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Steve Burton Announces He Is Leaving The Young and The Restless!

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On Thursday evening, daytime fans were in for shocker from Daytime Emmy winner Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy) himself, when he revealed that he has decided not to renew his contract with The Young and the Restless and will be exiting the series at the end of his current contract cycle.

Taking to Twitter, Burton shared with his legions of followers a heartfelt series of tweets stating: “Hey everyone, with lots of reflection, I have decided to move on from @YandR_CBS at the end of my contract in Dec. I’ve had an amazing time, but it feels right to move on to new adventures in my life. I can’t say enough about the AWESOME cast and crew. Much respect! Much luv to @CBSDaytime for the great ride. Great peeps. And thank YOU all for your support. Always! #positivityrules”

Burton had shocked the soap world before back in 2012 when he left General Hospital after playing Jason Morgan for close to 22 years and joining The Young and the Restless, pairing him again with executive producer Jill Farren Phelps, who was now at Y&R.  Phelps is no longer with the show having been replaced by Mal Young.

Angelica McDaniel (EVP, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Development at CBS Entertainment & CBS Television Distribution – ‎CBS Entertainment & CBS Television Distribution ) tweeted in response to Steve’s annoucement: “I am grateful for @1SteveBurton‘s time with #YR as Dylan and wish him the very best on his next adventure.”

In a update on Friday morning: Burton took to Twitter after the overwhelming outpouring of support on social media and related: “Good morn! Got in 2 Nash late last night. Woke to very kind words.Thank U.  Humbled. gr8 Sully story to left to tell! Must watch Y&R”

As to how Burton’s Dylan McAvoy will be exiting the canvas on Y&R, and just what his might mean now that he is available again, time will tell in this developing story.

So, what are your thoughts on Steve’s decision to exit Y&R? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Of course he is now that his best friend is no longer executive producer.

Everyone should have seen this one coming!
I’m sure Steve can’t wait to leave this useless, clueless character behind.
And I’ll be glad when Dylan is gone!

Dylan was starting to grow on me….I certainly appreciated his relentlessness in finding out what the deal was with Adam’s death. But, I will always remember him as instant robocop.
Now, considering that Morgan Corinthos just got blown up, thanks to his own Daddy, he will spend months in hospital, all bandaged up.
Voila’…..Morgan will wake from his coma with Steve Burton’s face?? Just teasing!!!!

I will be happy as well. He plays the dumbest, clueless, husband and cop. Dumbest story lines .

Kind of glad to see him go.

Celia, me too. Dylan is a good guy–perhaps this is a case where the good guy finishes last.
He sure went into full protective defense mode just from a couple of hang up phone calls. I would hate to see what he would have done if someone called up and asked him if his refrigerator were running or something. He’d call in a SWAT I am sure.

No surprise here. His mama Phelps left the kitchen and little old Steve has no more cookies to eat. Bye felicia.

I feel bad for all the Burton Bashing. When he was playing brain damaged mass murderer Jason on GH, he could do no wrong. Both on screen and off, he was revered as some kind of saint. He was a beloved Emmy winner that no one had a bad word to say about. Then, after 16 years of playing the same scene over and over and over and over and over (you get the point) on GH, he chose to leave.

Burton has been hampered and hamstrung by terrible writing for his character. All he has ever done as an actor is do what is asked of him. Y and R was so eager to snatch him up, they created him as a nobody with no canvas connections. through a clever manipulation of the show’s history, they were able to tie him to core characters, which has helped a lot. I think he would have been gone long before now f they hadn’t done that.

He was written as a dupe and a cuckold for all of his leading ladies…Chelsea, Avery, Sharon, etc. He was never given a compelling romance. His character never really found it’s footing. That is not Burton’s fault. That is the fault of the showrunners.

I think the character could be easily recast. Neither the character nor the actor made enough of an indelible mark. I believe, as Nikki and Paul’s son, the character has potential. They will need to cast a blonde haired, blue eyed man for sure, or it wouldn’t ring true. Dylan is a man in his 40’s. If they are going to continue the character, they need to find him a solid love interest. They also need to give him a teenage child he never knew about. What if that troubled kid Jamey from a few years ago was his? That would make him Paul’s grandson, which would explain why Paul felt so compelled to help him. Or if not that kid…any kid to give Nikki a teenage grandchild.

Now…GET NICK AND SHARON BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!! All the other possible parents in the convoluted baby switch story have died or are leaving. Listen to the fans!! Don’t be like Chuck pratt and his arrogant “i know better than the fans! I know to give them the opposite of what they think they want!”

Actually…SB was in GH…all totaled 21 years.

Bravo to both Dylans! What a great post, Dylan. I totally agree with every point you asserted so well here.
They keep putting Dylan in these terrible situations in which the woman with whom he is involved blatantly lies to him. He’s a police detective but cannot see that Sharon’s eye popping, erratic behavior equals smoke leading to the fire. This makes Dylan look like a fool.
And as I said before, Burton is an understated actor which sometimes leads folks to thinking he’s not that strong of an actor. But he is. You ask anyone who has studied acting which is harder–playing subtle, restrained nuance or over-the-top crazy and they will tell you it’d the former. In fact, Anthony Hopkins once said playing Hannibal the Cannibal from Silence of the Lambs was far easier and more fun than playing the understated, emotionally repressed butler from Remains of the Day. When the horrible secret of Sully’s parentage comes out, just wait–Burton will show folks just how well adept he is at playing an angst-grief ridden character. It will be time to get out that box of Kleenex.

I meant 16 years from the time the character was transformed into a blood thirsty vicious murderer for hire.

I agree, even the stars Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case say it’s time to get Nick and Sharon back together. They kept saying, individually, ‘it’s not time yet.’ It’s never been, ‘never’, but always, ‘yet.’ I know they have to go through a lot to get back to them being together, but if Nikki and Victor can get back together I KNOW that Nick and Sharon will have their time in the sun. Sage, or Paprika or whatever her name was and Dylan were in the way. They both need pairings that give them fire. Sharon and Brad were hot, and the one that played Diego, when he was played by Greg Vaughan were her best pairings besides Nick, as well as Adam, so they need someone like that if they can’t get together right away, for Nick, I don’t know. I would’ve liked Nick and Phyllis if he weren’t cheating on Sharon at the time, so that sullied it, no pun intended.

