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Y&R’s Gina Tognoni Opens Up About Billy’s Bombshell With Summer & What’s Next For Phyllis

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Talk about walking in at the wrong moment and getting an earful!  That’s exactly what happened to The Young and the Restless’ Phyllis on Wednesday’s episode.  Taking the moment to level his revenge and payback for Phyllis’ romp with Nick (Joshua Morrow), her beau Billy (Jason Thompson) tells Phyllis that he slept with her daughter, Summer (Hunter King), right as Summer is standing there!   With that moment now out in the open, and Billy’s intention behind it, look for fireworks to fly!

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Daytime Emmy-winning gem, Gina Tognoni, who brings the complex Phyllis to life on the CBS daytime drama series, to get her take on how Phyllis handles this shocker, and the ramifications it poses to her, and the key relationships in her life.

As to what happens in the near future, looks like Phyllis is not going to do too well with what has just come to light, and that may set her on a whole new trajectory!  But will it be to Jack (Peter Bergman), to Nick (Joshua Morrow), or to someone else?  And, oh, there is that little item of her part in the death of J.T. Hellstrom.  Will that ultimately prove to be her downfall?  Here’s what Gina dished on the latest developments from GC.

When Phyllis gets the bombshell dropped upon her that Billy had sex with Summer, in that immediate moment what does this mean for Phyllis’ relationship with her daughter?

GINA:  Phyllis never saw this coming.  She is gutted and disgusted with her daughter in the moment, and in disbelief that her daughter would turn on her like this.

What about Billy saying to Phyllis and Summer that he had revenge sex with Summer to get back at Phyllis for sleeping with Nick?  Is she disgusted with him?

GINA:  I mean, she is speechless with him.  She’s speechless that he would stoop so low.  In her mind, this is a different offense.  Her sleeping with Nick is something that can’t be put in the same ballpark as Billy sleeping with her daughter.

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Do you think Phyllis knew in her gut that Billy would sleep with Summer; after the truth about her tryst with Nick came out at Sharon and Nick’s wedding?

GINA:  I think she was consumed with her own guilt and her own loss of control that it was not in the forefront of her mind.  So, when he plops that on her, that’s what leaves her to be absolutely speechless.  Whether you call it karma, or whatever, she got knocked with some of that, and she doesn’t know what else to say.  She’s devastated by both of these people.  In Phyllis’ mind she had moved on and was trying to make things right, but Billy sleeping with her daughter just crosses a boundary.

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I actually thought Phyllis knew in her gut that Billy would go to Summer, after the Shick wedding busted wide open, as she drank out those tiny liquor bottles!

GINA:  She was drinking the bottles, and it was all out, and her life was beginning to unravel, which caused her to want to numb the pain, because it was getting so intense.  It came out at the wedding that she slept with Nick, but what she was upset about was how Billy and she had now imploded, and their relationship has been forever changed.  That’s what that drinking was about.  They had overcome so much.  Here they were trusting each other, she was supporting him, brought him out of his gambling addiction, and she ‘drowns’ herself, and then we come to today. She walks in, and he just unloads it, and says, “I slept with Summer.”   From that moment on, we start to see that she has a break, and the break is in her personality.  Not that she’s a multiple personality, but it’s literally so painful for her that it changes something within her, and we’ll see something within the next two to three weeks on-air of what that means.  Phyllis gets really drastic, which has been fun to play.

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Does she think at all, that this is her fault, because she did sleep with Nick?

GINA:  Oh, yes.  She’s so confused and so overwhelmed by how screwed up it’s gotten that she is in survival mode.  We’ve seen Phyllis go in and out of that during the almost five years that I have played her. This is good stuff to play, and the writing is much more detailed than I have ever seen it.  When you see the scenes that are airing the rest of this week, they were done in one take.  Jason Thompson’s performance is so good, and Hunter King is really wrapping her arms around this role in such a cool way, that I just think the viewers are going to feel something.  Phyllis is just wrecked.

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One of the great scenes that you’ve had this year was when Phyllis realized that Summer is going after her man and she confronts her.  Phyllis slapped her own daughter and then went on the offense to keep her daughter from meeting up with Billy.  Summer did try to seduce Billy, and his gambling addiction wouldn’t have resurfaced at this time in his life, if it weren’t for her.

GINA:  Yes. Summer did push it.   I think in life, people disappoint us in such a profound way.  People are human.  We will be disappointed.   You pray to God that it’s not to certain levels, but it happens.  At the end of the day this is still her daughter, and it’s that bond that you have forever, and you love them, and you have to find a way to forgive because it’s natural: that love in your heart for your child.  That’s all I can say about this story, because it’s bizarre. (Laughs)  It sounds so funny, “My daughter slept with my boyfriend.” (Laughs)  You know what I mean?  However, when you really think about it, Summer broke her mother’s heart.

Even though Summer was a big contributor to the combustion of Billy and Phyllis’ relationship, Phyllis wants what’s best for her?

GINA: That’s the way Mal Young (EP and head writer, Y&R) is writing it.  I think that’s the most human way to do it.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t be angry, or that you have to be trusting in a situation like this.

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What does this mean for any future for the duo known as “Philly”?

GINA:  I was just saying to Jason Thompson: “I don’t feel like we’ve really worked together or hung out, because we’ve broken up on this show, so I never see you,” and he said, “I know! It’s so bizarre,” and it really is, because you get into such a rhythm with somebody.  You develop this shorthand where you understand each other’s rhythms.  Now, I’m getting to work with different groups of people.  Phyllis and Billy have such a very good dynamic.  It works.  So, to mess with something that’s not broken, (I mean, obviously it’s broken in Genoa City) it’s a bummer.  The good news is, maybe we’ll find our way back to one another.  She loved Billy very much.  That’s very much her soulmate.

