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Y&R's Amelia Heinle Confirms She Signed New Contract! Hopes Billy Miller Will Do The Same!

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News flash Villy fans! One half of the beloved duo of Genoa City has signed a new contract with the number one soap, and everyone is waiting with bated breath to find out about the other half!

Amelia Heinle confirmed tonight via her Twitter account that she has indeed signed a new contract with CBS’ The Young and the Restless, which will mark her ten year anniversary playing the role of Victoria Newman Abbott!  But Heinle also related that she hopes that her scene partner Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) will sign on too! As had been first reported by Daytime Confidential, it’s contract time for Miller.  Will he stay? Or, will he go?

Amelia tweeted, “Thank you for your continued support. I’m really happy to be staying for my tenth year on Y and R! Now we need Billy to sign on again too!”

She then added in regards to two-time Daytime Emmy winner Miller:  “He’s one of a kind and will be missed terribly if He goes. ‘ll do my best to convince Him to stay, that’s the truth, working with Billy is one of my favorite parts of this show.”

So, are you happy to hear Amelia Heinle is staying put?  What would you want to say to Billy Miller to convince him to stay with Y&R?  If the show would recast such a pivotal star and character such as Miller and Billy Abbott, do you think it could even work? Weigh-in!

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No. Those two are EVERYTHING together

i wish billy would sign a new contract too..they r made for each other…

Thrilled Amelia has resigned! Really hope Billy will too. They are amazing together! Favorite couple ever.

No way.. they are a terrible couple..
I always hoped Billy would somehow be free of Victoria, he deserved someone better, Victoria is so annoying .. lol..
I adore Billy but Victoria, yuck .
I wish this were turned around and Victoria would be leaving and Billy would stay 🙂

I like Billy and Victoria together. Billy You Are So sexy!
To the women on the show, EAT!

I kinda agree…I’m neutral on AH.
She can stay or go, but Billy really needs to re-sign. I would love to see him with someone else, but I can tolerate AH if I have to. Billy is the only one who makes her watchable.

Amelia Heinle: You, as well; are 1 of a kind.

i’m so besotted… with: Billy and Victoria… the one true staple… couple… character actors’ who deliver day in and day out… the two actors’ who are constant: in that they real – Serial. romance, heartache, command, belong… give and take… and always step up to the plate.

I, along with: Billy Miller: I truly hope YOU sign.. with

couples who reign:

1. Bill and Victoria – they personify Y&R … so real it hurts… quagmire. We wish for
2. Adam and Sharon – SHOULD BE… why not? is beyond comprehension… Legacy
3. Jill and Colin – they bring back FUN, laughter, hugging, kissing, foreplay.. romantic

I have to add… Michael and Tracy…. man… Carmine refueled this couple… BIG

wishful: Stitch… AND: Chloe… she is charming… allure, they’d grativate toward each other… HOT!

on the horizon: Cynthia Watros!

dang! I so wish Robert newman… was on DAYS!

Amelia: I love your presence… you are my heartbeat for Genoa City


“gravitate…. Yum!


how about Robert Newman on DAYS w/ Kayla or Kate or Hope

Thrilled Amelia is staying and so very much hoping Billy will re-sign as well. They are both loved very much. I can’t imagine Billy Abbott being played by anyone else. Nor can I imagine Villy with anyone other than Billy and Amelia. They are special. Very special.

I can live very happily without Victoria. I never liked her ..
Billy I like! and I would miss Billy if he decides to move on ..

I really hope Billy signs on again, as I have said before he is one of the best if not the best, it wont be the same I have posted on a lot of sites for him to stay. does he read them who knows, also Im okay with Victoria, they make a good couple and she does stand by him, so c’mon Billy stayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Look at the way “they smile @ each other”


I believe it won’t be the same with out him as they are my absolute favorite couple and no one could now replace him it wouldn’t work. He is perfect for the role and please sign on for more wonderful “Villy” scenes. She signed on but its only a celebration if you have both. I don’t know if I watch this show anymore as to me they are the most interesting couple and actors on the show everyone else is great but they make me laugh and smile. So please billy miller don’t go you are on the best show possible.

I would love for Billy to stay and he and Victoria finally give birth to thier own baby. I would also like Victor to finally accept Billy into the Newman family.

Yes…she should get pregnant any day now..but with twins…

Happy Amelia signed and will hope Billy will too!!!

