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Ron Carlivati Staying Put At DAYS As Head Writer

Photo: ABC

In great news for Days of our Lives, Daytime-Emmy winning scribe, Ron Carlivati has renewed his contract with the NBC soap opera.  Formerly head writer at One Life to Live and General Hospital, Carlivati took over the lives of the good people of Salem back in 2017, and since then the show has been on a creative and ratings uptick.

Ron spoke with Soap Opera Digest and revealed he is staying put in Salem stating: “I am both thrilled and grateful to be staying put in Salem.”

After winning a Daytime Emmy for his work on the show (from the 2017 season last April of 2018), and the series winning the trifecta of Writing, Show and Directing, Ron added: “From day one, (executive producer) Ken Corday, (Co-executive producer) Greg Meng, and the entire cast and crew at Days of or Lives welcomed me into their family with open arms. It is truly and honor and a privilege to write for these wonderful characters on this legendary show.”

Look for more drama, mystery, romance and antics, Carlivati-style in the days and months to come.

So, DAYS fans, glad to hear Ron is staying on-board at DAYS? Comment below,

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Ron is currently the best and most consistent head writer working in daytime. Bradley Bell over at B&B has been driving the show into the ground for years, Mal Young has completely changed Y&R in the last year, and GH has been suffering from major ups and downs with each regime since Ron left the show. But over the last two years, DAYS has been on fire, showcasing more vets in front-burner story than any other soap, and giving fans what they want. With the recent addition of Judith Chapman and return of Diana Colville, Ron is really digging into the show’s history and proving that he knows Salem inside and out. This is great news for DAYS fans, and hopefully the show stays on the air for years to come!


“… and GH has been suffering from major ups and downs with each regime since Ron left the show ”

^^^ this is all I’ve been clamoring about. Frank / Shelly / Chris w/Jean

the nonstop showcase of Carly and Sonny ; Jason and Sam ; Michael , Finn, Franco, Peter… have done nothing to reach the 18-49 demographic, women stronghold… if they ain’t ‘tending the show

ALL the rest of the cast is missing in action… just left by the wayside… yes, I will “clamor” and use this thread for my passion

PASSION : thanks to Jason Patrick Stuart.. WITH Michelle Stafford
Familial : w/Charlotte …

WITH all the requisite… GH NEEDS Jason/VALENTINE

I am so disappointed that Val is now on Y&R… she had Better not be wasted… this is a wasted BIG TIME let by Frank Valentini.. he’s such a goner… such

to let go the potential of Val and Kristina…

once again.. PROP PROP PROP.. Billy Miller / Tamara Braun / William DeVry WITH my Oscar

you have it in spades with Lucas and Brad
you have it in spades with Felicia and big Mac
you have it in spades with Bobbi, Scotty, Lucy
you have it in Monica, Olivia , Ned, ARGH
Jon Lindstrom is keeping your show

OK let me prop : Genie Francis has upped her game… from the time Lulu collapsed in her arms.. PLUS HER HAIR… just kudos to this dying genre… that’s how Frank Valentini makes me feel about

what the f is wrong with you Frank


Ahhhh, Patrick….always on target, you are!!
A lot of ‘face’ could be saved by ‘re-arranging’ some storylines…..the potential is there.
Let’s have a look at EJ’s new face……Have Johnny DiMera come back as a teen and have a relationship with his Dad. The opening is there……Rafe ran to Sami’s side to give a hand in ‘straightening’ out whatever problem she was having with her son.
Perhaps, Johnny’s sibling, Allie Horton should also come back……no youth on the show anymore. ….miss that!!
The kidnapping of Ciera and baby Charlotte is lunacy…..”what have they done to” Jordan, “Ma?”.
I always loved both the actress and the character….( especially on AMC)…. Jordan kept things ( concerning Clyde and Ben) on an even keel. She would do anything for her brother……protect and shelter him, no matter what. What happened?
….Not enjoying this storyline, at all……How does one woman take over/ hoodwink the great Hope Brady? The entire PD? Much like GH’s…….She should, actually, throw in the towel.
Plus, as much as I am loving Leo? I have had enough. Let’s get Sonny and Will back together without the nonsense. The plot is neither intriguing nor interesting….it’s blah!!
Then, there’s The Three Faces Of Eve….C’mon!!


his only mistake was to cast Judith Chapman as Diana intead of Genie Francis . Sadly Diana is unrecognizable even personality wise . The shows history matters to us and we have a great memory .Diana was more than John’s girlfriend . They were engaged at one point and Diana was never this neurotic , nasty and unstable woman . We all are fond of Ron’s work but the Diana we all love needs to return to our screens . Bring back our Diana ! Bring back our Genie Francis . We want the magic of Drake Hogestyn and Genie Francis on our screens again !


