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‘This Is Us’ Cast, Julianne Moore, Allison Janney & More Ask NBC To Move President Trump’s Town Hall Opposite Joe Biden’s To A Different Time Slot

Photo: NBC

After the announcement that President Donald Trump will hold a town hall on NBC opposite Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s on ABC tonight, over 100 writers, actors, directors and producers are calling out NBC for their planned broadcast at 8 p, m, and have signed a letter asking for Trump’s to be shifted to a different time slot .

According to Deadline:  “The list of those who signed the letter include the creator and cast of NBC’s flagship drama This Is UsLaw & Order: SVU star/exec producer Mariska Hargitay as well as Aaron Sorkin, J.J. Abrams, Ryan Murphy, Greg Berlanti, Ava DuVernay, Seth MacFarlane, Damon Lindelof, Kenya Barris, Phil Lloyd & Chris Miller, Adam McKay, Courtney Kemp, Tom McCarthy, Billy Porter, Seth Rogen, Ben Stiller, Allison Janney, Robert Kirkman, Julianne Moore and Amy Schumer.”

Soap fans know of Moore’s start on As the World Turns, Janney’s career started in daytime, and of course, Justin Hartley’s time in the genre, who is a central character on This Is Us as Kevin Pearson. Speaking of This Is Us look for its season premiere on Tuesday, October 27th,

In the letter, those that signed it are not arguing that Trump should not receive equal time on NBC after the network recently aired a Joe Biden town hall from the same Florida location, but are stating. “We are simply asking that NBC air the President’s town hall either before or after Vice President Biden’s so that American voters can have the opportunity to watch both.”

Photo: NBC

The letter to Comcast, NBCUniversal and NBCU News Groups chairs, Brian Roberts, Jeff Shell and Cesar Conde says in full:  “We are a group of writers, actors, directors and producers. Many of us have been lucky enough to work for NBCUniversal at some point in our careers. Some of us are currently employed at your studio. We have always thought of NBC Universal as both a terrific creative home and a brand that stands for the best in entertainment and broadcast journalism.This is why we have been devastated to learn that you have chosen to air President Trump’s town hall this Thursday night at 8pm, directly opposite Vice President Biden’s town hall.  This is not a partisan issue. This is about the political health of our democracy.

President Trump refused to participate in the virtual debate scheduled for Thursday night by the Presidential Debate Commission. By agreeing to air his town hall as counterprogramming opposite Vice President Biden’s town hall on ABC, you are enabling the President’s bad behavior while undercutting the Presidential Debate Commission and doing a disservice to the American public. We believe this kind of indifference to the norms and rules of our democracy are what have brought our country to this perilous state.  We are simply asking that NBC air the President’s town hall either before or after Vice President Biden’s so that American voters can have the opportunity to watch both.  We understand the necessities of business, especially in this difficult time. But we believe there are larger issues of civic responsibility at stake here.”

To see all who signed the letter click here.

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Who cares what a bunch of elitist pampered people who if someone else didn’t write their words for them would starve think? Certainly no one I know half of them promised to leave 4 years ago and are still here!

Okay, Karen. Trump says if he loses to Biden that he will leave the country. Just another promise he will break.

I won’t be watching Donald’s town hall since it’s just another excuse for him to lie to the American people.

The truth is out about biden is is clearly the liar

What “truth” are you talking about? The made up Russian propaganda about Ukraine?

Please provide details. Will gladly provide links to the multitude of lies from the current occupant of the office.

The vanity of this sick orange bastard willing to expose countless others to a virus that he pretended was “a Chinese hoax” for 6 months, is completely off the charts.

As much as I don’t want him in Hell, it would probably be best for the country if he died from the virus, as that might be the only way the brain dead MAGAtts who worship him will take the pandemic seriously.

Herman Cain being down here should have convinced them, but sadly not.

Trump did attempt early ion with his banned flights to China and closed boarders but was called a racist and both Nancy Pelosi downplayed it in Chinatown and DiBlasio told New Yorkers it was safe to go out and eat…Chris Cuomo was suppose to be in quarantine and was caught outside without a mask…and recently Pelosi was caught in a salon without a mask…both sides are the problem…

All have a right to their opinions and free speech but when i come here i want to escape the news and every day problems of the world at least a few times a day…i can go to any news outlet when i need news…but when politics comes here its only going to cause friction between commenters…i belong to other entertainment sites that dont mix politics because there are other boards for that in order to avoid upsetting each other and causing fights which the news media is already doing and creating division…can we keep politics out of this or do you want many of us to leave this sight for good?

