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Which Y&R Character Will Need Legal Advice When Angell Conwell Returns As Leslie Michaelson?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Angell Conwell is on her way back to Genoa City as her on-screen alter ego; lawyer Leslie Michaelson who will provide legal counsel for someone on CBS’ The Young and the Restless!

According to Soap Opera Digest, Angell will be appearing on the March 14th episode.  The actress who has been on recurring status with the series has made several recent appearances; including her last visit defending her former love interest Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) during his trial of causing the death of Christine’s (Lauralee Bell) unborn child.

With so many illegal activities going down in Genoa City right now, who might need a lawyer?  Could it be someone in the Newman clan: Victor (Eric Braeden) or Adam (Justin Hartley)?  What about Luca Santori (Miles Gaston Villenueva)? Could it be Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) or Billy (Jason Thompson) who are trying to takedown Victor?  Could it once again be Neil Winters, or someone else entirely?

Share your thoughts on who Leslie Michaelson will turn up to represent in the comment section below!

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Too many to count.
Let’s start with Neil, the fool. Devon, for stupidity? Then Noah? Another fool for chasing a skirt. It’s about time these men start thinking with their heads and not their unmentionables. As ferocious ad Victor is; his head always ruled his body, not the other way around…..
Natalie, Billy, Phyllis ….for espionage and fraud? Gee, I don’t know. Everybody?

Zip it, you complain too much.

Thanks, Rebecca. I’ll keep that in mind.


Hey Larry, Play nice! Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Ha Ha your so right my friend but I want to know what happened to Jensen Buchanan who had an affair with old Victor? I wonder if she’s going to be the judge? I think it could be Noah & of course old Vic will come in at the last minute and save him using his almighty power as usual but at the same time doing what he did to Adam way back when (I’ll save you but then I own you) I love seeing Dr. Nevell & Ashley. Where the heck is Kevin & Mariah. Enough of the computer spy game & if I have to stomach that (Summer) again OH MY Gosh (Did I do something wrong Grampa?) Answer Yes Summer you did dear. You showed up for work again today.

Oh, my gosh, Nikki. I had completely forgotten about Jensen. What you describe is exactly the scenario which will unfold, if Noah is brought to justice. The judge does not want their affair out in the open.
I have been wondering the same thing about Kevin and Mariah. I suppose Natalie and Summer (barf) are taking their air-time. Too bad!! I love your little presumed skits between Summer and Victor…still laughing.
Yes, Neville and Ashley are a true match. I enjoy them more than anyone else on the show. Love your post.
Night, my friend

Hey Nikki,

I’m still having trouble envisioning that Judge Moxley woman EVEN REMOTELY cheating on her mild-mannered and nice-looking husband with that GRUMPY OLD DINOSAUR Victor…B-L-E-C-H!!!!!!!!!! Just saying……….

Later, Nikki.

I cannot stand Natalie! You ask where Mariah is? Natalie is stealing all Mariah’s one liners! Kevin and Mariah are gold! GLUMMER! She couldnt even babysit Max and GRANDPA gives her a job keeping tabs on Natalie? What a joke!

Never liked her character, she is boring and puts me to sleep. LOL. Bye Felicia

Too funny, Adam.

Jaybird369 You are so right. I can’t even imagine this affair happening but if it truly did then maybe she was drinking the same kooch that Neil’s been drinking. Waking up to old Vic in the morning would stop anyone from drinking. No longer a need for AA.

Hi Timmm Your right. I don’t care for Natalie either but I think they needed someone for Bummer to hang out with. The whole story is stupid she can’t babysit a kid or watch a live-in roomy. She said Bile is is New York why can’t they let her go visit him and go to College down there? She has no use in Y & R and Im sure she knows nobody likes her & she doesn’t care even though she has another acting job in some other show..Oh well she’s the meaning of the mute button. Or in my case bathroom break.

Hopefully it’s Victor. Lol. We know that Victor will never face justice. Silly me.

That’s funny too, MB. I love the Victor slams and retorts.

Speaking of Victor; it infuriates from here to kingdom come when he tells Adam that he kept Noah’s secret. Wow!! How dare Noah turn on the mighty Victor and betray him? Really? The secret that Victor himself created? There would be no secret if Victor and Marissa had not, basically, forced Noah against a wall by not going to the police. It would have been over and done by now. Such frustrating writing!! So dumb!!

