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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jill Is Heartsick Over Billy Turning Katherine's Mansion Into "A Bordello For Depressives!"

Photo: JThompsonTwitter

Photo: JThompsonTwitter

On Thursday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Jess Walton made another triumphant return as legacy character Jill, who had plenty to say to her son, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), and in turn viewers gor to see some screen time between two soap stalwarts.

When Jill returns to Genoa City, she first visits Chancellor Park with Cane (Daniel Goddard), and wants to ensure that Katherine has her own dedication by her major donation to the Winters-Abbott Foundation for a wing in Katherine’s name.  Jill really misses her, and recalls how hard the Grand Dame of Genoa City worked and struggled to get sober.  Hilary (Mishael Morgan) arrives on the scene.  Jill and her throw barbs at each other, since Hilary is trying to make the wing become a joint dedication named for Katherine and her mother, Rose, who was an addict.

Next, Jill visits Billy’s home which was Katherine’s mansion, and she is apoplectic at what she sees!  She is heartbroken at how Billy has turned Katherine’s home; where Jill has so many memories tied up in it, into a “man cave”.   She is shocked he painted it blue.  Then in the best line of the day, she says that he has turned the mansion into, “a bordello for depressives!”  She cries that he could have at least left Katherine’s picture up. He shows his mother that it’s now in the entranceway!

Jill has also caught Billy half-naked with new arrival Bethany (Chrishell Stause)!  She is saddened that Billy has “bimbo’s checking out the wine cellar!”  She had intended giving him Katherine’s home  as a place to give his children a wonderful home to grow up in,   When Jill exits, Bethany reminds Billy of his old gambling days, and then leaves after Jill has “killed the mood”.

Later, Jill makes another stop to the GCAC where she speaks with Jack (Peter Bergman) and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and lets it slip out that she just saw Billy with a woman in a sheetat his house!  She lets Jack know that Billy is imploding his life again.  Phyllis is visibly rattled.

What did you think about the return visit of Jess Walton on yesterday’s Y&R?  Did Y&R make a mistake by having Billy turn Katherine’s mansion into a “bordello for depressives”?  Since the set was changed, fans have been quite vocal about it on social media. Share your thoughts on it via the comment below!

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This set was changed without CBS approval seen the Abbitt mansion lately! When does it stop? For heavens sake we are trying to keep the four soaps on the air stop the crap with playing favorites get back to what made the soaps great I just want to pull my hair out you are just about blowing up daytime

And yes I am passionate if it is not broke it does not need repair! Please put me in a room with JFP and Pratt they won’t be able to get off the floor!

Well if you can meet with JFP take me with you. I’d like to lay that witch out for things she’s done on the other soaps too!

If I ever get in a room with that twit you are welcome to join me ! Everybody has personal conversations at that stupid club or a bedroom in the stupid club the man with no neck Dylan is in every freaking storyline and dumb as a stump . Nick acting like Herbal Spring was thelive of his life that dumb kid Summer in every storyline also and we turned the chancellor estate into a man cave for the eighthBilly! Stop the madness throw Pratt and Phelps out the door!!!!

And after my rant everybody have a safe memorial weekend

RIGHT ON, k/kay!!!!! Also, I think that the Chancellor estate now looks like a trashy-ass party house (or whatever)!!!!! Most of all, I agree with you about those 2 clowns Pratt & Phelps. I wish that one of the higher-ups at CBS would FINALLY GROW A BACKBONE ALREADY AND PERMANENTLY SHOW THOSE TWO CLOWNS THE DOOR!!!!! SAYONARA!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one, k/kay.

I have heard people say this is the worst remodel in soap history. We can all agree to disagree on that, and we could all offer probably at least 5 sets from various soaps to back up our claim. We ALL have to realize that cutting sets is a big cost cutting measure!! I don’t like it, I miss the grand old soap mansions of yore. But soaps cannot be produced that way anymore. It would be very entertaining to have a bunch of misfits living there in the original Chancellor house, like Billy, maybe Esther, Chloe, Devon, Kevin, etc. This shrunken blue set is jarring, to be sure.

Character wise, I don’t think Billy would turn the main living part of the house into a blue man cave. He grew up in similar luxurious digs over at the Incredible Shrinking Abbott manse. I think he would feel more at home in a place like that. I like one reader’s suggestion that he moved into the guest house, or another house on the property. I hope, since it has been remodelled, there will be a reason for it validated by the story. Maybe Chloe will need to be in close proximity for part of her baby story, as Billy could be the daddy. Whatever happens, I am not as mortally offended as some seem to be. It’s a soap. It’s a soap set. Our beloved Mrs. Chancellor is gone, and she is irreplaceable. What does sadden me is that soaps are in such rough shape that they can barely afford sets, or extras to fill in background scenes…all those little things that can make a scene seem real.

My biggest beef with a soap set came when I was quite young. Does anyone else remember the first Capwell house from Santa Barbara? My gosh that thing was ENORMOUS!!!!!!! I can’t imagine how much space it used up in the studio. I would imagine it was a permanent set as I really can’t imagine the crew having to set that up every day!! I used to dream about that house!! It was my childhood dream home! That staircase, that heavy wooden door that CC would angrily try to rip open or slam closed, neither with much success. LOL. It was a soap set unlike any other before or since!!

Then one day, the entire house was changed. It was shrunk to about half or a third the size. It had none of the Southern California/Spanish/Mission look of the original set. It was all cream coloured, and neutral, muted tones…it looked like an art gallery. If that had been the original set, it would have been fine. It was not an ugly set, and was still spacious by soap standards. However, thinking back, that was probably my first experience with soap set downsizing…not even really knowing what it was at that time. It was explained that CC changed the house to how it had ORIGINALLY looked before some earthquake or something, and he did it as a gift for Sophia. That never did sound right, nor did it fit continuity or story or flashbacks. But that breathtaking original set was probably VERY expensive to house, and used up a great deal of floor space. The remodelled set never did work as the Capwell mansion, and probably at that time, was one of the first signs that the show was on its way out. When cost cutting measures were that noticeable, but we never noticed it, it was a different era.

No soap has mansions like they used to. The Quartermaine mansion has shrunk on GH. The DiMera and Kiriakis mansions on DAYS are now claustrophobic one room dens. I applaud those involved in production of a show when they find creative ways to deal with issues like this. Like, that two person table set in the Brady pub on DAYS. We all know its in the Brady Pub, so if they don’t have to use the whole set that day…why not that little cubby hole set? I don’t mind day to day cost cutting like that.

However, with the money they are saving…I wish they would keep that money in the kitty for when production values are necessary…like a ball, or wedding, or funeral, or special event! I am really not a fan of weddings that take place in a church that seats 30 people, and only 12 are in attendance. Or a funeral where there are maybe 6 contract players there, and the rest are out of town, in the foyer, unable to make it, etc.

There is an old theatre saying…”Give me two good actors, a good script, and a set…and who needs the set?” That is true of theatre for sure! We let our minds do a lot of thinking and imagining in theatre. Granted, television is more of a visual medium, and sets do cause the viewer to buy into the reality of the production. But…maybe if the writing was up to par on soaps…these other cost cutting techniques would not be such an issue for fans! Days of Our Lives recently told the most incredible hour of soap opera dealing with Jennifer’s addiction. They did that basically on two sets…the Horton Living Room, and Jennifer’s bedroom! When the writing is that good, the sets almost dissolve away. But when it is abrupt, and jarring, and the writing can’t support or justify it…that’s why you have disgruntled fans being SO concerned about a set!

