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How To Get Away With Murder


RENEWALS: How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy CANCELLATIONS: Life In Pieces, Star

Photo: ABC

The last 36 hours have seen some of your favorite primetime dramas renewed and others canceled; several of which feature former or current soap stars.  ABC has renewed for its upcoming sixth season How to Get Away with Murder.  During its fifth season, the series ranked as the No. 1 program in Thursday’s 10 PM slot in key demos: Adults 18-34 and Women 18-34.

How To Get Away With Murder stars Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, a law professor at a prestigious Philadelphia university who, with five of her students, becomes entwined in a murder plot.  The ensemble cast includes: Rome Flynn (Ex-Zende of The Bold and the Beautiful) who plays the key role of Gabriel Maddox.

Photo: ABC

Also on ABC, Grey’s Anatomy received a two-year renewal for seasons 16 and 17.  For season 16, former Nashville star Chris Carmack (Ex-Will) has been upped to series regular in his role of “Link”.


Photo: ABC

However, the ensemble CBS comedy Life in Pieces which features Y&R’s Hunter King (Summer) as Clementine was canceled, and will not return after its current fourth season which is currently airing its fifth episode out of thirteen.



Upon learning of the cancellation, King took to her Instagram and shared: “Thank you for bringing me into the Life In Pieces family and for making it such a fun four years. I have so much love and respect for everyone who was involved in this show. Thank you to the amazing cast and crew, and thank you to our amazing leaders Justin Adler, @kaplanaaron , and Jeff Morton . I am forever grateful.”

Finally, Lee Daniels series on Fox, Star, which has been a companion to his hit sudsy Empire, was also canceled after its 3rd season.  Star followed three talented singers – running from their pasts and desperate for a new start – with ambitions of stardom, as they navigate the cutthroat music business.  It has been reported by various outlets that the showrunners will be looking for another home for the series to try to continue it on.

So, happy to learn about HWTGM and ‘Grey’s’ being renewed? What do you think of the cancellations of Life in Pieces and Star? Let us know via the comment section below.

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Life in Pieces is a fantastic show with a very talented cast. Wow, what a disappointment to hear that this show wasn’t recognized and appreciated by CBS!

I never heard of Life in Pieces ..
now that it crashed then Y&R will have a lot more of Summer..
Not sure if that is good or bad lol

su000 Is there ANYTHING you HAVE heard of? LOL! For Pete’s sake. That’s a saying you probably haven’t heard of. Quite popular back in the day. LOL

I guess I will pick on you a little here. I loved so many shows of the eighty’s, including the original BH90210, Melrose Place, Bay Watch, etc. Did you watch any of those? Not knowing your age, I don’t know how far to go back. I of course can go back to B&W TV, and beyond. I have been watching the new Rebooted 90210, and enjoying it so far.
I am not a fan of Hunter King, but as long as Snowflake behaves herself, I can tolerate her. Phyllis is another story. I can see why they wanted M.S back. No one can play her like she does. Even G.T as good as she was in the part, somehow could not get that evil look in her eyes.

Of course “Star” was canceled…. after ending it with a cliffhanger that was a blatant ripoff of Dynasty’s “Moldavian Massacre” scene (I’m talking the real Dynasty here, not that abortion currently airing on CW) and for that matter, the Days of Our Lives scene that already ripped off that scene.

Oh and a baby kidnapping on top of that already, of course.

I don’t see this as a show that Netflix or Amazon would pick up though. Probably their best bet is to reconcile their plots on Empire somehow.

I really like Star. It’s not my genre of music but the stories behind each of the cast are very interesting. Maybe Netflix will pick it up…that’s where I watch it.

Oh no, Life in Pieces was canceled? I don’t watch but that means that obnoxious brat Summer will be hanging around Genoa City annoying the hell out of Kyle and Lola.

To get away with murder is good, I binge it once in a while- I did like her Scandal better..
Never watched grey whatever.

My one of my fav is Blacklist, and Preacher ect in kind..
00ooh the Orville, walking dead was great then became same ol’ stuff and of course Lucifer now on Netflix ..
and 2 soaps LOL

I’m a SyFy fan but TV has gone police and medical eehh..

Hooray, Chris Carmack! Super-talented. Always makes his varied characters seem so natural. Happy for him and fans of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Oh, I love C.C He was so good in Nashville, and I am an old fan of Grey’s Anatomy.

