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Peter Bergman Signs 5-Year Deal with The Young and the Restless

Photo: JPI

Some of the hottest news on Daytime Emmy night was the reveal that 23-time Daytime Emmy nominee, and 3-time Emmy-winner, Peter Bergman is staying put at The Young and the Restless for quite some time to come, in fact, at least five more years.

Bergman, who plays Genoa City staple, Jack Abbott, has inked a new five-year deal to stay with the CBS daytime drama series, which is a significant contract in the world of soaps.  The usual contact for actors is somewhere between one and four years, with thirteen-week or twenty-six-week cycle, if the show were to not pick up an actors option.

While Y&R has been renewed thus far through the 2024 TV season, it would seem this move to ensure Bergman is sticking around as the show moves past its 50th year on the air, is a vote of confidence by Sony Pictures Television and CBS that the top-rated daytime drama will live on.

Deadline first reported the contract news.  Peter joined Y&R back in 1989, after first successful soap foray on All My Children as Dr, Cliff Warner.

So, what do you think about Peter signing on for five more years at Y&R? Comment below.

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Congrats to Peter/Jack on his 5Yr. deal with Y&R, now just hope they will be here that long. Iam sorry Peter didn’t win the Emmy, he was far more deserving, especially having to put up with Michelle Stafford, that in itself deserves an award.

I confess to adoring the Abbott family (except for Billy’s current player) but let’s face it — Peter Bergman looks bored. He’s one of daytime’s best actors and a great ambassador for the show. He truly seems to love his work. But Jack has been stalemated since reducing his role at Jabot. He seems to just wander around the house mooning over Phyllis, intervening in Kyle’s life, or falling back into Diane’s devious machinations. This spells dullsville. He needs something new and by that I don’t mean another cockamamie romance with an inappropriate woman. Why not start a new venture? Learn to cook. Paint the house. ANYTHING but more Diane!

Hi Soaphound— Jack has accomplished something other than
walking around the house–
He has become a gullible old man–
Really he’s sucker bait– gullible to the uumpth-
It’s a shame to witness his gullibility–

I think Jack should start wearing a beret, write Haiku in a coffee house, play the bongo drums for spare change at the farmer’s market and paint landscapes at the shores of the lake.

Totally agree ..and stop being so selfish …Phyllis did so so much to help u and then you drop her for one mistake she did …wow and you keep preaching others ..

What Phyllis did to help him??? Don’t you mean what she did to him? Everything Jack told her today was totally true. He’s well rid of her, it took Nick long enough but he finally saw the light.

Hey Violet! I guess when Phyllis shrilly exhibited middle school mean- girl antics while treating Jack like a prop. I felt humiliated for him.

Yes, and if that was real life, think how he would have felt.

Please Bring Jack And Phyllis Back Together On The Young & The Restless That What The Fans Are Waiting For…Hurry,Hurry

No I don’t want Jack and Phyllis together. Jack deserves someone better. Jack isn’t the player he use to be let him settle down with someone respectful. I have always wanted and still am wanting Nick and Sharin together for good!

Speak for yourself Hon. This fan is definitely not waiting for that messup again.

Wonderful news! Looking forward to every episode.

Whoa! Peter has spent 35 years of his life doing the same thing..and now making it 40 years..I wonder–has he ever done anything else, or just a soap guy?
Now I wonder if any of the soap actors have accomplished anything other__
do any of them have degrees to have a career outside of soap operas?
Anyways– congrats Peter-

What the hell, SU00? You watch soaps but you show zero respect for soap actors. First, it’s really difficult to obtain steady work as an actor. The fact that Bergman has sustained work as an actor for 40 years is to be commended, not disparaged. Second, working as a soap actor is hard, much harder than working in movies because of the pages of dialogue they have to memorize. Former soap actors who have made it to the big screen have repeatedly said that working on soaps is far more difficult than working in the movies. And third, working as an actor in soaps IS an accomplishment. It provides people with much needed escapism while also addressing real life issues of the day.

Harry & Su000…I can’t recall any actors that pursue other careers outside of acting, even if they have degrees. Another outlet away from soaps has been Hallmark Channel. I think Ryan Paevey/Nathan has done very well for himself as jleading man on that channel since GH made a big mistake by killing him off. And just saw Summer/Hunter King from Y&R as the lead in one of their shows.

Thank you. Rose. Always a voice of reason.

Good question, maybe someone will Google and enlighten us.

