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Y&R's Head Writer, Josh Griffith Talks Cast Cuts, Sharon Newman & How He Plans To Refocus The Canvas!



In his first in-depth interview since returning as head writer of The Young and the Restless, Josh Griffith in a fantastic chat with TV Guide  talks about his plans for Genoa City, and all the cast changes at The Young and the Restless.  Griffith served as Y&R’s head writer and executive producer back in 2007-2008 during the infamous writer’s strike and now is back in full force dealing with the fallout from Maria Arena Bell’s direction for the beloved characters of the number one series.  Here are just a few interesting excerpts from the interview

Griffith on if he was thinking of changing the previous regimes scripts before they made it to air, since his material does not start airing till October 12th:    “It was a more interesting challenge to work with what I was left with and tailor my ideas to pick up from there. You don’t want to go in and start messing with what is already written and suddenly shift the story 180 degrees. The audience would feel jerked around. It’s always a challenge in these transition periods. Sure, we made little tweaks here and there but we made the decision to officially start our work with show number 10,011 and only look forward.”

Griffith if Sony had specific requests on who should get fired which included in this round: Genie Francis, Marcy Rylan, Debbi Morgan and Jennifer Landon:   “No. They asked Jill Farren Phelps (EP, Y&R) and me where we wanted to go with the show. We told them which characters we felt would give us the most heat and which ones wouldn’t, and they were fine with our choices. We were inclined to make even more cast cuts but both Sony and CBS wanted to be careful. They felt too much head-lobbing would not bode well for the way the fans see our tenure. We also came in with a budgetary mandate from Sony and really had to tighten the belt. We looked at the characters that didn’t have long-reaching history and connection to the heart of the show and made the tough call to cut them loose so we can focus on the core.”

Griffith on the mess of character Sharon Newman played by Sharon Case, and how he plans on resolving the character’s psychotic behavior and getting her back to the Sharon fans had originally come to love:  “In order to rebuild the character of Sharon, we’re going to take her to the edge and over it, to a point where she has a total mental breakdown. And then she’s going to find salvation in a very surprising — yet inevitable — way.  She will cause major damage to the Newman family, damage that’s possibly irreparable, specifically to Victor , Nick and Victoria.   And out of that absolute breakdown she’s going to be rescued and nurtured back to mental health, so we come out on the other end of the story with a stronger, more together, more evolved Sharon, with a love story at the center of her recuperation. When I first saw what had been done to the character I went, “Whoa!” Then I embraced it and saw it as the opportunity for an even bigger story that will take three to four months — the fall and the resurrection of Sharon.”

So soapers, what do you think of Griffith’s take on how he will reposition Genoa City?  Are you happy with the decision of the recent cast-cuts?  Are you glad to hear how Griffith wants to take the character of Sharon Newman?  Weigh-in!

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honestly ,,,the story will tell,,im sure maria bell said the exact same thing when she came on,,
why keep devon, lilly, murphy, esther, daniel, characters that never really caught on,,and rid the canvas of great actors like genie francis,,marcy rylan debbie morgan,,,throw them out like trash before they are even given a chance,,sorry but this show is off my pvr permanently.

Well in Murphy’s defense, THESE DAYS he is on every once in a blue moon or when they need an extra body at the holiday pool parties. 🙂

Esther is not on that much either, but she has been around for quite some time. Then again, the Newman’s used to have that Miguel (I think) as their caretaker and he is gone. I suppose they could drop Esther if they really wanted to but it would not be fair to Valentine. Does she still work as a flight attendant too?

Daniel caught on, but except with the death of Cassie, they have not written good story for him. There is so much potential being Lucy’s father, but they don’t use it. He had something with both Amber and Abby, but they blew it. There was a little something with Lily back in the Cassie days (maybe the Lily recast more than Khalil). He has a great friendship with Kevin. He had nothing with Eden. He has potential with Heather, but it looks like they are blowing that one too. I just with Michael Graziadei would cut that hair and go back to the handsome young man that he was in the opening. I think he might be able to be taken seriously then. But I hear that Graziadei as well as Billy Miller may each have a foot out the door anyway and I wish them well if that is what they decide.

But I absolutely hate the firing of Marcy Rylan. I can kind of justify the others, but Abby has ties to everyone. They will recast her, I know and it is not right. I am liking Genevieve these days as she genuinely cares for amnesiatic Victor – they could explore that if they wanted to.

I agree Chelsea is a big snooze!

Daniel blew it with Amber . She was best with him and Daisy is really cool I love Daisy

Chelsea is a snooze and Victor and nikki are pathetic and so old and over time to move over for the 20 and 30 something crowd

Sharon is a staple character so diverse and love her work . So happy she will be on top again she has been through so much . Wish and hope she get’s through the bad stuff quick . Great work Sharon Case and MF for the article!!!!

I’m about to pull the plug on this TV series as well. If Josh G is taking up from where the previous writer left off, why is the “lost Victor” plot still futile? Why Genevive not telling Victor is alive, why Billy did not tell the family Victor was alive at the beginning, why Victor see that Genevie and Billy looks familiar and does not see himself recognizable, why did he disappear the way he did, why does he always disappears, from that dull looking bar (no one knows where he’s gone) and then bamm! he reappears? This storyline is awful; no originality, no stimulative effects; it is an awful storyline.

Chelsea is very boring. Daniel needs to clean up himself; do something with that hair and that facial stuff, Nick tries to be tough, but as soon as someone comes to him with a sad story, he becomes empathatic everytime. He cannot keep a firm answer. Every time he tries to make a firm decision, he breaks everytime. He sways whichever way the wind blows. Nick needs to manup more, he’s too weak and so is Kevin. Kevin and Nick is about the same. Kevin has no backbone whatso ever…to timid; unlike Jack..this man stands firm to what he says and carry his decisions out and end it quick.

I like:
Tucker, the manipulator
Victor, the rock
Adam, the enforcer
Nikki, the noble queen
Billy and Victoria, the tranquility couple
Jack, the strong-willed
Phyllis, the fearless
Paul, the bonafide
Michael, the invigorator

When will Paul be free. Give us a break with these long drawn out story lines. In the beginning a plot can be interesting, but when it goes on and on and on, you no longer have an interesting story but a stupid and boring plot.

You need to do something with Devon, Cheseas mom, Gloria and her husband’s roles…b o r i n g!!! I don’t like a plot when I can predict all the time what is going to happen. With the Y&R, just think of something stupid and you have guessed the punchline of the story.