Dylan, what an excellent post!
Thank you.

Great post, Dylan. A little off topic what I’m about to say but I always marvel how ANY storytelling form can transport us…as a child…as an adult. Such a gift to be able to enter so may different worlds thru the imagination…whether it be a mansion in 2016 or one in 1816….

There is very little difference between the remodel and Victor’s cell or visitor’s room.
I think they painted the jail set and had too much paint left over so did the Chancellor estate.
They need to paint it again without the doom and gloom. I expect Morticia to come down the stairs any minute. lol

These writers have to go, they turned this show into a different family and town 🙁

I loved me some hurricane Jill! Her reaction after seeing what Billy did to Katherine’s mansion was priceless! I’ve been waiting for those scenes. If only she wanted to work on Y&R more often. She has been missed!

Jill really was great, wasn’t she? I got a jolt of the Y&R that I miss. Don’t get me wrong, I am a die-hard fan, but seeing Jill in action really brought it back! I hope she STAYS 🙂

Jill spoke for us fans with her rant. I loved her saying the house looked like a “bordello for depressives.” PERFECT! It also looks like a place where The Blue Man’s Group would party.
Why does Katherine’s house suddenly seem so small?
On another note, Jill is clearly on to Billy as far as his intentions toward Phyllis are concerned.

Same here, mollie. But, we are just being teased….like giving candy to a child and then take it away.
This is simply chaotic, unimaginative writing. I find it ironic that Billy’s playmate is a barrista as is Victoria’s. What a ‘coinkydink’. Was this ‘dramatic’ creation done as a joke? Or, to show how looow can one goooo!!!!!

YES, Jill’s input/rant was sorely needed and long overdue. I actually had a twinge of hope that they will right the “very very ” wrong and restore the Chancellor mansion to its previous glory. Is nothing sacred? Kudos to Jess Walton for reminding me of some of the reasons I fell in love with Y&R back in the 70s.

Totally agree, Harry. And yes! The house appears to have shrunk in size, too.
What the heck. Not inviting at all anymore.

Totally agree. She made the show not only watchable, but must see.

As a longtime fan, I am loving the fact that Jill is back. The initial reaction to her seeing the renovation of the Chancellor Mansion was excellent. It was nice to see her getting reacquainted with her son, even though I am still getting used to the “new” Billy. My one wish is that they keep around for a good long while. I loved the way she got in Hilary’s face yesterday. Classic soap opera cat fight. Then again, for it to be a real cat fight, Jill should have hauled off and given her a good old fashioned face slap. Now we need to see Jill run into Esther for a few snarky comments and I will be happy. I am hoping Jack will run into his father to discuss the Billy situation. On a side note, I was also loving the Lauren and Michael scenes. It nice to see they are keeping a pair of “vets” unchanged.

Hillary has more than met her match in Jill. Oh boy. Jill does not back down from confrontation, yet she has heart and soul…so I always root for her. Jess Walton delivers. P.S. Loved that Hillary got her comeuppance in the war of wills with Jill 🙂

Mollie, I feel a whodunnit murder mystery is coming up. So many characters hate Hillary with the heat of a thousand suns so if she is murdered the list of suspects will be longer than ZZ Tops’ beards.

To be honest, I was surprised the writers would script any sort of criticism towards Pratt/Phelps, because ever since his arrival in FEB 2015, Pratt has been allowed to run rough-shod through the 43-yr legacy that Bill Bell expertly laid-down and his grandiose explosions, drug-lord doppelgangers and Scooby Doo murder mysteries have alienated and disenfranchised longtime viewers. Jess Walton (Jess) gave a tour-de-force performance yesterday that seemed to channel what devoted viewers have been feeling: that the desecration of the Chancellor Mansion and the downward spiral of Billy Abbott have left us incredulous and wondering why this show has been allowed to run off-the-rails. (Personally speaking, I found it QUITE telling how #YR did not win either Best Writing nor Best Show at this year’s Daytime Emmys; perhaps voters were sending a message to Pratt/Phelps that this ‘new normal’ ain’t cutting it!)

They should have brought Jill back sooner. May sweeps was a dismal failure.

Amen sister!

I haven’t really watched since Sage found out Christian is alive – so I have missed quite a bit mostly out of disappointment with story lines.
However I love Jill (I always thought somehow she would inherit Katherine’s mantle as Grand Dame of Genoa City ,Lord knows in the early years she coveted it enough).I too am disappointed with what they have done with the Chancellor manse.
But I will tune in again just for Jess Walton.

Billy is a man, the house is his, he can do what he wants with it.
No man would live in a dead woman’s decor.

Katherine has a whole park immortalizing her, a huge monument to Katherine is her park, named ‘Chancellor Park’ ..

Billy can do what he wants to his house. I like it.

That’s a good point. No man, especially a young man, wants his house all floral and dainty.

hey Blake..
So right.. no young stud wants to live in dainty flowers anything..
they don’t even buy flowered sheets or frilly throw pillows LOL
Katherine mansion was pure elderly woman decor ..

man needs his manly stuff..

Damn straight!

Big difference between floral & dainty, and a crypt. lol

I know, next Jill will bitch about the types of flowers that are planted in kay’s park!

I love flowers.

I guess, su. But, if the changes had been made gradually; ……shown the progression, as it were, I think the overnight transformation would have gone easier on some of us.
However, if truth be told, I am soooo NOT into Jason as Billy; I care not what his story is; come what may.
Jason’s representation of Billy A is not sticking to me. The many lives of Billy Abbott should be a sub-title.

C, I was wrong, I thought Jason would be great as billy, no, I was wrong,it’s a bust!

So was I, Timmmy. I gave Thompson too much credit. But, what a bummer!!
Sometimes we get too used to an actor portraying a certain character, thus, letting go of that image becomes an effort.
I was never into Mr. Thompson to begin with (even as Patrick)….just did not do it for me then, nor now……however, I always try to give the benefit of the doubt.
Perhaps it’s the fact that no one else measures up to Billy Miller’s Billy A for me. Just my personal feeling.

Interesting how we can all see things differently. I think Jason Thompson is doing a terrific job and instead of emulating the past actors who played Billy, he is making this character his own. As someone said (forgive me, I cannot recall who it was) Thompson plays Billy as more of a Foster than an Abbott.
Here’s where I feel I was wrong–I thought Billy Miller would make a terrific Jason but for me, he’s just not working. I would never imagine in a million years that Miller could be so dull.

Yes, Harry….we do have a difference of opinion. I shall stick to mine, albeit, as previously stated, I do agree that Billy Miller’s proverbial charm is lost in the role of Jason.

I was ticked off that they didn’t have Jess and Patrick share a scene after Billy came out of his coma. Mama Jill was there keeping vigil, fought to keep him from being taken off life support– he wakes up and what no scene with his mother– what a let down.

As for the set, since they rebuilt it anyway, and use very little of the original and shrunk it beyond recognition I don’t see why it was necessary to say Billy moved to the old Chancellor mansion, they could have just said Billy bought his own house, or they could have said it was an guest house on the Chancellor estate. There was no reason to destroy viewers memories of this iconic piece of Y&R history other than to give the proverbial finger to the loyal fan base Bill Bell built — and if they wanted to keep the Chancellor name alive on the show, by having Billy move into Katherine’s house, personally, I rather see real Chancellors there – Katherine had family, there was no reason not to have them part of the show

Tucker should live there!

