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The Young and the Restless


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Hilary, Lily, Charlie … Car Crash!


Tragedy strikes on Wednesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless!

It all starts to unravel when at the end of her live show broadcast, Hilary (Mishael Morgan) signs off with an emotional, yet cryptic message noting how things are changing, and not knowing what will happen next. What is Hillary referring to?

Later at Devon (Bryton James) and Hilary’s penthouse, as Shauna (Camryn Hamm), and Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) are about to have sex, they are busted when Lily (Christel Khalil) shows up! Shauna, who has run down the stairs is given an earful by Lily.  She tells Shauna she’s a bad influence on her son.  Just then, Hilary arrives.  Shauna says that Hilary knew Charlie and her were going to rendezvous.

Hilary calls out Lily for being an uptight prude.  Once again, these two begin a battle of barbs that this time will be life-altering.  Lily fires back that she feels sorry for Shauna and for the baby Hilary’s carrying.  All of a sudden Charlie is beside himself that Shauna ran out and he has to find her.

Now searching for Shauna in the car, Lily is driving as Hilary continues to ramp up the bickering from the front seat passenger side.  Charlie is in the backseat.

Hilary reminds Lily she was no saint at Shauna’s age! Lily has heard enough and she barks that Devon having a baby with Hilary is the worst idea, ever!  She goes on to tell Hilary she has no business being a mother.  All of a sudden a loud horn is heard, and their car is smashed in to, with the passenger side being the first to get hit!

Watch the car crash scene below.  Then let us know, what you think will happen to Hilary, Lily and Charlie in the fallout from this tragic moment via the comment section below.

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I thought it was a great episode today. I think Hilary will lose the baby as a prelude to Mishael Morgan’s exit. Lily will be blamed for the accident and its aftermath by her family, especially Cane and Charlie. Although I like the actor, it would make great story to have Charlie killed in the accident. We’d deal with Lily’s guilt, Cane’s grief and Mattie’s loss of her twin sibling.

That would be to harsh to harsh especially with today’s climate!

No pint in killing Charlie. …who will Devon leave his money to?

Michael Morgan Must Get Killed in the Crash Sence She is Leaving The Show

I think she looses the baby then leaves town with the friend she was with in the bar

Wow, great effects! I knew the crash was coming, but it still shocked me.

Had anyone read that Hilary is being killed off? I know M.M is leaving, but I am wondering why they would be writing all this new stuff for her, only to kill her off. Its more likely, she’ll linger in a coma, as did Phyllis, and then bring her back,voila, new Hilary!

Now I would be ok with this storyline. They could always have another baby later or she could be so injured to where lily would have to carry the baby.

Lily is unable to carry a child, she had uterine or ovarian cancer and had to have a complete hysterectomy. Mac (Kay Chancellor’s granddaughter) carried the twins Maddie & Charlie for Cane & Lily.

I forgot about that. Well, I think lily needs to pay someway and they bring back another Hillary to bring back the feistiness that will be gone from this show.

Lily is completely gutted and barren. Mackenzie had to carry her kids for her.

Really..sick description of a hysterectomy because of cancer!

Wow,I guess that’s one way to put it!

I think something happens to either Hillary or Lily I’m going more with Hillary and maybe they need her organs to save Charlie and that is why male was crying and Devon

Reports are she dies who knows ? No scenes with Devon I was never a fan but they did have a fan base but MY is putting the final nail in the coffin! You know things are bad when actors are tweeting hey aren’t our stories great ! Ugh

Hillary never should leave the show. She is one of the best character on this show. I love her. She is very good actress. She should stay forever.

I agree. She brings fire.

Yes,HILARY kept it Real and she had Fire and she was pretty/and Classic

I agree with you..Devon and Hilary was beginning to be a love story

YesI love her to I hope she don’t leave

And here is where Mishael’s exit story begins…

I’m deeply scared that Charlie is going to die and that’s why “Cane and Lily will never be the same” and why Neill was crying so hard. I assume Hillary will lose the baby and leave GC in despair or die herself, since she is leaving the show. #Godihopecharlieisok

Happy that we Canucks are a day ahead of you Yanks. So we know what’s happened already. Na nana na na….

How did that happen?

Hilary will loose baby and die or leave to get away from everyone to be with this other guy as for Nick he is turning out just like his fatheŕ finally someone stands up to Victor as for Jack I think he will find out he is not a chancellor

Unfortunately shr doesn’t make it and Lily will be facing charges and possible prison time for running a stop light causing a drsth.

