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Y&R Recasting Adam Newman? Casting Breakdown Reads Like It!

Is The Young and the Restless actively searching for an actor to play the role of Adam Newman, last played by Michael Muhney? It sure seems like it from this casting breakdown making the Internet rounds today via Nelson Branco.

The casting breakdown that went out to agents and managers related the following for the part of “Aaron Newton”.

Description: “Caucasian Male. Mid-30s to Late-30s. A very handsome, very SEXY, very appealing, very charming LEADING MAN. Aaron is a smart businessman, loves women, and can out maneuver even the shrewdest. NOTE: Actor must be AT LEAST 5’10 and have NO ACCENT PLEASE. This actor will carry major storylines. ONLY actors with strong acting experience will be considered.”

The casting breakdown also reveals that the actor would begin taping in May!

So if this Adam, and knowing that Michael Muhney is not returning to the show due to his dismissal, who would you suggest as viable contenders for the role? Let us know your casting thoughts!

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Trevor St. John seems like the only acceptable replacement

I like that idea!

I loved Sharon and Adam as a couple. I lost interst when Chelsea was put with Ada, Im hoping when a new Adam comes back he remembers he loves Sharon 😀

no way, Chelsea and Adam were a great match. Sharon’s character has been switched around way too much. so mad that they changed Billyand Adam – show won’t be the same at all

Oh yeah! Hope he’s available and wants to do it!

I loved Sharon and Adam also. Not only the sexy chemistry but they had this friendship I adored

never felt they were a good match at all–remember how rocky it was from the start….definitely not a good match….Sharon needs someone new…and now Victor and the wife are separated again, that card has been played way too many times it’s boring now. I hope they don’t replace Phyllis as well, all these replacements will lose fans I’m sure

He was wonderful on OLTL. I truly enjoyed him.

Brandon Barash…if not returning to GH as rumored…looks the part…I like Trevor but i dont think he’d commit full time to a soap…but if he did become Adam i might start watching again or if Brandon does instead!!!

I agree Jim, both TSJ and Brandon Barash would be great for the part, but with Trevor’s involvement in primetime TV now, I doubt he would ever commit long term. I would prefer that the rumor of Brandon’s return to GH be true to, but in the event it is not, this role would be perfect for him.

On the lines of the Adam Newman character, I wonder whatever came of the charges against Michael Muhney. I do not recall every hearing anything about this again. Does anyone know? Thanks

Trevor St. John is WAY too old. The character of Adam Newman was born in 1995, a couple of years AFTER St. John had graduated college.

Hopefully they will hire a newbie actor still in his 20’s.

The only actor to play the role of Adam Newman is Michael Muhney, none other.
All others will fail.. .

Why not Sara Gilbert?

way too old ? Michael Muhney is 38 TSJ is 42


Trevor Yes, Brandon no.


Sharon was Adams true love, I don’t know how the writers couldn’t remember that??
Sharon and Adam were hot together, remember NOLA??
Your story idea is great, so I’m sure the writers could not even think of it, they have no talent!!

No, No, No to TSJ he’s too old and looks OLDER then Nick. Dear gawd I hope not actually YR doesn’t need Adam right now.

I don’t get why people seems all casting should come from ABC’s soaps…CBS’s defunct soaps has just as many talented, top actors. Prime example Tom Pelphrey would be excellent or Billy Magnussen off the top of head.

Tom Pelphrey is an excellent suggestion. He is all that the Adam character is and IMO way hotter than Michael Muhney. Tom P. was so great on Guiding Light as Reva son. What a coup if Y & R cast him.

Also, l love Billy Magnussen, but not as much for Adam Newman as Tom Pelphrey. Would love to see Billy M. back on a soap!

The only problem with casting Billy Magnussen is that Billy is in his late 20’s and is primarily doing a lot of theatre on the east coast (he did nab a Tony nomination last year). Tom Pelphrey, I’m not sure he’d want to move out west either considering that theatre is his first love.

