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Y&R's Amelia Heinle Interview: Missing Billy Miller, Victoria's Love Life & Melody Thomas Scott's 35 Year Celebration!


It has been a whirlwind several months for Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) of The Young and the Restless!  The talented actress who had created one half of one of the CBS soap’s most beloved couples “Villy”, found herself without her longtime on-screen other half, when two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Billy Miller (Ex-Billy Abbott) made the decision to exit the show and pursue other acting career opportunities. And as her fans know, Amelia and Mr. Miller truly had a special bond.

But as with everything in life, nothing can stay the same forever.  And now Amelia finds herself working alongside another Daytime Emmy winner, the talented David Tom, who recently returned to the role of Billy Abbott, and another on-screen potential beau in Sean Carrigan (Ben “Stitch”)!  Now the question is, which one of these gents will have Victoria’s heart, especially after the explosive revelations that Billy slept with Kelly (Cynthia Watros) while Victoria was trying to help Billy grieve for the loss of his daughter, Delia?

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Amelia at the fantastic and emotional on-set celebration honoring her on-screen mom, Melody Thomas Scott’s (Nikki) 35th year in Genoa City where speeches, smiles, and tears flowed.  So, here’s our chat with the cute, candid, and endearing Amelia, which as you will see was incredibly heartfelt.

What do you think of this incredible milestone for your on-screen mom, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki)?  35 years in one the most iconic roles in daytime is nothing to sneeze at!

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AMELIA:  I am so proud of her.  She said it during her speech that her friends are her family, and this is her family.  We are all so proud of her!   Who gets to be on a show for 35 years?   There are not that many people can say they have done that.  Melody is awesome.  She has been good to me since day one.  On day one, I was scared to death to work with her and Eric Braeden (Victor).  I don’t know why, especially since I’ve worked with a lot of people.  As the years went by, she has been loving and accepting towards me.  Then one day about three years ago she said to me, “It just dawned on me why I like you so much.  You remind me of my daughter, Liz.  Not just the way you look, but you act the same way.  You have the same mannerisms, the same personality.”  I was like, ‘Yeah, Mel’s daughter could be my little sister!’  I know her because sometimes she comes on as an extra on the show.   We are a lot alike.  Anyway, Melody has always been lovely to me and she threw me a baby shower for my son, Rowe.  She has always gone above and beyond.  She is like my mom, sort of, and Eric is sort of turning into my dad! (Laughs)  But Melody blows me away and surprises me.  One of the reasons I stay on the show is because Melody and Eric are here and I love him.   I truly feel so connected to them now, and it would be like losing a family member if I left.   Sometimes we will go to parties and hang out at their houses, but the only time we truly do see each other and truly relate is here at the set in this crazy little bubble world.

How you are doing since the departure of your longtime scene partner and friend, Billy Miller from Y&R?

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AMELIA:  Billy is a class-act.  Those are big shoes to fill.  I miss him.  I think David Tom is doing a fine job, but I wasn’t prepared for how it would hit me, because it happened so fast.  I thought maybe he would stay, and we were both in negotiations, and we didn’t know what the other one was doing.  Then all of a sudden he is for sure not coming back, and all of a sudden Y&R is recasting the role.  Then it was done.  It was Christmas and I threw a party for Billy … and it was all a blur. (Laughs)  The party turned out so nice and cute and we did the video for him which went online.  It is very tough for me, but aside from me, this show will go, but I want Billy to go out there and show what he can do and have this opportunity.

Next, David Tom, who originated the role of Billy Abbott returns to the show and literally falls at your feet in his first episode back! (Laughs)  How was that to play?

AMELIA:  As an actress, I had never done anything like that, where a recast happened at the crescendo of the storyline. Billy comes in and falls through the door and it’s a different Billy Abbott!  I had to laugh a bit because it was so surreal.  I remember that day I had to be talked to do a few times. The producers said, “Amelia, you have to do something!”  It was a big challenge for me, and it is going to take time.  But nobody is ever going to replace Billy Miller in my heart.  It’s the most fun I have ever had on a soap in my career.

It is true that what you and Billy created as “Villy” broke the mold for soap couples, and you will always carry that experience with you.