Tucker and Devon should be there, with Mac, Nina, her sons, and Esther. You’re right. Billy makes no sense there.

Right, Timmmy. And, Devon should be made to take a DNA test to prove he is really not his son. Let’s see how long it would take Hilary to divorce a penniless Devon. She will make a beeline for either Victor, or Jack, for sure. Maybe, even slither her way back to Neil’s bed.
Bring Mac back; the true heir!!

It wouldn’t matter if Devon wasn’t Tucker’s son, Katherine left the money to Devon, not Tucker’s son.
I won’t swear to it but I think they did do a DNA test way back when….
That’s a good point about Mac though, why wasn’t she left anything or Brock?

Always glad to see Jill back. Jess Walton is one of daytime’s finest actresses (as she proved yesterday). Hope she stays around (minus Collin). I like all the changes on Y & R. Like life, nothing stays the same. Catherine and her mansion are a distant memory, and glad the show is moving on. I also think Jason Patrick has brought new life to Billy ~ he’s confident, sexy and comfortable in his own skin. I have said it for months, YandR is firing on all cylinders, best it’s been in years!

…meant Jason Thompson (not Patrick)

JT has totally given us an awesome manly sexy Billy..
He is the best Billy, in my opinion.
JT is the first deep dark Billy.

Wow–I agree with Suoo on this.
However, I don’t agree that Billy’s decor is good. It’s too dark and feels almost claustrophobic–it has terrible feng shui He is supposed to have his children stay there on his time with them and there is nothing about that house which suggests mental stability.
Jill nailed it with her “bordello for depressives” comment. It’s not a house I would want to visit.

I agree. Love Jess. She steals every scene.

Celia…E-X-A-C-T-L-Y!!!!! That CLOWN AND CHUMP Devon is such an idiot!!!!! And, that Hilary chick is nothing but a MONEY-GRUBBING S-K-A-N-K!!!!! Most of all, Mac was (and still is) W-A-Y MORE DESERVING of Katherine’s $$$ and N-O-T Devon!!!!! Oh…and BTW, Hilary ‘making a beeline’ for THAT OLD GOAT Victor…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!



Oh, you are so right, JK! They have the very first episode of Y&R available online for free! When I watch Y&R today, I would never believe that the people in the very first episode were ever a part of Y&R! It seems these characters are completely forgotten, and they made the show so popular in its heyday/early years! I would love to see these episodes again! I hope they make them available online! I really miss the early years of Y&R! Not the same show today! To me it’s just very cold and all business related! I understand that things change over the years, but Y&R has gone to extremes!

jess and jason really look great together as mother and son
… speaking of sets…. where are all the sets?… how many times can phyllis and jack have a glass of water at the gcac?, cane and lily meet at the park? … dont they live in a home?
lauren and michael have a coffee at that cheesy new park cafe?!… no abbott home, no ashby home, no baldwin home…. geez, y n r is really budgeting… you d never guess its the # 1 soap by the looks of it…
as well the music score s gotten a little better but nothing like the classic y n r days, the background music was tops… its so generic musac now. totally unnecesarry

Next they will all act out their scenes in a high school gymnasium !

More than likely they will act in front of green screen and some tech guy will fill in the rest— wait that might actually be better than the low quality sets that have taken over the show— thank God for B&B– that soap reminds all soaps fans what a real sets for a soap are supposed to be–mansions that look like mansions and not a New York studio apartment.

Damien, now that you mention it, we have not seen the Abbott mansion in ages. Do you think they tore it down? And if so, why?
I also have not seen the Newman ranch in ages. I know Sharon burned it down but I thought they rebuilt it.
The only homes we see are Sharon’s house and Chelsey and Adam’s penthouse.

I don’t believe they tore the Abbott mansion down, Harry! I believe I saw it a month or so ago! Yes, Sharon burned down the original Newman ranch, then they rebuilt it, but I haven’t seen that set for quite a while now, but I would assume we will see it again at some point in the future! Katherine Chancellor’s mansion, in my opinion, was very beautiful, and should have been left as it was! Billy really ruined it! The sets on Y&R today, to me, are very cold, with the exception of the Abbott mansion, which was always very beautiful! One of the most beautiful homes many years ago on Y&R was the Brooks home! Even the Foster home, which was a very modest home because the family was very poor, had more warmth and substance, than the sets today on the show! The reason everyone hangs out at the Genoa City Athletic Club is because Kevin burnt down the original restaurant in town after he arrived in Genoa City in 2003! When the show premiered in 1973, the restaurant was called Pierre’s, owned by Pierre Roulland, played by Robert Clary, of Hogan’s Heroes fame! Pierre was attacked and slain by a mugger the following year, 1974, and Katherine Chancellor’s son, Brock Reynolds, played by Beau Kayzer, who passed away in 2014, bought the restaurant, and renamed it the Allegro! The eldest of the four Brooks daughters, Leslie, had a nervous breakdown on two different occasions, and on the last occasion, was discovered by a man named Jonas, who brought Leslie back to Genoa City, and they both bought the restaurant and renamed it Jonas’! When the Brooks and Foster families were written out of Y&R in the early 1980s, Danny Romalotti bought the restaurant for his sister, Gina Roma, and it was renamed Gina’s! Then Kevin blew into town in 2003, and had many issues, and started doing crazy things, to put it mildly. One of which was burning down this restaurant that had been a gathering place in Genoa City for over 30 years! Kevin is another perfect example of a character who points the finger and looks at what others on the show have done wrong, but forgets all the horrible things he did and got away with, and he still hasn’t learned to this day! I am not a big fan of Kevin’s! Ironically, Sharon committed arson and has done horrible things, for example, when she changed Summer’s paternity, making Nicholas think he wasn’t Summer’s father! When the truth came out, Nicholas hated her, and finally forgave her! Now she’s not telling him that Christian/Sully is alive, because she doesn’t want to disappoint her husband, Dylan?! Really? Even though Christian/Sully is really Adam and the recently deceased Sage’s son, Sharon still should have told Nicholas the truth! When this comes out, which it eventually will, everyone is going to hate Sharon again, especially Nicholas, Dylan and Adam! Sharon is another character that never learns from her past mistakes! Most of the female characters on the show today are cheap floozies! There are quite a few who do add class to the show, such as Esther, Jill, Lauren and Ashley, to name a few! The four Brooks sisters, Leslie, Lauralee, aka Lorie, Chris and Peggy, now these were true ladies! Very classy! You can see the Brooks house in the very first 1973 episode of Y&R! They had a beautiful zigzag wallpaper in the Brooks foyer! However, it wasn’t put up yet in the very first episode, though! This episode is available online for free, in case you would like to see how Y&R started! Enjoy!

Michael, what a fun post to read!
Thank you for the summation of Y&R’s sets throughout the ages.
I also fondly Mary William’s home. I appreciated it because it was realistic–there were doilies, Bibles and Reader’s Digest on the coffee tables and crucifixes on the walls.
Mary Williams was a fascinating character because so many of us have known mothers like her. I remember the way she went after all of Paul’s wives with the Bible in one hand and a rolling pin in the other!

Michael Fairman, thank you so much for addressing this issue/story line.
Man, was Jill a sight and sound for sore eyes and ears or what? She said EVERYTHING we fans (and soap bloggers) wanted to say about Billy’s remodeling of Katherine’s mansion not to mention his choices in life. Damn, I love Jill something awful.
And has anyone noticed that Jess Walton and Jason Thompson really look like they could be mother and son?
Please stay, Jill Foster Abbott. Damn, you are so needed.