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Where does Phyllis see Jack in all of this?  At times, in scenes, it looks like maybe she could rekindle her relationship with Jack.

GINA:  Here’s the thing … Jack represented wisdom to her.  Jack is the type of man that no woman should ever walk away from.   Phyllis screwed that up.  She also screwed up her relationship with Billy, but I actually think that Billy had a lot to do with that too.  They both have demons.  Billy and Jack are two great men that she has failed at.  How does she live with that much failure?  How does she see herself?  What does she do?  She can’t make Billy come back, and she can’t be forced to love him.  They’re both so hurt by all of this.

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Joshua Morrow was on my podcast Soap Nation Live recently, and we were talking about the hotness that is Phyllis, and how there’s this constant sexual tension between Nick and Phyllis, and how they play videogames as their foreplay, before they have sex.  (Laughs) Where is that relationship at now?

GINA:  Yes, there is that foreplay with the video games. (Laughs)  Gina and Joshua have never really explored the dynamic of Phyllis and Nick.  It was Michelle Stafford (Ex-Phyllis, Y&R, now Nina, GH) and Joshua who played that.   Now we are getting a chance to get Gina and Joshua’s take on it.  Joshua is very present when you work with hum, and that’s a very powerful thing.   So, we’ll see what happens with those two, but right now it seems to be a very physical thing between them.

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Then, there are the ramifications of Phyllis’ part in J.T.’s death and the four women in collusion to hide what happened to him. What is it like for Phyllis having to work with Sharon on this, when Phyllis was the cause of Sharon’s wedding to Nick to blow up?

GINA:  Well, she’s compartmentalizing.  She’s got the J.T. thing that she wants to control as much as she can, and she’s got to also be successful in her business career.  She’s proving something to herself, and she’s proving something as a woman.  Phyllis wants to be taken seriously, but she’s got this conflict that’s telling her that she’s a fraud.  She’s got this murder cover-up that she’s involved with.  Again, like in life, you try to go forward, but everyone has demons and things inside them that take them off their game.

Is there any part of her that thinks she could wind up in prison for this crime?

GINA: Yeah!  Her whole life could just blow up to a whole other level! That’s how I see it!

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I know throughout your soap opera career; the writers and producers have loaded you up with heavy material, because you are an accomplished actress who can always deliver.  But, how do you feel now getting all of this material and trying to work through it?

GINA:  I’m getting to a place just now where I’m going, “Okay.  We’ve got this.”   For the last month and a half to two months, it’s been a lot.   Now, I’m starting to find my center and balance.  At first, it was a lot to digest.  I even felt emotional not working with Jason, and not working with Peter Bergman.  There is that attachment, were you go as an actor: “That was ours.  We built that, man!”  Then it moves on and it takes its shape, and you have to remind yourself that’s your job: that you are the chameleon.  You have to come in and sell it, and commit emotionally, because that’s your job.  There are certain days that I feel too much, and I have to remember to just breathe.  Day by day is how I take it, but I feel good.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

If you could preview to the audience what they should watch for with Phyllis, what would you tell them? 

GINA:  Watch the subtle differences within Phyllis.  There is even a different look in my eyes.  I’m bringing her to a place, and she’s bringing me to a place that I have never

So, what do you think Phyllis should do now in her relationships with Summer and Billy? Are you glad the truth is out that Billy had sex with Summer? Who should be the new man in Phyllis’ life? What changes do you think will happen to her personality as previewed by Gina in this interview? Comment below.

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I love Gina and Jason as Phyllis and Billy. I dislike Summer VERY much. Her storyline (and angst) just doesn’t make sense to me. But, Gina and Jason make-up for the holes in the storyline, and the lackluster character/acting on the other end. They are just soapy-goodness! I don’t see ANY chemistry between Gina and Joshua.

Gina is simply the Best. I truly hope Phyllis/Billy can eventually work through all of this because Gina/Jason are perfect together. They’ve both hurt each other terribly but time & love can heal them. I do not want to see Phyllis bending over backwards anytime soon for Summer. That girl is so entitled & petulant. She needs all her financial support stopped. She needs to be humbled.

Denise…I DO NOT LIKE Summer…PERIOD!!!!! Never have, never will. So whenever that WHINY BRAT pops up on my TV screen, I usually do 1 of 3 things: I either yell at my TV screen, press the MUTE button on my remote control or I hit the FAST-FORWARD button. Works for me…lol.

Have a good one, Denise.

As far as I’m concerned, ThisBilly, thisPhyllis, Nick, and definitely Summer got their just desserts.
However, the reason for my post is sort of relevant/or not…..depends how invested one is in following the ‘norms’ of good grammar.
For years I’ve had to endure the bad grammar on all the remaining soaps. I have tried not to say anything because I do not want to look like a Miss-know-it-all…..nonetheless, the teacher in me is stronger than I am. Cannot seem to stop the devil in my head.
I will give an example. Today, Mariah said, “…..for Tessa and I” . WRONG!!!!!!
This is one of the most common grammar mistakes ( completely independent of spelling mistakes and typos) people make.
‘For’ is a preposition, which is ALWAYS followed by an object. In this case, ME is the object. “I” is in the subjective case—-in other words, “I” is ALWAYS the subject. It never ever follows a preposition. Learn your prepositions, writers!!
The writers also need to brush up on their pronouns in other parts of speech—parsing of sentences ( singular or plural). The wayward direction of the English language will undoubtedly lead us to speaking in sign. LOL.
We need to get rid of COMMON CORE. It is ruining Academia. This is one of the promises Trump made. I commend him in many promises he has kept. But, education shoukd not be put on the back burner, albeit I’m pretty confident ( too much is going on, I get it) he will get to it…..condidering he has a young son.
I apologize for the rant, but not for my good intention.
I hope this obsevation gets posted.

