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TODAY: Y&R Hits The Reset Button As Scripts Under New Head Writer Sally Sussman Begin to Air!



It’s a big day in Genoa City, folks. That’s because on the Wednesday, December 7th of the top-rated soap, The Young and the Restless, viewers will get their first taste of the new writing regime scripts under new head writer Sally Sussman and executive story consultant, Kay Alden.

Of course, as fans of the iconic series know, Sussman and Alden have both previously written at Y&R at different points in their distinguished soap careers.  Viewers have hight hopes and expectations that under Sussman the show may return to some of its classic storytelling roots, feature those characters who should be the main focus and thrust of the show, and offer some compelling twists and intriguing romantic entanglements.

First up today, Sussman and team offer up a return to the famous Abbott dining room table where the children have their breakfast, with loving memory to the late patriach John Abbott (Jerry Douglas). In addition, looks like Jill (Jess Walton) and Billy (Jason Thompson) have a chat about Jack, as Billy and Jack’s (Peter Bergman) fractured brotherly relationship is spotlighted in the preview clip posted by the CBS Daytime series.  Be on the lookout for some Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) moments too that the show has been lacking for some time in featuring this longstanding duo, and more with the fallout from Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Travis’ (Michael Roark) break-up.  Plus, Nick (Joshua Morrow) is in the thick of things as well!

Watch the teaser for today’s Y&R after the jump.  Then, let us know you if you are excited to see what Sussman and company have in store for you!

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I’ve already seen today’s US episode and it was very good!!

May Pratt & Phelps become a very faint memory – they never, ever should have been allowed near this show!!

Well Said!

I agree! Can not wait for the new shows.
Now, can we get new writers for B&B????

Good episode today, agree. Get rid of Hilary and stitch. They are boring.

It is indeed telling when a new writing regime can make that much difference in one day! Suddenly…people sounded and acted like real people again. There were many nods to the past that were subtle and relatable…not forced or heavy handed. There was reminiscing….banter…light hearted humour and character driven moments. There were no fires or murders or plane crashes or stunts….just a clear episode on what we can expect in the near future. There was no real plot velocity…which was a nice change of pace. It didnt feel like every single scene and every line of dialogue was a plot device to move from Point A to B and C…etc. I am not jumping up and down yet….we are only one episode in. While not quite to the extent of GH under Ron Carlivati….this show has been decimated by the past several regimes. I found one instance…I am not sure if it was just a mistake/oversight…or a purposeful move on Sally’s part….but either way it didn’t bother me in the least. Jill was talking to Billy and said, referring to Jack, “He is the only brother you’ve got!” Of course…thanks to possibly the WORST retcon in television history…we know that Billy has another brother in Phillip out there. However…he is a character best left unmentioned, and is a character who should have stayed dead!! When MAB chose to bring him back…it did nothing but damage!! It negated 20 years of a powerful storyline caused by a drunk driver…it completely compromised the ages and throughlines of many characters…it made some characters look stupid and others look selfish and heartless…and it brought the inexplicable return of Thom Bierdz (possibly the worst “actor” in the history of the genre). I dont think anyone is clamoring for Phillip to return, and for all intents and purposes…Cane has filled that role on the show and in Jills life. This is one instance where I am all for Sally negating…or ignoring…as she mentioned in her interview. Regarding Lauren and Jill…I agree it was kind of out of left field and quite implausible in terms of the established ages of the characters…but as we all know…the ages of soap characters…especially on this show…are fluid at best!! When they choose to play it…I like the Lauren/Jill sister dynamic!! Neither of them really has any friends or contemporaries…so it is nice to see them being there for each other. They could shake up the corporate world too. Lauren and Phyllis were friends…whichhasnt been played much since GT took over as Phyll. All in all…I am excited and hopeful and looking forward to this next chapter!!

I liked the long camera angle of Victor and Nikki, starting a new scene where they showed a picture on the table of Kay and Nikki.

Dylan, I could not have said it better myself. And I forgot about Phillip–good point.
I wish GH’s EP and head writers would take a page from Y&R. This is how you do it.

PS. Dylan, I also would not mind if they reignited the Sharon vs Phyllis dynamic.
But can the new writers please write in a story line in which Nicholas breaks down and washes his hair?

Sally Sussman is a freakin miracle worker!!! Day Two of her work and this show is suddenly classic soap!!!! It is unreal! It is like someone opened the door and Windows and let a huge breath of fresh air in!!!! Chuck Pratt’s entire tenure just felt grim…and dark…and depressing mired in misery and tragedy. The past two days have not had any noticeable plot development ……even though it is in the subtext…..and that is fine!!!! That is what soaps in their heyday were! Glimpses into other peoples fi tional lives and becoming emotionally invested in them. Gone are the psychos and doppelgangers and dead babies and plane crashes…….and in their place we get romance…and friendships…and family…and business. I have never in my life seen such a swift turnaround and I am pleasantly flabbergasted!! Even the directing is elegant and a bit melodramatic but not over the top. The ONLY thing this show needs is a viable younger set because those who were once young are now restless. Lol. They should follow the model that had Billy and the gang go through school together. A good start is teenage Reed coming back. Technically…Faith was only born a year after Reed….so aging Faith is plausible. Mrs. Gonzalez could have a teen son (a la Raul). Jack could have any number of part Asian teenage grandchildren by now….from his son Bobby Martin…oops Imean Keemo. The show also needs a strong 20 something set. They royally blew it with Summer and Fen but those problems could be solved with recasts. A strong Kyle needs to be found. Lauren’s son Scott should be a match for Abby!! They could be a sexy reporter/business combo. I am just so excited for this show!!! It is worth investing in again after 2 days!!!!

Loving your posts, Dylan. Do you write for a living? Day three was also amazingly good.
Mariah is a young character and possibly one of my favorite soap characters in the last 10 years or so. I credit Camryn Grimes for this because despite the dreary, plot driven stories she was given, she managed to rise above it all and make the part she was playing interesting.
Today, we saw a naturally gifted young actress merge with some terrific writing.
She cracked me up when she told Devane that she could not host GC Buzz because her call name is “Hedgehog” and she doesn’t do selfies because she hates how she looks on camera.
And speaking of Devane, suddenly he’s an interesting and strong character. Love that he fired his wife and hired Mariah to take her place. He is no longer the quivering, passive husband kowtowing to the fish wife–he is a strong, take control kind of man.