Hi Dylan…ya, I was thinking maybe that’s what you meant after I hit reply…though I actually didn’t know it was 16 out of the 21. Interesting…thanks!

Beautiful post, Dylan. You bring essential points to the fore, such as the lack of vision it is to keep a character closeted within a two by four space… personality, no incentive, no evolvement.
I actually thought that Dylan’s dogged interest of delving into Adam’s death held a lot of promised. Oh, well, right?
As far as Sharon and Nick rekindling their love? Well, I have been chanting this for so long, I have lost hope. Now, with a free Chelsea ( ugh) back on ‘the market’, it would not surprise me if the rein-holders go that direction.
Y&R has done a few dumb things….putting Chelsea and Nick together will be an astronomical one. Well, unless ‘they’ strive for an out-right war if and when Adam comes back.
One recent gaffe, stupid as all-get-out, was that disgusting affair between the prison doctor and Victor. I can almost feel my viscera rebel. What was that all about? Was it to prove that Victor is still able to hold the female population under his spell? To prove his sexual prowess, even at his advanced age? It fizzled as fast as it started. Just strange.

Yur comment was so well said and i agree with every word. Its time for Sharon and nick to get back together so they can raise sully with Sharon together.
This superouple deserves some kind of “happy ending”.
As an actor he is a very specific type and the writing of the character never played to ho his strengths and to have written

I love anybody Steve Burton plays! As for Nick and Sharon, she doesn’t deserve anyone!! She needs to be by herself. Besides, is Nick really going to want her after the truth comes out about Sully. No one will!

You know, I used to ADORE Steve Burton. I even understood that after 22 years of playing the same character day in and day out (then luckily he got to change his character after his onscreen accident) that he wanted to leave. Not a problem – a guy has to change every once in a while. I’m sure that got boring for him after a while.

But then a few short months later, he shows up on Y&R after telling his fans that he was moving to TN with his family. No matter if he thought he’d explain it all later, the initial hurt that his fans felt was going to remain. They felt he had lied to him. And it was so unnecessary. His true fans would have understood if he had just told them the truth outright.

So now there is a lot of SB bashing. Some of it well deserved IMO.

Being popular on one network (ABC) does not always translate to poularity on another network (CBS).

I’m not surprised

Nope, not surprised at all.

His character had evolved into a non-character. No chemistry between he and Sharon Case, No follow-up by writing team and no storyline worth telling. He is SO much more than what he was given. Best wishes for new adventures.

Maybe he’ll come back to GH and they’ll do the two Todd’s from OLTL with Jason…and we’ll find out Billy Miller isn’t really Jason but was brainwashed by Helena to regain Jason’s memories. So, who would Sam love? The Jason she’s in love with now…or her Jason from the past…

Or, Steve could be done with daytime!

Ooh thats actually good!

Finally, a positive response. Burton is damn talented and he has left both GH and Y&R as a true class act without disparaging anyone.
To me, he was the ultimate “Stone Cold” and he was well adept at displaying a deeply conflicted character. I always thought that Burton was so good that he made it look easy. I never bought Miller as Jason Morgan. I do think he would have made an excellent Dillon Q. I also felt the actor currently playing Trevor would have made a great Dillon while Jason Thompson deserved a role written just for him. It just seems that there was a lot of miscasting transpiring. Burton is a really good actor but he was afforded some lousy writing on the tail end of GH and during his entire tenure at Y&R and manged to rise above it.
I think he deserves some accolades. From what I understand, he’s a very nice guy who is well liked by his peers. I am going to miss him.


Gosh I hope not.we already been there…why have a recycled story line?

A recycled storyline! On a soap? Never!!!! 😉 I’m teasing you but it sorta does happen…and…I was kinda teasing with my suggestion about the two Jason’s but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went there…particularly because many have said they don’t buy Billy as Jason and preferred him as Jake. Who knows? Maybe “Jake” will reemerge, realize he’s in love with Elizabeth…she dumps Franco…

Or maybe Steve Burton comes back as Jadon’s long, lost twin!!!

Or really, maybe SB doesn’t want to do a daytime soap.

We shall see….

That is what Jean and Shelley do best, recycle stories, they couldn’t write a story like that anyway, they need Ron for that.

Rebecca, didn’t Burton co write a song with Jonathan Jackson which was used in Nashville? Do you think he might make an appearance on Nashville?
The reason I am asking you is I know you’re a fan of this series.

I hope they don’t put Billy Miller back with Liz.I was fast forwarding their scences.

I believe they did write a song together Harry.but I am not sure if it will be used on the show of Nashville.maybe he will get Port Chuck back together.

Harry…that I don’t know. As you probably know JJ, Steve Burton, Scott Reeves, Bradford Anderson and Brandon Barash formed a band, Port Chuck, and play out quite a bit. Think they still do…not sure. So there probably was collaboration on originals. You might also know that SB, JJ and Reeves all live in Nashville…Reeves is occasionally on as a manager. And, JJ and Steve Burton opened a restaurant together in Nashville. As far as appearing on the show, who knows now that it’s going to be broadcast on CMT and they’ve made some pluses and minuses. I’m not thrilled with their cuts but I’m looking forward to its return and hoping it’s the same show!

As for “Anna” I think she got a mini lift or injections. Tighter jawline…”marionette” lines gone.

Harry…one correction, one clarification. JJ isn’t part of Port Chuck…has his own band. So now I really don’t know the answer to your question. As far as I know Port Chuck still schedules shows.

Scott Reeves plays a manager on “Nashville”… I didn’t make that clear.

Rebecca, about a year or so ago, Jonathan Jackson and Steve Burton co wrote a song together. It was uploaded on Youtube. I do recall it being played on Nashville. That is to what I was referring. I wish I could post links here.

I agree Sherry…I don’t think it’s going to happen but I would have loved Sean Kanan back.

I met Sean Kanan.what a down to earth man…does any one know if he is still on B&B?

They will find out Billy Miller’s Jason is really AJ Quartimaine….

Aha, Jimmy. I did not miss that!!!! Clever, Jimmy, clever. Jason is really AJ.

Well I bet FV’s phone is ringing off the wall from Maurice bring my soulmate back. Lol

if any one plays AJ Quartermaine I want Sean Kanan back.