Jim, you know I like and respect you — as is the case for others here with whom I disagree politically. Here you make some great points.

However, you blame the media for “causing fights” and “creating division.” The undisputed master at sowing “division” is the current president. That’s his instinct, his go-to tactic, and people are just plain tired of it. His term, entrenched in non-stop negativity, bullying, lies, and chaos, must end in order for our country to heal, move on, and have any chance of uniting.

I would just skip reading the articles which are political in nature.

Harry, Satan and others, HELP!!
First of all I just think it’s easier arguing and or discussing these things here than with friends and family at home. I have one family member who decidedly thinks Trump’s course of action is for her as a business woman though she does not like the man personally and agrees with me that he’s obnoxious to say the least. Then we get into the nasty rumours about Biden and how much of that is true. Is he what they say he is, the videos I’ve seen do not help . Is he being set up by the Dems. who think he won’t be fit to fulfill his duties as Pres. make decisions, etc. while leaving the door open for Ms. Clinton? I thought if he had to leave office , Kamala Harris would take over. I did see Trump’s Town Hall and think he was on the hot seat for awhile, admitting to his tax debts while bragging about the worth of his “beautiful properties all over the world” in comparison to the “pennies” owed on them. Such an ass! So guys help me out to understand some of this stuff, Iam at a loss.

I’ve never been Joe Biden’s biggest fan, but I believe he’s very capable of doing the job. Given his age, he might not serve 8 years, but at least if the foundations can be built to pull the USA back out of the abyss, then it will be an improvement.

Of course the TRUE problem here is that the abyss didn’t begin in November 2016. The real problem started in November 1980, (some would say November 1963) and it’s been downhill from there. Bill Clinton & Barack Obama put a temporary stop to the decline, in some ways (unfortunately accelerated it in others, particularly Clinton) but sadly neither of them reversed the damage done by their immediate predecessor. And this might very well be the reason why the Republicans get away with running somebody even more extreme every time they get the White House back. From Nixon to Reagan to Bush Sr to Bush Jr to Cheeto. Can you imagine what “worse than Cheeto” would look like? I can’t, and I’m in Hell, surrounded by endless instruments of torment all the time!

It’s going to take more than 4 years to undo all this damage, but four more years like the last four would probably be unrecoverable. This orange incompetent is already responsible for more dead Americans than the Vietnam War, the PNAC wars of Bush Jr, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina combined. Give him another 4 years and he’ll eclipse the record of the confederate racists in the Civil war (about 700,000 dead Americans in that one). Hell only has so much room, I can’t expand it!

Bernie Sanders would have been a MUCH better President than Joe Biden. But at this point, I’ll take the mediocre over the malignant.

Violet, I am sorry you’re going through this. I would not argue with anyone with whom you’re close about Trump. Their minds are made up, just avoid the topic altogether. I will say that the New York Post ( a discredited rag) which initially reported this bogus Hunter story actually recanted their story and admitted they were wrong. Hunter is in recovery and his dad loves him unconditionally. That’s the real story! This idiotic story which purported that a drunken Hunter traveled 2,000 miles on an airplane and had his laptop repaired by a blind man, has been discredited. Once again, the Russians are seeking to influence our elections by feeding Americans propaganda. Meanwhile, Trump’s spokesperson accused Biden of being Mr Rogers while Trump attacked the beloved and respected Dr Fauci. And so it goes.

Harry, thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I do not get into arguments. You are right, their minds are made up as is mine. Also what I was asking was about this terrible group called Qanon, which Trump tried to weasel out of when S.Guthrie questioned him about it. These people, in my mind are the sick ones, not the ones they are accusing, Biden, etc. of horrific things, and yet I hear the Trumpeters repeating these things like they are known facts. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, etc. Thanks for helping Harry. Stay well.

so are they against freedom of speech or just donald trump?
since when are celebrities the arbituers of speech?