Ooooh, I do so agree with you about Chris Carmack, Violet! He is quite swoonworthy! Loved him on “The OC” and as “Cousin Tim” in “Desperate Housewives.” (He was hilarious in the latter one….even though it was only for one episode!) I did see him on Nashville the once, I think, because I didn’t like the show or the music. As for “Grey’s?” Cannot stand that program…even with Chris! But I’m glad that he is doing well there…

Hi Shay
Good to hear from you. Hope your summer is getting better, weather wise anyway. I watched D.H and The O.C and can not remember C.C in either. I’ll check out his history, and maybe that will jog my memory.
I did find him on Utube. Luke and Marissa were my favorite couple. I guess I didn’t know that was C.C all those years ago.

Thank you, Violet! I’ve been enjoying a “Taste of Fall” weather-wise this weekend, so yes, things are looking up in that respect! Ah, yes, Luke!!!! (I thought he was best with YummyMummyJulie…Lol!) As for Carmack’s brief stint on DH, he played Susan’s cousin, Tim, a recently laid-off accountant who came to town to visit her and help put her finances in order. Apparently, he confessed that the reason he lost his job was a romance with the much-younger daughter of his boss. If memory serves, when a horrified Susan inquired as to the girl’s age, I believe he said something to the effect that she was “legal”—or nearly so—and that he generally checked out that fact first before any canoodling with suspect young femmes commenced…Lol…The hilarious part came when a neighbor stopped by with her comely teenaged daughter and the conversation turned to the news that said girl would be celebrating her 18th birthday in the near future…Tim’s eyes lit up and he displayed a broad smile as he remarked, “Eighteen???” Hmmmm….Needless to add, this was long before the #MeToo brouhaha when one could be humorous about such matters, and let’s just say that Chris deftly played the crafty charmer with great aplomb and comedic skill! I still chuckle just thinking about it! By the way, have you ever seen him as the “Abercrombie and Fitch” poster boy???? Oh. My!

P.S. I just looked it up….Carmack appeared in Season 4/Episode 11 of DH.

I still can not remember him on DH. I watched that show every week. Maybe he just didn’t ring my bell, so to speak. I will see if I can find the ep. On Utube. Thanks Shay. Glad you cooled off a little. We still have our hot Santa Ana weather coming up.Thank God for A.C huh?

Yes, Violet, I noticed on tonight’s weather map that the “plume of heat” was sitting directly over your locale…all I can say is better you than me! (And to echo your sentiments, “Thank God for AC!” I do consider it to be truly “heaven sent!”) Anyway, I hope you can locate that DH episode online…it’s definitely worth a looky-loo! Take care and stay cool! Later….

Hi Shay,
I was happily surprised to see this reply and others on my Email.I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. Hope you are enjoying some nice fall and autumm weather. I miss the colors, the smell of burning leaves, etc. OMG, I’d be strung up if anyone out here heard me say that, especially this time of year when there are so many fires.Well take care. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hello again, Violet! Thank you for the reply….so glad that you are finally receiving MF notifications! I’m hoping the second time will be the charm here, as I answered your post last evening and it failed to materialize online…too much weather chat, I guess! Lol….Anyway, long story short, after a week of high heat and humidity, we are finally returning to a taste of fall…YES!…(Albeit still too warm to be breaking out the mums and pumpkins on the front staircase…) As for your wonderful memories of burning leaves, bonfires are pretty much verboten in our parts these days….all fallen foliage must be placed in eco-friendly, biodegradable bags and left at the curb for collection, however, I also savor those yesteryears when such fiery displays were a standard part of Halloween and Oktoberfest celebrations! And speaking of festivities, time to break out the best tea wear and crumpets for the premiere of the “Downton Abbey” film…I’m waiting with bated breath to see what bon mots your beloved namesake delivers in this latest incarnation of the beloved period piece. I’m sure that neither she—nor Dame Maggie—will disappoint! Take care, dear lady! Later….