Harry, I said from day one, think of nubilly as a foster and not an Abbott.

Yes, you did say that, Timmm.
And when you think that his mother (Jill) had an affair with her stepson (Jack) this whole Billy/Phyllis mess seems plausible. And this is why Jill is going to see right through her son and she will know what is going on before anyone else does.

Hey, Timmm,
It has become a travail for me watching Jason T be Billy. I get a pang each and every time. Billy Miller is not cutting it as Jason on GH either for me.
Billy A is not really a Foster because Jill was adopted. The true Fosters were of a lighter complexion. But, yes, if we can get Billy Miller’s image as Billy A out of our head, and appreciate the fact that Billy favors his mother’s looks, then I can definitely look the other way and accept it.
And, to add to Harry’s comment, I, too, find this Billy/Phyllis thing plausible because this is what Billy does. As I said days ago, Jack slept with Jill and Billy also slept with Sharon while she was married to Jack…..all in the family. LOL.

Harry, I’m replying to your post on Mary Williams’ home on Y&R! I completely agree with you! The Williams’ home was also a very warm house and it’s true what you say about Mary Williams! She did go after all of Paul’s wives with the bible in one hand and the rolling pin in the other! She especially didn’t like Lauren, who was very wild and cruel to Traci Abbott because of Traci’s weight! I’ve always liked Traci, and felt she was the heart and soul of the Abbott family, as was Mary to the Williams family! Mary was a very lovable character! Sadly, Carolyn Conwell, who played Mary, I believe passed away a number of months before Jeanne Cooper, who was so phenomenal as Mrs. Chancellor! It might interest you to know that the Genoa City Athletic Club set, is actually another set from the late 1990s on Y&R! It actually used to be the Dennison home! Keith Dennison and his two daughters, Tricia and Megan, came to Genoa City in the late 1990s, and according to the Y&R 25th anniversary silver edition hardcover edition, which came out in 1998, the Dennisons lived at 715 Hyde Park! Keith Dennison dated Jill for a short time! The Brooks family lived at 300 Hyde Park, just a stone’s throw away, but the Brooks family left town about sixteen years before the Dennisons arrived in town! In my other posts here, I speak of many different Y&R history, and as you scroll, you’ll probably see my other posts on Y&R! As you can probably tell, the Brooks family was my all-time favorite Y&R family! Jill knew them very well, however when the Brooks family was a major part of Y&R, Jill wasn’t played then by Jess Walton! Jess arrived in 1987, five years after the Brooks family was written out! When Lauralee Brooks, aka Lorie, came back to Genoa City for six weeks in the summer of 2002, Jess Walton was in some of those episodes, but Lorie and Jill had no scenes together, which I didn’t understand why, seeing as the two characters knew each other years ago! It was my pleasure to inform you about Y&Rs sets and history through the years! If you get the chance, check out the very first episode of Y&R from its debut on March 26, 1973! The man who is being driven into town in episode one of Y&R actually returned a few years ago to Y&R to now play the man who drove the new Phyllis into town! I thought that was extremely clever! If you see the first episode of Y&R, Harry, I think you’ll agree how much the show has changed today! I miss those early days of Y&R! Take care, and be well, Harry!


@Tani that was the original Jill /Brenda Dickson and Terry Lester the original Jack. However when Peter Bergman and Jess Walton had an affair again after they started portraying the characters.

Harry, I also forgot to mention in my most recent and very long post: another thing Susan Flannery and Jaime Lyn Bauer have in common is that the two of them also played Dr. Laura Horton on Days of Our Lives, in addition to both of them also playing John McCook’s wife on two other soaps: Jaime on Y&R, and Susan on B&B! Susan Flannery was Laura #2, and Jaime was Laura #5, on DOOL!

Jill was absolutely right in regard to Katherine’s mansion! It looks absolutely disgusting, and should never have been changed! It seems that Billy never learns from any mistakes he made in the past! Did anyone know that Jill is the only character from the original cast of Y&R that remains to this day, but Jess Walton is the fifth actress of six to play Jill! Jill was originally played by Brenda Dickson (1973-1980; 1983-1987), and then by Bond Gideon (1980), Deborah Adair (1980-1983; 1986), Melinda Fee (1984), Jess Walton (1987-present) and Judith Chapman (around 1992 or 1994)! As you may know, Judith Chapman replaced Joan Van Ark as Gloria Abbott in 2005! The coincidence here is that Judith Chapman was paired romantically with twin brothers William, who was eventually killed off, and Jeffrey Bardwell, played by Ted Shackelford! Had Joan Van Ark remained in the role of Gloria, which she originated in 2004, she would have been reunited with Ted Shackelford, who played her husband on Knots Landing! There was also another reunion on Y&R: Kin Shriner temporarily played Jeffrey Bardwell on Y&R! As you all probably know, Kin has played Scott Baldwin on-and-off on GH for years, and one of Judith Chapman’s many soap opera roles was that of Ginny Blake on GH, so they were both reunited on Y&R! This just occurred to me: I wonder if Gloria’s son, Michael Baldwin is any relation to Scott Baldwin?! Even though these characters are on two different soaps, they have the same last name, and are both lawyers! Hmmmm! In regard to Jill, Jess Walton has always been phenomenal in the role, and has the distinction of playing Jill longer than any of the other five actresses who have played Jill through the years, combined! Quite an accomplishment! June 19th will mark the 29th anniversary of Jess Walton’s debut as Jill! Even though I love Jess Walton, I must say I loved all of the Jills, and I especially miss the original Jill, Brenda Dickson, and the third Jill, Deborah Adair, in the role! In regard to Victor, it is appalling how much he has gotten away with over the years! Now, he’s finally in prison, and the prison’s Doctor, Meredith Gates, can’t see how Victor is playing her? Now Nikki wants a divorce from Victor, after all the years of being an idiot, and going back to Victor for more of his nonsense! Also, Summer needs to get her head out of the sand, and see her grandfather for who he really is! She also needs to realize that Luca, the creep, is just playing her! Eric Braeden is outstanding as Victor, though! It also makes me annoyed that Y&R’s two original core families during the show’s first ten years, the
Brooks and Foster families, are just completely forgotten! These great characters started the show, and I feel at least some of them should be brought back to Y&R! Jill was part of the Foster family, until they had the “brilliant” idea of making Jill Lauren’s sister, explaining that the Fosters had adopted Jill from Lauren’s long-deceased dad, Neil Fenmore! I did not like this, for I felt the writers ruined the original concept of the show! I also miss Jaime Lyn Bauer as Lauralee “Lorie” Brooks, and I really wish she would return to Y&R! Lorie was another great character from Y&R’s heyday! Lastly, Mishael Morgan is great as Hillary, but this character needs to be dealt with for all her scheming and blackmailing threats, and given the heave-ho! Well, time will certainly tell as to how everything will play out! Keep watching, Y&R fans!

Wow, Michael–thank you. You certainly are well versed on the history of Y&R.
I started watching Y&R in the mid 80’s and hence, do not recall the Brook’s family.
Yes, I love Traci and Lauren was one of those horrid mean girls we all know and hate from high school. I remember after she taunted Traci at the swimming pool party, Traci hid in her room with her pink princess phone and ate a box of candy bars she kept hidden in her closet. Y&R was ahead of its time as far as addressing bullying and I can hear Janis Ian singing, “At Seventeen” in my head as I think back upon the aforementioned scene.
And while I loved John Abbott, thought it was cruel of him to call Ashely “my beauty.” As a parent you cannot label the other sibling in such a way as to leave the other sibling out. It invites a cruel comparison.

