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Y&R's Eric Braeden Defends Daytime Drama, "They're Replacing The Soaps With Crap!"

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Leave it to The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden, who plays the iconic Victor Newman of Genoa City,  to fire back at network suits and programming executives who over the past few years have canceled beloved daytime dramas and taken them away from its huge fan base and audience, only to replace them with game shows, cooking shows, or failed lifestyle/makeover shows. (Yes, The Revolution, we are talking about YOU!)

In a piece this weekend from The Hollywood Exclusive with noted Tinseltown columnist Marilyn Beck, she asked the Daytime Emmy winning actor how it feels being on one of the four remaining soaps, and his thoughts on the decisions made to replace them with alternative forms of programming.  Braeden replied, “Not very good, to be honest.  They’re replacing the soaps with bull#$@!, with crap.  It’s what happens when huge corporations take over, and things are reduced to the lowest common denominator.  You cannot tell me that all of a sudden, people who have been used to the novelistic form of entertainment, soap operas have suddenly lost interest. This form of serialized storytelling goes back to radio, to serialized novels.  Dickens was essentially a soap opera writer.  The desire to see, to be part of that has not died suddenly.  I think it has died in the minds of some executives.”

Braeden is currently being seen on the big screen in the Oscar-winning Titanic  as John Jacob Astor, which is currently been re-released in 3-D in honor of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the real-life Titanic.

So, what do you think about Braeden’s remarks?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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He gets to the brilliant point: Suits are replacing beloved soaps with garbage all in the name of money. Huge fan bases and quality programming be damned!

I agree with that completely,They cancel our beloved soaps and want us watched the shit what they call a talk show.Shame on them.

I agree with Eric. I did watch As The World Turns, Guilding LIght until taken off. I started when they were on for 15 minutes. Have watcched Y and R since it came on tv. I have choose not to watch the stations in the afternoon for the crzp on there. I will watch the Western channel 1st. At least these people know what is a goo d show and not crap. Soap Opera Fan for 54 years.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. IMO, Eric is spot on with this thinking. Kudos to you Eric Braeden for putting it out there exactly as it is!

I also feel it could not have been said better. I enjoy my soaps and am tired of watching TV reality shows, Survivor, etc. I am tired of these shows. We live a survivor life do not really need to watch on TV. Besides I don’t call this a reality show it’s just another reality show. Survivor show should be people left on an island and left to make it on their own. Bring back the soaps.

I get your point, Edie.

While I don’t mind shows like Survivor, as I watch it myself, I would be willing to give up that show and shows like The Amazing Race and ALL the reality shows for scripted shows, especially soap operas.

Everything is just so cheap, cheap, cheap. The networks don’t want to pay writers. And when they do have something scripted, the writers want their fair share (e.g., the writers’ strike). Networks and the studios just think they can get rid of the middle man and we will just sit there like idiots and lap up whatever garbage (i.e. reality/game show) is thrown at us.

Somewhere something in this country became broken when “they” thought “we” were all interested in the likes of the Kardashians. Remember when we were inundated with Paris Hilton every day. Life would be so much better without all these so-called reality shows about so-called “celebrities” that THIS nobody cares about.

Kudos for Eric Braeden for once again telling it like it is. I wish others would become a little more outspoken on the subject and maybe that would rattle a few cages.

I no longer watch ABC for the 2 hours of “crap” they have put on…..and if they make it 3 hours with Katie, so be it I will not watch….the world will go on, but I will miss GH as I miss AMC and OLTL….but I will not be a party to the crap. ABC you had better listen

gh has been extended for 1 more year……………..

I would be wary of this so-called “extension” as there has been no official word from ABC. I think they are going to pull the rug (GH) out from under us sooner rather than later.

Don’t mess with Victor Newman! Love that he doesn’t filter himself, he says what we are all thinking!

Yep, Guiding Light replaced with a game show, ATWT replaced by a lame View knock off, and those stupid shows AMC and OLTL were replaced with.

I couldn’t agree with him more! I cried when GL was taken off. There are such talented, hard working actors and actresses who do daytime tv. What the networks should be looking at, is the crap that’s on at night!

