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Scott Reeves Tweets He Is Done At General Hospital!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Rumors were swirling on Twitter tonight after General Hospital’s Scott Reeves (Dr. Steven Webber) mysterious tweet which indicated that the actor may have finished his last days in Port Charles.  Reeves tweeted about four hours ago, “Love you all! Looking forward to seeing what God has next!”

However, it has now been revealed and confirmed through Reeves himself in a follow up tweet just a short time ago relating to his fans, “Hey guys, u know how much u mean 2 me and I wanted u 2 hear it from me. I was let go from GH today and my last day should b in Feb sometime.”

This came a day after General Hospital executive producer, Frank Valentini tweeted about the performance of Reeves on-screen lady love, Lisa LoCicero (Olivia).  Valentini’s message to his followers and fans of GH was,  “Amazing scenes taped today with @lisalocicerogh, can’t wait for you all to see them.”

So what do you think about Reeves being let-go from GH?  Are you sorry to see him go?  Let us know! On-Air On-Soaps wishes Scott all the best in his next endeavor!

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i’m not a fan of Reeves, but the show can’t kill of a webber, this would be awful.

More room for OLTL actors? Def need more… Maybe he could head over to Days and be with his wife and they could write him in on that show and lose some bad storylines over there…

they need to do SOMETHING over there!

I agree more OLTL actors? Erika Slezak!!!!

It sucks!! GH has brought on 3 newbies to the hospital and are letting a legacy character go. Makes me wonder who is next.

And they also have brought back how many legacy characters!!! How about people spend more time supporting what IS happening and less ridiculing what ISN’T happening. It sucks he’s leaving. And it sucks it’s another legacy character. However, they’re knocking it out of the park right now and the three newbies are helping. “Newbies” have to start somewhere. Sonny was a newbie once upon a time. Jason was a newbie once upon a time. Dante was a newbie once upon a time. Give em a shot before you count them out.

Agreed! The old regime didn’t know what to do with him either.

I’m hoping it is the girl that plays Christina. Oh, how I wish she goes off with Trey!

They really didn’t. And I almost thought that with him being apart of the AJ cover up, that’d end up being more story for him. But I get it. I think the character was written into the ground awhile back, and they just couldn’t figure out how to make him work, without changing the character in his integrity.
It sucks he’s leaving, but if it’s better for the show and storylines and characters to bring another character in, then I say make the best of it.
Besides, he’s soooo talented, I just can’t imagine him not getting picked up on another show, whether it’s daytime or Primetime, sooner than later!

Yeah, I thought Steve and Monica would get into some type of trouble with the AJ thing too but looks like they decided to go in another direction there altogether.
I never liked Olivia/Steve together and to me, she’s become so bumbling that I don’t enjoy watching her either.
Scott is talented and he probably enjoys life in TN more than Hollywood so maybe he’ll pick up a gig here & there. Who knows, Y&R may get him back!



I am very upset to hear the news about Scott Reeves leaving GH!! I like his character Steve and I Love him together with Lisa LoCicero. 🙁

I really like Scott Reeves & L.L. together, he wasn’t used near enough-the writers did not do him any justice. They should not recast or kill him off – don’t like Lucy Coe so hope this isn’t to make room for her, would rather see more OLTL characters, especially Melissa Archer.

I’m kinda like him alot and so as Erik Valdo who played Trey Mitchel aka Joe Scully,Jr….too bad, I will missed them alot before GH’s 50th Anniversary…I’m pretty upset that Scott Reeves will leaves after he joined in 2008, I mean don’t give me all wrong, they r very good decent actor played their wonderful character!!! I will miss them alot. I still taped GH on the road to April 1 since Feb. 14,2012 right before Robin was killed by lab exposive.

once again gh and abc screws up fv and rc suck

l love scott reeves , they are so stupid

bring in all these new boring, young actors and i use that word lightly
and get rid of scott stupid!!!

we already lost steve burton, i know he wanted to leae but they should have
done anything to keep him

and very glad maurice benard is staying they do know they need him!!!

i say get rid of all that silly dr staff, surrounding poor patrick and bring back
robin to give him some storyline people want to see

I am. Scott is such a good-looking actor, with talent to match. It’s probably best seeing as how he was extremely underused. I was hoping he would be apart of a good story coming up in the future.
Definite loss for the show, but, hopefully a great opportunity for his career. I’m sure he’ll pop up sooner or later on something else.