Well I have a plane reserved I will fly it myself for all you guys who are going to leave if the Trumpster gets back in and guess what I will drop you off at 35,000 get my cruising speed ! You keep telling us you are going to leave do it please ! Shut your pie holes your viewership is down what 84 percent please leave us alone why would I listen to a woman who can’t control her weight or a man who humiliated his wife on social media when he gets a divorce ?? We are tired we just want to be left alone the fact you bail out criminals told me everything I needed to know !

This is quite a mean spirited Tweet, Kay and not at all fair. Trump chickened out of the second debate with Biden and then arranged to have his Town Hall at the same time as Biden’s. These employees of NBC’s are conscientious objectors and calling out their bosses at NBC to change the time slot. Seems fair to me. They should be lauded, not slammed for their life long struggles with weight or person issues.

Gee, I wish I could edit my comment above. I was hiking the trails with my dog when I wrote it. What I meant to write was that these actors should be lauded for standing up to their bosses for the greater good. My last few sentences came out as gibberish. My apologies.

Trump, like all bullies, is a coward. He chickened out of the planned debate with Biden and then manipulated NBC brass to arrange for his town hall meeting to air at the same time as Biden’s. NBC brass rewarded his bad behavior. However, this backfired because while Trump pulled this last minute game changer in order to beat Biden in the ratings,(because see? To this cheap reality TV star, it’s all about ratings)Biden garnered almost 2 million more viewers than Trump. Moreover, Biden came off as well informed, intelligent and compassionate while Trump came off as someone’s “crazy uncle.” I love it when the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

To all the misguided souls in this thread and others;
To the fat shamers and those threatening (even if tongue in cheek) the health (by mass murder no less) of fellow citizens;
To all those who elect to ignore the ineptitude, belligerence, lies, criminality, cronyism, cowardice, and chaos of the current president:

I hope that one day you learn the error of your ways (because your cult leader certainly won’t);
You understand that you were used by a noncaring, nonempathic, narcissistic dictator for his own selfish purposes;
You truly honor your country and fellow citizens by working to achieve healing and unity with the goal of forming “a more perfect union.”

Applauding wildly for you, James. Bravo! Beautifully expressed.

Thank you, Harry! Having read your other impressive posts here as well, I also send accolades your way for your articulate sentiments. Case in point: “I love it when the good guys win and the bad guys lose.” That’s really what this is about, Harry. It’s about good versus evil. I will always root for good and against evil. Best to you, Friend!

Well in the end, I guess the people have spoken… Biden’s show on ABC got more viewers than Cheeto’s did on NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC combined.

For the record, neither one aired in Hell, so I’m not preferring one over the other. But I saw enough clips of both to know which one was the greater embarrassment. Draw your own conclusions.

Supposedly another debate is still going to happen, but I wouldn’t bet your soul on that.

I wound up watching Trump but for the life of me could not find Biden’s broadcast. I thought when they said it would be at the same time, different channels, I’d watch one and record the other. Not to be. I finally figured that Joe’s had to have been on way earlier and I missed it. They said one was on NBC and the other was ABC here on the West Coast.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s William Lipton to Star in Music Drama Series ‘The Runarounds’ From ‘Outer Banks’ Creators

This sounds like a perfect starring vehicle for the multi-talented William Lipton (Cameron Webber), who recently made a brief return to General Hospital for his best friend, Spencer Cassadine’s (the exited Nicholas Chavez) gravesite memorial service.

Now comes word that Lipton is set to star in a new series in the works entitled The Runarounds. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because The Runarounds is the name of the band seen in season three of Netflix’s popular series, Outer Banks. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has given the green light to an eight-episode, straight-to-series order for The Runarounds which premise features the story of a post-high school band as they try to make it big.

Photo: IsiahPate/Lipton IG

The fictional drama is inspired by the real life band of the same name and will star its group’s members: William Lipton, Axel Ellis, Jeremy Yun, Zendé Murdock and Jesse Golliher.

The Runarounds will be set and film in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Outer Banks was also shot. Skydance Television is the studio behind the series. Outer Banks creators Josh Pate, Joshua Pate, and Shannon Burke will bring this project to life.

Lipton took to his Instagram on Monday, once the news of the series was revealed, expressing, “Where are we going, fellas? To the top, Johnny!” Immediately GH co-stars past and present shared their congratulations to William including: Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina Robinson) and Enzo De Angelis, who plays Lipton’s brother, Aiden on GH.