AMELIA:  The sad thing for me is I wish I would have known these were the only years I had with Billy, because I wouldn’t have taken them for granted.  It was fun what we created.  Billy worked very hard on the role of Billy Abbott and actually I would say to him, “You don’t even care … this all comes to you so easily!”  And he said to me, “No. I really do care.  I do work hard.”   I meant it in a way like he is one of those guys that just has it and so the performance comes so easily …  but he really put me in my place for a second.  I stepped back and thought, ‘He’s right.  He does work.’  It took a lot from me to make my half of it work, so I knew how committed he was to the work.  I just hope that someone sees that him in.

Where do you think the on-screen dynamic now between Billy and Victoria is headed?   And … then there was “that kiss” between “Stitch” and Victoria! Could the good doc be in her future?

AMELIA:  I don’t know now where things are headed with Victoria and Billy as it looks like their relationship may just crumble!  Now while working with Sean Carrigan, we are very eager to figure out this whole thing, and to see where our characters are coming from, but he has seamlessly gotten into the storyline.  I know there were a few days I made fun of him, which you have to do! (Laughs) But, Sean is awesome.


After Victoria found out that Billy hit the sheets with Kelly, she was furious and hurt! And rightfully so! I loved seeing you in scenes with Cynthia Watros.  How was it working with her?  And what do you think about her recast (since Cynthia is leaving the show), the one and only Cady McClain?

AMELIA:  I love Cynthia Watros!  She has been doing such a great job.  I did not realize how great she is, but she is really good.  She is my kind of actress, and she would have been a great cast member to add to the show, but I know Cady McClain. She’s a great actress too, and a sweetheart! I think we worked briefly together on All My Children.

What do you want to happen to Victoria now that she knows the truth about Billy and Kelly, and is dealing with the ramifications of Delia’s death in her relationship with Billy, and so much more?


AMELIA:  I wish something bigger would have happened to Victoria from the fallout of all this.  I wish she would have developed a drinking problem, because Victoria never really falls apart.  I think the fans now each want her with different guys.  I think some people want Victoria to stay with Billy, but now I think a lot of people want Victoria with Ben, “Stitch”, or whatever his name is! (Laughs)  I am interested to see where all of this goes.

So, who do you want to see Victoria end up with now … Billy or Ben?  What do you think about Amelia’s heartfelt comments on Melody Thomas Scott and Billy Miller? Are you excited to see if Y&R makes Amelia and incoming Kelly, Cady McClain on-screen arch-enemies? Have you enjoyed Amelia’s performances during and post Delia’s death and the fallout from that storyline?  Comment below!

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March 6, 2014 5:23 pm

I want Billy Miller back too 🙁

March 6, 2014 8:10 pm
Reply to  Krissy

Me too!!

Tommy Moss
March 10, 2014 9:24 pm
Reply to  Krissy

I love Sharon Case and Peter Bergman and Billy Miller

April 26, 2014 1:04 pm
Reply to  Krissy

Gosh, Billy Miller was so… We all love the real Billy Miller not the one that’s on now. My friends & I are in college & we tape Y & R & just love Billy Miller & want him back. Wish we knew where he’s at do you???? We also love Victor, Nicholas, Jack, Phyllis, Vicky, & especially Nickie.

July 31, 2014 10:36 am
Reply to  Krissy

Yea miss Billy Miller, do not like the new Billy!!! 🙁

Dalynn Anderson
August 3, 2015 11:39 pm
Reply to  Terri

Billy Miller is on General Hospital as Jason Morgan!!!!

August 1, 2014 12:11 pm
Reply to  Krissy

Would love to see Billy Miller back! The new “Billy” does not have the same chemistry with Victoria. I R EALLY hope BILLY IS THE FATHER OF THE BABY!

Hailey James
March 6, 2014 5:43 pm

I miss Billy Miller!!!

Billy & Amelia were perfection.

I really don’t see Victoria with either NuBilly or boring Stitch. Both are such a letdown after Billy Miller.

I think Victoria should be single for a while until somebody more exciting comes along.

ken altman
June 24, 2014 12:39 pm
Reply to  Hailey James

i think she should go back to billy. they have such history. i don’t want her to end in a relationship as ryan. stich is a leach, his baggage probably fill a football field.

mary jonas
March 6, 2014 5:50 pm

I so loved the Glow Jabot days and like having David Tom back. I want Stitch with Ashley.

