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Y&R Hits 30 Consecutive Years At #1; Show Thanks Fans For Enduring Support


In a record that will never be broken in the annals of daytime drama and television, The Young and the Restless has now remained at number one for 30 consecutive years, according to a press release from CBS Daytime.

That accounts for 1560 straight weeks at the top of the soaps, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings once the show hit the week ending November 30th.

In a statement, Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, CBS Daytime Programs and Syndicated Programs Development remarked: “The legacy of this show is remarkable.  No other modern day entertainment program in ANY day-part has been the top-rated show for 30 consecutive years.  This is an extraordinary feat that could not have been possible without the passion and commitment of the fans, cast, crew and staff. Their support has helped to make CBS’ daytime block the powerhouse that it is.”

Y&R started its current winning streak the week ending December. 30, 1988.   Thanks to Y&R and CBS’ other shows in the daytime line-up including: The Bold and the Beautiful, The Price Is Right, Let’s Make a Deal and The Talk the network has been #1 in daytime for 32 consecutive years.

In honor of this latest milestone, the show put out a video via social media featuring many of its notables from Genoa City, thanking the fans for watching and their continued support of the show over all of these years.   Included in the video are: Eric Braeden, Amelia Heinle, Jason Thompson, Joshua Morrow, Melody Thomas Scott, Joshua Morrow, Sharon Case, Jess Walton, Kate Linder, Jordi Vilasuso, Michael Mealor, Peter Bergman, Gina Tognoni, and many more. Check it out below

Now share your congrats to Y&R on 30 years of love, drama, family, intrigue and more via the comment section below.

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It would be nice if fans outside the USA could view these cbs videos

Y&R has not been my number one soap for the past 30 years. I think people have continued to watch during the down times out of habit, not because it was must-see TV.

It most definitely has been mine since the first episode in ‘73. The number of viewers over the years speaks volumes when compared to the other two remaining soaps.

Sadly, Momo, I’m inclined to agree. Lately, I barely recognize my beloved show. Unsavory new characters, stories dragged on for MONTHS on end, major legacy characters and actors being let go. Nikki on another bender? Jack in another loser romance? Obnoxious Fenmore again pursuing Kyle’s girlfriend? Been there too many times. It all adds up (or down) to boredom and a lot of disappointment. Not to mention fast-forwarding.

Kinda a slap in the face! The reason the show has been #1 for that long is because of the actors who have been there for most of that time! Viewers keep tuning in invested in the characters and the actors portraying them that we care about 5 days a week! The Abbots, the Newmans, Neil,Lauren and Michael, Paul and Christine, Jill, Sharon, Phyliss, the absent and beloved Adam,Nina, Drucilla, Olivia,Mac,Hillary,Avery, Gloria…
Not these newbies who have replaced them and have been on for 5 min. No disrespect to them but respect should be given when its due!

Yeah, thanks for tanking Doug Davidson! NOT!

My grandmother, her two sisters and countless cousins have been watching Y&R since its inception ( 1972?)…… I love my Y&R—have watched for eighteen years and my loyalty has never faltered, regardless of its “transgressions”, LOL.
I do complain about some storylines—-a few, these days, that drive me up the wall in their stupidity….yet, I would never turn away.
Whoever writes for Devon needs to think before putting ink to paper, as it were.
Abby said something about a 24-hour open-house-type of restaurant where students may ‘hang’.
I’m sure we all remember our High School and College days. Did any of us say to ourselves, “Hmmmm, I wonder who the chef is?”….BahHumbug!!
Then, there’s that personality-lacking giant woman ( forgot name) who’s caught Jack’s eye? Isn’t he kind of old for her? ……I always wondered why soaps do not settle these older characters down. I don’t know….
Then, inasmuch as I love Lola and Abby; ….what the hey!! Is GC becoming THE soap of restauranteurs? Who cares? Seriously?

Celia, Kerry reminds me of what the Statue of Liberty would be like if it were made of ice, through and through. Poor Jack. I bet even Patty Williams is starting to look good right about now.

Poor Jack, I think anything under sixty looks good to him. What I can’t understand is why he thinks that HE looks good to them!