Hi violet–
I have wondered if any have degrees to get work outside the soaps..I have seen some of the young ones quit their soaps to go to college and to finish getting their degrees..
So, whatever comes their way they will always have a future in their chosen
careers– The soaps will not go on forever so having a degree in whatever is a very good decision.
So- I was wondering if any of the soap actors have degrees to enter their other careers if they have any-..
Just curiosity..

Violet. Have we just become impervious too Suoo’s posts? I get that she is funny but what is unclear is whether we are to laugh with her or at her when it comes to her ageist comments.

Sorry you are so upset with SuOOO’s question about the star’s education. To me it was sincere and not meant to be insulting or otherwise, and I certainly didn’t detect any humor, even tongue in cheek kind. She and I have posted back and forth for a long time. Not only has she fought for us and our country but she has shown her kindness and concern to me,(being so old, you know). I myself, have a sarcastic humor which I usually recognize in others and If SuOOO has it, she hides it well. She really thought Phylliss with the Mata Hari hat had failed its purpose, and I just saw it as silly and stupid. So Harry, calm down and reread her posts. To me SuOOO is just asking if P.B and others possibly have something other than their acting abilities to fall back on, if need-be.

Disappointed in your response, Violet. In turn, I ask you to reread her post. Please pick up on her context cues. Use your critical thinking skills. I have a history as long as you do with Ms. SUOO , who has a long history of making ageist statements about actors, in particular, about Peter Bergman. Finally, being told to calm down when I was calm, is really insulting. Read between the lines.

Iam sorry I upset and insulted you, it won’t happen again and if what SuOOO said bothers you, take it up with her. My life is too damn short to be bothered with something you are blowing up out of proportion. She asks a damn question and you just jump all over her shit as it being comical and insincere.I don’t know SuOOO personally but she’s always treated me with concern snd respect.You need to get over yourself and stop looking for hidden meanings in everything.

Violet– I feel the love, thank you..
Your post touched me..
It was a curiosity question, nothing more..
I’m surprised an ant hill question was made into a mountain over it..
It must be due to the heat–
you keep cool and–no sun-tanning in this heat, ok…lol
Seriously- This heat can make you sick, take care..

You are welcome my dear,
You are always there for me and to get harranged like that for asking a darn simple question was truly uncalled for. Yes, I’am keeping cool, not temper wise but am running my AC day and night.
P.S. Don’t care if you are man, woman or Kangaroo as Souphound says, you are a very good friend to us all!

Su is a man.

I don’t care if Su000 is a kangaroo, what is going on here? Stop this now! It’s not what this site is SUPPOSED to be about. Let’s just enjoy what we like and ignore the rest. It makes life so much easier…it’s just opinions, not the Supreme Court. Don’t get me started on THAT!

We all deserve your little lesson here, at least the ones of us doing all the squabbling. As I get older, my fuse gets shorter and I could never stand seeing someone being picked on.Thanks for straightening us out.

Please. Would someone other than me call out Su00 on her redundant attacks on older actors? I get that people think she/ he is adorable and most likely an honorable member of the Golden Girls Club. Her ageism is beyond the pale. I am tired of being the only one who calls her out

Lol I think Peter is a soap guy. He does his part good but I agree Peter needs new material. I dont like Dianne n Phyllis omg over acting is all she’s done since Dianne came back.

Hi Brian–
I saw Dianne and Phyllis as a silly comedy thing–when Phyllis wore that ridiculous humungous hat and was acting as a comedy spy, well- that’s how I saw it and it failed; it was terrible.. It was really lame bad—
It was beneath sane writing ….lol

Hi Su00. You’re a silly comedy thing. I
Mean, you’re really lane bad.

Thank you, Harry…
I am a person of many talents, yuppers..
Thanks for noticing 🙂

Oh, Su000…I loved Phyllis as a a “spy.” Fun comic relief. I was just surprised no one noticed her except the lawyer. She was looking pretty outrageous.

Hi Rose— Phyllis was a walking neon billboard, and one person noticed LOL.. That hat could be an umbrella–
Crazy fun stuff…

Ya that’s not a very nice comment. There is no shame in being employed in any capacity. And he is an Emmy winning performer! And he has held this job since 1989.

And many soap actors have sideline businesses and jobs! Some do episodic, some do theater, some do film, some do voice-over, some do wine making, some write books, some sell arts and crafts…the list is really endless.

It’s great to keep seeing all the actors keep doing their job

I think he’s awesome and good for him five more years fine with me love the show


Fantastic. Y & R. I have watched since it began vcr, then now with Tivo for 22 years. ✅

SOOO happy to have Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott for 5 more years! Congratulations, no one else could EVER play you!
Loved seeing you and your wife on the Daytime Emmy’s this year.