Phyllis Jail Chelsea and Kyle re cast of fired all together

I agree Chelsea is VERY boring

I hope we can get Drucilla back I loved Victoria Rowell she was a great actress and a huge favorite and such a big fan base still That is amazing. I hope with the rumors they can still bring her back and Sharon needs her best friend back and Phyllis needs to be confronted for throwing her off a cliff!

I LOVE LOVE SHARON!!!! I pray Drucilla is coming back!!!

Sharon is my favorite a perfect world we can have Sharon back with Adam or Nick and they fight over her. Also Drucilla needs to come back.

Talking about BORING!! Sharon takes the cake. Will take Chelsea over Sharon any day!

I LOVE Sharon and want her happy! Nick and Sharon are HOT together. I love Drucilla and miss her…. I do NOT like Chelsea with Adam at all it is fake and no chemistry!

Shick was hot 10-15 years ago, as teenagers and young parents. They dont have the heat of Phick. Sorry but in my opinion they just dont.

Chelsea and Kyle need to be cut recasted or gone.

I think Phyllis and Nick have NO chemistry and Chelsea and Adam have NO NO NOOOOO Chemistry not like the couples years ago like Sharon and Nick and Neil and Drucilla. I liked Phyllis years ago one time with Jack! I know Summer is Jacks she has to be!

Maria Bell screwed it all up!

Sharon is the best character and she has done a fantastic job with the writing she will pull through and win another Emmy

Yecch. Couldn’t disagree more.

How did someone that knew Victor was still alive send a body to GC> Is that really bad writing or what> Then Victor has not one scratch on him and he remembers he crawled away and left poor Sharon on her wedding night> That is aweful of him and sick

Hey Bill, I agree how did Victor come back with all the info what was going on? He comes in without a scratch with a lame excuse he got knocked off a horse and wondered to LA!!! OMG Hahahaha how ridiculous PLEASE JOSH AND JILL PLEASE READ THESE COMMENTS!!!! We are so praying you have the information from the fans that even though Victor Newman is a icon we know he is NOT God!!!! Holy Cow! PLEASE!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sharon and would LOVE to see her Sexy strong and on TOP!!!! BUT!!!! NOT CRAZY!!!! You have a dynamite actress for daytime use her! She is the greatest actress this show has right now and a Emmy winner loved and we still remember the way we loved her love story with Nicholas ! We did NOT forget it!!! Bring us and her and Nick home Josh and Jill! Do they see our fans comments? Thanks Michael F. for helping us get the messages across your awesome!!! Michael is the BEST publicist ever and the girls say they love you man! hey let me know your secrete! LOL… Peace! …:)

I feel Sharon has been through so much more than any other Character on the show! How much can one women take! I would hate to see her in a mental ward again!!! I think she needs a true friend like Drucilla was but also a good man a hot her age man. Tucker and Victor were awful for her. We loved the hot romantic passion Sharon and Nick once had, BUT can Nick ever be repaired himself from all he has done to Sharon.I don’t know but in the end it’s Sharon’s time to finally be happy!!! I t could also be Adam he truly loved her and no one is buying he cares for this fake pushed together thrown at us Chelsea thing. It has no chemistry nor future.

who cares about Nick and Sharon. Romeo and Juliette were teenagers and they both died. Lets move on.

Why is it Sharon’s time to be happy? She did alot of this to herself. Now her behavior is going to be excused with a mental breakdown or a tumor. Either way she is a victim who we have to feel sorry for. Evolved – we will see but as you can see at the center of her healing will be a love story. She needs to get herself together and maker her self happy instead of a man. I am so tired of her. And if Dru comes back I hope she is better then she was when she left. As a AA woman I was offended by the writing or her last s/l and how she was portrayed. Bummer.

Why do so many folks like Sharon? The character is boring and pathetic and the acting seems to be like a one-note symphony.

Totally agree,Genie Francis and Debbie Morgan are two of the best actress’s in daytime history that can do great things with a scene no matter how bad the writing is. To get rid of such talent and keep deadwood is ridiculous. You could of written better for these two actress’s if you so choose to but instead they think by bringing in all these younger actors and GH rejects is going to get the ratings they’re wrong. The characters are not pointless,they have more talent in their pinkies then most have in their whole bodies on this show and much more entertaining to watch! When Genie leaves,I’m done with this insulting bunch of people running this show!


Drucilla and Sharon make great partners as ceo’s for Newman

I LOVE Sharon! I pray they stop this stupid story with her going to jail and being crazy! She is the best actress on the show! Sharon needs to finally have some real happyness and i am so tired of Victor toying with her life! Look what he did to Sharon with the Sky murder! Boy and the treatment those Newmans put her through. I would LOVE to see Sharon take over or destroy newman altogether it is so time for Victor to retire and go away anyhow. Nikki and Victor are so merry go round boring!

I love Sharon PLEASE do not make her have a breakdown! I want her finally happy! She is a hot character and deserves a hot leading young guy and a romantic story for once. I think Sharon and Nick should be back together and Drucilla should be brought back again as her best friend

Maria Bell only came on the show because the writers strike in 2007 and she stayed and wormed her way in and destroyed the characters we knew and loved and nothing went any place nor made sense anymore! No romance with anyone now. We do not have a super couple like the Bill bell day’s of Sharon and Nick and Drucilla and Neil

I am tired of people talking bad about Josh and Jill F. I think they will do right by Sharon! MAB almost destroyed the character and TLG writes about articles bashing the new team. Well I for one love this writer Michael and his stuff I go to him for the source! Thanks Michael for your articles and interviews!


I love Sharon and Adam together and Jack is the owner again of the company. Much much better!

I think the show sucks so bad now they are making Victor look so stupid and he is supposed to be the king on the show this new stuff and stories are the worst it has always had drama but the good always won I hate Adam always have he has got by with way to much he needs to go in fact the show needs to be cancelled I was a faithful viewer for more than 20 years but not anymore. I want Victor to be in charge and Sharon and Nick together and Adam gone.

Actually looking forward!
Josh’s writing was good!

I am looking foward to Josh G. writting also. I hope he remembers family and holiday’s the show had and steamy romance not the wham bam see a later mame/man stuff. There is NOT one single couple we love to deathe together RIGHT now like we loved in the past. I have to say I WAS SO SO DISAPOINTED with the 10,000 opening and the show!!!!

