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Peter Reckell Weighs-In on Days of our Lives ‘Work Environment’ and Misconduct Report: ‘I Hope to See a Return to its Past Values of Family and Respect for All.’

Photo: NBC

One of Days of our Lives most iconic stars, Peter Reckell (Bo Brady), took to his Twitter account on Wednesday following yesterday’s misconduct report bombshell and the allegations of a toxic work environment at the soap opera he had called home for 40 years.

Reckell was last seen on DAYS a few months back in May, when Bo left Salem in a coma after being shot by his son, Shawn (Brandon Beemer).

Taking to Twitter, Reckell shared: “We have learned disturbing news about the environment at DOOL. It’s shocking to all who care deeply about the show, it’s legacy, and the audience who love it so much. With quick resolution, I hope to see a return to its past values of family and respect for all.”


The nine-week misconduct report centered on allegations from: abusive behavior and a problematic work environment led by DAYS co-executive producer and director, Albert Alarr.

In a statement to Deadline, Corday Productions shared that based on the findings of the internal investigation that they “have taken a series of actions designed to ensure a safe and respectful work environment.”

Alarr was given a written warning and remains with the series.

What do you think about the sentiments shared by Peter Reckell on restoring respect for your co-workers, and remembering that DAYS was built on family values? Comment below.

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I think it should be it should be up to the cast and crew to make a decision about what I feel should be his immediate termination!

I agree, I adore Bo Brady, love his acting with Hope

Me too!

Written warning?!?! Does he have something on someone? Blackmail? Yee-gads! Fire the man, do the training and move on. What business, today, doesn’t know that this kind of behavior isn’t tolerated? Unbelievable and disgusting!

I totally agree

When are these men going to realize you can’t treat women so disrespectful in the age of “Me Too”. Do we have another Harvey Weinstein running around!!!!!!!!!! It should never be a toxic work environent for ANYONE!!!¡¡!

You are so right Peter. Days need to get back to its roots and family values. I’ve been watching for some 47 years. And I do think they can do better.

I love watching Days been watching since 1968 and things need to get back to whst it was.We are loosing so many good actors like Marci,and others.I think they need to get new writers and directors.

Well said Peter … Totally agree with you.

A lot better. Like Alice and Tom did years ago.

I totally agree

That’s right, I did wached the show for 35 years and now don’t watch it for 2 years. The morals and the storyline is garbage. It was my favorite show for ever.

The gay scenes are disgusting. I fast forward it. I have been watching the show from the beginning.

It’s sad that the show has grown and caught up with the times while a small percentage of the audience has not.

Last edited 2 months ago by OG Steve

Agree! I too, have watched since it started. I have even subscribed to Peacock.

Lucy, why are the gay romantic scenes so disturbing to you? You might take a look at that.


Then go elsewhere.

Too many scenes and the storylines drag on way too long.

For an extra fee, those who wish should be able to watch hot XXX sex between the gays.

There are young adolescents who watch this. Tone it down please. I started watching in 1965 when my mother got me hooked. Thru the years with reoccurring kidnaps, same stoylines, it has become very average soap opera. Very happy that the cabin burned down so there won’t be any more cabin settings. I feel bad for the actors who don’t have better dialogue written for them. There are some wonderful talent on that show, who deserve better. If you wanted to watch sex, during day, GO TO AN XRATED CHANNEL.

You know that cabin burned down about 666 times now, right? I wish I knew what kind of wood they used to build that thing, because if it’s that fire resistant, I could use it here in Hell!

The only reason we haven’t seen the cabin lately is because all the arsonists (Ben or Claire, usually) are out of town, so there’s no point in using the cabin if nobody’s there to start a fire. (Cue the Billy Joel song here….)

I agreed those scenes are disgusting I do the same, the writing has become so dumb and stupid in I’m not renewing peacock next month.

Agreed, I used to watch it every single day without fail. I haven’t watched it in about 3 weeks because the story lines are getting ridiculous. I’ve been watching it for over 40 years. I agree with Peter you need to go back to the original family values and roots of it all. The writers have done with it I would say probably in the last 5 years

You’re misinterpreting what Peter said —“values of family and respect for all” does not mean the 1980s “family values” that was corrupted by some politicians.

I can’t believe all he got was a written warning. He should at least have been suspended without pay for something so egregious.

Very sad story that hopefully can be resolved to the satisfaction of all especially the cast and crew. Against long odds to survive Days is by far is the most inclusive, diverse, and engaging soap on the air so it’s sad to hear of all the background drama on and off set.

I think Peter is right. The Days that I grew up with is definitely not the same. I don’t like all the raunchy scenes. It used to be so wholesome. Alice and Tom would be so upset.

Times have changed. The content of this show is no worse than what is on cable. I guess you can watch the Hallmark Channel or just turn it off.