I am so happy to hear the good news. I love it when good things happen to good people! Those who criticize his stories lately or his long tenure, remember this, everyone’s character has an ebb and flow. Look at Eric Braeden, he was in the background for over a year, not too long ago. Characters need a break. Plus, being a father or keeping the family together isn’t always the most dramatic stories to play out on TV but it shows realism. If Jack want coaching Kyle or getting to know his granddaughter, some people would complain about that. Give the man a break! And also, being on a soap, playing one character for 35-40 years is such a huge accomplishment. Entertainment is such a fickle business and Daytime is such a fast paced art, standup for Peter, he is a legend! Kisses Mr. Bergman.

I too love Peter but wish he were given more to do than him being used for a tug of war between Phyllis and Diane. Back in the day he was a force to be reckoned with and Victor’s most worthy opponent.Maybe he should live up to his background, even if just a little bit. I bet he’s sick of being so squeaky clean.

They better not hook him up with Diane !

Sorry, but you must know that’s exactly what will happen because she said yesterday that her wish is to be at the Abbott family table and to be part of the family. Kyle and Summer are already offering her a job at their new company, which I knew all along would happen and I bet they will move her into the Pool House and from there it’s just a few steps to the main house and smiling Jack, the grand prize! Can I take any bets on this?

I’m afraid no takers here, Violet. I know many don’t like Phyllis but, in this case, she’s well rid of Jack. How gullible can these people be? Diane is SO PHONY she makes a three-dollar bill look good! Horrible woman! And I’m getting tired of this new, defanged Victor who just grumbles threats with no follow through. And that two-faced Michael Baldwin! These jerks should listen to the women in their lives.

I know we don’t agree on Phylliss but we most certainly do on Diane. She is every man’s nightmare but they don’t realize it until it’s too late.If you saw her the last time you’ll remember the crap she pulled on all the men she used and abused. Now I think she will eventually cause Kyle to suffer worse than she did the first time. He’s already getting close to her and Daddy’s not far behind. I believe due to their trust and gulliblity, she’ll be living in the Abbotts house before long. I do like Jack but he can be such a duffas when it comes to women. Also, if the rumor I read is true that Allie is Diane’s daughter, that will bring them closer. As far as Victor and the Werewolf, I have no words!

Violet, I know we’re all different, etc., but I get dismayed when I read how many of our fellow posters truly LIKE Diane. What’s to like? I can’t name one endearing quality. Yes, Susan Walters is very good but that’s not the point. And Jack? He says all the right things then he’ll make that “Aw shucks” face and Kyle gives her a job! I was starting to like Allie (and with Noah) but if she’s Diane’s, I just don’t know. On newer news, it looks like Victoria is getting even with loser Locke. That bank transfer would seem to show she’s retrieved the money Adam brokered to get rid of Ashland. So…Adam goes back to exile at Newman and the Princess is back on her throne! Yuck!

Hi Soaphound–
I have a feeling; that Allie is not the Angel she portrays..
I think she wants to punish Jack for her father–
She holds a poison pill —
I could be wrong–but she has an agenda, or not lol
And I think Adam will put on his black hat and go all out to
take down Victor and his pampered daughter..
Time will tell…

Gee, I don’t know about the Allie thing, think I’ll hold off on that, it’s too soon in the game.
As far as Adam, he will definitely go all out to keep himself in the company, despite Victoria coming back and upsetting his Applecart.

Oh Su000, as much as I like the less evil Adam, I want Victoria OUT. Enough of her consistently catastrophic love life! Sally is supportive of Adam and I believe it’s sincere. She seems to get his pain more than Chelsea did. Across town, Allie does seem too good to be true but I like her so far so I hope she’s not gonna be another Diane type. Noah could use a break…and a decent storyline. He is so gorgeous and that smile..whew, it’s getting warm in here. Cheers, Su000!

Boy I sure needed to read your post right now. I’ve really learned in some cases its best not to try and help someone.
As you said, we are all different in so many ways.
I think the thing with Diane is that we know her and the newer fans are taking her at face value literally, not knowing the real person. I would like to hope she’s changed but Ism not ready to believe it yet. You know I don’t like Phyllis but with her, you get what you see.
Hope Victoria succeeds with her plan, but I just know it’s not going to go that easy. She’s been communicating with someone on her progress and wonder if it’s daddy, he’s been way to calm lately. OMG, I just used a bad four letter word that got me trouble very recently. Stay cool, we are supposed to have a very hot summer. I hardly leave the house but keep the AC on auto.