They made Abby so mean to Sharon and she had NO RIGHT! Victoria and Nikki and Victor are monsters we are used to that but Nick is everyones puppet! nick and Sharon need to be bad in hot romance they had such great chemistry! I hate the Chelsea story! I would love to see Chelsea gone!

I agree with everything but cutting Marcy Rylan, there are other characters that could have been cut before her….

Thank YOU! I could not agree more.

Really Christine? I like Abby but I do not like her mean to Sharon! Sharon did nothing wrong. I wish it was the Chelsea character they were firing. She is a con and so annoyingly fake

Oh I agree also! I was seriously shocked by that! She’s a beautiful young actress who can ACT! I thought she would be on Y&R for the long haul. One of the other three shows would be stupid not to swoop her up!

I agree that Abby was a core character and brought a softer side to Victor ….. and Heather is core to Paul’s family especially after losing his son and sister? Abbey was also related to Jack, Kyle and Billy, so that made her integral to the whole show. This is really sad. I can see that the other 2 characters aren’t part of the core history , but NOT Abbey???? I don’t get it?

I am really getting a little sick and tired of Sharon …She was at that stupid barn with a Vet for forever and ever…. supposedly cheated on Adam who she loved so much ??? Now this ….. She was so happy to get Faith back??? Ya right? I am tired of seeing her stupid character take away screen time from the other actors…

I agree with Carly. I am sooooooooo over Sharon. Her character has been so weak for so long, I don’t think giving her a backbone now is going to be believable. They tried to do that when they had her take over Newman , but it just wasn’t believable so they made her crazy. Neil and Leslie suck. BRING BACK DRUCILLA!!! BRING BACK CHEMISTRY!!!

I absolutely agree! I was happy to see Genevive and Harmony go because they were pointless characters to begin with, but Marcy Rylan who is so talented and plays a character connected to three (well, two, I guess. Years later and I still can’t accept the fact the Carltons are gone. lol) prominant families in Genoa City? That made no sense to me.

I agree as well such as the awful Chelsea.

Yup agree again Chelsea sucks she has to be next

I agree I do not like Chelsea I saw nothing at all interesting about her and I can’t respect her MAB wrote her wrong because she gave away a healthy boy just to have another less than a year and she could of shared custody and get child support if would not of been charity but she lives up the road from this child! So wrong! Why would anyone like her she has no chemistry with Adam it seems dull and fake

This cut bothers me the most because of the stance they are taking about the cuts. They said about “core” characters and Abby was a core character in my book. I love her snark and I was really looking forward for what they would do with this Abbott-Newman character. She had the best one liners and I loved her facial expressions. I hope another show grabs her too. There were a whole lot more that should have been cut way before her IMO and now I am really ambivalent about the new crew. Winning me over just got a lot harder.

I agree I do not like Chelsea! i heard maybe she will not have the baby after all! I don’t like the character.


Yup Drucilla gonna help Sharon. Sharon is a fantastic awesome person and I hate to see what MAB did to her but she done real well. GREAT ACTRESS

I love Drucilla! I pray she is coming back! OMG remember Shemar Moore! WOW smoke alarms are going off. he is so sexy!

I can’t wait to see what he going to the show & I hope Sharon get the help she needs & this being Adam back in her life because I am a big shadam fan & I there love for each other.

I read on TV guide that Phick is going to have a major blowup coming out of her trial that going to push her in a old direction & this is going to make her look at her life.& try to get that strength & dignity back but what I want to know is Phick going to get the romance back in there life all they have is angst in there life.

She will probably go back to Ronan or good old Smilin’ Jack … like she always does.

I Don’t thing Phyllis going to hookup with Jack he is just going to be her friend that is all & I don’t thing Phyllis going to be with Ronan at all can’t wait to see why Phick going to have a major blowup & why.

In the article he did state Jack would be trying to help her because he likes the fold of Jack & Phyllis personally I do too. When we get our old Sharon back could we keep a man away for a while. Lol. Long article in tv guide go read it I think they may eventually recast Abby. All these people were MAB hires.

Drucilla is gonna come back and help Sharon

I liked Phyllis ONLY once when she was with Jack

Phyllis is got to do jail time. She must or this is so ridiculous. Kevin should cut a deal and really get Phyllis for moving a dead body

I do not respect Ronan just like I do not respect Nick or Victor. and Adam. God Sharon is the best women on the Show and they picked the worst criminal and dysfunctional! Phyllis, Nikki,Chelsea are all nuts and bolts!

Someone said Ronan has a teenager but how and when did that happen?

“Someone said Ronan has a teenager but how and when did that happen?”

candy, I just heard a rumor the other day about this, but it said something like Summer asks Ronan if Phyllis knows he has a “kid.” It didn’t specify age.

I just hope IF he has a child, that they explore his relationship with his mother, Nina. It is way past time.

Nick and Sharon are gonna be together again. Summer ain’t Nicks kid that all is gonna come out soon

I do not thing Sharon & Nick are not getting back together again & for the love of God Summer is Nick daughter people need to get over it & stop saying that Summer is Jack daughter.

Amen Jennifer. Nick is Summer’s dad. The one they should look at is Faith. Billy, Jack and a couple of times with Nick – but Billy and Sharon were together alot then. So that could be interesting. Just dont hurt Faith. No child should be hurt.

Will I agree! Summer is Jack’s with out a shadow of a doubt!!!! 🙂

I hope Phick does. They need a chance.

Yeah I hope Phick have some Romance back for them & have a lot of angst too that is what is who they are and that we see some Shadam with the new writers

NO way Summer is so Jack’s daughter. It was so clear Nick was the only one to see the results and took off for a few days to think. He is lying Summer is not his! She is a Abbott. Summer Abbott

“We looked at the characters that didn’t have long-reaching history and connection to the heart of the show and made the tough call to cut them loose so we can focus on the core.”

That is complete and utter BS where Marcy Rylan as Abby is concerned. Abby is both a Newman and an Abbott. How does that character NOT have long-reaching history and connection to the heart of the show if she is Victor (freaking) Newman’s daughter??!!

Mark my words, they will bring in some Hollywood Heights or Friend of Jill to replace her down the road. I can agree with the other firings (except Jennifer Landon – they didn’t give her a chance), but Marcy Rylan was totally unjustified. 🙁

If they didn’t SORAS Abby to the point of being a young adult and an OBNOXIOUS young adult at that, I would say keep her – however, that whole “Naked Heiress” crap really made me dislike the SORAS’ed Abby from Day One.