Rebecca, thank you. I do recall Jonathan Jackson playing and singing that song at the end of a Nashville episode.
Maybe Burton is leaving Y&R on a positive note and not leaving because he’s disgruntled.
It does happen and I hope this is the case here.

Great idea Rebecca1.

Thanks Omar.

I guess su was right about Anna having had work done, Rebecca? She noticed right away.
She looks the same to me…..but, I’m no expert. I would have never known. The mouth area does look smoother. Hmmmm.

Now that you mention it Celia and Bec, her jawline does look a little tigher?
Whatever she had done, it was pretty subtle and she still looks like her fabulously beautiful self.

That would be an amazing story. Plus, Jason and Jake would be like Roman and John Black, and Todd and Victor Jr., and Liz and Sam could FINALLY stop fighting, at least about men. What if Sam decided to stay with Jake because they’ve got something she ‘s not ready to let go of, or Jason only feels something for Liz this time around because due to this head injury he is now Jason 4 or 5.0 and that’s just what he’s feeling. Steve had chemistry with both actresses so I would really be into this story, only if it’s on equal ground though and they don’t make Liz lie for no reason like last time so that she never had a real chance, and it made Sam/Jason look angelic when they aren’t.

And one goes back to work for Sonny and the other joins the Quartermaine business…possibilities are endless…

I hope he does not decide he wants to head back to GH. Because he is not wanted.

I agree I love Billy Miller as Jason.

Not me. And I always adored Billy Miller.

Hi, Carla,
I am not familiar with Steve’s Jason; but, I can bet Harry is right; only because Billy Miller does not fit the role of Jason Morgan, for me. I speak for myself.
Had I not been a Billy Miller fan, as Billy Abbott, then, perhaps, I would feel differently.
Now, the other side of the coin is that I never liked Steve’s characterization of Dylan. Not that this means anything, in the grand scheme of things; but, it’s my two-cents worth.

Terry…oh, I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! Y-e-p.

Take care, Terry.

Third that! I like Billy Miller as Jason (although he could be doing more than waiting to be a daddy). It doesn’t sound like Burton wants to return to GH because his statement was that he wanted to “try new things.” Coming back as Jason would be an old, old thing. Plus, it would be very expensive for GH’s budget to lure him back. Recall how they had to cover his commuting costs because he doesn’t live in CA. Burton lives all the way across the country. I don’t think they can afford him. I hope Burton follows Jonathan Jackson into doing more music & possibly getting more work on East Coast-based nighttime shows. There are many more series that film in the South now than when he was on GH.

I believe Burton is going to leave Y&R with a bang. While the writing has greatly improved on Y&R, the writing for Dylan has sustained its level of mediocrity.
Burton is well adept at playing the grief -angst ridden man, and when he finds out that Sully isn’t his and Sharon has been lying to him about it for quite some time. he’s going to show viewers who only know him from Y&R just what he can do.
I do believe he will exit Y&R after delivering a graceful swan song.

No offense but everyone acts like SB is broke he is anything but and his character was catered to the entire time he was on Y&R he is leaving because Pratt and JFP are not there anymore to keep shoving him down our throats. I don’t know if he is a good guy or not I don’t care he never did it for me maybe if he had been brought on slowly maybe then yes he was very good as Jason he was Stone Cold!

Steve lives in Nashville along with Jonathan Jackson and Scott Reeves. Steve and JJ opened up a restaurant in Nashville. Maybe SB wants to put time into that and his music…all home-based.

Maybe by you.

WOW!!.. that was shocker !

Seems more ‘stars’ are leaving the soaps than ones let go..
Perhaps they know something we don’t know..

Anyways.. the younger actors should get out..
The oldest are retiring.

”” to love and die, doing soaps ”’ not a good thing..

I’d bet Steve will go back to doing movies..

su000, I think so too.
I was watching HBO’s Westworld and the thought struck me that Burton would be great in this series as one of the hosts.

Wow Harry! I just finished episode 1. Not sure if I like it yet but the show has sone amazing actors..Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris! Steve’s Stone Cold might fit in…they could have a soap opera scenario set in the old west…Stone Cold being the ultimate cowboy out for revenge/justice…then we’d have to add Ava, Sonny, Paul, Julian…the visitors who want them to pay for their evil ways could shoot em dead..or have Cowboy Stone Cold go find AJ, Connie, Carlos, Duke and have them exact their revenge!!! Helena could be the Madame at the saloon…that’s it! The new genre…interactive soaps….is born!!!!!

Bec, I had to watch Westworld two times in order to completely understand what was transpiring. I thought the infusion of Shakespeare and John Donne was done gracefully and seamlessly bringing forth the elevating concept of the Dystopian universe. Surely, Delores is Miranda to Pa’s Prospero from “The Tempest.”
Brave New World Indeed!
Did you not get chills when Pa told his daughter “Hell is empty, all the devils are here”? I love the concept of the dualistic nature (good vs bad) which exists in all of us and that heaven and hell are makings of our own creation.
Oh anyway, I think Burton with his steely blue eyes would be great cowboy robot!

I’m hooked Harry! It’s like going inside that world with the newcomers. Talk about escapism albeit…dark escapism..but graphically stunning and alluring. On the one hand the outcome probably leads to humanity within the AI and the lesser humanity in humans…war of the worlds…rebellion…probably crossover alliances where good vs evil might evolve with AI just like in man. And’s very literary. The one thing that bothers me is that none of the reviews have mentioned “Extant” produced by Spielberg for TV starring Halle Berry. Ran in 2014 I believe…two seasons..and though very different on a lot of levels it centered around AI and how human they become. I thought it was an excellent show that unfortunately got cancelled. So many quality shows do…

what a load of BS…and now ABC will pull another AMC Greenlee and overplay his return and oust Billy Miller!!

Please don’t give ABC any ideas. SB is not needed on the canvas. BM is doing a wonderful job as Jason Morgan.

I really take the time to watch all scenes with Billy Miller and Maurice Benard

“respectively” as Jason and Sonny

I’m just not buying it….

I think MB’ Sonny goes over the top on his steely gaze and or look

I think BM’ Jason has a hard time focusing… and is ready to bust out laughing

this mix of past wonders… is out

I do not see any type of connection , bonding, or friendship

I know what you mean Patrick but I think the lack of connection is because they barely have any scenes together…nor does Carly and Jason. In an effort to keep him away from Sonny’s business the writers haven’t given Jason any direction. Just as it seems he’s getting love back for his mother, Monica…they cut away instead of bringing him back to the Quartermaine’s…and not just in name only. So he’s not Sonny’s enforcer, but he’s not too connected to the Q’s. Ther’s a disconnect in the whole picture.