March 7, 2014 10:43 am
Reply to  mary jonas

Umm, isn’t Stitch a little young for Ashley? (The actor is 14+ years younger than ED)
He’d almost be better with Abby. Now there’s a thought…I don’t like Abby with Tyler at all!

May 30, 2014 5:47 am
Reply to  SZima

Answer me this, why does no one care about age when its the man who’s noticeably older?……………………

June 1, 2014 4:07 pm
Reply to  SZima

I don’t like to see relationships with the man much older than the woman either.
And I generally don’t complain about women dating younger men… I dated a couple younger guys (one 12 years, one 19 years) and I dated an older guy (25 years)…so I can speak from some experience. And in most cases, for a long lasting relationship, people closer in age have a better chance of lasting. Ashley has certainly done more “living” than Stitch, so they just don’t seem like a good match.

HOWEVER, that has nothing to do with the soaps because none of the ages of ANYBODY make sense. Thirty-five year old women have children in their 20’s (etc.), so there’s that.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
March 6, 2014 5:54 pm

Amelia kinda resembles 70s actress Sian Barbara Allen…imo! Billy Miller should eventually join GH as Jason Morgan…but as a doctor(not the mob) so he and Silas can fight at the hospital over Sam!!!

March 7, 2014 4:23 pm

I know there are rumors flying to that end but Billy Miller just radiates a certain kind of effervescence that strikes a discordant note with the very somber, serious introverted Jason, aka Stone Cold.

March 6, 2014 5:58 pm

Billy Miller was the bomb!! You can not replace that! Stitch seems like him and Victoria will work out great together

March 6, 2014 6:02 pm

This is a great interview by AH. I have to respect her honesty in regards to her working relationship with Bill Miller. And by also recognizing that “chemistry” isn’t to be taken for granted. It doesn’t happen with all actors, all the time.

I also respect DT and the writers for “throwing” him into the role of Billy, at such a critical moment. Makes a recast that much more palatible. As opposed to other soaps that take the easy way out with “plastic surgery” or “amnesia”.

I do respect AH’s position by respecting her work with Billy Miller and admitting how special it was. I think she added some nice closure there for fans. All IMO of course.

March 6, 2014 6:10 pm

Like to see a twist and have Billy Miller come back as Adam!

March 7, 2014 8:53 am
Reply to  Jim


March 7, 2014 4:23 pm
Reply to  Johnny

Yeah, why?

March 22, 2014 2:03 pm
Reply to  Jim


May 1, 2014 5:02 pm
Reply to  MEG

Did you ever see Billy Miller’s role on All My Children? He was simultaneously terrifying and charming…that’s when I fell in love with him as an actor. He owned that show but stupid management decided to make him so evil that his character could never recover. But even when his character was that evil, he somehow conveyed a wounded vulnerability that made it seem possible that he could still be redeemed; that he really was, deep down, the charming persona he pretended to be and not a murderous psychopath. He was able to play that duality convincingly right up until the day his sister killed him. He did what MM did with Adam, made you love/hate him, so if anyone could play the Adam character, it would definitely be Billy Miller. Could…but should he? That’s another story…I wish him well but seriously miss seeing him. Hope he lands on something regular soon. Y&R is not the same without him, or MM.

March 24, 2014 5:11 pm
Reply to  Jim

NO WAY!!!!

Eileen Hargis
March 6, 2014 6:29 pm

I like her with David T, but love her with Sean (Stitch). Cady will be fabulous just like Cynthia was.

March 6, 2014 6:43 pm

I hope it works out for her but I do not see any chemistry between her and DT! Good luck I know it is tough but hey I hate her husband JT was thrown overboard a great actor . It happens this show is just a prop for SB very sad!!!

March 18, 2014 10:50 pm
Reply to  k/kay

It’s not the same as when Billy Miller was with her. They need to work hard and get him back… Let Steve Burton go..

March 6, 2014 6:52 pm

I didn’t think I would like david tom but he is doing good.

