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Oprah Winfrey Lays Off 30 Employees as part of OWN's Restructuring!



Ratings-challenged OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) let go of 30 employees yesterday as part of a restructuring.  “It is difficult to make tough business decisions that affect people’s lives, but the economics of a start-up cable network just don’t work with the cost structure that was in place,” said OWN chief executive Oprah Winfrey, who was in the network’s mid-Wilshire offices Monday afternoon. “As CEO, I have a responsibility to chart the course for long-term success for the network. To wholly achieve that long-term success, this was a necessary next step.”

In a bid to improve what had become a dark spot in Discovery Communications’ otherwise strong portfolio, Winfrey took over as chief executive eight months ago. At that time, longtime Harpo leaders Erik Logan and Shari Salata were tapped as presidents of OWN. Added Logan, “We have been on the air for 15 months, and since September we have gained momentum in ratings and viewership. Restructuring our business will allow us to build a solid foundation for long-term growth.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter,   “the reconfiguration of OWN’s operations in Los Angeles and New York will see the responsibilities of those exiting staffers redistributed among the network and venture partners Discovery and Harpo Studios. ”  After the latest round of cuts, about 90 people remain on the OWN payroll, down from 150 employees at its peak.  With ratings continuing to average lower than what Discovery Health – the low-cost network OWN replaced in January 2011–earned, “no one was particularly surprised,” about the layoffs, an OWN insider revealed.

Rosie O’ Donnell’s talk show was also canned by OWN last week because of very sluggish ratings.
So what has gone wrong with OWN?  I am sure many of you can count the ways.  What would you like to see as programming on Oprah’s network knowing that she thus far has not been interested in the soaps, as she feels it does not fit her format?  Let us know.
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With the network’s poor performance thus far, Oprah may want to reconsider the “format” she feels “fits” OWN, and take a chance on the soaps. With her recent high profile Sunday evening interviews, I am sure more people now know where OWN is on their cable stations, but I think it will take a lot more than that to pick up the needed ratings. I say bring on the soaps, and boy will there be many happy new viewers.

I think Oprah is looking out not putting the soaps on her network because it doesn’t fit in is that she isn’t seeing it from a fans point of view. Even thought some of the stories are not real life , there are still some stories that are definitely like real life . Just like her helping people to solve their problems. She is entertainingj just like the actors and actress on a soap. She helps people and the soaps also, help people. So why doesn’t she see that the both shows can help people. That is what she wants to accomplish. Please think about it and you’ll see I’m right and alot of the fans will agree . Think of all the scenes that were truea and how they help people going though the same thing and how they learned to handle a situation.

No I’m sorry I don’t find her entertaining at all…She doesn’t compare like the actors or actress on a soap………….Again Im sorry I don’t agree……….She is not a professional in solving problems.She isn’t a dr. She doesn’t have a PHD…It just her own opinion nothing more.. Take her advice with discernment.. Yes she does help people I’ll give you that…But there are professionals out there to solve problems…..I would perfer to ask a professional for advice in solving problems over Oprah any day… I don’t think she is the right person to solve personel private problems… That’s all…….

I think a more traditional approach to programming would help. Acquire something exclusive in the rerun department (not GOLDEN GIRLS, FRASIER, BIG BANG or RAYMOND!) that has some special appeal… acquire something unique lost on other webs (say cancelled daytime dramas)… avoid the trap of making it all about one personality (say the CEO)… steer clear of lame reality shows (avoid the Oxygen model)… work to get better exposure on cable systems…

30 employees…..maybe they’ll find a car under the envelope of their last paycheck. I will never forgive Oprahs uncharitable remarks about the soaps. She could have guaranteed herself a multigenerational audience, instead, she kicked us under the very same curb her 30 employees are now sitting on .

Maybe if Miss Oprah had gotten down off her high horse and put AMC and OLTL on her network instead of shows that stink, she might have some viewers.

I agree with this comment 100%. On 3/20 at 12:57 pm..

This was predicted when Martha Stewart’s show was canceled by Hallmark.

That being said, what comes around, goes around, Oprah, Disney, et al.

By the way, did anyone hear that Disney lost 200 million on John Carter. Perhaps we soap fans ARE sticking together and boycotting after all.

