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TONIGHT: Lauralee Bell in V.C. Andrews’ Lifetime Movie ‘Pearl in the Mist’

Photo: Lifetime

Last night, daytime fans got to see their first glimpse of The Young and the Restless’ Lauralee Bell in her role as the villainess, Daphne Dumas in Lifetime’s Ruby adapted from the V. C. Andrews (Flowers in the Attic) novels.

Now on Sunday night, March 21st, Bell reprises the role of the manipulative stepmother to Ruby (Raechelle Banno) and her sister Giselle (Karina Banno) in Lifetime’s Pearl in the Mist (8pm EST/7pm CST).

Based on the second book from V.C. Andrews in the series, Pearl in the Mist finds Ruby still struggling to find true happiness, after a year of living at her father’s lavish mansion. When Ruby and her twin Giselle (Karina Banno) are sent away to an exclusive all girls boarding school, Ruby is hopeful for a new start with her sister. But when Ruby is once again shamed for her backwater upbringing, and her cruel Headmistress, Mrs. Ironwood (Henner), along with her stepmother Daphne (Bell) and Giselle continue to plot against her, Ruby must endure torturous punishments and public humiliation. Ruby holds out hope and continues to dream of a better future until tragedy leaves her alone in a world of deceits.


Bell told TV Insider how she compared the role of Daphne to another Y&R role she never played, and the villain of 101 Dalmatians: “She’s like Jill Abbott or Cruella de Vil. There was one line that I recall particularly. Daphne says: ‘If you don’t have anything bad to say, then don’t say anything.’ I love that line. Daphne can be a freak. My motherly instincts are to stop everything and help my kids through anything. Daphne’s instincts are not wanting to be bothered by her stepchildren. She sees them as an annoyance.  It’s fun to play something the opposite of who I am. Christine’s a little uptight and she has a strong work ethic, but Daphne is so self-centered. It’s a whole different dynamic.”

So, will you be checking out Lauralee as Daphne? Let us know via the comment section below, but first watch this teaser for Pearl in the Mist.

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Haha, that photo…looks like Lauralee has been typecast! As in sanctimonious Cricket!?!


Michael Fairman
Finally a y n r related post!
This site hasnt posted anything about y n r in forever, than again I cant blame you
Did you erase that crapfest from your viewing list too?
Nice to see Lauralee move on from snoozeville genoacity!
Oh , how I long for the days when Cricket was involved in complex and intelligent law storylines as the legal aid top lawyer! Her with Paul and Michael Baldwin and John Silva!

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

In my San Diego area, we got both movies on Sunday, the first one being Ruby, which I have already watched. Having read so many of her books, I did not remember either of these. I thought L.B did a very good job in her role. Except for her distinctive voice, I almost didn’t recognize her. Who knew she could play mean so we’ll? Am looking forward to the next one.

Barbara from Atlanta
Barbara from Atlanta

I’ve never been blown away by Bell’s portrayal of the “oh so holy” Cricket. However, she is pretty good in that clip playing a “bitch.” Maybe Bell should have been playing a dark character on Y&R all these years rather than Saint Christine.


Dr. Oz Set to Announce Candidacy For Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Seat; Will Likely Take Break from Talk Show

There is a new celebrity who has entered the political arena.  This time it’s Daytime Emmy-winning talk show host, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

According to TMZ overnight, Dr. Oz will announce his intentions to run for the republican U. S. Senate seat in Pennyslvania.

Oz will run for republican Pat Toomey’s seat.  Toomey is set to retire.

Sources tell TMZ that Oz has already made a multi-million dollar media buy in the state for his political run, and that he make the official announcement on Tuesday night on Fox News Channel’s Hannity,

The report also shares that Dr, Oz already has a  full campaign staff former National Republican Senatorial Committee head, Chris Hansen.

As to the future of the Dr. Oz show, it would appear that Oz would likely take a step back from the show over the next few months, but that has yet to be confirmed.

So, if the report holds true, what do you think of Dr. Mehmet Oz running for a republican senate seat? Comment below.