March 6, 2014 7:01 pm

Now I will say this and I question anybody on my comments they are the truth. David Tom was great as a teenage Billy Abbott the first day he was back I said his praises since then I have watched the part of Billy Abbott he is no longer BA as an adult. The same thing with JJ as Lucky on GH bringing him back big mistake the part had out grown him. Greg Vaughn owned the part by then as an adult Lucky. Sometimes you can’t go home again!!!

March 6, 2014 10:00 pm
Reply to  k/kay

I so agree with your comments about the role of Lucky on GH. I watched GH in those days and thought Greg Vaughn was super as the adult Lucky. The role had definitely outgrown JJ. Of course the fools at the alphabet network fired Greg just to let JJ come back. And where is JJ now? Not on GH. Another of the many, many stupid move by TPTB.

March 7, 2014 8:12 am
Reply to  k/kay

Totally agree with both actors. They made great teens, But the grown ups should have stayed!

March 7, 2014 4:26 pm
Reply to  k/kay

I think David Tom is doing a great job and has transitioned seamlessly into the role of Billy Abbott. I think that must have been a formidable and daunting challenge for Tom and he’s met that challenge.
I completely agree with you about Greg Vaughn as Lucky. I always thought he was quite underrated as an actor. He played the heck out that addiction storyline and he really seemed like a grown up Lucky.

March 7, 2014 6:56 pm
Reply to  Harry

@ Harry if you think that I do not like DT you are wrong he is a great actor maybe with time he will make it work as the grown up just sometimes as I have said the role out grows you he has the same problem as JJ they are very youthful looking! I truly wish him the best!!!

May 1, 2014 4:42 pm
Reply to  k/kay

Couldn’t disagree more about Lucky. JJ was/is by far the better Lucky (adult) & a better actor in general…much more subtle with greater depth than GV…that’s why JJ is playing a major role in prime time now.

Lew S.
March 6, 2014 8:11 pm

I truly miss Mr.Miller. David Tom is doing a fine job, but BM is so connected to that role now. I feel for Amelia Heinle and it is going to take time for the audience and maybe the cast to adjust to the change.

March 6, 2014 9:26 pm

I am sure Co stars felt the same way when she took over the role from Heather Tom. David Tom is 10x better than Billy OneNote Miller.

March 7, 2014 1:52 am
Reply to  Brandon

Well with all the respect, Billy Miller is all but one note.. He is actually one of the few really versatile actors in daytime. David Tom is good but he has such a hard task to fulfill Miller’s enormous shoes!! Just like Amelia Heinle is good and made magic with Miller onscreen but honestly Heather Tom was and is the only Victoria Newman.. I wonder if EB had something to do with her exit since she really was one of the few who did not fear to stand up against the all-mighty Victor (also miller and Adam). Y&R is so predictable nowadays and Victors character has become so cartoonish and one-note… Braedens ego must be as big as the moon but its ruining partly the show – Make Victor more like a human being, more a Bell-version -> make him fall down in the big way but not just for two weeks…it would make his character so much more interesting instead of playing the all-mighty God! Lol

March 7, 2014 4:29 pm
Reply to  Bold

I agree with you, Bold. Maybe you’re right about Heather Tom, who is a very independent woman who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

March 7, 2014 6:57 pm
Reply to  Bold

Took me a long time to accept AH in the role but once again she is playing the grown up version.

March 7, 2014 10:35 pm
Reply to  Bold

Billy Miller isn’t that great

Michael (not Fairman)
March 8, 2014 10:21 am
Reply to  Bold

I have to agree. I’ve grown to like AH a lot in the role of Victoria, but her Victoria is a rather different Victoria, and it’s hard to imagine her having played all of those spitfire storylines Heather Tom played. I used to think, when HT was in the role, that Victor had gotten exactly the daughter he deserved, because she was every bit her father’s daughter and quite a match for him; with AH in the role, Victoria seems more like Nikki, actually, than Victor. I think it works beautifully in its own way, but the dynamic is very different.

Irene Hammond
June 23, 2014 12:27 pm
Reply to  Bold

Billy Miller and Michael Muhney were the best Y&R had! Y&R really goofed when they hired the Tom guy to be cast as Billy Abbott (again)! Appeasing the fans by hiring the Burton guy to play Nikki’s son is a mistake. That young woman, Hunter King, needs to go! She is awful; plus she’s the reason for Adam’s firing! A lot of men make passes at the ladies in show business ALL THE TIME! Did Michael Muhney have to be fired?! Hunter King is a sham!

