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General Hospital

Sean Kanan Exiting General Hospital and Returning To The Bold and the Beautiful!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

It’s going to be a wrap for Sean Kanan’s return to ABC’s General Hospital, as A. J. Quartermaine remains this week in critical condition after bullet from Sonny! According to TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, “Kanan will continue working at GH through March 28th, and be seen on the show for few weeks after that.”

However, Sean will next return to his old stomping grounds of The Bold and the Beautiful to reprise the role of Deacon Sharpe!  Look for Kanan to mark his return to the CBS soap opera on an episode of the series scheduled to air on June 13th.

Kanan’s exit from General Hospital comes at a mutual decision by the actor and executive producer Frank Valentini.  The fan favorite performer explainedt o TVG:  “I was thrilled to be brought back to GH for the 50th anniversary and really enjoyed working with Frank Valentini, but I was not over the moon about the writing. Doing stories about panic attacks and relish was not what I thought I’d signed up for. I feel I brought everything I could to the character yet it was obvious they weren’t going to give me a great love story, which I found very disappointing. “

Sean went on to say he saw the writing on the wall: “I spoke with Frank and we mutually agreed that if I wasn’t happy, and they could find a good way to write me out, that it was best to wrap it up.”

Next, Kanan related he called up B&B head honcho, Brad Bell to tell him he was available again and the CBS soap was happy to have him return and offered him a contract!

So, what do you think about the news of Sean Kanan leaving GH? Are you disappointed?  Do you think A.J. should have a romance that had some legs to it?  How will they write A. J. out this time? Are you glad though, that Sean is returning to B&B as Deacon?  Comment below!

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I am sad that they couldn’t find a good way to work AJ into the fabric of Port Charles. There was a lot of wasted potential. Also tired we’re essentially running out of Quartermaines. And Sonny gets away with more. Wish he’d be the one to go. (And I’m getting a little tired of Ava as well).

Valentini sold Kanan a bill of goods just like the fans. Valentini has no intererest in General Hospital history or its fans. He and Carlivati think people will watch his OLTL pets and newbies doing the show formerly known as GH. Valentini said a year ago he wanted to fill the mansion with Quartermaines. That meant his pets Howarth and Alderson. That was an epic fail, so then he lost interest in the Q’s. It wasn’t about the Quartermain family and the history of GH it was about his pets, finding them jobs and RC and FV recreating GH.

How many more vets will they misuse and disrespect? Jack Wagner, Tristan Rogers, Genie Francis. These three told them to take a hike and John Stamos knew better to get involved in the first place.

RC is unraveling on twitter and getting it from all sides. ABC must be thrilled with all the press and the fact that the ratings are down. Someone needs to right this ship.

You’re entitled to your opinions about the show, but not entitled to your own facts. In the most recent ratings, the show was up almost 100,000 viewers for the week, and up 264,000 viewers over the same time period last year, which was the period when they were heading into the Nurse’s Ball and 50th Anniversary. So Frank and Ron must be doing something right.

When you say that the ratings are down, you’re wrong.

Agree w/all of what u said “GH50”. Seems the most mileage they got out of initially casting SK was is he coming back as AJ or Jason??? Wait and see….Then it was flop city after that.

I did see the writing on the wall for AJ/SK, but was hoping for a reprieve since Ned was coming back. They use to go at it, Ned the white sheep, gate keeper and AJ the black sheep, drunk. Maybe Ned is taking AJ somewhere…It’s a shame.

I agree w/Sk’s sentiments and hope he didn’t burn too many bridges and continued success for the future.

The ratings are NOT down, but I do agree that SK was treated poorly… RC is going off on Twitter because he feels the need to defend himself. This kind of personality will get him into trouble in the longrun…It is one thing to write well, but to make others look poorly to bring yourself up is just asinine! Total fixed mindset! I have said it before and I will say it again. The writing on GH is all about shock and awe and unseen plot twist…it is great at first, but it lacks a decent fallout…the show is fluff and plot driven. DAYS on the other hand is much more layered. Things happen and the characters emotions are expressed through the writing. It is a much more character driven show right now. Lorraine Broderick is their secret weapon I think. I really don’t think Ron always writes to his full potential though, and often gets sloppy. Bottom line is AJ’s story did suck, and I don’t blame Kenan for leaving. I suppose now we will be subjected to the snoozefest that is NIZ!!! Blah, Blah Blah! I won’t be one of those fans who says that they will stop watching if this happens, but my interest in the show is dwindling. Just my opinion!

Oops! Didn’t know about the ratings. Just going by what “GH50” said and w/the writing, thought even more so.

Phil, hats off to you too. I agree and have been watching Days ALOT lately. To me that’s pure soap–the focus on interpersonal relationships, between couples, relatives, friends, enemies, etc…Just sit back and watch the drama unfold….

Sorry folks, I analyze and compile ratings as part of my job. Dan, to say GH was up a 100,00 viewers and 264,000 over the same time period last year, you must be talking about the week of Feb 24. But it wasn’t up 100K from the previous week. GH was at 2.972,000 and the previous week, the week of Feb 17, the total number viewers was 3,039,000. that means it was down the week of Feb 24, by 57,000 viewers. And from that week, the week of Feb 17, it was up only 154,000 from the year before.

And the current ratings are down. They are up from last year, but the current trend is down. Feb had less total viewers from Dec and January. GH was hovering around 3,000,000 viewers and has slipped below.

Sorry Dan, but the ratings were up big for the nurses ball, then back down by half a million, then up for the return of Robin Scorpio, and now they’re back down again (by what is it, a million off of the highs of early January?).

I totally agree with GH50 in everything he/she says… the writing is mostly terrible, SK’s character was hosed as was TR’ Scorpio, JW’s Frisco and GF’s Laura. Carlivati only shows what a classless fool he is by his insipid and never ending Twitter feed.

Dan, the ratings are in fact, down when you consider what ratings they have are due to default. That is there is no more OLTL and AMC–not even on Prospect. If you factor those variables in you will realize that GH has lost a lot of viewers. Had OLTL and AMC been on the air, GH’s ratings would show a dramatic plunge. It’s all relative.

GH’s ratings are up from both last week and one year ago See Below. So you can be upset with Ron’s behavior on twitter, or “the vetes were not used properly” however get the facts straight which are that GH’s ratings are up both from one week ago and one year ago.