I totally agree with you HugoBoss. I am sorry to see Scott go, but clearly his expertise was not showcased on GH, which is too bad, as he is talented (and goooood looking), and I liked him with Olivia, and was hoping that relationship would have been explored in some way. I also hope this will give Scott the chance to entertain new roles, yet I hope both he and Steve Burton will remain with “Port Chuck”. Here is hoping they give me a good storyline between now and the time he goes. Much good luck to Steve and his future endeavors.

Just because SR is leaving doesn’t mean that GH is getting rid of Steve,they can always recast the role.


Shame on gh for letting him go! He is such an outstanding actor and wonderful person. Instead of letting him go how about giving him a frontline story! Stop bringing in these new charactors we don’t care about and that i really cant name because i have even forgotten them,,,,and work the actors that we do care about, Show him more as a family man with liz , Olivia and him could really be a super couple if you would just give them a chance!

Scott can do anything! Talented actor, good looking, singer, he can now be free just like Steve to go on further. Now Bradford and Brandon need to do the same!

I like Scott Reeves. He is talented and was not given enough screen time for character development. He is very good looking and this part of his character was not played up. I would rather watch more of him than the same worn to death character with too much screen time.

I wish Scott the best of luck.

So glad he’s going, never cared much for Steve and there are so many better characters, so happy Lucy Coe is coming back- yay Lynn herring. Use that budget savings and bring back more characters we love. Laters Scott, at least Missy’s still working.

Well I feel the exact opposite. Like Steve and have never been able to stand Lucy. She is disgusting. Please tell me this is a short term visit or I might have to puke. So conceited, I’m sure she will find a way to make the Nurses Ball all about her like always. Gag

And I feel the exact opposite of you. Scott Reeves is about as interesting an actor as a walking paper bag would be. Lynn Herring sparkles and brings magic to GH. I hope it’s a permanent return.

not happy about it; like the actor and his character. each time someone leaves, whether on their own volition or if they’re let go…it takes a bit away from the show. ya miss em! sigh…

I totally agree Rebecca. It takes a little piece of GH away for each character that leaves.

Not happy to hear this. Dumb decision. Things started out well with the new regime but lately things have been tilting the other way. I hope that stops soon. Scott is talented and I was happy when they brought Steve back. Like he and Olivia together. This is stupid.

He wasn’t my favorite…can’t say I looked forward to seeing him. Maybe he just wasn’t written well. BUT, give Elizabeth a storyline! She’s being wasted chatting up the nurses!

Steve is a talented actor. Will miss his character. GH’s loss will hopefully be another soap’s gain and soon!

Sorry but they made his character too dour and dull to enjoy and pairing him with equally boring Olivia made things worse. Hope she heads off with him.

As for bringing back the Hardy/Webber family here are some suggestions:

1. Bring back Sarah Webber-only this time GH cast a good actress in the role please!

2. Matthew Ashford, who last played Tom Hardy is available (thanks DOOL RME) so how about bringing him back in the role?

3. Tom’s son, Tommy was last seen in 1996 and about what 4 years old so that means now he’d almost 20 years old? Bring him on and GH won’t even have to SORA to do it for once LOL!

4. I know Rachel Ames is retired but at she’s still alive right? Maybe GH can beg her to return, even if on recurring for an occasional appearance. I would take that even if it meant not always having to hear Liz mention her offscreen babysitting her kids. I want to see Audrey now and then please!

Just my thoughts. Jenny

I agree. I don’t think Steve and Olivia were all that exciting to watch. I really don’t think GH knows what to do with Olivia either which is why she’s just having hallucinations here & there – I’m betting she may be next. Quite honestly, I don’t think the show knows what to do with Elizabeth and I wouldn’t feel too bad if she left the show.

Sad to see him go… He was not used that much even when Heather was on. I am hoping that this has nothing to do with his beliefs. I hope Missy keeps her job at DOOL. They do have TN to get back to and I am glad SB is there with them…still wish SB was coming back.

Not happy I love him as Steve webber!!!



Not sorry to see him go. I think he should either go to Tennessee and be a preacher or maybe play a gay man on Days and his wife can “convert” him. Just joking. I really don’t care where he goes. Just go.

It is too bad that Scott has been let go, but lets be fair..if you were male during the Phelps/Guza regime, and your name was not Jason or Sonny, you didnt stand a chance. And Ron wrote the character as such a freakin dolt. It is sad because Reeves is a solid leading man, and he is a legacy character on the show. The fact that they are bringing on an effiminate gay nurse with ties to no one on the canvas is especially unsettling. I pray that God will lead Reeves into a new and rewarding jov where his talents will be utilized and appreciated.