In a statement, Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed: “When we first met with Jonas and Skydance about The Runarounds, it was immediately clear that they brought us a special show featuring an incredibly talented cast and real-life band. We are very much looking forward to sharing the exhilarating journey of The Runarounds with our global Prime Video customers.”

The Runarounds were actually formed as a band back in 2021, when Jonas Pate issued a casting call looking for a group to appear on Outer Banks. The group first performed together when they played for Pate ahead of appearing in season three after being selected from a more than 5,000 musicians who responded to the call.

No word yet on when The Runarounds will be released.

So, excited for this opportunity for William Lipton to star in this music drama? Hope he returns to GH down the line? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by William Lipton (@williamlipton)

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Blake Berris to Chat Live on the Michael Fairman Channel as Everett & Bobby’s Story Heats Up

The tale of Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein is starting to reveal itself on Peacock’s Days of our Lives, which puts returning cast member, Blake Berris front and center in story.

On Monday’s, February 26th episode of DAYS, the results of Everett’s CAT scan indicate he suffered a traumatic brain injury which jives with his story that he was in a car accident and spent in a year in a coma, or does it?

Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Everett are reeling that Everett as Bobby Stein was married to Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) and treated her badly. While Everett claims he doesn’t remember anything about his time as Bobby, despite his fingerprints matching those of Robert Stein’s, Marlena (Deidre Hall) ponders if he could be suffering from PTSD, which might explain his memory loss.


Everett wonders if he has a brain tumor, but Marlena points out that they would have found it on the CAT scan. While there is no obvious reason for his memory loss, Kayla wonders if he is faking his amnesia? Marlena tells Everett that she is a psychiatrist and they should set up sessions immediately. Will it be revealed that Everett and Bobby are split personalities living inside one man?

Blake Berris is set to chat about the latest storyline developments and more, when he visits the Michael Fairman Channel on Wednesday, February 28th beginning at 3 pm ET/Noon PT.  Make sure to join Michael and Blake in the live chat for your turn to share your questions and thoughts on the story.

Photo: JPI

Days of our Lives fans first met Blake when he played the character of Nick Fallon who was eventually murdered in 2014. Later, Nick made a few return appearances from ‘the grave’, in 2021 and 2023. Recently, Blake returned to the show in his newly-minted role of Everett Lynch at the end of October of last year.

Blake will talk about portraying Everett/Bobby, plus working his co-stars, and being a dad to his three boys, and more.  You can catch the livestream below.

Now, let us know, what is your theory about Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein? Looking forward to hearing what Blake has to say? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Breaking News

Kimberlin Brown ‘Killed-Off’ as Sheila Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful in Shocking Twist

The Monday, February 26th episode of CBS daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful brought with it the apparent end to one of the all-time villains of soap opera.

In story, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was being stalked by Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) in the dark. Eventually, Steffy stabs Sheila in the heart with a knife and she apparently dies.

Speaking with TV Insider, Brown admitted that it is extremely hard to leave a now iconic role she made soap-famous since 1990 on first The Young and the Restless and then The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo: JPI

Kimberlin expressed: “It’s a tough place for me to be in right now; I’m not going to lie about this. I guess if anyone were going to take Sheila down, I’m happy it’s Steffy. I just wish that no one was taking Sheila down.”  Three time Daytime Emmy-winner, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood expressed: “It’s bittersweet because I absolutely love working with Kimberlin; she is just the consummate professional.”


However, the stabbing is vindication for Steffy as Wood related, “This is her moment. How long has it taken Steffy to take her down and it’s finally happening, so it’s going to be a big shock.”

As to her B&B death scene and to her future plans, Brown revealed, “Laying there on that floor when the paramedics pronounce the time of death, my eyes were closed and you’re holding your breath so it doesn’t look like you’re breathing. It was just like, ‘Wow, OK, I guess we’ll have to see what might come next for me.’”


If this holds up and Sheila is “dead” dead, it will open up the story and trouble in the marriage of Finn (Tanner Novlan) and Steffy, because ultimately, Steffy killed her husband’s biological mother.

Photo: JPI

This is leading many to believe this move will bring Steffy back together with Liam (Scott Clifton) while Finn and Hope (Annika Noelle) draw closer. Is that part of the reason for Sheila’s death? Stay tuned.

What do you think about The Bold and the Beautiful killing-off Sheila Carter and Steffy to be the one who put an end to her life? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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