No!!!!! Adam and Sharon don’t belong together! Chelsea has way more class, beauty, and charisma then Sharon, no offense Sharon. And Adam (Michael Muhney) isn’t returning regardless of the reason, I don’t how anyone could replace him. Michael, you will be missed. Y&R will not be the same without you.

YES Sharon and Adam were HOT and SEXY .

As soaps have done since the beginning of time, characters as Adam will be recast by another strong actor (NO actors from ABC) regardless of MM. Yes, MM was an outstanding actor who put himself in this situation. He can only blame himself for being dismissed from the show. I know psycho-fans of MM are thinking they have made a difference hurting YR but on the contrary they have increased in the ratings since his departure. The part of Adam can & will in time be part of the canvas again because MM was at YR for only 4 yrs. I don’t consider him a veteran of the cast. MM was continuous in the role for a brief period of time in YR’s history….if Bill Bell could recast his favorite muse in Jill Foster most certainly Adam can be replaced. There are only a few actors on any soaps that couldn’t be replaced on their show.

Chelsea the con artist who drugged and “raped” Billy to get pregnant, schemed with Victor to break up Billy and Vicki, lied to Adam about his son and hoodwinked Dylan into thinking he was Connor’s dad (btw, she never suffered any repercussions for that deception, now the golden girl of GC) has more class than Sharon, ok.

DITTO to Trevor being the new Adam. Another recasting on Y&R: Robin Christopher (ex Skye on AMC and GH); Bobbi Eakes (ex Macy B&B); Marcy Walker (ex Liza Colby, AMC)’ or Jamie Luner (ex Liza Colby AMC) to replace Phyllis.

Would love to see Trevor St. John as well. Also, still miss Billy Miller 🙁

I wish that the part Billy is playing would have read those same requirements because he meets none of those listed in that email!!

I think we all know it is Adam’s replacement. It’s been said all along that they would bring his character back. Trevor St. John, as most have been saying, would be the ideal replacement if there is going to be one. If that’s not possible, I think Brandon Barrash does well at playing the troubled bad guy and could certainly hold his own against EB.

Imagine for a moment that it’s “not” Adam recast, I would like to see Austin Peck back on daytime… mainly because I miss looking at him 🙂 Not sure how he would do as Adam though. I didn’t really watch his time on ATWT but I do know that there were lots of people that liked him on there. And he wouldn’t get bashed for being a “friend of Jill”

I watched Austin Peck on ATWT. He is definitely NOT right for the role of Adam. His strength seems to lie in the area of comic relief. I cannot see him replacing MM at all. For that matter, I can’t see anyone as a replacement!

He might not get bashed for being a “Friend of Jill”, but he would for being a “Friend of Jean”. JP was obsessed with AP on ATWT.

Adam Newman is a very complex, prominent character with a lot of depth and history. AP is one of the last actors I’d choose to portray him. JMHO.

No one can bring to the part of Adam Newman what Michael Muhney did. If knowing your lines when it is time to tape, make you difficult too work with, too bad. Maybe the older actors could use teleprompters instead of adlibbing and throwing others off their game.

IA Susan! I stopped watching months ago, and don’t miss it. However I do miss Michael Muhney portrayal of Adam. He was Adam and any replacement would not do the character justice, unless the higher ups know that Y&R has less than 5 years or less left and don’t care one way or another. This soap wont be saved.

we all know,no matter who they bring to play ,will not fly with the fans,like the new billy/ its just not the same Y&R its fast loosing the appeal once had,becoming boring and predictable,totally agree with susan

Muhney was too “touchy feeley” with his female co-workers.

I forgot. TMZ is the most honest source of news we have!

Billy Miller or Sara Gilbert would be great in the role of Adam Newman!

Billy Miller as Adam would just be stupid.

Rick Hearst would be a great Adam…although already on GH canvas.

Rick Hearst is good, but Sara Gilbert would be a better Adam Newman.