This post may be somewhat redundant. I wrote another one but don’t think it got posted. About Diane, the newer fans just see her the way she is now. She seems nice, attractive, etc. I think she’s even pulling Summer over to her side which will kill Phyllis.As you know I don’t like her but at least what you see is what you get.
As for Victoria. She has been communicating with someone on her progress and Iam wondering if it’s old daddy. He’s been kind of calm lately like the cat and the canary. I don’t understand Adam and his willingness to take over for Victoria, knowing full well that when and if she comes back, he’ll be playing musical chairs again. He’s not stupid, just a glutton for punishment.

Violet, you’re so right on this Victoria business. First, let me say I was so looking forward to Ashland Locke’s takedown…and was letdown myself. All that misery we endured and it’s over in three wildly underplayed, surprisingly emotionless scenes. Now Adam will be shafted again…I’m so tired of Victor’s sick manipulation of his kids. Even Nick is getting lured back! Enough already. I say — put Summer in charge of Newman Enterprises. Then we’ll have some real fireworks.

Soaphound…Big week. Victoria got her revenge and it was ugly. Didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth at all. But I’m not sure Ashland’s done yet. And quite frankly I don’t care. Don’t like Victoria at all, or daddy dearest Victor, followed by the other princess on B&B, Steffy. And Quinn broke up the wedding of Carter and April just in time so she and Carter are back together…for now. And Eric…seems no one is virtuous in soaps. Again I sometimes wonder why I watch the soaps. Maybe not as bad as real life, but sure not an escape So far I like Ally. Hope she doesn’t let me down or buy into Diane. And then there is Summer and Kyle. Not impressed. Wish I could end on a good note. Oh yes…Carly may have lost her share of the Metrocourt. But still looking for the good girls/guys to shine. Unexpectedly it was in real life.

I love Diane! Okay, maybe I love the actress with
Her endearing smile which ensues while hysterical people she’s never met, rail against her. This actress is amazing. And it’s clear Bergman and Stafford love this addition. They’ve been injected with life.

It’s so hard to see any one leave.We who have watched from the beginning .We just hope it goes on way past 2024. Y&R. B&B. D0L.

I’m not a fan of Michelle Stafford at this point. Gine Tiognoni brought so much more depth to the role of Phyllis. I do like the new Summer, yet she seems to have surpassed her mother in maturity.

I still wish that they would pair up Peter with Beth Chamberlin (Beth from GL). Maybe he can go on a soul searching moment somewhere exotic, and meet a beautiful mysterious woman (Greece?), and then have Marco show up.

I can’t imagine that Peter would sign on for another 5 years unless they have something planned to spice up his life. But I am glad that he is staying, especially after seeing John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) in the Daytime Emmy Memorandum sequence, for he truly (And Dinah) are missed, but Jack can fill their shoes.

Margherita, thanks for mentioning wonderful Beth Chamberlin. I loved her on GL and have seen her sporadically on LAW AND ORDER and such. It’d be great to have her on Y&R. Anything but Diane!

I cringe every time Diane makes an appearance. Or when she shows that self-satisfied smile when she’s alone. Boy, is Lyle gullible, and she’s slowly playing Jack. At least for now I hope. I prefer Esme (GH) and that’s saying a lot. On the other hand both actresses are doing great jobs to inspire such dislike.

I like the actress so it’s hard to dislike Diane BUT I know her past and what she’s capable of. I don’t trust her, it’s kind of like waiting for a Cobra to strike. I’ve even had thoughts that she’ll fake some danger on Harridon so she can make believe saving him. Speaking of Esme,did I mention the word Cobra?

Violet…I don’t know about her past because I wasn’t watching then. But from just what I am seeing in the present whenever she is onscreen has red flags all around it. Danger! Danger! Proceed with caution! At least with Phyllis you can see her coming.

You are so right, in fact I just said in another post that while I don’t like Phyllis, what you see us what you get. Nothing subtle about her. Oh my, on my other post to you I typ3d Harridon instead of Harrison.

Violet…sometimes it’s me making the typo that I didn’t catch when I proof read. But most other times my iPad decides to make it’s own decision. Besides being beware of Diane & Esme add artificial intelligence (ai) in a big way to the list.