“…Day Two of her work and this show is suddenly classic soap”

of course, it is



Thanks Addison! I do earn part time income from writing…although I would like it to be more! Day 3 was awesome…and included the Line of the Year delivered by Steve Burton. Paul was reminding his son that he had now lost two sons he thought were his…and Dylan said “That makes me look like a real genius.” I laughed out loud! That line was LOADED!!! It was redemption for a departing character who had finally grown a brain cell. It was also Sussman saying “We are not going to tell repetitive ridiculous stories about dead babies! That crap is finished!” Burton was awesome in this episode. Everyone was. Suddenly…Devon grew a set!! I love watching couples who can bicker and banter but still be in love with passion. Soaps have forgotten how to tell stories for couples. They are either declaring love or on the verge of divorce. Relationships are the most fraught, fascinating things on the world and there are endless permutations! We got to see Lauren and Paul catch up. We got to see Sharon just get on with life! It does not take 6 months…or in this case…5 years to rehabilitate and revitalize a character. It takes ONE episode! Sharon threw off the baggage and threw herself back into work. I cqnt wait for Sharon, Chloe, and Chelsea to become besties…kind of like Fusion was on AMC. There are a lot of simmering secrets between them that could blow at any time…and for once…Sharon isnt keeping any!! Daniel Goddard seems lit from within playing this story! He was hilarious when he was high on pills! Lol. Not to make light of anyone who struggles from addiction…but not everyone who takes pain pills for a few months becomes a hardcore addict either!! I always hate how soaps take a character…get them ridiculously hooked on drugs….and then write it that that erson can NEVER EVER even have a glass of wine again. It seriously limits future story. I hope this pill thing is just an impetus for Cane and Lily to get moving in the story…and I hope it does not develop into a heavy handed addiction story. We have had several and enough of those. I see major chemistry with Mariah and Devon….and I also see some of. Brenda Dickson in Hillary’ s hands on hips, heaving chest delivery and it is hilarious!!! Here is a triangle with already established fan favourites that is centered on today’s modern stuff like GC Buzz while hearkening back to classic soap!! I am so excited by this show I just csnt believe it!!! The scenes are structured in such a way that they are not formulaic or predictable. Intriguing possibilities are inherent in every scene when someone new crosses paths. Sally is laying a foundation without setting anything in stone leaving viewers curious, intrigued, and tuning in. Chuck who??

Yes, Dylan (suddenly I am that teacher talking to that one student). I knew you wrote for a living as your narrative flow is seamless and on point.
HA! I also laughed when Dylan said,”That makes me a genius.” It was hard to not think that was the not a case of authorial intrusion.
I also see chemistry between Mariah and Devon. And yes, suddenly, Devon has become alive. I have been misspelling his name as of late because for so long I have been calling him deYawn. Who would have thunk that two days of writing for Devon would have been so powerful that they were able to turn a mouse into a lion?
Love your enthusiasm. It’s been a long time since I actually looked forward to Monday.

I have been an almost lifelong watcher of this show. All through the Bill Bell years. Maybe it is because I was quite young…I never “got” Bill’s Y & R. It just seemed slow a d stodgy and old fashioned to me. I could certainly appreciate his writing and his creations and his legacy (I was a weird kid….I started buying Soap Opera Digest faithfully at age q2…LOL) but I was not a major fan of the show. I really enjoyed when he passed the torch to Kay Alden. I found her writing less formal, less old fashioned and more relatable. I continued to watch. I found the Latham years just….weird. I loved Clear Springs…..if there had been any follow up after the explosion! And like many regimes…I was VERY impressed with Maria Bell’s early work! She was making good use of history…finally bringing Patty back…finding Nina’s long lost son….and brought back some favourites. But so much of her work started with promise…then fizzled badly and by the time the double doppelganger debacle happened…I knew she had gotten out of control and there was no going back. By the time her reign ended…the show was a mess!! Then came JFP…and…well….say what you will…gal knows how to produce! But it was simply a case of the wrong writers. Joah Griffith’s year was mind numbingly boring. Jean and Shelly were starting to find a groove…I feel…but then came Pratt! Totally wrong match!! I liked a few things he did…I admit it…I lime disaster sweeps stunts on soaps! They bring everyone together. But mostly Pratt further decimated the show!! It took me a long time to accept and admit it…but Y and R is different. It is special. It has a different style, and pace, and vision…and always has. It takes writers who “get it” to be able to “write it.” Now to Sally! I can HONESTLY say the past three days have been the MOST Ihave ever ever enjoyed this show and was EXCITED for the next day!! Now…some of you might be thinking…”Buddy…nothing has happened! Chill out!” Lol. So I may be jumping the gun…because a big part of my excitement and enthusiasm is because this is a show that has been seriously manhandled a d damaged for the past decade! To see that it can be transformed so quickly into something recognizable, watchable, and enjoyable gives me hope not only for this show…but for the genre! Keep it up Mustang Sally!!

I had forgotten that this was the day of regime change but I instantly noticed the difference in a good way.
I was glad to actually SEE Mrs Martinez, it would be nice if she became part of the family like Mamie was.

I am SO into what Sally Sussman did!! She restored classic soap while giving a BIG fu to the previous regime!

I can’t hardly wait to see today’s episode. I’ve been waiting several year’s for this!

Looking forward to it.

I can’t wait for Gloria’s return!

Saw the episode yesterday here in Canada– it was very character centered, with characters actually having real conversations– it is like all the characters took a chill pill and are acting more like their real selves — even Victor comes across as human again– looking forward to seeing other characters redeemed– lets just hope ratings go up, because after years of fans asking for the return to Bell style of storytelling, if they start complaining the show is too slow, stories too long etc– I will scream.

The older viewers will not she has already made JT/Billy more believeable not arrogant I am excited I think JT can make Bill his own

Finally my girl Lauren is going to be given big story—she should have always had that since she is the most beautiful lady on soaps. Only one other lady comes close to her and that would be Lauren’s arch nemesis Sheila played by Kimberlin Brown. Under this new writing team, I would like some closure to the Lauren/Sheila rivalry because I never was comfortable with how it supposedly ended all those years ago with Lauren bursting into the room where sheila was and just shooting her. That was too easy after all the years of hatred they had for each other. Either way, I am very much looking forward to the stories that will be told because I think we’re going to see a Y&R like we used to back in the day and nobody can’t say those days weren’t good because that was soap opera at it’s best.

I agree. Would love nothing more than to see Kimberlin one more time as Sheila but not out for revenge, perhaps coming to make amends, maybe having a terminal illness.

Love Lauren and happy she’s back.
But it would be too soon if I ever laid eyes on Shelia Carter again.

