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Y&R's Joshua Morrow Speaks On The Paternity of Summer That Will Rock Genoa City!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

It’s looking like Nick has been keeping a huge scandalous secret for years in regards to the paternity of his presumed daughter with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), Summer Newman (Hunter King)!  Years after the loss of his daughter, Cassie, which is the rationale for Nick hiding with the truth,  Nick has known for years that he might not be the biological father of Summer and that it is indeed Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman)!

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, Morrow explains how the series will explain Nick’s rationale for his deceitful behavior, when he has been for years a good-guy in Genoa City.   Here are a few excerpts!

Joshua on if Nick would have gone on with this paternity charade had Summer not gotten so hot and bothered over Kyle: “Yeah, probably. But now he’s freaking out because there’s a good likelihood that Summer and Kyle are brother and sister. He’s gone flippin’ crazy over it, beating his chest, threatening Kyle, grounding Summer. People don’t know what to think. Even our producer, Tony Morina, came out of the booth and said, “It’s nice seeing Nick a little unhinged but he’s like, weird, man!” [Laughs] He feels weird to me, too!”

Joshua on how bad will this get and if the truth will come to light: “Finally the guilt is too much and Nick, unbeknownst to anyone, does another paternity test using hair from Summer’s hairbrush, and that comes back 99.9 percent conclusive. There’s big trouble if the baby is Jack’s. Obviously it would affect so many people — Summer, Kyle, Faith, Sharon. It would be very far-reaching.”

So what do you think of the fact that Nick duped the town over Summer’s paternity? Will you still understand his machinations?  How do you hope Nick’s lie will be exposed?  Weigh-in!


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I have always known and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want to see Kyle and Phyllis hook up

Wouldn’t that make Kyle and Phyllis related in someway too


She was his step mother when he was little– that is enough to go ewwww to any Kyle and Phyllis hook up.

Omg! I totally agree! I want Kyle and Phyllis to hook up! I thought they were building up to that for a while before the Summer/Kyle thing! It would be the ultimate smack in the face to Jack! I hate Jack and Phyllis together! Scandalous! Lol

Nick is so evil to do this to Sharon years ago and Jack. Nick should pay for this some how. He better not use this excuse he was upset about Cassie. She wasn’t even his daughter. What about what he did to Sharon cheating and she lost out her daughter then her husband then this baby the ultimate betray

If I remember correctly, Nick adopted Cassie, she was his daughter. Why is everyone being so hard on Nick, Phyllis did the same thing years ago with Danny, I guess she forgot. KARMA Red! What goes around, comes around. I am glad Nick raised Summer.

NO PHYLLIS AND KYLE GROSS!!! Nick is no better than Adam. Worse he was married to Sharon. To do this to Sharon his wife who lost her child and to Jack his step father. Oh shame shame! No excuses for NICK! He kidnapped that baby with the info he knew from Jack! That is horrific! Sharon lost double! Her Cassie then her husband then to find out he fathered a child that he really did not. Nick is real bad. Nick goes around blaming Adam that he can’t be with Faith. Im pretty sure Nick needs to go to jail. Poor Sharon what Nick did to his wife . Cassie died and this is how he helped her through a difficult time ! Shame on him 🙁

I want Sharon and Adam to have a son together and never Nick back with Sharon. what he did married to Sharon was unforgivable

I’ve assumed it since he got the results and tore them up. He’s still a good guy in my book.

After he tore them up he must of gotten another copy- because he had the results in his safe- either that or the continuity department on the show screwed up.

I have been waiting YEEEEEARS for this storyline to happen! I really hope the writers don’t puss out and leave Summer as Nick’s daughter.

Summer should be Jack’s daughter. Nick has other kids on the show that he doesn’t even spend time with!

I hope the baby is Jack’s would make for some great drama.

Well, it seems several fans will be getting their wish………..

I knew it when Victor ask Nick did he want the baby to be his and Nick said Yes.

I hope Nick isn’t Summer’s dad. That wld b a nw twst 2 Y&R’s story.

I hope Jack is Summers Father.. Nick is such a self-righteous ass..
And Y&E needs some excitement, it is usually boring /dull..
I need to tape my eye open, but I still watch waiting breathlessly for excitement.. 🙂

I feel the same way! My friend and I complain about the boring ones-Cain, Lilly, Neal, etc. but we still watch!

Why would the paternity reveal affect Sharon as Phyllis is Summer mother and not Sharon.

it will effect Sharon because she lost her daughter Cassie and her husband got another women pregnant

sorry but that story line doesnt make sense…how would nick know he wasnt the father if phyllis (the mother) doesnt know that jack is the father???? this story is way tooo far fetched…if phyllis was pregnant with jacks baby i dont get how nick knows but no one else does

Phyllis was having sex with both Jack and Nick, she cheated on Jack with Nick.