You misspelled “shoukd”, teacher…

I hope you get the sarcasm–I purposely mistyped ” student”. Spelling is not following any grammar rule… either knows how to spell or not. And, everyone makes typos.
Do you feel vindicated, Donna? Ha!!

Celia. I am in total agreement!

Thank you, my friend!!❤️

Celia, Celia, this is way off topic but I can’t help it…I had to contact you. Just watched Friday’s episode of GH and am just now recovering from an hour-long giggle-fest. Sam Spadeless and Spinelli doing another “super sleuth” assignment! When she wears those “power suits” and tries to act sophisticated, I just start howling! Walking/stalking around Margaux’s mom’s house like she’s doing a dust inspection!? And WHO exactly is babysitting this time? These Sam Spy tales give me such a tickle…though probably not in the way the writers intend. Anyway, THANKS for indulging me.

Hello, Soaphound,
Oh, I get it!! I was subbing for a few days last week…, I caught up late last night. And, I am more than happy and willing to indulge.
I was giggling just as hard….albeit, it is such a somber time…( RIP).
Who lets anybody into her house? Did they give Margaux’s mother a curtesy call before invading her ‘space’ ? Bad acting all around!! Child’s play….
I did laugh, but when the giggles stopped, I realized how stereotypical this show is. Why the matronly spinster hair style? Do all female agents, executives etc. dress so conservatively? So wacky? I guess the same goes for teachers? A bun and thick, miopic glasses; wearing homely clothes? That blouse!! I didn’t get a look at her footware…..was she wearing her usual stilettos?……would sort of negate the rest of her garb.
Aside from that, and I will take every tomato and shoe thrown at me, Monaco is such an inproficient actress. Protocol for acting is getting more and more eschewed.
How long does it take to drink a glass of water? I thought they were doing …….well, you know… takes less than that for a qu!ck!€ ( I know, I’m so naughty–I apologize to any sensitively delicate minds, LOL). Sooo well-timed, that….returned from the kitchen at the nick of time. Usually, in such situation, suspense builds. I would usually call out-loud , ” Hurry up!”. Nothing!!
I’d love to see Sam impersonating a nun, Soaphound. Perhaps, she did in the past?
Spinelli? What can I say? I don’t know why, but when I see him, I always have the urge to get jittery….he stresses me out….he seems neurotic.
Babysitting? Danny takes care of Scout, don’t you know?!?!?! LOL.

Oh Celia, you reminded me of my 1980s guilty pleasure “DYNASTY”, which I’ve been rewatching via DVD. What campy fun…especially the arc when Joan Collins’ vitriolic, trampy Alexis disguised herself as “Sister Marie” in efforts to free an ex-lover from a terrorist prison! Natch, this Sister Marie had full eyelashes, kohl eyeliner, and passion pink lipstick. Not even Sam Spadeless could carry that off! I don’t dislike Kelly, especially since our Billy speaks so highly of her, but she often seems to lack the emotional resources of most major actresses, like Maura West, Michelle Stafford, and Jane Elliott (how I miss Tracy Quartermaine!) As far as Spinelli, I used to like him until he turned on Drew. Now all I can say is that he has really nice hair. Danny babysitting Scout, LOL! But on the plus side, he couldn’t do any worse!

“Sam Spadeless???” Very cute, indeed! However, I do have to inquire whatever happened to the previous dictate that forbade us from creating clever nicknames for soap characters…Has the ban (finally) been lifted or does it only remain in effect for certain posters???? Just wondering….

Cheap shot, DonnaRaye. A simple keystroke error doesn’t lessen the import of what she’s saying.

Thank you, my love!!
Back to Y&R…… I have the sneaking suspicion that the blackmailer is ….yup…you guessed it (LOL).. ta-da: JT.
Am I ever wrong?! HaHa and LOL.
What say you, Soaphound?❤️

Celia, I guess you’re right about J.T. It’s the only plausible explanation. Unless Rey was taking a midnight stroll that night and…..oh heck, it’d better not be ANOTHER new character!

I can’t stand Rey! The character is inserted into every scene/storyline. Lola is another unnecessary character. Their characters/scenes come off as awkward.

Agreed, my friend. Rey is an unsympathetic puzzle. I’d say ‘enigma’, but he doesn’t exude any sort of ‘enticing’ mystery to even be given that ‘honor’….I didn’t like him as Dario (Days), and I don’t like him as Rey. Arturo, I like even less. ….not sure about baby-sister, yet.LOL.
This new development, with Ashley as owning every Abbott patent ( if I understood correctly), is ‘sorta’, “kinda” scrambling for an inspiring storyline….don’t like that either…
On a more positive note: the women’s fashion/ wardrobe is fantistique!!

Celia, Rey is so unappealing he reminds me of something Sophia on “THE GOLDEN GIRLS” once said: “There’s something about him I don’t like. I can’t put my finger on it, but if I did I’d have to wash it.”

Ha! I disagree about Rey’s appeal (or, in your opinion, lack thereof) but that’s a great line. “The Golden Girls” really had great writers and no one could deliver a zinger like those four women. Thanks for today’s chuckle!

OMG, “I love The Golden Girls!” Great quote! & agreed, I can’t stand the character or his family!