Are we going down the Nikki-and-the-“bottle” memory lane again? How many times can someone fall, pick herself up and repeat it a million times for years? Literally!!
I guess Nikki needs to remain relevant? She needs some of the focus on herself? Yet, there has been so much focus on d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers; how much more camera time does she need?
The idea of showing how alcohol affects a compulsive drinker/alcoholic, has already been told, tenfold!! We know; we get it!! We’re not dumb!! It is old and over-used.
Personally, I am not interested in seeing Nikki fall into temptation and wrestle with “should I?” Or “shouldn’t I?”, for the umpteenth time. It’s a turn off for me.

Celia — Nausea Alert! I just returned from my semi-annual doctor visit. Everything was okay… until I came home to today’s episode of Y&R. Mia in a navy-blue seductress ensemble (possibly a camisole… I couldn’t bear to look too closely) trying to seduce Deputy Dawg again. Cec, I nearly got back in the car and went back to the doctor. What are these writers thinking? I don’t even want to see characters I LIKE humiliating themselves, let alone this virago. Can’t they find a different role for Mia, possibly another sequel to “Swamp Thing”?

LOL, Soaphound….seriously, had the seductress been anyone else but Mia, and Rey, Nick?—-well, then….different story!!
I don’t know what that mish-mash was. I wear shorts and tanks to bed. I will never understand why women wear that garb ….you know??
And, here I thought I was the only one who loved to use the word “virago”….we must have read the same books!! She reminds me of Martha ( Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf)…. Hmmmmm…..that could also apply to Carly Corinthos.
Did I misunderstand, or did Mia say she was going back to Miami? If so, one down…how many more to go?
I hope…..I REALLY HOPE, Deputy Dawg does not hook-up with Sharon. I love her and I do not want that offensive thought permeating the corners of my mind!!

You know, Celia, I learned that word in eighth grade English… I wonder if they still teach vocabulary or if, like cursive, it’s gone the way of the Dodo bird. There’s a line of fiction now under the moniker Virago Modern Classics that features women authors and has rescued many old books from obscurity. I love them! And I hosted a book club on WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? because it’s one of my favorite works of fiction.. love the movie, too! But I’ll take Martha over Mia anyday.. at least SHE had a sense of humor.

Hello, Soaphound,
You sound like moi….while my sisters were interested in what any youth should be, I read… grandmother has a stash of all the classics; and so many Historical Romances, which my husband calls by a name I cannot repeat!! Still read them…Kathleen E Woodiwiss is my favorite!!
Got to love that Martha. Sometimes I wish I were more like her!! The Shrew!!
I was ready to barf ….”Mia At The Ball”– a walking contradiction. Mamma mia!! Pardon the pun. LOL….
Have you noticed how TPTB are somehow divesting the ‘fatale’ out of this ‘femme’, and dressing her in ‘femme fidele’? Go figure. LOL.

Good grief, Soaphound….I posted an emogi of a blonde, representing myself….And, what I end up with is the Venus symbol of female gender.LOL.
Oh, I love “Swamp Thing”, starring Adrienne Barbeau….I wasn’t watching at the time, but she was part of the GH cast, at one point, I believe…..
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, my friend.❤️+ a XMAS tree emoji ( I’m afraid to press on it….who knows what it will show up as.LOL).

Nicki will have a long time to dry out, after her own grand-son mows her down, while driving.

I guess you just do not understand the concept behind Nikki drinking again..The point of it is to show how easy it is for an addict to fall off the wagon when they have a stresser in their life..Nikki hiding the fact that she possibly killed JT is a big stresser..Get it? Got it? GOOD!

Do me a favor…do not patronize!! ! If there’s one Miss know-it-all I cannot suffer is someone with nebulous information such as yours.
Your opinion is pretty much controvertible…….and I did not ask for it.
I could go on, but my parents reared me to mind my manners; yet BITE back…..I am BITING back.
I, very much, am aware that an alcoholic goes through an endless journey for a lifetime….I am just tired of the same plot….
Ignore my “corrosive” comments, if what I write goes against your oh-so-Pollyanna principles ….put your cudgel away, as I will do nothing to mollify your presumed angered sarcasm……who do you think you are?
Going at it with me is a big mistake…..God gave me the gift of glib!! And a well-versed tongue to match!!
You cannot fling such scalding sarcasm and not expect “birds to fly overhead” and fling back!!