I guess Charlie wasn’t paying attention to the road either. I would have been and then said something to Lily. Why didn’t he say, “Mom, keep your eyes on the road?” Even if I were arguing with someone while driving, I wouldn’t need to look at them.

Special effects were great. How did they do that?

I never will be able to stand the character of Lilly again she is disgusting when was it her job to control Devon and she has taken that stupid Cane back a million times those two make me sick the fact they have a fan base amazes me . I hope someone slaps her stupid whiny mouth she is ignorant and no she is not even close to being Drucilla’d daughter

So spoilers say Hilary is still alive glad to hear that her and Devon get a exit story ! But I am sure they will make her the villain !

You Right ,but that what wrong with The Young and the Restless..Hilary wasn’t at fault that SELF Righteous Lily was are both.Lily can do no Wrong.She is a Hypocrite on this Show.Lily should have been paying attention to the Road.Will Lily be Charged by Police?

You introduce Nate and the guy never has a shirt on??! Yep I would want him to be my doctor!!! NOT

As always Hillary’s mouth never stops..maybe she will pay price but doubt it…more than likly Charlie will be hurt or die….and Lily will be blamed.

It is Lily with her big mouth and she should be blamed. Last two years she made too many mistakes and her slammy husband. She should change or go out. Hillary is a bright and smart.

I watch this show for the drama and the romance. I’ve been watching for over 40 years. Why are y’all killing off some of the best characters. Why couldn’t you have Hillary leave and come back as someone else. We know when this show kills off characters and you don’t show the body i.e. Drucilla, malcolm and Adam, their character can be resurrected. Why not do the same for Hillary? I love the Hillary and Devon storyline. This is just dumb in my opinion. There aren’t any other characters who can bring a fire and spark like them.

Hillary’s character is much needed on the show. WHY COULDNT SHE HAVE BEEN RECAST. You bring in New character Shauna, wht happens with her? Lily is annoying as hell. Please do something exciting with Summer, like give her a great job on the other side of the work,and let Jack get Red back. Can’t stand billy,he’s not even good for himself. But I do like Phyllis n Nick. Can’t tolerate Sharon. Wht will happen when Phyllis discovers her daughter is a real snake? will she leave billy or will billy have self control n not sleep with his girlfriend’s snake daughter

I didn’t know Hilary was leaving the show. But I just saw today’s show, and it looks like Hilary died and didn’t make it. Wow! I wish I knew who that mystery guy is who she met with earlier. What’s his deal?

I think it’s Awful to take Hilary out the show like that and I’m at work around more than a100 people’s almost all of us FEELS the same way and than not to have Devon there just Awful some of my co-workers are debating if we will continue to watch the show. People’s are tired of SELF Righteous Lily and than for her and her son not to have a scratch on them unreal.This show begin to suck.The best thing it have going for it right now if Nick take down Victor and his sister.Which Victoria is not loyal to Nick and he must see that.For once let Nick,Abby and Jack Win.Somebody needs to Safe this Show the rating will fall. The love story between Devon and Hilary woulda been great.No one Billy back with Victoria. Furthermore, how could the writers in their right mind give that baby of Nick to his dad Victor???It DON’T Make Sense after the history Victor have.Sorry but frontline the writers at this moments. Instead of bring Summer back you should have brought Adam back..(Muhney are someone’s else Adam is the key to this story Now and that is who should take over for Victor ONCE he Retired..(Muhney) are someone like him.Now I feels the show should have done everything in their powers to KEEP Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan)and I do feel as OTHERS the show is low down for taking her out this way.Now I have a Question DO are is The Young and Restless Prejudice to black people’s. Lily, after all is marry to a white person and she may be mix. I FELT LIKE HILARY WAS THE BETTER ACTRESS EVEN BETTER THAN MARIAH ALTHOUGH MARIAH WON A AWARD.SUMMER SHOULD HAVE STAY GOING SO WHAT REALLY GOING ON WITH SHOW?? THE RATINGS WILL DROP.I HAVE WATCH THIS SHOW SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL AND NOW I’M THINKING OF STOPPING WATCHING IT MYSELF. PEOPLE’S ARE ALSO TIRED OF NIKKI AND THE NEWMANS..NICK THE BEST ONE AND HIS HALF SISTER ABBY. I have been loyal to this Show and i know their are millions of PEOPLE’S out their some that feels the same way i do and others who may not. We all can admits the showl. is going down hill if some Changes are not May. THANKS

You had to drop that race card!!!!!

Not sure she was dropping the race card it took me a long time to adjust to Hillary but I think I knew where she was coming from at the end and everybody seems to forget Neil kept her captive and no one seems to mention it so do not be too quick to judge the actress had a lot thrown at her and stepped up to the plate personally I would have liked her to be paired with somebody else but not to be only wish her the best!