Ratings Report for the Week of March 3-7, 2014

Total Viewers
GH 2,972,000 (+95,000/+264,000)
Women 18-49 Viewers
GH 730,000 (+43,000/+115,000)
Women 18-34 Viewers
GH 256,000 (+29,000/+40,000)
Women 25-54 Viewers
GH 952,000 (+59,000/+95,000)

I agree with GH50, and as for the ratings, I predict they will be down again now that Kimberly McCullough is gone. Last week’s ratings showed a 2.5 for Monday, a Robin&Patrick-heavy-day. But they were back down to 2.1 by the end of the week. I find it hard to believe that many people are tuning in for the “riveting” characters of Ava, TJ, Molly, Kiki. Sabrina, and all the others who are undeservedly on the front-burner.

I don’t where you get your information from but, you are totally wrong. The rating aren’t going down, the show is renewed for another year. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch.

Thank you, David! All I see are pluses in the ratings from week to week, and for the same time period last year, in every category, yet everyone here is trying to say the ratings are down. The numbers don’t lie.

Once again, you are entitled to your own opinions about whether you like the show or not, but not your own facts, or your own numbers. You can’t just make up your own facts to suit the argument you’re trying to make.

GH50, since you compile ratings as part of your job, with all due respect, please explain how the GH ratings are down when there are pluses in every category across the board?

As far as some of the opinions expressed here on the show, we’re on totally opposite sides of the spectrum.

I’ve been watching GH for almost 20 years, and while I’m not gonna sit here and say I enjoy every single storyline or character on GH today, cause I don’t. But overall and for the most part, I’ve been enjoying GH more over the past year, year and a half, than I have since my early days of watching the show in the mid 90s, when Claire Labine was writing the show, and Wendy Riche was the executive producer.

Wow that is pretty funny David. I got the week of Feb 24 mixed up with the week of Feb 17. The week of Feb 17 had 3,039,000. Now pay attention. That proves my point. The ratings for the weeks of Feb 24 and Mar 3 were both DOWN from the week of Feb 17. Right? 3,039,000 to 2,877,000 and 2,972,000. Right? The week of Feb 24 had to be down to 2,877,000 if the week of Mar 3 was “up” 95,000 right?

Saying ratings are “up” one week from the week before when the ratings the week before had dropped 162,000 from the previous week and that “up” week was still lower from the two weeks prior isn’t a ratings increase or success.

It’s like the Mets lost six games in a row and they just won one, so they’re winning. Overall ratings are stagnant and trending down after an initial boost. Ratings for Feb are down.

Thank you GH50, you are so right

I am DONE with General Hospital!! I have watched my last episode. Didn’t know A.J. was going to be written off. Was horrified today, expecting him to wake up at any minute, when he didn’t. First Johnny leaves, then Steve, Jason, Spinelli, AJ, oh but they’re going to keep characters like Olivia?? Give me a break!!!

I am PISSED OFF that A.J. is being written out! I was one of the first to ask for Sean to be brought back when Steve Burton left. But, I mistakenly assumed that they would treat the character of A.J. better this time around. This is total crap! I feel that if Valentini wants to get rid of the Quartermaine’s…I’d just rather see the damned mansion just blown sky high and kill the last ones off all at once, because justice is NOT being done with respect to these characters!

I am just as pissed off right now!!! I still am in shock!! Never saw this coming. NO MORE GH for me…..

The whole A.J. thing is a big GIANT mess! When they brought him back (even the original actor) I thought it took some good convincing and a lot of good story telling to literally bring him back from the dead. Then after people are finally used to the character they send him back to the dead? Even the corny shot of him walking to Heaven with his family was just in really, really bad taste.
What happened to the days of Luke Spencer, spies, good villains and characters that had you going “wow that guy/gal plays a good part.” We have the technology to make soaps with that kind of writing look better with the less corn they used back then for music and scene changes. Why not write something worth a crap and stop with the dead people talking. Same sex couples literally “getting it on” (Hey! Some people have kids that are home and are going to ask questions. You have to give me this!) and the whole horrible writing that has been done to Liz. They are killing her off in April and I think that’s a good idea. I’d even be up for bringing Liz (Rebbeca Herbst) back as a new character because of bad writing has made her into such a troll and a slut bag with 3 or 4 different fathers of her kids. For love of Luke Spencer hire me as a writer I will turn your soap into a golden show of art. I always said when Anthony Geary leaves I am done. I am not sure I can hang on for too long with stunts like this AJ/Sk thing.

I am sorry to see Sean go. I was happy they found a way to bring him back to the show. I do understand his feelings. I, too, am disappointed in the direction they took his character. I was hoping this time around, they could show the growth he had off screen and have his life turn around alittle.

I hope they do not kill off the character. I think there is a lot that can be told and it would be shame to miss that opportunity.

well said Patty

I agree with Patty more ever.. I love that guy and he is the best!!

Agreed, they could have done so much with A.J.’s return. His relationship with Elizabeth really should have lasted.

And I really hope they don’t kill him off, send him to witness protection or something but don’t kill him off. If anything, recast the role a few months or even a year after Sean last airs. IMO Billy Miller would be great as A.J.

I’m happy he’s returning to B&B though, Deacon has always been one of my favorites.

Disappointing, they could have explored A.J.’s character so much deeper – brought storylines from his time away, perhaps a love interest from then. But, i guess if he isn’t happy, and you have to work.

Nothing RC does Is deep – it is beyond his intellect. Comic book plots are his upper threshold.

I know AJ has always been troubled but felt the character was written too pathetic this time around. The Q’s, GH, nor Sean deserve that. Ron & Frank blew this great opportunity.

I wholeheartedly agree!

although i didn’t like his relationship with elizabeth, they could have done alot with this character instead of being the usual punching bag for everyone in town.
recast the role and bring back a stronger aj with a big axe over sonny’s head.

He’s right. I was not familiar with him as AJ or on any other soap, but he literally was missing for over a month while in jail. His relationship with Liz ended more off-screen than on screen. He forgets to mention that he has been wandering around the boat house drunk for MONTHS . Waste of talent and I agree, poorly written. Just hope they don’t get rid of another Q family member and they recast him

I think it absolutely stinks! I’ve been commenting over and over here on several posts that I love Sean Kanan…and AJ…have always felt they shortchanged the character and made him the town black sheep. As an alcoholic…he was certainly better than murderers, cheaters, schemers, those who stole his son, on and on and on. Yet, somehow they wrote his character to never catch a break.

I think it’s appalling that they obviously couldn’t find a way to let it be known that Ava killed Connie…for thus she’d have to eventually leave the show…so to save that character they sacrificed a legacy character.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m enjoying the Jerome storyline and I love Ava and Julian…moreso Julian…but at this point I don’t my frustration at the truth not coming out…at having not only AJ die but with the truth going with him…is almost too disturbing and frustrating. I don’t find it good drama…I find it maddening.