March 6, 2014 10:58 pm

I’m sure Amelia does miss Billy Miller. Her character’s pairing with his Billy Abbott gave her new popularity. But Billy Miller himself has said he chose to walk away from a very generous offer from YR so that he could pursue outside projects.

So DT is back in the role. A role he won an Emmy for years before Amelia joined YR. Yet in her Twitter chat with DT & Sean Carrigan and in this interview she goes on and on about missing Billy Miller and how he can’t be replaced while offering DT very feint praise–even saying the producers had to prompt Amelia to interact with David in their first scenes.

Amelia herself is a recast of a very popular actress–Heather Tom. I would hate to read an interview where a current cast member says how much they miss Heather Tom and no one can replace her.

Anyway…maybe it’s because Amelia resents that Billy Miller walked away and there was a recast, but I’m not feeling this nuVilly. Put Victoria with Stitch. Put Billy back in the Abbott realm
And find him a new love interest. I think Dsvid Tom is doing a great job as Billy Abbott. He just needs to be in a sl that’s not “Billy groveling over Victoria.” (Though yes, he kinds should be groveling. The dude did Victoria dirty).

March 7, 2014 10:50 am
Reply to  Frida

I agree that DT is doing a good job as Billy, but not feeling it with him and Victoria. So, I’d like to see Billy move on with someone else. 😉

I’m not sure about what to do with Victoria/AH. The only one she was ever really good with was BM because he carried the storylines. I’d hate to see her with Stitch and drag him down. 🙁

I’d like to see them give Sharon & Stitch a try…that could be really good. 🙂

Avelina from Santorini Greece
March 7, 2014 2:20 pm
Reply to  Frida

Your comment is spot on!

March 7, 2014 12:03 am

I appreciate her candor and her honesty. I’m glad she didn’t sugarcoat it and lie. It’s a tough transition. She lost one of her best friends due to some serious shady bts dealings and is having a hard time not being with him after they built something so special together. I get it. I love that she is so loyal and cares so much for Billy Miller. He should still be playing the role imo.

She’s doing a fabulous job right now in all her storylines.

March 7, 2014 6:51 am

So would it be “Vitch” or “Stitoria?”

March 7, 2014 7:06 am

I’d like to see Victoria end up with Stitch….I don’t know if I would have said that if Billy Miller was still “Billy “…it might be a good change….

March 7, 2014 8:16 am

No way is DT ever going to be able to play the part of Playboy Billy Abbott. He does not have any chemistry with Amelia. So hope they move her along with Sean, or would love for them to bring back JT for her.
No idea what they can do with this Billy???
I miss Billy Miller so much in this role.

May 15, 2014 11:41 am
Reply to  Karen

I miss Billy Miller. AH and Billy had so much chemistry—they burnt up the screen. DT is a playing the role as a whining little kid—he can never be the adult BA. Bring back Billy Miller—-

March 7, 2014 8:54 am

I hope Billy and Vic can work it out. I am loving David Tom getting reacquainted with his character.

Avelina from Santorini Greece
March 7, 2014 2:19 pm
Reply to  Johnny

Me too. I appreciate her honesty but I think that David Tom is doing more than a fine job. He is fabulous in the role and so was billy miller. It is hard to jump into the middle of a big storyline and it takes time. David Tom is a great actor. Amelia herself was a recast and to me Heather Tom will always be Victoria. I wish Billy Miller all the best. He is a good actor and I’m sure he will do just fine but the show must go on.

June 16, 2014 6:02 am

I do not agree that Heather Tom was a better Victoria. I have liked Amelia Heinle as Victoria since she took over the role. I could never see anyone else as Vicky, so I hope Amelia is in this for the long haul,

March 7, 2014 9:36 am

Can’t wait for Cady! Hope they redeem her for Jack, because I can see that as a very good thing!

March 7, 2014 12:10 pm

The weather was bad in Feb as well. Congrats to DAYS for being what a soap opera is! This will be the last show standing.