Everyone deserves respect

My heart and prayers are with All of the DOOL Family, I truly love the show and All of the Actors, you all are the Best in Day time soaps, I had no idea that you all go through so much on television I pray for Love Peace and Happiness as you all go about your daily Lives on and off the set, and keep up the good work. May God continue to bless and keep you all .

Specifically what are the events that have been deemed unsafe and disrespectful to a man who’s only been given a warning ? Don’t protect him. Expose him .

There is a article online google it

I remember watching days with my mom about 47 yrs ago. I love this soap due to it’s family values, and close knit families. I miss the love connection & respect the couples had for each other. Days is the only soap I watch. Please keep the respect for others going. Not just the actors but also the writers. I love you days of our lives and most of the actors on the show. God Bless you all.


I think Peter is right,we need to go back to family and values. I stop watching Days of our lives. I started watching it again when they brought Peter back and I stopped watching again. Because I want to see family and values. I hope things change.

Peter is not referring to the storylines but what has been transpiring off set including allegations of sexual harassment and abuse.

Exactly, but the conservatives like to lie and change the meaning of what is said.

YES to everything Peter Reckell said! DOOL is so off track, toxic leadership that is tolerated is like slow painful torcher for those under it, and for those who can’t voice their concerns, due to a lack of seniority, and fear of being fired. This is beyond unacceptable!

I don’t enjoy watching the show anymore with all the complaints of the work atmosphere. Please get back to FAMILY values.

I agree 100%. It needs to be restored back to a show a stay at home mother can watch w her kids.

Soaps have never been an entertainment genre mothers should be watching with their kids. Never.

You and I are usually on the same wavelength, but many a child of the 1970s watched with their mothers (not that it was right) lol.

Kids can surprisingly handle a lot. Did I grow up thinking a man could build a machine to control the weather or that’s it’s fairly easy to sneak out of a sanitarium every night, no.

It’s up to each parent to decide what’s right for their kids. If not for my mother having OLTL and GH on when I got home from school, I wouldn’t be commenting on this site today.

Remember the good old days let us get back to that l had been watching days all my life let me keep all the good memories that’s all we have now. Thanks

You are absolutely right. The memories are all we have now. I have been watching Days of Our Lives since the first day it aired. There’s very little wholesomeness. I guess they figure they have to change with the times to bring in the younger audiences. Who cares about value and decency? That’s what’s wrong with our younger generation today.

The writers may not know this but many young people think alot of the scenes are disgusting. My 17 yr. old granddaughter was watching it with me on day and she was shocked at what she was seeing. I also have watched Days since the beginning. I agree with Peter, bring back the good morels and family values. Less sex and more compaction.

Peter was talking about Days’ backstage drama, not what we see on our screens.

I have watched Days since 1965 and it’s nothing like it used to be. The demon possession and the guys kissing is almost too much for me. I watch now only because of the older actors that I like and am familiar with. The show needs to get back to family values and wholesomeness!!!

I agree with you one hundred percent. Alot of it today is filthy trash. Compared to the way it was back in 1975 or 1976 when I can remember watching it.

And get rid of the Demon possession

Hey now… I only show up every 25 years or so!

I think he nailed it spot on! Good for you Peter Reckell he is one of my most favorite actors along side of his on screen wife Hope Brady. Shoving all this gay behavior down our throats on a daily basis is wrong. They need to respect our beliefs as well. If people are truly being abused then whoever is at fault needs to go to jail or be fired at the very least!!!

Totally agree.

“Shoving all this gay behavior down our throats”? No one’s forcing you to watch or subscribe to Peacock. If one wants to live in the past, there’s plenty of old reruns out there.

That’s right, no one is forcing me to subscribe and I don’t and I won’t, it started to go downhill before they left NBC, so I am left with my happy memories of days gone by.

Steve, it sure seems like a lot of folks are misunderstanding Peter’s words. He wasn’t saying that the storylines should revert back to 1950s family values, he was speaking to the hostile and misogynistic work environment. It’s disappointing.

Exactly, Harry.

It seems like some posting here would prefer to watch “Yesterdays of Our Lives”.

They outright want to change Peter’s position like the Republicans they are. They damn well know what Peter was talking about, but that is the conservatives MO.

Well said OG Steve.

Why do the homophobes always go with the “shoving down our throats” metaphor anyway??

I’m going to call Sigmund Freud and ask him about that….

Maybe we should shove it down more?

Not once did Peter mention “gay behavior,” only you did, you’d like people to think that’s what he meant. Your hatred makes you ugly.

Exactly. Pretty sure he meant the behind-the-scenes family mentality that’s been void.

So true Peter I was a loyal fan for years the direction it’s going is disgusting sorry but I don’t care to tune into one gay scene after another it seems there is too much focus on it time to get back to family values

Phyllis, that’s not what Peter was talking about!!