Harry, I agree with everything you say here! Another coincidence about the Y&R sets is that after the Brooks family left town in the early 1980s, the front of the Brooks house, doors included, served as the front for some sort of soda/ice cream shop! Poor Traci was sitting at one table, and Lauren, who was also there, spitefully ordered a big banana split for Traci, knowing full well that Traci had a weight problem ! When the waiter informed Traci that the banana split was compliments of Lauren, Traci went over to Lauren’s table with the banana split, and Lauren asked Traci if she was enjoying the banana split! Traci said, “No, Lauren, this one’s on you!” Then Traci dumped the banana split over Lauren’s head! What a priceless and funny scene this was! Lauren got what she deserved! A few years ago, when Traci was visiting Genoa City, she ran into Lauren, who then apologized to Traci for the way she had treated her years before, and they both finally made peace! Yes, John Abbott should have treated the two daughters the same! It seemed that Ashley was the favorite, and Ashley wasn’t even John’s real daughter, which he never found out about! John’s first wife, Dina Abbott Mergeron, had an affair with a man named Brent Davis, who had a drinking problem, which produced Ashley! Brent later died! I believe Jack found out about this, and threatened Ashley that he would reveal this, if he didn’t get her job at Jabot! Jill was even married at one time to Stuart Brooks, who was the father-in-law of the eldest of Jill’s two brothers, Dr. Snapper Foster! Many years later, Jill found out she wasn’t related to the Foster family at all, because the Fosters adopted Jill years ago from Lauren’s deceased father, Neil Fenmore, who died in 1986! Jill still considers Snapper and Greg, a lawyer, her brothers, though! Snapper is married to the third eldest Brooks daughter, Chris! If you google the Brooks family, there is a complete history of the characters from that family online! Perhaps you saw the four Brooks sisters, when they temporarily returned to Y&R for three episodes in April 1984, when Victor and Nikki first married! Other characters from Y&R’s heyday returned temporarily at that time, as well! Please check out the very first episode of Y&R online! You’ll see two of the four Brooks sisters in the premiere episode, and how beautiful the Brooks living room was! Thank you also, Harry, for the very nice compliment about my being well-versed on Y&R’s history! I do try to remember those wonderful early years, and I appreciate your kind compliment very, very much! It certainly is not the show it was during its first ten years! Jill is the only original character from the beginning, and it’s not the original Jill, and Jill only appears now from time to time! All the six Jills were great, though! Be well, Harry!

By the way, I forgot to mention, speaking of Billy destroying the Chancellor mansion by remodeling it, they should change it back! As one of the people commented here, the Chancellor mansion is an iconic piece of Y&R history, and should have been left alone! As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Speaking of Y&R homes, the Brooks house was one of the most beautiful houses on Y&R years ago! I’m sure Y&R viewers have heard people mention now and then, the Genoa City chronicle, which is the town’s newspaper?! Well, Stuart Brooks was the owner of the chronicle! The Brooks and Foster families were written out in the early 1980’s, and Stuart Brooks left Genoa City in 1983! Many characters from Y&R’s heyday/early years returned temporarily for Victor and Nikki’s first wedding in 1984, including the four Brooks sisters, Leslie, Lauralee aka Lorie, Chris and Peggy! Stuart Brooks was said to have “died” offscreen in 1984, and his wife Jennifer “died” onscreen in 1977, when the Brooks family was still a major part of Y&R! How I miss those early days, and wish these episodes were available online! They do, however, have the very first episode of Y&R, which originally aired on March 26, 1973, if anyone is interested in seeing how it all began! I guarantee when you watch Y&R today, you will never ever believe that the characters in Y&R’s first episode were ever a part of the show, as the show has changed so much through the years! Deidre Hall appears in Y&R’s first episode! She played nurse Barbara Anderson for two years on Y&R, before becoming very famous as psychiatrist Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives, which she joined in 1976! Also, in regard to Y&R’s Nikki and Victor: how many times were they married?! I’m guessing 500?! I’ve honestly lost track!

Triumphant return INDEED!!! OMG! I didn’t realize how much I missed Jess Walton on Y&R until she blew in like a tornado!! All hail the Queen of Y&R! She absolutely dominated every scene she was in… in the inimitable style that is all hers!

I howled with delight and had to keep rewinding to see her in action against that evil bitch, Hillary! Also THANK YOU writers for giving Jill a chance to say what’s been on EVERYONE’s mind about the revamp of the Chancellor Mansion! Proclaiming he ruined the house that was once her and Kay’s “battlefield” was such fantastic writing and acting…. please, Jess, if you’re reading this… please stay on in GC for a long time and give the long time fans a new reason to tune in!

Jess Walton is the REAL DEAL and is one of the best reasons to watch the show now!

Obviously the emphasis is on the “Young” in “Y&R”. But why paint a house prison gray? Did they get a discount on gray prison paint, or are they all depressed from writing the most unpleasant character portrayals I’ve ever seen on daytime TV?

You said it best, Dr.
These “unpleasant” characters are downers…..and Catherine’s mansion is cloying and confining….which does not lighten the ambiance one bit. The house used to be so airy and welcoming. It has been desecrated, in my opinion. I suppose the atmosphere fits Billy’s disconsolate mood.
As it now is, the house feels like living in a box… up those walls and let the it breathe so we can breathe.

Why did they not just give the new Billy a condo and never show the Chancellor Mansion again problem solved. If Jill was going to give that house to anyone it would have been Cane and Lilly and their children she has always been closer to Cane.

Jill, welcome back! Where is Colin? Dear god, if you are not using him, ship him to gh immediately! I liked Jill tearing everyone a new azzhole, especially that skamk Hillary! Bring back the original tucker darling!

I”m just glad Billy has a place of his own to live. I”m tired of all the action taking place in the park. It only makes sense that he would redecorate.

You know, I was about to give Y&R another rest and then I saw Jill in the previews, I said hell yes!!! I didn’t expect it to be that good though. The way she was all over the canvas showed me the connections she had to the show and that she needed to stay. She made what was already there better. If the writers are good enough to notice how bad the mansion looks, then why aren’t they good enough to change it? I’d like to see Jess Walton back on permanently and Pratt/Phelps out. This show needs, wants, and deserves someone young/and or old who loves the show and understands it, and respects the rich history and the characters, things that made the show click like it’s original music. Jill made those last two episodes not only bearable, but must see. I felt like she is the Laura/Genie Francis of the show. She’s the matriarch after Mrs. Chancellor. Why is the star of the show only guest starring? I loved her battle with Hillary, epic like Jill and Katherine, and has potential. Hillary should be Jill’s daughter because they hate each other and history would repeat, but the good parts of y&r’s history. Please come back forever Jess, what’s it going to take? Money, what?

Took the words right out of my mouth! Couldn’t agree more on every topic you hit! Please LORD let Jill be back on the canvas permanently! Sorry, Jess… I know you love Oregon, but we love you, too!

Jill “hit it out of the ballpark.” Thank god someone on the show can stand up and see what is happening and speak up. Can’t the writers see that the viewers have become the “restless” in the “Young and the Restless.”

I recall a picture in the Chancellor mansion living room which looked surprisingly familiar; it surely was an original. Could Billy not have preserved and valued the interior pieces while letting viewers know. Or, why not redecorate without desecrating? The home must have been on some sort of historical register in Genoa City. There was a story in that change.