March 7, 2014 2:51 pm

While I don’t have an issue with recasts as storylines do need to continue, the problem here is that not only is Billy Miller a phenomenal dramatic actor but he is an outstanding comedic actor as well. David Tom is also an amazing actor … when it comes to drama but I don’t see him as a comedic actor whatsoever. Beginning with his very first episode back in 2008, Miller’s “Billy Abbott” instantly became the “Tad Martin” of Genoa City continuing that legacy during his five-year tenure with the show.

March 7, 2014 3:14 pm

Bring on Vicky&Stich!!!

DT is doing good job as Billy, but he cant compare to BM. Mr. Miller rocked as Billy.

March 7, 2014 9:03 pm

I’ve never understood the appeal of the Billy/Vicboria pairing (a self-centered heiress and her whipped spouse aren’t my idea of romance). I would have left her and her constant harping years ago — “Billy, my babymaker’s broke and you went and bought a baby and now I have to give it back to Daniel! Billy, my father paid a grifter to get you drunk and seduce you and now I have to deal with the fact my babymaker’s broke AND that grifter is carrying your baby! Billy, we managed to wrangle that grifter’s spawn from her and now she’s staying in town and irking me! Billy, your five minute return to gambling is overshadowing my ten second career as a children’s book illustrator! Billy, your gambling past got me kidnapped! Billy, my stepdaughter is dead and you’re making it all about YOUR grief!”

Just sayin’…

Avelina from Santorini Greece
March 8, 2014 1:49 am
Reply to  Alan


Gloria dodds Zimmerman
March 8, 2014 8:03 am

I’m happy Vicky seems to be moving on with Ben…. BM was awesome and in time DT will be also…. May we move on from constantly talking about Delia ? Cady should be great with Jack he deserves a good romance…. I’m going to miss John Abbot the voice of reason! I would love to still see him from time to time…. I hope we see Adam soon I’m excited to see him no matter who plays him!… I think Y&R I has still got it with a bit of tweaking it would be perfect

March 8, 2014 11:44 am

Sorry, but I just don’t care for David Tom as Billy, don’t want to see anybody fired but a recast is needed! Y&R needs to get rid of some others too, Abby, Kevin, Tyler, Leslie,& Lily for now! I M O

March 9, 2014 5:42 am
Reply to  Sue

Sue…well said!!!!! AGREED!!!!!

March 8, 2014 2:44 pm

I thought what Amelia said about Billy Miller was so sweet. She wasn’t dissing the new Billy, she was only expressing her feelings about how close she was to Billy Miller and how much she misses him. I miss Billy Miller too! I really, really, hope he will eventually land on another soap so that I can see him regularly again. GH, or any other soap out there, grab him please! 🙂

Allen Saint James
March 9, 2014 5:57 pm

Stich is so handsome! Stay with Stitch

March 10, 2014 8:00 pm

If victoria can’t be with billy miller anymore:( than she should hook up with Stitch.
Sooo sad to see Billy & Adam gone….hopefully they pick a good Adam cus he has some
BIG shoes to fill.

Debra mauney
March 11, 2014 5:01 pm

I miss Billy Miller.

Cynthia Claydon
March 12, 2014 8:20 am

I LOVE Amelia Heinle. I watched her on Loving. She looks so much like Nancy Addison Altman. Thanks for the interview. Anyway, thanks Michael Fairman for always getting some great interviews with our beloved soap stars. (Side Note: Secretly shipping a real-life Billy and Amelia pairing, but I know she is married to Thad Luckinbill. Thad would make a terrific Dillon Quartermaine!!!)

March 12, 2014 8:23 am

I love that she tried to stay PC and not throw David Thom under the bus but she really misses Billy Miller. We all do. Nothing against David Thom, the actor, but he is horrible as Billy Abbott. I cannot believe this guy won an Emmy for his portrayal. Maybe the bar was set a lot lower back in his day but i just dont see him clicking in this role. I guess and I’m glad that why the are splitting Billy and Vicky up? The actors have NO chemistry.