Hopefully his comments start makng the corporation executives rethink their failed plan to change the landscape of daytime television.

These executives are truly out of touch to what the public wants.

I couldn’t have said it better. If ABC keeps up its philosophy of low budget, low quality shows, they’ll soon be running infomercials all day. If only they’d smarten and and turn around what they did to AMC and OLTL and give them the rebirths the loyal viewers of those soaps are still asking for…then I’d put my ABC boycott to rest. I watch nothing on ABC except for GH. Are their any mourners for the forthcoming cancellation of The Revolution? I think not…

Exactly what we all have been saying and yes it the large corporation executives that have no idea what we want to watch. What has happened and will continue until someone gets a clue, it has eroded daytime. I will never watch ABC again except GH. Not one network cares about its established viewers.

he is right on the money we love our soaps and tape them so we dont miss them i’m so sick of reality tv give me my soaps any day over that crap

Dayitme TV will never be the same without any soaps. You can only have so many game, cooking, or talk shows. How boring to have way too many of them.

Amen! He took the words right out of my mouth! I’ve been saying that for over a year now! i can’t even stand the crap on in the evenings too much reality crap!

Rock on EB!!!!!

Well Mr. Braeden I ask this one question concerning Y&R when was the last time you had a GOOD storyline on your soap? Answer 2005 Cassie’s death! No, the soap opera decade is not over with but your writers and producers are going to make it that way, you put some pressure on MAB & the gang with the thought of cancellation & they start writing good story and all my friends will be back in droves I have never liked talk shows or game shows but this drivel that you are calling story telling is awful I keep thinking someone over there will start getting down to business but no we would rather blame a suit for your problems tell MAB to do her job !

Unfortunately, those suits (Sony for ex) have a large say in what is written and what is broadcast, so it’s not all the writers fault…Could we stand to have some new (GOOD) ones? Yes, but to put them blame solely on them is completely unfair…Not to mention it is a matter of tastes…There was a time when I didn’t watch at all, and couldn’t stand to, and that was BEFORE MAB…While I see flaws, I still watch, and not out of habit

abbie you took the words right out of my mouth – soap writers can only write what “the suits” allow them to write…………

I totally agree with your comment

Totally agree with Eric, hope Y & R will survive. Love the show and have been watching for 30 years.

Good for him ! I very much agree with Eric …… sad to have seen these soups to end !


Does this mean that The Talk is crap? If my memory is correct, Braeden did appeared on this show.

several y&r actors have appeared on the talk & both shows are owned & run by the same people – they use actors/stars from other cbs shows to make a guest appearance to bring the ratings up on the talk and yes basically the talk is crap………………

I agree 100%. Television is HORRIBLE now. Everything is reality-based. It’s a real shame.

More actors should come forward but I guess they are afraid for their jobs and don’t want to go against their network.

Braeden made NO mention of the obvious poor writing on his show as reason for the decline. I don’t think that was an oversight. My guess is that the other actors you reference are not the only ones “afraid for their jobs.”

I agree 100%. I cannot believe we are losing our soaps for MORE talk shows. The problem is TPTB are not listening to the people that actually watch Daytime TV. They take these polls, but they leave out all the people that work all day and DVR/record their soaps and/or watch them later on soapnet. I assure you I do not miss a day of Y&R or Days of our Lives. If we lose the soaps, I assure you I will NOT be recording the crap they replace it with! Thank you, Mr. Braeden for speaking up! Believe me, many of your fans agree with you and support you all the way!

Thank you Eric for a defending the soaps…The crap the put on tv is terrible I hate reality tv shows. I still miss OLTL so much and want it back.

Thank you ERic for speaking up about how you really feel and maybe someone will listen to him and do the right thin and bring back the soaps.

agree completely!! i have blocks of time that i used to watch amc and oltl and now nothing on then so i started watching B&B AND Y&R ,AND GH AGAIN

We have to support the soaps. If a storyline is not working, write the execs of the shows and complain. PLEASE don’t stop watching, because that is the death sentence. I applaud Mr. Braeden, because he always speaks his mind. If soaps are dead, there wouldn’t be a resurgence of the night time soaps.