Hi, again, Soaphound,
Yes, it looks like JT is playing mind games with the women.
I have a second possibility.
How about Rey? Perhaps, he has gotten a hint—-suspects something, somehow?
Is he pushing the envelope so far as to see if all of the women, or one of them will crack?
Blackmailing them is a ploy? He is just laying in wait—hungry like the wolf?
If my theory is conceivable, I think there will be one small, big problem…..Rey is falling for Sharon. He will find himself between a rock and a hard place.
I recently got the vibe that Rey is honorable ( I could be wrong and should stick to my first-impression theory-LOL). What to do? Love vs righteousness, or vice versa? What a quandary!!

Sorry, CeeCee; Trump couldn’t speak proper English if his life depended on it. Not only does he speak nonsense; he’s barely legible when he TWEETS his nonsense. Although I do so appreciate the enormous material he supplies the late night shows. Has me rolling!

Actually, Rebecca, I beg to differ. His grammar, compared to Obama’s is impeccable. I notice these things.
I really do not want to get into politics….nor bashing the President. I’ve heard enough to last me a lifetime… have the right to say as you wish! Not here, I beg you.
I mentioned him because of Common Core….which has to do with education….not politics.❤️

You are kidding right? You need to listen to some of Obamas speeches again. You can’t possible compare his articulate responses to the crazy rambling of Trump.

Cathy & All…And not just Barack. Michelle as well, and she doesn’t have to plagiarize. Trump may fire up his supporters with negatives and bullying. But he doesn’t even come close to the Obamas, and how they speak and inspire audiences in a positive way. You know…Aim High. Michelle did it when she was First lady. And again on NBC Today show last week on International Day of the Girl which was mainly devoted to her launching an international girls alliance, especially devoted to education. It was an incredible show which included around 1000 girls from over the world who have overcome what their countries did not offer them and other girls.
I can only think some teachers here must for some unfathomable reason I will never understand give Trump a pass (especially about women), and make him a teacher’s pet. Even though they can at times give a fail to characters and actors on the soaps for bad behaviors, in their opinion.

“… the Obamas, and how they speak and inspire audiences in a positive way. You know…Aim High.”

Hi Rose… simply want to state how whew at ease this all sounds… finding common ground… “make it like it was” I don’t know.. I just know.. i’m keeping the faith … rallying till Nov 6th… when at the very least my hope is that the democrat take control of the house… CLEAN UP

stop the bleeding.. the complete obliteration and desecration of our judicial system… all I want.. WAKE UP CALL PEOPLE.. together we’ve all walked the walk… same step

Rose, THANKS for saying this, particularly about Michelle Obama. I admire her and can’t wait to read her upcoming memoir. Her dignity, values, and intelligence sure beats the current crop.

I know, rebecca1. And why does he repeat everything twice or more? And who knew so many cruel, torturing despots were really “terrific guys”? We learn something new every day, don’t We?

Im telling you, Soaphound, late night is our friend. Not sure if you watch Kimmel, Colbert, or Meyers but their recaps of what he says and does is beyond hilarious while managing to show the irony, the sheer lunacy. They’re getting me through this. It’s a camaraderie of humor in a twisted, surreal, dark time.

Hello Rebecca! I hope all is well!

Great humor, indeed! We need to have a few laughs with all that is going on. I looked you up here in attempts to reply to you again. I left a reply to you in the Genie Francis interview thread. Even though my comment is partially given in the “Recent Comments” area, the actual comment does not appear in the thread. I have no idea what happened… Suffice it to say that I attempted to give you accolades and agreement for your political commentary. Even if my particular reply there has been “lost,” hopefully this one will appear and allow me to say this: Keep up the good fight, Friend! 🙂

Weird. I was able to “edit” on my tablet but didn’t see the edit option from my desktop.

rebecca1…FYI in case you hadn’t heard. New show with potential called “Legacies. Girl is a cross between vampire and werewolf. show has ties to Vampire Diaries, the Originals and a Salvatore School. :))

Hey, rose. Yes. It’s the story of Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Klaus and Haley (Originals vampire and hybrid mom, the werewolf). I was soooo upset when The Originals was cancelled. Absolutely loved it. So, I gave Legacies a shot and so fair I’m not impressed. Maybe for the younger set as in teens. I will, however, give it another shot or two to see if it improves and if there are enough adults to hold my interest.

The Vampire Diaries, though also about a younger set somehow seemed more mature both in characters and stories. Also, the cast started heading up toward mid 20s/30s in addition to those in their 40s, 50s. And The Originals barely had any teens; more of an adult supernatural society again with mid 20s on up.

So, we shall see. Thanks for the heads up! Been watching Poldark; it’s so good. Eagerly awaiting Outlander.

Rebecca1…I liked Vampire Diaries, but never took the time to get into The Originals, even though I “liked” Klaus when on VD. I have been trying out the new Charmed. Hard to compete with the original where even Finola was mom. We shall see. What I am liking are reruns of The Closer and the followup Major Crimes. Great ensemble cast and stories. Even the occasional soap actor like James Patrick Stuart. And like you, eagerly awaiting Outlander.

I recommend these if you’re not watching: Ray Donovan, The Flash, The Gifted, Westworld, The Walking Dead, Ballers, Billions, Counterpart, Chesapeake Shores, 911, Animal Kingdom (NOT about animals; crime show.) That’s a helluava lot of TV! LOL; thank you OnDemand! Binging is my friend. 😉

If you’re not watching any or all of these read the synopses. Some may be too violent for you; not sure. But they’re all excellent shows.