Hi Shay,
So good to head from you. As much as I enjoy chatting with everyone here, I must say that you and Celia are my favorite gals.Still very hot here, so I just stay holed up with the AC on 7-24.I so wish I could see Downton Abby, but I am unable physically to sit in a theater seat that long. My bad back and the neuropathy in my legs and feet say NO, stay hone where you belong. Hopefully, I’ll live long enough to see it on TV. Wish we could have tea together, forget the crumpets. I’d rather have a few of those bon mots, our other Violet serves up so well. Hers seem so natural,and purposefull. Mine just come out of my mouth without thinking.Well, It looks like GH is progressing towards the big reveal of Sasha, and baby Wylie, which I can’t wait to end. If I have to see that baby sucking on that pacifier thing, I’ll scream.Poor kid does’nt like being there with those men handling him, and now being kidnapped, probably by Nelle and Shiloh, he’ll really be upset.So long for now. Stay well.

Good evening, Violet, and thank you for your kind words! As you know, CeeCee (aka, “Celia) has long been a pal of mine, as well! I cannot express how much I admire her sparkling wit and impressive intellect! But I’m always game for adding more friends here, and I’m so glad you are now counted amongst them, as well! I’ve no doubt that tea with you would be an absolute delight…and laugh riot, as I strongly suspect we could give the other “Violet” a real run for her money when it comes to those tart-tongued retorts! Lol…And speaking of, I’m so sorry to hear that you cannot get around as much as you would like in order to see the new “Downton” flick…although to be honest, I’m waiting it out to view it online since I simply cannot abide going to the cinema anymore….we only have those huge multi-screen theaters in our vicinity and they are too uncivilized these days! But I know it shall be worth the delay since the buzz surrounding the film on British websites has been excellent! Rest assured, our beloved Dame Maggie doesn’t disappoint…as if she ever could! I have seen this glory of an actress in so many different roles, and she is always superb, but my hands down favorite portrayal of hers has to be as The Dowager Countess….it fits her like a glove! C’est magnifique! In terms of GH, I must admit that I am sooo behind on episodes at this point…normally, I at least check out the recaps each week so as to keep apprised of the happenings, but I’ve even failed to do that as of late. My bad! However, I can definitely state that I’ve been totally turned off to the Shiloh business from Day One and the sooner it’s over, the better! As for Sasha, I’m still holding out hope that she is related to the Liesl/Britt mother-daughter duo from Down Below and will remain in Port Charles as part of the highly dysfunctional Westbourne brood…especially with Halloween right around the corner…our deliciously devious Dr. O. does that holiday so very well!!! As far as other GH developments go, I’m wholly anticipating the Finn-Anna pairing to soon meet its natural end, as I much prefer her with Robert given all their past history…it’s a shame that the romantic experiment with Easton and Hughes didn’t yield better results, since I love them both, but sadly, there was just no real “there there” between them…despite their initially fractious alchemy that was so much fun to watch! Oh well, must be going…I’m still in the AC, too…we get a small respite from the heat, then it’s back to the steamy, muggy stuff…Needless to add, I’m past ready for frost on the pumpkins and all the wondrous autumnal activities that it entails…Until then, take care and have a pleasant weekend, dear lady! Later….

Hi Shay,
Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I love “talking” to you and Celia. Have not heard from her in some time. Hope all is well with her. She is the age of my youngest granddaughter.
Oh, I didn’t get the chance to edit or I would have told you that as soon as D.A is in stores, I will be getting a DVD and firing up the DVD player. Hope it still works.
I Googled Dame Maggie and could not believe how much I did not know about her, her private life, career, etc. What a life!
She is two years younger than myself and she’s lived a lifetime I can’t even imagine.As a young woman, she was absolutely beautiful, with big soulful eyes.It’s all on Wickipedia. I assume you are a career woman yourself, as why you can’t just sit and enjoy the soaps every day, like some of us.Well, I’ve taken enough of your time. My spell correction isn’t working right, so please try to overlook mistakes. Take care, stay well, my dear.