There is so much they could have done with AJ…to kill off yet another Q…is a horrible decision. I agree with Sean…they should have given him a great love story…they should have given him a close bond with Michael that ultimately might have led to Michael choosing AJ over Sonny…which would have been great drama and also great payback for all the years they stole from Michael and AJ. They could have had some type of new rivalry when/if Jason comes back….or they could have had them form an alliance.

I truly hate this decision. I actually feel physically upset by it…all the time realizing it’s just a silly soap!

I agree with your every word, Rebecca. This idiotic murder storyline painted the writers into a corner in which they had to choose between the two AJ’s–Ava Jerome, and AJ Quartermaine. Ava is fresh to the canvas and she is played as an over-the-top villain by the lip twitching Maura West. Yes, she is good but I have invested no time or emotions into this character. My watching of GH has become spotty after a life long addiction. One of the reasons I tune in is to check up on AJ. I have always rooted for this underdog who has been under valued by his family and treated horrifically by Sonny, Jason and Carly. Now with AJ gone, my reason for watching has been snatched away because I don’t about Ava, Franco, Sonny, Shawn, Kiki, Sabrina and Felix. The writers missed a golden opportunity to hook AJ up with Carly to which they could become the next generation of the battling Quartermaines now that there is no Alan and Monica.

I posted that too about A.J. and Carly becoming the next battling Quartimaines…that wouldve been more fun and exciting than Carly and Franco!!!

There lies the dilemma Harry; the only way to voice dissatisfaction is to stop watcing…or letter writing. At this point in time I still enjoy the show enough to continue watching…and it is the only daytime one that I do watch. As for protesting; Sean’s already accepted another position. So it’s a done deal. But it really is the height of stupidity…they’ve been killing or/writing off characters left and right. And, if they actually read/or cared about fan feedback, they’d have noticed that many liked AJ and wanted to see him with a good story. I can’t emphasize enough how this decision effects me…LOL…as much as a soap character can do.

First, they bring him back. They build up a father/son relationship and a Liz/AJ relationship…then they drop AJ for what? Two months…don’t even remember. But he just disappears to the background because Robin is back. That in and of itself was inane. While I understand they’re the “experts” as in the writers of the show…and they have meetings discussing the potential storyline’s etc…there seems to have been a group meltdown when it comes to AJ. You don’t bring a character back…dig deep into story…get an audience engrossed…then rip him away. THEN…bring him back again only to wipe him out. Truly, truly bad thought process/writing. And this with all the griping about how the Q’s are dissipating one by one. So what? They bring back “Ned” and “Emily” for a few episodes to pick up the slack and give us the ol’ Q harrah?

I don’t watch any other soap as I mentioned so I’ll miss Sean Kanan on my TV…and I’ll miss his presence in Port Charles. It makes visiting this “town” a lot less inviting for me…sorta like going to the ol’ neighborhood and seeing how much its changed and how many people are no longer there…

No one has said how they are writing AJ out yet. Don’t speculate until you know for sure. I never really thought AJ caught on this time around. Too many years away from the part. I love Felix and Sabrina. Not so much, Ava though or even Morgan for that matter. And that storyline is worse than AJ’s. I think Deacon suits Sean better anyway and am glad he will be on that show .Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether right or wrong. If you don’t like the show don’t watch but, don’t spoil it for the ones that do watch.

@Sarah…no one is spoiling anything for anyone. There are Sean Kanan fans here who are disappointed by the way he was treated, the way the character was written and by the loss of Kanan. Period.

I am thoroughly pissed that CarTini treated the AJ character the way they did. So much potential there and it was wasted, squandered! Obviously Sean felt the same way since he’s leaving. I’m glad he spoke out and let his feelings be known, but depending on whether they kill AJ off or not, I’m sure he won’t be back. 🙁
On the other hand, I’m glad B&B jumped at the chance to put him on contract! 🙂

I am very sad to see him go and another Q gone. This will mean less air time for Monica. GH has to make room for the high priced salaries such as Donna Mills. I have looked for more gone by Nurses ball. What a waste of talent, the writing team missed the boat on this one. I will follow SK to B&B…..LOVE HIM.

Another talent bite the dust. I just wished they take Maurice B with him to go to be with Brenda in Italy….he is suffering without Brenda! Felix, Sabrina, Silas and Kiki are the ones that need to go!

Sad to see him go…I expected more for AJ…so much character to write for and develop. The drunk character was a poor attempt for this character. He returned to the show strong.

I think everyone saw the writing on the wall for Sean and his portrayal of AJ. The return was ill-written and not executed correctly. They showed promise by pairing him with Elizabeth, but that fell through. So I’m not surprised he’s exiting the series. I’m not upset about it, either. AJ just seemed like a poor excuse to make up for Jason being gone.

I’m not a Deacon fan, either. But I guess a Brooke/Deacon/Ridge/Bill quad love story could be kind of hot! I’ll see where it goes!

i am so disappointed mainly because the writing totally sucked for his character – i so wanted aj to be written different this time – he deserves a decent relationship with his son, a leadership position at elq & a beautiful love story………..having him running around drunk all the time plus being belittled by sonny every day was utterly ridiculous………….jmo

This is disappointing. I had high hopes for AJ’s return and believed his presence again in Port Charles could have significant storyline effects. Otherwise, why bring him back from the dead? Of course, it may be they recast AJ. I think he is important to the mix.

I do hope Mr. Kanan is treated well on B&B which seems to minimize the most talented and popular actors they invite to its world. Be nice to see a Deacon come to LA reformed and ready to go toe-to-toe with a Ridge or Bill or to rattle Brooke and Hope. I would love a suspenseful exciting story that is not a neverending near-incest rondelay.

Billy Miller would be a great A.J. recast in my opinion.

And I hope Deacon’s return to LA will bring Amber back too, I’ve missed her very much! Deacon has always been one of my favourite characters, not so much on Y&R but definitely on B&B.

I wrote this in a Facebook group I belong to, but this interview reminded me of why, as much as I love AJ, I’ve never liked Sean Kanan. There was a lot that, at best, was ill-advised about his comments, and at worst was a hint of the old “Kanan” (with the substance abuse problems and reputation for bad attitude on the set) that nearly rendered him unemployable, except for guest arcs as Deacon. Plenty of people have disliked the writing they have been given, but he, except for his two month break (where he was still paid MORE money that year than he had been promised in his contract) has been front burner with the storylines he hasn’t liked on GH. There are a million actors out there who would kill to have a contract on ANY show, and there are several actors in soaps (heck, on GH) who would have loved to have had that kind of airtime.