The Sheila Ship has Shailed. Lol.

I don’t EVER want to see sheila again, they overdid that character 4 times too many.

Am watching right now! The Abbotts at the dining room table is almost too much! And Tracy is there! Y&R is on its way back, I just know it. As sure as there is a Santa Claus!

Adding… I caught the photo of Nikki and Kay in the shot during a scene between Nikki and Nick. Those touches mean something in a daytime drama with a long history. I am really pleased with Day One of the Sussman writing period. I hate to see Dylan go, but I understand why he would leave Genoa City. The glances in the window on a winter’s day were lovely. And again, Tracy!!! Soaps are awesome when they smartly use supporting characters like Tracy in smart ways. I wonder if Gina’s is still open. The Colonnade Room for New Year’s?

Gina’s burned down, I don’t know what happened to the Colonnade room but I’d like to see it come back.

And Tracy stole those scenes. She ripped Jackie boy a new one!

Jackie boy needs to be ripped, he’s being a total jerk seeing as how he was boinking Jill while she was married to his father.

True, Sammie Jo, but it took some time for John to forgive Jack. Traci is expecting Jack to forgive Billy way too soon.

I agree with Addison….Forgiveness takes time, and if I remember correctly, it took John YEARS to get over what Jack did to him and finally forgive him. Yet, Traci acts like what Billy did was no big deal, and that Jack should just forgive his brother overnight, and that’s not how it works.

I’ve been enjoying the show since I began watching when Ms. Phelps returned. I followed the actors from Hollywood Heights that Ms. Phelps signed on. I hope they don’t screw up by not reuniting Sharon and Nick, and Victoria and Billy, and Mariah and Kev, and Phyllis and Jack.
Please don’t recast Adam – maybe Justin will return.

Justin is not returning. He is a big star in primetime. I know it’s hard to face–I loved Justin as Adam, but he’s not coming back. That said, I think they should recast the role of Adam. Adam is too delicious a character not to.

I agree, Hartley is a star! Maybe Muhney could return now. I heard Braeden doesnt like him and its Eric’s show.


MM is not coming back either and EB has nothing to do with it.
Since he got fired for sexual harrassment, if they brought him back now, they would be open to a huge wrongful termination suit.
Just stack him up with Victoria Rowell and Brenda Dickson in the never to return pile and leave them there.

Let’s all move on and quit speculating what happened MM made Adam his own JH was good but a different version time to move on No recast! In three episodes they have made with some compassion again Ashley and he reconnected they were once a hot love affair and I would love if she could restore again the love he had for Sharon as his daughter in law before MAB destroyed that. The day he says my sweetheart I will know we have our Victor back

The way they open Wednesday’s show with the Abbotts at the breakfast table, John should have been sitting there talking to his kids like NOTHING ever happened to him. NO one says anything other than good morning and Dad, our you going to the office today? Fans will forgive his senseless death and be opened to a real reboot!

i had a sstory n my mid years ago that Dina kid napped him because she did not want Gloria to pull the plug and has had him in hiding! Stupid I know but I do miss him we can’t get Katherine back because of JCs death but Jerry Douglas should have never been written off miss him terribly

yes about time to see some good scripts again and the older actors back.. LOVED seeing Tracy, hope she is here to stay. PLEASE bring ALL the actors back, get this soap back on track and enjoyable to watch again

Salute to all the Y&R fans. way to go Young and Sussman

Nicely done but I am being patient it will take some time be happy when we start seeing the character development back . Hopeful!

Perfection !


I LONGED for this day..Like I said in a previous post, I haven’t been this excited about Y&R in 10 years…Return to the GLORY DAYS of The Young and the Restless…Thanks so much to Sally and Kay for returning this show to what it should be. I have yet to watch today’s episode and cannot wait to watch.

I like Pratt..
I was really liking Y&R this past year..
I feel the ” classic storytelling roots” will be lame lol
Seems to me– most are too excited and built up that Y&R will be overly awesome under Sally Sussman . It will be a hard fall and big groan when it goes wrong. I feel it will.
Going back with old writers is not a good thing, they will simply drag out their old scripts.. Why can’t there ever be new and different writers with new and different imaginations, that would be great..
Anyways— I’m hopeful Sally Sussman will go modern and not dust off old scripts.
Time will tell…
I read her vision for Y&R and it was way too much change and nothing new being brought to screen.
But—- I will give her a good chance keeping my mind open to her vision.

GH went belly up with old writers dragging old scripts out of the soap graveyard, hopefully Sally Sussman has new and different for stories to entertain.
Looking forward to her new stuff to dazzle me LOL ..


Are you this much a downer in real life as you are in cyberspace??

Suooo, when are you going to realize that age is a state of mind? I know twenty somethings who act like they’re eight somethings, and I know eighty somethings who act like they’re twenty somethings. The young folks thought Bernie was cool with all his progressive ideas–they didn’t see just some seventy-four year old man.
Bernie Sanders is a good example of a man of a certain age who still managed to appeal to the younger set.
Sally Sussman may be going back to the core families and will be writing character driven stories, but she has also said in an interview that she wants cutting edge, state-of-the-art businesses to be incorporated into the stories. Sally Sussman said she wanted the Y&R businesses to get with the times.
We already see her doing this as we watch Lauren grapple with the fact that Fenmore’s is behind the times, and hence, losing sales. Lauren is trying to catch up to the Internet shopping pattern and is amending her business/ marketing strategies accordingly. I find this to be interesting and relevant!
With all due respect, I think your obsession with youth is misguided.
Once again, age is a number, a state of mind.

hi Addison..
when it comes to writing age is a big deal..
New young writers have very different ideals than seniors.
They live different lives than seniors.
there are of the tech gen and they would most assuredly write for the 21st century media..
I am not obsessed with youth, that is rather strong wording..
I am younger then most of the fans and I see very little of the 21st century/era I live in… but then again that may be the charm of it all..
soaps will die if they don’t move forward into the now.

And many of the business are now using robotic tech, they are high tech.. Amazon, Google, Cisco, Microsoft etc.. they are beyond the cutting edge, most biggies are.
internet shopping has been around for a very long time.. for Y&R to catch up to today standards would be a real chore without the younger tech savvy moving it onward. It takes way more than spiffy web page lol behind the order page is a huuuuge network high tech .. look at Amazon..
well, hopefully they make it happen.
—.at least Y&R has a multitude of tables for all to sit at .. LOL 🙂

And, dear Bernie is not a soap writer but he offered a lot FREE stuff, like free college, health care, save the planet, low income housing , and slap it to the man mainly wall street and to the old republicans and more good free stuff who/younger wouldn’t love Bernie’s revolution.

anyways– never doubt– I am a Y&R fan .. I just would like to see younger anything in the scripts.. one of them could at least play a video game or workout or use new tech anything, even a Modern hairstyle would be a good thing. and just one busy business person could have an Apple watch ..