I agree, I never liked the character Abby but I give props to MR for doing her best with the role. Case in point, during the recent “death” of Victor she was the only cast member I actually believed was grieving. The rest of them were phoning it in. I don’t blame them considering the number of times Victor has died on this show it would be hard for any of them to work up any real emotion, or think up a new way to play it. But I believe Abby was geniunely upset so kudos to MR for pulling it off with a straight face. I am sure a talent like that will find work more suited to her range.

Bart it is just a shame that they never gave Marcy Rylan a good story – so much potential, so much torment – losing Brad and Colleen; being a Newman and an Abbott; all the love interests; her philanthropy with Katherine. All wasted.

I don’t care what some of the naysayers said about Marcy being too old. Who cares?! She was a great actress and did her best with the CRAP she was given. I will miss seeing her face on my screen as Marcy is such a wonderful person in real life.

I would think Chloe was more dead weight and not connected than Abby. And I am pretty sure that Elizabeth Hendrickson commands a nice salary too. I wish Marcy well. With the acting lessons that she is taking, I hope she gets a primetime gig one of these days or a breakout movie role. 🙂

I agree ……… Marcy Rylan did a great job….. She made Abbey a lovable character with all her flaws ……

Abby’s storyline is really dumb, IMHO. Abby is nothing with Ashley.

Abby will come back when Ashley is done over there at dool. They need more Abbotts abby acts so imature with the name calling to Sharon its crazy she needs to grow up first

I doubt Eileen Davidson (Kristen, DAYS; ex-Ashley, Y&R) will be coming back anytime within the next couple of years. Sony wanted her at DAYS for a specific reason and they will actually write for her.

It is bs saying that Abby doesn’t have history and connection. I agree that they’ll recast with a cheap, watered down version from Hollywood Heights.

She does that and my soap opera watching days are over just like that. That’s the kind of crap that happens IRL plus someone predicted she would be on the chopping block because JFP does not like Rylan’s “type”. Sure enough all were women and all were not JFP’s type. Funny how the people that have followed JFP knew instinctively WHO would be the first to get their ass kicked to the curb.

Steve kent did the firing because MAB hired to many people for a lot of money and like the rosery beads the stories went no place Phyllis still isn’t in jail

Well Jill has already hired a Hollywood Heights actress to play Summer and an HH actor to play Noah so her nepotism has already begun. Unfortunately I think the “adult” Abby was pretty much wasted. Since she was aged all Abby has done is strut around half naked and pretend to be a reality star. She was never given a decent romance or a story line with any substance. So I think she never got the chance to prove herself.

Trust me she will be recast how does she not fit it and we still have Chloe, Chelsea & Eden. If it was salary dump those three you can only do so much with the material you are given. JG was rooted out so he has major heartburn towards Maria Bell a lot of the choices I agreed with, everyone was shocked that MR got axed they really like her castmates etc.

DG BUT that actress who played Summer was almost as bad as this Chelsea bad actress MCE who is next to go!

Get rid of Sharon and keep Abby! Sick of all these new young ones coming on, they are all boring!

I will trust the decisions they make initially, but if JFP starts her crap of firing good to bring in her friends I will tune out on principle. MAB hired alot of actors when other shows were cancelled at the expense of our current characters. I believe the actors cut are very talented but Y&R is not GL, AMC, ATWT. If she was going to bring in Great talent, then her obligation was to write for them and she DID NOT! Time will tell, JG knows the shows history and I trust him to repair what MAB attempted to destroy. JFP needs to executive produce and let JG write. The recast Summer Newman is amazing as well as new Noah. Everyone deserves an opportunity to prove themselves.

Completely agree with this statement 🙂

You really characterized JFP very well. And let’s hope that Jill leaves the writing to Josh. Maria really did screw up by hiring Debbie M, Genie F, and Maura West and not writing well for them.
I’m glad to Josh knows the history of YR. Maybe he can clean up this mess.

This is a little off the topic, but I just read spoilers for next week that have Sharon thinking about Drucilla. I wonder if MAB intended to try and bring back Victoria Rowell or recast Drucilla. Hmm.

Hey Christine the rumor is going around that Sharon torches the ranch now I will get a laugh out of that one. That is one way to update the set!

I forgot to say that in my rant below. This show really needs Victoria Rowell by now. Hopefully she can get along with JFP and CBS and Sony respect her work. If she were rehired as Druscilla we would see Neil a lot more. I think Maria liked her because Victoria was reportedly really close with Bill Bell Sr.
And also Im sure Sonya would cut some more dead weight to give her a good salary. Maybe we can get rid of Daisy and Eden and trade them for Dru. Wouldnt that be grand! Lol.

kay/kay, that sounds like shades of Gone with the Wind, especially since Sharon was picking out new curtains. Maybe she will have a dress made out of them.

I agree that the Newman Ranch could use an overhaul. I am excited to see what Jill can do with that and the other sets.


Well this show has almost hit rock bottom so it will either get better or tank altogether. I’m hoping Josh can pull it off, get things back on track, restore the reputation of this once great soap. But in the meanwhile I will have to watch another funeral for Victor, who really isn’t dead, and zzzz, sorry I fell a sleep just thinking about it.

Lol! I agree. But the bright side is that YR is still firmly in the number one spot in the ratings and no other show is even close to them. I hope that Josh has some good ideas and he doesnt listen to stupid Jill Phelps. She is the queen to tanking soaps. Its good that she’s not in complete control. Sony and CBS are supervising everything both she and Josh do. They have the final say. So let’s hope for the best.

I know I can’t believe Victor has the NERVE to yell at Sharon!!! He LEFT her on her wedding night and all his family and his company! He didn’t have no memory problem then!!!!

Victor got thrown off the horse and lost his memory? BTW that whole Sharon and Victor marriage made my skin crawl ..It was like watching your own family having incest…. After 20 years, that made me stop watching the show cause I couldn’t handle it…. Her character has become so creepy …. Sick…. Victor only married her cause Nikki married Jack……. GO Victor!!!!!

Anything will be better than Maria Bell.