I agree with you,I have hated the mob stories on general hospital and for years I kept watching ,never missing a day because I want to support the soaps.If a fan leaves because of stupid reasons that will kill the soaps and that we dont want to happen we only have 4 left,those crap, talk,news and food shows are taking over ,I will never watch those shows I love the soaps thats the real daytime programming not katie couric ,the chew ,the revolution ,OOps thats gone.Now we have to boycott the other dopy talk news shows that will be taking over.

I can’t resist: Y&R story telling! Victor involved with women half his age can anyone say PERVERT! Phyllis writing for the National Inquirer having sex on desks,dumpters,walls mooning over a man 8 to 10 years younger looks it. Daisy & Chelsea both getting pregnant by drunken men still trying to figure how that happens. Cane rewritten back story how many times? Neil no chemistry with either Harmony or Sophia. Chloe & Kevin who cares. Ricky the demon seed has not been on camera with his father Paul in how long. This is bull/s & crap at its finest and the suits aren’t writing and I beleive you Mr. Braeden are making how much off this drivel?

Sounds like a typical soap opera to me…These complaints always miss me b/c soaps have ALWAYS written these kinds of storylines…Not sure why everyone acts like it is something new…You want to complain about storytelling, talk about the ridiculous Phyllis and her father and how that was poorly written storyline, or this wholde Shadam mess…An old man marrying a woman half his age is nothing new (In soap or real life)…Sometimes I think the execs don’t take the fas seriously because of these kinds of complaints,and I don’t blame them

thank you abbie – i could not have said it better myself!!

And Kay for every one of those plot points that you dislike you have to know that there is someone out there that just loves it. It is the way it is. There is some nut on a message board that just LOVES the weakest characters (Heather as played by Eden Regel for example) and then there are those that have all but started a petition to bring “Sam” back. People like what they like. I happen to agree with you on most of your points, though. There is an awful lot of bed hopping going around and not a lot of dating and getting to know you first.

By the way, Daisy drugged Daniel, he was not drunk. 🙂 And from what I have heard, I don’t think Eric Braeden particularly cared for the younger women partners (i.e., Sharon, Sabrina), but he only has so much say.

I love Eric Braeden, he has ALWAYS spoken his mind! He’s right on the money this time too. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

What is sad to me is all the garbage that they are writing for YR and BB. I don’t know why E.B. can’t understand why they are yanking the soaps off the air when they keep repeating the old used plots day in and day out. No one but a select few get camera time, while others wait in the wings. I am not impress by EB(Victor), who’s character has never respected women or children or his family, nor the women who let him. No one respects marriage, and all of this bed hopping is stupid. I see why all of the kids are so screwed up,

I agree 100% with Mr. Braeden…..

Right On!! You tell em Eric!! Kudos….

Eric is exactly right – Soaps are far more entertaining than crap, like The Chew. Those TV executives need to wake up and give the people what they want, like more soaps!

i could not agree more with Mr. Braeden! They are decimating daytime tv with all kinds of crap. we lost three iconic soap operas amc and oltl and atwt because of shows like “the talk” “the Chew” “the revolution” all of them dont hold a candle to ANY of the three soaps that we lost on daytime tv. They are cheaply produced garbage! I hope the remaining soaps survive and these daytime tv executives realize that if we wanted to watch that kind of garbage we have at least 10 other stations to do so on other cable channels specifically geared toward those topics. i hope abc, cbs and nbc listen to the outcry of fans and actors, producers, writers and everyone who loves daytime dramas that we wont stop fighting to keep our soaps on the air.

Funny that Braeden seems to trash the networks for their decision to cancel soaps but he never hints that a significant problem is the unoriginal craptastic writing that is commonplace on many soaps for the past decade.