I love “Billy” and “Victoria” together. These past few weeks, dealing with Delia’s tragedy, have been awesome. Billy Miller has turned in several Emmy Award-winning performances and isn’t that what the Y&R strives for? You’ve GOT to stay Billy. I told you 5 years ago when I met you that you’re a “great” actor and I haven’t changed my mind. Amelia’s a native of the Valley of the Sun (where I live), so I can’t help but root for her.

Hope Billy Miller will stay.

Just read that negotiations are not going well for Billy Miller and they are auditioning for another Billy. If Jill Farren Phelps thinks this will fly, she is out of her friggin mind! If Billy Miller walks, I hope they write the character off. I am still not on board with the recasts of Abby and Kyle.

You are so right about the recast of kyle and abby to me they are boring and unimportant now and now I can’t watch their scenes.

Me too! Big mistake letting Rylan go in the beginning and the last NuKyle. This one is just a flop.


I so agree….still trying to like the Abby, Kyle recast. Billy Miller is Billy Abbott, if they try to recast him it will be a big big mistake….please keep BILLY

Totally agree about the long hair and we might want to talk to some of the wardrobe people dressing these women in two sizes too small just looks stupid. The actor who plays nu/Kyle is an FOJ he is not going anywhere. Also the character of Abby is an FOJ funny how we viewers have to suffer because we have no professionals in the room.

I love all the scenes with BILLY MILLER. He is a great actor and truly hope he stays. He does his character so well, he is so believable. AND FUNNY….I love his fun stuff.

My favorite Y&R couple – LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Billy and Victoria …they have one of the best storylines going right now (albeit a sad one),but they are doing an incredible job.
Glad Amelia has resigned and YES PLEASE, Billy, resign on the dotted line.
You two rock.

They are a classic couple in the same league as Romeo and Juliet– two members of warring families, falling in love and trying to stay together despite the odds against them. And I have like seeing a married couple work through their problems instead of having affairs and multiple divorces. And the two actors playing these characters at the moment have a lovely rapport and chemistry between them. It isn’t your typical smoldering sexuality that most soap couples seem to have, but it is more sweet and playful, but passionate when it has to be. But that being said I fear Mr. Miller might want to leave on a high note. I sincerely doubt anything they can do with Billy from now on could top the material he was given during DeeDee’s death and aftermath scenes. He might feel as an actor he has done all he could with this character and might want to explore different roles. So lets hope for the best, but not be shock if he decides to move on.

Billy must stay.. I love the connection between Billy and Victoria.. Billy is a awesome actor and man what a killer smile.. Please resign Billy. I have been watching Y&R since 1976..This is coming from a faithful Y&R fan..

Super happy to hear that Amelia inked a new contract. Can only hope she can talk some sense into Billy and encourage him to stay as well. The pair is so great together I can’t imagine them with anyone else. They are the perfect duo and no other actor could take their place. I hope to see them together for a long time to come. Billy and Victoria all the way! Xoxo

Love Billy Miller! He just can’t go. Period.

I cannot relate to her version of Victoria Newman at all. I also think the character of Victoria, in her incarnation destroys the character of Billy Abbott. I hope Miller moves on to other projects and I am terribly sad to hear they are not recasting Victoria or making some huge move to give the role back to Heather Tom.

Billy Miller can do so much better. He is super talented and this is a business, she can’t convince him to stay..haha, no one can. If he gets the contracts he wants, he stays…that’s it. I really would love to see him in Primetime and Movies. I can’t stand the version of Billy Newman he plays now, so I am ready for him to move on, have been for years.

All due respect to your opinion…I was so happy Heather Tom left the role. I could never ever ever get on board with her Victoria. She was surly, unlikeable, miserable, bitchy all the time for no reason whatsoever. She wasn’t a villain, she wasn’t a heroine…I just never got where they were going with her or what her throughline was. She always had a perma-scowl on her face. Amelia Heinle’s Victoria is warm and loving and tough when she needs to be but you know underneath she is a fragile little girl never quite sure of herself. She is someone to root for to have happiness. Heather Tom is a very good actress…I just never got, understood or liked her version of Victoria. A lot of that was the writing, of course.

She’s now on Bold and Beautiful doing the same thing. I never liked her as Victoria. Amelia does the rold more justice, and she blends with Billy. Good fit.

Good for her, she is a very classy and understated actress. Together her and Billy Miller radiate chemistry!!

The two actors that stand out on Y&R now are Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. They are the future of this show. If Sony/CBS were to lose either of them, they’d be fools. I don’t think Steve Burton has added one thing since he arrived. As for Daniel Goddard and Joshua Morrow, they need to take some acting classes.

