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The Intel On If The Bold and the Beautiful's HOTT Or LOPE Will Tie The Knot In Paris!

Photo Credit: Getty Images/NATAS

Photo Credit: Getty Images/NATAS

This is the week long-suffering throngs of fan factions of HOTT (Hope and Wyatt) and LOPE (Liam and Hope), will finally find our which man Hope chose to tie the knot with in the spectacular remote sequence shot in Paris, France with the Eiffel Tower the epicenter of the story on CBS The Bold and the Beautiful!

Will Hope (Kim Matula) chose the sexy and assured Wyatt (Darin Brooks)?  Or,  will she chose puppy-dog and long time love Liam (Scott Clifton)?  But as with any good soap the angst will continue no matter what goes down becomes, according to TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, B&B is using the story of the film An Affair to Remember to jump start this arc of the story which airs today.

And here is what is going to go down according to TVG: “Hope agrees to marry Liam if he meets her at the Eiffel Tower but he stops along the way to save a damsel in distress and doesn’t show up at the appointed hour.  Hope waits a bit, but then heads off to Monaco with Wyatt and they say “I do” on a spectacular yacht in the Monte Carlo harbor.”

The other issue is crazy mama bear Quinn (Rena Sofer), who will be the one responsible for Liam’s being late to meet Hope in Paris. “Only the audience knows that,” says  Kim Matula, “but it could come out, like if Quinn has a couple of cocktails and opens her big mouth.” 

So it looks like a timing issue will prevent Hope and Liam from finally getting together!  So, how do you feel about this?  Do you want Hope and Wyatt together?  Or were you rooting for Liam and Hope?  What do you think of this Paris preview of what will go down in Hope’s choice of her “Man For the Future”?   Will Hope spend the next year pining away for Liam?  Weigh-in!


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How about this:

As Wyatt and Hope are about to say “I do”, Liam arrives with Quinn quickly behind him and then Ally detonates a bomb on board the yacht.

Triangle solved and finally put out of its misery.

Why anyone cares who this self absorbed little twit ends up with is beyond me at this point, she is making her mothers choices in men seem normal.

I am laughing so hard right now! You should write for this show!

Rob…dude…I L-O-V-E the way you think!!!!! I am S-O- S-I-C-K of that MORONIC AIRHEAD Hope…and her B-I-M-B-O mother Brooke…G-A-G!!!!! And…I get SICK AND TIRED of yelling at and throwing things at my TV screen whenever those 2 blonde-haired IDIOTS pop-up on my TV screen. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! So…you know what??? This little ‘bomb’ (or whatever) can blow BOTH Brooke and Hope to SMITHEREENS!!!!! Everyone else on the yacht can live/survive…LOL!!!!! Yep.

Thank you Rob, that’s the best storyline I’ve read in a very very very long time.

I havent watched any of this, its too painful.

In 3 episodes she will be begging Liam to take her back because she made a mistake.

Rob…Jenny is RIGHT ON!!!!! Dude…you SHOULD write for B&B!!!!! Bro…YOU TRULY ROCK!!!!!! Also…a few ideas:
1. Let Deacon and Quinn HOOK-UP TOGETHER…COUPLING AND ALL!!!!!
2. FINALLY put Ridge and Katie back together again…DUH!!!!!
3. Most of all, have BOTH Brooke and Hope each take PERMANENT vacations…N-E-V-E-R to be seen or heard from again. BOTH GOOD RIDDANCE AND SAYONARA!!!!!!

I’m just saying…..


The character of Hope is a very immature young woman she should be sent off to college and learn something. This show has no balance what so ever and to waste Rena Sofer/Quinn on a storyline like this is very sad. I predicted as such I think we have major ego problems on that set. All roads lead to Hope or Brooke and all the location sets will not do it for me.

Ive been watching for several months and it is too much with Brooke and Hope and their love triangles…soon Brooke and Hope will probably fall for the same man and be in a triangle together…Quinn is my favorite and you are right about her being wasted…

I want Wyatt and Hope together myself, but am getting rather bored with the whole thing.

I totally agree with you about Rena. Why are they writing this phenomenal actress into a corner they can’t redeem her from? I was totally stoked to find out she was coming on board. They started her as a strong independent woman that I really liked and then in true B & B style they turned her into a total nut job.

They turn every female character on this soap into a victim, extremely promiscuous, or a total whack job. What does B & B have against woman.

The only difference between Quinn and Bill is that he is portrayed as a tough guy and protector of family for the things he does, and Quinn is projected as a nut case.