His own show is a prime example of the inexusable decline in the quality of the soap writing today. I’ve watched Y&R since before Victor ever appeared. I can’t how far this once great show has fallen in its writing.

the remaining four soaps left are experiencing the same thing BUT we all have to understand the writers do not have the final say in what actually airs the network executives do & that is the problem

Right on Eric! I’m with you and back your speaking your mind!

Right on! Thank you, Eric Braeden, for saying what so many of us want to say. Of course people still want serialized drama.

i love eric braeden as victor newman. like victor says listen to me all right you punk. eric speaks his mind and knows what he is talking about. i am so happy that the revolution finally got cancelled. but they picked up the chew for a second season. i have finally accepted that one life to live is not coming back. lets face it and fight for our remainder soap operas.

I agree with you completely!

wow someone who actually is not afraid to speak up how he really feels that is awesome i agree 100% all these big suits as he calls them make the decision to put on all these crappy shows and then expect us to watch them like brian frons had said that we will watch anything we will not watch these replacement shows at all after many years of watching these soap operas we were used to quality tv programing maybe some day we will see it again

I would like to take the word corporations out of the arguement. There is too much corporation bashing. Within these corporations they have creative people… people who are in the business of creating programming… these are the idiots that somehow think we want and need this crap. Yes… any business be it a small or a large corporation needs to make money to succeed… but it’s how they make money that is being addressed. There are people who think the soaps address family and family types values that they would rather replace them with shows telling you what to eat and how to think. This is coming from a mindset that doesn’t want that type of programming to prevail and it isn’t all about money and there are suits who are accountants who care about money and there are suits who are programming people who are more about the reality, lifestyle crap and not wanting to see the soaps that their families have watched for years prevail for a multtude of reasons that we may not understand. It’s too easy to say that we are loosing our soaps because of those big corporations!

I would like to add to what I started. I think the model has to change. If ABC for instance had more Frank Valentini’s who knew how to take a budget and work with it we would get more soaps. Look at Crystal Chappell and Venice… I am guessing Venice doesn’t begin to cost what the Chew costs. We could get these types of creative project managers that believe in the genre after their management believe in the genre and give them the time slot and the budgets to bring something on. The person who developed the Chew wasn’t just about the money… it was the management that said develop something that isn’t a soap and here’s your budget. They could have easily said develop a soap and here’s your budget… FV or CC could do it. We need more of that change in the model. Oh and maybe they have to make them outside of LA or NYC and maybe they have to use non-union or what ever… we see with all of the web soaps it could be done. Then they need to deal with the ratings model and realize that in 2012 we who watch soaps will watch them whenever we can and on whatever type of media we can and that has to be dealt with fairly and effectively.

My soaps are something that I have watched everyday for years. Can’t say that about any primetimes shows. In fact, I was thinking about this the other day. Some shows I have started to watch and then after a couple years or so, stopped watching them or even the same season they are not must-see TV. I don’t feel that way about my soaps. I don’t know why they are not getting the ratings they should or why networks want to cut them and replace them with garbage.

I agree, there was no reason in the world they had to cancel One Life to Live, it was a stupid move on ABC’s part and now they are suffering the consequences. I will not watch ABC daytime anymore until OLTL has been put back on and that garbage the Chew and Revolution are History.

Also not how ABC is trying to quiet the soap fans down by importing some of the OLTL cast on to General Hospital. Dosen’t work for me, its good to see some of the OLTL cast on GH and working but its not the same as being on their own soap. BRING BACK ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that Eric Braedon is not just a great actor, but a brilliant man. He has hit the head of the nail dead on. The executives are thinking with their wallets and not with the Fans wishes. Ultimately it is a catch 22…..Soaps are (supposedly) to expensive to make, but they aren’t going to be making any money with the cheaper shows because you need an audience; they don’t have one. We have either moved on except for the the 3:00 GH slot on ABC. Or planning our stradgedy for the next network that decides we don’t want one of the four left. Their daytime programming is going to echo it will be so empty. Remember we are boycotting the Chew and Katie when it comes on also. We have one a small victory the renewing of GH was certainly not winning the war.