Sorry Lou, Billy Miller as Jason is a sleeper!

I completely agree Lou – BM is doing a wonderful job as Jason Morgan.

That would be Great! Then Billy miller can return to Y&R as Billy Abbott, the one and only. I’m tired of the Jill Farren Phelps’s recycled actors from GH. Jason Thompson is talented but he is not Billy Abbott.


More like pull a DOOL….Roman/John Black. Except nuJason turns out to be AJ

I wasn’t a fan and am glad to hear this. I didn’t think Burton was very interesting and Dylan was poorly developed. Of all the history that could be revisited on Y&R, going back to the Paul/Nikki cult plot to give them a son would not have been on my list of good ideas for the show. I hope the show kills off Dylan. Whether played by Burton or someone else, the character is definitely not needed.

l like steve on the show,, he has done a great job as dylan,, but i never liked it that they put him with sharon ,as she has had to many men in her life ,, l hope they don’t kill him off of the show,, .but let him go off into the sunset to enjoy life to the fullest ,,and find something new that he will have a better job anywhere .good luck steve in what ever you do .

I never took to Dylan either, Barbara. I was very vocal about it.
Yes, Dylan may get killed in the line of duty….too bad for Paul, though. He will have lost two sons if it does happen this way.
Another scenario could be that Dylan discovers the truth about ‘Sully’ and decides to leave for a while to lick his wounds??

Well, Celia, at least we got to see how good Burton looks in color.

awh shucks… I didn’t think about Paul…. that’s going to be the travesty

Hopefully GH doesn’t want him back.I rather have Billy Miller over him any day..

Hey Sherry…ME, TOO!!!!! Y-e-p.

Take care, Sherry.

Billy Miller may be the cat’s pajamas but he doesn’t cut it as Jason…. at all.

I been a fan of GH for 33 years and this is how I feel.Steve Burton wanted to leave since he wanted to leave he can stay gone…I really don’t miss him at all.his and Sam’s scenes were forced and you can tell they were..Sam has better chemistry with Billy Miller..

I love Billy Miller too but with the story line they have now ,neither actor should care to play the part…..BOTH HAVE MUCH MORE TO OFFER THAN THE BORING JASON STORY GOING ON FOREVER………..

it’s so lame right… aside from seeing BM’ Jason… kissy kissy with Sam

and waiting for Sonny… to “help” him out… “even tho he’s not in the mob”

Jason offers his help… so as to keep Sonny name out of whatever transpires

I don’t know… if William DeVry’ Julian is going to take the bullet… at last… which would not be my choice… WD’ Julian is a solid actor… the writers wrote in to a corner… shame… any way… back to possible story… is Morgan going ballistic and attempt to get rid of Julian ?

I’d much rather see his character take out Sonny or Carly… just payback and for all the bludgeoning to death his disorder.

that would be a much more realistic story… vivid alarming and bigtime REEL

back to WD’ Julian wasted at the expense of propping Carly and Sonny
I could care less that dim bulb Sam is TELLING her Father he’s no longer needed and must leave town.

IS Ava written in to a corner. if it’s found out she messed with Morgans meds?
I really enjoyed, once again… the reteaming of Ava and Scotty.. FUN

GH / ABC / Disney : the headwriting team of J and S….. SUCK

GH simply has got to turn Billy Miller… as in get this actor better material… how difficult can it be… he has the best chemistry with Monica and Tracy.

that part is DONE… READY and sealed … waiting for writing… Quartermainia

get him in another accident with Morgan and Julian… and Jason recalls HIS family and WANTS to be with them. dang! makes me tear up

it’s not a giant leap .. to see him back with the Q and working at the hospital.


done deal

Some fans are suggesting that Miller becomes AJ and Burton comes back as Jason with his memories intact. I think that ship has sailed and cannot fathom how they would make that work

Yeah, some people are saying Steve Burton should go back to GH, but the question is does GH even want him back? I just don’t see them giving him the perks that JFP provided for him. They were pretty big perks. Unless Steve is willing to give all that up to go back…..and if they do really even want him. We shall see I guess.

I knew it was going to be a matter of time for him, he can take Hunter King, Jason Thompsom, The person who play Noah Newman, Melissa ordry and the person who play stitch with him. These are all Jill F Philips people and the sad part none of these people never really fit in to the story lines of y&r regardless of being a new addition as well as recast characters for many they are recast except two of the names Steve and actor who play stitch. My opinion they are all a hot mess and all of them need to take several seats somewhere else away for y&r as well as please don’t move any of these folks if they decide to leave like to sister soap B&B that show as well needs some help with some of the pointless cast they have on their as well.

Just a reminder to him…the part of Jason is effectively occupied on GH. Love Billy Miller!

Me too.

I really like Billy Miller but he still has not caught on for me as Jason. Steve will always be Jason to me. It’s interesting how some characters can be effectively recast and others not. Like I have accepted the different Carlys over the years, but not the different Luckys.

I agree. As for the role of Carly, that was a tough one because Sarah Brown was so amazing; she was a hard act to follow. I think Jennifer Bransford was next and she couldn’t have been more wrong for the role…they caught that pretty quick…I don’t think she lasted more than a few weeks. And then Tamara Braun came on and she knocked it out of the park! Though much more like a model body-wise her face was a bit similar to Sarah’s and for me Sarah to Tamara was excellent! Loved her. When Laura came on the difference in look was so noticeable…no likeness to Sarah and Tamara. Yet, she was so good from the start and just made the role her own.

Another great succession was the role of Jessica Buchanan (OLTL) from Erin Torpey to Bree Williamson. Wow! There was such a resemblance…but Bree was a gorgeous powerhouse.

