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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke and Ridge Together Again! How Long Will This Bridge Last?



“My Logan” expresses Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) on Monday’s episode of B&B, following hitting the sheets with his long-time love, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).  Their rose petaled bliss came following their meeting on Friday’s episode when on the ‘bridge’ outside of Forrester Creations, the two reunited.

They then informed their son RJ (Anthony Turpel) that they are all going to be a family again, which is something RJ has wanted to happen for such a long time and especially since he came back to town. Alone, Brooke told Ridge how important it is to her to put her family back together. Meanwhile, Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) was steaming mad and vowed to Liam (Scott Clifton) he is going to find a way to win Brooke back.


On Monday’s episode, Ridge talks about the duo finding their way back. Brooke says it should be the title of their memoir.

But why does it look like Ridge is so much more into this union than Brooke? Is Brooke getting back with Ridge for all the wrong reasons?  Does she love him now more than ever? Is she with the wrong man?  Watch a clip from today’s Bridge scenes and let us know if you are thumbs up for a Brooke and Ridge redo, or thumps down? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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This love story is so over done. How many times have ‘Bridge’ been married? And how many of those ended very shortly after they began? It seems like they will always go back to Brooke and Ridge, and sooner or later, Bill and Katie will reunite. Wash, rinse, repeat. There’s nothing new here, even with Thorsten Kaye in the role, who I like much better than Ronn Moss. That man could not act to save his life.

I would love for B&B to bring back the Marones. They were a very interesting family, and the Forresters need some competition in the fashion industry. It would be great to see Jackie and Nick brought back with Clarke and a recast Sally to open a fashion house together, or revive Spectra Fashions/Jackie M Designs and battle Forrester. And now that Quinn is in charge, maybe Thorne and Felicia can join them?

I agree with you Jimmy. I say “Bridge” should have sailed off into the sunset when Ridge stayed in Paris. Regardless of who is playing who, this relationship is long over done. The supposed love reunion was terrible. Watching paint dry is more exciting. Granted Ronn Moss was never an academy award winning performer, but he had wonderful chemistry with KKK. I say this new pairing is an accident waiting to happen. I loved when the Marones were on. Jackie was so classy, and Lesley-Anne Down was so perfect in the role. And who can’t forget Jackie and Owen frolicking in the bathtub on occasion. They can bring Donna back for more than 5 minutes and reteam her with Nick. Anything will be better than listening to Liam Steffie and Wyatt whining to each other about each other. And who is Liam to judge Quinn’s every move. If anything negative happens a far as Quinn goes, Liam will have no one to blame but himself. He was the that let go free when he had a chance to put her in jail

I agree, they need some new, seasoned male characters in this show to give Brooke a larger base of men to choose from. She’s been married to just about every man on the show at some point or another. They all just keep marrying each other LOL

As far as Quinn and Eric go, I don’t hate the Quinn and Eric storyline but what I do hate is the way his kids and grandkids treat him like he’s not capable. It kind of made me not like Ridge at all and Steffie too. He’s a grown man, let him make his own mistakes and take care of your own love life.

This was the best Bridge reunion ever

OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. They have never given them a chance to be paired since TK took over in 2012. KKL is the Queen of BOLD. Its yome for her bedhopping days to end and she take her place as matriarch of Forrester!! Now matter what anyone says, Ridge and Brooke are ENDGAME!!


TPTB over at B&B are TOTAL IDIOTS if they go down ‘The Ridge/Brooke Road’…AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! NO NO AND MORE N-O!!!!!!!!!!!


A Brook and a Ridge = DAMN!
And that DAMN! will burst.

I agree with you jaybird369. I said it before and I’ll say it again. “Bridge should have sailed off into the sunset when Ridge stayed in Paris. Granted Thorsten Kaye is a much better actor than Ronn Moss, but the original chemistry is gone. It’s time to move on. Considering all the crap Katie went through with Bill and Brooke, I hope they don’t pair Bill and Katie back up. If Katie is as strong as she says she is, I hope she turns her back on Bill and lets him stew in his own juices.

Why i dont watch…how many times do they think viewers enjoy crossing the same Bridge only to end up in Splitsville again and again!!!

Ridge and brooke….this is love forever. Great history, wonderful real love and so much chemistry. Hope they are safe now and forever, without outside influences and intrigues. So can bridge work! That’s the one and only perfect bb couple. Bb doesn’t work without bridge!