Right back at ya, Violet! I also enjoy the “conversations” we share here at MF…there is such a great cross-section of people in many different demographical aspects, and yet, somehow, someway, we often seem to find one another with common ground on the soaps…and then some! I think that’s absolutely wonderful…and fascinating! As for Celia, don’t be alarmed by her current absence…she is often MIA in early-mid September due to the beginning of school, Fashion Week in NYC, and even the 9/11 commemorations in the same location…she has mentioned these considerations in the past, but now we are a bit more limited in the scope of our post topics than before. She’ll be back again before we know it! At any rate, I’m a former career gal…I’ve worked in journalism, advertising/PR and sales repping for national cosmetics lines, although I’ve since embraced home and hearth….not nearly as exciting, but oddly enough, just as busy! (I do occasionally still freelance, but where I now live is not exactly the epicenter of the business world!) However, I still don’t watch anything on television in “real time,” save for maybe the weather report….I stream it according to my own personal whims, especially foreign programming…that’s my guilty pleasure! At the end of the day, there is most often no time for GH, hence I try to stay apprised online…especially via the comments at this website! (They are frequently even more entertaining than the show itself! But I digress…) Incidentally, I totally agree that Dame Maggie is a truly magnificent creature….I normally do not go in for reading up on the personal lives of actors, because I prefer to allow their work to speak for itself, but I am quite aware of this woman’s impressive history. Most of the film roles I’ve seen featuring her have been from her later years, but even then, she was still a very striking, uniquely attractive lady…and totally superb as those dressed-to-the-nines, upper-crust femmes with a quick wit and sharp tongue! For me, The Dowager Countess is the crowning achievement in her storied career…and likely, her most renowned role to date! She has even admitted that she can no longer go anywhere without being recognized because of her Violet fame (and to a lesser extent, her Harry Potter appearances….) whereas she could go about her private business in relative anonymity prior to Downtown Abbey! Speaking of that, I have seen a suggestion that it’s possible that the film may be available for purchase during this upcoming Christmas season…I certainly hope so! What a great gift to land under our trees! I’m sure it would sell like hotcakes! I know as soon as I can access it online, I will be watching it..repeatedly, I’m sure! Until then, I will be availing myself of all the spoilers, reviews and video clips that abound to appease my appetite for all things Downton….I just wish we had one of those quaint little retro cinemas in my town which shows classic movies and selected foreign and domestic films that appeal to the discerning public’s taste….our last grand theater was converted to a community arts center over a decade ago and now our only first-run movie venues of choice include nearby metroplexes and half-dead mall movie chain theaters that mainly feature blockbusters…alas, not my cup of tea!!!! Oh well, such is life! Enough for now…it’s the wee (WEE) hours of the morning, and I am headed for a hectic schedule. Just wanted to check in, say hello, and reply to your latest response. (Hope this rather off-topic post makes it way to you….) Have a lovely day, Violet! Later….

Hi Shay,
I guess we do get off-topic here, but I find it really hard disgussing or commenting on something, unless it’s already there for that reason.
I wanted to comment on something the other day for instance, concerning Joss and Dev, but where do I go with that?
Back to our off-topics. Your professional life sounds very interesting. I sold advertising myself years ago. Not by phone.I went out to businesses to secure space ads for a local newspaper supplement.Before I finally retired in 2001, after about 16 years, I worked for a large publisher of pricing information for trade services, i.e electricians, hvac, etc. We also published the very popular Today’s Racing Digest, still being used today. My job was editing and producing a catalog for electrical supply stores and the electricians that used their products. It was lots of fun and very rewarding. I miss it a lot. I better say so long for now or Michael will start charging us!

Hi me again. Am so excited I just wanted to share this with you. I received an Email from Ancestry DNA, a woman claiming to be a cousin of sorts, so I contacted her by phone, and it turns out she is my niece from a long lost brother. The crazy thing is she lives in the Hamptons, Sag Harbor, and she and her husband own a big Italian restaurant. I thought of Celia right away, living in the same place, could very well frequent this place. Really, really small world.I am still reeling from all this. Thanks for “listening” to me.

How amazing, Violet! I guess it truly is a small world after all! I’ve often wished that we could “private message” each other here when we had some personal info to share, and this would be one example when it could come in quite handy! Maybe you could ask CeeCee if she has an Italian restaurant she likes to frequent in Sag Harbor…that wouldn’t give away too much!…Speaking of, she’s baaaack! I just saw a post from her on the Jason Thompson thread…..Oh, I have a bit of news for you myself….I cannot say how or where, but I just finished up viewing the Downton Abbey movie, and I must say that it is very, very good! Much more plot than character driven this time around due to the necessary brevity of a two-hour film, but still most enjoyable! And needless to add, Dame Maggie did not disappoint….however, as always, she left me wanting more! I shan’t expound too much, as I don’t want to give away any spoilers, yet I hope you will soon have access to this beautifully-done piece of artistic expression…..Julian Fellowes definitely did his franchise justice with this latest effort. May there be a sequel…and soon! Lastly, your “professional work” also sounded very interesting and fulfilling…I had fun with my career opportunities at the time, but it’s such a different world now than a few decades back when I graduated from college, that to be honest, there are many days when I’m glad to be at home now….and let’s face it, running a household is often much harder—with longer hours—than holding down a job…and there’s no downtime either!!! Lol…Have a wonderful day, Violet! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you! Later…..