Ooh! Wait! I only partially agree…just reread what you wrote Mika. I originally agreed with you regarding Billy Miller as Jason. I like him now…LOL..but I honestly don’t know who I see him as…Jake? Jason? They are so completely different in temperament and they haven’t solidified the version as either an “enforcer” or a Quartermaine. He still has no identity for the viewer as he never interacts with anyone but Sam. They haven’t shown, onscreen, the close relationship he has with Michael, Spinelli isn’t around so that friendship is gone..he and Carly are barely in scenes together… My point is it’s difficult for him to come across as Jason because they took away everything that made him so. Even the Quartermaines. They’ve got to ground him there if he’s no longer Sonny’s “man.” Bring him home….put him in the Q mansion, (probably wouldn’t live there but he should pop in, a lot) have him get close to Monica, ask for more photos and stories of Alan, Emily, Edward, Lila…tell him about his brother AJ! Give him flashbacks so we, along with him, start seeing Jason again. Let him be a Q but still have a friendship with Carly and Sonny…without crossing back over to the mob.

Oh, please, PLEASE, take Jason Thompson and his sorry impersonation of Billy Abbott with you, Burton.

I disagree Jason Thompson is doing a great job!

I agree, Carla. Jason is making this role his own,

He will never be Billy to me! He’s talented but is not Billy Abbott.

I’m afraid I respectfully and completely disagree. He took the “lovable rogue” of Billy and turned him into a smug, stalkerish creeper. I don’t even recognize that character anymore.

Billy cracks me up the way he’s always saying with sarcasm,”Everybody LOVES Travis.” He can be funny.

Nope, doing a great job as Billy!

Jason Thompson’s acting cannot be disputed. One of the best. Regardless of his multi-faceted craft, though; he’s yet to capture Billy Abbott’s essence. No way, no how, with all do respect.
It’s interesting to see how split we are on this subject. LOL.

Due, not do.
Clh…..I hope I have not come off as cocky….not my intention, LOL.
I, sometimes, get carried away with certain roles, passionately. I suppose, good examples, for me, are Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford.
I am not saying my feelings are fair, they are not. I am first to admit that. But, I am human with faults; and as such, I do compare and I am partial to certain actors.
Nonetheless, as I always say: it is what it is. I am thankful these shows are still being aired.

I am sad as I have been very used to seeing Steve daily btw GH & Y&R!
I wish him the BEST OF LUCK in his future endeavors and I wouldn’t mind it if Steve resurfaced on GH as JASON MORGANS TRUE TWIN! We could keep them both and chalk it up to HELENA CASSADINE!

‘Bye bye, Steve – you will not be missed!!

Sadly, I welcomed the actor to the canvas but the writers inserted him ms character and the characters ego into every story so the news that Burton has decided to leave is music to my ears.

I would love to believe the new producers said “listen, we will resign but all the perks like time schedule, travel, storylines and the like are off the table”. Or the new produces saw Nick relegated to silly love stories with no direction while Dylan was in every single story and they opted to say Nick is legacy Dylan is not.

Wish GH would find a management team with that perspective.

That’s exactly what happened Kay and Sally are going to put life back into this show and hopefully fix the damage that has been done to Sharon and Ashley both ladies deserve better than they have gotten .

Kay, I know, right? Ashley has no love life and is forced to constantly butt into her brothers’ love life like some Spinster Aunt.
And Sharon? I have to give it up to Sharon Case for constantly managing to rise above the crap which has been hurled upon her. I think she is vastly underrated actress. Right know you can feel Sharon’s level of anxiety rising as Patty closes in. The look of steadfast determination on her face when she told Mariah, “I am prepared to do anything Patty wants to keep Sully and Dylan.” was so strong it was palpable.

Y and R has wrecked many characters. I am afraid Dylan will leave town and of course Sharon will get the entire blame. I am sure many will like that but I wont….I wonder what GH does now…Get Burton back and fire Miller then he goes back to Y and R? LOL

hearing his name… and exit… sure flatlined – no buzz to generate

upon hearing this…. I immediately thought of GH

and Billy Miller just returning to Y&R… he’s not acting @GH.

PS: Steve Burton started @Y&R

First appearance
January 29, 2013

contractual … December 2016… a 4 year run

I actually think he’d return… had it not been for Kelly Monaco… she had me roaring… she has this mega quote that is now in infamy: ( ie: from SOD )

Kelly Monaco…. declares… she never phones in an act

how do you like them apples

You slay me, Patrick; yessir!!!! Agreed!!!!

Hey, Vicki,
You said it, my friend. I NEVER considered Chelsea ‘good’; just redeemed. She has a looong list of misdeeds. As I call her–guttersnipe.
But, we shall see. I sort of forgive Sharon because I have never believed she was ‘cured’.
She just isn’t right in the head; otherwise she would have never kept Christian from Nick. Deep down she still loves him. They belong together. Ahhh….dream on, right?

I forgot to add that Chelsea did pull ‘a Sharon’!! LOL. She tried to pass Connor off as Dylan’s.
Poor Dylan….second time around for him.

Hi, Patrick,
This is my second attempt replying to your Sonny and Jason comment.
I don’t buy it, either.
Sanctimonious Sonny bad-mouths Julian for his same crimes.
His “stand-down” order did not work.
He blew up Julian’s car with Morgan in it. Poor Morgan.
Here is the proverbial example of, “The sins of the father…..”. Cliche’ much?!

Relieved to know that this useless character is over. I hope they use Mr. Burton’s remaining time to exit him gracefully. For being such a great cop he is not very bright about choosing his women. Avery used him. Chelsea lied to him about a baby. Sharon used, lied and basically screwed him over. Not a smart man. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he will go to DAYS where he can be a bad actor and bad character. Who knows? Maybe JFP will go helm that show and finally push it off the map. It’s almost Christmas, when I sit on Santa’s lap I’ll ask for that this Christmas.

That’s is so funny, but we don’t need Jill F. Phelps on days.

Samdy…YOU’RE RIGHT!!!!! We don’t need that woman on DOOL…or on B&B. AT ALL!!!!! Nope.

Have a good one, Samdy.

Mateo…HO HO HO!!!!! LOL!!!!! Oh…and BTW, I think that Dylan is such a DUM DUM when it comes to women…MORE LOL!!!!!

Have a good one, dude.

I never watched GH so I wasn’t familiar with Steve Burton. He started out as a promising addition to the cast, but pairing him with Sharon the nut case and making him so oblivious to what was happening with his wife made him look really dumb. My only hope is that Sharon will either go either to jail or the funny farm and that Nick will be so disgusted that he won’t have anything to do with her. Also that he will take full custody of Faith and Christian.

Hopefully it will come out immediately that Sully/Christian is Adam’s son and not Nick’s. Nick doesn’t need to get attached to that child just to have him pulled away and given to Chelsea.