My main concern is Lauren and Michael and their great love story. MAB did little or nothing with them and they have so much chemistry and are the perfect couple in every way..This love story has been and inspiration and the best written on TV..All I ask of Josh is that he give them a fair chance as it seems MAB gave everyone else a chance but Likey (Lauren and Michael Baldwin) with Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman he has a 3 time Emmy winner and a core character and Tracey Bregman a 1 time Emmy winner and a core character..Do something with them Josh..I know you can do for Sharon had enough of her under MAB and same for Phyllis move on up to other characters.

Glad that Josh Griffith is back at “Y & R” and looking for to episode #10,011 on Friday, October 12th!!

Now we just need to get thru the last 14 Maria Arena Bell shows…!!!!

The verdict will still be out on JG for me. The previous writers hurt a lot of characters this year. And kept Avery and brought back Ronan for destructing. Not cool for me and several other fans I tweet with. Just be balanced. I looked at some of the old Y^R by JG and I saw balance. Let’s hope it we see it.

Don’t really care what they do with Sharon Newman – never liked her to begin with….on second thought just don’t put her back with Nick.

Sharon is my favorite and I believe this generations favorite character

Im not certain I trust this new writer. He wanted more cuts to the cast and I fear he will be hard on favorites who are not long time Y&R cast members. Frankly, Im not all that thrilled the Braeden is back yet again for the Newman hour is predictable, redundant and tiresome. We needed the development of the rest of the cast. The Chancellor family needed more bonding with Tucker at the helm. There needs to be new genuine competition in town not just a punching bag for Braeden to pretend he is the ultimate of gods. That is getting to be a rather contemptible rerun. And boy does this program need genuine romance and not just Nick remarrying for the 1000th time.

I knew that the cast cits were for a reason. I knew they weren’t as a power struggle. I get the cuts they made, and while I may not agree with one or two of them, I get it.

I just wish they turn Sharon back into an overbearing whinebag of a character like she was until she married Victor. I hope they keep her a bit head-strong and determined. I love that about her now!

I’m really excited for these new possibilities. While I do not agree with 100% of the decisions (Marcy Rylan and Kevin Schmidt’s firings), I hated Maria Arena Bell’s tenure so much that anything NOT involving her excites me. I’m glad they are going to try and redeem Sharon, I think this mental breakdown will provide Sharon Case with some much needed meaty material. I’m curious as to who the lovestory will be with. I hope it’s not Adam, simply because I love Adam and Chelsea and hope the writers give Chadam some material, but again, I’ll give anything a shot at this point. Speaking of Adam, Michael Muhney has been very supportive of the first few scripts so that gives me some hope because he’s typically outspoken and critical (in a good way!)

Chelsea has to be the worst fake no chemistry boring couple in daytime history worst than Lily and Cane. Adam was better with Sharon or wishing he was with Sharon

He sounds like he has good ideas, but that’s just talk. I like the idea of sending Sharon over the edge. The show does need to return back to the roots that made it strong. First of all lets hope the Victor/Nikki marriage go round ends for good this time.
Id be up for seeing Phyllis sent up the river for a bit, just not for good. A Phyllis, Nick, Sharon triangle round 2 might be good as Nick is forced to rescue Sharon. But Id rather Phyllis win in the end. I say a big fat no to Adam/Sharon part 2. Despite the actor’s chemistry that story is just not justifiable considering the past. Its just too much. In the end a new love interest should be written for Sharon.
While the firing ax is being swung I’m sure most fans would like it to swing Daisy’s way. Yvonne Zima is a very bland, uninspiring actress and the character is just not needed anymore. Also please no more Patty, that dead horse needs to be shot and sent to the glue factory.
As far as Eric Braeden goes, Victor Newman had better stay off the backburner. Without him this show will definitely tank. Love him or hate him Victor needs to remain a vital part of the YR main story line. Eric Braeden is far too great of an actor to be relegated to a mere supporting player. He doesnt have to eat the entire show, but he should always have a strong front burner story. Let’s just stop him from chasing after women half his age.
Swing the firing ax again and let’s cut Jessica Heap as Eden. She has no chemistry with anyone and the character is completely under developed. That Kyle Eden “hookup” is very sleep inducing. Fire Jeff Branson too. Ronin isnt necessary to the canvas and Jeff Branson is not a great actor.
Also if Sony is so interested in cutting the budget, put Gregg Rikart ( Kevin) and Liz Hendrickson ( Chloe) on reoccuring status.
And for crying out loud give Christoff St. John ( Neil) a freakin’ story line! It’s ridiculous how racist this show appears because we see Neil every black history month, lol. I fear that since Debbie Morgan was let go we’ll see Neil even less. This isnt the freakin 1950s. Give Neil is own company and make him a major power player in the GC corporate scene. Why not put him in the music biz with Devon and have them both fall for a beautiful breakout star . Lord knows Bryton Peyton ( Devon) has also been extremely marginalized and neglected on this show.
Do not fire Stephen Nichols. He is excellent as Tucker and he makes a great corporate mogul and rival for both Victor and Jack. He is vital to the GC corporate scene. He just needs a suitable love interest since Eileen Davidson was written off. Why not give Victor a long lost sibling, who ends up falling in love with Tucker and scheming to take his empire?

This is just a hunch but I think you will see a new face on this show for Sharon I for one think she needs to get out of the Newmans zone. In the 1980’s when Ashley had her first breakdown courtesy of Victor & Nikki she fell in love with her shrink. I think you will see a new guy being cast for Sharon this is JFP she brings her buddies over but I am on board for a new face for her.

She doesn’t need a new face for her, she just needs to go!!

No Carolyn, Sharon Case doesn’t need to go. What is your problem? I guess you are a Phyllis fan, so you hate Sharon.

I too think Victor needs to stay, but the character needs to grow, all of them do. The writing has been too plot driven and the characters have become one dimensional. I don’t really care what happens as long as we get back to real storytelling, where characters have depth, so their actions would make sense. I want conflict that is rooted in reality, not a shooting, or murder,or fake marrigage or death thrown it in November, Feb or May during sweeps week. There must be stories that we can relate to; that are entertaining because this show would not lasted all these years without it. Get back to basics. Actors come and go, but good storytelling will keep me tuning in.

I wish it was Nick to man up a rescue Sharon but he dosen’t have it in him. Don;t send a man to do a womens job . It’s Drucilla her bff

Grouse … they need to sever the Victor and Sharon creepy union …….

I think Genie Francis is getting a raw deal. JFP just does not like her and that is the sole reason she was fired. Genevieve has storyline potential…and she is one of the few women in the cast in her age bracket.