@Violet….I see you finally touched base with CeeCee…poor thing, she sounds like she is really suffering! Maybe when she feels better, she will solve that mystery regarding your Sag Harbor relative. Anyway, in addition to saying good morning, I just wanted to add that I know what you mean about wanting to comment on a subject when there’s really no place to logically do so….I have been waiting with bated breath for a Downton Abbey movie thread from Mr. Fairman. I know he has been busy with the new fall tv season, Emmys and regular soap updates, but this film had a stellar box office opening both here and across the pond! It certainly deserves some MF love!!! I am bursting with praise for this gorgeous effort from Julian Fellowes and I’m so ready to share! Soon…hopefully, soon! Later, Dear Lady!

Hi Shay
So good to hear from you, as usual. It was nice hearing from Celia, and felt so bad that she ended her vacation becomming ill. I remember those earaches as a kid.She did not comment on my Sag Harbor niece, probably still sick.
So glad you enjoyed D.A and I also read how well they did at the box office. Also a little tidbit about Dame Maggie/Violet using her cane to ward off unwanted attention. So funny, it’s something I’d do too.I will be taking your advice and put the DVD on my Christmas list. My family never knows what to get. Just wondering if you watch Doc Martin, which is on PBS, which also showed D.A. New season is starting soon, but they are still playing the older ones. I can never get enough, love anything English. I am absolutey in love with that show and all the characters. Comes on Fri.night in my area.
Have you caught up with GH? A lot going on. So many think it’s boring, but I am enjoying it.I am not crazy about nuNina, but I don’t think she’s any worse than when she was played by the frantic M.S.Also looks like they are gearing up for some new Ava SL , possibly with Nickolas, when he returns.I better not say anymore to mess up what you may not have caught up with yet. Hopefully, we’ll talk soon.

@Violet…I immediately answered your post last week and just realized that my reply never made it online! (Which leads me to wonder what the heck I said that was deemed to be so unacceptable???…LOL!) At any rate, Doc Martin??? YES! Love him….in fact, I am just watching the newest series (9) that’s currently running in the UK…Fear not, our favorite physician is just as irascible and curmudgeonly as ever, and all the local loonies remain exactly that! Oh, the newest “James Henry” is adorable and looking to be the spitting image of his father in both appearance…and personality! Quite frankly, this show keeps me laughing season after season…all I need is to hear that very distinctive theme song start up at the program’s opening and I’m on my way…Hahaha!….As for Dame Maggie and her “walking stick maneuver?” I read that story, too, Violet…apparently that method works quite successfully for her, and failing that, it would seem that some very un-Dowager Countess-like salty language does the trick! God bless her, I say!!! Finally, I have been trying to keep up with GH recaps, and was glad to see that Shiloh has finally met “His Maker” down under, and no, I don’t mean Australia! How I wish a number of other Port Charles residents could join him there! Time to clean house….would make room for the return of both Prince Nicky and a still-alive Helena…They are both needed to spice up GH’s Halloween festivities…with a little help from the always reliably ghoulish Dr. O, no less!!!! Anyway, hope you are doing well and that this response reaches you, Violet! Later….

@Mr. Fairman…Apologies! I just read your post this morning, and, of course, I know you are oh so right about how too many of us easily meander off-topic. I suppose that’s a natural hazard that comes with engaging in conversation with the lovely people who frequent your website, although I certainly do understand that it needs to be curbed! Having said that, I hope you realize that whenever I state that I attempted a response to others, it is not out of petulance or consternation directed at the moderators, but a sincere mention to inform those who were nice enough to send me a comment that their expressions had been duly noted, appreciated and answered in a timely manner…I am simply being polite, albeit that may actually come across as impolite and ungracious toward the moderation process…not my intention! As far as “Downton Abbey” goes, I had been waiting with bated breath for a thread touting the film’s triumphant opening weekend on both sides of the Atlantic, and unless I missed it, there was none, which left me quite disappointed!!! Given I was brimming full of praise and observations regarding this long-awaited movie, I couldn’t wait to interact with those other MF fans who had likewise savored the big screen debut of this much-beloved series…Whilst I would not have given away any spoilers out of courtesy for those who have yet to see this magnificent cinematic effort, I do believe there would have been a way to discuss the specifics without revealing too much. (And I really didn’t wish to hunt down a previous, outdated DA thread to do so…quite frankly, most days, it’s enough to try to keep up with all the new subject matter you introduce, which is really my only mild annoyance with your updated website…I think it is wonderful, but much more time-consuming to digest than the previous one.) At any rate, I always commend your personal “hands-on” approach when it comes to addressing any issues with those of us who post here…Please be assured that I will do my utmost to stay “on topic” in the future! Best wishes for continued success with MFTV!