What family values are you talking about? This and every other soap has always had extramarital affairs, illegitimate babies, baby switches, kidnappings, murders and the like. That’s what people watch for. When you are complaining about the gay scenes and that they need to get back to family values, you’re just being homophobic.

I say respect the cast and fire the man. It will never be the same for them. Those cast put all there hard work into there fans to make it what it use too be one big respectful family. Allar needs to go. JMO

Who is this guy? I thought Ken Corday was the head of DOOL. I have been watching since 1968 and I would hate to think that my wonderful actors (and friends,) have been under stress while trying to give their best.

Ken Corday’s more than likely a figurehead who inherited the job from his parents, who created the show. I suspect he has very little actual involvement in the day to day operations of Days.

I totally agree because Days of our lives should be about family values and good workmanship so Peter Reckle is right on the money

I think Peter is right too much sex that leaves nothing to the mind of things not family values anymore, Tom And Alice would roll over in their graves to see it like it is I have watched days over fifty years. I I despise the gsy crap we do not want to see this poor Gwen finally walking down the isle with a gay lying loser, and a dirt bag of a best friend. DISGUSTING

Devil possession and too much sex. Gay or not,too much in your face. Some storylines are just drawn out too long. Clean up the writing.

Ironically, I didn’t get any sex when I was up there possessing people. The guy who invented sin, no less!

I agreed again I have watched the show since 1979 and the writing has become so stupid, don’t make sense, the hospital and police department are a joke and too much gay stuff, this is my last month with peacocks.

Homophobic bigot alert, I see. Get over it. What’s disgusting is the need to insult gay people. It really is.

Never heard of such things until NBC took it off the daytime terrestrial broadcast lineup and went straight to streaming. Biggest mistake ever.

And for what?… the news!

Something we get all day, everyday from one course or another.

And yet they wonder why they’re having budget problems.

My word, the investigation yielded “a written warning”? Really?? When one considers the accusations, it seems that the victims have been victimized yet again.

All that gay stuff no necessary. We have children watching to see

“No necessary”? Great grammar, and it actually *is* necessary, as it is part of this world. Always has been, always will be. Take your bigotry elsewhere, Mae.

I agree solely. I loved to see Hope and Bo Remarried then have them ride off in the sunset .

I’ve always said if Bo and Hope left the show it should’ve been them sailing off into the sunset on the Fancy Face❤️There’s really no other way it should’ve been written. Common sense, given their past. Would’ve still left the door open for periodic returns or cameo appearances.

DOOL is a soap opera. Drama is expected.
The “ Mayberry Values”’ disappeared w/ Alice Horton. The short version is rating vs

I could NOT AGREE MORE with Peter, he is beyond 100% RIGHT. I have been watching Days pretty much since it first aired in September 1965, ( I think I have that air date correct, or hope I do) GET back to, as Peter said, the way Days was! Family values and respect!

November 8th, 1965.

I have not seen Days of our Lives since it went to Peacock. But, I heard that it’s not the same. Please put it back on NBC and clean up the story lines. I have been a fan since it aired.

They are losing viewers my mom watched it everyday since it started and now has not watched it in probably 5 years, my sister stopped to. I catch it when I can but the story’s are out of line, I mean Nicole is pregnant with Eric’s baby now Sloan might be to but Nicolet don’t know she is. Why can’t our favorite couples just be happy? I liked Nicole and Eric together!! Why bring another Demira girl back? She sucks!

Me too. There is to much gay crap on tv as it is and that is not want I want to see. Back in the day they had affairs but you never really saw anything happening now you do. I do not go around protesting for my love life. That is behind closed doors. Good for you Peter on speaking up

Too much “gay crap”? There’s been a lot of stinker storylines through the years that would be classified as “straight crap”.

If you’re frightened by seeing same sex romance, you can probably find reruns of 1950s black and white shows where married couples slept in twin beds.

My question to these homophobic folks is if they hated the Will & Sonny storyline the same as they do the Leo & Dimitri storyline.

Leo & Dimitri would be a sleazy story even if one of them were female. On the other horn, Will & Sonny were probably Salem’s last true “supercouple”. Two legacy kids from Salem’s “anchor” families who truly loved each other.

So if you hate both equally… well.. you’re just a bigoted hater. If you hate the current storyline but not Will & Sonny, then “gay” isn’t the problem. Just a couple of sleazebuckets who happen to be gay men.

I agree with all that I read ii don’t watch anymore because I don’t like how thingsare going on the show

I was watching the show for 40 years and I loved it. I could feel that everyone of the actors enjoyed being there. Lots of smile and love. Family values
Now its drama non stop. Every body look stress all the time even Kate wich usually I find this beautiful actress very calm.
Yesterday i watch one episode since the last 2 years i had stopped watching it.
Drama drama drama !!!!
like any other soap opera !!
Really do something about it.

my favorite day show since forever! and this is a zero tolerance instance he should be removed. and days needs to be lightened up . shows are so dark and sad now. bring back the warmth and much needed laughter.