Celia, Celia, our language is dying more deaths than Helena Cassadine. I agree about “I and me” and would like to include people saying “ecscape” and switching affect & effect. I also love watching the ‘crawl’ on news shows…Do they even employ a proofer? Misplaced apostrophes on its and it’s, ambassador spelled with one S, and countless others. To some it’s nitpicking. To me, it’s a sign of laziness, lack of interest, and the general apathy of people during the last three decades. That’s why I continually go back to Charles Dickens, Joan Didion, John Updike, Charlotte Bronte, F. Scott Fitzgerald and others who know how to make our language beautiful and meaningful. Poor grammar and sloppy writing are not just rare anomalies. They are sad facts.

I love F. Scott Fitzgerald. My pet peeves regarding our language/poor grammar include:
its/it’s, there/their/they’re, your/you’re, etc. My personal opinion, I think it’s a lack of reading/wanting to learn. I love to read, and try to make time for it. The explosion of social media is not helping, it dumbs people down, IMO.

Oh, man, AVP….Your comment is music to my ears. I’ve, actually, replied to Shay about the same pronouns and adverbs as you just have.
My other pet peeve is using a singular subject followed by a plural verb and/or pronoun.
As far as reading; I consistently find grammar mistakes in books, as well. What to do? I don’t know.
Perhaps we should hit the streets and calmly protest the evils of bad grammar in a civilized way? It’s a worthier cause than the violence out there.
Later, my friend.❤️

But, of course your reply to me never posted, as is the case for mine directed to you. Never mind they discussed actual, valid pet peeves in terms of poor grammar and English usage. Yet, others get to have their say…petty, petty!!!

I am a grammar fiend, my dear Soaphound. Nonetheless, people confuse grammar with spelling and typos ( which when typing –LOL–amounts to the same thing). …..I am an optimum speller when not on an electrical devise.
And, I am always in a hurry, especially when my 4-year old is not in pre-school.
I’m with you on all points. Soap characters are the worst….many use correct grammar. ….such as, ” Neither you nor I is going out”. Most people insist on using a plural verb ( are). “Neither” is a singulr subject….What about, “your”, “you’re”, “there”, “their”, or “they’re”?. It’s not laziness….it’s not knowing the difference or carelessness.
My son said “brung” yesterday….This tells me that children’s grammar ( in homes) is not corrected. Well, I set him straight.
You named some of my favorite classical authors! You gave me goosebumps. LOL.
Maura Wells has perfect diction and is grammatically “poised” LOL. I have yet to catch her in a grammar mistake. Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott and Peter Bergman are Ok, as well.
I guess I’m making too much out of this, but schools, in general, hardly stress grammar….or spend enough time on the subject. It stops in middle school.
I have family in Toronto, where grammar in not co-ordinated within English class….it is a separate subject from English Literature. Most importantly, it continues throughout High School in most disctricts. We should adopt such programs.
Great chat—great minds and all that jazz. Ciao. ❤️

Amen to the electronic device notion! Both autocorrect and spellchecks can be absolute menaces! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve typed a more obscure word and either the computer doesn’t recognize it and automatically changes it to something I didn’t intend or it insists there is an error in spelling, only for me to double check and find that I was right all along! As much as I enjoy the many pleasures of cyber life, I have to admit that it’s hastening the demise of literacy and proper usage of the English language….especially amongst those who never had the benefit of enjoying an education during more luddite times.

“Brung” is another pet-peeve of mine!

Be careful there, AVP….good grammar is out of style. Don’t rock the boat, or the fangs and claws come out!! LOL.

Well put, as usual, CeeCeeGirl!!! Could not agree more with you over “Common Core.” It’s an absolute disgrace, especially when you consider the outrageous amount of taxpayer dollars which have been squandered in order not to “educate,” but “indoctrinate,” the youth of America. Same for “Academia” at its highest levels….I am so grateful I obtained my college degrees when they actually meant that one had mastered their chosen subjects, rather than simply been inculcated with politically-correct, SJW nonsense that leaves today’s students totally unprepared for the real world, not to mention, reality, in general! And you are also correct about the dearth of proper English usage in modern society….that’s one of the reasons I refuse to even watch domestic programming anymore…the scripts are so poorly written that they are simply atrocious! Give me a proper British series any day…listening to their intelligent dialogue and beautifully-spoken word is absolute music to my ears! As for Twitter…considering the utter profusion of profanity and often general lack of intelligent thought displayed there, I would hardly conclude that our president is one of the worst offenders found on that platform. The fact is, he successfully uses that cyber cesspool to go over the heads of the MSM in order to deliver his message and that is quite frankly, brilliant! I love the way he hammers his critics again and again…of course, he’s no Shakespeare, yet he is indisputably “effective!” (That one is for you, Soaphound….) But if you want truly witty tweets and rapier sharp retorts phrased with the most carefully-composed grammar and punctuation, I must suggest one particularly talented actor’s page, although I shan’t names names. However, let me just add that he is Mensa-level smart, attended M.I.T….and it shows! Bet you can already guess to whom I am referring, mia amica!….Later!

I’m all for good grammar, even though mine’s probably not perfect. But even good grammar can’t make up for what is being said, especially out of the country’s highest office. And not just for young sons, who may have the advantage of going to the better schools, but daughters too. You know, examples of how you refer to, treat, or address others for instance. And that’s just for starters.

Thank you, Rose. Well said!

Thank you for saying this, Celia. I am also a teacher, and am horrified at the awful grammar on soaps and in the general population. I agree, too, with your comments about POTUS.

Hey Miss English teacher you misspelled considering you typed condidering
.. preach to your self… oh by the way you also misspelled Should you typed shoulkd…lol…

PS. I am a Physics teacher with a PhD… that’s Doctor to you. LOL….but I sub English class on Fridays. This term is all about Willy!!
I don’t understand your angst and sarcasm. Is everything ok?