March 12, 2014 6:56 pm

I loved Billy Miller and Amelia together. Their chemistry was so great. Billy did not want to leave, he just wanted to be able to do other projects too. Y&R has let others from the show do this in the past. They could have worked with him. Like with Michael they wanted him gone to open up the role to fill it with David Tom. At the point in Billy’s and Victoria’s life where they were more mature in their roles David Tom does not fit the role. He looks too young and baby faced for the role. They have even cut Amelia’s bangs to make her look younger to try to match David’s. They need to recast the role with a more mature actor. That’s why we need Billy Miller back!!!!

March 14, 2014 8:33 pm

David Tom was palatable as the younger Billy just starting out. Billy Miller matured and fleshed out the character into a powerful mix. Sorry to say, but David Tom is just too whiny to do a credible job now. The recast is a mistake.

March 14, 2014 8:41 pm

Shemar Moore, now famous for his long-standing role on Criminal Minds, started out as an International Male model and then on Y&R. He left and worked his way into prime time. Billy Miller is charismatic and complex, and is capable of doing the same. I wish him the best.

Latoya Sanders
March 17, 2014 10:22 am

They need to bring Adam back he was the next big thing if something ever happen to Victor and they need too also bring the old Billy back the new one is a mess and he don’t even look right with Victory I’m bout to stop watching it and why the hell did they kill off Chloe little girl that’s all she had I mean she was a real mom on that show compared to the others on there

March 23, 2014 10:39 pm

Aww! Amelia is a class act. Love her as victoria and hope she continues her role! She seems sweet and genuine in her interviews and comments towarrds melody. Happy and sympathizing that she misses working with billy miller.. They were perfect. Have a feeling david tom and vicky’ don’t have a chance in hell. Poor guy, he tries hard to imitate the old billy but miller cannot be replaced. Hope she goes with stich.. He’s more victorias ttype anyway. Also hoping her, nick and dylan unite in a sibling war against victor to set him stright.

March 27, 2014 10:22 am

I kinda want Victoria to end up with Stitch. They seem to have a great chemistry. It is so hard to replace Billy Miller. I really have had a hard time with accepting a replacement. It is not a reflection on David Thom ~ it is just really hard.

Diana Heidi
April 1, 2014 1:48 am

AH/Victoria had such a great efforthless chemistry, therefore no Stich or DT can come even close to Billy Miller. They should bring B.M. back or get a new charismatic person for Victoria.
As I said previously no BM, no Adam/ M.M…Michelle Stafford left long time ago and since then the show is not worth watching. Boring stories…waste of time.
And Sharon keeps on the secret about Summer, it is already way too long to wait for her to say the truth to Nick/J.M.

April 7, 2014 6:31 pm

See even Amelia misses Billy and the whole villy storyline was wrecked because Billy isnt on the show anymore. Amelia and the fans miss Billy so bring Billy back and restore the relationship with Villy for all the fans and veiwers of YR who miss Billy and Amelia as Billy and Victoria.

May 4, 2014 3:29 pm

I would like to see Victoria with “Stitch” (Ben) b/c the chemistry is explosive! I am sad to see Billy Miller go but if hehas to depart Victoria needs to have the opportunity to explore her new found self sufficient self.

May 5, 2014 11:17 am

I want billy miller back. As nice as David Tom may be, Billy owned that role. DAvid looks out of place on the screen. Billy was a favorite of my friends and family. We are all disappointed in the change. We can only cross our fingers he’ll return and soon!

May 9, 2014 7:00 am

I hate David Tom as Billy. I have watched this show since I was a kid and I am about ready to stop watching. Billy Miller brought believability to his character.

Emmy In Austin
May 30, 2014 5:58 pm


May 31, 2014 12:38 am

DT was fine as a teenage Billy, however he is young looking. Billy Miller was a real man and when he played Billy, there was so much chemistry between Billy and Victoria. I don’t think any relationship Victoria has will ever be taken seriously. Bring Billy Miller back!!!!!

May 31, 2014 10:39 am

Imo Heather Tom will always be the true victoria. A.H has no chemistry with anyone on the show. I at least hope she gives this new billy b.j a chance b.m is gone get over it quit crying over spilled milk. Remember you yourself was a recast to a great actress.

June 3, 2014 4:41 pm

Can we please have one marriage last on this show? It should be Billy, of course…..forgive him… Victoria isn’t perfect either….is she…..?? No divorce!