Misty…girlfriend…I completely agree with you about Steve Burton. More and more, SB adds NOTHING to Y&R…AT ALL!!!!! All he does is unfairly hog on-air time. No Thank You. And, as for this stupid-ass bullshit storyline where Dylan is Nikki’s long-lost son…again…No Thank You. VERY, VERY DUMB AS HELL!!!!!

Hasn’t Billy Miller pulled this the last three years? I want a chance to do primetime etc. etc. blah blah blah. Hey Billy Miller you might want to talk to MG/Daniel how much has he been doing since he left. Y&R wrote him a storyline so he could seek another emmy and I guess he is still not happy.

yes, he has: oh, those contact negotiations…

never.. have we fans have had to pay so much attention to the production…

especially the writing…
now it’s everything… ie: writing, directing, producing… casting… oh… for the glory days.. when we had it all….

having said that…

soap fodder… it’s billy miller’ right…
but… if, he didn’t make prime time.. his first two years during… contract negotiations.. he should just sign… a cost of living increase… his due… and just commit to being (co-chair) MR. Y&R w/Adam.

and thee lady herself… Amelia Heinle… Ms. Genoa City

We love you Billy, Amelia, and Michael…

She knows that Billy has to stay because with out him, Victoria has become a dead weight. Heather Tom carried that character without needing a scene partner with AH struggles if she doesn’t have Billy to play off against.

sorry… have to naysay: I disagree.

Amelia Heinle emobodies All Woman.

Heather Tom had that plumpish child look….

whereas, Amelia Heinle… fully celebrates her womanhood… and should… she’s ooh la la sensual – she captivates – makes Men smile – grin – giddy – laugh – tear up

Agreed Patrick. Victoria has never been without a man, but Bily is her soulmate. He has to stay.

Not..though i like Heather..she is no Amelia…and no. Victoria anymore. Amelia embodies Victoria…purty but not.. sexy..but not..yes she’s a great match for Y R

I hope and pray to God that Billy Miller signs that new Y&R contract already!!!!! He is VERY CLEARLY THE BEST Billy Abbott that Y&R has ever had…which is more than I can say for some of the other actors who have played Billy Abbott in the past. Back in the day, my LEAST FAVORITE actor in the role of Billy Abbott was Ryan Brown… aka HORRIBLE RE-CASTING!!!!! No Thank You. Bottom Line here: Billy Miller…dude…PLEASE sign that new Y&R contract already!!!!! You and Amelia Heinle are BEYOND MAGICAL on-screen. Remember that.


“… Bottom Line here: Billy Miller…dude…PLEASE sign that new Y&R contract already!!!!! You and Amelia Heinle are BEYOND MAGICAL”


you need this couple
you need Amelia and Billy to be as one
this couple reign suprememe… two warring families connect… as it should be

The ratings recently rose because of billy and amelia and this show will loose many fans if this decision goes through including me.

Billy has to stay he is My Favorite Character, Besides you are the only one not afraid of The Great Victor Newman hahaha!! I have been watching this Soap from the minute it was televised, and Billy’s Character is so Sincere great Actor with Emotions in his part. Love You Billy !!!

When it’s time to sign contracts Billy Miller always holding out for more money, he should be glad that he has a job, AMC and OLTL don’ t have job, hire one of them to replace him.

That is why I said what I did above when he first came on I really liked him but he wears on me with the same goofy smile I still say no one is irreplaceable someone who is good can always make the character their own. Terry Lester/Jack was a friend and I never thought anyone could replace him but PB did and his take of Jack is different but it works.

Billy is playing an awesome part. Just wish the writers would move forward and not spend so much time on one topic. I look forward to Y & R and record it everyday so as not to miss an episode. If they continue to loose the good characters, I am afraid that fans will begin to loose interest. I have been watching Y & R since the first show many, many years ago.

Oh billy please stay, your character is awesome and you do so well with.the part!!! No one could ever take your place, and cograts amelia for 10 yrs, hopefully many more 🙂 much love, one of Y&R biggest fans!!!

Billy, please don’t go. You and Amelia make a dynamic duo. I was so touched by your reactions to Delia’s death, I was bawling like a baby here in Texas. You are a very convincing Billy Abbot and we need you to stay for Victoria. She needs you. You are half of a great team. Hey, I would like to see Delia visit Billy like John visits Jack to give him peace of mind and to let him know she is okay. Let’s see that happen. I want Billy to get some relief from his grief and come back to Vicki and Johnny. They need you!!!! He needs to see Delia as well. Thanks and please stay Billy!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best!!!!