Bill Bell got it wrong again. the fans wanted Brooke to move on and most wished she had pushed ridge off the cliff. i thought R.J. belong to nick marone and that ridge had been sterile for years. the writing is so inconsistent that i going to take a break from this show
until they read stephanie’s will.

How long will Bridge last ? Till Feb Sweeps I imagine– LOL.

Although I do not know the long history of Brooke and Ridge, I was hoping she and Bill would be together. For some reason with Brooke going back and forth between Ridge and Bill on Thursday and Friday, it felt like an episode of “The Bachelorette.” When Brooke called out for Ridge as he was standing outside, it felt anti-climatic.

The show has spent the greater part of two months on the Quinn/Eric marriage and now, the Bill/Brooke/Bill triangle. Also, Zende having ANOTHER (?) affair with Sasha felt ill-conceived just to give the actors screen time. (Easily, the worst storyline on B&B all year). I am ready for a few new leading man (Robert Newman?) to come in for Katie and not have her be a part of the Qunn/Eric storyline. Heather Tom is too good to be sitting on the sidelines.

Lets give Caroline and Thomas some screen time, even if they are not a couple. I like the character of RJ, but give him some friends. He is the only actor in that age group on the show.

A few months back, someone suggested Kim Zimmer as a recast for Sally Spectra. There is no one that can possible fill Darlene’s shoes, but the idea appealed to me. Since I suggested Kim for a role, how great would it be to see Colleen Zenk back on our screens. With her incredible beauty and grace, I could see her fitting in nicely on the show.

Michael: I can’t wait to see your “Best/Worst of 2016.”

* Should have read “I am ready for a new leading man (Robert Newman) to come in for Katie…”

I agree with everything you posted. I believe there needs to be more men on the show since they keep pairing people up over and over and over…..well you get what I mean.

I would love to see Caroline and Thomas at least on the show even if they don’t pair them up, but I think they should. By the time they bring them back on the show the kid will be a teen!

Zende and Sasha deserve each other, when the going gets a little tough they fall into bed. Same with Steffie and Liam, I would like to see Wyatt and Ivy back together and for it to happen just as Steffie decides she want Wyatt and not Liam. It would serve her fickle butt right!

I hope they find Nicole a good man to have a relationship with and that they don’t pair her again with Zende.

It didn’t really interest me. In yesterday’s show, I was far more interested in what was happening at Eric’s house.

I agree. The only couple I find interesting on B&B these days are Quinn and Eric.

Someone told me it was the most awkward love scene they have ever seen I finally just quit watching I had hope for Eric and Quinn but that quickly went south.

It was terrible. It was the worst love scene I have ever seen on a soap opera. As I keep repeating, maybe Ronn Moss wasn’t an academy award winning performer, but the love scenes he shared with Katherine Kelly Lang, were priceless and I’m sure will never be repeated. In my mind and my eyes “Bridge” will always be RM&KKK. I don’t know how long this mess will last. But I consider this time around one big mess. A train wreck waiting to happen. I agree with you on the Eric and Quinn situation. With Katie next door, I hope they aren’t going to start an Eric, Quinn and Katie triangle, which I can quickly see happening. I have a feeling crazy Quinn won’t be in hiding for to long


Sorry, we have been to this well too many times. I would have preferred Brooke with Bill and finished this endless and (to me, now) meaningless romantic roundelay. A Brooke and Bill pairing could have opened new doors for the characters, possible new story lines.

it ‘s a massive thumbs down for bold and beautiful as a whole . i am sick and tired of the endless stories that keep repeating themselves over and over again , the same overused triangles , the same stories and the massive bore this show has become : there is no vision , the plots should be both character and plot driven , the show needs to be exciting , you need romance and love stories not hookups , you need some mystery , the show hasn’t done a good murder mystery in like forever ,maybe they could do a boat disaster story like the poseidon adventure , i want couples married and to stay married like 4 to 7 years before the inevitable divorce not a marriage that lasts 4 months . I plan on giving up on the show for good . i will not be watching bold and beautiful in 2017 , if that’s the best they can do why not pull the plug !



Your right Shari. That one word sums it up perfectly

I don’t see the chemistry between these two-at all.

So is it just a matter of time until Nick and Taylor come back? Im shocked Hope is not back yet

Hooray, these two belong together. great stuff. Bridge is it.

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