YES. He would totally be a good Adam Newman! Leading man appeal and could pull off the snarky dialogue with Victor

Don’t know, it will be hard on any actor that tries to replace MM…maybe just fire EB & HK , since they don’t work well together with MM and bring MM back, however don’t think he would return!! Good Luck finding someone fans love!!

IA Sue. they need to kill of Dylan, Victor, and Summer. We don’t need her on the canvass, we needed Cassie before she died and real heroes (screw Dylan) like Nina’s son Phillip! We needed Colleen. Summer can die and they can have her funeral off screen like they did GH’s Jake – somewhere in an alley for all I care.

leave Dylan alone…

wow sister Ann, so you like Dylan? how could you like that con artist Chelsea? What she did to Dylan was horrible. She deserved to be chased out of town.

Totally agree — too bad it will never happen. I can’t stand to watch Summer ever since the rumors began.

Have to agree too.. Even before the rumor I always felt “summer” was written as spoiled, boring, annoying and portrayed as goody 2 shoes’.. When meanwhile behind the scenes who knows. I saw a pic of HK w/ selena gomez so anyything is possible I guess.. Recast or get rid of this chick.

I love what Sue suggested fire E.B & H.K. and bring back Michael Muhney. GREAT IDEA Wonder if Y & R thought of that or if it’s to hard to think of ?

They will NEVER get rid of EB. His character is “set in stone .” As far as HK, yeah could definitely do w/o her. MM was, and is, a tremendous actor . Can’t imagine ANYONE filling his shoes ! If rumors are true ( about why he was let go ), then he has no one to blame but himself, but we ‘peasants’ have no idea re: real story. I just know that Y&R will not be the same w/o MM, and also Billy M. I do not care for DT in that role either. I find his skills to be seriously lacking any charisma, or talent ! I won’t be watching if MM isn’t officially returned as Adam ! So I should probably say “goodbye” now. Wishing MM the best in future endeavors !!

Bring back the original Actor! He was Awesome:)


Paul anthony stewart

Brandon Barash!

I can’t see anyone taking his (MM) part. I don’t think Michael’s fans will ever come back anyways so I don’t think it really matters much.

I didn’t come back. I have replaced Y&R tapings with Fox’ The Following which is terrific.

I work and exercise during Y&R and I replaced it with The Bold & The Beautiful. Love Ridge!

I agree love the new ridge

The original. Period. Go back to basics with Adam

I liked Chris Engen in the part also but I do not think he is interested he hated playing a dark character. However everyone started rumors about him also and pretty well ruined his chances in daytime.

Just looked him up on imdb. He hasn’t acted since.

Yes I know funny how rumor and innuendo can kill an acting career. It now has probably happened to MM doubt you will see him for a long time. This has been going on for a long time blacklisting actors. I will be honest it took me a long time to warm up too MM’s version I liked CE and he even came out to defend himself and they still ripped him apart. Like I said below ED & EB both tried to get him to stay it had nothing to do with the gay storyline. He stated his reasons in an interview and I took him at his word. It is called acting but obviously he could not get pass the story of the miscarriage/Ashley and burning the fetus in the fireplace for me that was very tough to take also.

I know of an actor who would be absolutely perfect! He would make this role his own displaying a very flawed character who was never able to earn his daddy’s unconditional love and respect. He knows how to demonstrate an exterior which flickers beneath his tough and somewhat arrogant vulnerability. I can’t recall the actor’s name…wait, it’s coming to me…oh yes! I remember his name.
It’s Michael Muhney of course.

Agree 1000000% !!!!!!


Agree 100%! Brandon Barash is a good actor but he is NO Adam. He is however a FOJ!


It won’t happen because Eric Braeden hates MM. Sometimes I wonder if MM wasnt set up by WHOMEVER so he would be dismissed. We’ll take MM at GH!

Brandon Barash

I think have 2 people in mind

Forbes March, from OLTL

And Pablo Serganti from As The World Turns

Brandon still play on GH?

Forbes March is not a bad idea. Just my opinion, but Pablo might be a little too old for Adam.