It pains me to see Jack drawn into Hillary’s seemingly psychotic and narcissistic self-promotion. May he plan to pull the rug out from under her some day quite soon. Viewer’s are fatigued by Jack’s indifferent attitude toward just about everything. He has become more than a bit slow on the uptake.

Thank you Jill, you addressed the Mansion, Hillary, and Billy. Come back for us to enjoy. Please, come back more often.

Tani Sterling, I’m replying to your question on Jack Abbott! When Jack and Jill slept together, Jack was played by Terry Lester, who originated the role in 1980! Jack was temporarily played by Brett Porter in 1985, who bore quite a resemblance to Terry Lester! Terry Lester returned to the role, and played it until the summer of 1989! Peter Bergman took over the role of Jack in November 1989, and Terry Lester passed away fourteen years later, in November 2003! When Jack and Jill slept together, Jill was played by Brenda Dickson, who had recently returned as Jill in September 1983 after a 3 1/2 year absence! Brenda Dickson originated the role of Jill when Y&R premiered in March 1973! Here are the list of Jills for you: Brenda Dickson (1973-1980; 1983-1987), Bond Gideon (1980), Deborah Adair (1980-1983; 1986), Melinda Fee (1984), Jess Walton (1987-present) and Judith Chapman (1992 or 1994)! Judith Chapman returned to Y&R in January 2005, when she replaced Joan Van Ark as Gloria Fisher Abbott! Joan Van Ark originated the role of Gloria in April 2004! I know you only asked about Jack Abbott, but I just thought I would give you a little more information you might be interested in! I hope I’ve been helpful! Take care!

Michael wasn’t Terry Lester upset with the nepotism which was afforded to Lauralee Bell ?

Yes, Harry! Terry Lester was very upset that Lauralee Bell was getting a great deal of onscreen time, which I think played a big role in his leaving Y&R! You may remember the second eldest Brooks sister, Lauralee, also known as Lorie, when she returned to Y&R for six weeks in the summer of 2002! In fact, when the late William J. Bell created the character of Lauralee “Lorie” Brooks, he named the character after his daughter, Lauralee Bell!

Yes he was and with good reason she had no training and was in every storyline like Steve Burton is now unprofessional pleas don’t get me started I like Peter Bergman but he will never in my eyes fill Lesters shoes as Jack! Some characters you just can’t replace , the only friend in the soap business I have ever known so yes I am biased!

Harry, I thought I’d give you some more information! I read a very long time ago, that the front doors of the Brooks house were actually from a real Beverly Hills mansion! I see no reason why this wouldn’t be true! Y&R started as a half-hour soap when it premiered on March 26,1973, and expanded to one hour on February 4, 1980! Y&R replaced the daytime soap Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, which ran from 1967-1973! William Gray Espy, who originated the role of Dr. William “Snapper” Foster in 1973, and was later replaced by David Hasselhoff in 1975, appeared as an extra on LIAMST! Although Snapper was married to the third eldest of the four Brooks sisters, Chris, William Gray Espy was dating Janice Lynde, who originated the role of Leslie Brooks, the eldest Brooks sister, in real-life! Later, William Gray Espy and Janice Lynde were reunited on Another World! William played Mitch, and Janice played Tracy on that show for two years, starting in 1979! Janice left Y&R IN 1977, and next year, will be gone 40 years from Y&R! Janice was replaced as Leslie by the late Victoria Mallory, who passed away at 64 in 2014! In fact, Beau Kayzer, who played Katherine Chancellor’s son, Brock Reynolds, passed away four months to the day of Victoria Mallory! In fact, both Beau’s and Victoria’s characters were once romantically linked on Y&R! Jaime Lyn Bauer, who was the original Lorie Brooks, and Tom Hallick, whose character Brad Eliot, was mugged, and then brought to Genoa City by a truck driver in Y&R’s premiere episode, guest-starred last night in a classic CHiPs episode! They shared a scene with Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox! Ironically, Erik Estrada appeared briefly many years later on The Bold and the Beautiful, Y&R’s sister show! Lorie was also played temporarily by Lezlie Dalton, who went on to play Elizabeth Spaulding on Guiding Light, Victoria Thompson, who went on to play one of the Janice Frames on Another World, and finally, by Wesley Pfenning, who went on to play one of the Alice Frames on Another World! Donna Mills appeared on both The Secret Storm and Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, and in a prime time 1972 series called, The Good Life, with Larry Hagman! Donna MIlls appeared in the 1982 TV movie, Bare Essence, and when Bare Essence became a TV series, which lasted only one season, in the spring of 1983, Jaime Lyn Bauer replaced Donna Mills in that show, I would assume, because Donna Mills was busy with Knots Landing! In fact, Jaime Lyn Bauer appeared as a real estate agent in one episode of Knots Landing! Donna Mills, was in that episode as well, but they didn’t have any scenes together! This might also interest you: Ronn Moss, who was the original Ridge Forrester on B&B, was once married to Shari Shattuck, the third Ashley Abbott on Y&R, but when Eileen Davidson returned as Ashley in 1999, then crossed over for a little while to B&B in 2007, Ridge was dating the original Ashley on the show! Also, Susan Flannery, who played Ridge’s mom, Stephanie Forrester on B&B, and Jaime Lyn Bauer, have two things in common: they both played the wife of John McCook on two different soaps! Susan was John’s wife on B&B, and Jaime was John’s wife years earlier, on Y&R! The second Ashley Abbott, Brenda Epperson, was married to Blade at one time on Y&R! Blade was played by Michael Tylo, who is married to Hunter Tylo, who played Ridge’s second wife, Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester, on B&B! Also, B&B replaced Capitol, a political soap opera, which aired from March 1982 to March 1987! Jess Walton appeared on that soap, and started playing Jill on Y&R three months after Capitol went off the air! Carolyn Jones, of The Addams Family, originated the role of rich matriarch Myrna Clegg on Capitol, and was rivals with Constance Towers, who played sweet Clarissa McCandless! When Carolyn Jones was ailing, Marla Adams temporarily filled in for her! Later, Marla Adams went on to play Dina Abbott Mergeron, John Abbott’s first wife, on Y&R! When that happened, Carolyn Jones’ permanent replacement as Myrna Clegg on Capitol was Marj Dusay, who was best-known as Blair’s (Lisa Whelchel) mom on The Facts of Life! Carolyn Jones passed away in early August 1983, sadly! Constance Towers appeared briefly as John Abbott’s secretary, Audrey North, on Y&R, in 1996, and, as you probably know, Harry, Constance Towers has played the third Helena Cassadine the longest on GH for many years, but the role was originated by the late, great Elizabeth Taylor in 1981! Marla Adams also appeared as the third of four Beth Logans on B&B, which replaced Capitol, which Marla also appeared on! I have many different autographs from soap opera stars, etc., and I used to draw, but really don’t anymore, due to arthritis! Jaime Lyn Bauer always wrote to me, and told me she remembered the drawing I sent of her, and she thinks she still has it in a frame behind one of her other pictures! My drawings of both Donna Mills and Jaime Lyn Bauer somehow got posted to both actresses’ Facebook pages, but are not there anymore! I also have autographed photos from Jeanne Cooper, Terry Lester, Beau Kayzer and Tasha Martel, who was also known as Arlene Martel and Arline Sax! These photos are precious, because all four of these performers have passed on! I had a videotape of Tasha Martel duplicated for her when she appeared in one of two Twilight Zone episodes! She also appeared briefly as a jeweler on Y&R in February 1988! This was when Rex Sterling (Quinn Redeker) was buying an engagement ring for Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper)! Quinn Redeker first appeared on Y&R as Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) abusive father, Nick Reed, who was killed off! Tasha Martel was married to Jerry Douglas (ex-John Abbott), and when I had the tape made for her, we spoke on the phone, but she never told me she was married to Jerry Douglas! They were divorced, and I read about their marriage later on! She said that Jeanne Cooper was very nice, and so was Elizabeth Montgomery and Agnes Moorehead, when she guest-starred as the evil witch Malvina in a two-part episode of Bewitched! Agnes Moorehead also appeared in an early 1970s TV movie with Donna Mills and William Gray Espy, Y&R’s original Snapper! Jeanne Cooper, when she wrote back to me, said that she couldn’t get over how I remembered all the Jills and their real names! Katherine Chancellor was also played temporarily by Beverly Garland, of My Three Sons fame and also Kate Jackson’s mother on Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Patience Cleveland, who appeared as a woman whom Debra (Patricia Heaton) knew from the beauty salon on Everybody Loves Raymond (they had her dog neutered in this episode), Gisele McKenzie, a Canadian singer, who was known as Canada’s First Lady of Song, and finally by Michael Learned, of The Waltons! Sadly, all the actresses who have played Katherine Chancellor, with the exception of Michael Learned, have passed away! A little coincidence here is that Richard Thomas, who played Michael Learned’s son on The Waltons, once dated Brenda Dickson, Y&R’s original Jill! When Michael Learned temporarily played Katherine Chancellor on Y&R, she was working with Jess Walton, Brenda Dickson’s replacement as Jill, whose real last name is Walton, as in The Waltons! Finally, I agree totally with what someone posted here: although I like Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott, no one could ever replace the late Terry Lester, who was superb as the original Jack Abbott! No disrespect to Peter Bergman, who has done a great job in the role for almost 27 years now, but I do miss Terry Lester very much! May he RIP! Harry, I hope I haven’t bored you by now! Take care, and be well! Keep watching Y&R!

