the year.


The issue with the Jack and Marco doppelganger story is that one was the rich and spoiled Jack Abbott, and the other was supposed to be a Peruvian drug lord.  Peter Bergman was fantastic, as usual, but the rest of this plot twist left us confused and wanting it to be over.


Little Jake returns alive and is reunited with Elizabeth! – General Hospital

So, did we fully understand how Helena switched kids in the hospital, and the kidney transplants, etc?  Or, How Jake was alive all these years on Cassadine Island?


Maya is “Myron” – The Bold and the Beautiful

One of the greatest soap twists in history!  Maya Avant was born a man.  Her sister Nicole came to town and mentioned Maya’s past as her brother named Myron! Mainstream and LGBT media went Cray Cray for this one!



Aly’s Death –The Bold and the Beautiful

We did not see this one coming!  We thought an unhinged Aly had some more time left on the planet, but she ends up killed in a fight with her nemesis, accidental serial killer. Steffy!


Stephen Nichols – Days of our Lives

Patch is back, and it wasn’t for sure a short visit, but he’s here to stay!  Engrossed in major story with Kayla, Ava, and his son Joey, Nichols delivered performances that continue to be heartfelt and memorable, starting with Bo’s death and the aftermath.


Michael E. Knight – Simon Neville – The Young and the Restless

Yes, Knight’s role as Dr. Simon Neville may be a bit unusual and quirky, but who cares?  Seeing Michael Knight on our daytime screens again is worth it after decades of the Tad the Cad on AMC.



Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Inc

Eileen Davidson as  Kristen DiMera – Days of our Lives

Stacy Haiduk as Patty Williams – The Young and the Restless

The rushed story of Theresa getting her baby back from a vengeful Kristen, and Patty making ‘nice-nice’ with Sharon and then ultimately Ian, just weren’t what we hoped would be served up by these dynamic ladies.  They deserved better!


Ben Weston – Days of our Lives

After being a nice guy with a temper, Ben Weston was turned into a deeply troubled young man with deep issues stemming from his childhood, and his jealousy.  Thus a serial killer was born.  Rob Scott Wilson demanded our attention, and got it in his eerie performances.


Aiden Jennings – Days of our Lives

DAYS fans were outraged that after investing in the love story of Haiden!   Aiden, being the most viable love interest for Hope since Bo left the canvas, turned out to be a wannabe bride killer! Thus, setting the stage for Cosgrove to be written off the show.

Photo Credit:


Avery Clark – The Young and the Restless

Poor Jessica Collins!  The mighty actress’ character was written all over the place, and after Avery was raped, Collins tried to sell this story as well as she could. Ultimately, fans were not happy, and Collins left the show.


Rick and Maya, The Bold and the Beautiful

A good tale to tell on daytime:  Even after disclosing that she was a born a man, Rick did not throw her out the front door.  In fact, they worked through it and it solidified their love. Rick accepted Maya for who she is today … the woman she has always wanted to be.


Sharon and Dylan, Nick and Sage & Stitch and Abby – The Young and the Restless

Take your pick: These three couples all feel forced and somewhat temporary.   We are not sure if that is the intent, but their love stories are not making us root for them.  Not good.


Melissa Archer – Days of our Lives

Photo:Ed McGowanPlainJoeStudios/CBS

The fiery redhead, who wowed us Natalie Buchanan on One Life to Live, was set to do it again on DAYS.  Only the writers painted her into a corner in the ‘elephant statue’ storyline.  It wasn’t until some final moments in scenes with Billy Flynn that she was able to create spark, and then they killed her off.


Jason Thompson – General Hospital

With the writers not being able to find a viable story sans Robin for five-time Daytime Emmy nominee Thompson, who was relegated to the back-burner for most of the year, and it was noticeable to the fans.  Upshot: He is now on Y&R.


Devon/Hilary/Neil – The Young and the Restless

When will this end?  We were rooting for Hevon!


After his farewell Luke Spencer tour, and letting it be known he had no intent of ever coming back to GH after his final episode airs, a quote circulates from mainstream outlet’s that Anthony Geary said on a possible return:  “If the story is interesting to me and it works out, I may come to the show for six weeks, or so.”  Say what?   Now that former head writer Ron Carlivati has been displaced, a person Geary slammed in the media, will this quote might actually come to fruition?



GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) tweets her disagreement in real-time of the sentiments shared by Viola Davis on her Emmy-winning speech for her performance on How to Get Away with Murder.  Nancy and the soaps certainly got a lot of coverage for this one.


The black wig used by Ava Jerome to fool everyone into believing she is Denice DeMuccio – General Hospital

A thick black wig!   Tri-state area accent did not fool anyone that Denice was actually Ava Jerome.  Maura West played it to the hilt, but the wig overstayed its welcome. We just wanted our magnificent Ava back!

So, after reviewing our picks, which do you agree with?  Which do you disagree with? What are your thoughts on the Best and Worst in Soaps of 2015?  Were you happy to see some of your favorites and favorites shows receiving our year-end honors?  Share your thoughts below!

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Just wanted to say – biggest waste of talent = losing KASSIE DEPAIVA from #DAYS….and what they did with her while there.

I 100 percent agree you get a talent and put her with teens sleeping with Jennifer son all for nothing her past should been explored not angst for jj and Paige
Her Paige death scene awesome but then damage was done. She should never been let go. She should been used better. Her and Eddie would been magical. Her scenes are Emmy worthy even when given. I never understand why they wasted her talent.

I agree. Days truly missed the mark with Kassie DePaiva and Melissa Archer. Both are excellent actors who could have made terrific contributions to Days for years to come.


totally big mistake letting Kassie Deprive go from DAYS. She is total gem, and I hope someday soon DAYS will bring Kassie back as Eve. There’s been some great scenes with Justin and Eve, I want to see where that goes, but now DAYS let Kassie go, REALLY? bad move.

Kassie DePaiva was totally miscast as Eve Donovan from the beginning. Although, that was almost (almost) nothing compared to the abominable casting that her former partner Roger Horwath was given at General Hospital….

I agree, Days made 2 big mistakes. Killing Will and firing their best actress Kassie.

here, here

I’m glad you are front and center with this; no matter how any one spins the resurgeance of DAYS; and i’m truly ecstatic

what always surfaces… and will not let up

how could they fire this smorgasbord of TALENT ? ! ? !

LOL i’ve already used ever superlative … of this megaSTAR

Days could bring her back as a new character… and we’d never even flinch, knowing she was recently REELED as Eve

Justin, Eduardo, and Rafe… are waiting in the wings

as is the audience favorite

Ken Corday : you had to have known… what a serious error

YES, Kim–I totally concur.

I agree! Kassie is magnificent! Eve’s grieving for Paige tore my heart out. I think DAYS is throwing away a goldmine.

I agree, Kim. And I am disappointed that this year-end wrap-up didn’t even mention this terrific actress…

No, they did not, did they, James? Kassie’s pain and sorrow was so real, I felt my own heart ache. Instead, Amelie Heinle was given the honors. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate this actress, but the accolades were not as deserving as demonstrated. I, personally, think Kassie blew me away; and, Kate Mansi was also sensational. I thought that Kelly Sullivan, and to a degree, Sharon Case outdid Amelia….by far. So, I don’t get it.
Moreover, a repetition of femme fatale seducing another teen is in the works. TPTB ruined Kassie with that repulsive storyline; wansn’t once enough? Must we see the reel again? Beside the fact that I do not get this Ava Vitale and her story, at all. I am at a complete loss how this woman suddenly appeared and insinuated herself in people’s lives. I must have missed a major episode.
The fake blood work killed all interest for me. As I said before, no medical professional would have been that easily fooled. It is very irritating to think the audience could be fooled thus. Are we stupid? But, it’s a soap…poetic license? Lol.
Stay well, James….

@ CeeCee

You are absolutely correct, Friend! With all you’ve written. For instance, I’ve never understood why Heinle gets all the accolades, at the detriment of other terrific actresses, such as Sharon Case.

The DePaiva was mesmerizing throughout. It was a huge mistake to let her go.

Have a Wonderful and Happy New Year!

Agree big time

the Kassie part

yep. Days dropped the ball with her

I agree. She is terrific, and I would have liked to see her in a different role. Very talented actor.

