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Y&R Teases Friday Shocker: Is J.T. Really Alive?


By now, fans of The Young and the Restless have seen via social media that the number one soap released a teaser video of the Friday cliffhanger.

In it, as Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) peer out the window, they see a man in a hoodie, who eventually turns around and it appears to be a very much alive J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill)? But is it?

We know someone is gaslighting Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and now the women who took part in his downfall, the night Nikki clubbed him while he was terrorizing and abusing her daughter- are freaking out.

But what are Sharon and Nikki really looking at?  A J.T. twin? A hologram?  Someone with a J.T prosthetic mask on? Are the gals unknowingly on hallucinogens and just plain ole’ seeing thing?

Y&R is teasing the moment as: “Look out Genoa City, you’ll never guess who’s back in town. Check out this sneak peek of the jaw dropping Y&R airing on Friday, July 6. #CliffhangerFriday”

Watch the video teaser below.  Then let us know your theory on: if J.T is alive, or not? And if not, what is going on here? Comment below.

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The thought that JT managed to crawl out of his makeshift grave swirled around all our heads. Who’s to say??
Do the PTB even know….are they making it up as they go along? It’s anybody’s guess. It could be anyone. Arturo? Ian Ward? Luca? Marco? Someone who is onto the conspiring women?
Note to the writers: I don’t think anyone cares about FakeBilly’s return-to-gambling drama……had it been Billy Miller, then, I’d be concerned.
Is this why Summer is back? So annoying…..they end up as lovers. Awwww–quel dommage….no more sex in the elevator with Phyllis. Beware of a woman scorned, FakeBilly; especially a woman such as Phyllis ( Fake or Original).
My favorite soap is not giving me any chills, at this point……too transparent and flat.
Jack is really dumb. Considering his mother’s illness, should he not know better that what she says today, may be completely different from what she will say tomorrow?
There must be another way….And if Cane sticks his nose where it does not belong ( HE IS NOT A CHANCELLOR), I will scream. He makes me cringe. He us too worried!!
I used to love Lily….but, now, her only saving grace is her wardrobe—-amazing!!

Your statement pretty much sums up everything I’ve been feeling regarding “Y & R” – tedious, laborious and plodding. The writing has become so bad along with these recycled plot-driven stories…!!

Agreed: Jason Thompson = FAKE BILLY! Billy Miller was the best Billy Abbott!!!

You bet, Tucker. I am sincerely serious when I say that my favorite soap has become child’s play. So disappointing. I miss the drama, the REAL stories that kept me on my toes….all we have now is stupid love affairs….Nikki? Victor? Can’t they think of something else for people that age to do but sleep with practically schoolboys and girls?
Then, the graves…grave upon grave….one is dug here another one there….graves everywhare. LOL

Hi my sweet C, Hope you are having a great summer. [The season!] I think Arturu will break Abby’s heart when all is said and done. He seems shady. Jack will always be a runner-up to Victor because of his inability to rise! Lilly is hot, Cane is not!

Hi, my T…..Long time no talk.
Yes, my summer has been great so far…off to MV on Monday, but, I will still post….no matter what !! LOL.
I liked Arturo, at first….now, I don’t trust him. I said as much a few posts ago….could be another Zack. I guess Abby has no luck with guys. Arturo is too sugary—never trust a guy who tries too hard. My Mama told me so. LOL
We shall see….you know these writers change their minds mid-stream….they feed you steak, then they take the plate away and serve you spam. Well, I don’t eat meat, so I’m always prepared for potatoes.
Lily is a very beautiful woman—her persona has changed when she forgave he-who-gives-me-acido-and-the-dry-heaves, Cane.
What’s the word? Oh, yeah. Retch!! the double entendre is no accident. LOL.❤️

Oh C, you women are so hard to understand! To sugary, but what about killing them with kindness?

Listen, this show is in so much disarray I dont know what they can do but ax the EP? I hate to see anyone lose a job but Mal has not delivered! My issues are stories that involved Jack, Ashley, Devon, Tessa, Mariah, Phyllis, Nikki and Vicki. On Friday [7-6-2018] I watched the whole episode in 15 minutes and thats a Friday episode! Those two Yentas who screamed at the sight of JT looked so silly! AND, that security staff at the Newman Ranch is horrible! Luv, Timmm!

LOL, my T……
I was en route for most of the day……Once here ( MV), I took a peek and saw your reply.
I was chomping at the bit as I waited to finally answer you, after settling in the kids.
Understanding us women is really quite simple…..It is the men ( in this case Mal) who make us look like pathetic, brainless and I-cannot-live-without-a-guy, helpless little girlies. You may not be one, Timmmy, but, there are plenty of macho-male-chauvenist-piggies out there. LOL.
Why, oh, why is Abby, for one, allowed to go from one man to the next, steal Summer’s husband? It is no wonder Summer has become so jaded….and, oh, didn’t Abby, also, marry Dr. Dufus whom had been involved with Victoria? I can’t remember…..that’s how inconsequential all these stories have been. If I cannot remember minor, or major details like that, then the story is a flop.
All the women, on this show, are being represented as idiotic hens, running around with their heads cut off… in point–Victoria, Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis; the brain of this useless operation.
Arturo is not only sugary to Abby, he is also a user. I may be wrong, but he shifted from one rich, older woman to a young one.
Why would he get ‘down’ with Nikki ( Lordy Lord—loose morals and ideals, and a backstabber to her own son) when he could, most-likely, get any beautiful, young woman? What did Nikki have? Money!!
I most definitely agree with you….there are many issues which should have been well-thought-out.
This soap is becoming a patchwork of insensitivity and a lack of creating work to appeal and appease the mind.
Ciao, my love….