Diane, I think most of us understand how an addict of any kind can succumb to the thing they are addicted to. As far as alcohol goes, a person sees it, smells it in just about any room, anywhere they go.But, hon, there are addicts, especially drunks on all four soaps, and their stressers are always utilized to the hilt.I’ve often wondered how many, or if any of the actors are alcoholics. It would really be stressful to be involved in a SL of that sort. I degressed , sorry, I just wanted to say that the soaps are meant to be entertainment, and not a medical or info type show, to help fans manage their addictions.
P.S. I think the writers use the alcohol thing, when they can’t think of anything better to write for that character.

Thank you, Violet….glad you understand what most of us try to express when it comes to these revolving doors of the same themes, on all the remaining soaps…. Going ’round ‘n ’round.
To be honest, I truly feel that when one suffers from an addiction, such as alcohol, these kinds of repetitive ‘runs’ on the soaps, may affect the ‘user’ in a negative manner. ….the ‘afflicted’ may feel it is useless to help himself/herself if he/she will capitulate time and again down to that dark place. What would be the point?! I hope my comment makes some sense.

Your comments made a lot of sense. Hope someone else got the point.

Well said, Violet. No one is minimizing addictions or the damage they do. But when they use it as a plot crutch, it does a disservice to the addicts so valiantly fighting their disease. Nikki’s story (and her laughable “tough broad” routine on Tessa) just seem like a grasp at giving Melody/Nikki something to do until Victor returns.

Thanks Soaphound. I got such a kick out of Nikki with her scary tactics towards Tessa, whom I feel deserved everything she got, even to the point of dumping her ass on the side of the road. Speaking of Nikki, when she gives her full-on laugh and lopsided smile, and I mnean that in a complimentary way, she looks just as she did back in the day. Wish we could see more of that, instead of her nose up in the air. Her constant haughty airs take away her beauty, still hiding there.

I have said it many times before, Y&R no longer feels and sounds like classic Y&R, it’s sad what this show has become…I have to admit that I was going to quit watching it but I haven’t as of yet…

Awwww, Kevin!! Don’t you see? The reason you haven’t stopped watching is because Y&R is part of your life. LOL.
I’ m in the same boat….I will watch until the end….whoever expires first?? HaHa….
Some of these storylines are unnerving……..Tessa, Rey, Arturo….many more need to go!! Thank goodness, it looks like Mia is departing GC–Miami awaits?
Something else, which has always bothered me, is that Peter Bergman is 36 years older than Alice Hunter ( the new chemist)….why? And, “Arturo”is only 26….almost ten years younger than “Abby”, but, at least, within reason.
Making out with “Jack” would be gross for someone that much younger…I’m only a couple of years older than she….Ewwww!! My Dad is younger than Jack…. Couldn’t the PTB find someone in her forties ( still too young) or older? I guess I could never be an actress. Yuck!!
And, I thought Gina Tognoni was too young for “Jack”!!…..this girl is only 29 versus his 65 years!!
I am not an ageist, of which I’ve been accused befor, Kevin….but, to me? These two together is puke-worthy!! Perhaps, she’s a social climber. That would make for a great plot! Not!! Been there; done that….
I may sound petty, but this is one of my pet peeves. It’s stupid and ridiculous. Jack has a son, Kemo, who is Phyllis’ age, if not older.
Never, ever, should a soap’s history be re-written, by making its characters younger–Peter/Jack looks his age!! He’s on Medicare, for Pete’s sake. Ha!

Hi Celia, I actually did quit watching back in 2006/2007 when the top brass let Kay Alden and the music staff, Jack Allocco and David Kurtz go… OH HOW I MISS THE BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC BACKGROUND MUSIC, lol, YES I will say that until the day I die or until Y&R rehires Jack and David back to compose the music…I am THANKFUL I can still hear their beautiful work on The Bold and the Beautiful which I do enjoy but wish the show was an hour…I missed a lot of years during the Jill Farren Phelps, Maria Arena Bell and the Chuck Pratt era and returned full time when Sally Sussman and Kay Alden returned but we all know how that turned out…I was about to quit again after Sally and Kay left and then the JT story happened and the drama with Jack and Ashley…I am still hanging on to see how this JT story plays out but the rest of the show is soooo, well you know…There are hand full of character’s that I care about but other than that the story lines are so drab…and again Y&R is no longer Y&R…I think the only thing that Mal Young has really brought to Y&R are the beautiful sets but that’s about it…I miss the wonderful writing, direction, look and sound (music) of Y&R…which hasn’t been there for years (IMO since 2006). On another note Celia, I am so sorry about what the other person wrote and I do understand you being upset and I respect YOURS and everyone’s opinion even though we all might not agree on everything. I also feel like this sight should not have room for sarcasm and where one patronize others….If I remember correctly, Michael asked us all to be respectful of others…