I 100 percent believe James Reed as Clyde was a huge reason to watch Days every day. With Stefano weakened to a wheelchair and Victors softening. Andre is not enough. Especially after Clydes well rounded villain performance. Bring him back along with Ben could easily win any court case do to insanity. I hope we see the Weston men back on days before end of the year. Great review. Thanks

Agree so much about Laura Wright (Carly) she’s the best daytime offers and also Robert Palmer W. (Dillon) is also totally awesome!! Some of the choices made were unbelievable (some in my opinion are a waste of airtime and some I think are the greatest!!) I too love Ava-glad Denise is history along with the wig!! Some of the choices I have no opinion since I usually just watch GH. Thanks for all your hard work and respected insights into my daytime dream world. You’re the best!!

Yes! Laura Wright was the best leading actress out of the four soaps in 2015 and MF selecting her as the top female performer was the right call. She is the MVP of General Hospital and brings everything together in the pivotal scenes like nobody else in daytime. GH has far and away the best leading actresses in daytime and that will be proven again when the emmy noms come out. Finola Hughes and Maura West will be nominated with Laura Wright so GH will have 3/5 in the category.

I disagree with a lot of this. Will being killed of DAYS was the best move of the year, and he died after September 1st, so he won’t be back. I couldn’t care less if Sonny was seated on the second row at the funeral. I despise both. Good riddance. Rob Wilson and James Read had the best performances on Days this year. Billy is good too, but theirs far surpassed his. James, Rob and Daniel Cosgrove should still be on that show. Karla Mosely gave the best performance by an actress all year, and she was named. What a slap in her face that is. If she does win the best leading female Emmy, something is awfully wrong. Days needs to get rid of teen Ciara.

Some people are saying Maya ruins…whatever that means. LOL!

I don’t think she’ll be strangled though. She’ll just crossover to Y&R…she has experience in crossing over.

Some people are just prejudiced against blacks, and don’t want Rick married to one. Some people don’t think a black woman is good enough to be a Forrester, and hope Maya is sent to Y&R to mix with the Winters. Lol Maya hasn’t ruined a thing on this show. No more than white Caroline, Brooke, Ivy and Steffy. If anything Maya has brought awesome high ratings to what had become a tiresome show.

I wish DAYS would have a larger African American representation and I’m hopeful for Theo and Lani to have big stories.

Beautiful Lani let it be known to Rafe that she’s interested in dating him, and he told her it couldn’t happen because they can’t mix business with pleasure, yet he’s all in Hope’s face every day hoping she’ll notice him. Now what is that all about? I guarantee you, the producers on that show don’t want Rafe involved with a black woman because as a prominent character dating Lani, they would become popular, and that’s saved for the white couples like Chabby, Ejami etc.
It’s a shame that in this day and age the entertainment industry continues to be one of the biggest machines for racism.

I’ve wondered for years why they don’t bring back more of Abe’s family… like his brother Jonah. I’m sure Jonah should have a teen son or daughter by now. Darnell Williams from AMC could also make a good Marcus recast since the original actor is deceased.

I think Rafe is just hung up on Hope and there’s still a chance for “Rani.”

Hi, Lia,
I am soooo with you about Rafe and Hope. I think Lani is perfect for him. Hope has now turned into something to ridicule worse than our Miss Jenny. Before being called an ageist for the umpteenth time….why, oh, why can Hope be given a mature storyline, befitting her persona, if not age. Aiden and she made sense, albeit her emotions fluctuated left and right. Understandable when one settles. I hope and pray, Lia, that a Rafe-Hope connection does not happen. This woman saddens me. She really makes me miserable watching her. Bring the real Hope back sans Rafe in tow.
Lani and Rafe would make such a stunning couple, but the beautiful, newcomer isn’t good enough to walk in Hope’s shoes. She gets the crumbs and Maid Hopian gets the loaf. You are so right….it is obvious to me that Hope and Rafe are being thrown together. And, ‘they’ are using Bo’s words to Rafe to look after Hope. Of all the male relatives and friends Hope has, Bo chose Rafe for the job? Golly Gee, what is a body to do? Bo asked him, how could he refuse?!?!?!?! Rafe has only known Bo for a whole minute, comparatively speaking. Yet, they had become sooooo close in that minute to entrust his ex’s well-being/life to him? Not a relative? Oh, yes; Rafe is bound by that friendship, that promise. He needs to keep Bo’s dying wish/request! Right!!

Hi, Timmm,
I support your statement about T. Geary, through and through, Timmm. I never hid the fact that he was not a favorite of mine. I did not like him, as Fluke; and, I suppose, sometimes that rubs off on the actor.
But, as I said, I always respected his outstanding acting and professionalism. I am sure TPTB had good reason to accommodate him. THEY needed him….and, even though Tony was probably still not feeling up to par, he did what was asked of him.
By the time his departure came around, I, too, came around…..he completely won me over with his ingenious performance from A to Z. Whatever fallout he had with Genie ( whom I love from here to the stars) is a separate issue….nothing to do with what he gave his audience. And, it should not be a deterrent. I agree, Timmm. I cannot think of any other lead actor more deserving in that category. Then again, I don’t watch B&B, soooo……later, luv-ya.

James Read is a good actor. Too bad the writing was so inconsistent with him.

Rob Wilson OTOH is a terrible and very limited actor. No chemistry with Kate Mansi. Kate was kind enough to stay an extra year and they wasted her on a 4th rate actor. Ben had nothing going for him.

Billy Flynn, however, was exceptional along with Kate Mansi. That is what they should have focused on instead of a crappy triangle. The serial killer storyline was terrible except for the fact Ben is no longer on canvas. That’s its only bright spot.

It’s terrible that Kate has left Days. Best of luck to her.

The writing on Days did improve only to get worse. There’s not much that is interesting right now. They never follow up on anything. It’s just plot devices and not enough character development.

I don’t agree with you about Rob Wilson. He has grown tremendously as an actor. His work as Ben will hopefully get him an Emmy nom, and win. I don’t have anything against Billy. He’s wonderful as Chad, so I’m happy he staying for awhile, but Rob was great as the serial killer, and especially with Kate as Abi. She has become downright boring since Ben was sent to prison.

I completely agree that Jason Thompson’s talent was wasted this year on GH! He has all the talent and ability to be a leading man! With Tony Geary gone, I would have liked to see another strong make lead besides Maurice Bernard. So heartbroken that he is leaving GH. With Patrick Drake marrying Robin Scorpio and then having Emma, they are an important legacy to GH history and should they be carrying the torch! To me Robin and Patrick are the Supercouple of the 2000s, right up there with Luke and Laura and Frisco and Felicia!

I really think that the Patrick character just ran his course on GH and there is a sliver lining to JT deciding to leave and that means it will open up a contract spot to bring back Wally Kurth as Ned and Greg Vaughn as Lucky. You can do more storyline wise with Ned and Lucky, given they are way more connected in PC than Patrick, and frankly they are needed more right now. JT is a great actor and a classy man but with KM deciding to leave daytime there wasn’t much for JT that ever clicked on GH. He was given storylines and three other pairings but none of it clicked. He had a good ten year run in the role and maybe it’s time for something new. I am glad that Patrick and Robin are getting a great sendoff as a couple cause if KM ever decides to return to daytime then JT may decide to return cause he is not a good fit for the role of Billy on Y&R. It is a big miscast and might be a short term job. We could have Patrick and Robin back in a few years but right now we need Ned/Lucky more than Patrick. The fact that Geary, Easton, and JT are all gone should open up plenty of room in the budget to bring back Kurth and Vaughn.

The decision to kill off Duke Lavery and make Anna mourn him for the 3rd time was far more disappointing than the one to lose Silas, imo.

YES!!!!!! Thank you!!! My thoughts too when I read that!

I think so too.

Rebecca Herbst was phenomenal on GH this year! Her story line with the return of Jason had incredible highs and lows and she took viewers with her on the journey. She’s an incredibly talented actress who deserves recognition for her work. GH has had it’s difficulties with writers and producers, but the actors always deliver!

I agree! Rebecca was amazing this year with the Jake/Jason storyline

Agree. Rebecca always does great with what they give her, whether it is amazing or amazingly sh*tty. 🙂

the most ruined male character should have been franco from gh.

Franco is a fabulous character..
He is true soap charter, a character that brings it home every time..
Rogers version of his Franco, created for Roger is phenomenal.
Nobody but Roger could play Franco, that role was made for Roger, he owns it!

A Franco fan!!!

Obviously not someone who watched GH during the tenure of the original Franco. This recast is wrong from so many perspectives it is unfathomable.