Braeden’s comments ring true to me. Still, I do wish the storytelling on our soaps was better. I do not believe our plots are as good as they once were or could be. Rough seas do calm at some point,and I would not be surprised to see a resurgence in soap operas down the line. Everything old is new again.

I feel strong agree from Eic Braeden and Maurice Bernard are both right about they can’t take anymore to heard CBS,NBC and our favorite ABC who been good boys or girls this year to keep GH on the air forever. I do love GH over 31 years. Eric’s right.. CBS or NBC might take it away from Bulls**t to put bad stuff like talk show/cooking show/doctor in the house show and other. I means that’s bunch of crXp. I didn’t like it at all. GH got one more year to stay on the air until 50th Anniversary.. One more thing(my favorite motto from Columbo) don’t watch GMA in the afternoon this summer to make sure block your digital cable(Charter Comm. or whatever u got there) to block Chew and GMA in The Afternoon in July 2012.

Does anyone else thing that THE CHEW is the worst name for a show ever? Every time I hear it I envision someone trying to eat something really big like a piece of cube steak or something. It’s almost like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Anyway, I just wonder how long it will take until Hollywood, which is very close to running out of new ideas, is going to realize that they need to bring back the soaps. You know it is going to happen SOME day. First it will start with one network and then they will all want to do it. I am in my 30s. Will it happen before my time is up? I wonder. In any event, if ABC ends up canceling GH and CBS cancels Y&R when it is up for renewal then I will be done with both networks indefinitely. If they cannot offer me, a stay-at-home mom of two little ones, something on MY time during the day, then I am sure as heck not going to watch any of their garbage at night when they really want me to.

And I am really getting tired of hearing people say that ABC decided to RENEW General Hospital. They own it so they did not renew it. They just decided not to cancel it just yet. The language is very different. Don’t celebrate – it is premature! Keep fighting!

Leave it to Mr. Braeden to tell it like it is. Long live the soaps!

The main point I was trying to make is no one ever takes resposibility for their job and wants to start pointing fingers it is news to me that the executives tell the writers what to write but maybe you guys know something I do not know and I never meant to imply that Eric Braeden liked the stories with the younger gals I was just making a point why I think Y&R is hurting in the ratings. MAB has ruined a lot of the characters on this show especially the women Sharon,Phyllis,Ashley are nothing like they were as created by Bill Bell .And everybody has to agree that the way they did Maura West was awful and I do blame MAB for that.She was too young for the part and she MAB dam well knew it.

Actually everything I read said Maura West was too OLD for the part. That is why they gave her that short hair cut to make her look younger. I, however, am biased because I am the same age as Maura. Ha! Ha! In any event. I agree they ruined her. What a waste of a great talent. Maura and the character of Diane deserved so much better.

It is TRUE that the attorneys have a lot of say in how things are played out. I worked for one of the studios that owns a certain daytime drama and saw many files to support this, unfortunately. They also have a lot of say in the talent.

While I do not loathe everything that is playing out on Y&R these days as some good things have come out of it, I am very ready for some new blood to come in and shake things up. I agree that it would be nice to see Maria Arena Bell replaced.

Yes, I also know Daniel was drugged and now we find out Billy was drunk.. So my question is this. Did they also slip them Viagra so they could have sex and have a baby! Or has something changed I do not know about that you just look at them and get pregnant! I think you know what I am getting at now we have Jack having sex but I thought he was paralyzed from the waist down you see where I am coming from I do know it is a soap opera but come on! I thought they canceled Passions. Enough said I will just say this if they would bring back Kay Alden & Jack Smith who worked closely with Bill Bell I think you would see a big turnaround.

We knew Billy was drunk back when Melissa Claire Egan first came on screen back in the fall, I think it was. He admitted to Victoria that he was drunk. He mistook Chelsea for Victoria, kind of. But it was just revealed that Billy was drugged by her friends. I am still not convinced it is Billy’s biological baby to begin with because Victor had access to his DNA via Delia’s bone marrow transplant.