I really like Marcy Rylan and think firing her was another JFP crap move. How can a character with ties to the two major families NOT have storyline? Seriously?

Shocked at Jennifer Landon’s firing. Poor Paul….he just cannot hang on to his kids.

Curious as to what this guy can do down the road in writing better story without cramming a slew of new characters on the screen. They should have dumped Summer & Fenn. Though, I am intrigued by the new Noah…I was never impressed with Schmidt in the role.

I really, really hope Daisy will be a goner for good….or at least a recast if they feel the urgency to keep the character.

I think bringing Adam back to the dark side is a mistake. The character should not be either black or white. Jack, Victor, even Billy have their moral & ethical swings so there is no reason Adam cannot too.

I don’t like the idea that Sharon will go bezerk to take down the Newmans and then vavoom!!! she regains her right frame of mind. Can’t you think of another story line that is more captivating or more divergence to regain Sharons character. That segment is old and not interesting…you need to move on.

Y&R is so boring now, I used to record it and look foward to watching now I forget to watch it. He should have got rid of Sharon a long time ago. The show plot is wack!

Nope, no need to get rid of Sharon… can stop watching it thou.

Sharon is the BEST

First you want to save Sharon? This is your first order of business? Most of us all hate her, never liked her in the past and like it that she is crazy! Then as for getting rid of dead weight, try cutting Noah, Fenn, Summer, Kyle, Christine (so boring), Danny and maybe Daniel. Abby is one of the best little actors you have, she can deliver a line like no other!!! Hope you all rethink this trend!

Christine and Danny have ties to the show so I don’t see what is wrong with bringing them out for a few episodes here and there – especially Lauralee Bell since it is her father’s legacy.

Oh, one more thing, if you think that Sharon will come back with a new love interest will be good, REALLY??? She has slept with every man she has ever met!! So BORING!!!!

Well now, there is still Kevin, Daniel, Michael, Neil, Devon, Murphy, Ronan, Paul, Danny, Kyle, Fen, and anyone else I am missing. Ha! Ha! I know what you are saying, though. They can’t keep the woman single for more than a second.

she’s not the only one…niki and victoria have shared men (brad, decan and that other guy cole i think his name was), ; niki and phyllis have shared men (decan & jack). We don’t know i f Sharon slept with Victor. They have all done it. Nick slept wth almost every women including his father’s ex-wife (dianne), his ex-wife’s sister, his former stepdad’s ex-wives. We know you hate Sharon Carolyn Adams, get over it before you explode.


Sharon and Drucilla to run the company for good!!!

Just get rid of Sharon all together PLEASE!!! She is boring and there isn’t a storyline out there that could make her watchable, move on already. Keep Abby if you want fresh face and storys!


I agree – respectfully I appreciate Ms. Case’s acting. But I would like her to move on. But it looks like the new writers are going to make her a victim/phoenix which will probably cause me to take a vacation from Y&R for a while. We will see. All I ask is if you are going to keep her then save Phyllis . I am tired of her always being the one they go to when they need a villian/vixen.

I still can’t believe this new regime would fire Genie Francis ! The character of “Genevieve” has so much potential . Genie has really been doing a wonderful job with the script she has been given. This is one of the stupidest moves from this new regime. They keep some of the talentless actors and fire one of the best actresses on YR! I have no interest, in watching ,after Genie leaves!!

Excited to see where you take Y&R!! It’s the BEST Daytime TV show EVER!! I HATE all the TALK SHOWS/DR SHOWS!!! PLEASE…don’t EVER cancel Y&R! There is just so much ‘yapping’ by silly women/men that viewers can tolerate!! Sony, ya listening??? Now…Abby should definitely STAY! She brings such a wittiness, sarcastic, adorable presence to the show!! NO ONE can replace her. She’s PERFECT for the role!! So, please don’t fire her & then bring in someone else…not gonna bode well with fans!! I just wish the storyline with Sharon would have used to opportunity to show that women CAN be powerful & intelligent & run large corporations these days (Katherine Chancellor did waaay back when)! I liked her taking the reins…I just wanted her to ‘see through’ Tucker’s madness & show her keen awareness of his deceitfulness! But it went south on that story!! What a missed opportunity. I love Murphy & Katherine!! Such a sweet love story that was. Keep him around from time to time. So HAPPY Harmony is GONE…you could send Neil with her! He lost all credibility/dignity/integrity that I will NEVER accept from him after he cheated on Sophia! I’d love to have seen Sarge & Sophia remain & a great love story develop there…but I FAST FORWARD every scene that has Neil or Harmony in it! I hope Cricket kicks Phyllis’ butt FINALLY!!! The way Phyllis hunches over & distorts her body when she’s trying to convince someone of her lies makes me barf. Her acting has gone south too. You gotta keep the CORE of Y&R…the Newmans/Abbotts/Chancelors…. I like the young characters coming in – gotta have them grow up sometime…but I LOVE the older characters who’ve been there forever…Victor, Nikki, Jack, Katherine AND Nick, Victoria, Billy, Michael, Lauren, Kevin, Daniel and the BEST actor on the show right now: ADAM! He’s super! I’m hoping he & Chelsea will bring back some integrity/dignity the show has LOST over the past few years! Also….if you could….bring back JOHN ABBOTT!!! Let it all be someone’s dream…it worked on Dallas with Bobby! 🙂

It is so disappointing to read blogs that tear down the characters. I will be so happy when the negative comments stop and all of the Y&R fans be happy as one.

Thank you…like Carolyn Adams, she really hates Sharon. I think Sharon Case should get a restraining order against her.

There’s gotta be a little ‘tearing down’ of some…not the character’s fault, but the writers. I almost threw a PARTY when Sheila finally was dead!!! To insult fans’ by replacing Yolanda, who was nothing but an uneducated, unattractive, abusive, drug addict with Harmony & having her miraculously overnight become the polar opposite was ridiculous. I could NEVER have accepted that new character. Neil falling for her just was the icing on the cake! She was a good actress, but should have been brought on board as a new character. I hate to hear the constant ‘threats’ of “I’m never watching the show again…blah, blah, blah”!!! Sometimes fans are just not THINKING!!! I LOVE Y&R…so sick of all the TALK SHOWS/DR SHOWS/REALITY SHOWS and very thankful for this soap…the BEST daytime show ever!! 🙂

Not happy with what JG’s plans are for Phyllis. and Nick. MAB did a number on them and completely unraveled the progress Phyl has made over the last several. As a Phick fan they deserved a chance and what started to be a great year turned out to be a sad one for us. Although I appreciate the need to raise Sharon from the depths of dispare. I dont think he should do it at Phick’s expense.. But as I have seen in your tweet you are happy – Congrats.