Suoo, I have really grown to like and respect you so I guess I am just going to have to happily agree to disagree with you on this subject.
I do think you are going to be happily surprised with these new writers.
And maybe just maybe, you can say, “I was wr……..wrrrrrrr…….wrrrroooooonnnn
….okay, I was WRONG!”

Can you stop making Sharon the bad guy all the time give her a break.


It has to be better, anything is an upgrade from Phelps and Pratt. Looking forward to seeing it.

Yes Cheryl, I agree with you. Sharon is always the bad girl and it needs to stop.


Thank goodness. Now bring back Michael Muhney. Last Victor have a besom tumor or some kind of brain poisoning that would explain all his horrid behavior over the past years. Restore his love and compassion for Sharon. Stop making Sharon the brunt of everyone’s hatred

totally agree!

Even had I not known that two talented former writers’ scripts would be airing today, I would have known just from watching today’s show.
In one episode we had 1. The Abbott family reinstated with the patriarch’s spirit of John Abbott presiding. 2. The Newman’s collective spirit began to thaw and 3. That horrid, idiotic child custody/visitation story was wrapped up off screen and thrown out with yesterday’s news.
Today, Y&R got its heart back.

Stop making everyone a hypocrite. Nick withheld Summer’s paternity results for 20 years. Nikki Dylan being her son. And Victor has withheld dozens of secrets including the one that this baby isn’t Nick’s. Chelsea is guilty of that too. So stop having all those puddle dump on Sharon and restore Shsron




I don’t understand all the Nick “hate” here. Nick is not responsible for what Dr. Anderson did to Sharon — Sharon is. If she hadn’t chosen to hide her miscarriage and let Dylan think she was pregnant Dr. Anderson wouldn’t have been able to carry out her scheme.

As for the Newmans, yes they have done some bad things but there is no excuse for Sharon keeping Christian once she learned his real identity. This whole “we raised him for the first year of his life so we’re owed visitation and a role in Christian’s life” crap is ridiculous. If you steal a car and drive it for the first 30,000 miles should you be allowed to borrow it every other Thursday just because you changed the oil and put gas in it for a year before you were caught? NO — because you committed a crime and there are no rewards for that. Did Sharon share Cassie with Alice once she got that kid back? Um, no. If the courts were to apply Sharon’s rules regarding visitation then he Alice should have gotten Cassie at least six months a year since Alice raised the kid for the first SIX years of her life after Sharon WILLINGLY gave her child up for adoption.

Chelsea is honoring Adam’s wishes, he never wanted Nick to find out that Christian was his and not Nick’s.

Sharon didn’t share Faith with Ashley either, and Ashley didn’t take Sharon to court for visitation.


Loved it! If viewers were hoping for a return to “family”, they got it. I hope the new writers continues to utilize true supporting characters like Mrs. Martinez. Nods to nostalgia (John Abbott) are always welcome, too. I’m encouraged!

What a terrific episode. What a difference a day makes.

Excellent show. Felt like a completely different program. Families, drama, emotional stakes, what soap operas should be.

Sounds like a great start.

I was in cloud 9 today. Y&R was itself again for the first time in over 10 years.

I cried for the first time in a long time watching the throw back with the Abbotts. Also was glued to the tv while Tracey was telling Jack

I’m not emotional, the Abbott breakfast and tribute to John Abbott brought tears of joy and relief to my eyes. Such a WONDERFUL episode!

Tracy was great!

I totally agree!!! On facebook people were talking about what went on in the show, instead of complaining about the bad writing. That is a good sigh!!

Had tears in my eyes as well …

I loved the way Tracey went after Jack as well. I guess she isn’t the shy insecure litte girl of the past anymore

She doesn’t get upset very often. I think this was one of those times that in real life she would have let him have it and she did!!! I had to stop what I was doing to watch what was going on. Can’t remember the last time that

Love Traci so much and it’s impressive how Beth can just jump back into the role after a long absence with nary a mis step.
That said, I think Traci is being unrealistic in expecting Jack just to suddenly forgive Billy on the heels of the great reveal (his brother having had an an affair with his wife).
Traci acts like Billy just took out Jack’s Corvette for a spin and dented it.

Let me start by saying I was not someone who was against Charles Pratt’s regime at The Young and the Restless. Yes, he might’ve had some rough spots in his regime, but every single regime has their bumps. Not everyone is perfect. And while I did not see there a need to change the writing regime, I am very happy for Pratt’s new venture back into primetime, which I am sure is where he wanted to be in today’s television medium.

Upon hearing of Pratt’s impending exit, I did wish for brand-new blood to be hired at this soap; perhaps someone of British decent, given Mal Young’s excellent appeal in Genoa City and on daytime’s number-one drama. However, hearing of Sally Sussman Morina’s appointment as headwriter, and Kay Aldean’s return as a story consultant, I was openly cautious about what was about to happen.

Reading Ms. Sussman Morina’s interview at TV Inside, I admit, I was taken aback by how pointed and arrogant is came across, but I still remained nervously-excited about the new regime. And having just finished watching the first episode of Ms. Sussman Morina’s regime, my thoughts are this:

The one thing I did notice was a grand use of history, and a greater depth within character-to-character dialogue. The scenes seem more genuinely written and there isn’t a great sense of forthcoming dramatic twist, which is a nice change of pace. However, I will say, at times, the script felt very…. pointed and over-drawn in terms of pointing about that it was a “Abbott family tradition” that had been “lost”, etc. I hope that does not become a recurring theme going forth.

I’m also cautiously awaiting the February Sweeps period, in seeing the kind of high-intensity drama Ms. Sussman Morina might bring to the table.


“Hacks” they are not. If they were, I doubt they’d continue to gain positions in television. And Sharon is far from the all-high and mighty soap character. People need to stop making her seem “untouchable” and all “saint” like.

Just finished watching Dec 7th episode, LOVED it…cannot wait for the months ahead to see what transpires.

I guess I am one of the few that didn’t see the show as everyone else dId. First of all I didn’t realize today was Sally’s first day at the helm. When it started, I thought It was a flashback with present day mixed in. My daughter calls and tells me they did some kind of cut and paste job and couldn’t figure out what was going on, all upset that they aren’t showing the courtroom scene we were looking forward to from yesterday. It actually looked like two shows spliced together. I guess things can only get better from here on, right?