Everyone one has their ups and downs in life, and Oprah is no different. If it wasn’t this, it would of been something else. It’s just a reminder to us that she too, is human. Every business has it’s challenges, the first year of business, and once again, Oprah is no different. Therefore there is no need for the Oprah bashing, “she should have picked up the soaps “, and the recanting of that noise. She has earned the right to make her own dicisions rather we agree with it or not. She has come through for people in life and death situations, and her humanity should not be discounted because she refuse to take on a soap. We dont agree with all the things our friends do, yet we support them ‘ none the same ‘. We don’t agree with everything our children do, yet we support them. And our parents didn’t agree with all our diecisions, yet they supported us. I agree Oprah not picking up the soaps wasn’t the best business decision, yet I still support her. She wasn’t the cause of the axe of the saops. She has done so much good for people and the world that only a selfish, narrow minded, subjective type would hold such trivia against her.

“She has done so much good for people and the world that only a selfish, narrow minded, subjective type would hold such trivia against her.”

Whatever, how much did she pay you to post this?

Do you believe everything Oprah says & does? Do you think she should give people advice on their disturbing problems????????? Do you think she is alway’s right???Yes she does ggod things such as helping people…That’s great… But, is she the authority on evety single subject????????? And I’m not talking about her deceision about the soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you go to Oprah or a professional doctor for personal disturbing problems?????????Her advice isn’t alway’s the right advice…Could do more harm than good….You should alway’s listen with discernment…She is not a professinal advice giver.. That’s all I have to say on this matter………………..

Rather I believe or not isn’t the subject that is being discussed, bc WHO believes every word anyone says? No one.

Before she declined on picking up the soaps, there seem to be no complaints from soaps fans (whom said they made her) about all her advice giving. Now she’s not doing what “we” want her to do, there is plenty of fault finding by many, when there was nothing but love for her before. That’s like a child throwing a temper tandrum when he doesn’t get his way, and I don’t find it very mature.

I may not agree with her decision, but I respect it and ” it ” in no way impairs her previous deeds.

Thanks for your opinion….But this goes way before .. about 2years ago… Way before her deceision about the soaps I was talking about…Go on her site about her New Age Releigion stuff…Thats were my friends and I have a problem with her………That’s when we stop watching her show on abc…We feel she is sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong…She doesn’t know what she is talking about when it comes to this particular subject…This what I mean that she shouldn’t give people advice on…We use to be fans…She is a good person…..But on this subject my friends and I have a difficult problem with her advicing people on this…. This is a touchy subject.. Thats all…

She should stick to subjects she is more familiar with………..Thats it.. On to other things: watched GH yesterday , like seeing Rick Springfield, Michael Easton, ETC…………


Redemption, honey. Redemption shall be yours. Promise.

I agree with the guy from Jersey City……..

I second that.

Haha. She should have taken the soaps when they were offered to her.
That is all I have to say on this subject.

Hey… I know a wonderful show that was averaging 2.5 million plus viewers, 5 days a week… “ONE LIFE TO LIVE” !!!

Yet no network seems to want it.

They just want to put on silly dopey shows…Instead of a claas show like OLTL..

I don’t watch her network and have no suggestions. Interesting, but about a year ago, we were reaching out to her to help save AMC & OLTL and she couldn’t be bothered. Payback is a bitch and she has been slapped!!! All the best to Ms. Winfrey!

She should have welcomed ABC’s cancelled soaps. Karma.

Quote : The soaps do not fit the own channel format (HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM) What is doing now isn’t doing well at all…. I am not interested in any of the programs she puts on her own channel….I looked at what was on her channel one day & there was nothing of interest what so ever.. Not my cup of tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder why her channel is BOMBING????????? Not putting on the right sort of programs viewers would be interested in…Not interested in watching her friend Gail on her cable channel… As i said there is nothing of interest to watch.. Don’t need to watch reality/info/talk shows….Don’t like those kind of shows, they are boring to me. Their not ENTERTAINING… Like other shows that are on abc daytime.. you know what they are!!!!!! I think Oprah should reconsider her deceision about the soaps.. This is my opinion… Maybe it would boost the ratings on her channel & re-hire those workers she let go…I really think the soaps could make the difference for her cable channel..I think they will fit her format after all. She could have had MILLIONS of viewers tuning in to her channel Mon.- Fri. I think she made a big mistake & hasty deceision about the soaps. Saying goes: I told you so………………That is my feelings on this subject…

Oprah made a huge mistake saying no to AMC & OLTL. Just think what an additional 2.5 million viewers each day would have done for her network. Since she said no to the soap fans I don’t care what she airs. I won’t watch OWN.