Maybe Hope can’t decide which man she wants because she’s really a lesbian.

Seriously. I am done watching this joke if that disgusting Wyatt ends up with hope. He makes me vomit every time he is on screen. That laugh of his is so annoying. This story is beyond ridiculous and boring to boot. What rational woman flip flops like this? Guess they r going to turn hope into the new Brooke. A woman that can’t live without a peninsula. Just turns my stomach.

And there you have it folks….exhibit A for why soaps are now largely irrelevant fairy tales. We are to believe that a modern career woman in her very early 20’s is so needy and desperate and unsure of herself…that she would be willing to marry one of two brothers? Either one will do?? This isnt a 1950’s Mormon colony or Amish farm!! This kind of writing is so thin and meaningless. And what brothers would be content to marry a girl knowing that she would indecisively marry either one of them??? Unreal!!

Lets be fair Johnny– Brad Bell only knows how to write one story– perhaps Daddy Bell only taught him one before heading to the great soap in the sky– the whole is show is just about love triangles– and unfortunately the cast is so small, that all the triangles end up involving family members— but this all Brad knows to write– and if you watch this show daily it will drive you nuts– best bet– do what I do, only watch once or twice a week– it is bit like reading a trashy romance novels– a little bit is a guilty pleasure, all the time will turn your brain into mush. It is also like eating a box of chocolates, one or two is a treat– the whole box will most likely cause you to vomit. B&B in small doses in my recommendation to one and all

Maybe he forgot that there are other characters we would like to see onscreen besides Hope(less) Logan.


One of the things I really liked about Hope originally was that she tried so hard to NOT be like her mother when it came to men. Fast forward a few years and now it seems the writers are turning her into ‘Brooke of the Future’. Who runs off and marries a guy because another is a few minutes late? So silly!

so silly is right she should have waited and talked to Liam but no I can’t stand the sight of Wyatt he knew his Mother was around the entire time and what she is capable of I thought Hope was smart enough to see thru all this mess

Does it even matter who she marries, she’s only going to waffle back and forth between the two like she’s doing now. They’ve done this whole Liam and Hope obstacles to marriage so much, it’s run its course.

Should we care? If the wedding would provide resolution to a long story or give the characters new plots, I might be excited. It seems B&B stages a wedding among the same tight circle every few weeks. The ceremony and vows don’t seem to matter. The prize has no value. Hope had had how many weddings or near-weddings now? As many as her mother! Just dumb lazy storytelling. All that is missing is Steffy but we have Aly and Ivy around to continue this tiring rondelay.

This show needs a makeover. Have Ally get the idea of reviving Spectra Fashions with Thorne as CEO, Thomas as head designer and Steffi in charge of marketing! Have Taylor back and be right there next to the one man that puts her children first. Ally should approach a frustrated Caroline, who lost her importance with Forester Creations due to Ridge’s return, and have her sabotage the Foresters. This would create great drama for all….Ridge and Brooke could even reunite and go against Thorne and the rest of that clan! 😉 anyone like these ideas??

Love your ideas!!!

It’s a silly show and Susan Flannery knew it was time to go!

Makes sense – I was wondering why she left – she probably couldn’t stand being part of the threesome (H-W-L) show either.

I cannot tolerate the thought of Hope marrying anyone other than Liam. Lying, double-talking, conniving Wyatt and his mom need to be shipped off to Siberia. I haven’t watched since Momma Wyatt pushed the girl into the brink to stall Liam from getting to Hope and I won’t waste my time any more. Liam should be with Hope. Ridge should be with Brooke. Bill should be with Katie. AND, Wyatt and his mom should be shown the road.

exactly well said

I’m soooo HAPPY Liam didn not make it… I mean do they really expect us to forget the hell Liam put her thro w Steffy? Wyatt has been such a breath of fresh air in this ongoing Liam/Hope saga. I haven’t rooted for “Lope” in a very long time! Hope changed when she met Wyatt & IMO for the better!!! I really want to see Wyatt & Hope together for the long haul & I hope them getting married is 100% true. Don’t ruin this B&B, please don’t make this story duplicate the Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle. Let Hope actually be happy with Wyatt… They have grown up chemistry & she’s better off with someone like him (spontaneous, passionate, adventurous, sexy & mature with No baggage… He challenges her & I love that. Liam and Hope are boring. BB ruined them a LONG time ago!! Wyatt & Hope belong together. And BTW – When Linsey G gets back, let’s see more of Rick/Caroline, they are also totally AWESOME & we want more!! I still don’t understand why they didn’t write in her pregnancy, it was great timing.