I believe Hillary’s contract was up and she wanted too much money

Rita, while you have made some good arguments, that I agree with,especially MY, whom in my estimation is trying his best to get rid of Y&R, probably to install one of his British creations.
He has systematically ruined or changed every key character. I do not blame Nick for trying to compete with Victor, with his latest endeavour. I do blame his disloyal mother, sister and fiance, for not at least understanding what he is trying to do. It may not be right with him finding a little solace, and sympathy, Phyllis style, but he can be weak, where she’s concerned. I do not agree with most Adam fans. He is not the answer to this show’s salvation. He is as evil as old dad, if not worse. Look up his history of the horrible things he’s done, starting with gas-lighting Ashley,causing her to lose her child, then stealing Sharon’s baby and giving her to Ashley, out of guilt.There’s much more that new-comers don’t know, and others would rather forget,where Adam is concerned. Ashley and Hilary are both leaving of their own accord, and who can blame them? I’d rather lose Lily and that horny husband. I am not sure about Nate yet, just wish he’d put on a damn shirt. I think we all know by now , he’s built like a a brick you know what! I also think he jumped the gun with Hilary’s surgery. Seeing as how there are quite a few people of color, on the show, I didn’t understand your comment about that. I don’t care for Shauna either, but wouldn’t ,if she was green or purple.

I’m nearly as bummed over Mishael leaving as I was when Billy Miller and Michael Muhney left. I hope she shows up on GH or DAYS…or even a quality nighttime or cable series. That said, is anyone as SICK TO DEATH as I am over Lily’s endless moralizing?! She acts like Charlie disemboweled Shauna! We all know sex is a big deal especially when it’s our kids, but she was WAY over the top. So tired of her hypocrisy and her pompous (albeit gorgeous) husband’s terrible treatment of Jack. They act like they’re not even human!

The storyline for Jack is pitiful. If you want ratings, just finally bring out that he’s Victor’s half brother. Also, the summer storyline is stupid and how is it she is the one who gets Billy gambling again. REALLY? Come on YR, this is ridiculous. You’ve grown up everyone but Faith and then when you bring them back they are boring. Not working out the contract to keep Mishal (Hillary), on the show. That is crazy. The Newman’s are played out because victor always wins.

Hillary and baby will both die.
There is absolutely no-one that could ever replace Mishael Morgan, she is the one and only Hilary.

Lily, well – we will have 6 months of her going off the rails, and the family.
That family is the most boring blah family in the soap world so not looking forward to the aftermath.

to mention;
Mishael Morgan is a headliner star.
and- ALL stars want their exit to be the coveted; go out in a bang not a whimper..
Her being Killed is the prize exit, good for her to be given it.


The y/r just lost a fan

Okay so Charlie wasn’t in the seatbelt because he’s sitting in the middle of the seat and not even a scratch

The character of Hilary has been a mess from the get-go because of the writing (a mystery blogger out to destroy Neil because of a retconned plot where he hooked up with her alcoholic mother while on a bender). The show could never decide whether Hilary was a heroine, an anti-heroine, or a flat out bitch so they kept playing her as all three with no success. The only reason the character has lasted this long is because of Mishael Morgan’s talent and popularity.

I think the show will write her off with a teary deathbed scene where she recalls the happiest moment of her life — the time she was a contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT — because she will definitely find a job in prime time
(maybe as Dominique Devereaux on the CW’s Dynasty?)…

Love your DD theory!

When there is a bad car crash, there are police involved. Where are they!!

Doug Davidson is no where to be found trust me in the day he had some wonderful story lines I think he got on Twitter and well it backfired

Why, oh why, couldn’t it be Lily, instead? Kudos to Mishael Morgan in Friday’s hospital scenes. Great actress.

The woman is on her last breaths and she never stops yapping.. No wires, no vitals monitoring, nothing beeps when she passes out. The weirdest way to write a wedding story. I was almost expecting them to ‘get it on’ in that hosp. bed… Now THAT would have made my day in a wonderful way ! haha NOT.

Well, I figured Hil would lose the baby, but if she is still leaving the show, leaving Genoa does leave room for her to return! Probably at the time Devon has a new live interest! Could make for some interesting fall viewing. Writers make note that Devon’s new partner can have children!!

Never mind if she ( or anyone else) is leaving the show. I don’t know where people get this infi, I certainly did not know nor do I care. Don’t let that spoiler ,(literally) impact your viewing pleasure.