The first rule of any small industry is not to ever burn your bridges, especially when Sean Kanan has burned so many bridges in the past. It may have worked out for him now, but let’s consider where he’s going…how many stars does Brad Bell bring on “on contract” only to burn them hot and then not only NOT write for them, but not give them ANY screentime:

– Sarah Joy Brown
– Rick Hearst
– Antonio Sabato, Jr.
– Lorenzo Llamas

…all huge stars that Brad Bell snapped up with tons of excitement and then lost interest in.

Same with “big” returns (similar to that of Deacon’s, btw) of Amber, Felicia, Kristen, and Taylor, all of which go out with a whimper and the actors cooling their heels at home waiting by the phone to be called for the odd guest stint every few years. And that’s not to mention how many new characters are created, onscreen for six months, and then fade away–those actors were all contract, too.

Kanan seems a bit of a narcicisst. That’s always been his problem, even when he was younger. It never crosses his mind when he signs on to GH that he won’t get the stories he “deserves” and he’s hurt when they don’t materialized. And it is never crossing his mind that he will end up like 90% of all the stars brought back to B&B by Brad Bell, so he’s willing to burn his bridges at GH and embrace B&B, to the point of saying “I didn’t go to GH to play *those* kinds of stories, so I asked out of my contract” and “I called Brad” and “Deacon is my favorite character I’ve ever played.” Most actors know even if they are feeling these things, they shouldn’t say them in public.

In six months, whhen he’s gotten the Brad Bell treatment and is waiting by the phone for a single day of work at B&B (and do you really think Deacon is going to get hard hitting, powerful, Emmy quality storylines? He’s a villain designed to support Hope and Brooke’s stories and cause issues for Ridge and Brooke–heck, Amber’s not event here anymore), he’s not going to get the kind of enriching, character developing work that he didn’t get with AJ (also because Brad Bell doesn’t do “deep” Emmy-level writing-cum-acting opportunities for his men). So when, in six months, his B&B dream is waning, he *could* have called GH and said, “I’d like to come home.” But now that he’s burned those bridges, that’s going to be unlikely. And I don’t understand why he would do that, other than he can’t help himself.

That said, I still completely agree with everyone (including Kanan) who is saying that AJ’s return could have been so much, much more.

Agree with what you say but one of the worst offenses over there is the hot Winsor Harmon/Thorne not having story for years. No male on that show has him beat in the looks department and the man actually can act when you give him a story. What I said in another post on this is if they bring him back then he has to do scenes with KKL she needs to take her personal feelings out of this show I know what their past issues were but it is time to move on and start acting professional and Brad Bell needs to get over pampering KKL. It is hurting the show.

Yes, and how many times can Brooke and Ridge get together, just to end in divorce . And they are now doing the same thing with Liam and Hope. Since Papa Bell passed on, it seems like the show went downhill. I was never much of a B & B watcher but, I do follow the show in Soap Opera Digest.

I completely agree with everything you said. 🙂

Me too.

Hate to see Sean leave would like him to live longer and get the real bad guys

OK time for Katie to have happiness, Brooke can have many more men to choose from if Deacon comes back…Deacon, $$$ Bill any Forrester except Ridge…Eric or Thorne, could bring back Nick it’s not like she hasn’t been every man that has been put on that show!!!

Hmmm…I hope they don’t kill off A.J. Perhaps it was a situation where the writers and the actor just don’t mix. Perhaps down the line GH can recast and bring A.J. back. Although I didn’t mind Sean K’s performance…he is better suited in the role of Deacon. Best wishes to him!

I’m not disappointed to see Sean go, but I am disappointed that there will be almost no Q’s n the canvas. I’d like to see them bring one of the family back. And that being said, I hope AJ falls into a long-term coma instead of them killing off the character. NO MORE Q DEATHS! Let the door open for him to return.

Good luck to Sean on BB.

No I am not happy about him leaving GH and I do believe he should have been given a long time love story. The story lines you gave him really sucked, he is a much better actor than that. I hope he isn’t killed off.. maybe he just leaves to keep from having to tell Michael that sonny shot him. I really wished for him to live and tell it was Ava that killed connie tho

Disappointed that Mr. Valenti didn’t bring a better script for Sean. He is one of the characters that I really enjoy on GH B&B just isn’t the place for him. He deserves a show like GH and not what I would call a second rate soap. 🙁

Frank Valentini is the executive producer, it’s Ron Carlivati’s fault that the scripts were garbage for A.J.

And B&B isn’t second rate, sure it might have been a few years back when everything was about Leffy/Lope but now things are getting much better. Thorsten Kaye, Rena Sofer, Darin Brooks and Ashlyn Pearce have all brought very exciting stories with their characters and I’m enjoying B&B much more now than I was when it was all about Hope, Liam and Steffy.

Sean Kanan is more than welcomed back, and I hope be brings Adrienne Frantz (Amber) with him!

Agreed, sadly the writing was on the wall for this one. I cannot blame Sean for wanting to leave, as his storyline was pretty weak. Not only did they not give him a love story, but the father/son relationship between he and Michael (and adding Sonny into that mix) could have been delved into deeper as well. Do not get me wrong, I love GH, and think the show is great, but A.J.’s character was not explored deep enough. Sean is a great actor, and I wish him all the best at B&B.

I’m sad to see Sean leave but I agree with him. The writing for AJ, for the most part, was pretty crappy. I loved that AJ and Michael managed to forge a relationship, and that Michael grew to love AJ. I even loved Carly and AJ falling into bed again, and had high hopes of an Elizabeth/AJ/Carly love triangle. However, the writers coudln’t let AJ win for more than a moment. If only they had let Tracy and AJ run ELQ together, or had AJ and Sonny team up to bring down Ava.

I actually thought this AJ and Carly had some chemistry, even giving the character history. Agree with you 100%

that would have been great to watch…an AJ/Carly romance. Or at least a love/hate flirtation….

I hope this serves as a wakeup call to the writers of GH. I have watched for 35 + years and the scripts of late have been terrible. The story lines are not plausible and I’m sure the actors must be frustrated. Come on GH, let’s get back on track with some believable scripts. Good Luck to Mr. Kanan. He will be missed. By the way, the handling of Kimberly McCullough’s exit is absolutely ridiculous. No loving mother would be so cruel as to leave (abandon) her child again let alone her devoted husband to suffer such pain. Surely, a better scenario would have been to bring Robin back from time to time and have her doing her “research” in a closer location. I don’t hold much hope for better writing and don’t know how long I will continue viewing GH. What a shame!