Breaking News

Anne Heche in Her Final TV Performance to Air on ‘All Rise’

It is hard to believe that now one year later, television fans will see the final performance of Daytime Emmy winner, Anne Heche (ex-Vicky/Marley, Another World).  The talented actress passed away from injuries sustained in a car crash back on August 5th, 2022.

Heche was officially declared ‘brain dead’ on August 12th, when her reps shared that Anne was “peacefully taken off life support.”  Before she passed, Anne taped what would be her final TV acting appearance in her recurring role on the legal drama, All Rise.

The series formerly with CBS and now airing on OWN, will air Heche’s last performance this Saturday, September 30th at 9pm ET/8 pm CT.  On All Rise, Heche plays lawyer Corrine Cuthbert.  Since season 2, Heche has taken on the recurring role. She appeared in six episodes.

Photo: JPI

In story, Corrine has had a fraught professional relationship with Judge Lola Carmichael played by Simone Missick.  For her final appearance, Heche’s Corrine shows up as part of a trial case.

All Rise dedicated the episode to Heche. As the hour comes to its conclusion, they express: “In Memory of Anne Heche, Our Friend and Wonderful Artist. You Are Missed.”

After this, Heche will star posthumously in the independent movie feature Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse, slated for release in November.

Will you be watching Anne’s final television performance on All Rise? Share your thoughts via the comment section below. But first, check out a teaser for the episode which also features former Y&R star, Wilson Bethel who stars on the legal drama as Mark Callan.

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Y&R’s Jess Walton On Why Mamie Irks Jill As Feud Reignites: “It’s Mamie’s Arrogance and How Much She Enjoyed Stepping on Jill’s Toes All These Years”

On recent episodes of The Young and the Restless, viewers learned that Mamie Johnson (Veronica Redd) is back and is actually the new secret investor in Chancellor-Winters.

Mamie told Nate (Sean Dominic) that she is looking forward to watching Jill’s (Jess Walton) head explode when it is finally revealed. Those remarks date back to Jill and Mamie’s longstanding feud and history; when Mamie was the Abbott family housekeeper, and both women had relationships with the late John Abbott (Jerry Douglas).

This current story will feature Jess Walton in an arc that pits her against Veronica Redd, and should delight longtime Y&R viewers who have loved the often catty remarks and fireworks between Jill and Mamie.

Photo: JPI

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Jess Walton spoke about why Jill has such an issue with Mamie. The Daytime Emmy-winning star expressed, “It’s Mamie’s arrogance and how much she enjoyed stepping on Jill’s toes all of these years. Mamie had always been judging Jill who in turn just hated the influence Mamie had with John.  When Jill was married to him, she never felt welcome in her own home.”

Photo: JPI

Walton went on to say on this new storyline development: “As far as she (Jill) is concerned that disrespect is continuing because Mamie bought into Chancellor-Winters without letting Jill know.”

Y&R fans can look forward to more of Jess on-screen in the next few months as she informed SOD, she will be taping scenes in October and November on the top-rated soap opera.

Photo: JPI

When all is said and done, Jess shared that her Genoa City alter-ego is very clear on just how Mamie gets under her skin: “Mamie was always so damn sanctimonious and hollier-than-thou and that always pissed Jill off. Mamie still knows how to really push Jill’s buttons.”

Check out the flashback scenes below featuring Veronica Redd and Jess Walton that were part of this week’s episodes of Y&R; where Mamie is revealed to be a now major investor in Chancellor-Winters.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to seeing the sparks fly between Jill and Mamie in the coming weeks? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Brandon Barash and Wife Isabella Devoto Welcome Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order to Days of our Lives‘ Brandon Barash (Stefan) and his wife, Isabella Devoto. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son, named Joaquin Lee Barash.

Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Barash revealed little Joaquin was actually born back on September 15th.

Brandon shared three adorable photos of the newest addition to his family accompanied by the words: “Joaquin Lee Barash arrived on the planet on 9.15.23. A mighty name for a mighty boy…to honor my (departed but never gone) father, Jerry Lee Barash, as well as my wife’s Hispanic heritage. We. Are. Smitten…and forever changed. Through your birth, lil man, we are reborn. Our family is mightier, our ocean of love runs deeper and more fierce. School’s back in session.”

Photo: BBarashIG

The actor also shares a daughter, Harper,9, with his ex, GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  Harper is pictured in one of the snaps with her baby brother. You can see them below.

Isabella and Brandon tied the knot back in December of 2022.


Share your well-wishes to Brandon, Isabella, Harper and little Joaquin via the comment section.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Brandon Barash (@brandonjbarash)

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