Wait, I think you’re a bit mixed up, Carol. ( I am not talking to Su00 who seems to be always living in state of delusion).
How can Francohave been ruined when he was presented to us as a sociopathic serial killer and played AND invented by James Franco, who was merely having fun with soap opera viewers? This character was a whim of James Franco’s and his creation was not meant to last and was certainly not meant for a recast.
I suspect Carol meant to say that Roger Howarth was the most wasted actor in being forced to play James Franco’s huge practical joke which was meant to be temporary and which ultimately boxed in Roger into playing a wise cracking moron.
I weep when I see what has become of Roger–he could have been a contender.
Suoo, do you realize how you insane you sound when you say that that “nobody but Roger could play Franco”?
Uhhhhh…James Franco is a real person and Roger being forced to play the manifestation of this actor’s play acting was the beginning of the end for him.
Everyone, I mean, EVERYONE, gets this but you.

i meant exactly what i stated, franco was ruined when reinvented by rc having rh portray him. robert franco is/was and always will be the one and only franco. rh’s protrayal is a joke and an embarrassment for us long time viewers (no way did heather give birth while helping susan deliver jason nor was she involved with scott at that time). currently franco is only worthy the ff button.

james franco not robert franco — lol senior moment

Happy New Year, Harry.
The whole point of Franco having had a tumor extracted from his brain, Harry, was to create a completely different entity. Subsequently, new, improved Franco. At least, that’s what I think. The role may have been initiated by James Franco, and obviously the name remains….other than changing the name, not much else can be done about that. However, I thought the personality change was purposely done. I truly believe the comparison to Franco, as portrayed by James Franco is not fair. It’s a NEW character, with the same name. That’s how I look at it. Perhaps it is much easier for me because I did not watch when James was on. I do understand how hard it is, oftentimes, to separate the two for long-time fans. That’s how I feel about Gina Tognoni’s Phyllis.
So, su is really not off the mark.
Nonetheless, I am also confused about Carole’s comment. I suppose she means the character is not well portrayed by Roger? I actually think that Roger is doing Franco justice with what he has been given; it is TPTB that are doing Roger an injustice.

Franco was actually one of the more improved characters and in one of the most improved couples of 2015. Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford are great together onscreen. Very well acted scenes and a very strong chemistry between them.

Neil Winters is by far the most ruined male of 2015.

only improvements that could be made to rh’s franco is by having james franco come back to kill the imposter or have franco and nina (another useless character now that silas is dead) marry and move far away from pc and then i’ll have no reason to ff thru anything more than commercials.

The more airtime Franco gets the less I am interested in watching the show… or even keeping up with it. I liked Todd Manning on GH, I despise Franco. Period.

it’s definitely true, carole. Franco was original and definitely not a mainstream romantic lead.

I really believe that Roger’s Franco is Franco in name only. Am I making any sense? LOL. It is a new creation?

I think overall female performance should be Finola Hughes. I have never seen an actress give more emotion to every storyline that they are in. While I don’t doubt that Laura was amazing-I just feel like Finola is the clear runaway winner.

I think they both should be nominated for emmys and there should be a tie in the lead actress category so they both can win.

Great to see Lucas made the Best Declaration. Unfortunately this story almost stops here . Now Engaged and deeply in love will 2016 bring happier times for the pair

I felt 2015 was a down year creatively for the soaps. Killing off Will was terrible. Justin Hartley deserves to win the emmy for lead actor at next years daytime emmy,what he has done with the role has been phenomenal. I don’t blame Jason Thompson for leaving GH,boy was he wasted this year. At Y&R he will play a leading character and will get a chance to showcase his acting abilities. I’m looking forward to seeing him with Bergman and Heinle. B&B was good earlier this year,now it’s bad. Days has gotten better. GH was the worst soap of the year,and their falling ratings showed it. While I like Pratt’s disaster stories,it’s the day to day stuff that turns me off. The doppleganger,Avery’s exit Neil hiding comotose Hillary,and the baby switch was bad. I want Pratt to focus more on character than lame plots. The Adam reveal episodes were amazing. I wanna see more of those type of shows


Good luck to Jason Thompson. I feel like he’s gonna be the miscast of the decade in the role of Billy Abbot and won’t have a happy ending with Y&R. It doesn’t matter how good an actor is if the role is not right for them. Eden Riegel and Maura West have lots of emmy wins between them but they were fired by Y&R after a year cause they were badly miscast in the roles of Heather and Diane. This is the fourth different Billy Abbott in two years and some fans won’t accept anyone but Billy Miller so I predict a rocky road for Jason Thompson.


Well, here it is 2017, and your prediction has been proven wrong, as far as I am concerned. I am loving Jason Thompson in the role of Billy Abbott. As someone else said about Franco, it is a different character, with the same name. I think J.T was wasted as Patrick, especially after seeing what he can do as Billy.

Tony Geary delivered the best acting performances of the year. He sold a tough storyline and proved himself worthy of another Emmy for Lead Actor. I think Jacob Young’s Rick Forrester was also great acting in a complex storyline. As for Justin Hartley, all he did was take his shirt off. I never saw any depth at all.

I do agree, Melissa. I detested Fluke, but I admired the acting. For Geary to draw that much venom from me, and I’m sure most viewers, only proves his greatness, as an actor. His personal life or his behavior should not matter when strictly speaking of his craft. I cannot deny this guy’s talent.
Justin Hartley is definitely not en par with Geary. However, comparing them is apples and oranges. Geary has decades of acting experience in his corner. He is seasoned.
I think Justin connects with the audience on a one-to-one basis. His face is very expressive, even when subdued.
Nonetheless, for me? Rob, as Ben (DOOL) beats everyone, hands down, albeit in a supporting role.

Tony should get the Emmy. He is a legend who was still relevant in 2015. He was ill and did not write the Fluke story. Yes, he did have a heavy say so in his character! [Covering my azz here!] But I thought his black and white performance was amazing! And speaking of that, how is that young actor who played young Luke not on a soap right now! He was so good. EVERYONE was so good!

On target Michael. Jason Thompson Kimberly McCullough Billy Miller and Brooklyn so right on. Losing Will Horton (Guy) heart breaking poor writing. Love your interviews and takes on the soap world. Thank you!

Well done Michael. Agree with you completely on Melissa Archer and Michael Easton. Terrible roles for both of them. Miss their magic and would love to see them together again!

Αmen to this! LOVE Easton and Archer. I would watch faithfully if they were reunited.

Amelia Heinle? Really? Where is Melissa Claire Egan?

Melissa Claire Egan/Chelsea ‘buries’ Amelia Heinle/Victoria, every scene, every time.

I would take Melissa Claire Egan over Amelia Heinle but imo the best three supporting actresses on soaps in 2015 were Rebecca Herbst, Linsey Godfrey, and Kassie D.



I’d still add Amelia Heinle

throw in MCE; Rebecca Herst, Linsey Godfrey; and My love… Kassie DePaiva

argh! pains me… when the category is so… tough it out

I’d almost have to go with most consistent… and I don’t even watch the show

Linsey Godfrey ? no? ok?

on equal footing; Liz, gh – Eve, Dool
darkhorse : Amelia Heinle, Y&R
and throw in… she’s so lauded? can never figure this out moreso than AE

Amen Marie!
I can’t stand to watch AH. The ONLY time she was tolerable was with Billy Miller. Once he left, AH was unwatchable once again.
I feel bad for Jason Thompson having to work with her, but maybe “Billy” will finally move on from “Victoria” and he’ll sizzle with someone else.

I can’t imagine Jason Jackson as BillyAbbott. He should have been written as a new character. Its going to weird seeing Ex-Patrick not wearing scrubs. I wish him well.

You were right, Jason has sizzled with and still is with Gina Tognanni as Phyllis.

General Hospital:
These fine actors deserve an emmy…Rebecca Herbst Emme Rylan, Kelly Monaco, the girl who played young Patricia, Maurice Benard, Bryan Craig, Dom Z. and Nancy Lee Grahn.

I agree GH 52nd Anniversary Show was the best and T. Geary, Laura Wright & Joey Luthman deserve an Emmy.

I am wishing that Geary doesn’t win. My heart breaks for Ron Carlivanti. It’s obvious that Ron bent over backwards to please Geary at the expense of the cast and show. For almost 2 years GH was a one man show that revolved around Fluke. Of the 2 years there were only 2 shows worth watching. a) when Luke meets Fluke b) anniversary show

I was furious to read that it was Geary not Ron’s idea a) to make an evil Luke b) Geary had the authority to change script (history of GH) with disregard to the fans or the writers. c) Geary choice not to have a farwell ending to Luke (Because he hated Luke/Laura) d) worst of all Geary blamed Ron for his actions
Shaking my head at Geary Shame on you sir! I was one of your greatest fans, but if tptb decide to bring back Luke I will lead the boycott!!