Wise career move for Sean, but a bad one for long time GH fans. Kudos to Sean for not soft pedaling the inane writing, especially when it comes to the longer-term characters. I’m watching out Donna Mills’ stint and then checking out of GH unless the writing stops being grade school.

Not sure how this is a smart career move for Sean. Not only did he burn his bridges with GH, he did it to jump to a show that is famous for bringing new actors in/bringing old characters back ON CONTRACT, and then bumping them to recurring within a year after the head writer loses interest. I agree with Ben B above, if it was another show and he was being brought on as a new core character or a key recast, he might assume he was going to get great writing and be on that show for years and years. That’s a good career move, but with only 4 soaps left (and he can’t go to Y&R except as Deacon) why burn your bridges with your own boss when, yes, you were getting not that exciting storylines, but you were still being played 2-3 times a week many weeks. Look at what happened to Sarah Brown, Rick Hearst, Lesli Kay, Windsor Harmon, Antonio Sabato Jr, Lorenzo Lamas, the chick from OLTL (who played Flash), Tracy Melchior, Texas Battle, Ben Hogestyn, the guy who plays Justin, Eileen Davidson, and the woman who plays Donna…all of them either petered out within a year to being minor supporting players bumped to recurring, or were written off altogether and forgotten entirely. These were all either big stars or higher profile acquisitions of young, hot stars from other shows, and B&B lost interest in them quickly.

So Kanan returning as a villain/spoiler character to B&B does not mean a) meaty storylines like he didn’t get on GH and b) long-term, years upon years, worth of story as a front burner character. He’s likely to be gone or doing unsatisfying work (and working less than he did as AJ) in six months to a year. And because he’s burned his bridges with Cartini, it’s not like he could jump back to GH when his run at GH is done…so how exactly can this be a good “career” move for Kanan? By the time this is over, the only soap left will be DAYS (unless Y&R wants him back and last I heard JFP won’t work with him due to his past behavior at GH), whereas if he’d stuck it out at GH, his time would have come, or he’d at least be a working actor for years and years to come.

I agree that Sean may have shot himself in the foot by mentioning the bad writing. Maurice Benard, Laura Wright and Nancy Lee Grahn have also had bad writing in which to deal. But they are savvy enough to play the game and praise the writing to the point of being obsequious. This may be the reason why the three aforementioned seasoned vets not only have jobs, they have front burner storylines.
However, I love that Sean is the one who says the Emperor has no clothes. He’s right–the Pickel Lila relish storyline was naked.

I agree. Another GH vet the victim of the writers. And the fans suffer for it too. I am really going to miss AJ on GH. So much potential story lost. I don’t know how much more GH I can take.

Happy for SK that he is headed back to B&B. I was a fan of his Deacon Sharpe on Y&R.

I actually liked SK as Deacon Sharpe. Besides B&B executives uses him on Y&R sure would love to see him and SB working together again. Yes, I agree AJ was under used they could have gone in a good direction with his returned but no they had to have shown as a drunk who hasn’t learned his lesson. The pickle Lila storyline was so ridiculous. Since SK is leaving I would love for AJ to wake up long enough to tell Michael who shot him, then he dies. Then Michael will go against Sonny. I read some where Sonny’s relationship will change with his sons, hm I wonder how that will work.

Actually, I have heard Nancy “tweet” about her lack of story in the past. And FINALLY…they’re giving her one (she used to be front and center back in the days when she and Ned were a couple and Stefan was around). I don’t blame Sean for speaking up; they should have taken his words/thoughts and compared them to fan reaction and seen that he was justified.

Well Genie Francis never spoke an unkind word about RC & FV and she is still not back so please don’t tell me this guy shot himself in the foot if they wanted to write for the character they would. Why would you recast when he wants to write for Carly from Oakdale and once again Sonny who reads cue cards. Sorry MB I know one of the best drama teachers in the business and she even says you are reading cue cards.

Oh here we go with people saying they will stop watching because an actor is gone from the show. Yep the ratings will tank(note the sarcasm!). I mean heck Michael Muhney being gone from Y&R there were so many people saying they would not watch anymore yet it had little to no effect on the ratings. The same will be the case with this departure.

Read with understanding. Didn’t say I was going to stop watching because SK left. I said I’m tired of the lousy writing, which apparently is the reason SK opted out. RC’s style of writing is for the mentality of a junior high schooler. And to the poster above who said SK was getting aired 3-4 times a week, that’s bull. There’s was a period of weeks (perhaps a month) that went by when he didn’t appear at all. Hey, I’m not some big fan of the guy but it concerns me how FV and RC claimed to be such big fans of the shows history and were bringing back familiar faces only to have them serve as basically extras on the show and then dismiss them (ala Genie Francis). Sure my leaving will have no impact on the ratings; I’m not a Nielsen family. It’s just a shame that after all this time they’ve made me lose interest.

Too bad. I couldn’t agree more about the relish.

Very sorry to see Sean leave GH. He’s a good actor. I don’t understand why he wasn’t given better material!

My wife and I have never understood why they brought AJ back from the dead and then did so little with the character. They had potential for a longterm love triangle with AJ, Elizabeth and Nikolas, but ended the romance with AJ before it had a chance to go anywhere. AJ and Tracy could have grown into a team to take on business adversaries and give the Quartermaines renewed life, but no, we get more mobsters and Heather’s over-the-top insanity instead. Can’t blame him for wanting to go. I wish we were fans of B&B, but we find nothing much worth watching in their storylines. We hope they’ll at least give him something he can enjoy performing.

They probably didn’t fight it because they realized if one person is willing to go on their own, it takes the heat off of them for “firing” the person. And no doubt the straw was about the break with the millionth cast member they just hired.

As for Kanan, I can’t say I’m disappointed. I started watching with Billy Warlock as AJ, and I haven’t been a fan of the show in years. When Robin returned and I did watch again, AJ was never on except for a 2 week trial I never paid any attention to.

I know many, from what I’ve heard scouring the internet, have hated his storyline since his return. I heard people saw potential with him and Carly and Liz, but those never amounted to anything. And by the sounds of it, his character has remained a whipping boy/perpetual loser Guza used to write him as. Such a damn shame to do this to a Q of all characters.

Oh well, his loss or his stay have no impact on my life whatsoever.

Looking forward to seeing Deacon back on B&B!!!! Welcome home!

Wow, talk about burning bridges. Whether I agree with Kanan or not, bad mouthing your boss on the way out the door is not classy. There’s a lot more to writing a soap than “Let’s do this today” on the writer’s part– contracts, guarantees, schedules, etc. Saying nothing as he left would have been the professional thing to do. PAGING BILLY WARLOCK!

