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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope Takes Off Her Wedding Ring and Hits the Sheets with Thomas


After all her lusty thoughts of Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), Hope (Annika Noelle) took action on Monday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, and for sure, has blown her marriage to Liam (Scott Clifton) sky-high.

In the key scenes, and alone with Thomas, Hope shares that her marriage to Liam is over, because he was not willing to make the sacrifices she was willing to make – alluding to forgiveness and the whole Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) flip-flop drama.

While she moves in on Thomas, he stops her saying he can’t do this and looks down at the wedding ring on her finger.  In a moment of reflection, Hope flashes back to Liam telling her he wants a divorce. She tells Thomas how excited she was the day Liam put this ring on her finger. But then, taking a deep breath, she quickly removes it! Thomas is a bit shocked.


Next, Hope goes over to Thomas, passionately kisses him, and leads him upstairs. Meanwhile,  Thomas is looking like he doesn’t want to come off as the bad buy here as Hope continues to be the aggressor.  Leading him up to the bedroom and then stripping off their clothes, the two hit finally hit the sheets.


Meanwhile, Liam is having round 100 of his conversation with his brother, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) over at Spencer Publications. Wyatt keeps asking Liam if he is sure his marriage is over.  Liam ponders.  Is Liam about to find Hope in the sack with Thomas? Stay tuned.  Now below, watch the final segment from yesterday’s B&B where Hope and Thomas wind up in bed.

Let us know in the comment section: are you glad Hope took off her ring and is trying to move on with Thomas? Will this all blow up in her face? Share your thoughts.

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Hope has finally given in to her feelings of lust for Thomas. Giving into feelings are normal, but doesn’t make it right. We all will go through life living and learning. Some people say LIFE is for the living, so lets live it Most people will say LOVE is for the giving, let’s do that as well. I will only Hope that she’s able to answer that question as to WHY she did what she did and does SHE know who SHE is now? Love me some her! She’s human!!

Thope are in love and are doing some serious baby making in the bedroom and it’s twins a boy and a girl I predict.

She is attracted to Thomas because he treats her with love and respect ! Liam treats her like his doormat !! Liam doesn’t care if he is with Hope or Steffy. All he cares about is who is willing to stroke his massive ego more !! Hope finally found her self respect.

B&B is beyond frustrating. The way Liam immediately ran to Steffy and kissed her TWICE after seeing Hope kiss Thomas shows that he shouldn’t be with either woman. And the way Hope ran straight to Thomas when Liam walked out shows that she wasn’t as committed to making her marriage work as she said she was.

It’s sickening how these people in years-long relationships who supposedly love each other rebound within literal minutes to other people, taking zero time in between before hitting the sheets. I really hope the rest of the summer isn’t focused on this Thomas/Hope/Liam/Steffy madness, but I fear it will be.

That CLOWN Liam has always been a LOVESICK IDIOT…and he always will be. BEYOND YUCK!!!!!

Agreed she’s better off with Thomas he’s definitely into her he loves her with all his heart and soul and after three days of marathon sex you can bet their will be twin Thope babies on the way.

She will be very sorry when she realizes that her idyllic life and family are over and for what? Thomas!

Wrong it’s just beginning and Thomas and her are in love and are spending three days making those babies.

Kind of loving that Hope who repressed her sexuality as to not be like her mom Brooke the slut lists over the masculine , brooding maybe crazy Thomas. Liam seems like a safe boy toy over the adult Thomas who she seems to desire Kind of Heathcliff from Jane Erye

Thope aren’t lusting both parties are in love.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

Love Hope and Thomas’ pillow talk. I sure hope that Hope becomes pregnant with Thomas’ baby !!! Thomas treats Hope the way a woman should be treated with kindness, love, respect, and honesty !! Liam is horrible, abusive, and unfaithful. That is NOT love !!!

I sure hope that the writers do not ruin Thomas and Hope’s lovestory with a “who’s your daddy ” pregnancy !! Please do not make Thomas the bad guy again !! That is Liam the serial cheater !!! I hope ,also, that Thomas and Hope start their own fashion house !!

I so agree. And it’s time for Thomas to have a descent storyline. Why not Hope, who he idealizes. He deserves some happiness. Douglas will be over the moon with happiness

Will someone please remind Wyatt that HIS supposed fiance’ sold baby Beth. “Don’t throw stones if you live in glass houses !”

I just started watching this show, Thomas & Hope have great chemistry!

Days Of Our Lives

Dick Van Dyke as Days of our Lives’ Timothy Robicheaux Meets John Black’s Family

Dick Van Dyke’s guest star turn on Days of our Lives has been a huge win for the long-running soap opera. During his entire run, Van Dyke has brought so much heart to his scenes, even though the story may be often far-fetched. It’s a testament to this television icon, that even at 97-years-old, he still has the acting chops and that endearing quality that audiences have loved for decades.

Now on Days of our Lives, Van Dyke is playing Timothy Robicheaux and as it was revealed last week, Van Dyke wasn’t playing just any amnesiac war veteran mystery man, he is tied to a major Salem character!

As predicted, Van Dyke turned out to be playing the real biological father of John Black (Drake Hogestyn), and the man John has been searching for all his life.  Previously, John thought the evil Yo Ling was his bio-dad.

On Thursday’s episode, Timothy was going to meet members of his new family. So, John and Marlena (Deidre Hall) bring him home from the hospital, where “Tim” meets his granddaughter, Belle (Martha Madison) and grandson, Brady (Eric Martsolf).  Later, Paul (Christopher Sean) shows up, and so too does Paul’s boyfriend, Andrew (Colton Little).