Young & Restless

TPTB are turning Y&R into a Steve Burton One Man Show… is there one story Dillon doesn’t play major role????

Bold and Beautiful

Sorry I hated the Transgender story. It was not realistic. No straight man would easily accept a Transgender and its impossible to create an actual vagina but we are suppose to believe he didn’t notice that it was it was altered?? Seriously???

I hope that Tony doesn’t win again either but I remember him saying he plans to submit so it’s probably gonna happen. Maurice deserves the leading actor nomination from GH. Sonny was written more like the 90’s Sonny in 2015 and Maurice had one amazing year.

I agree 10000%

There is a lot of politics involved in Emmy awards. Hard to envision Tony Gearylwinning anything given the vitriolic interviews that he was giving in his last days. Talk about biting the hand that fed him. If he won again after all that I would have to wonder if anyone in this industry has any respect for the genre.

Agree on Laura Wright. Always enjoy her acting. Have really enjoyed Days with the exception of the murders. Very sad to say goodbye to Bo. Love Melissa Archer our fiery redhead and LOVE her with Michael Easton. Can we see these two reunited in 2016. They are sooooo missed.

Seeing Michael and Melissa reunited would be great. They can work it and work it well.

Any soap that reunites Melissa and Michael will automatically have my viewership! 😀

Mine too! I would watch them on any medium.

Rock on, maddie. Natalie and John forever!! I mean Melissa and Michael. Lol.

Hell yes they are so missed. They were involved in awful storylines and not given opportunities to shine. I would LOVE to see Michael and Melissa paired again and working their magic. TPTB need to make this happen.

Very meh to your choices.. Where is alison sweeney’s praise for her work when sami finally breaks down on her son’s murder, outstanding and subtle scene all by herself on will’s flat. ps : all in all these soaps sucked this year, they are tired.. Always the same story, except for the Maya story, the only bright spot in term of originality.

I agree with the vast majority of them.My biggest disagreement is that Kristian Alfonso should be on Best Actress and Becky Herbst for Best Supporting. Alfonso did the best work of her career as Hope in the last few months. Herbst had to literally rise above the destruction of her character and turn s%#@ into gold.

I’d also make B&B the soap that took a huge turn for the worse. The show was fabulous during the Maya/Avant story and the Caridge love story. It’s now a mess with the weeks of this Liam/Steffy/Wyatt/Ivy mess. It’s vapid and they have written Ivy totally out of character.

And it can not be stressed enough that Luke’s exit was the worst exit imaginable for such an iconic character.

Rebecca Herbst is a Leading Actress not Supporting. She truly deserves the Emmy, but Laura Wright and Finona (Anna) may win. All 3 are deserving
Victoria #YR didn’t have any memorable performances in 2015.

Disagree on two points. I enjoyed the Jason reveal more than the Adam reveal. The various character’s reactions were as if they had been given a disappointing weather report, while the fallout from Jason is ongoing. In another category I think cuteness is being confused with talent. Emma Drake is as cute as they come but there are times her acting is awful. I think the little girl on YnR is more talented.

IA with so much of what you said about DOOL this past year (both the good and the bad). Thank you for also having the guts to acknowledge that B&B had a good 8 months, and not a solid year, in large part due to the transgender story and the care given by both the writers and the actors to telling it right during those first 8 months. Since the last 4 months of the year were filled with triangles which we’d already seen before and 2 pregnancies which have slowed the storytelling pace to a crawl, that show has been mediocre at best. I also agree with your praise for Laura Wright. Whenever I’d watch GH in 2015, she was always interesting and invested in Carly, which made me interested and invested. I know she’s won an Emmy, but IMO she’s someone who doesn’t get enough credit for doing solid work on a consistent basis. IMO 2015 was the year of mostly good returns by veteran actors to the roles that made them famous and I loved it. May 2016 deliver more pleasant surprises like that for all fans of Daytime.

I do agree with all of these choices. Good work!!!

Little Jake,could have stayed gone, .didn’t need for him to come back.

I,agree about Mr.Avant that,was powerful g

I hate the children driving story

Agree about the little robot!

I do agree, Ces, albeit I love kids, period….but, I think Jake was brought back as a device to keep Jason tied to Liz. Does that make sense? Otherwise, Jason’s choice would have been much easier. He’s tied to both women…Leachy Liz and Sobby Sam. What a dilemma!! Who to pick? LOL.

Scary that DAYS is most improved. I started watching it in 2015 and it the most depressing, plot driven soap I have ever watched. Most of the characters are sooo boring, with stupid story-lines. And why is that every new male character has to be related to Kate or sleeping with her?

If it’s most improved I’m glad I wasn’t watching it previously.

IMO GH was a total waste most of the year and the Christmas and New Year’s episode even left us feeling cheated. I am very disappointed in this show and what was supposed to be an improvement in writing. This whole Jason’s return could have been handled so much better and so differently.

As for Days, I just really don’t know why in the world they would kill off so many characters. I would have rather Bo stayed locked up than been killed off, Aiden, never liked him still think he’s responsible for the wife. Ciara and Chase, ugg! Hope and rafe,not to happy with. disappointed that Daniel was killed love Melissa Archer, too bad she’s gone. just really really wish Bo had stuck around or not even came back because Bo and Hope were meant to be together forever…

your right on about GH. It has to be the most disappointing soap of the year. the quality really went down. A majority of the year was filler. I hate GH only advances story during sweeps months. every month you should be putting on engaging tv. All that college football playoff stuff on the New Year’s show was stupid. GH could take a big ratings hit after Patrick and Robin leaves,because their is nothing else engaging

There isn’t a normal progression and evolution in stories and couplings on GH. Are viewers’ attention spans that limited?

Soap with the most interlopers who have overstayed their welcome imo: GH-Sabrina, Rosalee-glad she hasnt been on, Jordan, Franco, Valerie, Nina, Alexis, Julian and Ava…best improvement-well, somewhat-the Corinthos family and only because there is less mob story and more focus on family-the whole family still can be annoying at times especially Carly who is too obsessed with Jason…Micheal seems to forget Sonny killed his real father AJ and Morgan acts more like a cry baby than someone with bipolor disorder which i have so i can comment on that…glad they showed more Monica-Leslie C. should wear her hair up more often-its very flattering on her that way…love more scenes with Tracy and Monica…dont give minor characters storylines like Milo and Epihany and then dont show them-waste of filler moment…they should only interact with regular characters in their front and center stories when needed…please dont make Mac and Anna a couple but i do enjoy more Mac…Laura should run Crimson…i did like her little confrontation scene with Hayden!

Love this comment, Jim–as usual, you’re spot on.
Well done, mate.

Besides having more Monica and Tracy, it would also be nice to see Monica with the Judge once in a while…like at the Nutcracker Gala.

I actually forgot about him…and i agree!

Exactly, jimh….you’ve done the heavy lifting here….so I don’t have to!!!! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you too…and it would be if we got our wish and GH at least dumped half those i had mentioned!!!

@jimh….Oh, I hear what you’re saying! A happy new year that would make for indeed! My only conundrum would be which one should be the first to go, okay, second, if the truth be told! I’m sure you already know who would be my “sap-orific” top pick, but believe you me, it would be a mighty difficult task to separate the second over my third choice, as they rate a virtual tie on my major annoyance scale—again, no huge surprises regarding which two characters would vie for that “distinction!” Let’s just say it would be a battle royale between a vulgar, oversexed exhibitionist/ litigator and a squirrely scenery-chewing psycho/dilettante, and leave it at that…..although one does “top” the other by a mere nip(ple)….or two! (Wink, wink…..)

I love Roger H. “Franco but no love for the cartoonish Nina character. Nina acts like a 14 year old..Come on TPTB she went into a comma in her 30’s stop the “virginal act” insult to the fans.

One thing I do enjoy is Crimson is back and Maxie and Dillon are perfect in their roles! I have to give a shout out to Kristen (Maxie) can’t be easy playing a ditzy blonde and make it believable for 10+ years but Kristen is a natural hope her peers will someday appreciate
her skills and reward her with Emmy nom.