I don’t know you’re aware of this, but Billy has ofiicially come out on Sean’s side on this issue via Twitter! So BOTH A.J.s are bad mouthing the GH brass- AND THEY’RE RIGHT!!

Every soap actor spends some time on the sidelines while other stories move to the front, it’s just how the shows work. So I have no sympathy for an actor complaining about his story. A gentleman would have kept his opinions to himself and not fueled the haters and gossip mongers.

@mfarris70…you MUST be joking! “A gentleman would have kept his opinions to himself?” LOL. He’s an actor…and he has every right to voice an opinion about his character. Nowhere has it been written that he was nasty…he went to his bosses to discuss his character and the direction they’ve taken him. And for that he was let go…or encouraged to walk away. Whichever. Either way, I totally support Sean’s desire to have had his character both be in the storyline and to not have such ridiculous demeaning ones. It’s the writers that are too arrogant to allow input it seems. Or, they allow it, then dismiss it.

Again, I agree with you, Rebecca. And I don’t think a gentleman would say in an interview that Sean has no class the way Ron did. Sean never engaged in personal insults-he merely said the writing was not good for his character.

Actually Harry Sean saying the writing was bad could be taken as an insult to the write in Ron which he could have taken as a personal attack. Regardless I dont think he should come back in the same way. But this is just the hot topic of the day, in a couple days people will be talking about something else. ANd I doubt this will have much effect on GH’s ratins

@David…he didn’t say the writing was bad…he said he didn’t like his storyline and was disappointed in the direction (or lack of direction) they took AJ once again. Ron should have listened and considered that instead of having SK walk…

Well we all saw this was going to happen if Brad Bell will write him again as the bad boy you love to hate and pair him with KKL the TV sets will burn up. Sorry Ms. Lang the best chemistry you ever had on this show was with SK not Ronn Moss. Please Bell act like the man in charge and tell your employees how it works not the other way around. I had heard rumblings about this a while ago. I love it relish and panic attacks priceless!! lol

I’m really sad they did this to the A.J. character. When Sean came back to GH there seemed so much promise to the black sheep come home. I was really enjoying him. But I’m getting a little sick of how Michael’s has had to be in a “nervous breakdown” for the last couple of months. I’m sure he is too. Not so happy with all of the darkness in most of the storylines now. And if looking for more Q’s, where is the Mary Mae/Edward branch of the family.

I had previously posted that i thought A.J. goes into a coma and the actor returns months later as Jason but as a doctor who has no memory of his mob ties…he still remembers Sam and Danny…gets a job at the hospital where he and Silas constantly clash…or A.J. and Carly become a couple and the new bickering Quartimaines with Tracy as Edward and Monica as Lila…anyway they can always bring A.J. back later so no big deal to me!!!

I like your idea, Jim. Remember the battling Quartmaines–Monica and Allen? They had the best fight and subsequent make up scenes. I could see AJ and Carly rolling around on the floor the way Monica and Allen did. I thought they had chemistry.

I seen such wonderful chemistry between A.J. and Carly when they were in scenes together…and the first thing they reminded me of were Alan and Monica…the next generation of bickering Quartimaines. I could see them rolling around the floor too in a funny scene as Alice dusts and vacuums around them and keeps them from breaking things. Also, i remember Tracy keeping meds from Edward and i was hoping theyd play a nod to that well remembered scene. This time Tracy has a heart attack and A.J. thinks she’s pulling a stunt like Edward did on her but the twist is Tracys heart attack is for real…maybe some fans wouldnt like this stuff but its a lot better than some of the stuff on the show!!!

I hope that before he leaves he says Ava is the person that shot him!

This has got to be the BIGGEST waste of a legacy character I have seen since- well, Guza bumped off Alan, Emily, Justus- ANYONE named “Quartermaine” during his lengthy reign of terror at GH. And now Carlivati- who has publicly proven himslf a big fat liar. He said that he wanted “a house full of Quartermaines”, but now he’s getting rid of one!!!! A.J. still has so much potential storywise, and yet the writers were obsessed with Franco, Silas, Kiki, and Ava! Let’s just hope he’ll be just sent away comatose like Michael was after his shooting. Perhaps a recast is already in the making- wasn’t there a call for a rich guy character recently? Perhaps it’s not for Dillon or the fabled Valentin Cassadine, but for a new A.J.- I hope. The show’s moral compass is in danger of being way off kilter a la the Guza years if they let an innocent man be killed off for the wrong reasons- especially after being framed for murder! If Carlivati is going to let Ava off the hook, his morals as both a writer and a man are in question. So let’s just hope that the character of A.J. is not being killed off, just sent away to a far off clinic in a deep coma unitl a recast is made. Otherwise, GH is making a HUGE mistake!

I could not agree more. So disappointing. Hope is not also suspended in some afterlife coma. Maybe they are saving all of these lives for when the show gets cancelled. hate to say it as I love the soaps, but the way the writing is going, there is no way it will survive another 3 + years…

Ron C hope you are taking stock of all the comments.

Absolutely, I agree! Another core, legacy character dropped. The new writers did a terrible job writing for AJ this time around. Best of luck to Sean. Our loss…

I agree with everything you said…just have no desire for a recast. Sean IS AJ! The AJ/Jason resemblance has always been incredible…and he was a natural…vulnerable, likeable, agreeable and wounded. Thought the played it great!

“If Carlivati is going to let Ava off the hook, his morals as both a writer and a man are in question.”

Give me a break.

Ava’s story isn’t over so how do we know that Ava won’t get her comeuppance? This show is populated with people who have committed crimes (some more than one) they’ve never paid for — Luke raped Laura, Sonny is a mobster ordering hits, Luke killed his own grandson while intoxicated behind the wheel, Alexis mowed down her daughter’s abusive boyfriend, Sonny shot Dante point blank, and everyone’s darling Jason Morgan was a career hit-man — and no one is calling for them to pay for their crimes. In Jason’s case, people seem to be inexplicably begging for his return.

As for Carlivati’s morals, he’s a writer which means his job is to create a variety of characters who are capable (or incapable) of doing many things in the course of telling a story. Ava is no different than THE SOPRANOS’ Tony Soprano or DEXTER’s Dexter Morgan who killed for a living and then go home to their families and they were the heroes of their respective series.

It seems as though viewers are willing to overlook crimes only if your last name is Corinthos or Morgan.