Hi, SZima,
Good thought. I wonder, though….would the baby automatically go to Chelsea? There is no bloodline there. And, Adam is presumed dead…..
Unless Adam left a written document to the effect of giving custody to Chelsea, I doubt it would be that easy.
But, that would mean Adam was aware of the ‘switch’.
I don’t know….maybe, Christian would go to a blood relative. Also, we must remember that Christian was born within Sage’s and Nick’s marriage; which makes him, legally, Christian’s father.
You really tweaked my interest, SZima. It should make for a very compelling storyline, that!!

Lets see if St Chelsea will tell what she knows….If she doesn’t she is NO better than Sharon…Sorry she isn’t…



I liked Steve Burton in the beginning as Dylan with his decent story line(ptsd, etc. Somehow, his lack of chemistry with Sharon turned me off to his acting. His character was made to be a naive but loving husband, but I swear I may have only seen him smile once in four years. Even when he was happy he’d stare at Sharon with those beautiful baby blues and a stone straight face. Good luck in your endeavors Steve. I hope you land a juicy role where you a villian or at least a charming pseudo-villian!

Hmm I Don’t Understand All Soaps Have there uP And Down with any Role they Play As An Actor And Actress, Steve I Wished you Recosider you’re Role As Dylan Leaving a #1 Soap For Many year’s I Like the Story Like with you And Nikki And You Standing uP to That Victor Some Has to , You And Paul Please Reconsider :)There ‘s A Lot to Hold You There If you Give it a Chance Please :)on The Young And Restless..

I am sad. I liked the character. He was the good guy, the white night and although his character was boring he was likable. Not every character can be dark and dangerous. This just means more story for Sharon and yet another man…Ugh!

And don’t let the door hit your bum on the way out, mate! Sorry. You phoned it in for the last four years and you should have raised hell at the poor story choices that were made for the character. Think of the all the wonderful things Mal Young can do with that salary?!

“…Think of the all the wonderful things Mal Young can do with that salary?! ”

bring back Tracy Abbott

To quote Family Feud, good answer, good answer. I wanted Traci back for along time now. I did like Dylan in the beginning when he was with Avery, but after that, he was left floundering. I really wish it was Stitch that was leaving. Maybe we can have a two for one sale!!!

Y &R should stop taking actors known for legacy roles on other soaps- most of them originated those roles at a young age with limited acting skills, and demonstrate this by undertaking new roles. Dylan was a bland character from day 1 vis a vis Burton

Good! I don’t know if it is his acting or the writing or both, but Dylan is a bore. His leaving makes sense in the storyline, once the whole Sully/Christian switch is revealed.

too bad , i really enjoyed him when he was with avery as i found them to be a young version of christine/ paul… once they paired him with sharon he just became a puppet
i still hope avery returns one day,,
HOPING for a SHICK reunion !!

Everyone, get ready for GH’s Two Jason Morgan Storyline! The only question is who will be the real Jason Morgan!

I have mixed feelings about Burton. I think they used him as a fill-in, which is sad, because I think he has more to offer than what Y&R gave him. Putting him with Sharon, huge mistake. Maybe with Ashley or Chelsea would have been better. He will be missed here. He just had some dumb luck and no chemistry. What’s a guy to do. Thanks Dylan. Maybe you can shine some light on what will happen with Sully. Good luck with your future, whatever it may be. Thank you.

I’m glad he has been hurt twice and I don’t want to see his hurt from Sharon I wish him good luck great actor and so good looking.

I was afraid when they paired him with stupid Sharon he wouldn’t last because she ruins everyone. I really liked him until he started letting Sharon control his life like she does every man . She is the one that needs to leave – despise her. She ruins the entire show.

Respectfully disagree here. Y and R’s writers have ruined many characters on this show.

Good Luck and God Bless Steve Burton. You can always join the cast of Nashville. Lol

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!!!! SAYONARA!!!!! BYE BYE BYE!!!!!

this is not a surprise to me – i knew when jfp left steve burton would be right behind her

i guess all his special “perks” he has were not going to be offered in his new contract………….hmm

Not a surprising turn of events, but so much had been built up for the Dylan character. I liked him best with Avery. Once all the links to legacy characters were made (albeit in ways hard to believe), I had hopes for Paul to finally have a family that sticks. I had hopes Nikki might evolve into something more than a Victor doormat. Putting Dylan with Sharon could have been a catalyst for her evolution and growth. Instead we got a recycled baby switch story line and Dylan devolved into a character without much heat.

I wonder if this is the first of some major changes and shifts on the show.

Almost 24hrs of Hurricane Matthew. I am about 20 minutes out of Orlando, Florida and it is really bad. Whatever you see on TV is very true and then some. I wanted to write in between power outages.

If Steve Burton does come back, remember he wont be the Jason that we know. He will be calm and low key and not very exciting.

Some of the GH members Johnny, Spinelli, Felix, Lucus are scheduled to be in Orlando Florida next weekend. I hope they don’t have to reschedule.

Anyway, if you are in the path of Hurricane Matthew, be safe. This is no joke. We are on a 48 hour curfew. Gotta go, lights are on there way out again.

Hello Sly…. I have a sister who lives in St. Augustine

be well… take care

Thanks for your concern. I am about 2hrs from St. Augustine.
I hope all is well with her.

Hey Sky…hope you’re okay and your power is back!

Thanks Rebecca, things are finally getting back to normal.

Still waiting for the “shocker” promised in the first sentence of the story.

Seriously, who DIDN’T see this one coming? We’ve played this storyline out before: JFP leaves, Burton leaves shortly thereafter. Should JFP end up at another soap, I’d expect to see also: JFP arrives, Burton comes along “wagging his little tail behind him” (or should I say: “wagging his sweetheart deal behind him”).

Maybe next time, however, she’ll actually write a character for him that gives him a fighting chance to succeed. I have to think way back (pre-JFP) to remember, but Steve Burton can act. I say that because the JFP version of Jason on GH bored the hell out of me (probably because he got way too much screen time, to the point that I was surprised even his die-hardest fans could stand it), and JFP likewise did a terrible job (from what I saw) of giving SB anything really interesting to do on Y&R, or of truly attempting to pace his screen time and let people gradually accept his character as part of Genoa City.