Whoever wants to listen go do your research and please quit listening yo Nast gossip Terry Lester to me was the only Jack go look at some of his interviews he was a consummate professional was he tough to get along with probably so my husband and I met him in Bew York when he had just started on ATTWT a very private person w loved him an that is all I can say he was one of the best in the industry I adored him and god how I miss him

Thank you Michael. Funny, I saw the episode in question but didn’t recall it with Terry Lester, nor that Jill. My life traveled a bit in those days which were bereft of recorders. Thanks again and all of your history.

Thank you, Tani! If I remember correctly, Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) had pictures of Jack (Terry Lester) and Jill (Brenda Dickson) sleeping together, made into a jigsaw puzzle, and she mailed John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) a piece of this jigsaw puzzle every day, until it was completely assembled! I don’t recall how John found out about his son and wife sleeping together, but when he did, I believe he divorced Jill, and then years later, they remarried! Jill was now played by Jess Walton, and Jack was now played by Peter Bergman! When John and Jill remarried, this was when they eventually had Billy, now played by Jason Thompson, I believe! I guess you’ve read my other posts here, where I talk about the history of Y&R! If you ever get a chance, Tani, please watch the first episode of Y&R, which premiered on March 26, 1973! I guarantee if you compare that very first episode to what is happening on the show today, you will never believe that the characters in the first episode were ever a part of Y&R! They certainly were, though, and I wish they would bring at least some of them back to Y&R, for they started the show, but it seems they are completely forgotten, which is sad! By the way, the man who is being driven into town in the first scene of episode one of Y&R, returned to the show in 2014 (he was originally on Y&R, from 1973-1978), to now play the truck driver who drove Phyllis #3 back to Genoa City! A role reversal, which I thought was very clever! Take care, and thank you again, Tani, for replying! Be well!

The Billy & Phyllis affair is the only thing that resembles a soap on this show. Everything else is stupid beyond belief!! I guess their idea of fixing the blunder of the mansion is to have Jill disapprove. I highly doubt they will make any type of improvements on the worst remodel I’ve ever seen in daytime.

Y&R SUGGESTION: Please provide a better portrait of Katherine Chancellor. An oil painting – collage of Jeannie Cooper throughout her years on Y&R – would be most desirable.


Thank you, Lillian.
That picture is horrible and reminds me of the one Napoleon Dynamite drew for the girl he liked.

Harry, I forgot to mention that Mary Grover was supposed to play Leslie Brooks, when Y&R premiered, but never made it to the screen, and the role went to Janice Lynde, who was later replaced by the late Victoria Mallory, who got the role of Leslie Brooks, I believe, through her real-life friendship with Doug Davidson, who has played Paul Williams on Y&R since around 1979, I believe! I don’t think Doug Davidson is any relation to Eileen Davidson, who plays Ashley Abbott on Y&R!

Harry, I thought you might be interested to know the following: Jaime Lyn Bauer didn’t come on Y&R until December 1973, nine months after the show premiered! It was explained that Lorie was away at school in Paris! She returned home for the wedding of her younger sister Chris and Snapper! When Jaime Lyn Bauer couldn’t handle the six-day-a-week work schedule after Y&R expanded to one hour, she begged William Bell to be released from her contract, which he graciously did! What he didn’t tell her was that he was waiting for just one more person to leave Y&R, and once that happened, he had planned to revamp the show totally, so he fired all the actors who played the Brooks and Foster families, with the exception of Jill, who was at that time, being played by Deborah Adair, Jill #3! Years later, when Jaime Lyn Bauer learned of this, she felt responsible for these actors, whom she was close to, losing their jobs! She said that had she known what William Bell was planning to do, she would have protected these actors, and stayed with Y&R, although she herself would have been miserable! I thought this very nice and awesome of her! She returned briefly in 1984, and again, in 2002, when she was last seen in Genoa City! She was supposed to come back in 2013, when they had the tribute to the late Jeanne Cooper at the end of May 2013, and she was going out of town, and Y&R asked Jaime not to leave town, because they wanted her to return once again to Y&R, so she stayed in town, but never got the call to return, and she was very disappointed! Jaime said that she didn’t know why they did this, or what their reasoning was! I wish she would have returned as Lorie! Jill and Lorie, who knew each other in the show’s heyday, would give each other a run for their money! Two absolute divas!

Harry, another coincidence is that Dorothy Green, who played Jennifer Brooks, and Jeanne Cooper, who played Katherine Chancellor, on Y&R, passed away five years to the day of each other! Dorothy on May 8, 2008, and Jeanne on May 8, 2013! The day Jeanne Cooper passed away, Dorothy Green turned up as a guest-star on the 1970s prime time series, The Six Million Dollar Man! This was eerie, seeing as Dorothy Green was gone five years in real-life that day, and she turns up on TSMDM! Also, Jeanne Cooper and Dorothy Green are standing next to each other in the Y&R 1976 cast picture, not knowing that they would pass away five years to the day of each other! Isn’t that really something?!

I also hated the new set. I guess black/grey is the new in color but I can only take it in small doses. I like all types of styles modern, classic, Victorian but I just can’t handle depressing. I love Y&R for the most part and I did watch in the beginning. It is totally not at all like it was then. But I like most of the characters. I’m not hung up on all the old ones like many are. I was attached most to Katherine. But I like much of the somewhat younger folks. I love Billy/Jack. Jill/Gloria/husband not so much. Love Phyllis, Nick, Sharon(hate to love), Dylan, kids. Love Dylan’s dad his step mom NOT. I liked Sage, Kevin, Cassie twin. I even like Victor & Doc.