I understand, Kevin… is a bitter pill to swallow watching my favorite soap dissipate, for lack of a better word.
I am not a hateful person….I have a heart from here to Timbuktu, but I cannot stomach the Rosales idiots ….I would love to FF, but I’m afraid I’ll miss something relevant….especially when it comes to the Keystone ( that’s what my Gran calls them), LOL.
As yourself, I am interested in the JT story and Victor’s involvement.
I miss the music also, Kevin, not just the background music….I remember Gina Roma ( Patty Weaver) . I must say that Fenn was horrible. ….not into Tessa’s voice either. Where do TPTB find these people? They give bonafide actors a bad name.
Thank you for your sentimrnt, Kevin…..but, I don’t let ignorance bother me….I did a lot of growing up, just on these sites.
My mother always tells me to only respond to something which is close to my heart; to make a point and to defend myself….other than that, it’s not worth it.
Good chat, Kevin….Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.❤️

Celia, I MISS Patty Weaver (Gina) a lot, Patty has such a beautiful voice and I watch on You Tube her singing Y&R theme…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family too…I would write more but I am totally exhausted…Till next time, take care and stay safe…

Hey, Kevin….That should read Keystone Kops. LOL.
I must be fair and say, that Mr. Fairman did put his foot down and we have all been ‘behaving’…….if you notice, it is only the odd few, whose names are not familiar who enjoy trolling.
I can understand giving an opinion, but attacking other posters for it is irreverent, to say the least. it’s the offender’s own insecutity.

I’m in the same place as you, Kevin. I started watching in 1974, in high school, and have never felt so letdown and disillusioned with the show. And I blame these wretched newbies: Rey, Mia, Nate, Kerry, nuFen… one more repugnant than the other. We desperately need Victor, Ashley, more Traci, less Rosales family, and… the return of Drucilla. Now that’s Y&R worth tuning in for.

Hi Soaphound, it was about the same time for me too and I just started high school and watched on days off and during the summer with my mom, one got hooked on those good old days of Y&R…So you remember and understand exactly what I was saying about Y&R…OH, I so miss those days…I agree with you too regarding all the newbies…I like newbies but as other’s have said not at the expense of the veterans…I feel so bad for Doug Davidson and I miss him so…I actually have to say that I do find chemistry between Sharon and Rey…I miss Eileen Davidson but I totally understand why she left…Would love to see more of Tracy too…Look how Mal dropped the storyline with Dina…I am actually my mother’s 24/7 caregiver who has Alzheimer’s so this I can really relate to the storyline with Dina but I really feel Mal could have done a better job on this certain subject…Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays.

“Y & R” is just a hot mess of nothing – Mal Young and his writers are doing everything in their power to tank this once-beloved series!!


Wonder how Trump let them get over that wall? If he saw them on our show, he’d haul them back, pronto. Please, no offence to anyone. Just trying to laugh to keep from crying, at this whole sad and unwanted bunch.

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Michele Val Jean Gives Update on Daytime’s Newest Soap: “The Team for ‘The Gates’ is Coming Together and It’s Fire”

CBS daytime’s newest soap opera, The Gates, is set to bow in January of 2025.  Until now, not much has been known of who else behind the scenes or in front of the camera might be coming on to the show.

However, The Gates writer, and co-executive producer, Michele Val Jean, shared an update on the series ,which has as its premise and epicenter, the story of a wealthy black family living in a gated community.