Days is the most improved soap but too much gloominess is a bad thing…balance that out with some romance and adventure with some light comedy thrown in but not too much campiness…sorry but the teen scene needs an overhaul…some of the worse i have ever seen…so far Claire and Theo are ok but that isnt saying much…any chance they can reverse the ages and bring the kids back?…The British soap Coronation Street is a good realistic soap about working middle class people with close to real life stories…Children age more realistically and the dead stay dead…the show is known for its light comedy moments but in recent years the show has ratings trouble like our American Soaps…it has more gloom and doom over the last several years…one character was brutally murdered, a tragic fire killed off two characters, a bus accident and several fights…a child beats on his stepmother…the new producer plans to make changes-more focus on the older vets to hopefully draw back the older viewers who left in droves and less focus on violence-you cant eliminate all violence because killing off a character or two helps move some stories but you can tone it down some…she plans to add more light hearted moments the show was once known for…i believe all soaps should focus on all generations…you dont want to alienate the older loyal viewer but at the same time you need a younger audience too to help keep the show on after us older people die off-we were young once and as we aged we are responsible for help keeping these shows on the air for future generations!

Congrats B&B!!!

Yes, congrats to B&B for the first 8 months of the year. It’s such a shame it went down the toilet and now DAYS has been on the throne for 4 months!

you are way to insecure about B&B & the fact that it was good for almost 3 quarters of the year & days only managed to get it together in the last four months says something. I also didn’t buy the comment you already made that B&B was getting cancelled

B&B has gone from sugar to garbage

THIS SHOW HAS BEEN IN THE TOLIET All year…no longer tune in….

A shot out to the actress who played Abbey.. She did a great job in her role this year. Very believable…

Jonathan Jackson and Anthony Geary are dynamite together. Best acting duo ever on any medium.
The last scenes with them before Tony left were gut wrenching and awesome at the same time.
For Jonathan to come back to a character he hadn’t played for several years and put that level of emotion into his portrayal well what is there to say! He is phenomenal .
I also applaud Peter Reckell for stepping back into his role as Bo as if he had never left. Great performances from Peter.
And there’s no better couple in the soaps than Sonny and Carly. Kudos to Maurice and Laura.

You said it!

Sonny and Carly were the best couple of 2015. The chemistry and scenes between MB and LW has never been better. This was also the best reunion of the couple that’s ever been done by a mile.

Days part 2: Sorry Kristen fans but that character has run its course…her last visit proves the character has run out of steam…maybe had Kristen been pregnant by Erik and had passed the child off as Bradys might have kept the story of Kristen somewhat fresh and exciting…Brady wouldve won custody while Kristen went to prison…after about a year Brady learns his son is Eriks and there is a battle between the two men over custody…oh well, instead we get a quickie wrap up on Theresa’s stolen baby that stagnate Kristen and made her stale…making Will Sammyish was a ploy to make fans hate the character so we wouldnt care if this legacy character was killed off but it backfired…Guy Wilson wasnt well liked by most fans didnt help but Will should never been killed off…i would have liked Sonny and Will reconcile and repeat their wedding vows as part of the shows 50th and have these characters leave town at least temporarily …i still have slight hope Will isnt dead…he has been in a coma and Sami is using some of that Dimera money for Wills medical care…meanwhile, i see Ava being propped as the “new Kristen” and will torment Patch, Kayla and Joey the same way Kristen has done to John. Marlena and Brady in the past…and if any story needs a quick wrap up its John’s search for his true identity once and for all…i see Chad and Belle as the next EJ and Sami…

Chad plus Belle=Bhad!…lol

Good one, Jimmy. How clever and how true!! As Mo said, Chad is her nephew’s (Will) age. Anything goes? I hope Abby gets recast….I have finally come to accept Abby and Chad….took me a long while, but I surely prefer those two together than Bhad!!!!l. Lol. Later.

Character in bad need of a makeover goes to Days Patch…drop the patch and Fonzie jacket stat…the 1980s are gone forever.


And NEVER have Patch wear a handkerchief around his neck like a dog.

Billy Flynn is a keeper. Paul Telfer was a keeper but they let him go, Eileen Davidson…wonderful actress and James Scott (EJ) all good …bring back the last three and sign Billy Flynn for more…worth watching when the acting is good !

Not agreeing with summations about Tony G. Watching him exit GH had the equivalent feeling of him giving me the one finger salute. The storyline was horrible. He was phoning it in, which made it worse. And, it was clear it was his way, or the highway, and he really couldn’t wait to hit the highway. So, I tuned out. His comments about RC, after the fact, just solidified for me the arrogance he chooses to rub in the faces of those that provided him the exact fame that provides him with the status to behave this way. I have returned to GH in brief spurts, only to find nothing but “Corinthos”, and fellow mobsters, on canvas. The gems of story/acting are buried in crap. Sorry. That’s how I see it. Happy New Year.

Agree with your comments here. The whole TG affair totally turned me off GH and haven’t watched since.

I agree.

I hope he never returns. His arrogance ruined his exit.

I agree 100000% about TG arrogance. I was a loyal fan for years!! He needs to get over himself and remember it was Luke & Luara that made his career successful. Seven Emmies and not one offer for prime-time gig should have been a hint (one trick pony). Whose brilliant idea was it to give him the right to edit the writer’s work (GH History) and letting Ron & Emma take the blame?? My sympathy to the cast and crew who had to put up with this diva. Keep him in Amsterdam!!

Well said.

Interesting review Michael. I especially agree with your assessment of former OLTL characters Melissa Archer and Michael Easton. They were completely misused as Serena and Silas. Ugh! Terrible waste of talent and chemistry. I would love to see them work together again in 2016.

Couldn’t agree more. Melissa Archer as Serena and Michael Easton as Silas were awful. Nothing felt right about those characters onscreen. It is a damn shame. They should be reunited on either television or online. They are missed.

Hi, Jenn,
The subject of Archer and Easton was discussed by those of us who truly appreciated them as a couple.
Furthermore, their outstanding talent was used and abused without any given thought. How right you are. I am still bewildered by the pulverization of these two…..and others. Still talking about them and Kassie only proves how misdirected TPTB are by creating such ill-conceived roles for actors with finesse and colorful acting history. ‘They’ could have created such succulent roles for them……right there; ripe for the picking, but, the ‘Lords of Soapshire’ blew it. Egads!!

Still holding out and hoping to see them again in some forum. Miss those two terribly. LOVE THEM.

Agreed! Michael and Melissa work so well together.

I agree with most of it. But I like Vivian Jovanni. She works for the character.

She is a spitting image of a younger KA, it is scary! She COULD be her daughter. Her acting, however, is still VERY green and leaves A LOT to be desired. But then, I remember when Abby (KM) first came on and I could not take the grating, high pitched, LA inflection speak she subjected us to. Time will tell….

I think the recasting of Ciara was one of the biggest mistakes of the year. Horrible decision.

You bet, Paul.

Thank you for agreeing with a lot of us about GH letting Michael Easton go. And also Days letting Kassie DePaiva go. Both Crazy moves

Is Dr. Simon Neville named after Dr. Robert Neville from ‘ I am Legend?’…the actor who played young Luke on GH shouldve been cast as Chase on Days or as Joey but the young actor playing a sullen Joey is ok-just not given good enough material to work with at the moment!

Anthony Geary and Jonathan Jackson in what seems to be yet again….
award winning performances, as Father & Son. Not too be left out is
Laura Wright, her portrayal of Luke’s Mother was PERFECTION.
Sadly besides the black & white episode and those excellent scenes…
Fluke was a Flop, and Luke’s final goodbye was a HUGE letdown.
As good as RC could be and you have to give the devil his due, when
he was on point he was great !!! But when he wasn’t he gave us NO
Hospital or Dr.’s to speak of.. Lost was the great talent of Michael E,
Kathleen G who is barely on, Jason T who choose to move on, who could
blame him… Billy M and a FEW choice others may not be far behind …if
TPTB don’t give them storylines they can be proud of. I’m going to play
my Trump card and say…All I want is for “General Hospital” too be
GREAT again, It can be… Insist the “WRITERS” read these posts so
they can get a feel as too what US dedicated viewers want.

Kudos!! Couldn’t have said it better!!

The “trashing of Aiden”. Did not think it was the worst. To me the trashing of Hope to make him viable was much worse.
He was gray all along and honestly Hope just looked stupid when she put faith and trust into a guy whose first wife died under mysterious circumstances, into a guy who needed money to pay off loan sharks, and a guy for whom others (neighbors of deceased wife) warned Hope. At the same time, Hope totally trashed the man she had known and loved since childhood, never investigated his sudden desire to be away from family. I understand it was the former regime who set it up, and I don’t care if they had not used him as a way to give Bo a last rescue (heck anyone would have done), but to me he was never a viable love interest for Hope….no one was as long as she was trashing Bo. That said, Aiden was at best and average leading man. But I suppose comparing anyone to Bo Brady is going to come out AVERAGE at best. 8)
But the character of Hope, albeit always a bit selfish and self serving , came off the worse especially the way she was willing to trash Bo to HIS family, and her stupid drama queen act, incredibly silly for a grandmother, when Shawn did not immediately worship Aiden.

