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Robin Strasser Confirms She Has Signed On For One Life to Live!


Fantastic news! Soap fans will see Dorian Cramer Lord and Daytime Emmy winner Robin Strasser in Llanview again!  News this morning from Robin Strasser’s Twitter page confirms that the popular actress has reached a deal with Prospect Park for the production companies upcoming revival of One Life to Live!

After fans missed Robin, and of course Dorian at the end of One Life to Live on ABC, this will be a wonderful opportunity to see Dorian mix it up with whoever the folks in Llanview will be that comprise the cast of One Life!

An excited and enthusiastic Strasser tweeted: “PROUD & HONORED I promised if DEFINITE-YOU’d know! “GIFT” offered & ACCEPTED:) #OLTL LIVES AGAIN thanx to FANS & PP I’m IN & GRATEFUL TY:) ”  Robin then followed up with: “#OLTL & #AMC FANS ROCK! It was definite last night I’d be PART (DORIAN AGAIN:) of REVIVAL! Who knew HAPPINESS could make you lose sleep?:)”

So soapers what do you think of the upcoming new beginning for One Life to Live? Excited to hear that Robin will be part of it?  Let us know!

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thats what im saying! even more of a reason for starr, john, and todd to come back!!!

Yes!! And Yes!! IMO it’s not OLTL without Dorian and Viki. TPTB made a huge mistake when they let her go to Passions years ago but they recognized this and brought her back. Now we need to get Clint ad Bo too.

Awesome! Need Robin, Erica & Kassie for OLTL to truly be OLTL.

Yessssss She coming home where she belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very excited. have missed her.

I agree. I heard Susan Lucci on QVC and I realized how much I missed hers and Viki’s voice. I’m 47, been listening the them all my life. Like losing family.

Great news! 🙂

Totally excited;)

YES, this is wonderful news. Can’t wait to see Dorian Cramer back in action.

You know, think about it. They could totally do this show minus the entire Manning family. Especially since its a half hour format.


This proves the PP folks have TASTE!

In tears of joy!

Agree! Of all the divas, she’s one of my favourites. She deserved to be asked to be on the show and she’ll certainly be one of the best parts for fans. Her casting is news I love.

Omg! Best news I’ve heard for a while! Robin Strasser is daytime royalty ! God save the Queen!

Excellent news! Robin’s character of Dorian Cramer Lord is an important part of Llanview. Hopefully we soon will hear that Erika Slezak has signed too and then we can get ready for some “rock ’em – sock ’em” scenes!!

Anthony, I totally agree with you!

I definitely agree with both Anthony & Don! This is really excellent news!

My Dream! All they need is Dorian and Viki and OLTL lives on!

The Cramer women live on!

Perhaps this is proof there is a God? I say, “Yes!”

I am Very Happy that Robin Strasser has signed on for the OLTL reboot with PP!!! Dorian was a very important part of OLTL and was Greatly missed when she made her exit due to a back injury before OLTL left ABC. The Cramer women are a great group! Here’s to hoping that Kassie Depaiva will sign soon too!
And Dorian needs her Buddy Vicki to tangle with! Come back Erika Slezak!!

OMG!!! Fantastic news!

I happy too! Robin was so loyal to OLTL, a big part of her life, and I can near feel her joy to be back!!

Yay, thanks Ms. Strasser for letting us know ASAP. Def showing appreciation to the fans by letting us know, being in the loop:) Yeah, i imagine, Blair and Vicki aren’t too far behind.
I can see Mr. Fairman visiting the new OLTL set, w/each passing day of great news. Keep it coming, fingers crossed:)

Now your talking.


Wonderful news!! oltl and pp will be a hit for sure. I can’t wait to watch!!!

Great news, everyday getting closer to the day we will all see OLTL back and everyday someone else signs up to be on the show. Thanks Michael for the information and the articles .Looking forward to hearing from you very soon about other actors that are signing on.

It’s great that she’ll be on the show. One of my fave OLTL storylines was Dorian and Joey. I know, a long time ago. I don’t watch OLTL anymore, but I def think the show needs Robin and Dorian!