Now, Val Jean has taken to her Instagram account to share an update on the show.  Michele expressed, “You guys! The team for #TheGates is coming together and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t be happier. Exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Previously, Michele attended last weekend’s 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony where she also shared on her IG, these sentiments: “Had a great time at the #daytimeemmys tonight. I so love this community of such colossally talented and genuinely nice people. I’m humbled to be adding to the legacy with ‘The Gates’. Shout out to my #boldandbeautiful peeps. You guys are the best.”

Val Jean has been a writer for The Bold & The Beautiful, Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Port Charles throughout her daytime career, and she has won Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B and GH.

Now the question becomes, who would you like to see cast on ‘The Gates’? What kind of roles might be available? Who could be helping steer other creative elements behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


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Jason George Returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Main Cast for Upcoming Season

Soap opera alum Jason George (ex-Michael Bourne, Sunset Beach) is rejoining Grey’s Anatomy as a series regular for its upcoming 21st season.

According to Deadline, Jason will reprise his signature role of Ben Warren. Previously, the actor played Ben since season 6 of the ABC medical drama. Later, George became a series regular for seasons 12-14 before departing to join the ‘Grey’s’ spinoff, Station 19.

With Station 19 now canceled, it paved the way for George to bring Ben back to Seattle Grey’s Sloan. Over the past seven years, Jason was a mainstay on the firefighter drama and would make appearances and crossover to “Grey’s’.  Both series are produced by Shondaland and ABC signature.

Photo: ABC

In story, the seventh season of Station 19 had Ben tapping leaning into his medical skills while questioning his future as a firefighter in light of his shoulder injury. Then, in the Station 19 series finale, Ben told Captain Herrera that he was going back to finish his surgical residency. The story all fits together because when Ben was a fifth year resident at Grey Sloan, he found a way to pursue his other dream as a firefighter without jeopardizing his chances to return to the hospital and medicine one day.

Photo: NBC

George was featured on NBC’s Sunset Beach from 1997-1999 as lifeguard Michael Bourne and his love interest, Vanessa was played by Sherri Saum (ex-Keri, One Life to Live) who is also the wife of the late Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio, One Life to Live)

In a post on X, following the story of his rejoining Grey’s Anatomy, George posted a video with the music from “Welcome Back Kotter” and the words “Well … it WAS kind of hush-hush. But now it’s official. Where my scrubs at?”

So, glad to hear Jason George is returning as a series regular to Grey’s Anatomy? Comment below.

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General Hospital EP, Frank Valentini, Reveals Former Cast Member is Coming Back and Teases, “I Think That The Audience Will Go Crazy for HIM”

There are some big changes afoot at General Hospital over the summer, and one of the biggest ones was revealed by the series Daytime Emmy- winning executive producer, Frank Valentini.

After winning the series fourth consecutive Outstanding Daytime Drama Series award, and 17th overall in the history of the 61-year-old soap opera, Valentini spoke with ABC 7’s On the Red Carpet at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

When asked what to expect coming up, the exec dropped a bombshell. Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

Photo: Disney

Now. speculation is running rampant of just who could it be! Is it possible that Jonathan Jackson will reprise his five-time Daytime Emmy-winning role of Lucky Spencer? Still others have thought it could actually be Greg Vaughan (because he may have wrapped his run on Days of our Lives months ago, along with Arianne Zucker, who departs later this summer on-screen) reprising the role of Lucky.

Photos: ABC and IMDb

Could Valentini being referring to the return of John J. York as Mac Scorpio; who had to exit the series to undergo treatment for myelodysplastic syndromes and multiple smoldering myeloma (two blood and bone marrow disorders), but who recently returned a month ago to the set? Or, might it be the return of two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Bryan Craig, as a now very much alive Morgan Corinthos? Fans are also wondering if GH somehow lured Nicholas Chavez back to the role of Spencer Cassadine; a role he vacated at the beginning of this year to film his leading role in Ryan Murphy’s Monsters anthology series as convicted murderer Lyle Mendenez.

In addition, Steve Burton (Jason), Kate Mansi (Kristina), and GH head writer, Elizabeth Korte, also shared some storyline intel with On the Red Carpet of what lies ahead through the summer months for Jason, Kristina, and all of the Davis women.

Watch the entire video package below.

Now weigh-in, which male actor is returning to General Hospital? Who do you hope it will be? Share your theories via the comment section.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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