Great news, but I would like to see more slow-build romance and Adrienne/Bonnie, Hattie/Marlena and multiple characters played by the same actor. In the coming year, bring back Steve, Stephanie and Joey and make the Johnsons front-and-center. I would also love to see a realistic storyline with a character like Kate dealing with a serious illness. I have always said it would be great to have Colleen Zenk playing Kate’s sister and they have a love/hate relationship. In addition, it would be nice to see Phillip back and maybe a sibling for Sonny.


Great… another year of endless newbies, recycled storylines, ridiculous plot point writing, and recasts of characters that have been gone for decades, which don’t make a shred of sense.

4ever DAYS
4ever DAYS

Yes, it’s good to hear Ron is staying at DAYS!

Ron, maybe Sami’s rapist, Alan Harris, can return disguised as an older lady named Lana Sirrah. Lana could become Ari’s nanny.

Sami can return, but Carrie is a must, too. She was Alan’s first target many years ago. Plus, Carrie and Austin’s intersex child, Noah, could somehow help Alan/Lana.

The last thing viewers knew of Alan is that his junk was shot by Sami. Therefore, linking Alan to Noah, who has extra genitalia, would be a good contrast.

I’m not being sarcastic. I just feel thinking outside the box is what’s needed to gain and keep new viewers.

A fan no matter what…Forever.


Well, dahaaam!
I wanted Ron Carlivati back at GH..
trade Frank for Ron..

GH is a pile of mold..
It’s like watching hair growing on a statue..

GH is in dire straights and it desperately needs to clean house..

Frank has stayed way beyond his time, like a decade, it seems..
and what’s her name (the one that near killed Y&) she needs to retire
both need to GET OUT!!

((I wanted Ron back 🙁


how bout u watch dool instead, GH doesn’t want Ron back, thank the universe.


Well, dahammmm!
I wanted Ron back to GH..
I’d like to trade- Frank to Days Ron to GH..

Frank has way overstayed his time ay GH and he became a worn out drag that needs to go and take that whatshername with him , she near killed Y&R not easily done but she did it)
0ooh lawdy! the music box story, I’m lost for words on that one..

GH has become moldy an overkill of stale !!

GH suites need to put an effort into GH and bring in new writing talent if not, it will remain to die its slow death.

James R. Poissant
James R. Poissant

This is awesome news—I loved him at OLTL and GH. He really does a great job at DAYS too. This guy is amazing!!!


Wonderful news. I really enjoy his stories. Congratulations Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome news, great to hear!


Great. He’s made Salem not only watchable but fun again.


Fantastic news and congratulations to Ron & Days. Ron “gets” the soap opera genre and gives me the thrills and chills and humor I haven’t experienced since the prime years of All My Children.


SO MANY of us have been Days of our lives fans for quite some time . We are more than thrilled and happy that Ron Carlivati is staying as head writer . The quality of his writing is simply outstanding . However we encourage him to recast Diana Colville with the original portrayer the wondeful Genie Francis . We simply want to see the thruthfull portrayal of Diana , she was simply not the person that Judith Chapman plays . We don’t want this version of Diana we want the Diana we all fell in love with and we want Genie ! Drake Hogestyn and Genie Francis touched our hearts and pulled at our heartstrings with a very raw , real and emotional portrayal . We love your work Ron Carlivati , we would love it even more with these changes being made.

stevie g
stevie g

I don’t like how he has returned characters played by actors who played other characters on the show and completely changed their personality. Old Brady is the new Rex, who used to be a stand up guy and a hot nerd and now he’s a wonanising cad. Old Angelica is now new Diana who used to be a heroine and now she’s a bitchy type. At least Jordan is played by the same actress but again a sympathetic characters has now gone crazy. I really thought she would come on to support her brother, but as yet they havn’t even had a scene together.


Good job Ron, I love Days and always will. Just bring back Vivian please.


Good news! Great show!

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‘Dallas’ star Ken Kercheval Dead At Age 83

Sad news to report for fans of the iconic primetime soap, Dallas.  Ken Kercheval, who played the thorn in J.R. Ewing’s (Larry Hagman) side, Cliff Barnes, has passed away.   The actor was 83 and died at his home in Indiana on Sunday.   The cause of death is under wraps.  He had been previously open about being a lung cancer survivor after years of smoking.