Great great interview! Love Gina! She’s always so smart and insightful.

Well, it’s hard to have much sympathy for serial cheaters, particularly Phyllis or Nick. But it makes for dependable drama and a great chance for actors to really let loose. I imagine Gina will not disappoint. As for the duplicitous Summer and childish Billy — flush ’em. I have no use for either, especially the JT version of Billy, all snark, overconfidence, and not a hint of warmth for ANYONE. Phyllis needs to go into therapy and find out why she continually self-sabotages and to stay “manless” for a while. As for Billy, who cares? Kyle is much more interesting.

Hello, my friend,
Phyllis does need help….I would never have the audacity to delve into anyone’s brain….not a psychiatrist. But, Soaphound, perhaps, Phyllis is insecure? Perhaps, she has never felt loved? Is crawling into bed after a fight, or a presumed break-up a self-gratifying ( not in a sexual way), indulgence… it to maintain her self-esteem?
I appreciate Gina; loved her as Kelly (OLTL)–great actress. Yet, there’s always that little impish ‘but’….she’s not Michelle Stafford.
JT? No, No, No. No charisma. I didn’t take to his role as Patrick ( GH) either. No Billy Miller, he.

“… Daytime Emmy-winning gem…” SO TRUE!

Thanks for the great interview, Mr. Fairman. Ms. Tognoni is a force, a genuine talent I have enjoyed on all her soap stops. Thanks goodness the genre hangs on to give her a strong series and role as she continues her career. Phyllis is a complex character and was so identified with its originator. But Ms. Tognoni has made Phyllis her own, to the point I forget there was a previous actor in the part. Lover and hate her, Phyllis is an awesome creation. Keep going, Ms Tognoni! (You too, Mr. Fairman! I rely on this site for my sudsy news and features.)

I agree. Thank you.

Philly are the reason I watch this show.

Gina and Jason are too great together to be wasted on other people.

I love Gina, she’s an amazing actress and brings a lot of her talent to the character. I don’t think Phyllis should be linked up with another guy though, she need to work on her other demons and work on her. I also don’t think she should be so quick to forgive Summer ” person I still don’t care for”, Summer came back with a motive to break Billy and Phyllis up and then slept with him just to get back at her mother. Summer need a reality check and a lot of growing to do. she need to work hard to gain trust and stop being a spoil entitled brat.

I love this character! However, I don’t see her as such a failure at all. In fact, she and Lauren and Jill are the strongest women on this show. They are career women. They can take care of themselves but they, all three, are very hard on themselves. Phyllis has been stronger than every man she has ever been with, except Damian, many years ago. He really loved Phyllis and taught her how to see the best in herself. I see this story with Summer, in the same way the writers do, except, I believe that Summer has a deeper problem and going after Billy is just a symptom of that problem. I believe that Phyllis and Billy were good, at the time, but they have moved apart, in every way. I knew that when Phyllis slept with Nick and Nick slept with Phyllis. Nick doesn’t love Sharon either. She is his old shoe. Nick and Phyllis should reunite and become a family again. They have a fire! A chemistry together and they need to bring back Lauren and Michael as their friends as well. Right now, Phyllis is in a place that is overwhelming. Nick can help her. They both need the distraction of what is wrong with Summer. That is what should bring them back together. Phyllis can help Nick in his company and she would embrace the new house and a new start. Phyllis and Nick both still love each other and they should be able to explore that again. They both need a breath of fresh air. Watching Nick chase the loser, Sharon, is really stupid. He needs to move on. I don’t want to see Phyllis let this unravel her. She might become more cautious and a little more emotionally removed but I believe that Nick could be there for her, because he knows her and he knows how shattered she is. THE THING THAT ALWAYS GETS ME ABOUT HOW THEY WRITE FOR PHYLLIS IS HOW THEY ALWAYS SCREW HER OVER. She has been there for her men, good and bad but when it comes to her and something happens, where she needs a strong support, they always bail on her. Nick always called her his “warrior princess’ because she fights for her family, her kids. She loves deeply and that is why she is so shattered. I would like to see Phyllis take Nick into he confidence and tell him about Nikki and the JT incident and I would like to see them both work to get to the bottom of who is blackmailing them. It has been a long time since we have had a good story like this could be. I am looking for something new and different out of Y&R and this would be a good start toward that.

I have been disgusted with Summer ever since her return, never understanding her beef with her mother. Didn’t even understand her answer when Phyllis asked her point blank, what exactly did she ever do to her, to be acting like she hates her, and ultimately going after her boyfriend. She’s always been her parent’s “Supergirl”, and they did not deserve this treatment. I have not one ounce of pity or compassion for this girl, now or the events to follow.
We have seen a mother going after the daughter’s boyfriend,as on GH and DOOL, but my memory not being as good as it was, can not remember this situation. One of the worst has got to be on B&B with Bill taking advantage of his daughter-in-law, having sex with her and pursuing her openly. Boggles the mind, how far these writers go, to get and hold on to viewers, not realizing that in some cases, it sickens and chases them away.

I watch Y&R BECAUSE of Billy (Jason Thompson) and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni). They are why I tune in every day/week/month… To mess with their chemistry would be hammering a nail in the proverbial coffin of Y&R.

Love Phyllis and Billy together. I agree Phyllis and Nick have no chemistry together.
I think Billy and Phyllis need to kiss and make up.
I also do not like Billy and Victoria together, please don’t put them back together.
Summer needs to grow up. Spoiled brat, however Hunter King does a awesome job in her role.