Have not seen today’s program.

Mishael Morgan has so creatively twisted her character over the years that it is hard to say something was unique in what should be her final soliloquy as closing her last program. However, it was a rather special display of her “reach” as an actor. It was personal and professional. Hilary needs to die.

Victor is leaving? Ashley is leaving? Jack is Victor’s half brother? Is all that happening?

Slow something down for a bit. Let us all grieve. There has always been, as someone else mentioned, a Shakespearean element with Nick and Victor, but I don’t know if the evolution of son turning into father will play well.

I turn off watching when young ones die, or when torture is involved. If all those just mentioned are leaving, someone break out for me just who is related to whom.

All the actors are doing superior work. It is a “Soap.” Someone asked why the writers don’t take on a serious story line and carry it to a realistic conclusion such as TJ’s abusive behavior or Dina’s inevitable regression. Such themes can easily couple with — I am lacking a word for this, but it can work.

What a difference a day makes if one doesn’t read this or watch daily!

I pay no attention to things like he or she is leaving. Just take it day by day for what it is, ( yes, peppered with some hearty comments from me) and when the hour is up, I don’t
for one minute think about it anymore. It’s a story, folks. Like a book, if you don’t like it then you put it down.

I think Devon will marry Hillary and the secret guy she met with before her accident is her brother and he will try to put a claim to second fortune because him and Hillary have no prenuptial since the marriage was on her death bead

Hilary will not make it from whatever dreadful thing is happening to her ( the doc flubbed his words, so we don’t know)and Lily may get off scot free from running a red light. ( a baby died, folks!)

Her body rejected the blood transfusions. I had a friend die the same way .. she lost so much blood and when they gave her transfusions it was like poison..he body rejected it..

Gotta tell you, I have been watching Y&R since I was a child. My absolute favorite soaps. I call it Dumn and the useless lol
Anything is possible but surely the life and times will be just as good requardless of what pans out

Makes me so mad . I’m never watching again and all my friends feel the same way! It sucks

Should the police already know about
Lilly’s accident? What about the truck driver? Doesn’t he know what happened?

I think the accident is Shauna’s fault for running off…like she always does!

The doctor should be the one who has made a mistake on Hillary not Lily really needs to stay in place and really shouldn’t be so ready to forgive Devon as he made her life a living hell

Where is the police report of the accident. It would be more of what went wrong then witnesses

On Y&R Was the guy that drove the truck was he drunk when he hit the car that Lily drove in episode dated July 18, 2018., Hilary and Lily were arguing and Lily ran a stop light so a guy in a truck hit them. My question is was the guy that hit them with his truck was he drunk?


Y&R’s Colleen Zenk on the Flipside of Aunt Jordan Tormenting Nikki: “My Relationship with Melody Thomas Scott Has Just been Incredible Since I Got Here”

Viewers of The Young and the Restless were left in disbelief with the arrival of Aunt Jordan, who schemed to have recovering alcoholic, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) kidnapped with an IV drip of booze flowing through her veins (and that’s just for starters).

When As the World Turns favorite Colleen Zenk was cast on Y&R, to portray the revenge-filled Aunt Jordan, the top-rated soap got a bit of a spring back into its step.  Zenk spoke this week with CBS San Francisco affiliate KPIX on her return to daytime and how she is getting along with the cast and crew at the CBS daytime drama.

In speaking with KPIX anchor, Gianna Franco, Colleen expressed: “Tthe fact that they welcomed me with such open arms and love, it really freed me up, because of how they received me and made me feel incredibly welcome, and not just the cast. I mean, the entire production, the crew, the staff, the directors, the writers … everybody from the top down.”

Photo: JPI

Hard to believe, but as Colleen shared, throughout her years in daytime she had never spoken with Y&R’s iconic star, Melody Thomas Scott, who she now has a budding on-screen rivalry with. Things have certainly changed.

Colleen added, “My relationship with Melody Thomas Scott has just been incredible since I got here.  She and I had never had a conversation before until the day I walked on the set. It’s just been fabulous. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying that.”

Photo: CBS

And walk in she did! Zenk shared that her casting had been kept top-secret at the show. No one really knew she was on the call sheet or the cast list at the time. To keep it mum, Colleen revealed, “My name was not anywhere. They did not have “Colleen Zenk” in print. So, when I finally did show up on November 17th (on-air) it was shock.”

Check out the segment where Colleen speaks on her Y&R adventure thus far below.