It is just old scripts being dusted off… lol
The Abotts were sitting at a table grinning at each other, no big deal.. they were sitting at a table. I do not see how that makes some to hail a writer for putting people at a table..

And- the custody/visitation story needs to go to court and not end a whimper.
((that tells me there will be not action/high drama from this writer..

Also- I read her agenda for Y&R and it smelled of old mothball doilies!

c’mon.. I just want one soap that is heading in a New direction and not going backwards, again..
Anyways.. time will tell if the many whoopies turn into groans ..

So– I will watch in wait for Sussman soap nobel prize ..

(((what the soaps desperately need is to clean house of the old writers and bring in New young modern writers.
Now, that would be a good thing..

Here is hoping Sussman does well..

So, the skillful and seamless camera work in which one scene merged into another confused you? Hmmm…weird. I thought it was gracefully executed.
The new head writers did the right thing in wrapping up that horrible, ill conceived child visitation rights off camera. No one needed to see another court scene–even the actors didn’t seem to be into it.
Today, Sharon reverted back to being a character with whom one could empathize, she reverted back to being a flawed, yet sympathetic character. The new head writers are on clean up crew and judging by today’s episode, they’re doing a bang up job.

ITA with you, why show a boring courtroom scene when we all knew how it was going to turn out.
I liked the breakfast scene, they always had that and a lot of things got hashed out over breakfast. I hope to see more of Mrs Martinez, maybe doling out “Mamie style” advice.

It will get better I assure you, because I’ve seen these writers at the helm and they not only know the characters inside and out they created over half of them, so I know the show is in great, not good hands, great. The courtroom stuff ended really abruptly but I can tell they have so much more to get to that they had to cut into that. Michael and Lauren finally have story, Gloria returning, that is more than enough for me. I notice when there is a new writer the first episode always looks weird because they have to wrap up all the previous writers stuff, plus it looks extra weird because characters suddenly appear and disappear, based on what the writer wants to happen. I’d give it a good month before the groove gets back in, but I feel a difference already.

The immediacy of this first episode was to address the fact there will be no custody battle or further talk thereof..Travis has left GC without so much as a by your leave..festering wounds such as nick and Nikki quickly mended..and the importance of family first..personally I wasn’t looking forward to court child custody scenes..dust yourself off and carry on as they say..keep watching.

Felt the same kept rewinding DVR. Will the change keep y&r on top?

Sally probably didnt show the courtroom scenes because ALL of us want to move on from this Sully/Christian debacle! I think we will see more cut and paste just to move on from the crap and start seeing the blue skies again!


Thank goodness there are some people thinking like me. Ive been watching y & r for almost 40 years. I missed a couple of years because I got bored with stories taking so long before some kind of twist came along. Many of family and friends stopped watching and will never come back.

I watched December 7 and thought I missed something and needed to figure out what happened. Now I get it. Someone brought the old and (sorry) boring writers back.

Bad move! It’s going to get boring again! Why is it so important to rehash old stuff. It’s like picking up from where it was left 10 years ago… BORING.

Whats the purpose of changing something that works with the current culture and millennium? The watchers that want the old stuff… just buy the “days gone by” cd’s and let the new world move on.

Please don’t do it! I’m already crying.

Who said anything about rehashing old stuff?
Returning to home plate in order to navigate the bases with character driven stories is NOT boring.

If you’ve been watching that long..I have since week one as a pre mom and her friends talk of their “stories” pulled me in..then you should be glad for writers who helped move Bill Bells original vision along. Competent writing isn’t “old stuff”’s just competent writing. Days of our Lives showed quite clearly off the wall dreary drama never had and never will work. Now you have families..better driven story..and less of a rush to FF the show to the end. Both shows made smart moves and are better for it.

I watched the whole show today, mostly, because I cannot stand the idiot smug Nick Newman, he’s been unlikable for years, even worse than Sharon because he’s a hypocrite and was still mad at Nikki after he already won? Until he improves I’m going past all his scenes and Chelsea, unless the writers find a way for those two to wow me. I’m not interested in a Chelsea/Nick thing, too predictable and forced when that needs to take time, but these writers know how to make it organic and character driven, and it looked that way to me today. There was so much drama and the Abbott breakfast made me cry when Tracy let Jack have it, although I don’t think she’s being fair thinking that the family is going to wrap it all up by Christmas. I understand her wanting Jack to forgive but that should be on HIS timetable, not hers. Billy didn’t play a practical joke, he had an affair with his brother’s wife and Tracy needs to realize that she can’t force a healing, even John took time to forgive when he was angry. I felt terrible for Sharon and Dylan today; looks like a death to me. They never even addressed her miscarriage before she went to that wacky facility. I know that this is basically a new season, and none too soon, so I look forward to my favorite characters once again becoming something I can recognize; it’s already happening.

John would be so proud of Tracy.

“…I cannot stand the idiot smug Nick Newman, he’s been unlikable for years, even worse than Sharon because he’s a hypocrite and was still mad at Nikki after he already won? Until he improves ”


dag, right … Nikki spent the rest of the ep consoling and apologizing


another POST said it perfectly… not verbatim… but… THIS IS THE REASON the Newmans are done

lack of maturity – stunted – etc

even , (sadly) Victoria is asking her father…. don’t tell me I told you so… can you just be their for me ?

what the heck is going on… has always been this way… NO FIGHT… the same thing goes… with Nikki.

as Victor saunters off to the office. BS

THIS is the reason… I’ve always LOVED the Abbott family. granted they are older siblings than the Newmans… nevertheless… ALL the Abbotts act circles around the Newman ACTORS.

I will say it again… at the very least… Victoria is the lone Newman who has more chemistry with the rest of Genoa City denizen.

outside of the Newmans…. the show is alive… tho I’ve yet to see the Winters Clan

Thank God this show is moving

Dante … I agree!

I agree with you James. I have been a fan of the show since the mid eighties, and I am patiently awaiting Lauren’s return. Like I said in a previous post, I look forward to seeing the whole family interacting now that Gloria is coming back as well. The Fisher/Baldwi clan was always my favorite dysfunctional family that blended together beautifully. I’m hoping Gloria’s visit isn’t going to be just a holiday one. As I said before, since they are looking for a singer, now would be the perfect time for Gloria to revamp Gloworm. Why not have Lauren sing once in awhile. she used to sing with Danny back in the day if I am not mistaken. And to comment about your Shelia theory. remember, she still has a son and a daughter running around out there that aren’tTX wrapped to tight. Who cannot forget Daisy and Ryder. We’ll just have to wait and see. As the old saying goes, tune in tomorrow. Thanks

Daisy and Ryfer were suppossedly her niece and nephew.