Brandon has not been on GH for a while but there are always rumors that he might return.

Except the casting call says “no accent.” Paolo’s English has gotten more understandable over time, but last time I saw him in anything, his accent was still pretty noticeable.

I also think he might be a little too old. He started on ATWT in 1993 and he was already in his 20s (at least).

MM is the only choice!!!

Sorry, but they’ll never find someone like Michael Muhney to play this character.

When Muhney took over from Chris Egan (who wasn’t bad in the part), he MADE Adam his own and gave Adam a personality that no one else could ever duplicate. To try and hire someone new to take Muhney’s place in the Y&R world as THE Adam Newman? Impossible!

One thing’s for sure, we ALL know that whomever is taking Michael Muhney’s place will be scrutinized intensely by fans, mainly because of the amazing love/hate relationship they had with Muhney’s Adam.

Whomever the actor will be who has to replace Michael Muhney as Adam Newman, I wish him a LOT of luck … the shoes he has to fill are going to be massive!

pls, pls, producers get on your knees and bring back the original adam, Chris Engen!!!

He only left because the writers at the time were cartooning adam as a character with no redeeming qualities or moral compass! Chris Engen played adam as tortured and at odds with being the black sheep of the newman clan! Chris envisioned the son of hope adams as being misunderstood but not evil!!

as we’ve witnessed with the return of the original billy it is easier for the audience to transition a character if he is familiar!
I would look forward to the chemistry chris could have with Sharon or even Melissa ( Chelsea). Further down the line maybe a hot twisted love affair could happen between adam and Ashley, it looked like they were going there for a while, chris and Eileen had amazing chemistry, bring back Eilleen for this storyline and it would have several storyline possiblilities!!

Damien that was not why Chris Engen left. Do you remember when Adam (C.E. ) came out of jail and lived at the old ranch with Victor and he pretended to be blind? After causing Ashley to lose her baby he needed a lawyer. He called that young dark haired guy that worked with Christine and knowing that guy was gay Adam (C.E.) was pretending to be gay & kissed him. Well C.E. did not want to play the part of a gay fellow so he quit before his contract was up.

@Fran ED/Ashley & EB/Victor would probably beg to differ he talked to both of them at great length that he hated the storyline of gaslighting Ashley. As soon as that stupid script came out the gossip started oh that must have been why he quit. Absolutely no proof no basis but it had to be because he hated gays. I love how everyone knows what someone has in their heart. It worked however the man has not really acted since then.

Damien I have a link for you. It’s “ May 21-2009 Chris Engen quits y &r” It was to long to type the story but it was there. Hope it helps. I liked him as well but I don’t like the idea of someone quitting if they don’t like a script. If everyone did that can you see the mess?

Fran–You’ll notice the headline of that story says “reported gay story protest.” The only person “reporting” it, as I recall, was Nelson Branco, and others picked it up and ran with it. But that entire aspect was pretty effectively shot down not long afterward (among other things, somebody pointed out that the story was that Engen saw what the script wanted him to do and quit, when in fact actors got their scripts several weeks ahead of time). It was as Damien said, he didn’t like the direction the character had taken, and the producers eventually confirmed Engen’s version–that he had been unhappy for quite some time, and that he had not quit on the spot but had in fact given them some notice.

Damien You may very well be right. I just remember he was a great actor & we never see him in anything anymore. I guess the only person that really knows is him alone. However now we’ve lost two great Adams & I liked the first Kyle the best also & he was replaced. Guess we’ll have to wait & see.

Aaron Newton?? Please, if you are trying to pretend this isn’t Adam be a bit more creative in name department and not insult everyone’s intelligence. That said, I am with most who have said there was only one actor who own the role and that was Michael. Whoever they pick will have to be amazing and then some, to get this viewer even half way convinced he is Adam. Whoever he is he should be prepare to get a lot of negative feedback, so he should be fully aware that he is not just taking a role, but all the baggage that comes with it. Good luck— personally I think they should have killed the character off, because without Micheal in the role, the character will never be as interesting or as vital as before. jmo.