Read an article on her site and it sais: stay tuned Oprah is about to stage a TCA press tour and face a roomful of critics….. It said her show has had a deep decline in the ratings. Rival channels like Oxygen , WE mostly close the gap(with lifetime remaining in front)………………. I know what could solve this problem “The Soaps.” But it will not happen…But could sure solve her ratings problem on her OWN CHANNEL………

At this point, a test pattern would get better ratings than OWN. If she laid out some of her billions for reruns of, say, SANTA BARBARA or ANOTHER WORLD she’d at least get to the one-million viewer mark.

I’m sorry but I’m with 1loveabcsoaps on that one. I’m not going to take part of the Oprah-bashing on this website. It is not Oprah’s responsability to pick up ABC’s discarded soaps. And nothing proves that the soaps would have succedeed on her network anyway.

Oprah is a wonderful woman and it’s her right to not wanting soaps that were cancelled by another network. If people wants to make fun of her because of her decision, then so be it. But I won’t be part of it. And in case you guys didn’t know, ALL cable networks (not just OWN) refused to pick up the soaps when Prospect Park was shopping them.

@ Heather : ” And in case you guys didn’t know, ALL cable networks (not just OWN) refused to pick up the soaps when Prospect Park was shopping them. ”

Yes, all the cable networks that ” they ” are supporting, and have no qualms with.
Thanks for pointing that out!

Heather: Can you please answer this? This landed in my email as a response to you’re post.

” Boo HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you read that ?????????? Sounds like you didn’t want the soaps to suceed on another cable channel….Where did you get the info on that???? Never read anything about that……”

Hi 1loveabcsoaps

It was reported by Deadline that Propsect Park couldn’t find a buyer.

And I don’t care if some OLTL fanatics wants to believe that I didn’t want the soaps to suceed on a cable channel. Let them believe what they want to believe. Unlike them, I go by the facts, not wishful thinking .

“Unlike them, I go by the facts, not wishful thinking . ”

Heather: I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. This wishful thinking and making up their facts is the ‘most’ on here. I just can’t have a meeting of the minds with folk who think like this. If you’re not willing to look at the facts, than
” WHAT ” do have, wishing thinking! That is one of the reasons I enjoy your post, because U always have supporting evidence, and a objective thinking process.
Thank you!

See what FP posted for the Mar 21st post about Ron Carliviti.
FP: Obviously, the level of discourse on this board has taken quite a nose… “

I feel that the problem is the lack of variety within the programing. Almost all the programs that air are reality shows about life.

PBS has strong ratings because it airs a variety of programming including comedies (Keeping Up Appearances), dramas (Downtown Abbey), news (PBS Newshour), documentaries (Prohibition), and reality programs (Antique Roadshow). If Oprah did something like that and added a bit more variety to her programming, she might be successful.

But as Carolyn Hinsey says, it’s only my opinion.

I don’t like Oprah Winfrey. Oh well, she likes herself enough for all of us.

Get the soaps! Have a “soap block” of time every day-from noon till 3 or 4, or anytime really-whether you revamp AMC & OLTL (I pray to God) and/or rerun shows like Santa Barbara, Another World, GL, ATWT, there should be many choices, people would love this! Oprah would be a hero. Knots Landing, Falconcrest-get some soaps going on OWN. Forget Dr. Phil reruns from 2008. And running the same shows over & over & over. Have a mix, soaps, talk, food, movies!

I can’t dispute that Oprah has done SO MUCH for SO MANY people–if it hadn’t been for her show, I never would have know about Debbie Ford, and Debbie’s first couple books were a life saver for me. That said, Oprah’s comments re: soaps really turned me off. I don’t blame her for not taking in AMC and/or OLTL, but I think she could have worded her rejection of the idea a bit better.

I don’t feel bad for Oprah. Sher got exactly what she deserves! She didn’t want to buy the rights to amc and oltl so alot of fans stayed away from her network. (I know I did) I don’t care how low she stoops to get ratings (ie; Boobie Kristina) she now ruins a tabloid network is how I feel. She turned her back on the MILLIONS of fans who made her. Does she really think she would have achevied the fame she did IF the soaps werent her lead in? I think not! She goes and hires Rosie O’Donnell! After what that woman did on The View did she really think people would be interested in seeing her big mouth on tv again? Well I read she had 150,000 viewers. Oprah said about the soaps if there was money to be made abc would have kept them. Looks as though with thw cancelation of Rosie AND all the layoffs Oprahs not doing so well. 150,000 vs. 2.5 million viewers. I’ve always said what comes around goes around and Oprah this is what happens when you bite the hand that fed you and made you who you are today.

Oprah forgot about the daytime fans who made her what she is today and rich too. The fans giveth and the fans taketh away. Sorry Oprah never watched your network.