Oh Cee Cee, sorry, I forgot to mention that as tough as it is to crack the nut of a women and find her heart, MEN are basically pigs and yes, usually have ONE thing on their minds. I was brought up differently and have three sisters so I totally respect females and their struggle. And yes, soaps generally do make women look incompetent and fragile. Meanwhile, women are smart, strong and capable of withstanding anything put on their plates! So, on soaps, who is strong? Lisel, Bobbi, and Laura Anna USED to be strong but they F’D her all up! Y&R, I got no one. Luv ya, bye!

Celia…g-I-r-l…this time around, I find Summer to be EVEN MORE ANNOYING…BEYOND BLECH!!!!! And Cane is TOTALLY IDIOTIC as always!!!!! As for Lily, I think that BOTH her and Hilary wear the most FABULOUS CLOTHES ever!!!!!

Later, my friend.

Celia…I agree with you about Lily’s wardrobe…TOTALLY!!!!! Also, I TOTALLY LOVE Hilary’s wardrobe…WONDERFULLY SMASHING!!!!!

Later, my friend.

Yes, Jay….I have said, in the past, how hot Hilary’s clothes are and her in them!! Both women put Victoria’s wardrobe to shame…..Sharon’s isn’t that shabby either.

I hope he is. Just to wrap up this s/l.

I definitly hope so. His return would spice up the storyline and open some exciting possible storylines and he also a welcome “addition” to the cast.

No one cares. Wrap it up. The same for the repeat Billy gambling. Of course the boat was toast. Everything is being done over and over and done to death. Zero interest. Same for Hillary reverting to bitch mode. Someone give the writers some brain food. Do something new. Triangles are old. People reverting to bad behavior old. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

& every time I turn on the show it’s that annoying Devon, and Hilary, talking about the baby, her “baby bump” (isn’t she 3 weeks pregnant?), googling baby symptoms, etc.-it’s nauseating. & Bryton James is a one-actor who, I swear, is reading off of cue cards or a teleprompter.

Billy again with the gambling …… come on … Victor taking the baby away …and now JT I would like to see how the writers will handle that …..
Come on guys how about a real history………

It’s Adam Newman!

What is Mal Young known for? No seriously, what was his reputation coming into this job? This whole JT “Mystery” is horrible. They had a good story going about him being abusive. Victoria, who would be her knight in shining armor? Victor? NO! Nick? NO! Reed should have seen what his father was like and come to his mother’s defense and whooped his ass and sent JT away! Reed could be more protective then ever of his mother and been kept around for the teen scene summer extravaganza! Having said that, the actor who played Reed was not right for the part.

Oh, Timmm, how about that for a twist? Adam returns after having another plastic surgery that accidentally made him look like J.T.! Victor would have a field day! I know it’s unlikely that Michael Muhney could return but one can dream. Oh, just one more day of MM in that pale purple shirt, clean shaven, with that lovely hair brushed back. That wicked grin…Oh, the old days.

Soaphound, I have the same dreams!

I want it to be JT. I don’t even care how they explain it. I want JT, Paul and Christine to be in it together to take down Victor, Victoria and even Nikki cause after she sided with Victor about Christian, I don’t care what happens to her.

I’ve been so pissed at Nicki lately, not only siding with Victor, in the cusdody thing,only because she feels guilty as she said today about helping make Victor look so bad, in the press. No matter her protests, she’s so jealous of Abby and Arturo, she can’t see straight!That old hen, better go back and sit on her nest and think about how she’s treating her son, and some good excuses for killing J.T., when it all comes down.

Violet, my friend, our dear Nikki Newman has officially blown a gasket. She’s whack! Ruining Arturo’s credit, business, and reputation….over a booty call? Shame on her! And this ‘supporting my husband’ bit is wearing thin. She stands by as he destroys Nick’s family, but expects her fellow Witches of East Genoa City to support her?! If I were Nick, I’d treat her as a stranger, just like Victor.

I wouldn’t even stay in the same house, let alone share a bed with a husband that treated our son so cruely. Thankfully, we’ve been spared from having to see her in bed, with that old puke, being all amorous, calling her “my baby”, his pet word for her. She must be missing all of Arturo’s moves by now, but hope she’s not that desperate.

Violet…I get what you’re saying…TOTALLY!!!!! At this point, I sum up BOTH Victor and Nikki like this: To me, Victor has always been an INSUFFERABLE BLOWHARD…and Nikki is acting like a TEMPER TANTRUM THROWING NITWIT!!!!! In a DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION sort of way, those two now deserve each other. Hey…just saying.