So this where I get unhappy about all the returns
Fasion/Duke(not a fan) and I’ve been watching
30 yrs.Ugh who’s next..Bad choice GH.

I’m happy for him…maybe now he’ll find a show that will appreciate him and write for him. Even though GH is much better these days, the new writers haven’t done Scott any favors, so he’s better off elsewhere.

He is not a good actor.

Boring actor. Hasta la Vista.

This is a misstep for GH in my opinion. I was hoping to see more of the Webber family integrated in some more human (as opposed to outrageous adventure) storylines. Reeves rocks and I liked his chemistry with other characters.

I will miss him, but GH did not utilize his potential. Guys like Scott are one of the reasons I love to watch soaps- great actor and hot as fire. Plus he has a long history with soaps and is a familiar face to fans of other shows checking out GH. How long will it take show executives to figure this out 🙁

I think it sucks I like Olivia and Steve’s chemistry they were just starting to bloom 🙂 we always get the shaft as fans. Start toreally enjoy the actors and they take then away from us…

eh, the character was one of my least favorite on the show. they made him a buffoon with the whole Heather thing and I d like to see Olivia utilized more.

I’m not sad…I never thought he had good chemistry with Olivia and his character never clicked with audiences. Good luck to him, though! He and his family are all so gorgeous, it’s just not fair!

I never cared for him personally, or professionally. Won’t miss him a bit. Wonder if he will now make Missy quit DOOL (again). Wouldn’t surprise me.

Hope not!

This is stupid. You fire Scott for no name actors, including a gay character. Don’t like this and will never watch GH again.

It’s a shame his character wasn’t developed and he was only a prop for Olivia and Heather. He had more to give and TPTB didn’t take advantage of it!! What a shame!
I wish him well and that his next endeavor will focus on his acting abilities and wonderful nature! Gone but not forgotten!!

What???? SR is on GH? I have been watching for a month and never seen him. I guess that might explain why he was let go, obviously his character isn’t on the radar right now. Now I will have to watch everyday as not to miss any of his last shows. I would love if he went back to Days- he was on there as part of a teen line when his wife first started on the show. I think they met on set there. I rather see the character Jennifer Horton on Days with anyone else but Daniel. He is always staring at her like she is a pork chop and he hasn’t eaten in a month. It is creepy to watch. So it would great to have SR work his wife again. I hope Days is smart enough to get him back into fold.

GH should not be letting go of a legacy character! I will miss Scott. At least his wife is still on Days. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

Hope they just send him on vacation….. Dont kill Steve Webber off.

Not a fan of GH and certainly NO fan of the Reeves’ family, especially after Melissa’s Chik-Fil-A controversry earlier this year. I’m surprised she even still has a job!

I dont usually post directly at others but what a bigoted, hateful comment you posted. You dont know these people at all! You just wished that a family would lose their livelihood because they believe in God and you don‘t! So, because they dont share your view on gay, that gives you the right to bash and attack them and wish them harm? Wow! Youre crying for acceptance, but then bashing people who dont happen to share your view, which is the very thing youre accusing them of! Double standard much? Youre into free speech as long as it doesnt offend you, and when it does offend you, then suddenly free speech isnt so good. Hey? You cant have that both ways. I am a Christian, but I have gay friends and family members and just pray for their well being and love them. Melissa Reeves did nothing more than state that she enjoys eating at a restaurant. For that she should lose a job in an industry that she has been a beloved part of for 28 years?? If thats how you feel…then you are the bigoted hater!

You go girl Ashlee!!

Ashlee – No one’s crying for acceptance….

i didn’t read any one wishing ill will on any one’s livelihood.

I like Scott, and his resemblance to his TV dad, Richard Dean Anderson, is uncanny! This is a pity, but if this helps to put Tristan Rogers on contract as Robert Scorpio, more power to them! Any chance of getting Kin Shriner to return????

would love to see Tristan back on contract!! Wouldn’t mind seeing Kin back either 🙂

I was just thinking about Scott and his lack of storyline on GH. Wishing Scott Reeves good luck, such a nice guy! Hey, Missy has a big storyline at Days so maybe Scott can hang out in TN more 🙂

Chic-fil-a is hiring! Sorry could not resist ! Lol

I hate seeing Scotty, go. This will also probably mean, that Lisa is gone, as well. I love them together. The hospital needs a chief of staff..why not keep Scott? I’m afraid this will further flame the angry fans, who are not happy with the OLTL actors….and now the GH actors are being let go. Sad.