Yeah, the whole logistics does not make sense and then there is Jack who is paralyzed from the waist down with Nikki. I’m not even going to get into that one. 🙂

I’m afraid, Kay, that they want us to believe the impossible. Did you happen to see Jack and Genevieve’s marriage license last week? Jack was listed as 46 and Genevieve was listed as 33! And then they talk about Sorasing Summer and Fen. Unbelievable!

I missed the ages on the certificate. Gen is 33??? First of all, yeah right. Look at GF. Shes no 33 year old. Secondly, that must make Kane about 10 years old at the most then!! LOL!

I think what Kay is trying to say is that if a man is too drunk to know with whom he is having sex or even that he had it at all, then more than likely the certain part of the male anatomy that needs to function for the act isn’t working. Medical fact.

Mr. Braeden is spot on with his comment. I live on the east coast, and you can’t convince me that replacing Guiding Light with ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ was a deal breaker decision when it comes to daytime programming, OMG! I would bet CBS lost a lot of viewers.

I agree. I also strongly believe corporate America is destroying all we hold dear.


AEW’s Tony Khan Talks Hiring of Soap Vet Jennifer Pepperman, Sting’s Retirement Match at ‘Revolution’ and His Well-Deserved Send-Off

On Thursday during a media call, AEW President, Tony Khan fielded questions from the press leading up to Sunday’s AEW: Revolution pay-per-view (8 pm ET). Khan spoke on a myriad of topics including: the hiring of former One Life to Live executive producer, Jennifer Pepperman, and that Sunday will be the final match of the iconic Sting’s wrestling career.

Pepperman, who made news last week when she jumped from rival WWE as Senior Writer/Producer to AEW as its VP Content Development, brings with her experience as not only the former EP of Prospect Park’s One Life to Live, but as a Daytime Emmy-winning director for One Life, As the World Turns, as well as the digital series, After Forever.

Khan addressed the addition of Pepperman and what she brings to the table for AEW, “I love the world of soap operas and I think it’s fascinating the work she’s done. She’s an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and it’s a very different medium than soap opera, but obviously there are similarities. It was a unique hire when she joined pro wrestling and now she’s learned the wrestling business. There are a lot of wrestlers that have great experience working with her and so she was a popular hire. I think she adds a lot.  She would add a lot to any women’s story. She can add ideas, but she also adds ideas to men’s stories. I think any aspect of it wrestling or television that you’re working on, Jen, can be insightful, and she’s very additive. I wanted to bring Jen in to help just with AEW all across the board.”

“Jen is somebody who’s got a really great wrestling mind,” Khan expressed. “It’s really nice to have somebody like Jen who has experience in pro wrestling but also a lot of experience in television.  A lot of the people who had worked with Jen previously, had really great things to say about her, and on my visits with her I really liked her a lot. She was very excited about what she’d seen in AEW and she’s fitting in great. We’ve done a lot of shows now, and she’s been doing a great job catching up on it. She brings a lot of knowledge of pro wrestling and television from outside AEW.”

Photo: AEW

It’s going to be a sad day for Sting fans all around the world, when he wrestles in his final match this Sunday. Khan shared how important it was to him, to AEW, and to Sting, for him to go out with one final historic match. “I’m very excited about AEW Revolution, first and foremost being Sting’s last pro wrestling match and Sting’s retirement,” Tony shared. “I think he’s been a huge part of pro wrestling for my entire life. He’s been a hero since I was very young and when Sting came into AEW, I was so excited. This is exactly where I hoped we would get – setting up an incredible retirement match for Sting this Sunday at Revolution. He’s an incredible pro wrestler and an incredible man, and giving him the send off that he deserves – these past few years has been really important to me and now having a match for the weekend with high states, a personal rivalry, a great story, it’s going to be a tremendous show. It’s got certainly something that nobody will ever forget and that is Sting’s final wrestling match.”

The Greensboro Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina is where Sunday’s AEW Revolution will emanate from. Khan believes, “It’s the perfect place to pay tribute to Sting’s great career in the Greensboro Coliseum. It was where Sting really first arrived on the national map in 1988.”