SO GLAD ALL THE FOLKS GOT THEIR JOBS BACK!! Even if not what it was, it’s better than nothing! Cast and crew alike! So great.

So happy now all we need is Vicky.

Great news!!! I look forward to seeing the multi-talented Robin Strasser bring our beloved Dorian back!!!!



(Hope to be able to watching it from my country 🙁 )

Can’t wait…

Awesome news!!!

Great News!!!!!!

Awesome news! Very excted.

Dream come true! Love OLTL and its grand diva Dorian Lord! Robin Strasser is so much fun to watch… now we need David too!

Awesome… hope they still have her wardrobe it’s fab!

Great news! Dorian is such an essential part of OLTL. Would love to see Bob Woods, HBS, Kassie DePaiva & of course Erika Slezak sign on as well.

IMO Dorian/Robin are vital to the new OLTL.

The good news just continues to keep pouring in! Can’t wait to hear who else is signing on. And of course, with Clint and Dorian’s wonderful portrayers on board, I’m just biting my nails waiting for them to announce the next logical person to tent pole this show: Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord!

Long live the Queen! Love her. So glad Robin is home again where she belongs as Dorian.

I really hope OLTL gets Sleazak. She is perhaps the best actress on daytime tv and very credible. I know some will get mad at this but realistically I think she will return. she hasn’t had a lot offers for the last year. I think the saddest thin is that I know some hate Susan Lucci or Erica Kane or her acting – I suggest the problem might be Susan has become Erica on tv and her character is a bit out there. I have seen her and she can but the entertainment world wants Erica Kane not mousy Susan Lucci which we saw on Dancing with the Stars (which ironically shows the girl can act!) but I am not sure she can come back. She has two current contracts and I am not sure Devious Maids will spare her right now. One would hope they could make this a win win situation with Devious and AMC and heck, Deadly Affairs – Susan’s show about real life affairs that end in death. Susan is the queen of daytime – Deirdre, Melody, Robin, Erika, Genie, Kristian, Kelly et al are great divas but they do not have the star power of Susan Lucci. She is iconic and so identifiable with the AMC brand – they just have to do something to assure her comeback.

I agree Skater Boy. I’m personally not a huge Erica Kane fan, but LaLucci is the face of the AMC brand IMO. AMC without Susan Lucci is like a PBJ with just the bread. Glad she has other gigs, but AMC needs her too. Hope they can make it so.

Erica Slezak is the best on daytime tv but maybe she will feel that she was slighted by PP and not come back. Maybe she just plain retired and is enjoying her life. I hope to see her back. As for SL, she irritated the heck out of me too but when she was not on AMC, it just was not the same. Hopefully Michael E. Knight will sign aboard. Any word on the AMC folk?


Good news.

Best news ever! Now we need Vicki [ES]! They are essential.

I am so encouraged by this.

Dorian and Clint are back as definites. Now we need Vicki, David, Tea, Victor Jr., Tina, Bo (but I know that would be impossible since he retired.). There are way too many to list but there are some that we can do without. Starr stands out. Danelle would be great and Matthew. I would love to see that story line evolve. Oh my, I almost forgot Sean… definitely need him back on. I am so very fricken happy right now. I will take AMC and OLTL as a half hour show. Now the question is can we tape them or would we be able to buy the episodes on itunes.

think they will move the taping of AMC back to NYC?

Both shows will be taped in Stamford, Connecticut, a bedroom suburb of NYC so any necessary AMC actors who didn’t permanently relocate to LA could easily work on the shows.

Of course they need Erika back! And I hope they cast for Jack and Sam LORD. Jack can work at The Banner with Viki to spite “uncle” Todd.

I am so excited. I was really sad when OLTL went off. It would be great if all of the original cast would be back as well. I wonder when it will be back on. I heard it was for online only and not TV.

I couldn’t be happier. Think Robin in the best in many, many ways. Way to go PP

This is great I am so excited to see my favorite soaps again.

One of my very favorite persons on OLTL.

So when is the show coming back and on what network…very exciting

April and it will be on “The Online Network”

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