Have a good one, Violet.

Soaphound…you are SO RIGHT ON about Nikki!!!!! At this point, Nikki’s humorless, sourball and EVEN MORE STANK attitude is beyond old. To me, even little Faith shows WAY MORE MATURITY than that nutjob Nikki!!!!! Nikki=BEYOND YUCK!!!!!

Have a good one, Soaphound.

So many overused tropes in play here (never died, lost twin, plastic surgery doppelganger), but I do like a story that brings frenemies together. And secrets here can genuinely impact other stories. I know a year ago people were upset with Y&R but there was a wonderful connection to the heyday which I feel is lost somewhat now. Tho I remain hopeful with Nate’s return, we see a stronger Winters family. Sad to see Ms. Morgan and Ms. Davidson leave the cast. Recasts possible? Not particularly thrilled with some story lines (Jack may not be an Abbott? Did we not do this revisionist game with Jill a decade ago and make a mistake?). Still, I remain hopeful. And there is always the threat of Adam returning, and for me, that only overdoes the tropes we already dealt with during his last return.

Probably; but, I hope not. I found the actor/character to be highly unlikeable. I realize that the actor/character was popular before; but, I didn’t watch the show, then. I didn’t “get” the appeal.

W-e-l-l…it looks like J.T. is B-A-C-K!!!!! So you know what: I hope that he terrorizes THE HELL out of ALL 4 OF THEM…Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon and Victoria!!!!! I mean…did they REALLY THINK that their plan (which was idiotic to begin with) to bury J.T. was actually gonna work?!?!? How DUMB can 4 women really be?!?!? Ladies…be afraid…BE VERY, VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!


Jaybird, YES! Really, these four women are dumber than dumber, then dumber and dumber again. Phyllis is the dumbest one of all but she happens to be the dominant bitch of the foursome and so Larry, Curly, and MO listen to her and follow her idiotic directive. SO NOW it appears that JT has crawled out his crave and is now roaming around terrorizing the four pinheads. But they can’t call the police. WHY? Because they’re afraid that JT will tell the police that they killed him and buried him. Does it even remotely occur to Larry, Curly, Mo and Phyllis, that they can deny that they thought they had murdered buried JT, who is wanted on charges of attempted murder and who is happily wandering around in his hoodie? I mean, who is going to believe JT over them considering he attempted to murder Victor twice?
I am struggling here to make sense out of the the insensible, but suffice to say the four sisters doing it for themselves are coming off as a bunch of bumbling idiots.

Harry…that’s because Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon and Victoria ARE bumbling idiots…lol. Oh…and BTW, I love the Mo, Larry and Curly reference…more lol. Beyond accurate…TOTALLY!!!!!

Later, Harry.

I’m guessing J.T. wasn’t dead and dug his way out of the grave because that is easier than having the ladies face the consequences for their actions. This show just seems to meander along with no long term story in place, no payoffs, and I always have the feeling that the writers are just making it up as they go along.

Whether it‘s that nine kinds of pointless 4th of July episode featuring all the D-list characters at the rooftop club (with parents of the year Cain and Lily leaving a sick baby home with a nanny so they could lay by a pool); Billy’s return to gambling which has served zero purpose except to hopefully put a quick and merciful end to viewers having to hear the word JaBoat; grown-ass man Jack’s boring search for his real father so he can have an identity again (being thirsty is not a good look on anyone, Jack); or the snooze inducing/chemistry-free Abby/Arturo pairing it should be clear to someone at CBS that a new creative team is desperately needed…

Abby is just awful.

My hope is after Victor falls, pan over to Nick sitting in a bar saying, “We’ll we did it!” and raises his glass…pan over to Adam, “We’ll yes we did!”.

Cicox, oh that would be wonderful, as so many of us are so hoping to see Victor’s comeuppance.That old man has terrorized enough people in GC, and most of all, his own family.

Mal Young made a joke out of Alzheimer’s and he made a joke out of spousal abuse ! Mal you can destroy writers since Bill Bell passed away but when you start tearing his legacy his show apart I am done the tearing of the Abbott family etc! Good luck oh they won’t cancel it they have nothing else to replace it with but what a joke you have made it ! Daytime is a laughing joke now thanks a lot

My schedule just doesn’t bringing me up to date; I record. However, thanks to all of you for helping. I remain not only frustrated and a slight bit angry regarding Jack’s new role as a potential person of Chancellor heritage. Now, as I write that, possibly he could be, but not specifically a son of whom he expects is his father. DNA testing has widen, perhaps a test could show other possibilities.

Still feel it was cheap writing that made Christian Adam’s child. Does Victor have a spy in the DNA lab? Just too many DNA storylines.

The way I watch just doesn’t gather the recall needed that the rest of you have. I just know, sometime, I am thinking the writer’s do not have a long term chart, or change writer’s too often. Then again, my viewing is not always focused.

Sometimes I like you guys as much as the show. You are the reviewers!

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