I totally agree. They should go back to the car crash & find the remains of the body. Maybe old Victor could go with them to check it out & fall in and drown!! Then when Summer finds out that Nick is her real Dad & Victor was her grandfather she would be so upset that she never got to say goodbye so she kills herself. Then bring back Michael Muhney.

Billy Miller would make a great Adam Newman!

Or Sarah Gilbert!

Correction: Sara Gilbert would be a great Adam Newman!

Trevor St.John would be the perfect replacement as most everyone agrees. However, if physical resemblance isn’t important, Brandon Barash can handle all the nuances of Adam’s character.

I’ve missed them both and would love to see one of them get this role. I might could even stomach EB and HK and watch again.

Don’t care cause I have not watched Y&R since MM’s last scenes.
Will not return to watch it unless they get him back.

same here, I’ve started watching General Hospital, and Days of Our Lives. I don’t even watch Y & R’s sister show B & B, story lines in that one was teeter tottering =o/

got to the point where I was just fast forwarding most of the show.

Trevor St. John is the only person I can think of whose acting portrays the perfect combination of charm and smarm.


The only actor to play the role of Adam Newman is Michael Muhney, none other.
All others will fail..
Michael Muhney is Adam .. there is no replacing him ..
I feel pity for the actor who tries to play Adam, the MM/Adam fans will not like it..

Since all the Michael Muhney fans say they are no longer watching, it’s really irrelevant whether they like a potential recast or not. And though Muhney was hugely talented, of course Adam can be recast. Any role can be recast, with the exception of actors who have been on so long they are iconic (Melody Thomas Scott, for example). There are plenty of outstanding actors in L.A. who could do amazing work as Adam. Will they be the same as Muhney? No. But that doesn’t mean they will fail.

Michael Muhney is irreplaceable in the role of Adam, but if the show must go forward with a recast, as JFP probably will do as she clearly likes her role recasts (Abby, Kyle, Billy) I would say Trevor St. John because he was great on OLTL and would fit in very well on Y&R.

I really do miss MM though, and Billy Miller for that matter. David Tom isn’t doing great as Billy and there is no chemistry with him and Victoria. I hope whoever they hire as Adam is able to carry the role the way MM did, unlike the way DT is doing now as Billy.

Yes, but the reacts have been gar from stellar of late…really not feeling the nu Billy….and poor nu Kyles ( 2) I would hate to be the next one yikes.

The future of the show will now be around Victor and Dylan as tiresome as it sounds.

I would LOVE LOVE Tristen R going head to head with this bully! I love Colin/ Robert ( from GH) He brings so much un to every role he plays….

Melissa Ordway as Abby is actually growing on me but Hartley Sawyer as Kyle was an incredible miscast, I can’t believe they though he was better than Blake Hood in the role, who IMO emulated a young Peter Bergman. If they recast Kyle again in the future, I think Tom Pelphrey would be a good choice.

And yeah, Billy is not the same anymore, he looks younger and less mature than Billy Miller’s Billy. We saw BM grow the character of Billy for 5 years, and now it seems we’re going back in time with David Tom and I’m not a fan so far.

As long as it’s not a former GH’r, I’ll be happy.

Recast this role and let’s move on!

I agree! It would be so easy to get Sara Gilbert for the role.


I would also suggest Brandon Barash or TSJ. I think it needs to be someone with soap experience, no stunt casting

Cameron Mathison!

Cameron has the depth of a shot glass.


Cameron Mathison would be really really good, as Adam Newman. He is sexy charming and a wonderful actor.

Oh I hope not. If he plays the part all of the nuance that the previous two actors brought to the role would be gone. Then again, any style, nuance and quality that Y&R had is all gone anyway.