I wish him luck and success in whatever it is he’s planning to do next. (And the strength to resist JFP should she try to lure him into her next project/catastrophe.)

I guess now that Jill is gone, he decided to leave. Not a total surprise.

I have liked Dylan better with Sharon, but overall, I do not find Steve to be a compelling actor.

Keep Billy Miller as Jason on GH. Don’t miss Stone Cold at all. Billy Miller is a wonderful mix between Young Jason and Stone Cold. I love that he acknowledges and acts like a Quarterrnaine too. Billy Miller has better chemistry with Sam.

I love Steve BUT DULLyn was the worst! He was a square peg from the get go! They even attached him to the Newmans and that didnt work either. He got to act with Doug and Sharon and it was still a bust. Steve Burton is a great guy who just didnt fit. Look at GH, Michele Stafford has the same problem. Great actress, horrible character! Steve will probably chill with the family for a bit BUT I hope he goes back where he belongs and dethrones Helena’s “Soldier Boy” as a fraud and the real Jason returns! IF Frank could sign Steve and JELLY could write this story correctly, THIS would bump Y&R off its #1 perch!

It’s a blessing for him because he was wasted on Y&R, pairing him first with chelsea (no chemistry) and then sharon ( no chemistry) ruined his chances of ever being interesting. I hope he finds something real soon, even going back to GH as a whole new character would make me happy.

But he was good with Avery, especially at the beginning.

Yeah, Nanci. I liked Dylan with Avery, much more than with Sharon…..such a screwed-up storyline, afterwards. What happened? I can’t even recall??

Hi Celia,
If I remember right, Dylan got upset when he thought
Avery was hanging around Joe too much, and then
he started hanging around needy Sharon, always
running to her rescue. Yuk. That drove a further wedge
between Avery and Dylan…then suddenly Dylan decided
he was in love with Sharon. Blech, lol. So stupid!

Thanks, Nanci. I shouldn’t have these memory lapses. LOL.
I have said this over and over. Do domething about Sharon, once and for all!!!! She vacillates all over the place. Bring back the real Sharon.
The actress has taken so many punches–from all sides– what a soldier!!
The sad part of all this travesty is, also, Mariah’s embroilment in Sharon’s lie upon lie. What mother does that?
Is Mariah going to pay the piper alongside Sharon? Nasty, nasty imbroglio.

Lol, Celia. It was a long time ago, so not really a true memory lapse!
And yep, something has to be done about Sharon, jeez. She is a terrible
mom to Mariah lately, involving her this way, and just being so ridiculously
in need of a man all the time, too. She is so selfish and self-centered, letting
fears keep her from doing the right thing. I really dislike her!
Yes, Sharon Case is a trooper…and bring back old Sharon FINALLY. For
all our sakes!

Actors are people too / entitled to their own decisions in life / good luck to Steve as he pursues his interests / he has always put his family first

So glad he’s leaving! Never cared for him one iota!


Just a few comments today, LOL!
Best wishes to him, we know the character was DOA pretty much from Day 1.
May I veer off a tad and suggest Y & R wait just a tad and then sign the wonderful Richard Burgi!!! Maybe there’s would be a spark between him and Ashley, who dearly needs a life right now! He plays a lawyer quite well, just not be the DA (he he…). Just don’t make him a law enforcement person with the GC PD (aka Keystone Kops), maybe another agency like the FBI, etc. Anyone???

I always wondered who Sharon’s father was, maybe he could fill in like that, and he can still be with Ashley. He would be a new character but legacy at the same time. He is perfect for that role.

Love this idea!! Perfect!

I am not surprised that Steve Burton is leaving Y&R. When JFP was let go it was just a matter of time. Traveling between California and Nashville had to be hard on him and his family. I can only hope that GH does not invite him back. Unfortunately he is even beginning to show his age. I hope that he will stay in Nashville and devote his time with his family. I wish him well.

Ive always missed you as Jason on GH. And the character of Billy Abbot should come back to Y&Restless. U r a great actor and i wish you the best in all you do!

I’am stuck on that guy and his name is Billy Miller. enough said

I know what you mean, Luisa. My mind refuses to fill Billy Miller’s spot as Billy Abbott with anyone else. Especially, Jason Thompson—a few lightyears off the mark!!

I like Dylan, but not as much since he was paired with
Sharon. Never saw any chemistry there. They always
seemed more likely a duo as brother and sister, or just
good friends.

My first thought on his exit was that the Sully reveal will
blow things apart, leaving him with no choice but to
say Adios to lying and conniving Sharon…and be done
with Genoa City altogether.

This is good news, I’m not a fan of Steve Burton as Dylan and the character never caught on. I like him as Paul’s son, and their relationship is interesting. It’s nice that Paul had another son, after losing Ricky. But this isn’t a great loss for the show. Maybe he can take his pal Stitch with him, because I’m not a fan of his either.

And as much as I love Billy Miller, he hasn’t caught on as Jason for me. I would prefer if Steve returned to the role, BM went back to Y&R as Billy, and take Jason Thompson off the show for a little while but then rehire him as a recast Adam. I think he’d be much better in that role than he is as Billy right now. Even though he’s a fantastic actor, he isn’t Billy to me.

Steve. You will be missed. I loved you on general hospital. And when found out you were going to young and restless started watching that just because of you please keep us posted where’d you will be going so we can follow you on any show you will play a part in! Best of luck with whatever you do. You are a fantastic actor!

I won’t miss the character of Dylan or the actor. Maybe GH can welcome him back.

Days Of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker Reflects Back on the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape with Donald Trump, and Speaks to Her Exit from Days of our Lives

It’s been eight years, but somehow seems like ages ago, that Arianne Zucker was thrust into the mainstream public limelight, unfortunately not for her work as Nicole on Days of our Lives, but for the Access Hollywood taped that surfaced when former president Donald Trump  and current Republican nominee, visited the set of the (then) NBC soap opera, and met Zucker.

The tape captured a hot mic moment between Trump and then ‘Access’ host Billy Bush inside of their bus which featured lewd remarks about Zucker between the two men.

Speaking on the moment, Zucker opened about it on Rachel Uchitel’s Miss Understood podcast, where the video version of the interview is now on Uchitel’s You Tube Channel. Back in 2005, Arianne was the scene partner with Trump in his Apprentice/Days of our Lives crossover appearance, because her character of Nicole was at the time a gold-digger.