Daisy and Ryder were the leaders of The Children of the Corn.

I just watched the first new episode and it’s clear from the start that the show is going back to its roots. With all its flashbacks and voiceovers from the past it reminded me why this has been my favorite soap for close
To 30 years! It’s just too bad the show doesn’t have John!

And to be honest, bringing him back from the dead I wouldn’t cry fool with whatever scenario! Lol

One way the soap could bring back Billy to the fold is to reach into its deep history and with Jill remind Jack that he cheated with Jill on John and John eventually forgave Jack. I almost thought Tracey was going to deliver that your de force moment as she pummeled Jack with RIGHTFUL guilt. I have a great feeling Billy will be at the table for Christmas, though. Wish they would make Billy cry and beg for Jacks forgiveness.

So loving the feeling though!

Yes, killing off John Abbott during the Lynn Marie Latham era was a kick in the ‘nards and still hurts – just watching the pre-credits opening yesterday made me tear up a little as you saw the pictures on the mantle and hearing Jerry Douglas’ voice.

Right, Tucker and Latham killed of John Abbott despite everyone begging her not to. She did it out of spite which is never a good motivating factor for soap opera writing.
Sally Sussman said in an interview that she wanted nothing more than to bring back John Abbott but didn’t know how to do it without revisiting the ridiculous Bobby-in-the-shower plot point.
I think if she figured out a way to do it, viewers would be receptive to John Abbott coming back utilizing their suspension of disbelief powers.

Billy reminded Jack of his affair with his stepmother, just made Jack madder. lol
Jack’s a hypocrite.
I can’t think of anyway they could bring John back without it being unbelievable, but I hope they do think of a way.
I’m pretty sure though that ghost John will appear in time for Christmas and tell Jack he’s being a hypocrite and remind him again of his affair with Jill and Jack will forgive Billy.
If I was Billy, just to get in Jack’s face, I’d move back into my old room at the Abbott mansion. There is nothing Jack can do about it, the house was left to ALL of them and Jack doesn’t get to change the rules.

Sure, Jack is being a hypocrite but remember John basically disowned Jack, fired him and for a good long time jack was living out of a hotel or studio apartment. He was left with nothing. It took a long while (remember Y&R back then moved slowly so a long time was truly long!

My take on the Billy story is he shows NO REMORSE and always blames Jack for why Phyllis ended up in his bed MORE THAN ONCE! Billy needs to apologize and beg for forgiveness just like Jack did with John. Jack begged and begged and cried over losing his father’s love. Billy seems to think it’s fine to just say “Jack get over it I’m sorry but youre to blame for it all” is what makes this a ridiculous scenario. Thankfully Ashley called Billy out yet Billy still saw it his way.

Now he wants Victoria back and I’m hoping the show opts to make that a long time in coming!!

When will Chloe’s deep secrets come to light, she can’t get away with the Adam fiasco muchlonger


I wasn’t totally impressed. I didn’t think it was like startling better. Also surprised they didn’t show the courtroom showdown, but in a way glad. Let’s move the story along. But didn’t really seem like story moved that much.

I was a little confused by the opening. I thought, is Jack talking to his ghost dad? Then I see Jack coming down the stairs. Didn’t know what was happening. And Jack doesn’t know when someone comes to his house?

Well, I am optimistic for the future.

I also didn’t like Traci yelling. I was just taken aback by some of the conversation.

I love the differences I see already. But yeah, Traci yelling? I think it’s
wrong for her and everyone else to try to shove Jack back into brotherly
love for Billy when the Philly affair was so recently exposed. Jack cant
really even look at Billy without picturing him with his wife, so back off,
jeez. His family may want everything normal again, but Jack is the one
who experienced the betrayal and overall grossness firsthand, not them.

When Jack and Ashley got into it about her not being a real Abbott, I thought she just might break down and tell her other sibblings the truth. Its bound to come out some day, but then again Y&R is known for holding on to secrets for years. Its like they save them up , and all of a sudden , wham!

I always wondered if Ashley had any half-brothers and half-sisters she didn’t know about from her dad. And I forgot that Traci had no knowledge about Dina and Brent Davis.

There’s a lot of history on Y&R, and the fact you have the same characters still there, I hope it gets really interesting!

So glad Pratt and Phelps are gone from Y&R. the new writing team didn’t take any time at all to bring the show back to it’s roots and good storytelling.

Really liked the first episode with the new writing regime. Hopefully now they will stop Sharon from having that weird scared I’m a nut look in her eyes that the previous writers had her make. Big disservice to the bipolar community. Also I hope they stop the Nikki bashing Sharon scesec…given how much horror Victor has done in the past that she has overlooked she shouldn’t say a word against anyone else.

Funny about Nicki. She’s like the little girl, who had a little curl nursery rhime. If she likes or loves someone, shes fine, but if she doesn’t watch out! When she gets that real haughty, snobby look, I just want to smack her. She hasn’t always been Mrs. Got Rocks, and she forgets her humble beginnings. Like today, donating a wedding dress that was probably worth thousands of dollors, when many of us would try to return it, if possible. Nicki is one of a kind, got to give her that.

The Abbott KINGDOM returneth

that breakfast scene ; welled up and spilled

two things.

1. Mamie : “she was a piece of Heaven”

2. dear Ole Dad John : Dads tradition…( when Dina left them) no matter how much Jabot grew… at the start of the day… he sat with his children .

it was such a startling contrast… when the next scene showed… just Nikki on her lap top.. and Victor reading the newspaper. ” THIS ” family has become so inconsequential… aside from Victoria.

PROP TIME : Jason Thompson. the writers are going to steer his character back. and yes, if it’s with Victoria… I still see it… these two have chemistry. the writers have to utilize all of Jason Thompson traits… his sensitivity, his caring nature, his bond… even with Jack. his bumbling foolhardy days…

the point is… after the Abbott family breakfast… I tuned right in to Billy… and never wavered… his scenes with Mom… WORK. his scenes with Victoria.. and alas… showing maturity and taking it from Jack… manned up.

Abbott REIGN

I will have to start with DVR Friday eps only.

it was a – GOOD – show. I cried and marveled .