You think another woman is not involved in Wyatt’s life…??? Puleeze!!!
Quinn is the woman that Wyatt keeps whining to…Quinn is the woman that has an unhealthy relarionship with her son…(And believe me you can’t tell me Wyatt ain’t taking advantage of the fact that his whacko mama will come and step in because he knows deep down he doesnt have a chance with Hope unless Quinn being devious and manipulative aren’t involved!!)…Quinn is the one who keeps interfering in her son’s life…Quinn is the reason that each and everytime Wyatt was able to get with Hope! Wyatt obviously can not get a woman on his own….and with Quinn involved??!!!
Wyatt definitely won’t be able to keep her!!!

And agreed.. If Wyatt & Hope get married, let it be them for a while (and not talking a week or even a month). This storyline NEEDS to end. Keep her with Wyatt!

I was hoping it would be a new story line and they actually would be married and stay married for awhile. I like wyatt but his mother would deter me!! Ugh How can somebody just rebound like that? I hate the way they keep doing the same thing over and over. They stopped Brooke from marrying Bill which was a great romance. Let Katie have that wimp of a ridge. Ridge has made Brooks life miserable and Bill really cares about her. Give her a chance at Love. Ridge wants his brooke and Katie too. He is a loser and should never have come back from Paris.

I think Hope and Liam should get married. They need to stop pulling the plot of Brooke, Ridge and Taylor. Just let them have a happy life and let Wyatt move on with somebody else.

Him and his mother should disappear off the show permanently and they just might once it is found out that his mother killed that guy in Mexico so that he lame son could get the diamond and it may be really be his.

I really couldn’t care less, so sick and tired of this endless storyline.

So we all know hope said yes and married hope (which I’m happy about BTW). Now what I would like to see next is maybe Wyatt gets charged with the death because of false evidence or something and it tests hope and Wyatt’s relationship and because of it Liam tries to win hope back. I’m not sure where Ivy would fit into it maybe she fights for liam or maybe she falls for Wyatt and tries to make him think hope cheated on him with liam, now that would be something I would look forward too.

absolutely do not like hope with Wyatt he is as conniving as his mother hope they find out real soon she never went to rehab. so disappointed Hope and Liam didn’t get together they belong together

put Hope and Liam back together

Ok, to me there is nothing sexy about sleazy Wyatt; Liam, yes. I will not be in a rush to get home in time to see the show until this farce of a marriage is over. I cannot stand that snake with Hope.

Aug 18 episode – if that is what you want to call it – I think it would be better titled the Hope & Wyatt & Liam music video – – – – When will this end – What is going on in the fashion world – Where are Ridge & Katie – Where are the writers and are their fingers broke? Please, please stop this 3 way madness. Liam tell her to take a hike! Are Hope and Wyatt going to continue to be the entire show? I can watch a whole episode in 5 minutes and that won’t be lasting for long. Maybe you only want viewers between 12 -25 if so I don’t fit the age group so I can watch the other soaps that actually have story lines including some of the older actors such as GH and Y&R . So Long B&B or should I say Bye Bye Hope and Wyatt show.


Tom Arnold to Guest Star on The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful is adding a new pilot to its cast of characters to fly the Forresters overseas this summer to Monte Carlo, and it’s none other than Tom Arnold.

According to US Weekly, Arnold will appear in two upcoming episodes of the CBS soap opera airing at the end of July.  In story, Arnold will play the Forrester’s new pilot named Captain Deuce Stevens.

Arnold said of working with the B&B actors and crew, “It was great fun. People love The Bold and the Beautiful. The loyalty, the fans, the opinions … I started going online and listening to fans argue about certain things. It’s like sports.”

Photo: JPI

In the scenes, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) head back overseas to relaunch the iconic, Brooke’s Bedroom fashion line for Forrester Creations.

One of the more hilarious behind the scenes moment Arnold shared, was with now two-time Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Thorsten Kaye: “I was in makeup and this guy comes in and goes, ‘Hey, can I get you anything?’ I go, ‘I don’t know, do you have Sugar Free Red Bull?’ This guy who I thought was the crew — he had a very hard handshake — was Thorsten. The rich, wealthy father.”