“…I want Billy to get some relief from his grief and come back to Vicki and Johnny. They need you!!!! ”

I bawled with –

it’s not complete till we know this twosome is on the mend.. and knowing each other.

Billy and Victoria ARE – so responsive to each other – it’s mindblowing how loving this pair are




please don’t go Billy. We live you on the show.Deedee would love for you to stay. Need I say more?

I love them both..together…however do we have a choice. I have three sons one that looks and acts like look like Nick and one that looks like Adam..not to mention they’re girgeous wives. come on my pg.take a look. Stay Billy or I just might have to pimp your char.

Billy and Vicki are sexy together. Love them.

I have always felt that the 2 of them made a great team,For me it is very important that Billy stay,With the story going the way it is with DD,I have never had to deal with the death of a child but this story line has given me alot to think about and help friends who have lost a child,PLEASE Billy stay,To many people leaving and it is just not the same so lets keep the good ones,PLEASE,We love the 2 of you as the strong couple,it gives some of us hope,I like how the show has brought in real life events,No one can take your place,,,,

The Y&R has had to many changes already. If Billy leaves more people will be upset. They need to appreciate the people who make them they #1 soap. Please do whatever is necessary to keep him and the other important stars,

I love both of them some actors just can’t be replaced and those two are good examples

C’mon Billy!! Stay like Jeanie Cooper did!! You are brilliant and the show needs you!
Thank you Amelia! You and Billy have AMAZING on screen chemistry ! I hope you both stay
However you would be just as amazing should he chose to leave.
Amelia….could you convince Michelle to come back? That on line project is horrible
And I miss her and her character on the show!

I truly hope that Billy signs that contract. Don’t break up the Victoria/ Billy duo. They are great together. As for Kyle, this guy doesn’t fit the character like the old Kyle did.

All I can say to Billy is stay, stay, stay, the show won’t be the same without you!!! And that’s the truth! AND, Congrats Amelia, hope to see you for another 10 years!!

I am glad Amelia is staying on as Victoria….I hope Billy and Y & R are able to work out the sticky points that is keeping him from resigning. He wants to stay. I want him to stay. Victoria and Billy go together like peanut butter and jelly……nobody else could play that part as well as Billy Miller.

I love both of them!!! They make a perfect couple and their roles have also written them to be a “real life” couple that deals with real issues. They can re-cast the role of Billy with someone else, but, it would really ruin the magic that these two share as a couple. I would definitely not be as good of a show without him. He has that “look” that can’t be duplicated. PLEASE STAY BILLY MILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

come on billy young and the restless would be no good with out you cannot have Victoria with out billy they are like cheese and chalk both go togeather zo come on put pen to paper.

I’m really glad that Amelia stays with the show. I hope, Billy will, too, and the writers don’t split them on the show. I had the idea that Victoria might fall for Dylan when I saw the Vetran Day’s episode. In that case, Nikki would need to come out about Dylan being her son – and Vikki’s brother.
The role of Billy could be recast but they won’t find a better actor.

A Jason Q. Morgan recast

Jason vs Silas?


I hope Billy signs – he’s an amazing actor and too many have already left.

I sincerely hope that Billy stays. I love Billy and Victoria together. His acting skills are great for this part and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

I just love Billy and I hate what the writters created with this story line … It’s too sad and to watch Billy go through this , well it’s like it’s real and it’s heart breaking . Billy s the BEST and nobody could even come close to replacing him …. If he leaves it will be more than we can take ! I’ll be done with Y&R , everybody is gone and now the show is too sad and depressing …… PLEASE BILLY STAY !

Billy Miller is AMAZING.

And this show needs to kick Steve Burton’s azz to the curb and give Miller his $$$, too, to keep him!!

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In addition, Ashley Puzemis joins the Peacock streaming soap opera as Holly, the now teenaged daughter of the late Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) and Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker).

According to Soap Opera Digest, both actors are set to make their debuts on the October 9th episode, as it looks like DAYS is beefing up its teen scene with some fresh faces for some teen angst.

Will Tate or Holly be a troublemaker causing drama for their parents?  Will they fall for each other? Stay tuned.

Puzemis had appeared in television roles including: BF For Hire and Danger Force.  As for Mann, he recently appeared in the Netflix series Country Comfort starring Katherine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian (ex-Sunset Beach and Y&R).

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As to his excitement for when the gig is finally his, Seacrest added, “I think I have so much adrenaline rushing through my body. Excitement is the word because it’s such a phenomenal show I’ve been a fan. I grew up watching the show. and I can’t wait to take over after the legendary Pat Sajak.”

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