Photo: JPI

Zucker shared of her on set experience with Trump from 2005, “I had a great experience. He was lovely, and I had no idea anything behind the scenes was happening. So, it never affected me.” Next in October 2016, Arianne says she it got a call from her manager at the time when the Access Hollywood tapes came to light and that is when she first heard about the situation.

The actress and life coach reflected back, “Everybody has spoken poorly about somebody in their lifetime. I don’t care who you are, everybody has, it’s just people get caught on camera doing it. Unfortunately, that happens all the time. And if you’ve ever gone to a fraternity party, these things happen. So (when she later read the taped comments) I’m going, ‘sounds like something my fraternity guys I know would say.’ But I just didn’t see it in the way that people were seeing it.’”

Expressing why she never made an official comment when the press were asking for one, Arianne revealed, “I didn’t make a comment though, because I was in fear of losing my job. So I didn’t say anything.”  She added, “I felt attacked by the media because I knew all they wanted. I mean, the biggest thing was to get Trump off the ballot. I was like, that is not my job.”

Later, Arianne explained she felt she received no protection from the situation. “I got no apology from my place of employment. I really got no apology from NBC. I felt I had no protection. ”

Photo: JPI

DAYS fans are counting down and not happily that about six weeks from now, on July 29th, when Zucker makes her on-screen exit from Days of our Lives. After being fired for standing up to Corday Productions for on set sexual harassment and discrimination charges, the actress formally filed a lawsuit she has brought against her former employer which includes charges of wrongful termination.

Zucker said on her upcoming departure from DAYS, “I will not say how I leave the show. I do respect that we don’t want to share that. We want the fans to be excited and enticed.” However, Arianne confirmed that the character of Nicole is not ‘killed-off”.

So, what do you think of Arianne’s comments reflecting back on the Access Hollywood tapes media frenzy with Donald Trump, and her upcoming exit from DAYS? Weigh-in. But first, check out Ari on Rachel’s podcast below.

Continue Reading


Matthew Atkinson Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful and Previews a Major Change in Thomas’ Life that “Shocks” Everyone

This Friday, June 21st, marks the first on-screen appearance of Matthew Atkinson (Thomas Forrester) on The Bold and the Beautiful since March of this year. In story, Thomas packed up and headed to Paris with his son, Douglas in tow, after Hope (Annika Noelle) turned down his marriage proposal for the second time.

Viewers have waited anxiously for his come back pondering, that when Thomas returns, would he go right back to pursuing Hope? What would be his demeanor after timeParis? Well, we are about to find out.

However, Hope now seems to be somewhat becoming obsessed with Finn (Tanner Novlan), Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) husband, and has developed feelings for him. Might Thomas’ return to Los Angeles have him finding Hope and Finn in a comprising situation?

Photo: JPI

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest on his imminent return, Atkinson shared on the Finn/Hope potential pairing, “From Thomas’ point of view, he knows nothing about it, and so maybe that helps my point of view.”

Teasing what to look for when Thomas returns to the canvas, Atkinson dropped, “Thomas has had one particular very large change in his life since he left town. And when he comes back, it is something that shocks everyone.” What would “shock” the family and everyone who knows him? Could it be that Thomas got engaged or married to another women, while he was in Europe?

Photo: JPI

Atkinson weighed-in on the fan response and support for those viewers missing him on-screen during his time away from the show, expressing, “I just never expected the response that I’ve gotten and we’ve gotten from the fans, especially (with) Thomas leaving. I can’t speak for all the fans, but there’s a wealth of people that are either really, really upset that Thomas is gone for a period or really sad. (They) reach out and they’re like, ‘Hey, when are you back? When are you back? When are you back?’ That just speaks to their care for this character.'”

So, what do you think will be the shocking change in Thomas’ life that is revealed when he returns to Los Angeles? Comment below.

Continue Reading

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Dan Feuerriegel on EJ Keeping Eric From His Child, “He’s in the Deep End … There’s No Coming Back for Him Now”

On Days of our Lives, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has been reunited with her biological son, baby Jude. Her husband, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel), is now keeping a major secret, and in order to keep it from coming out he had to get Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) out of Salem, and keep both Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) and Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) quiet and at bay.

However, as in any good soap opera, time is running out for EJ. What will happen when Nicole and Eric (Greg Vaughan) find out that EJ is not the little one’s biological father, but Eric is? And, what will happen when they realize EJ knew the truth and hid it from them?

This is just one item in a laundry list of skullduggery committed by EJ since he has been in Salem. With Arianne Zucker set to exit on-screen on July 29th, it looks like we are heading into the home stretch of the baby switch storyline.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Dan Feuerriegel to get his take on the situation and what it has been like working with Greg and Ari in the story.

Dan shared on EJ’s despicable decision to pretend he is Jude’s bio-dad, “I know I’m a terrible human being, but I love playing a terrible human being.” Feurriegel added, “Oh, he’s in the deep end. Like, there is no coming back for him now.”

The DAYS star also noted if EJ had done anything more nefarious to Sloan, his character might not ever be able to come back from that. “There’s only so much hatred EJ can get from the viewers that it probably would’ve been a bridge too far for me to just make her (Sloan) disappear,” clarified Dan.

Photo: JPI

As to his time working with Arianne Zucker as his on-screen wife, Dan had noting but praise for her. Feuerriegel expressed, “I loved working with her. She’s so good. She’s an amazing actress. She’s fantastic. Every scene that I did with her, I didn’t have to do anything because I just rode on the coattails of what she did. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Photo: JPI

Dan also had high marks for his on-screen nemesis, Greg Vaughan, “Greg is fantastic, like everybody in the storyline was amazing. Greg’s amazing … Ari’s amazing … Jessica was fantastic and that’s what made it work. I’m very grateful to have worked with every single one of them.”

Photo: JPI

On soap operas and especially on Days of our Lives, when someone exits, or ‘dies’ on-screen that doesn’t mean goodbye forever, and Dan knows this too. In regards to anyone who leaves Salem, the actor joked, “I’m not going to say the doors closed, because you never say never, especially in Hollywood or on a soap. I mean, I’ve come back and I was like two inches shorter and (with) a completely different face.”

So, how do you think Eric will find out that Jude is really his son, and that EJ has been lying to keep Nicole? Let us know in the comment section, but first Check out our conversation with Dan from the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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