Kercheval was on Dallas for its entire run on CBS from 1978 to 1991, and returned to the TNT reboot from 2012 to 2014 to reprise his signature role.

On Dallas, Cliff Barnes was always the perennial loser when he went toe to toe with ruthless J.R, but in the final season, Cliff beats J.R at his own game and takes over Ewing Oil.  Cliff was also hopelessly in love with Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray) and was the brother to Pam Barnes, played by Victoria Principal.

As for Ken’s first big acting breaks, that came on daytime soap operas when early in his career he appeared on Search for Tomorrow and How to Survive a Marriage.

Later, he appeared on episodic dramas such as Starsky & Hutch, and Crossing Jordan.  His final role was in a movie, 2019’s Surviving in L.A. said to be a comedy/drama in which he plays the business manager of a former teen sitcom star who trashed her life through drug abuse and is fresh out of rehab.

Share your thoughts on the passing of Ken Kercheval in the comment section below.   But first, watch him as Cliff Barnes in this scene from TNT’s Dallas when he sees J.R. for the first time in years!

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Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood Back As Hosts Of The 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Announced today on the CBS Daytime program,  The Talk, Extra host Mario Lopez, and The Talk’s very own Sheryl Underwood will once again be the hosts for the upcoming 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards to take place on Sunday, May 5th, 2019 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Burbank, California.

“I am thrilled to have one of the most entertaining combinations in daytime television hosting our grand gala at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium,” said David Michaels, SVP, Daytime, (NATAS). “With their combined wit and charm, plus America’s favorite Arbiter, Judge Judy, receiving this year’s lifetime achievement award as well as the best of Daytime nominated in all genres and a stellar list of presenters yet to be announced, it promises to be a memorable night for the daytime community.”

“The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) is happy to announce that two of daytime television’s brightest stars, Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood, will lead the magnificent celebration planned for this year’s 46th Daytime Emmy Awards,” said Adam Sharp, President, NATAS.

Photo: Getty Images

In addition, The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, announced that David Osmond will host the Creative Arts Celebration on Friday, May 3rd, and that Daytime Emmy-winner Carolyn Hennessy (GH, True Blood and Revenge) will be returning as host of the Daytime Emmy Awards LIVE STREAM from the Red Carpet and Backstage Post Show interviews with the winners on May 5th.  Fans can tune in and ask their own questions via Twitter at and Facebook at or follow on Twitter/Instagram @DaytimeEmmys

In addition, as to where to watch the The 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on May 5th, NATAS is can be watched LIVE via the following outlets:

On The Web:

On Facebook:  and

On Twitter: @TheEmmys and @DaytimeEmmys

On YouTube:, as well as on the KNEKT TV network ( on Apple TV, Roku, iOS and Android.

So, what do you think of Mario and Sheryl getting the hosting duties once again for this year’s Emmy ceremony? Comment below.


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It’s A Wrap For Jason Canela and Noemi Gonzalez! Y&R’s Jordi Vilasuso Shares: “My Heart Broke Today As They Filmed Their Last Scenes”

On The Young and the Restless, it’s never easy to come into an existing soap opera and be a new on-screen family that no one had heard of before.  When Jordi Vilasuso came over to the top-rated soap opera to play the newly created role of Rey Rosales, the series, under then EP and head writer, Mal Young, also had plans to add to expand the Rosales family.  Enter Rey’s-screen brother, wife, and sister.

But as previously reported, two Rosales’ are exiting the series, and now Jason Canela (Arturo) and Noemi Gonzalez (Mia) have officially wrapped their runs and taped their final scenes as of this past Friday.

According to a post on his Instagram, Vilasuso shared: “Feel blessed to have had @jasoncanela and @iamnoemigonzalez become like family to me. My heart broke today as they filmed their last scenes and are moving along in their journey. They have inspired me beyond belief and I’m SO GRATEFUL to not only have worked with them but also to have grown with them. Here’s to my Rosales familia!”

Sasha Calle (Lola) who remains with the series posted in response to Vilasuso: “I gotta say, today was a tear fest indeed. So grateful to you all.  I love you.”

Jason Canela responded by adding: ‘I’m forever grateful to be blessed enough to meet such incredible people and will forever consider everyone who makes up part of The Young and the Restless team a part of my family. You are my bro for life playaa.”

Share your thoughts on the sentiments shared by Jordi, Sasha and Jason.  Then let us know, how do you think Arturo and Mia will leave the Genoa City canvas? Comment below.

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