Photo: JPI

It is Andrew who suggests that they take a family photo, which he is happy to snap.  Throughout it all, it was heartwarming to see Van Dyke’s portrayal of a man who has lived most of his life all alone finally being reconnected to the family he lost.  There was even a moment where Timothy becomes overwhelmed with tears, and still a moment that followed between John and Timothy, where John asks him if it’s OK that he calls him “Dad!” Cue the hankies!

Photo: JPI

If next year, Van Dyke submits himself for a Daytime Emmy in the Guest Star category, he has to be a lock!

So, what did you think of the scenes where Timothy meets Belle, Brady, Paul and Andrew, and gets to know his son, John Black just a little bit better? Has Dick Van Dyke’s performance been bringing you to tears? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Victor Kiriakis is Laid To Rest in Tribute to John Aniston: What Did You Think of the Memorial Service?

This week, on Thursday’s episode of Days of our Lives, the long-running soap opera laid the character of Victor Kiriakis to rest, ten months after his portrayer, TV icon, John Aniston passed away.

In the final send-off, Victor’s loved ones gather for an informal funeral service just outside the Kiriakis mausoleum. Justin (Wally Kurth) reveals that Victor will be interned next to his beloved daughter, Isabella.

Several returns for this emotional occasion made this extra touching for DAYS viewers. In fact, a few of the actors that did return to the show, asked to be a part of the memorial, because of their love and respect for their time sharing scenes with Aniston. Those included: Rachel Melvin (Chelsea) and Jen Lilley (Theresa). In addition, John-Paul Lavoisier reprised his role as Victor’s son, Phillip Kiriakis, and Zach Tinker was back as Sonny Kiriakis.


We have to say, it was Tinker, Melvin, and Lavoisier’s portrayed remembrances during the service that truly tugged at the heartstrings. Each of their characters shared a bit of Victor’s history and his familial ties, ultimately revealing the devastating heartbreak they felt with his loss.

Then, there was Suzanne Rogers (Maggie). Currently celebrating her 50th anniversary with the show, Rogers effectively depicted the pain of a grieving widow who lost her other half.  When Sonny addressed Maggie at the funeral, and the love his uncle Victor had for ‘sweet’ Maggie, it made many a longtime viewer reach for the hankies.


Other characters who spoke or attended the memorial service included: Kate (Lauren Koslow), Alex (Robert Scott Wilson), Xander (Paul Telfer), Brady (Eric Martsolf), Rex (Kyle Lowder), Sarah (Linsey Godfrey), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Brandon Beemer (Shawn), Martha Madison (Belle) and others. In fact, it was Justin, who captured a bit of the essence of his uncle Victor, when he shared to the guests, “I will miss that meddling.”


Following the service, there had to be one unwanted arrival, right? After the Kiriakis family returns to Victor’s mansion who should saunter in? That’s right! Vivian Alamain, played by the deliciously wicked, Louise Sorel.

So, what did you think about Days of our Lives’ memorial service for Victor Kiriakis, that concluded with a montage of memorable moments in the life of Victor as played by John Aniston with his co-stars? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  In case you missed it, check out You Tube’s Michael Fairman recent interview with Suzanne Rogers, where she discussed: losing her on-screen partner, John Aniston, Victor’s death, and what may come next for Maggie, and more.

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Days Of Our Lives

Dick Van Dyke and Drake Hogestyn Deliver Heart-Tugging Scenes as Days of our Lives’ Father and Son are Reunited

On Friday’s episode of Days of our Lives, Dick Van Dyke reminded us all why he is a national treasure. At 97-years-old, he can still pull off great performances, and now he can add his role on Days of our Lives to that list.

Van Dyke had never appeared on a soap opera, previously, but due to his friendship with Drake Hogestyn (John), this once and a lifetime guest-star turn has turned into quite the memorable one.

For DAYS fans who guessed that Van Dyke’s ‘mystery man’ would turn out to be John Black’s biological father, you were correct!  In story, it now turns out the real Timothy Robicheaux is Van Dyke’s amnesiac war veteran, who formerly was being called, “Joseph Bell.”


With so many twists and turns in the life of John Black, and so many confusing stories through the years, it is revealed through a series of flashbacks that during the Korean war and while in combat, Joseph Bell’s dog tags were switched by a soldier who left him there to die.  This key piece of intel is told by Bell while sitting with Marlena in her office, along with John.  Later, John reveals a pair of dog tags around his neck, and that Bell’s real name is Timothy Robicheaux. John says “All this time, you’ve been searching for your son. Sir, your search is over.”

Marlena (Deidre Hall) tells Timothy he was lost in the VA system after he was severely wounded in the war. John didn’t know much about his upbringing, except he was born on a rural farm, and Timothy came from a farm.

As his memory is further triggered, Timothy remembers his wife’s name was Maude and she had their baby after he was lost in the war.  Timothy feels sorry for the hard life John has had to live. John informs his father that Maude died a few years ago.


With all the sorrow and the pain, they have endured in their lifetimes, John and Timothy are just so happy they have found each other, at long last. In an emotional moment, John shares all the versions of himself and identities he has had along the way, but credits Marlena and Timothy for him being the man he is today.  This is followed, by yet, another touching moment when Timothy and John hug for the first time as father and son. Timothy vows that they will never lose each other again.

Through these scenes, Van Dyke played the beats of the story so convincingly, and made us feel for this man who finally finds the son he has longed for over years.  While this brought yet another change to John Black’s history and back-story, it is a welcome one. Finally, John gets a decent man for a dad, not the evil Yo Ling, when all is said and done.

So, what did you think of the scenes between Dick Van Dyke and Drake Hogestyn as father and son, who find each other after decades of being apart? Let us know in the comment section, but first check out next week’s promo for DAYS where Timothy meets the rest of his family including his grandson, Paul Narita (Christopher Sean).

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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