“Star” should’ve been cancelled no real plot and not intriguing enough and as for “life in pieces”, never watched it but with Summer on it I would’ve watched it because I can’t stand her on Y&R and that mean more of her on that soap. I can’t stand her role and wish she go to another show for good!!!

How To Get Away With Murder

B&B and HTGWM Murder Alum Rome Flynn To Recur on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Look who’s joining the cast of ABC’s long-running hit medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy? None other than former B&B and Daytime Emmy-winner, Rome Flynn (Ex-Zende from 2015-2017).

Flynn previously appeared on another Shondaland series, How to Get Away with Murder, in the role of Gabriel Maddox during its fifth and sixth seasons, where he was a series regular.

Now on ‘Grey’s” look for Rome to take on the role of Wendell Ndugu, the brother of Winston (Anthony Hill), and the part is said to be recurring.

You won’t have to wait long to see Flynn on his new show when he first appears on this Thursday’s March 31st episode.

According to ABC, Rome’s new ‘Grey’s’ character of Wendell is said to be: “a typical younger sibling with a mischievous sense of humor — he’s hoping to impress Winston with his new sales rep role at a medical technology company.”

On his Twitter account, an elated Flynn shared on the announcement of his casting news on Grey’s: “dream come true, see you Thursday #GreysAnatomy”

So, will you be tuning into Grey’s Anatomy to watch Rome Flynn? Comment below.

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How To Get Away With Murder

Rome Flynn Joins Netflix Series ‘Dear White People’ for its Fourth and Final Season

Daytime Emmy-winner and former How to Get Away with Murder star, Rome Flynn, will be part of the fourth and final season of Netflix’s Dear White People.

Flynn who played Zende on The Bold and the Beautiful and Gabriel Maddox on HTGWM will now recur in the role of David, opposite Antoinette Robertson.

Dear White People is set against the backdrop of a predominantly white Ivy League university where racial tensions bubble just below the surface. The satirical series — which picks up where the 2014 Sundance hit left off – follows a group of Winchester University’s students of color as they navigate a diverse landscape of social injustice, cultural bias, political correctness (or lack thereof) and activism in the millennial age.

Rome joins a cast that includes: Marques Richardson, Logan Browning, Brandon P. Bell, Robertson, DeRon Horton, John Patrick Amedori and Ashley Blaine Featherson.

Deadline broke the casting news.   No word yet on a season premiere date.

Following the reveal of his new gig, Flynn tweeted: “Being apart of this final season of @DearWhitePeople is crazy. This is one of my favorite shows. again. I’m honored. @netflix #DWP”

So, will you be checking out Rome on Dear White People? Comment below.

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Grand Hotel

ABC TCA Summer Press Tour All-Star Party (Photos)

Monday night, many of the stars of ABC’s primetime line-up shared some food and drink, and chatted with members of the press, at the annual ABC TCA Summer Press Tour All-Star Party. This year the event was held at West Hollywood’s, Soho House. The party followed a day of panels ushering in several of the new shows the alphabet network is offering up this fall; including the new daytime talker from Tamron Hall.

However, at the All-Star Party cast members from: American Housewife, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, black-ish, Bless This Mess, The Conners, Emergence, Fresh Off This Boat, The Goldbergs, The Good Doctor, Grand Hotel, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Holey Moley,  mixed-ish, Stumptown and more were on hand.

Notables from the soaps included: Grand Hotel’s Bryan Craig, Lincoln Younes, and Denyse Tontz, and HTGWM’s, Rome Flynn, in addition to The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown and ABC Entertainment President, Karey Burke.

Check out our gallery below of some of the stars who showed up in support of their series.   Then, let us know, which show you are most excited to see continue, or are looking forward to its debut this fall on ABC via the comment section below.

Photos: JPI Studios

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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