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Paul Rauch weighs in on soaps troubled waters & OLTL's cancellation!

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One of the all-time magicians of the daytime genre, Paul Rauch discussed the plight of the soaps and the end of his beloved One Life to Live with TV Guide Canada in a new feature from Nelson Branco.  Rauch, who recently left The Young and the Restless as co-executive producer is widely known for his tremendous producing skills as head honcho at Another World, Guiding Light, and of course, One Life to Live.

During the TVG interview, Rauch gave his thoughts on how his protege Frank Valentini (EP, OLTL) is handling the news of the series ending. In addition, Rauch reveals his thoughts as the daytime landscape is all but washed away, and where many wrong turns were made within the industry over the last few decades.   Here are a few excerpts!

Rauch on how Valentini handled the news of the cancellation of OLTL: “He was devastated. I think he particularly believed ABC would keep the show on the air because One Life was doing such a good job [creatively and staying under budget]. He thought business as usual would continue. He was knocked out by the news. Frank will do a terrific job from now until the end of the show. No doubt about it. And my guess? I think their numbers will improve.”

Rauch on if he thinks that now that two soaps have been canceled, if those viewers will in turn start to watch the four remaining soaps: “I don’t know. People are so engrained in their own habits, so I don’t see that necessarily. I like sports, but if I don’t have football or baseball on, I’m not going to turn to hockey and basketball because I don’t like hockey and basketball. I’m not sure if that’s the benchmark or not, but I don’t know if viewers will turn to another story. I think fans might be angry – and not watch any soaps [because why invest]?”

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Rauch on the way Oprah Winfrey delivered her message to soap fans that her OWN network, would not pick up AMC and OLTL: “She took the air as the decider when she said we’ll never do it. Unfortunately, she didn’t say, ‘My network can’t support an expensive model like soap operas.’ Essentially, she said, ‘soaps are done.’ I think it was a gratuitous point of view. The question posed by fans was: would your network be interested in [absorbing] AMC and One Life? What she should have said was: ‘We’re a branded network and we can’t afford a quarter to a million dollars a week to produce a show, but we can produce other shows for much less.’ That’s what her statement should’ve been instead of, ‘soaps are dead.’”

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Andrea Dawson
Andrea Dawson

Still extremely sad about my shows. I will never watch abc after the last oltl airs. I totally agree with Mr Rauch about the way Noprah answered us. If she would have said it the way that he suggested, I would not have been mad. Now I am so angry and I hope OWN tanks.



Can you be anymore immature. If wishing for someone else to fail because they are unwilling to go in debt to save something that can’t be saved, then maybe its a good thing we will eventually see the soap business gone. People need to grow up.


After her message to the soap fans, I haven’t watched her show since. What goes around comes around and cancellation may come to her OWN Network as well.

Days Of Our Lives

Clarification on Days of our Lives Rumors

Tuesday morning, daytime fans and those of NBC’s Days of our Lives woke up to an article run by TV Line that raised major concerns for them,  Contained with it was a report that revealed that the entire cast has been released from their contracts and the show is going on an indefinite hiatus.

However, Soap Opera Digest has spoken to a few key setside sources, who have clarified the situation further: “The show is currently taping eight months ahead of air, and that has resulted in the show’s pickup possibly coming after it has wrapped production for the current season.”

Another reveals that negotiations are currently underway to continue the iconic NBC soap citing: “NBC and Sony are in negotiations right now and everyone is hopeful.”

Of note from SOD: the cast has been aware of the brought-to-light break in production and hiatus for months now.  The article also shares that production is said to most likely resume in early 2020’s following the holidays.

In addition, the series is receiving much buzz right now due to the groundbreaking (for daytime soaps), time-jump, which has already generated excitement for what’s to come in on the series in the days and months ahead.  Now is a great time to see what has happened to the lives of those you love to love and love to hate in Salem.

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Share your thoughts on Days of our Lives, and your support of the series, via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Anna to the Rescue As Finola Hughes Returns To General Hospital

If you caught the end of Monday’s episode of General Hospital, just as Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) was ramping up her efforts to threaten Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) on the pier, she is stopped in her tracks by none other than Anna Devane!  And with that, it signals the return of all-time GH favorite and powerhouse actress, Finola Hughes, who has been off the ABC daytime drama series for an extended period of time.

With the return of the mighty Hughes comes some intriguing romantic storypoints in that: the man who proposed to Anna before she left Port Charles, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), has found out that he is a father to Hayden’s (Rebecca Budig) child.  Previously, he thought the child had died, but Hayden lied and thus the two have moved from icy towards each other, to growing closer.

What will happen when Anna finds out what has gone in Port Charles while she was away?

ABC and GH released this week’s promo which teases a moment where Anna announces she has returned while Finn and Hayden are together.  You can check that out below.

Now that Finola is back, what are your hopes for Anna in story? Finding the bad guys and finding love with Finn, or will her story take another twist and turn that no one saw coming? Share your thoughts via the comment section.

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Breaking News

Amanda Setton Cast As GH’s New Brook Lynn Ashton

Former One Life to Live alum, Amanda Setton (Ex-Kimberly) is about to make her debut on General Hospital in the role of Ned (Wally Kurth)and Lois’ (formerly B&B’s Rena Sofer) daughter, Brook Lynn Ashton!

The news of the recast came via TV Line, and Setton is set to make her on-screen debut next Monday on the November 18th episode of the ABC soap.

In story, it looks like Ned and his current wife, Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) welcome Brook Lynn back to Port Charles. The role haas previously been played by Brooke Radding and Adrianne Leon.

In addition to her work as the former Mrs. Clint Buchanan in Llanview, (Kimberly started as a Las Vegas stripper who came to Llanview to help her best friend, Stacy Moraso played by Crystal Hunt) Setton has had numerous primetime roles including: Hawaii Five-0, The Crazy Ones, The Mindy Project, and Gossip Girl.

News of the return of Brook Lynn to GH comes on the heels of the return of Nikolas Cassadine now played by actor, Marcus Coloma.

What do you think of the return of Brook Lynn means for the characters of Port Charles? Who might be her romantic interest? Share your thoughts via the comment section below

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