Great list Michael Fairman…no question that killing off Michael Easton on GH has been very disappointing. I still can’t believe it!!

Yes, it was, Lisa. But, the worst move in soap history, as far as I can see, was the killing of Will Horton. This senseless action will go down as legendary. Seriously.

Funny how the Adam reveal has no mention of the integral part and amazing performance of Melissa Claire Egan. -__-

Also agree with Kim above. KDP was royally wasted!! I was actually interested in Eve and Justin but she’s probably leaving soon so that won’t go anywhere.

Melissa Claire Egan was the best part about the Adam reveal,why no mention

Exactly, robert! I am still trying to figure out how Amelia Heinle is even a competitor. I like her, but, I don’t feel she’s so out-of-the-ordinary-good to out-run many of the other actresses.

She really was!! If it weren’t for the chemistry of Justin and Melissa and their work, the story would not have been as successful as it was. But so it goes. Melissa is often over looked 🙁 Hope she does get a much deserved Emmy nom.

I agree 00%. What did Amelia H do to get the award as compared to the other actresses mentioned?? Strange.


She cried a bucket of tears. God help us she’s been crying all week.

I just don’t get it Victoria and Summer get 2 Emmy for crying.


I can’t even remember what she did last year. Didley squat as far as I’m concerned. But I guess better Amelia than the abysmal, shoved down our throats, Kelly Sullivan.

I completely agree with the unwise decision to let Michael Easton go. Now that there is going to be no Patrick Drake it would be nice to have him at the hospital. Maybe getting close to Liz or Anna they had chemistry when he was John. Kiki could use a strong father protecting her from Morgan and Ava. It is a loss he is a talented, sexy actor. I am still watching old clips of he and Melissa Archer when I am missing my ME.

Archer and Easton rocked it! They were and are golden. Miss them tremendously.

Hell yes! Melissa and Michael are awesome. Love them both!

I don’t agree with the Robert Palmer pick. In my opinion Dillon is one of the most boring characters of the year.

Yes, the new Dillon is about as exciting as mayo sandwich on Wonder Bread.

Thank you, Harry. Dillon who?

Yes. I loved Scott Clifton as Dillon way back when, but Robert Palmer is terrible in the role. Clifton had warmth, charm, and an energetic vibe on camera. Robert is cold, far from charming, and distinctly flat and even uncomfortable in his scenes. I don’t believe that his Dillon could ever have been involved with Lulu.

Billy Miller also has warmth and charm that is at odds with the character of Jason, who is so “cool” that he’s called “Stone cold.” I think that’s a big part of why Miller just isn’t working as Jason, but I think Miller would have been a perfect Dillon.

No question about it, Billy Miller would have been light years better as a recast Lucky Spencer.


That would have worked, too.

TPTB have to let Billy Miller finally figure out what kind of “Jason” he’s going to be so he can finally OWN the role. I personally am hoping he’ll be more Q than mobster so that the actor’s natural warmth can shine through the role.


That would work for me. I think Billy Miller needs to be Jason 3.0, a little Quartermaine, a little Jason Morgan, and a whole lot of Jake Doe who definitely has more warmth and charm than Jason Morgan.

Just wanted to say–how entertaining your picks are, Michael.
However, you left out some categories category:
MOST DISAPPOINTING SWAN SONG: Tony Geary–left a bitter taste in this viewer’s mouth
I DO agree with you re THE MOST FRUSTRATING EXIT–Yes, Tony Geary’s.
And I CAN agree with you about the 52nd anniv. episode–best production values–BUT the episode totally dismantled the character/legacy of Luke Spencer and did a great disservice by making the Spencer siblings VICTIMS of their childhood and their father’s viiolence–and, ultimately, a disservice to the viewers/populace who believe that the legacy of Spencer siblings should have continued to be one of SURVIVORS rather than the victims they were portrayed to be in that devastatingly written 52nd anniv. show.
And that show thumbed its nose at all the dedicated followers of the greatest love story of daytime TV–Laura and Luke. Dedicated viewers are the bread and butter of daytime TV and they are not stupid. Writng down and talking down to viewers is never cool!

Well said, Nancy!

Completely agree. Great analysis.

Most of this should be blamed on Tony Geary himself. The man has an ego the size of the USA. Good riddance. Now let’s see a proper story for Genie.

Love every word! Thank you!

I always appreciate your thoughtful opinion pieces, and this one was a great way to review the year in soaps. I like all your choices, although for me the most ruined female character would probably have been a toss-up between Avery and GH’s Elizabeth, primarily because her writers took the very long time character down such a dramatically different road from the one she had travelled for so many years previously. It may have given Becky Herbst an opportunity to shine (and shine she did), but it was really tough to watch Elizabeth make decisions that were so ridiculously out of character. Hopefully 2016 will hold some better writing for her. Thank you for recognizing the talent of Amelia Heinle. I love watching her natural, understated portrayal of Victoria. Happy New Year to you!

Agree with your comment, Tracy. Another great actress who, in my opinion, was soooo disrespected as an accomplished thespian was Cady McClain. That entire storyline made me so miserable, I could barely watch….seeing what was done to her was unbearable. Poor Dixie. Lol.

I say, ‘Dixie’ because that’s how I want to remember Cady….I loved Dixie!!!!!! In my humble opinion, Cady did not deserve how crazy ‘they’ turned the Kelly character (Y&R) into. Pathetic. Shame on TPTB. Everyone forgot all about her.

Totally agree with you about Cady. She was always Dixie to me, too. She even had her spark when she started Y&R. Terrible what they turned her into. And shame on Jack.

theres too many categories, it just seem pointless, jonathan jackson arc guest appearance was pointless since it basically ruined his character more for obvious reasons, i.e the actor couldn’t stick around so yeah, he finds little jake and bails, yeah that made sense. and i love becky herbts as liz but her character was the most ruined character and it proves that soap are still stuck in having to viliafie one character Liz to make another look good , sam. i would of been more impress if liz and sam wouldn’t both look so desperate to be “the chosen one” by a guy who was again chose to be bff with a busybody like carly, he’s clearly truly brain damage just for that alone.

I am tired lf seeing Elizabeth trashed all the times as well to prop up another storyline. . What they did to Liz character by writing the lie was awful. All the while they are writing Sam as victim these days and newly sainted, and her dirty dealings from in the past erased. Becky can shine in any storyline she is given though and in any pairing. This year she finally got to show her acting chops because she was not on the back burner like usual

I’m with you. I don’t care who Jason is with, never really did (although I’ll admit I lean Elizabeth), but what I DON’T want to see is these women fighting over him. And him waffling back and forth. I’d rather see the man chasing the woman! Like Jake, pursuing Elizabeth, now THAT was romantic! He wanted her so much, and had eyes for no one but her. And that was BEFORE the lie happened. So this whole thing is very contrived, and now the writing is on the wall, Jason’s gonna start remembering Sam and a whole year of Liason/Lake down the drain. UNTIL he starts remembering Liz as well. Hey, I’ve got an idea, instead of fanbase war, why doesn’t GH give us a real love story for a change?

I completely agree! Rebecca Herbst is a great actress who shines with anyone they put her with! Her and billy lit up the screen! You felt how much he adored her everytime they had a scene! To use this amazing actress to prop up the lame jasam is so sad! Please gh wake up and realize this! !!

@Denise: Rebecca Herbst.