I stopped watching weeks before MM & BM left. It had to do with the dismal storylines and the pushing of JFP’s pets on the screen as well as the character of Victor, who has become so reprehensible that there was no entertainment factor in looking at Victor’s scenes. So, recast or no recast unless I knew that there were major changes in the writing I won’t be tuning in. A shame really because Y&R has some wonderful actors who are wasted on a daily basis.

That being said, I don’t see TSJ returning to soaps anytime soon. He wouldn’t even commit to the rebooted OLTL. I always felt that he was looking to do work outside soaps and it seems he is getting his chance.

Why Aaron Newton?

Trevor St. John would be ideal but considering the writing on this show, he would be smart to take a pass if offered the role.

If Michael Muhney goes, I go.

Bring back Muhney.

All the seasoned male soap actors including TSJ are not stupid, and would not submit themselves to the backlash from attempting to replace MM..
It can’t be done and no actor would want to step into that still steaming pile.. They know the wrath of soap fans and what they demand, and replacing MM/Adam would be a coffin nail..

I keep hearing that all of the diehard MM fans have quit watching the show…so maybe the remaining viewers might be more accepting of a recast?

Awesome read on this Sissy. His fans have quit, so why are they here posting against a recast?

The pile is the fans that left with him. So long. No one needs to worry about them, as they proclaimed they are not coming back.

It’s a great part that ANY sane actor would kill for.

I’m sure the list already is very long and very talented.

Agreed PatF. I’m a longtime viewer and while I enjoyed MM very much in the role I will welcome a recast. There are only a handful of characters in daytime that can never be recast…Luke Spencer, Victor Newman, etc….

MICHAEL MUHNEY PLEASE!!!!! Mm was the reason I started watching y&r. No one can do him justice, he will always be ADAM in my eyes. And yes, whever lands tthe recast has huge shoes to fill and a lot to live upp too. I wantt a recast justt bwcause I miss adams character and would love to see it go on as long aas the new actor does it justice. I know these actors are all primetime, but for selfish reasons I would suggest these 3 as a fantasy because they have so much sex appeal, a sarcastic and a dark demeanor like adam did… LOVE IAN SOMERHALDER, JESSE METCALFE, MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR lol ;). But on a serious note… I wish they would at least let MM come back or have a say in who getts to resume Adam. Y&R don’t screw this up!!!!Ttrevor if anything seems most realistic option.

Y&R has been so easy to forget

January 31, 2014 was the lights out… click boom… I still haven’t tuned in

I’ll probably tune in to see Cady McClain… if she hasn’t started already

I celebrate Michael Muhney…. he was salivating… turn on… uber hot… the bomb… in all things relevant for Talent… he should have been featured, showcased… kept… with benefits… what have you

I celebrate his belonging in this industry

Adam Newman = Mr. Michael Muhney

does any one… think… that perhaps…. Tada! drum roll….

“Josh Kelly”

ex-Cutter, OLTL

he has this mysterious energy… that snowballs…

he could really gain some experience… and showcase his acting chops

Why would a terrific actor like Trevor St John sign up to work in that ego driven environment with actors like Eric B? he would have to have his head examined….
There is no win there… people have to bow to the great master… look how Peter B has had to fight … and then to add the cherry on the pie there’s the JILL FACTOR….who wants that unless your a less seasoned actor looking to make a name for himself and can swallow a lot of…. um crow.

Michael Muhney was 6 ft … anybody shorter would be hard to take given the characters stature. Tom Pelphrey is close to the same height as MM and has the brooding, black sheep son act down pat.

Frankly, I’m surprised that someone hasn’t already been chosen….or hadn’t already been chosen when MM was fired. I wish the new guy luck. Lots of rumors flying around that Trevor St. John or Jon Hensley would be getting the part. Time will tell.

Both Trevor and Jon are too *old* for the role, especially from the casting call. Plus, Jon is on B&B under recurring stature.

Just bring Michael Muhney back. He’s the REAL Adam Newman. He made the character into a force on the show. Braeden’s ego just can’t handle it.

Isn’t Tom Pelphrey busy with Black Box for ABC???