Extremely Hard for this Philly Fan to watch the decimation of My beloved couple I don’t even watch YR if they aren’t on ‍♀️.. I hate what Mal has done to them and like Gina said “they worked, why mess it up?” Gina and Jason are Fantastic Actors who always bring their best to the table but I’m so hurt they have to be broken again and Mal is destroying such greatness Gina said she was “emotional” not working with Jason.. Trust me Gina the fans feel it way more I can only hope that somehow out of this mess, comes a beautiful love story that can be recreated with Philly

Totally enjoyed this article. Thank you

Nick and Phyllis burned up the sheets there. I kinda like their dynamic. Very interested to see Gina and Joshua’s interpretation of Nick and Phyllis if they go there. It would be cool to see them as friends before entering into a sexual relationship.

Phyllis and Billy are great, but they need a break. Send that dirty Summer away.

Gina is such a flawless actress to watch. I love watching her. She’s a joy.

Phick friends and sexual partners is 2006 lol

Phyllis was shocked to be told that her daughter,Summer,slept with her boyfriend,Billy.

General Hospital

(WATCH THE REPLAY) ‘A Tribute to Jackie Zeman’ Featuring General Hospital Co-Stars

Several of the late Jackie Zeman’s (Bobbie Spencer) former General Hospital co-stars gathered together last Thursday night, to honor the beloved actress during a special livestream event on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Joining in remembrance of Zeman, who passed away in May following a short bout with cancer, were several of the loves of Bobbie’s life including: Rick Springfield (ex-Noah), Brad Maule (ex-Tony) and Sam Behrens (ex-Jake).  In addition, Kin Shriner (Scott), Jackie’s longtime GH co-star and dear friend participated, as well as Tamara Braun (ex-Carly, GH, now Ava Days) and Tristan Rogers (Scorpio).

Throughout the hour, love was sent Jackie’s way, not only from the stars, but the fans participating in the live chat.  Each actor recalled their first meeting with Jackie, and in Rick Springfield’s case, how it was Jackie who told then GH-EP Gloria Monty, that he was her pick to play Dr. Noah Drake.

Later, Brad Maule shared heart-tugging moments when working with Jackie and how he was pretty much in awe of her throughout their time together on the soap.  When the talk turned to the iconic B.J. heart transplant storyline, Brad says it’s still difficult for him to watch even to this day, because of how emotional it was.

Tamara Braun, who was the second actress to play Carly, Bobbie’s daughter,  revealed how she tried to, and did find peace in Jackie’s passing, as Kin Shriner gave us the back-story of his over 45-year friendship with Jackie, and Tristan revealed his special connection to her.

In case you missed it, you can catch the replay below.  Then let us know what you thought of our tribute to Jackie featuring some of her GH co-stars, who showed up to give us some insights on their time working with Jackie, and to be a part of our special remembrance.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives’ Suzanne Rogers Talks 50 Years as Maggie: From Farm Girl, to Becoming a Horton, to Picking Up the Pieces After Victor’s Death

Days of our Lives enduring favorite, Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Simmons Horton Kiriakis), recently chatted on some of the high points and low points throughout her journey, as she looked back on 50 years on the long-running soap opera.

Rogers was interviewed by Michael Fairman on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel during a virtual discussion, which covered a lot of ground including: her debut as a young farm girl who couldn’t walk and on crutches, to becoming a Horton, to more recently, losing her beloved husband, Victor Kiriakis (the late John Aniston), and everything in between.

Suzanne first aired on Days of our Lives back on August 20th, 1973. Throughout her time, she has been “killed-off” the show, only to ultimately return nine months later, after it was revealed her on-screen ‘death’ was part of an overall PR stunt and story arc.

Photo: JPI

Rogers has also had her real-life chronic autoimmune neuromuscular condition, myasthenia gravis, written it to the show, even though she was originally against it.  She has been married on-screen to two of the more complex men in the history of the show, John Clarke (ex-Mickey) and John Aniston (ex-Victor). As well, through the years, Maggie learned that she had more children that she thought! In addition, Maggie is an alcoholic, who has been known to have her battles with the bottle throughout the years.  It was her performance in Maggie’s original bout with alcoholism that won her the very first Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category back in 1979.

Here are just a few of Suzanne’s comments on some key subjects throughout her five decades on DAYS.

Photo: JPI


On filming the recently aired scenes, where Maggie learns Victor has perished in a plane crash, and how it brought back emotions of John Aniston’s passing: “It was hard. I think right back to the memorial service (for John Aniston). That was a hard day. All I kept thinking in my mind is he’s not in any pain anymore. I kept saying that. So, I had to play the scenes. It was all surreal. It really was surreal. The fact that he was no longer gonna be there. There’s a tribute to him on the set. I just look at that all the time and I’m right there with him.”

When addressing her fears and concerns about being seen with myasthenia gravis, and being asked to come back to the show: “The producers, Al Rabin and Wes Kenny, said, ‘We would like for you to come back to the show.’ I said, ‘I think you ought to see me first.’ I just didn’t want to shock anybody. We met at Du Pars (coffee shop). It didn’t register on their face that I looked any different, but I did. I really did. They said, ‘We’ll work around you, whatever you need. If you need to come in at noon, that’s fine. We’ll put a sofa in your dressing room so you can lie down.’ (Fast-forward) Then, the audience started seeing me on camera.  The first day I saw myself on camera, I turned off the TV, and I started crying. I thought, ‘Well, I guess God wants to see me, see myself like this. So, I put it back on and I forced myself to watch … and it didn’t look like me, to me. Then the audience, of course, got a hold of it, and they said, ‘What’s the matter with her? Is she drinking? What is wrong?’ So, they figured they had to write it (myasthenia gravis) into the show. I said, “Only if it has a happy ending, because I plan on beating this. That was the criteria that we went with – that they would write it in the show, but they had to have a happy ending.”