Jewel Mosley
June 11, 2014 9:28 am

I miss Billy Miller on the Y&R. It is the Y&R’s loss.

June 16, 2014 5:57 am

I want to Victoria with Billy, but not David Tom Billy; I, like many others, would like to see VIicky with Billy Miller Billy. I would also like to add that Amelia is the best actress to ever play Vicky. I would quit watching the show if the role of Vcky was recast.

June 18, 2014 2:19 pm

So… Yeah, right. Bring back Heather Tom as Victoria so we can watch David Tom being married to his real-life sister!… Blech!!

Breaking News

The New Men of B&B Revealed

The Bold and the Beautiful has been the first soap back in production since COVID-19, and now comes exciting casting news that will surely bring some new energy and drama to the CBS Daytime drama series.

First, the series has decided to recast the role of Zende Forrester Dominquez last played by Daytime Emmy-winner Rome Flynn (2015-2017).   Now Delon de Metz will be taking on the role of adopted son of Kristen Forrester and Tony Dominguez.

And in addition, potentially part of the mystery we alluded to earlier in the week as to just who may be the new man in Steffy Forrester’s  (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) life, may have been answered with the casting of Tanner Novlan in the role of Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan.

Novlan is married to former ‘Bold and Beautiful’ star Kayla Ewell (Ex-Caitlin Ramirez) and has been recently seen in the Liberty Mutual commercials where he plays an actor trying to say the lines of dialog required of him but keeps messing it up.   He was also recently seen in 2019 on the CW’s Roswell, New Mexico series.

TV Line broke the casting news.

So, what are your thoughts of a new Zende and a new doctor coming to The Bold and the Beautiful? Comment below.

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TODAY: OLTL Buchanan Kids Reunion with Melissa Archer, Kirk Geiger, Erin Torpey and Chris McKenna

One Life to Live fans will not want to miss today’s scheduled reunion chat with four actors who played the Buchanan children during the run of the iconic ABC soap opera.

In a virtual conversation today with Alan Locher on his Locher Room You Tube Channel, look for: Melissa Archer (Ex-Natalie), Kirk Geiger (Ex-Kevin), Erin Torpey (Ex-Jessica) and Chris McKenna (Ex-Joey) to share remembrances and stories of their time in Llanview.

It all starts at 2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST today on Thursday July 9th.  You can watch it here.

So, what moment from the Buchanan kids storylines would you like to ask, Melissa, Kirk, Erin and Chris about?  What was your favorite moment of the kids during the run of One Life?  Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Wally Kurth, Mary Beth Evans & Chandler Massey Take You Behind the Scenes of Kayla and Justin’s Wedding

On Wednesday’s heartbreaking episode of Days of our Lives, viewers saw just how the nuptials of Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Justin (Wally Kurth) eventually wound up!

Justin told Kayla that Steve (Stephen Nichols) still loves her, which put a halt to the proceedings and ended the romantic relationship between the two dear friends, who found love with one another following Adrienne’s (Judi Evans) death, and Kayla believing Steve did not want her back.

Now, The DOOL app has posted a rare behind the scenes view of the making of the wedding – with moments from the key scenes, rehearsals and interviews with the cast involved.

Chandler Massey (Will) weighs-in on Will’s debut as a wedding officiant and how that went south, while Mary Beth Evans and Wally Kurth shared why they loved this storyline so much.

Wally expresses how the last six months have been some of the best storylines of his soap career, while Mary Beth says that Justin and Kayla’s relationship was so adult and that in real life, both actors have known about people who fall in love with their dear friend, after losing their significant other whether it be by divorce, or death, or whatever the circumstance.

If you don’t already have the DOOL app on your mobile device to watch the segment, you can get more info to download here.

We will have more to say on the memorable performances at Michael Fairman TV later in the week.

So, what did you think of Kayla and Justin’s wedding and the fallout? Comment below.

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Video du Jour

B&B’s Heather Tom talks with Michael Fairman immediately following her record-tying win in the Lead Actress category during the 47th annual Daytime Emmy Awards.  Heather and Erika now hold the most wins for an actress with 6! Leave A Comment

The Michael Channel

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