He is very hot- they haven’t used him enough of given him enough screen time.

Such a shame! Y&R has spent YEARS showcasing the sibling relationship. Why can’t GH figure it out? So much untapped potential…. Steve & Liz could have investigated mysteries, started a business, moved into the Cassadine mansion, secretly joined the INS like Robert and Anna…. we’ll never know.


Scott seems like a sweet a guy and is a great actor. He jsut never took off as Steven Webber. I mean the character was given a hot girlfriend and crazy mother yet still managed to be boring.

unfortunately, I have to agree…. Scott Reeves, Steven just didn’t have it, with the likes of the ubber talented Heather Webber, and the “mega-watt” favorite, Elizabeth… and let alone… Olivia…. ie: i was finally starting to like her… as the LSD hallucinagens.. and/or visions take off… I liked Olivia with Kate as well… when and if we ever get to see her and the cousins again….

it just saddens me to the point that other actors, fall by the wayside… as in no story for ….. Heather, Elizabeth, and Olivia… 3 good actors.

I’m very upset and sad to hear of Scott Reeves leaving GH. Don’t know the whole story, but my opinion is the “powers that be” made a wrong decision in firing Scott. I hate to see so many of my GH family leaving! Love you Scott and love your character as Steve Webber. I sure am going to miss you. God bless you and your family.

Scott was hangeron by Steve Burton……He only stayed on because Steve Burton
was here……Now Steve Burton has left….he has to go!……..he is:

Too Short

His wife is anti-gay

But if ABC is willing to do do a recast….I wouldn’t mind

but I do not like Lizze Webber…she could go to!(Rebecca Herbst)….I don’t think
she can’t act….just look good, that all the talent she has!…..both SR and RH..were
croonies with Steve!

Now let Steve Back, so he can claim his child!

In the meantime let John and Sam be.. until Jason (Steve) comes back

Merry Xmas Jason and Danny and Sam!!!!

Does this also mean Heather Webber, Steven Lars’ mom, will also go? They are some of the last characters left from the golden age of GH. TheH show is in very good hands now with Mr. Valentini. All his decisions must be trusted

Well it seems like it’s after the Nurses Ball. So I guess they ran out of ideas for his character. But he could at least be a recurring character.

Oh well…

Won’t miss him. He’s a mediocre actor at best.

The newbies, the three girls are not nessasary!! they did not give Steve a very good story line, maybe they can recast, he is a legacy character.

I agree. The new girl trio and Felix are ridiculous and need to go. I never really liked Reeves in that role, but I wish they wouldn’t let a legacy character go. I think they should recast in a few months if they can work up a decent story line for the character.

Oh, and he should take Olivia with him. I’ve been over that character for a while. She doesn’t really fit with anything going on in PC these days, especially with Steve gone.

That stinks. Reeves is awesome when he is given good material!!

General Hospital

Haley Pullos Attempts to Strike Deal with Prosecutors and Change Plea to “Guilty” for Lower Sentence in DUI Crash Case

At a hearing this week, the attorney’s for General Hospital actress Haley Pullos (ex-Molly) and the LA District attorney met with a judge in Pasadena, California who was informed the parties were working out a “potential settlement.” Pullos did not attend the hearing.

Haley is allegedly attempting to negotiate a deal with prosecutors, that if she changes her plea to “guilty,” that she would receive a lesser sentence which could result in limited or no jail time. Another part of the negotiation could potentially give Pullos a suspended sentence or house arrest.

Currently, Pullos is facing up to three years in prison after she pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a DUI and a second charge for a hit-and-run. Pullos was in a near-fatal car crash back in June of 2023, when she drove the wrong way on a Pasadena freeway while she was under the influence. and crashed into a another car.

Photo: Pasadena Fire Dept

The other driver, Courtney Wilder, was rushed in critical condition to a local hospital to undergo emergency surgery, and is now suing the GH actress in civil court, plus seeking damages for negligence. Last month, Wilder allegedly added Pasadena’s No Comment Lounge to his lawsuit, where reportedly Pullos was working as a hostess the night of the accident. Wilder is accusing the nightspot of plying Pullos with liquor, and then allowing her to drive home in her car, which later caused his injuries.

Photo: Apple+TV

After the Wednesday February 28th hearing, the judge has now scheduled yet another hearing on April 8 which he said ‘should be the final’ one.