Tom Pelphrey would make a good replacement for Adam if he is available. He’s good looking and a great actor. Loved his on Guiding Light.

TP is extremely overrated as an actor, IMO. I’d definitely FF through his scenes, if chosen.

Y&R has lost the 2 most important characters: Adam & Phillis. Since they are gone, it is not interesting anymore. Bring them back

Bring back Muhney, or cast Matt Bomer in the role. And then explore the depths of his potential bisexuality, as he semi-did with Rafe. Could open doors for Thom Bierdz to return to the series, too! Phillip is missed!

MM Can come over to play Jason Morgan or Billy Miller both recast!!

Michael muhney should come back. Lots of actors on the show are worst than him — such unfair judges!,

i would love to see Michael Muhney come back and reprise HIS role as Adam Newman however if Y & R is to recast I think that HENRY CAVILL would make an excellent ADAM NEWMAN!!!

MICHAEL MUHNEY was a classic. Y&R should be begging for his return. He made the entire show straight up. He went above and beyond to earn the title of Adam Newman. #MM=ADAM.

I don’t think MM will ever be invited back to Y & R.

I would love to see MM join General Hospital as a recast of Jason, newly resurrected and remembering only his life as Jason Quartermaine.

I think Michael M. should NEVER have been fired in the first place. Shame on you Ms.Jill (the writer) Get rid of the following people and get NEW actors and BETTER story lines: Cane/Lily, Kevin, Michael.Lauren, Neill/whoever, Colin…. the list goes on and on… need any help???

why are you people so upset about the AA (Lily & Neil) cast members on Y&R? Would you rather they be the maids and drivers ? Come on. There is nothing wrong with Lily and Cain and Neil has been on Y&R for years and never played a lead role. He’s not hogging up screen time like Chelsea and Dylan.

I agree with YOU Debster!

So does this mean we will have to hear this “where is Adam” story for 3 more months ???? SIgh

Days Of Our Lives

Jen Lilley on Days of our Lives’ Theresa Recast Decision: “It’s a Little Befuddling, But I Still Am Really Grateful That I Got to Go Back.”

Now that the word is out that Days of our Lives star, Emily O’Brien, will be taking over the role of Theresa Donovan from Jen Lilley, fans of the Peacock streaming soap opera are wondering just how the show plans to unveil O’Brien as the recast Theresa, and how she will exit her current role as Gwen.

Meanwhile, Jen Lilley, who had appeared on DAYS as Theresa on and off since 2013, has been speaking to media outlets about what went down behind the scenes in the turn event that saw her part recast and midstream.

Speaking with PEOPLE, Lilley shared that she was under the impression that DAYS was going to fit 12 weeks of episodes into the 4 weeks she gave them as to her availability to be back at the soap opera.  Jen, wanted to come back to film scenes relating to the memorial service of Victor Kiriakis, because of her close bond with the late, John Aniston.

Photo: JPI

Jen noted that she went to then co-executive producer, Albert Alarr, and asked why she received less scripts than expected, she learned someone else was going to be taking over the role, sharing, ‘You told me Theresa’s going to do X, Y, and Z, but I just got the schedule for Monday, and it’s only this one script. Is Theresa still going to do that?’”

Lilley says that Alarr responded with, “Theresa’s still going to do all of that. It’s just we’re going to go ahead and do it with another actress.’ That’s how I found out.”

It was at that time, according to Lilley, she asked who would be replacing her and learned it was DAYS cast member, Emily O’Brien Alarr told her it would be Emily moving over from her role as Gwen Rizczech. Jen shared she was further confused because they want Theresa to be blonde and Emily is a brunette. That was addressed, when she learned O’Brien would be donning a blonde wig for the part.

Photo: JPI

In wrapping up her time on DAYS, Jen said, “I think Emily drew the shortest straw, honestly. I was like, ‘That is the worst thing you could possibly do to a recast is be like, we’re going to wig you and make you just walk through fire for eight weeks.’ I don’t know whether it was a budgetary thing or a scheduling thing where they just couldn’t work the schedule out so everybody could do it. I don’t know their reasoning. It’s a little befuddling, but I still am really grateful that I got to go back.”