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Breaking News

OLTL Alum Arlene Dahl Dead At 96, Son Lorenzo Lamas Shares: “She Was The Most Positive Influence In My Life”

Another loss for the soap world and its extended family.  Arlene Dahl, who had a notable career in film and television, and who appeared on both One Life to Live and All My Children, has passed away at the age of 96.

Her son, former Falcon Crest and The Bold and the Beautiful star, Lorenzo Lamas (Ex-Lance and Ex-Hector, respectively), shared the news via his Facebook page: “Mom passed away this morning in New York. She was the most positive influence on my life. I will remember her laughter, her joy, her dignity as she navigated the challenges that she faced. Never an ill word about anyone crossed her lips. Her ability to forgive left me speechless at times. She truly was a force of nature and as we got closer in my adult life, I leaned on her more and more as my life counselor and the person I knew that lived and loved to the fullest. My sympathies go to her loving husband @marcrosennyc who, for the last 37 years, made her life so wonderful and joyous. Love you mom forever ♥️ #ArleneDahl #Moviestar #legend #mom #RIP”

Photo: JPI

Dahl came on to One life to Live as Lucinda Schenk Wilson, the selfish and manipulative mother of Mimi King played by Kristin Meadows.  Arlene made appearances on the ABC soap starting in 1981 and eventually was offered a one-year contract that took her through till 1984. A decade later, Dahl came on to play Lady Lucille on All My Children for a short time.

Photo: YouTube

On One Life to Live, Arlene mixed it up with Phillip Carey’s Asa Buchanan and Jeremy Slate’s Chuck Wilson.  Dahl is also well-known as one of the regular panelists on the game show, What’s My Line?

While still working in TV and films, Arlene branched out into beauty and cosmetics, eventually becoming an executive and beauty columnist.

Throughout her life, Arlene was married six times.  She had been married to Marc Rosen since 1984 and they remained together till her death.  She is survived by her son Lorenzo, two other children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Watch Arlene with Phillip Carey in scenes from OLTL below.

Then share your condolences to Arlene’s family, and share your remembrances, via the comment section.

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Guiding Light

Guiding Light’s Robert Newman Pays Tribute to the Brilliance of Lisa Brown

On Sunday, longtime Guiding Light mainstay, Robert Newman (Ex-Josh Lewis), shared a heartfelt message on his Facebook page on the death of his former co-star, Lisa Brown (Ex-Nola Reardon).

As previously reported, Brown passed away earlier this week at the age of 67 from cancer. She portrayed the beloved role of Nola on the CBS soap opera from 1980-1985 and was front and center in many stories which featured Nola’s antics, fantasies, and of course, her love affair with Quint, the late Michael Tylo.

In his message on Brown’s death, Robert Newman expressed: “I was greatly saddened to hear of the sudden death of the great Lisa Brown. When I first joined the show in 1981, Lisa was pretty much the center of everything. A real whirlwind. Her work with the late Michael Tylo was fantastic. I particularly have fond memories of Nola’s fantasies …Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, etc. I don’t think I was ever a part of those fantasies, but I remember watching them being taped in the studio and she was just amazing.”

Newman goes on to say: “One of my fondest Lisa memories, however, was sitting in the audience at the Winter Garden Theater in NYC watching Lisa head up the cast of 42nd Street with Lee Roy Reams in 1981 or so. It was one of those times when you see a colleague that you know from one genre, Daytime Drama, in an entirely different genre, Musical Comedy, and you are completely surprised and blown away. Again, she was just fantastic in the role and I as a fellow musical comedy performer, I had great, great respect for her. Below is a clip from a television performance of her as Peggy in 42nd Street. Her death at such a young age is a great loss to the daytime community. Love and prayers to her family and friends.”

Michael Fairman TV also shares below the video posted by Robert below, which reminds us of just how multi-talented Lisa was for her fans, the audience, and to all that knew her. On a personal note: “Lisa always performed at the ‘Night of the Daytime Stars’ benefit for AMFAR in New York City during the AIDS pandemic that I created and produced.  It was the annual event held the night before the Daytime Emmys, and she was always willing to lend her support and talents to help others in need.”

Share your thoughts on Robert Newman’s remembrance of Lisa Brown via the comment section.

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DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati talks with Michael Fairman on the creation and the making of the limited-series “Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem” currently streaming on Peacock. Leave A Comment

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