I cant believe that they still have that guy working there.
I agree with peter

I agree. Respect and family values. I have watch since day 1

Totally Agree with Peter Reckell’s statement that Days was built on family values and respect. The current stories are NOT that anymore!!

No, reread his message “values of family and respect FOR ALL” do not equate to the 1980s “family values” jargon.

So now some of you are complaining that the show no longer represents family values and it’s not fit for children. This and every other soap has always had extramarital affairs, illegitimate babies, baby switches, kidnappings, murders and the like. That’s what people watch for. This show is not meant for kids! When you complain about the gay scenes and then say that they need to get back to family values, we know that what you really mean is that you’re homophobic.

I think people are allowed to say they don’t like the gay scenes. The majority of the population are not gay and we are entitled to have our opinions about what we like to watch. Calling people homophobic just because they don’t like gay scenes is ridiculous! A phobia is a fear or something!! Just because you don’t like gay scenes doesn’t mean you have a fear of them, it just means you don’t like watching it. That’s a choice not a fear and everyone is entitled to their opinions without being labelled homophobic

Last edited 2 months ago by Michelle Butterworth

Then don’t watch the gay scenes. And most people who say they miss the “family values” and “hate the gay scenes” are homophobic. Also, y’all should stop acting like Peter was slamming the gay storylines, I know that’s your agenda.

From the dictionary:
having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against gay people.

You can say whatever you want, but what you’re saying is the definition of homophobia. Be honest with yourself, sis.

It’s not a matter of being honest. As the dictionary says, a homophobic is a dislike of gay people. I never said i dislike gay people. All I said was I don’t like watching the scenes as I am not gay. It’s as I said before, a choice to prefer a man and a woman in these scenes when you are a heteresexual person. I don’t have to enjoy watching scenes that make me, and a large portion of the population, uncomfortable. I’m not against people being gay or whatever they want to be but it’s not what I want to watch on my favourite soap. If you like that well then good for you. I’m entitled to my opinions just as much as you. Call it what you want if it makes you feel better

All I said was I don’t like watching the scenes as I am not gay. It’s as I said before, a choice to prefer a man and a woman in these scenes when you are a heteresexual person.

Sorry, but that’s absolutely ridiculous. That’s like an LGBTQIA+ person stating “All I said was I don’t like watching the scenes as I am not a straight person. It’s as I said before, a choice to prefer a man and a man in these scenes when you are a homosexual person.”

You sound completely tone deaf, Michelle. If it makes YOU uncomfortable, that is a YOU problem, not an US problem. YOU are the problem, darling, not the LGBTQIA+ community who want to see themselves represented. I don’t see her targeting any scenes by race, because again, that would be racist and unacceptable.

I’m not against people being gay or whatever they want to be

You do realize being homosexual is not a choice, right? Did you wake up today and choose to be heterosexual? No? I did not think so. Remain ignorant, Michelle, because it clearly suits you.

Tell us why – specifically – you don’t like the gay scenes?

Said so well it was so true .thanks it needs to get back to how it was .

Im 64.. Ive watched Days with my grandmother (God rest her soul before I could walk. I dont anymore! The show used to have family values. morals. good plots and twists .the best love stories of all times. I could not wait to watch it every day. Now its awful!!!! hate… pathetic story lines… Sodom and Gomorah…. You cant let love flourish….

Ah yes… Sodom & Gomorrah… Isn’t that the story that ended with two girls getting their own father drunk and then having sex with him?

Now there’s some family values to be proud of!

Trust me, it was funny to watch when it happened too!

Last edited 1 month ago by Satan

Soaps family values? Please stop what has ruined Days is bringing people back from the dead 42,000 times if you kill somebody off deal with it . The soaps have changed and they do have a different audience not watched since I was very young let’s be honest very unrealistic how many times has Bo Brady been dead? He does not even know what’s going on over there. Take a time out hire a new producer and maybe you will survive

I totally agree with Peter. I am a long time viewer and the atmosphere and story line are despicable. I hope they look long and hard to go back to the story I live .Maybe it will take Bo and Hope to return to get them to regain their values.

Ik in 1965 when dool first started it was a nice clean and descent show. Now it’s raunchy and no family values anymore. Too many bed scenes and not clean enough for our children to watch along with mothers as I did with my mother back in the 60s when i was a kid. Idc that things are different now I don’t like homosexuals and other uncleanness. I wouldn’t let my grandchildren watch this show. And I miss Peter Reckell on it. I’m glad he’s going for family values.

Days was much better about 5 years ago..I agree with Mr.Peter Reckell.

Alarr was there five-years ago, though, so not really.

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