I’m married to Bond Gideon who played the 2nd Jill Foster back for a several months in 1980. I have been looking for ANY Y&R vids of her time on the soap to save for our daughter (who goes by Tory Taranova. a SAG-AFTRA actress now out in LA since early 2015) . Tory was in Linklater’s last movie and is working hard in LA to establish herself. looking for her first big break. She was on American Idol during Hollywood week in Season 13. She is quite a guitar playe rand musician and plays electic guitar and piano/leyboard and sings and has recorded two CDs of origians. Back to Bond, her contract only guaranteed her one day a week making planning other auditions very difficult. Some weeks she worked all 5 days but the not knowing from week to week was stressful and difficult to make plans. Plus the New York people wanted her to play the Jill character one way and the LA executive director another . Scott was very impressed with her, She speaks very fondly of one of the producers Ed Scott who I believe he left Y&R and joined The Bold and The Beautiful . Bond and I have been married for 29 years. There may have been some conflict between the Executive Producer in LA (John Conboy?) who wanted more control of the show and William Bell in Chicago I met Bond in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1986 when she left LA to care of her mother who was dieing of cancer. I think she actually stayed briefly with Jess Walton before she left Los Angeles and right before Walton landed the role as Jill Foster. Bond’s mother kicked cancer and lived another 12 years but Bond did not return . Bond was friends with David Hasselhoff whom she said was the consummate businessman always on the phone networking and looking for a new deal as Soaps were launching opportunities for new actors at the time. Maybe they at today too. I dont know I dont know much about Y&R other that what Bond has told me as I was never a soap watcher other that Dark Shadows back in college days at Ole Miss. She met and dated alot of actors like Steve Martin, Hasselhoff, Warren Beatty etc etc and was in comedy improv classes with Robin Williams who called her the most beautiful woman he had met in LA. Harvey Lembeck (Eric von Zipper ) taught those classes She could tell Williams he was going to be a huge success way before he anded his Mark and Mindy show. Bond is Donna to me . . So if anyone has soe 1980 vids of Bond as Jill please let me know ThanksI

It’s going to be very hard to find 1980 footage, Carl, because the VCR didn’t become popular until 1984. That is about the earliest I’ve ever found of my show, which is also distributed by SONY.

Maybe the Bell family, CBS or Sony can help you. Have you asked them?

BTW, I don’t watch Y&R, but your plight made me want go to YouTube where I found a comment/question by you as to if the woman in a still photo was Bond…That actress is Jaime Lyn Bauer…I recognize her from her later years as a Laura Horton recast on Days of our Lives.

I wish you and your family much luck!

General Hospital

Cameron Mathison Previews New Game Show ‘Beat The Bridge’ (Promo)

As previously reported, Cameron Mathison (Drew, General Hospital) will be seen doing double duty this summer when he premieres in June as the host of Game Show Network’s Beat The Bridge.

Now, while Cameron will be the host with the most, that doesn’t mean he will stop playing GH’s Drew.  In fact, Mathison taped the game show in 2023, so it will now air for the first time in 2024.

Taking to his Instagram this week, Cameron shared his enthusiasm and some new hosting snaps, sharing, “Our newest game show host reporting for duty😎 Head over to the Game Show Network YouTube channel for your first look at the show and don’t miss Beat The Bridge premiering this June! I can’t wait for you guys to see this!”

Photo: GSN

In Beat The Bridge, an enormous interactive bridge dares players to cross by stepping on the right answers to challenging trivia questions. As they play, each steps forward and puts money in their team’s bank, with bonus money for each successful crossing. Here’s the catch: the team gets to keep the money only if it can “beat the bridge” by returning one of its players back across before time expires.

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, on GH, Drew and Nina (Cynthia Watros) recently had hate-sex. Do you think its a one-time deal? Where will Drew’s story take him next under new head writers, Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte? Stay tuned.

Now below, check out the first promo for Beat The Bridge from the Game Show Network with you host, Cameron Mathison.  Then, let us know, will you be checking out the game this summer? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Breaking News

Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts and Marlene King Land ‘Calabasas’, a Soap in the Vein of the ‘O.C’ and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, at Netflix

There has been lot of soapy projects coming to life and in the works of late, and now comes word that Kim Kardashian is executive producing a new series in development for Netflix called Calabasas.

After a bidding war last week, it looks like Netflix cemented the development deal from Kim, and her producing partners American Horror Story co-star Emma Roberts (pictured below) and Pretty Little Liars creators Marlene King and Alexandra Milchan.

The concept of Calabasas is based on the book If You Lived Here You’d Be Famous By Now by Via Bleidner.  King set to write the adaptation and will serve as the series showrunner.

Photo: JPI

According to Deadline, Calabasas is said to be in the vein of primetime young teen and young adult soaps the O.C. and Beverly Hills 90210. The story follows “Via, a 16-year-old sheltered Midwestern Catholic school girl whose world is turned upside down when her family moves and she’s forced to transfer to the fast world of Calabasas High where nothing is as it appears and where everyone is trying to be someone else. It’s a place where dreams come true … but not without complications and sometimes unforeseen consequences.”

Photo: Hulu

As fans of the Kardashians know, Kim and her family made the town of Calabasas a household and worldwide name. Kim being attached to this project helped make its sale. This marks her fourth project to sell since the writers and actors strikes concluded at the end of last summer.

So, would you be interested to see a teen soap called ‘Calabasas’ on Netflix from Kim and company? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Ellen Travolta Makes Another Return to General Hospital

If General Hospital’s Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) nuptials are on, you didn’t think Grandma Gloria Cerullo would miss out on the festivities, now did you?

Casting news from Soap Opera Digest reveals that Ellen Travolta is back taping scenes that will air the week of May 13th on the ABC daytime drama series.  When viewers learned that Carmine Cerullo, was also on his way back to Port Charles, now in the face and body of actor George Russo, it only made sense that Grandma Gloria would join Grandpa Cerullo. Look for them both mid-May.

As most people know, Ellen is the older sister to John Travolta. She first make appearances as Gloria back on GH in the mid-90s. Most recently, she returned to the Quartermaine mansion to meet up with daughter, Lois (Rena Sofer) and granddaughter Brook Lynn for Thanksgiving in Port Charles in 2023.  Michael Fairman TV interviewed Rena Sofer and Amanda Setton late last year where they shared what it had been liking working with Ellen, who remains very close to Sofer in real-life.

Photo: JPI

Amanda shared: “We fell in love immediately. What’s crazy is my maternal grandmother was Grandma Gloria. I had her till I was 30 and we were so close. She was really like a second mom to me. So, when I got this script and I’m reading “Grandma Gloria”, it was so bizarre. And then in meeting Ellen, she looks like my grandma – same haircut, same high cheekbones. It really did feel like I had a few days with my grandma. It was very, very special for me. Ellen is sweet, prepared, professional, talented and funny to boot. So, it was one of the best weeks I’ve had at work. I hope she comes back. My fingers are crossed.”

Photo: ABC

Now, we can’t imagine Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding day to be smooth sailing, in fact, expect just the opposite, but could it be Grandma Gloria who is ultimately the hero or the calming voice of reason for any pre-wedding jitters? Stay tuned.

So, glad to know that Ellen Travolta will be back for Brook Lynn and Chase’s big day? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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