PS: as someone posted above… the previews of coming attraction… BAM right out of the front gate… Michael and Lauren….. hollaw …ABOUT TIME.

It was the first time I bought Jason Thompson as Billy. Which just goes to show that an actor can do everything he can, but if the writing isn’t there it’s pointless. One day with solid writing and I warmed up to Thompson’s portrayal.

wed epp with john abbott remembered was really special! but..
thursday epp was even better which i didnt think was possible
ash and vic finally share a tender scene which they always shared in the past.. they remembered the baby they had to give up to sharon
lauren and phyllis who are supposedly good friends finally sat together at gcac
nvrmind lauren an michael finally had a story..
vic longed for billy but was tortured
jack and phyliss closing scene was powerful
characters are contemplating and in agony
characters have purpose
characters share history and are tied together
thank you
y n r feels like y n r again
more than hopeful

Loved this episode now if only the writers of B&B can make it an hour long show like Y&R

I didn’t watch Y&R in the good ol’ days.
So Dec 7th sitting at tables shows was just that sitting at tables haaa!

The Abbotts were at table having phony laughing and a scolding while eating a huuuuge breakfast.
Nick and Victoria were sitting at table with coffee and talking
Vicitora and Billy were having coffee sitting at table talking
Nikkki and Victor were sitting at table, Nikki eating
Jill and Billy were having coffee sitting at table

LOL tables and eating are the new writers thing..
I saw nothing to get all giggle exciting over, it was nothing special.
I was surprised to read so many saying it was like decades back; when people sat at tables eating. lol The conversations were not different, just the usual type stuff.

Long live Y&R …… gotta love it ..

The second show today was even better..I felt Ashleys pain and she told Jack right..STOP POSTURING..smiling through the show..but one’s early days..don’t belabor the point of other writers mishaps by mentioning the same thing over and over in one scene..we get it.

While I’m familiar with most of the characters on Y&R I’ve never actually watched any episodes,so I guess now would be as good a time as any to start.

I too applaud the first two episodes– the first episodes in two years where I did not fast forward through entire scenes, much less entire episodes! The dialogue was genuine, the characters were real people: they talked to each other and looked at one another with real meaning. And then there were those moments where they said nothing but their eyes and facial expressions explained it all! Dylan, Sharon and then Traci and Billy with those Christmas ornaments: it is what real families do– they remember the stories behind some of our most precious heirlooms, what they represent, how they define us as a family. This week, Y and R found its past, dusted it off and is bringing it back into our homes. What a lovely Christmas present to us all!

Yes Ron, I agree, but one little petty thing I have to bring up, pretty funny actually. Billy and Traci decorating the tree was priceless! They put all the decorations on the whole tree without putting the lights on first and then like magic when she showed Ashley, lo and behold , the lights came on, so beautiful. I guess it’s just the little things.

SO TRUE! Lights first, then ornaments! How observant of you, Violet!

Give them some time and yes they are going to drop some stories every writing team does this is not ever been a action blow up soap it has always been more character then action ! Yes she a going to back burn some of the newer cast members but they are very good storytellers I pray that Neil and his family get a decent story but Dru was the heat of that so?????

Two episodes in and I am seeing the Y&R of the past! The last scene with Jack and Ohyllis had me feel empathy for Phyllis and sympathy for Jack! Kudos to both actors! I’m excited to see what’s in store for both characters now that they are truly separated romantically.

Henle’s Victoria may finally become the character I’ve wished she would be with Victor as her father! Like Jack and Phyllis, Victoria’s defining NEW moment was “agreed Christmas alone” while walking Billy to the door has me with hopes she may be the powerful strong female lead she was under Heather Tom.

Lauren and Michael may finally have their romance back! I’m hoping to see their home life once again and see them be a little more romantic and strong together.

And the tour de force on the show since yesterday has been Beth Maitland’s Traci who has delivered in every scene! I said it yesterday that she’s John’s replacement and not Jack! She has the heart and soul to be the anchor for the Abbotts.

I’m so happy so far!!

100% Agree about Traci Abbott. Spot. On.

I took her anger as a true sign that the writers aren’t going to let one character has more reason than another when it comes to an argument! Jack, Phyllis and Billy for months have been talking and hearing Only themselves! It took Traci to let Jack know she’s not going to let him do what he wants since they are ABBOTTS

This is a reply to Dante. Don’t like your Nick bashing, but everyone has a right to their opinion. I admire Nick for the way he has been a good and decent man despite being raised by Victor and his hoity, toity mother. No one could have been a better dad to his kids. Nothing I say will change your opinion, but, you know he wasn’t really mad at his mother. He was hurt, because he felt that her loyalty was all going to Dylan

Sorry, but not too long ago Nick battled Sharon for Faith– he wanted her all to himself and to live with him. He puts himself ahead of the well-being of a child. He did it with Faith and now with Christian. I hope he gets all the headaches he deserves, thinking being a single parent would be simple. Yikes.

Well, I have to disagree. You just said doing the best for the child. Do you really think that Sharon was best for Faith at that time? Also, why is someone that isn’t even Christian’s mother be better for him than his own father? You think Nick shouldn’t be allowed to have his son returned to him after being kept away from him for the first year of his life. If you were

TO a degree, you are right. Nick’s approach of “me only” always bothered me. Well, should the truth ever come out that Christian isn’t his real son, then we’ll see how he reacts to things. I just don’t know how this will play out. Nick was married to Sage who had a child with Adam who was married to Chelsea. Who has more parental rights: Sage or Chelsea? I can’t believe Chelsea doesn’t want part of her dead husband’s own child. Aside from it being completely ridiculous that Chelsea and Victor are concealing the parentage from everyone.

I just want Nick to wash his hair and I will be happy with the dude.

Chelsea is a part of Adam’s child? She is around Nick and Christian a lot. What other reason why Chelsea would want to be a part in her dead husband’s child? Marry Nick? Sleep with her husbands brother. It’s enough sleeping with brothers brother. I think that is so low. That was HORRIBLE, and I condone what Phyllis did to Jack. Maybe people don’t have morals anymore. You have Sharon has slept with practically with every man on the show, even her husbands daddy. This is sick. Get new women in the show and stop all of this sleeping around with each other. Everybody on the show has practically slept with each other. Nasty-Not clean!

What’s AMAZING is that Y&R has been #1 for YEARS and yet they keep changinf writing team every few months for thew past 5 years..What did any of that accomplish anyway??