Are you looking forward to seeing … Nikki get her revenge on Aunt Jordan for all she put her through? More scenes between Colleen and Melody?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: An Emotional Nikki Shares, “My Four Years, Eleven Months & Twenty Four Days of Sobriety is Over”

Wednesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless featured a magnificent performance by Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman). The way Melody can play a woman on the edge, battling her addiction to alcohol and failing, in the most heinous of circumstances, is an acting triumph.

Nikki drinks some vodka and then hides the shot glass in her purse. It is clear that Nikki is trying to put up a brave front in front of Victor (Eric Braeden). She tells him, she feels so guilt-ridden and terrible because it had been almost five years since her last drink. Victor tells Nikki, “It’s not your fault when you were force-fed Vodka,” through an IV all a part of Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and Claire’s (Hayley Erin) plot against her. Victor blames his long ago affair with Eve Howard for all the trouble she is in now. Nikki tells him not to blame himself.

Sadly, when Victor asks if there is someone Nikki can call to help her through this, she says she used to call Katherine or Neil, but they are both no longer with us. Nikki says she is going to attend an AA meeting. Victor offers to drive her, but Nikki says she wants to go by herself.


It is at the AA meeting that Melody Thomas Scott turned in a very heartbreaking performance, as Nikkrecounts to the group what she endured at the hands of Aunt Jordan and Claire. She explains she has been having nightmares about losing her sobriety.  When she wakes up, she realizes it’s true.  She has lost her sobriety, sharing, “My four years, eleven months & twenty four days of sobriety is over.”

Nikki says that the most infuriating part is that it wasn’t her fault. She was literally forced against her will to ingest vodka. She goes on to explain the crazy story, but a true one, that she was kidnapped while having alcohol pumped into her veins through an IV.  The group feels Nikki is making the story up to justify her relapse. Addressing the meeting, Nikki says, “You need to know this. I didn’t take the first drink, but the second and the third, I took those.” She adds, “I am terrified. I cannot go down this road again. I won’t. So, I am here. I know it’s time to get humble again and just focus all of my energy on not taking a drink for a day, an hour, a minute, at a time.” At the end of the meeting, Nikki takes the shot gun glass from her purse and throws it into the tra leaves.


Later when meeting up with Victor, her phone rings and it unnerves Nikki.  She admits she’s been getting calls from an “unknown caller” and when she answers it, this very familiar music plays.  Victor and Nikki agree this could be one of Jordan’s tricks.  When Nikki can’t pinpoint the song, Victor has an idea. They head to the jazz lounge. Once there, Nikki hums what she is hearing on the phone call to the piano player asking if he knows what song this is. He figures it out. It’s “Kitty’s Bounce” from the swing era.

Nikki is becoming further unglued; admitting to Victor that Jordan is trying to break her. Nikki finds all of this so disturbing and worries it’s just the beginning. She says it’s like Eve Howard tormenting her all over again. Cut to Jordan arriving incognito to a motel room dressed in black with black hat and shades. She is ready to strike the Newmans … yet again.

What do you think about how Jordan is undermining Nikki? What did you think of Melody Thomas Scott’s performance on today’s Y&R? Comment below.

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Y&R’s Courtney Hope Gives Update Following Car Accident & Turning the Situation into a Positive

The Young and the Restless star Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) revealed she had been in a car accident near the Harry Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills on Monday, December 4th.

Taking to her Instagram story at the time, she wanted to let people know that both she and the people inside the other car were okay.  Hope, who plays Sally Spectra on the CBS daytime drama series, expressed that that while the  incident was a “heavy moment” it wound up being “positive and overwhelmingly beautiful.”

She went on to state, “It ended up being hanging out with the guy (other driver) and his family, and my family, and people that witnessed that stayed for hours and workers and neighbors.”

Photo: JPI

Making this all the more crazy as Hope explained, “Oprah (Winfrey’s) team was at the Houdini house and them coming down, and it was like, by the end we were like, laughing and taking photos.  I know that sounds absolutely crazy and ridiculous, but I was in shock of how, in such a really heavy moment, something beautiful can come out of it. Honestly, like all that mattered was that we were all okay.”

The actress added, “By the end of the encounter we were exchanging numbers and taking photos. I’m so thankful for that experience.”

Photo: CHopeIG

Always trying to look at the positive of life, Hope added, “I don’t know if our cars are totaled.”  However, she did share she needed a rental car but found the positive in that sharing a photo of a keychain hanging off the steering wheel that read: “LUV is in the air”

Courtney first played the role of Sally Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2017 till August of 2020, and then joined The Young and the Restless in the same role later in 2020.

Send your well-wishes Courtney’s way that nothing more serious happened from the car incident via the comment section below.

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