General Hospital

John J. York Returns as General Hospital’s Mac Scorpio and Shares, “Expect The You-Know-What to Hit the Fan”

General Hospital fans were overjoyed when John J. York (Mac Scorpio) revealed he was back on set and taping all-new episodes of the ABC daytime drama series.

The beloved GH star was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders, back in 2022.  Later, he underwent treatment for the cancer in September of 2023, which took him off the show while he went through a blood stem cell transplant and the recovery.

Now, those who have waited for Mac to finally get to the truth – that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) is his biological son – may finally get their wish!  Speaking with TV Insider on his imminent return (he is back on-screen this coming Wednesday, June 19th), York shared on what’s about to go down, “Expect the you-know-what to hit the fan and let the dust come down and settle where it will, so get ready.”

Photo: ABC

York also prepped viewers that he will look a little different when he first seen back in Port Charles, due to his cancer treatments, “My hair grew back nice. I was not sure how my hair would look because I was bald. Now it’s short, like a military cut.”

Photo: JYorkIG

Speaking on his own health and life, John shared, “With the MDS, if everything goes well with the bone marrow transplant, that should be handled. With the multiple smoldering myeloma, smoldering being the key word, it just kind of stays there in my system. There is a small chance that it could turn into full-blown leukemia at some point, but the goal is for me to die of old age before I die of any kind of blood cancer. I feel fantastic and all the blood tests that I take once a month have all pointed in the direction that things are all going in the right direction, which is really good.”

Photo: ABC

Are you looking forward to the moment that Mac realizes Cody is his son? What do you think his reaction will be as he has been duped all this time? Happy, as we are, that John is back on-screen on GH? Comment below.

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One Life to Live Alum Jonathan Groff Wins First Tony Award For ‘Merrily We Roll Along’

Finally, in his third Tony Award nomination, the multi-talented Jonathan Groff, was named the Tony winner in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for his work in the Broadway revival of Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along at the 77th annual Tony Awards broadcast on CBS.

In one of the hotly contested categories of the night, Groff bested Brody Grant for The Outsiders, Dorian Harewood for The Notebook, Brian d’Arcy James for Days of Wine and Roses, and Oscar and Olivier Award winner Eddie Redmayne for Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club.

Many thought Groff should have won a Tony back in 2007 for his performance in the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening, but ‘Merrily’ was the ticket to victory.

Photo: CBS

One Life to Live fans may remember Groff played the teenager Henry Mackler back in 2007, in what was to be a long arc of a storyline involving a school shooting, but his role as cut short after 11 episodes, due to the real-life Virginia Tech school shooting in April of 2007.

Delivering the most emotional and heartfelt acceptance speech Tony night, Jonathan began. “I grew up in a house surrounded by cornfields in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I was raised by my parents, Jim and Julie Groff, and my brother David, and the three of them were sitting right there. Thank you for letting me dress up like Mary Poppins when I was three. Thank you for letting me act out scenes from I Love Lucy on my 10th birthday. Thank you for always allowing my freak flag to fly without ever making me feel weird about it.”

He added, “Even if they didn’t always understand me “my family knew the lifesaving power of fanning the flame of a young person’s passions without judgment. I walked through life with an open heart because you let me know that I could. Thank you to all of my teachers back in Pennsylvania, especially Sue Fisher, who told me I could do this for a living.”

Speaking to how Broadway has impacted his life, Groff further teared-up and expressed, “I moved to New York exactly 20 years ago this year and I got a job waiting tables and became a volunteer for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. All I wanted was to be a part of this community. A thank you to everyone involved in Spring Awakening who not only made that dream come true, but also inspired me to come out of the closet when I was 23. I’m now 39 and musical theater is still saving my soul.”

“Maria Friedman, thank you for letting me be your Franklin Shepherd in this production of Merrily and allowing me the chance to accept respect and express both the lightest and darkest parts of myself,” Groff continued. “Daniel Radcliffe and Lindsay Mendez, you are more than old friends, you are soul mates, and I’m looking forward to watching each other change for the rest of our lives. Thank you to every member of the extraordinary cast for lifting this Merrily into the spiritual stratosphere.”

Photo: CBS

Groff concluded with, “And finally, I just want to say that when I was a kid in Pennsylvania, I used to record the Tony Awards on a VHS tape and watch the performances over and over again. And to actually be able to be a part of making theater in this city and just as much to be able to watch the work of this incredible, incredible community, has been the greatest gift and pleasure of my life. I thank you and thank you so much for this honor.”

So were you happy to see Jonathan Groff win the Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical? What did you think of his acceptance speech?  Watch it below, then Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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