According to the Daily Mail, “Deputy District Attorney Melany Avanessians told Judge Smerling that if no plea agreement is in place by April 8, ‘we will send her to a preliminary hearing’ meaning Pullos would be on her way to a full trial.”

Photo: JPI

Since Pullos’ legal troubles, GH has recast her role of Molly Lansing-Davis three different times. First with Holiday Mia Kriegel, and she was followed by Brooke Anne Smith. The latest Molly, Kristen Vaganos, seems to be a keeper at the moment during the Molly, TJ (Tajh Bell0w) and Kristina (Kate Mansi) surrogacy storyline.

Pullos joined GH as Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Ric Lansing’s (Rick Hearst) daughter back in 2009 and was with the show till the  summer of 2023 prior to the car collision.

What are your thoughts on Haley trying to change her plea to ‘guilty’ to receive a lesser sentence? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Steve Burton’s ‘General Hospital’ Return Previews Jason Has Blood on His Hands

Monday, March 4th is the day that Steve Burton returns to General Hospital in the pivotal role of Jason Morgan. The story of Jason’s re-emergence on the canvas has been kept under wraps.

However, PEOPLE has a first-look photo, and in it, Jason has blood on his hand. Not only does he have crimson on him, but he is dressed in black and standing behind a dumpster.

When viewers last saw Jason it was back in November of 2021, when a tunnel collapsed on him as he was attempting to save his brother Drew (Cameron Mathison). For the past two plus years, every one in Port Charles has believed that Jason had died.

Photo: ABC

Burton’s initial run as Jason was from from 1991 till 2012. After exiting and signing on with Y&R to play Dylan McAcoy, the actor eventually returned to the daytime drama that was his home in 2017. Later, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he was let go from the series by the end of 2021 for not adhering to the Disney/ABC vaccine mandates at that time.

While away from GH, he rejoined the cast of Days of our Lives in 2023, resuming his original soap role of Harris Michaels that he played in 1988 and the year prior on the Peacock limited-series Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem Chapter Two. With the tape schedule well ahead of streaming, Burton will be doing double duty for a short term, where fans can catch him on DAYS, and now on GH.

Photo: JPI

Previously, Burton said on his upcoming GH storyline, “I got to talk to the head writers. This story is going to be sick. It’s gonna be awesome. So, make sure you keep watching, because the pieces of the puzzle are gonna be fit for when I return.”

Fans should also make sure to catch today’s Friday, March 1st episode of GH as Jason’s return story begins to unfold.

So, what do you think will be how Jason returns to GH starting next week on all-new episodes of GH? Comment below.

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‘General Hospital’ Reignites Scott’s Feud with Sonny Over His Past Misdeeds of His Late Daughter, Karen Wexler

In what now seems like many moons ago, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was a small-time mobster who owned a strip club in Port Charles. He enticed a young Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne) to work as a stripper at the Paradise Lounge.

But things got worse from there! Sonny convinced Karen that stripping was her idea, and he eventually got her hooked on drugs and into his bed!

Karen’s father, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) has never forgotten what Sonny did Karen and for years wanted to take him down when he was the D.A. Fast-forward and on Wednesday’s February 28th episode of GH, Scott visited Karen’s gravesite on her birthday.


However, Scott had a visitor at the gravesite when John “Jagger” Cates also showed up to pay respects to his ex-wife.  This was the first time Scott laid eyes on the new incarnation of “Jagger’ on-screen as played by Adam J. Harrington.

Scott realizes he might have an ally to put the screws to Sonny after John reveals the pain and sorrow he still has over what Sonny did to Karen. Speaking to his former son-in-law about the break-up of his daughter’s marriage to him, Scott pipes up that Sonny, “walks around like he’s the mayor.” Then, Scott shouts to John, “Make him pay! Take him out!”‘

Photo: ABC

In Karen’s backstory: after getting help, Karen was reunited with “Jagger” and left Sonny. The two married and left Port Charles. Karen returned as medical student and had divorced “Jagger” in 1997, and the character landed on the General Hospital spinoff soap opera, Port Charles. Eventually, Karen was struck by a car and died. Three actresses played the role during Karen’s history: Cari Shayne, Jennifer Hammon and Marie Wilson.

Watch Scott and John talk about their vendetta against Sonny Corinthos in key scenes from GH below. Now let us know, do you think Sonny should pay for his manipulation of Karen Wexler many years ago? Comment below.

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