Sting appearing on Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite was also special. Khan felt, “It was very fitting that he had his final appearance last night on TBS.”  Tony added, “Sting coming down from the rafters one last time I thought was a perfect way to cap off the final ‘Dynamite’ before ‘Revolution” and the final ‘Dynamite’ of Sting’s career. After 37 years on TBS .. and being so identifiable with it, it’s pretty special and pretty rare, and it’s befitting the great career and the great person that we have in Sting.”

While some feel Sting may be back in some capacity with AEW behind the scenes, Khan says anything is on the table. “When Sting came back in 2020, he did not need the money. Sting is very, very well off and has earned a lot of money in his career and is taking care of it very well,” Tony related. “He’s really a great person and he’s made great investments and he does this because he loves it. He loves the fans and he wanted to have a great run in wrestling and for these past three years, that’s exactly what we’ve done.  So for me, I would love to have Sting back in AEW anytime. I know he said he would like to come back. We won’t hold him or force him to come back at any point. Now is a great time for Sting to take time for himself and his family after this and whatever the result is Sunday, I think Sting can take pride that he’s had the most incredible final run.”

So, what did you think about the words Tony Khan expressed on the hiring of Jennifer Pepperman who brings both her soap opera and wrestling experience to AEW? We have always said that pro wrestling is a ‘soap opera in the ring’ and apparently Khan knows there is link to the two as well.  And, are you ready for Sting’s final match in his legendary career? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Sloan Recast: Natasha Hall Temporarily Fills-In For Jessica Serfaty

Sloan will have a new look for several upcoming episodes on Days of our Lives. Natasha Hall will step in for Jessica Serfaty the week of March 4-8

A spokesperson for DAYS confirmed to Soap Opera Digest, that Hall will take on the role of Sloan Petersen for three episodes.

If Natasha looks familiar she was seen on Netflicx’s The Kominsky Method and has appeared on The Rookie, S.W.A.T., Mom, HBO’s Entourage and the movie Game Night.

Photo: JPI

Serfaty began in her run as Sloan back in August of 2022, and has been heavily featured in the Nicole baby switch storyline where along with Melinda Trask (Tina Huang), Sloan is passing of Nicole and Eric’s baby, as her adopted chid, while Nicole continues to mourn the loss of the little bundle of joy.

Since Days had been taking 6 to 7 months ahead of streaming its episodes on Peacock, Hall taped her scenes filling in for Serfaty months ago.

So, interested to see what Natasha Hall brings to the role of Sloan, while Jessica is temporarily off the show? Comment below.

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Kathie Lee Gifford Reacts to ‘The Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Having ‘No Idea’ Who She Is On ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’

Let’s set the stage! Kathie Lee Gifford was previously mentioned by Today Show’s Hoda Kotb and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as someone who would make a great lead for the upcoming dating-reality series competition, The Golden Bachelorette.

Then came the Wednesday February 28th episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, when the current ‘Bachelor’ leading man, Joey Graziadei was the guest.

During his interview, Kelly and Mark asked Graziadei what his thoughts were on Gifford becoming the first-ever ‘Golden Bachelorette’.

Photo: JPI

Graziadei’s response was: “I will be honest… I have no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford is.” That prompted some boos and some laughs from the in-studio audience. Joey added, ‘I’m only 28! I’m sorry!”

In a response to a post on X featuring the faux-pas, Gifford reacted by saying: “I don’t expect him to know me. I’ve got shoes that are older than this kid is!”

Photo: ABC

Gifford received the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. She has also been in the chair occupied by Ripa on ‘Live’. From 1985 to 2000, Kathie Lee and Regis Philbin were the co-hosts of  the morning talk show. She then went on to co-host the fourth hour of Today in 2008 and continued till 2019.

When E! News asked Kotb about Gifford potentially getting the nod as the “Golden Bachelorette”, she shared, “By the way, she would be a 10 plus, and she’d get her choice of all the men, and you know how she is all flirty and cute.”

So, what do you think about Joey not knowing who Kathie Lee is? Could it possibly be that ABC would cast Gifford as the ‘Golden Bachelorette’? Comment below.

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