How about Michael Baldwin. REMEMBER HIM! Who cares about Leslie! We dont need her! She will help Neal AGAIN after he gets drunk and kills ANOTHER baby! Christine should spit in his face!

Exactly Timmm.
Neil is getting too dangerous. I just want to understand the point. He is really losing it.
Our new poster ‘Larry’ , LOL, doesn’t seem to agree. How obvious and transparent. Luv-ya, my Timmmbo. Later.

Imagine being responsible for killing a child and CONTINUALLY picking up a glass of alcohol and saying “Freak it I’m drinking, Hillary should be mine!” I know its a soap but sadly this goes on in real life!

PS: Larry might have ONE too many like Mr. Winters! He doesnt know what he is saying or who he is talking to! Your a sweetheart Double C, luv you to!

AWWWW, you’re one in a million, Timmmy.
Yes, Neil’s unfortunate situation happens in real life. I hope TPTB turn this into a challenging storyline and treat it with sensitivity. However, we have been down his road with him and Nikki. A very familiar place to go for Y&R.
Thank you for your kind words, my love….I know exactly who ‘Larry’ is. Pay close attention to the slams and innuendoes I receive on a daily basis at the GH sites……and now, beyond. Thank you for having my back, my Timmm. Night.

Sage…she learns Sharon gots her beebee…lol.

Yeah, maybe. Lol, Jimmy.
But, that won’t happen for a while. Did you notice the different changes in Sage’s face as she was holding the baby today? I think she feels a motherly pull towards him. I bet that’s how she realizes the truth….just plain maternal instinct; and then take it from there.
Those chubby cheeks on that baby make me want to squeeze them. Yummy baby…such a cutie pie.

Hey CeeCee,

Y-e-p…baby Christian is so adorable and so cute…GA GA GOO GOO!!!!! Yes.

Take care, CeeCee.


yeah, it wont happen yet…got to wait two months then the child will be a teenager doing drugs and while he is high gets in a terrible car accident…he will need a blood transfusion and Sharon wont match…here is the shocking twist; Sage doesnt match either…we all have been duped into believing it was her child…lol…later!

I did reply to you, Jay….but, for some reason my post did not make it. It was a cute post, which I will not ripest in case the kind moderators pulverize it again. I just wanted to let you know I did not ignore you.
Good to know you love babies, too. Christian is actually the cutest baby I have ever seen on soaps. I have a weakness for chubby babies. Lol.. Later, my friend.

They dropped her cute brother without skipping a beat. He was attractive enough t find story for.

i really liked angell as leslie and its about time that another lawyer represents the citizens of genoa city instead of just michael baldwin! there must be a conflict of interest when michael represents every person and knows everyones legal history!
i hope angell pops up every once in a while , even to mingle with neil and counsel him,it was too bad her and neil were dropped.
i especially miss her brother tyler!

I think Noah.
However there are an abundance of candidates.
Including Patty.

I’m happy to hear she’s on her way back. I like Leslie. I wish they’d come up with a story line for her and her husband. The guy who plays the husband, Terrell Tilford, did an excellent job when he was involved in a front burner story line on One Life to Live.

I’m excited to have Leslie Michaelson back! I love Angell Conwell and I think she brings bona fide diversity to the cast – both in skin color and in body type. Beautiful and talented!

I remember that originally Leslie came on the scene as Adam’s defense attorney. She and Michael Muhney had a great vibe together and I think it would be awesome to have her work with Justin Hartley’s Adam. But, who knows? We shall see.

From a legal point of view, I was wondering who Michael did not now nor had not, in the past, represented. Conflict of interest could be interesting to cover. Viewers are still left without any update on Michael’s cancer status.

I liked her and think that one attorney in town is silly and loses storylines. Don’t make her Michael’s partner.

I liked Leslie, and will enjoy having her back on the show. But I hope
it isnt just a few legal-type scenes and then she is gone again. Used
to be nice to see her interactions with Avery at Crimson Lights talking
girl talk, not just work stuff. Not that Avery is there any longer, boo hoo.
(still miss Avery!). But maybe someone else to hang around with while
she is back.

There are so many she could set up shop again.

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