Photo: NBC

When recalling being killed-off the show in 2003, after Marlena clubbed Maggie over the head with a whiskey bottle, only for Suzanne to return to the show months later: “I thought I was gone and then to see yourself 10 feet tall. I mean, it was at least 7 feet tall that (movie) screen. It was more than I could handle. I really thought that was the end. I thought, ‘Well, this is a big sendoff.’  Marlena hit her with a bottle and smashed her in. I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness gracious’. It wasn’t a pretty scene.  And no, I didn’t know (I was coming back). I had brought my mother out here, and I had added on to my house, and I thought, ‘I’m going to lose this house.’ It wasn’t a joke, you know?  But then, we were all brought back on April the first. Hello!”

On the audience reaction to Maggie becoming an alcoholic: “Well, I think the first time, I knew the audience right off the bat, hated it. They didn’t like the Maggie character getting soiled in any way. But it led to the Emmy!”

Photo: NBC

On her working relationship with John Clarke (ex-Mickey): “Susan Flannery (ex-Laura) told me the very first day that I was on the show, ‘He’s (John) got to fall in love with you, or he can’t work with you.’ I said, ‘Oh, my.’  So, I remembered that in my mind. So, when we were off-stage, he would say, ‘Let’s go out to dinner.’  I said, ‘no’, because I knew Patty, his wife, and all of his kids. I just don’t mix business with pleasure. You just don’t.  That’s just not a good thing. I thought, ‘Let’s just keep the two separate, and that’s what I tried to do.”‘

Make sure to check out watch our full conversation with Suzanne below.

Now let us know, what has been your favorite storyline of Maggie’s through the years? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Kin Shriner and Marcus Coloma Chat On General Hospital Departures, John Stamos, Avery Pohl & New Season of ‘2D’s’

Two former stars of General Hospital, Kin Shriner (ex-Scott) and Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas) opened up about their exits from the ABC daytime drama series, their focus on the second season of their comedy series, the ‘2Ds‘, and more on their recent livestream conversation with Michael Fairman on his You Tube Channel.

The first season of ‘2D’s’ was posted to Coloma’s Instagram account, and it featured many of his former GH co-stars including: Finola Hughes, Jon Lindstrom, Carolyn Hennesy and other former GH cast members, Michelle Stafford, Billy Warlock with his wife, Julie Pinson (ex-Port Charles, ATWT and Days) and more.

During the livestream conversation, Coloma, who has Avery Pohl (Esme, GH) guest-starring in episode one of season two of the comedy series, opened up about his diciest plot point to portray while GH, that of Nikolas hooking up with Esme.

Marcus expressed: “That was a very interesting time, because I love working with Avery. She’s just a great actress and super professional. She’s also just a really fun person to hang out with.  And so, sleeping with Esme was very stressful, because for so long I set up this strong relationship with my son (Spencer), and this popped in (the storyline) that, ‘you were going to sleep with Esme’.  It would really stress me out to be honest with you, because I would try to play as real as I possibly could and I would try to justify it on how I would get to that place. On top of that, in real life, I’m 44 and Avery is 21. I’m like, “God, I am going to make out with this kid.” I was stressed about it. At the same time, I really enjoy working with her.”


The actor, who was finished at GH after his three-year contract as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, shared his thoughts on his exit after several months away from the soap opera.  Coloma said, “It really turned into that thing where you go on a date and fall in love with a girl . By the end of the three years, you fall in love with your castmates, you fall in love with the character. You fall in love with a lot of things about it, the fans.  And, I was surprising very sad, when I found out that it was going to end.  I wasn’t sad like, ‘I think we should make this thing work’.  I agree, I don’t think this should continue, but I was really sad about it. Now, I’m very happy because in this silly show the  I have found my happy place.”

Photo: JPI

Kin Shriner, who for six decades had played Scott Baldwin on GH, a few months back shared he was not coming back to the soap anytime soon.  However, as we have seen before, Scott has resurfaced.  Shriner weighed-in: “I don’t know what to tell you about that, and I am going to turn back up like a bad penny, and hopefully it’s going to be fun. My focus went from him over to this guy in the black trench coat and I’m having fun. So, I haven’t really thought about Scotty Baldwin … he’s in the closet right now.”

Photo: JPI

In the season one finale of the 2D’s comedy series, Shriner’s long-time budding, John Stamos (ex-Blackie, GH) made a cameo capping off the story.  Just how did Kin get John to participate? Kin gave the back-story: “I kind of pitched it to him a couple of different ways and getting John to commit to anything is tough, but I think in the end, he probably looked at a couple of episodes (before agreeing).  Stamos has been so busy with his book that I could only get him on this way (with iPhone video), but I think he is going to be willing to let me come to his house and shoot live. So we are looking forward to that and maybe he will be in the finale of season two!”

Photo: JPI

John and Kin first met when John started on GH in 1982. Kin recalls, “I took John under my wing when he was merely an 18-year-old kid that showed up eager and I taught him the ropes. He was from Orange County and he was raw, but he was tremendous at comedy. He was funny.  We kind of just had fun, and then we moved to New York and hung out, and then his career took off with Jack Klugman and then Full House. John had innate comedy timing, which Marcus has, and either they have it, or they don’t.”

This weekend starting on August 19th, Marcus and Kin are hosting several fan opportunities in the SoCal area.  Check out ticket info here.

In case you missed it, watch our full chat with Kin and Marcus below.

Now let us know, what did you think about the departures of Scott and Marcus from GH? Are you enjoying the 2D’s comedy series and all of the soap opera guest stars within it? Let us know in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023