Photo: JPI

As a preview of one of his scenes, Steffy will be running late to the flight and cannot locate her passport. Tom shared, “One thing that is true is you have a window to land at the airport. And if you mess around and you’re late, you will miss that (window). I like when there’s some reality to this stuff. It heightened the scene because Steffy forgot her passport.” Look for MacInnes Wood to pull off some “I Love Lucy-esque” moments.

Arnold added, “You expect (the drama) for a character, but it opens the doors for some hilarious stuff. It’s very funny because things are so dramatic that it lends itself to comedy.”

B&B is not Tom’s first foray into soaps, having previously appeared on General Hospital in the 90’s. He spoke on how he and ex-wife Roseanne Barr (who also appeared on GH as Jennifer Smith), were into daytime dramas, “Roseanne and I loved soap operas. (After I was on General Hospital), we ended up having all these folks on (Roseanne]) from the show, because soap operas are very good actors. They don’t mess around.”

Look for Arnold’s episodes to air on B&B on Tuesday, July 30th and Wednesday, July 31st.

So, what are your thoughts on Tom Arnold coming to B&B? What do you think of his respect for soap opera actors? Comment below.

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The Young and the Restless’ Michael Mealor Says of Summer/Kyle/Claire Storyline, “It’s Going to Get Nasty”

On CBS Daytime’s The Young and the Restless, Kyle (Michael Mealor) seems to be spending more time with Claire (Hayley Erin) much to the chagrin of Summer (Allison Lanier). All this has gone down since little Harrison was held captive along with Claire by Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and rhe

While Summer has told her concerns over and over to Kyle, that she doesn’t like Claire getting so close to the little boy, Kyle seems to be somewhat smitten with Claire, or is he?

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Michael Mealor on the red carpet at last week’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards to get his thoughts on this possible love triangle, or as the popular Aretha Franklin tune says, “Who’s Zoomin Who?” Can anyone be trusted?

Photo: JPI

Mealor revealed that coming up on Y&R between Summer, Claire and Kyle that, “It’s going to get nasty. I gotta say that. No one trusts anyone, which makes good TV.”

To that end, it looks like no one in the Abbott family trusts Kyle either, to which Mealor replied, “Jack (Peter Bergman) doesn’t trust Kyle. Summer doesn’t trust Kyle. Diane (Susan Walters) doesn’t trust Kyle. Claire may be the only one, and I (may) have her fooled.”

Photo: JPI

Fans have been speculating that Claire isn’t the now “good’ girl she seems to be and that her psychotic tendencies may take over. Mealor says, “That’s a testament to Hayley (Erin) and how amazing she is because she plays this lovable character, but you just kind of go, something may be off here.”

Recently, Y&R aired the two-person episode featuring Kyle’s on-screen dad, Peter Bergman and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) where Jack tries to get Nikki to stop her bender and sober up, but ultimately loses his own sobriety and almost loses his life. Mealor shared he saw the unbelievable performances when it was being filmed.

Photo: JPI

Michael expressed, “God, that’s such a fantastic episode. They showed up for that and they filmed that over two days –  split the episode in half. I was there on set shooting other scenes, but just watching them pour it out on the monitor. It was incredible.”

Watch our red carpet conversation with Michael Mealor below.

Now weigh-in; Do you think Claire will ultimately take to underhanded tactics to get Kyle and Harrison in her clutches and away from Summer? Let us know your theories via the comment section.

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Breaking News

Michele Val Jean Gives Update on Daytime’s Newest Soap: “The Team for ‘The Gates’ is Coming Together and It’s Fire”

CBS daytime’s newest soap opera, The Gates, is set to bow in January of 2025.  Until now, not much has been known of who else behind the scenes or in front of the camera might be coming on to the show.

However, The Gates writer, and co-executive producer, Michele Val Jean, shared an update on the series ,which has as its premise and epicenter, the story of a wealthy black family living in a gated community.

Now, Val Jean has taken to her Instagram account to share an update on the show.  Michele expressed, “You guys! The team for #TheGates is coming together and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t be happier. Exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Previously, Michele attended last weekend’s 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony where she also shared on her IG, these sentiments: “Had a great time at the #daytimeemmys tonight. I so love this community of such colossally talented and genuinely nice people. I’m humbled to be adding to the legacy with ‘The Gates’. Shout out to my #boldandbeautiful peeps. You guys are the best.”

Val Jean has been a writer for The Bold & The Beautiful, Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Port Charles throughout her daytime career, and she has won Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B and GH.

Now the question becomes, who would you like to see cast on ‘The Gates’? What kind of roles might be available? Who could be helping steer other creative elements behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


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