IMHO, Phyllis had this one coming!! Good grief! She HAS to pay for trying to KILL people! I wondered for yrs WHEN it would come back to ‘bite her’ & I hope she pays like anyone else. She is deceitful & if her mouth is moving…she’s lying! I don’t want Nick back with Sharon either. He needs a new storyline entirely.

i dont disagree that she has to take responsibility for her actions. But my point was that the writers didnt have to write her out to be the liar. That part was totally unnecessary. Adam, Victor, Michael and now even Billy get to skate . Just dont get why everyone is OK to forgive them and now Sharon and not give Phyllis a chance. If you are going to be fair to one be fair to all of them.

Not happy at all with the cuts. Let the Newman family be together and make Adam and Chelsea be the new wonderful couple. As far as Sharon, be done with her and Tucker..

Sharon IS a very MAJOR character on the show!!! I wanted to see the story go in the direction of her actually being smart enough to see through Tucker & prove women can run big corporations too, but it went a diff direction…sad. I SO AGREE with you on Adam & Chelsea!! He is the best actor on the show right now. I hope they bring back integrity & dignity to the show like John Abbott did, by raising children together, being a decent family with LOVE & not drama. I keep hoping Y&R will bring John back & it will either have been a bad dream…(worked on Dallas w/Bobby) OR that he’s been in a witness protection program all this time having something to do with Terrible Tom!! 🙂

I have always wanted a self-sufficient Sharon who is strong enough to stand on her own two feet….but it sounds like he is willing to sacrifice too much to get her to that point!These writers and executive producers need to remember that we have a lot invested in these characters and when they just fire them whenever they feel like it, we feel slighted!Hopefully, these two will actually care about the fans because MAB had the nerve to say that she didn’t care and look what happened to her!!!

I think you should have gotten rid of Sharon Case, she has to be the worst actress on Y&R. I really liked Jennifer Landon, her character was just starting to evolve as a lawyer and with Daniel.

I agree with you, Cass. Sharon’s acting and Sharon’s character are both abysmal. How many ways can someone do pitiful/hysterical? I actually think the Chelsea/Adam story has legs. I think Chelsea has the potential to become a central character, in the right hands.

RE: Video of the Day (Next week’s Y&R).

I didn’t have the sound on so I only saw the video. I love that Marco Dapper (Carmine) is still around. They need to give him more to do.

I think the new team has done the best with the character of Avery – giving her an apartment, finally. Plus she looks so girl-next-door in her flannel shirt and jeans. I like her with Nick this time around.

I don’t like that Billy and Victor are always at odds. Call me hopeless, but I would really like for Billy and Victor to accept each other and get along. I would also like Victor and Adam and Nick to all get along, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Is it just me but do you think Y&R is missing something now, visually. I don’t see any of the style, class and flair it had for many years. The camera work is just plain boring, the sets are very limited and the writing and direction are unexciting. Maybe it has to do with budget cutbacks. I am starting to think this show is being sent down the river without a raft.

It’s hard to say. I see GOOD and BAD. I like Avery’s place with the orange and the green and I can see Jill’s touches here and there. I am undecided about the new place. I liked Gloria having Gloworm. It was nice for her to be appreciated.

I really don’t like what they have done with Kevin at all! If any character needs a change in personality, it is him.

I think the only time Sharon Case looks good onscreen these days is when she has money, like Victor’s, or on a rare occasion. They always do her hair parted down the middle and there are all these flyaways. It is not attractive. Plus the stringy mess shows lines on her face and neck.

The pill using with Jack is predictable and boring.

I miss the serious music they used to play. Now most scenes it is upbeat and too loud over the dialogue.

I hate that there is always turmoil between Billy and Victoria and Victor, not to mention Adam.

I don’t know, Mark. The jury is still out in my case, but it is hard to say whether this one will survive or not. Even though GH is doing very well, there are still rumors it will be canceled and there are no guarantees past their anniversary. Same with Y&R. I am afraid we will lose all our soaps in 5 years or less. 🙁

The characters I wish you had/would keep was Abby, Ashley and Tucker. First the Abbots are just as important as the Newmans and should be brought back in, you could also get someone to play Tracy too. I am also sure that Tucker should be kept he has a lot of ways to build stories for his character. Quit mess with the ones we all like.

ye yes please bring drucilla back and abbey neil needs her so give them a new nice home never get rid of victor or jack and please bring back debbi morgan she works so well with jesse i love young and restless i been watching the show since i was 20 years and now i am 61 years

get rid of Chelsea and focus on Sharon and Adam…then you can eliminate Paul, Chelsea’s mom and whomever else is hanging around for nothing..

I don’t like the cast cuts at Y&R but I love the story line. Everyday has a suprise mixed in with the usual and expected from the top Genoa City residents. Keep the Newman and Abbot story going. Great Soap…can’t get enough.

Hate the show now and the cuts, too few characters and same ones everyday. Getting boring, tired of the jack and victor drama. Like the old sharon and want her to get off of adam. Like the new characters that were added thought the variety added spice to the show. What happened to daniel? Loved the new heather thought she was the best, the other one stunk. I like avery.

I think the show pretty much stinks right now. Nick running a dive, Victoria back yo no where. more and more people leaving Jill Phelps needs to hang her hat at somebody else s door. who goes next. Maybe Jill Phelps should go. The story lines are right down stupid.

I meant victor is back to nothing

hope sharon and adam get back together again…chelsea, paul, christine, nick can exit the show at anytime..victor and nikki are essential always..gloria is very good, happy to see dylan on whomever he ends up with.

So , far I don’t like the changes even though I don’t like Sharon. Having Victor go down has been heartbreaking. I was tired of Ashley, Harmony, Tracy, Nina, and Ronan. Right now I am really evaluating whether I will continue watching. Just not happy with most of the story.

I am so bored with Sharon. Please, please put Adam and Chelsea back together. They are so great together. Leave the older actors on the show. They are the show

when are you going to let adam find out that his ex wife is pregnant. i have been watching this program since i retired a few years ago and i have to admit that i get very frustrated withe the writing for the actors on the show nothing ever comes to a conclusion.. just mkeep adding people and nothing ever happens.