Hi, Helen.
I sooo agree about Stitch….and, I hold back a little with regards to Hilary.
You are right….she gets to me as much as she does to you. But, the show needs her right now….at least, I think so. There needs to be sort of a bad girl around. This is actually the best time for her presence. Methinks a love triangle is in the works.
I may be wrong, but I get the distinct hunch that something will be brewing ( romantically) between Devon and Mariah.
I know, I know….terrible pairing, if true. She deserves a real man, albeit I liked how Devon stepped up and fired Hilary. Maybe there’s hope for him yet.
I also thought there is a big change in Billy. I was surprised to see his maturity making an appearance.


B&B and Y&R Stars Join Heather Tom In the Celebration of Life for Her Late Mother, Marie Tom

Back on February 4th, Six-time Daytime Emmy-winner, Heather Tom (Katie, The Bold and the Beautiful) shared on Instagram that her beloved mother, Marie Tom had passed away.

At that time, Heather expressed: “At 12:20 am Sunday morning, my brother, David, my sister, Nicholle, and her all but adopted son, Michael, held my beautiful mother’s hand, kissed her face and whispered I love you as she passed from this world to the next. She was my biggest champion and my most important influence.”

Over this past weekend, many of Heather B&B and former Y&R castmates, attended a celebration in honor of the life of Marie Tom, and to support Heather during this difficult time. They included: Ashley Jones (Bridget, B&B), Jennifer Gareis (Donna, B&B), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B), Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R) and Kate Linder (Esther, Y&R).

Photo: JPI

Jones shared on the touching day, “We love you, Heather Tom, We’ve known you for 25 years (or more)! It was an honor to gather together and celebrate your mom with you, David and Nicholle. 🤍🕊️ Marie Tom certainly knew how to LIVE! And I love the word you left with us… tenacity. Her memory will live on and on…❤️🙌🏼❤️”

Katherine Kelly Lang added, “It was a perfect day for Marie.”  Jones’ post contained other images from the celebration for Marie Tom.

Marie was very proud of her talented children and their accomplishment and was often by their side while they were growing up. Heather Tom first appeared on daytime as Victoria Newman, a part she played on The Young and the Restless from 1990-2003, after a three year stint on One Life to Live as Kelly Cramer, she headed to The Bold and the Beautiful in 2007 to take on the role as Katie Logan, a part she is currently playing.

Photo: JPI

David Tom, appeared on The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott from 1999-2004.  That role won David a Daytime Emmy. He later joined One Life to Live in the part of Paul Cramer from 2004-2005. Nicholle Tom continues to appear in numerous television series and film.

Share your continued well-wisues condolences to Heather, David and Nicholle on the passing of their mother, Marie Tom via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ashley Jones (@ashleyaubra)

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GH Alum Tonja Walker Shares Note to B&B’s Kimberlin Brown, “It Must Be ‘Kill the Best Villains’ Week”

The past ten days brought with it the apparent end of the lines for two of soap opera’s all-time greatest bad girls. First, back on the February 16th episode of General Hospital, viewers learned that Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) had died in an apparent brutal attack while imprisoned in Pentonville  …. mind you, we never saw Olivia die on-screen.

Then, came the Monday, February 26th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.  In a shocker, the series went full “horror movie” when in the dark, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) stabs a cloaked Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) to her apparent death.  The series has gone as far as to have Kimberlin Brown give quotes to the press on her reaction to finding out that Sheila was gone and she was killed-off the show. However, many viewers aren’t buying it, and feel there is swerve to the story to come.

Walker took to X and shared with Michael Fairman TV that she wrote to Kimberlin Brown immediately after Sheila was ‘killed-off” The Bold and the Beautiful on-screen.

Photo: JPI

Tonja exprssed: “I just wrote to her. It must be kill the villains week. Well I said “kill the best #villains” week in talking about her. She’s done a great job. She’ll be missed, but it’s February, she could pull through by May sweeps! #Olivia was said by Anna to be executed. But that’s not a (coffin image).”

Previously, Brown told TV Insider on the Sheila takedown: “I just wish that no one was taking Sheila down.”  She added that the show “is my happy place where I have been so blessed to be for over 35 years. But I’ve had a good run at it, so I’m one of the lucky ones.”


Walker was last seen on General Hospital as Olivia Jerome back in 2017, while Brown started the role of Sheila Carter on The Young and the Restless back in 1990 and crossed-over the character to The Bold and the Beautiful where Sheila continued to have more than nine lives.

So, what’s your bet? Are both Olivia and Sheila alive and well? What did you think of the sentiments shared by Tonja to Kimberlin? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s William Lipton to Star in Music Drama Series ‘The Runarounds’ From ‘Outer Banks’ Creators

This sounds like a perfect starring vehicle for the multi-talented William Lipton (Cameron Webber), who recently made a brief return to General Hospital for his best friend, Spencer Cassadine’s (the exited Nicholas Chavez) gravesite memorial service.

Now comes word that Lipton is set to star in a new series in the works entitled The Runarounds. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because The Runarounds is the name of the band seen in season three of Netflix’s popular series, Outer Banks. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has given the green light to an eight-episode, straight-to-series order for The Runarounds which premise features the story of a post-high school band as they try to make it big.

Photo: IsiahPate/Lipton IG

The fictional drama is inspired by the real life band of the same name and will star its group’s members: William Lipton, Axel Ellis, Jeremy Yun, Zendé Murdock and Jesse Golliher.

The Runarounds will be set and film in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Outer Banks was also shot. Skydance Television is the studio behind the series. Outer Banks creators Josh Pate, Joshua Pate, and Shannon Burke will bring this project to life.

Lipton took to his Instagram on Monday, once the news of the series was revealed, expressing, “Where are we going, fellas? To the top, Johnny!” Immediately GH co-stars past and present shared their congratulations to William including: Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina Robinson) and Enzo De Angelis, who plays Lipton’s brother, Aiden on GH.


In a statement, Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed: “When we first met with Jonas and Skydance about The Runarounds, it was immediately clear that they brought us a special show featuring an incredibly talented cast and real-life band. We are very much looking forward to sharing the exhilarating journey of The Runarounds with our global Prime Video customers.”

The Runarounds were actually formed as a band back in 2021, when Jonas Pate issued a casting call looking for a group to appear on Outer Banks. The group first performed together when they played for Pate ahead of appearing in season three after being selected from a more than 5,000 musicians who responded to the call.

No word yet on when The Runarounds will be released.

So, excited for this opportunity for William Lipton to star in this music drama? Hope he returns to GH down the line? Comment below.


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A post shared by William Lipton (@williamlipton)

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

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