“…This year she finally got to show her acting chops ”

I know, right? and the same goes, for… Tyler Christopher, Nicholas, GH

their range and layers of acting… has to be better than “out of character”

why should they continue to be Mr. Nice guy and sweet Liz ?

these two actors… for me… have climbed the upper echelon and tiered themselves “at, or near the top of their game”

I mean seriously…

“Liz” simply fine tune your person… and lie in wait… take no guff .. take no prisoners.. when it comes to Carly and Sam… god! they irk me to no end

GH production… show Liz amping up her person… she has all the requisite talent to shine… outfox… unhinge… and blast herself happy in love and romanced… and giving her man all the love he feels

as for Nicholas! it looks promising… that he and Hayden are finally calling it a truce? she had better be… I’m a little impatient … especially if she’s still in cahoots with Traci. team up… ally with Liz… learn from Laura.. and take hold! ElQ… Port Charles ! power this up

has to be better than watching the cumbersome… dire… Sonny, Carly, “Jason and Sam” pairing(s)

Hi, Denise,
I sooo agree with you, Denise. Rebecca outshone everyone. I loved the character when I first started watching, last year. But, she performed such a credible lying, little B that I despised Liz. That is the crux of the matter. I am not so naive that I cannot separate actress from character. I love Rebecca, regardless of the fact she is portrayed as the ‘bitch in the manger’. I have criticized the character and this very fact ad nauseam, so I will relent. Why is she not in the running? Someone listed those thespians ( if most could even come close to deserving that lofty title) that Kelly Monaco should be nominated? For what? Her aSSets in skin-tight jeggings and low-cut shirts? Many of us girls look just as good; we do not get rewarded for it. Well, maybe from our better halves or the lascivious looks from the male population…LOL. Where is the heartfelt acting? Where are those oh-so-desperately-needed facial indications of any emotion except a wet face? The woman does not need Botox. Her face, albeit so pretty and sultry-looking, is already frozen into place.
I definitely agree with Laura Wright’s fans. Again, I do not like Carly, but I must give credit where credit is due. Laura is magnificent in her trade. Her face is the perfect canvas for expression…..emotions that she can do as she wishes….so relatable. I could say the same for Stafford. Many have not taken to her because she is that good. She was able, from the onset, to have the viewer actually turn the other way because of her ‘insane’ acting/activities. This actress is so complex and multi-faceted; no one else could have pulled ‘Nina’ off. Perhaps Maura West could have. She is another actress who can kick the ball and have it land exactly where she aims it. Compare these women to Monaco? What do we get? For me, Michelle has it all…talent, beauty, woman-child personality, if need be, passion….and a body to die for. Another underscored actress is Jen Lilley. She could write a descriptive love, tragedy, suspense, treachery novel just with her expressive but unfathomable eyes. Those eyes can do anything….they can tell you one thing, while her mind is thinking something altogether different.
Sorry for getting carried away, Denise. Lol. You can see how head-strong and passionate I am about my soaps and faves. Happy New Year.

This is the first year, Michael, that you and I have the most to agree about. Yes, we differed on some of the categories, but overall, I am in agreement of your assessments.

Me too, I agree with about 80% of this.

I agree with a lot on this list. I know Days isn’t perfect but it is the best soap out of all four. I think Robert Wilson (Ben) should be best supporting actor though, he was amazing and mesmerizing as a psycho killer. It took the actor to a whole other level as an actor. Hell, I would say it took him to MANY other levels.

Definitely agree that they should not have recast the role of Ciara. I will always be mad about that. It wouldn’t be so bad if the recast was a good actor but we got yet another hair model. If Days is still on in a couple of years I say bring back L. Boyles as Ciara when she’s a teenager.

I don’t like the Maya story on B&B. I liked Maya better before they made her transgender. It was good story making her like Erica Kane and fighting with Hope over Rick.

I agree that Y&R and GH have been disappointing all year. I liked and watched Y&R until Chuck Pratt came on. I was looking forward to Neil confronting everyone and having it out with them for the Hevon affair but Pratt and Phelps dropped the ball and had the plane crash. That was my favorite story on Y&R in a long time and they ruined it. Then they had the Scooby Doo story mess. ugh.

Blake, you are so on it with Robert Wilson as Ben, at least he’s sure to be nominated for Best Supporting or Younger Actor come spring for the Daytime Emmy awards. He was AMAZING on DAYS. He didn’t work for me when he resumed the role of Ben, however, when he was given great material, Robert took command of the role and did an amazing job, I’m so glad he actually resumed the role of Ben, he was very specific in his tone, movement, and delivery of his lines, he shocked me, he demanded us to watch him, I was glued to the screen when he was in his scenes, and he DELIVERED! I hope DAYS can manage to bring Ben back at some point, I’m not sure the character is just done and over, maybe in a year, they can figure out how to bring Ben back, or maybe Ben has a twin, but Jordan can stay away! Robert Wilson Scott, AMAZING ACTOR.

Hi, Jeremy,
Robert, as Ben was incomparable, as far as I’m concerned. I am assuming he will not be in the ‘lead actor’ category….out of the ordinary? But, he should be, albeit I know it is inconceivable at this stage. I honestly cannot think of any of his cohorts, at this time, en par with Robert’s display of talent. Where did it come from? Straight out of left field!! He came to us as such a shy, subdued guy. WOW and double WOW!! I was so overwhelmed and taken aback, I am rendered speechless…..impressive.
Happy New Year, Jeremy.

@ CeeCee,

Happy New Year, to you and your family, too.

btw- Rob will make Supporting or Younger Actor, the show and the actor must think practically what category is best for him to submit, to make a wise decision, because the category is so important in him securing a well-deserving win. We may see Days and Billy (Chad) submit him for Supporting, then if that’s the case, it may be wise for Rob (Ben) to submit for Younger Actor, it also depends on his age, too.

Looking forward to catching up your posts this new year! 🙂

I hope that Tony Geary NEVER comes back to GH after the damage he single handedly did to the show in 2015…. refusing to allow any goodbye scenes with Genie Francis, insisting on no montages or anything real in his own last scenes (not even montages between him and Jackie Zeman), not cooperating with anything around his storyline even though Frank Valentini and given him what he wanted for his entire last year (that of playing a completely dark Luke). Now, I just hope in 2016 that we can see a COMPELLING story for Laura, as well as learning what was in the letter that Luke wrote to her.

As for Tony, I hope he misses his GH life enough to be driven to WATCH the magic he and Genie Francis created in the early eighties, the mid-nineties, and even the late nineties into the oughts on the internet. And that he comes to realize how misguided he was to spit on it all and go out with such incredible vitriol toward anyone who loved and respected the characters and the couple of LnL.

I am glad that Tony is gone. I grew tired of him eating up screen time and his egotistical attitude and thinking he was the star of the show.His interviews putting down Genie and other actors was so far over the line, not wanting to film with Genie was a big screw you to Luke and Laura fans ( which is what made him popular to begin with) . I hope they never invite him back to the show. At the end he was a total jerk and storys have moved on without him with barely anyone noticing he is not around

Agreed, Denise. I started warming up toward Luke after he ‘removed’ the Fluke mask. I only knew Geary as Fluke. I do not know much about the actor nor Luke. So I could not give a true synopsis of my thoughts on him. But, Fluke made me want to vomit. Geary’s rheumy eyes were scary to me. But, he had been very ill and it is also possible that the ramifications of the illness were still upon him.
I know that Laura can stand on her own. Genie is so talented. I adore the actress and the character. Given the right storyline, that she so well deserves, will make her shine. I would hope that the ‘hierarchy’ will give this true thespian; this vet, her due/respect by endowing her with a story without chains which tie her to her children and grandchildren. She will always have the bonds of family, that’s a given. Family is everything. But, Laura needs her own life, as well. She is such a ‘catch’, yes? At this time, I can’t think of anyone who is dignified enough to walk within her space. Perhaps Dr. Kevin? I wish Silas would be reincarnated/resuscitated/resurrected…. In my dreams? Lol.

Happy New Year, Elizabeth–I echo your sentiments re a compelling storyline for Laura–and cheer your comments on Tony Geary. Way to go!


Great choices. Couldn’t agree more. Would love to see you do these categories for each soap.

Eric Braeden a best actor runner up, no way. The guy is barely watchable.

Ichy and yucky, mike. Agreed. He walks with Maurice Benard (sp) in mine eyes! Yessir.

Best Actress should have gone to Maura West or Karla Mosley. Laura Wright is a good actress but sadly her role consists of nothing more than her endlessly running around Port Charles shrieking about Jason. Or Sonny. Or Morgan. Or Michael. (Basically anyone but Jocelyn.) She deserves better material and a new non-Sonny storyline.

Best Show should’ve been B&B’s alone. DOOL has become a depressing mess of murder and death under Higley and Griffith.

Worst Reveal: GH’s Jake is Jason. Everyone complained about Ron Carlivati’s slow build-up to the reveal but allowing Billy Miller’s Jason to build relationships with the residents of Port Charles before the truth came out was classic soap opera and made sense from a storytelling standpoint. Unfortunately Ron’s replacements served up a connect the dots reveal with no surprises, no suspense, and no ripples on the story canvas to drive future story.

Agree with Biggest Waste of Talent “winners” but would’ve added Y&R’s Eileen Davidson to the list. Since her return to Genoa City, Ashley’s had a 20 minute aneurysm (and off-camera surgery to repair it) and lusted after her boring daughter’s equally boring fiancée while Steve Burton’s Dylan has been front and center. Unbelievable.