RIP Jeanne Cooper 5/8/2013

why was young took off the soap channal? it was the very thing for us working ,people .will you please put it back on.there

I do not like the story line of Jack being Summer’s dad or actually the fact that as it turns out is not because of what Sharon did. Please don’t drag this story line out.

If you can’t do something decent with Sharon so she leaves the Newmans alone, get her off the show. She really is just a spoiler and hasn’t had a place for a long time.

Have to say I NO LONGER WATCH Y&R.
Griffith and Jill Firing Phelps and her friend Burton insured that Y&R is no more. Will not watch the Avery Burton hour.

producers can kill soaps and they are doing just that

August 16, 2012

Dear Michael Fairman,

If you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, please strive for fair and balanced reporting.

The next time you are given an opportunity to interview a recently employed head writer, please ask him or her what he intended to do with the following:

a. Chelsea
b. Esther
c. Jill
d. Adam
e. Devon
f. Neil
g. Cane
h. Nick
I. Gloria
j. Chloe
k. Billy
l. Victoria
m. Nikki
n. Victor
o. Jack
p. Ashley

Take a little interest outside of Sharon Case’s current or past s/ls and invest time in learning about the characters that make the show what it is.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.

P.S. Please do a better job, next time.




‘Tracker’ Star Justin Hartley Reveals Melissa Roxburgh to Debut as His On-Screen Sister

Justin Hartley took to his Instagram this week, and introduced the latest cast member to his hit freshman drama, Tracker on CBS.

The former Y&R star where he played Adam Newman, now plays Colter Shaw on Tracker and in a few weeks time on the May 5th episode, viewers will be introduced to Colter’s sister, Dory.

Actress Melissa Roxburgh takes on the key role. Roxburgh is most-known for his role in Manifest. She has also appeared on Quantum Leap and Supernatural to name just a few of her other TV credits.

Photo: Gregorio Campos

In the episode entitled, “Beyond the Campus Walls”, the CBS series previews, “When a grad student goes missing after a house party, his friends and family believe he buckled under the pressure of his research grant. But, after consulting with his sister Dr. Dory Shaw (Roxburgh)— a professor at the school — Colter discovers a trail of explicit photos and messages that lead him to uncover a dangerous (and deadly) conspiracy on campus.”

Hartley’s post shared, “Colter finally reunites with his little sister Dory in the coming weeks. Join me in welcoming the lovely and talented @MRoxburgh to the @TrackerCBS family!”

Photo: JPI

The story of Colter Shaw’s family is a throughline throughout Tracker. We know from flashbacks, that Colter, Dory and their brother Russell had a not-conventional upbringing. Their parents Ashton and Mary were professors at Berkeley until something happened to Ashton. When his paranoia gets the best of him he leaves his family, but Russell went after him, and then later on Ashton is found dead, where all indications look like Russell pushed him.  Now in 2024, Russell contacted Colter telling him there is something he “needs to know.” However, Colter’s mom, Mary did not want her son engaging with Russell in any conversation and that was back earlier in the season after the second episode.

Intrigued to see Melissa Roxburgh plays Justin Hartley’s sister on ‘Tracker’? Comment below.

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B&B’s Sean Kanan, Heather Tom and Lawrence Saint-Victor All Had Creative Hand in Sheila’s ‘Ten Toe’ Reveal

Bringing it from the page to the stage is the actor’s job on any theatre, television or motion picture project. In the case of The Bold and the Beautiful, longtime soap MVP, Sean Kanan, has been delivering some powerful performances as Deacon has become increasingly freaked out and obsessed with the fact, that in the crematorium, he saw that “Sheila’s” (Kimberlin Brown) body had ten toes, not nine.

Deacon now believes Sheila might be alive somewhere (given she only has 9 toes), and especially after seeing the communications between Sugar and Sheila on her laptop.

Then, on Monday’s April 15th episode of the CBS daytime drama series, Deacon says to himself (as he pours himself a drink), “Maybe Finn’s right. Maybe I’m losing it.” He flashes back to the crematorium, saying “Sheila had nine toes, but I saw ten on those feet.” He then utters, “Why Sheila? Why did you go to Steffy’s that night? And who the hell is sugar?”

Photo: JPI

While Kanan has played the only guy in town who thinks something is off here, he was ably assisted by two of his castmates. First, six-time Daytime Emmy-winner, Heather Tom (Katie) directed the episode where it was revealed that the woman’s body in the crematorium had ten toes.

Second, Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter), wrote that ‘ten toe’ reveal episode, and he took to Kanan’s instagram and expressed, “I had a lot of fun writing this episode. (Sean Kanan) killed it!!!!”

Photo: JPI

Coming up later this week, Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) is back from Genoa City and The Young and the Restless and gets into a heated conversation about Sheila with Deacon. Stay tuned.

So, what do you think of Sean, Heather and Lawrence all using their creative talents to make the ‘ten toe’ reveal come to life? Comment below.

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Breaking News

CBS Orders Michele Van Jean Soap Opera ‘The Gates’ to Series; Set to Debut January 2025

Great news! Soap fans are getting the first new daytime drama in 25 years with the news today that CBS has moved Michele Van Jean’s The Gates to a series order.

In addition, the show is set to bow in January 0f 2025, which means that it appears that the new soap will replace The Talk, which was just canceled and will end after its upcoming 15th season in December of 2024.  No specific time period, or exact premiere date has been set as of yet.

In the premise of the The Gates it follows lives of a wealthy Black family who live in a luxurious gated community.

Photo: CBS

The Gates has Val Jean as its writer, showrunner and one of its executive producers. Soap fans know Val Jean’s work best for her work on the writing teams of General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Taking to X, Michele shared: “It’s go time” citing the news on the show coming to CBS in 2025 via Deadline.

Sheila Ducksworth, Leon Russell, Derrick Johnson and Kimberly Doebereiner will serve as executive producers on The Gates production team. The soap has been in development through a the joint venture between CBS Studios and the NAACP, which was established to help elevate a diverse range of voices and increase the visibility of Black artists.

The series will be produced by the CBS Studios/NAACP venture in partnership with P&G Studios, which is a division of Procter & Gamble, who used to be very big in the soap opera game.

Are you excited to know that we are truly getting the first new soap opera in over two and a half decades added to a network TV line-up? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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