I COMPLETELY stand behind my opinion. Besaides, I have never been a Sonny fan at all!! I’d love to see him, Carly, and Ava take a long walk off a short pier on the Port Charles waterfront. What kind of sick message is Carlivati sending out anyway in possibly bumping off a charachter who was wrongly framed for a crime he didn’t committ and letting the poor man be killed for the wrong reason without getting any justice for the great misdeed done against him? Talk about unfair!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Really disappointed ! I love the character of AJ and what Sean Kanan brought to the table. There was so much more they could have done for him and the character. How sad that the Quartermaine’s are losing another member. Hope the character isn’t being killed off. Makes me really sad.

Can he go back to Y&R instead?

I don’t think JFP cares for him

Im sad to see AJ go, but SK needs to realize BB aint the place it was back from his first stint. Brad Bell makes huge promises to so many actors, and they are all sent packing within 6 months. Im not gonna hold my breath on this. I mean Ashley Abbott, The Jones family, Dante, The Ramirez family, Felcia Forrester, Thorne Forrester, Danielle Spencer (Crystal Chappell) seriously gone within a few months; all brought in with HUGE FANFARE & PROMOS, only to be phased out within a few months. I cant with this show. I wish I could get excited, but Brad Bell’s track record with new characters and bringing back fan faves is ALWAYS a let down. Good luck SK cause u are gonna need it. I mean even Brad’s supposed other fave character to write for is gone. Hey Brad remember Amber????

The writing for this character has been just awful. There was a wonderful opportunity there to really dig deep and tell a story…redemption. What a disappointment to see what they have done to AJ. The actor is such a talent…but he could also see the writing on the wall as we did…he was of the canvas for months…then he becomes a drunk, yet again, and now may have to live in limbo/ coma state.

Had such high expectations for AJ and of course Robin and the writing has been awful. Very disappointed. However I am glad he has work at B&B…. the hopes some of us had that he would come back as Jason now seem to be all for not.

Best wishes Sean! We’ll follow you on B&B…

Bravo to Sean K. That took guts…but he’s right. This RC and FV regime just don’t give a fig about writing for long time GH characters and they didn’t from their very beginning at GH. SB saw it, so did JMB, BB, BA and now SK. The writing has been on the wall since the start….if you’re a longtime GH character…you have no value to them other than pawns to prop up their OLTL actor favorites and anyone else ‘new’ they have the urge to bring on. Sonny, Carly, Luke, Liz, Sam etc are all just ‘back up’ but have NO REAL stories of their own. Kudos to Sean for verifying what many GH fans have been trying to say from the start…they are NOT writing for’s history or GH characters…they are writing FOR themselves. The fact they told SK that if he didn’t like the writing , that they could write him out proves it. GH characters mean nothing to them.

Reallly Sonny and the mob war with the Jerome family is not a story of his own. Sonny shooting AJ isn’t a story of his own Please.

I do not want to see Sean leave Port Charles. I like the character of AJ and we need more Quartermains! They keep killing off or getting rid of the Quartermains, and they are such an important part of General Hospital.

Sorry he is leaving GH but I also watch Young and the Restless so will get to see him.

But Sandy, he’s not going to The Young and the Restless, he’s going to Bold and the Beautiful.

The actor is being written out, but is the character being killed off?

I’m honestly not that disappointed by this decision.

I love Sean Kanan as an actor, don’t get me wrong, and I believe that he was completely snubbed without good reason from the Emmy pre-nominations this year, but AJ has never been a great character.

I know he is a “legacy” character and a Quartermaine, but even if General Hospital had the most amazing writers in the world, this character can only go so far. His claim to fame in Port Charles was his driving accident with Jason. I think if Jason or Alan had been alive during his tenure, perhaps there would have been a bit more to do, but I think what they did was fine for a subpar character like AJ. They had him becoming a business executive again, he established a relationship with his son, he had a romance (though, I’ll admit it was over a bit too soon, but I’d rather have Elizabeth connect with Nik or Ric anyway), I just wish the writers would have had him have the balls to kill Connie. I know a lot of people won’t agree with that statement and that’s why the writers ultimately made Ava the culprit, but killing on a soap is not a death sentence for a character. Pretty much every character on canvas has killed. I believe that if they had made AJ the actual killer, the court found him not guilty, he remembered (with Dr. Kevin’s help), and then there was an intervention with him (a la Luke’s), and went to rehab, it would have been a better route and exit. I think Jason and AJ are overrated as characters simply because they are Quartermaines. I would rather have seen Emily or Dillion return because I believe they have more to offer in terms of backstories, relationships, etc.

I know Kanan was not happy with the writing, but, buddy, you had a job. You were getting paid, you got to act opposite some amazing actors, and you got to do more substantial work than you did on B&B or Y&R in the past five years. I know he thinks going to B&B will be better, but we’ll see what he thinks in a few months when he goes the route of Rick Hearst, Sarah Brown, Ashley Jones, Jack Wagner, Lesley Anne Down, Brandon Beemer, Hunter Tylo, Winsor Harmon, Lesli Kay, etc. Say what you will about General Hospital, but they use there supporting players for more than just holiday scenes.

You better PREACH. I just said the same thing a few post up. BB ALWAYS brings back folks to be heavily used for the first few months, then the announcement goes out that their bumped to recurring, then next thing u know they are gone. Brad Bell’s history of doing this is notorious. Remember when Crystal Chappell swore up and down this would not happen to her character. When was the last time we saw Danielle???? Is she even on recurring? Lawd they built a whole house set for them, to be gone after Karen came out. Brad Bell is a MESS.

I think it’s kind of presumptuous to say to Sean, “buddy you had a job, were getting paid, you got to act opposite some amazing actors…” wow! He didn’t “get to” anything. He’s not some newbie who should grovel and thank the stars that they gave him this opportunity. He’s as professional and as good an actor (and more experienced than the younger ones)…he doesn’t have to be “grateful” any more than any of us would be working. Which yes, in today’s economy and job market it’s great to be working…but as an actor that doesn’t mean you should settle for sloppy seconds. There should be room for actor input…he was on the canvas years before and made a great return. I think he deserved better. And his character didn’t have to “only go so far.” He could have gone as far as the writers took him. They just dumped him on the side of the road.

Very well said, rebecca1! I have been truly disgusted with the systematic trashing some of our most beloved legacy actors/characters have suffered at the hands of “Cartini” (particularly via the poor writing and storylines attributed to Ron….) over the last year. It definitely represents a pattern of disrespect and disregard for both the performers and their fans….just witness the shabby treatment and pathetic, dismissive plots assigned to Jack Wagner, Genie Francis, Rick Springfield, Tristan Rogers, Robin McCullough and now Sean Kanan! (Not to mention the tacky, insulting come-on issued to John Stamos!) They were each subjected to less than optimal material by the GH showrunners, and deserved far more facetime and courtesy than they received…all played roles that helped GH to become the great success that it was over the past 50 years and to ignore their considerable contributions in favor of a bunch of primarily lame and amateurish newbies was and is simply unforgiveable.