Now it remains to be seen, just how long O’Brien will play Gwen. Is it for the short planned arc of Theresa? Will it be longer? Will Lilley be back? All we can say is, play close attention to the Friday, October 6th and Monday, October 9th episodes of Days of our Lives.

What do you think about the sentiments shared by Lilley on recasting Theresa with Emily O’Brien? Comment below.

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The Kelly Clarkson Show Sets Season 5 Premiere Date

Another talk show is on its way back and finally set to kick off its fifth season. The Daytime Emmy Award-winning Kelly Clarkson Show will return on Monday October 16th.

Clarkson’s talker becomes the latest to return following the resolutions of the writers strike.  In order, Sherri returned in September, with The Jennifer Hudson Show back on October 2nd and the highly-anticipated season debut of CBS’ The Talk, this coming Monday October 9th.

In an update, The Drew Barrymore Show is also returning on the same date as Clarkson on October 16th. The premiere was just revealed. As of earlier on Wednesday, Barrymore had not announced a season debut date, following the massive pushback she received for her original stance to restart production ahead of the ending of the writers strike.

Photo: CBS

Season 5 of The Kelly Clarkson Show makes its debut in New York City after four seasons in Los Angeles.

The series will start-up taping on October 10th from NBC Studios, shooting in 30 Rock in Studio 6A, which is the former home to Late Night which featured multiple hosts over the years including: David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon.

In a statement, Kelly shared on the new season: “I’m so excited to start our fifth season at the iconic 30 Rock. There is such a unique energy and creative spirit that comes with filming in New York City. Y’all ready?”

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Alex Duda, the talk show’s executive producer, teased: “We can’t wait to welcome a vibrant audience to join us in studio. There will be lots of surprises and plenty of giveaways. Kellyoke fans can expect to see Kelly and her band perform impromptu duets with our 30 Rock neighbors and talent from Broadway, plus more Songs & Stories episodes with artists such as P!nk, Garth Brooks and Chris Martin. We’ll also do our signature Good Neighbor segment, highlighting everyday people doing extraordinary things in their communities.”

Check out the season 5 premiere promo for Kelly’s new season below.

Now let us know, are you happy that all-new episodes of The Kelly Clarkson Show are on the way? Intrigued that the show is coming your way via the Big Apple instead of Los Angeles? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Dancing with the Stars

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Artem Chigvintsev Out with COVID, Charity Lawson to Partner with Ezra Sousa

It’s just the second episode of the season, and Covid strikes again! On tonight’s all-new Dancing with the Stars (8 pm ET, ABC), The Bachelorette‘s Charity Lawson will team with substitute dance troupe partner, Ezra Sousa.

Lawson’s full-time dance pro, Artem Chigvintsev, is out this week due to Covid. Coming into tonight’s competition, Charity and Artem were at the top of the leaderboard after night one of the competition, scoring 22 out of 30.

On the show’s official Instagram account, they shared: “Artem will not be dancing tonight due to COVID. Wishing him a quick recovery! ❤️ Charity will perform with Ezra for #LatinNight. #DWTS”

Since the outbreaks of Covid-19, Dancing with the Stars had been hard hit with cases revealed both during the 2021 and 2022 season.

Former Dancing with the Stars pro standout, Cheryl Burke, and her then celebrity partner Cody Rigsby, had both tested positive and even had to perform one of their numbers via zoom and from separate locations to remain in the competition.

Artem is married to former WWE wrestler and diva, Nikki Bella. However, both Nikki and her sister Brie, are know going under the last name of Garcia.


The dance pro and Garcia first met when they were paired together during season 25 and the 2017 season of Dancing with the Stars.  They later went on to marry in 2022.

So, what do you think of Charity’s chances to remain atop of the leaderboard on tonight’s Dancing with the Stars with Artem out and Ezra standing in for him? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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