Great assessment of GH’ Carly

it’s so overbearing to watch her mow over every one in Port Charles… at the end of the DAY… what does she really have left?

Sonny must be toying with her
her sons are sick of her

??? uninteresting

TRUTHFULLY: Most underutilized character… Rick Hearst’ (Ric Lansing ) GH

for the millionth billionth trillionth time… the only character… outside of Jax… (Ingo Rademacher) is the character of Ric Lansing… who can give Laura a personality

let’s see more talent on that canvas… shine… share the spotlight

Why would Maura West get best actress when all she does is scene chew and act over the top? Don’t get me wrong, the actress is capable of so much more but she has been handed down the worst friggen script and she cannot rise above it.
All I know is that when Ava is on the screen, I am fast forwarding.
The same holds true for Nina, Franco. Kiki, Valerie, Morgan Sabrina and Jordan.

@Harry….We are obviously watching the same show, since all of your observations hold true for me, as well. In addition to the other aforementioned, I never welcomed Ava to Port Charles, but after she delivered Avery under such harrowing circumstances and fought illness to within an inch of her life, she did at least convey a few human emotions that gave her some depth. Alas, since her ludicrous cover as the deplorably ditzy Denise was blown, she’s reverted to her rotten, revolting routine, and so painted herself into yet another corrupt corner, that I again want nothing to do with this character. Given the deplorable, dangerous dealings in which she is now involved, it’s time for Ms. Jerome to leave town, if only for the sake of her daughter, since I wouldn’t wish an alternative upbringing at “Casa Corinthos” for that adorable crumpet, Avery


Laura Wright was the most deserving choice for best actress. MF got this one right on the money. Maura West had some amazing moments in the beginning and ending of the year, but was offscreen all spring and wasted all summer, so I can’t give it to her. Karla Mosley is good but not even in the same league as Wright and West and frankly I’d go with Linsey Godfrey over her from B&B for 2015.

You first paragraph, Alan, sent me into spontaneous giggles. Too funny and sooo true!

Days Of Our Lives

Patrick Muldoon and Jennifer Taylor Cast as Mike Manning’s Conservative Parents on ‘The Bay’

The ever-expanding cast of the streaming soap opera, The Bay, has announced two new additions for its upcoming 9th season, including Days of our Lives favorite Patrick Muldoon (ex-Austin Reed). TV fans also know Patrick Muldoon from his role as Richard Hart on Melrose Place.

In story, The Bay will bring Caleb McKinnon’s parents into the mix. Caleb is played by Daytime Emmy-winner and Outstanding Supporting Actor nominee this year, Mike Manning.

According to Deadline, Muldoon, along with Jennifer Taylor (Two and a Half Men), will play Caleb’s ultra-conservative parents. When Caleb married Daniel Garrett (Eric Nelsen), they all but abandoned him.  The season looks to bring a major story for Manning and hopefully and eventually love and acceptance from Caleb’s parents.

Photo: JPI

The casting news doesn’t stop there. Rhonda Ross has been tapped to play Colleen Givens, the biological mother of Pete Garrett’s (Kristos Andrews) wife Vivian (Karrueche Tran) in the new season.

Coleen is brought into the mix when Pete searches for Colleen after Vivian becomes ill. In the backstory, Colleen is a jazz singer who gave Vivian up for adoption at birth. Now she may be Vivian’s only hope to stay alive.

Photo: LANY Entertainment

The series is up for 5 Daytime Emmy nomination at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7th including: Outstanding Drama Series, Writing,  Directing, A Martinez (Nard0) for Supporting Actor and the aforementioned Manning.

What do you think of the casting of Patrick Muldoon and Jennifer Taylor as the on-screen parents to Mike Manning on The Bay? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Kennedy Garcia on Joining the Cast of Days of our Lives: “For a Role to Come up for a Teenager with Down Syndrome was Just Amazing!”

Days of our Lives has made a groundbreaking move for the soaps, by casting Kennedy Garcia in the new role of Felicity. Viewers of the Peacock streaming soap opera will first see the character beginning the week of May 20th,

Garcia has previously appeared on primetime including on 9-1-1, This Is Us and more. Speaking to TV Insider, Kennedy shared: “I have wanted to be on a soap opera for a long time, so for a role to come up for a teenager with Down syndrome was just amazing!”

In real life, Kennedy who has Down syndrome is also a cancer survivor, and becomes he first teen with Down syndrome to land an ongoing role on the soaps. “It’s really such a special thing. I am so proud of Days of our Lives for taking this step and taking a chance on me. Inclusion in this industry is so important and I am proud to help move it forward.”

Photo: JPI

As to a little insight on her new role of Felicity in Salem, Garcia shared. “She is sweet, funny and kind. She is also very smart and she never misses anything. Most of all, she loves her family more than anything else. I think that viewers will love her and see the beauty she brings to everyone in her life.”

The actress added, “I hope that everyone will love Felicity and see that even though she has Down syndrome, she is cherished by her family and friends, she is capable of great things, and she’s a hard worker. I’m pretty sure she bakes better than I do. She is also a typical teenager who has real feelings and fears that people will see as her story goes on. I hope no one underestimates Felicity as a character, or actors with disabilities like me. Representation is so important and I’m so thankful for this opportunity to become Felicity and let you all get to know her, and me!”

What do you think of Days of our Lives casting of Kennedy Garcia and the importance of inclusion and representation on streaming and daytime dramas? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

TONIGHT: ‘Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer’

On Thursday night May 16th, the daytime community comes together for Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer, streaming live at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.

Stand Up To Cancer, in collaboration with leading daytime community voices Michael Fairman and Alan Locher, are coming together for a first-of-its-kind livestream event, Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

The three-hour benefit will feature stars from the world of daytime drama television past and present, musical performances, and stories of emotional on- and off-screen experiences with cancer. Special celebrity guests will also join the effort to encourage viewers to support urgently needed research and new cancer treatments.  You can watch live on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, The Locher Room or the Stand Up To Cancer website.

In support of the event, SU2C will simultaneously launch a 10-day eBay silent auction, from May 16 through 26, for soap opera fans to bid on a wide range of items, including a meet-and-greet experience with the cast of NBC’s Days of Our Lives; an autographed script from the cast of CBS’s The Young and the Restless and signed merchandsise from CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful cast; a 1:1 video call with General Hospital’s Cynthia Watros, Maura West and Laura Wright, and with daytime legends Robert Newman, Vincent Irizarry, Colleen Zenk, and more. Full details will be shared the evening of May 16, at

As part of the event, you will hear, cancer survivorship stories from General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison and The Young and the Restless’ Colleen Zenk, who will reflect on the impact of publicly sharing their diagnoses; and 2024 Daytime Emmy nominee Eric Braeden, who shares his battle with bladder cancer

Daytime icon Jackie Zeman, who played nurse Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital for 45 years, shared by daughters Cassidy MacLeod and Lacey Gorden.

Elizabeth Hubbard who played the iconic Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns and Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors, shared by her on-screen daughter Martha Byrne and real-life son Jeremy Bennett.

Two-time Emmy Award-winner Jerry verDorn (Guiding Light / One Life to Live), shared by widow Beth verDorn and his on-screen wife on Guiding Light, friend and co-star Liz Keifer.

Andrea Evans, who played Tina Lord Roberts on One Life to Live, shared by her husband Stephen G. Rodriguez and daughter Kylie Rodriguez.

Kamar de los Reyes shared by his One Life to Live co-stars Michael Easton (General Hospital) Trevor St. John (The Young and the Restless).

Poignant reflections from actors who have portrayed breast cancer survivors, including Sharon Case and Eileen Davidson from The Young and the RestlessErika Slezak from One Life to LiveTina Sloan and Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light and more.

Additional talent slated to participate in the virtual benefit include (subject to change): Eddie and Kristen Alderson (One Life to Live)Elia Cantu (Days of Our Lives)The Day Players,  featuring Days of Our Lives castmates Carson BoatmanBrandon BarashWally Kurth (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee), Eric Martsolf (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee)Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live)Don Diamont (The Bold and the Beautiful)Linsey Godfrey (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, Days of Our Lives)Leo Howard (Days of Our Lives)Lesli Kay (The Bold and the Beautiful)Eden McCoy (General Hospital)Kin Shriner (General Hospital)and Michelle Stafford (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, The Young and the Restless).

You can watch the Daytime Stands Up livestream below. Now let us know if you have a cancer story that has affected your life via the comment section below, or how a daytime TV character who went through a cancer battle, gave you strength and courage in your own journey.


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