I agree with Sean Kanan about the writing but disagree bout the romance, a lot of people liked his pairing with Liz , the only problem there is the show for some reason doesn’t like writing for Rebecca and that’s a damn shame.

I am glad that he will be leaving General Hospital because he was going from bad to good then back to bad so it was not much of a story line for A.J, but if he goes back to Bold and Beautiful to make it worth watching some more new story lines on different people instead of the same people that is always taking up too much time in half an hour (15 mins.)

I am so disappointed. I am sad for Aj and Michael’s characters. Are they killing off Aj, they should just have him be in a coma, so that someday he could wake up and come back. I hate that Ava character. So Ava and Sonny both get away with what they did. Ava for killing Connie and putting the blame on Aj, and Sonny for shooting Aj, and if he dies, killing Aj. So they can just go back to their lives, free and clear of the crimes they committed. Unbelievable, and leaving Michael without His real Father. Sonny can have Michael back, and not have to share Him. I think it is all too sad.. I think FV and RC did what they did to JW when he returned for GH’s 50th Anniversary, that they are now doing to Sk. promised him a big story, to get him to come back, and when He did, didn’t deliver.. I wish SK good luck at B&B…

Sometimes it is so tempting for a soap to bring back a character who was “dead”— one group of writers kill someone off and another group years later decide — this should get ratings if we bring back so and so. In this case, it would have been better if they had left the character AJ dead — because to bring back someone from the “dead” just to use him as means to prop up another plot for other characters really tires the patience of soap fans, at least it tired my patience. If they “kill” this character off again, then this time let him be stay dead, but I think AJ will suffer the same fate as Phyllis on Y&R– in a coma until they have a story and a recast in mind— big sigh.

Very disappointed. Excellent actor and the character’s potential and legacy has yet to be fully explored. Not a good sign for the program.

I don’t watch B&B, but best of luck to Sean Kanan.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s John J. York Reveals Potential Transplant Donor: “I Believe They Found a Match”

Promising news for General Hospital’s John J. York (Mac Scorpio). The actor who went public with his health battle shared Friday on Good Morning America that a life-saving blood stem cell transplant donor may have been located.

An emotional York told GMA, “I believe they found a match, perfect match, which will make me cry.  So we’re going to start our testing and do all that kind of stuff coming up here in about a week, and then I believe the transplant will happen, fingers crossed, in November.”

Through his association with the Be The Match organization, York located the now potential donor to help in his fight against myelodysplastic syndrome and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders. “

Photo: JPI

York went on to explain the difficulties he faced in trying to find a match: “Many of my family members were tested and most of them were 6 out of 12; apparently there’s markers that have to be reached. So they were on standby.”

When asked just what the GH fan favorite would want to say if given the opportunity to speak to the donor that appears to be a match, in tears, John expressed: “Thank you for saving my life. For letting me spend more time with my wife and my daughter and my son-in-law and my grandchildren and seeing this beautiful blue sky.”

John has played Mac Scorpio for 32 years and until recently had kept his battle with these two blood cancers private, but came forward to clarify why he is taking time away from GH, and how he is been trying to find a life-saving donor match.

Watch York’s segment from GMA below.

Now, share your thoughts and well-wishes as John awaits the test results from his potential donor, to hopefully undergo this life-saving transplant in November via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Jacqueline Grace Lopez Returns to General Hospital

Never count out Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton)! After her termination at Deception, and following her grandmother Tracy Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) blackmailing scheme, BLQ is set to bounce back.

How will she do it? Now comes word from Soap Opera Digest that Brook Lynn will once again go back into the music business when Blaze hires her to be her manager.  This will bring actress and singer, Jacqueline Grace Lopez back to General Hospital to reprise her role as Blaze.

The last time viewers saw Blaze was back on the April 17th episode of GH, when Blaze surprised Chase (Josh Swickard) by turning up to speak on his behalf in front of the PCPD review committee.  Throughout her initial run as the character, Blaze was tormented by that creep of a manager, Linc.  She also became good friends with Chase when they sang together on multiple occasions, and revealed her real name was actually, Allison.

Photo: ABC

This will mark Lopez’s third time on GH, the first in a brief role as a babysitter in 2015/2016, her last run as Blaze, and now her return.

Lopez shared her excitement on her return with SOD, and that her first scenes back are with Kate Mansi (Kristina) and Amanda Setton Lopez expressed, “I’m really looking forward to working with them more and getting to learn more about Blaze.”

Photo: ABC

Just how long Jacqueline’s stay on GH will be this time remains to be seen, but the show is looking at exploring more about the character of Blaze.

Looking forward to having Jacqueline back on the canvas and on your screens as Blaze? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Alum Vinessa Antoine to Lead CBC Series ‘Plan B’

Former General Hospital star, Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan Ashford) has been making a name for herself in her native Canada starring now in not one, but two CBC dramas. Previously, Vinessa starred in the legal drama, Diggstown from 2019-2022.

Now comes word that Antoine will lead the second season of the CBC series, Plan B and a whole new story. The second season of the time-bending original drama series is an adaptation of the popular French-language drama series of the same name (now in its fourth season for Radio-Canada).

On her Instagram account, Vinessa expressed on her casting news, “Plan B- second season! Giving my all leading another show. This one. Wow. Great writing. Talented cast. Special story. What a treat ❤️”

Photo: JPI

In story, Plan B will follow the life of Mia Coleman (Antoine), a Montreal police officer. In story, Mia is approaching her fortieth birthday and grieving the end of her relationship with her ex, and her ex’s son, whom she embraced as her own. At work, the constant injustice she faces gnaws at her own sense of purpose. Mia’s already tumultuous life is turned upside-down when a seemingly routine intervention in a family crisis involving Paul (Vincent Leclerc) and Keri Whitman (Sarah Booth) results in the worst imaginable outcome.

The show asks the question, “What if Mia and her partner Tyler had the evidence that would have prevented this life-altering event?” Through Plan B, a strange agency that can take her back in time, Mia will stop at nothing to prevent a family tragedy, and will embark on a journey during which she’ll delve deep into her own psyche, confronting buried emotions and an unresolved past.

Vinessa originated the role of GH’s Jordan Ashford in 2014 and played the part till 2018.

So, excited for Vinessa as she leads another primetime drama? Was she one of your favorite Jordan Ashford’s on GH? Comment below,

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