Maybe they will discover Summer is neither Jack’s nor Nick’s! You never know what bad girl, Phyllis, was up to back then.

because Phylis slept with both men around the same time. After the baby was born a paternity test was done and the results were given to Nick. He said the baby was his and tore up the test. Everyone just believed him because he is a “good” guy and wouldn’t lie about such an important matter!!! Or so they thought! lol

Well, with something so important, and Phylis as Mom, she should have demanded to see the results, I still say KARMA RED

Since Phyllis delivered Summer in the elevator with Jack’s help, I have knows that Jack was Summer bio dad…. but u know they gotta play it out for a lifetime…and looks like now is the time… Can’t wait!

I haven’t been watching Y&R consistently until the last 4 years so I did not see the paternity issue back then… but heard and saw bits of it. For Summer’s sake I still hope she is Nick’s… because she is already so messed up and this will send her into the stratosphere! For story line and excitement… yes… I see the merit of having this play out. I just hope that when it does that Summer gets some help… because she is going to need it. So will NIck…

I was trying to understand why he claimed her and caused the ending of his marriage to sharon. But now I guess he had just lost cassie and just fell in love with he possibility of having another child to replace that loss,, Poor Nick.. I feel for him. He nals his scenes at the grave of his daughter every time.

I have always felt a brother and sister vibe between Summer and Kyle.

Y&R better not go the incest route.

They did this storyline before- Billy and Mac fell in love- then they find out they are siblings- torn them about. Mac leaves town. FF Mac comes back to town- and lo and behold they are no longer siblings. Same with Vicky and Cole. They fell in love-romance ended when they thought they were siblings. Later find out they are not. If this pattern continues- it will be the same with Kyle and Summer- everything can be undone in a soap–this is just a cheap ratings grab. Been there, done that, and got the Tee-shirt. No incest- just a lot misdirection– if Kyle and Summer have chemistry- this sibling thing will be reversed.

I predict we will find out that Kyle isn’t Jack’s after all. Ashley switched Victor’s sperm with Jack’s– the sperm Diane was stealing- but we will find out it wasn’t Jack’s or Victor’s sperm— Then we will find out Kyle had a thing for Abby but couldn’t pursue it because she was his cousin. Kyle and Abby will eventually marry fulfilling the fortune teller prediction the person she was meant to be with was near her– but it wasn’t Alex, but Kyle who sitting on the other side of her. And Summer will end up with Noah, since they are no longer brother and sister.

Mac & Billy didn’t think they were siblings… They thought they were cousins. Mac’s dad is Brock, Catherine’s son…

Thanks NVM, you are right- it was cousins— watched so many stories over the years, easily get some of them confused. But the storyline is similar, thinking you are in love with a close relative to find out later you weren’t. But again thanks for the correction.

I agree with summer noah

Now I can see why they SORAS’d the tweens so quickly. People get bored watching the younger set getting grounded, drinking too much coffee and CL, and more importantly, once the cat was let out of the bag it would be great for the ratings game. The storyline is preposterous. What’s next? another heir to Bill Spencer, named Spencer Forrester?

I have ALWAYS known Summer was Jack’s daughter!!!! And this will have implications for EVERYONE in town!!!! Avery will detest Nick and prolly drift back toward Dylan…..Jack will blow a gasket, Sharon will def be back in Nick’s orbit(where she belongs), that in turn will infuriate Victor and Nikki and this could prolly reunite Adam and Chelsea as well!!!! It makes total sense that he was grieving over Cassie and would do this, I just wish the actress that played Summer had more depth, bc she’s definitely no Cassie, that girl could ACT!! Poor Noah, about to lose another sister!!!!

I’m interested in seeing how this turns out for everyone involved. I hope it’s well told, though knowing Josh, it will be! He’s a brilliant storyteller!

In a way, if Summer turns out to be Jack’s – Nick would have pulled the ultimate ‘VICTOR’ on Jack – denying him his child all these years.

I still think Summer will turn out to be Nicks after all!!!! Once again, they are taking Nicks word on it, Noone else saw the paternity test but Nick, once again. Yep he got Summers hair brush, but was that really Summers hair in it?

Nick keeping the truth is classic soap. There are some things JFP & JG have done that I have not thrilled me….too many recasts, some with not great acting chops, too many new characters ( I just don’t care about Leslie, Tyler and the now dead Gus and this mysterious Rose.) But, this, like revisiting the Phyllis/Christine story makes for good viewing.

Nick will be forgiven. They will say that he found out he wasn’t the father and then had the plane crash that wiped out his memory before he could tell that Jack was the father.

I am so over Leslie and Tyler. Having Tyler moan over the grave of a women we never met was like, who cares? Fast forward!

I hope Nick is the father, but it doesn’t seem likely.

I agree bet the hair wasn’t Summers. She has to be nick’s

I hope Nick is the father because I like Summer and Kyle together!
I think the writers are doing this to build Summer and Kyle romance…The fortune teller said there will be a big obstacle, immense but love will find a way!

Jack will be the father. It will come out after Kyle and Summer sleep together and find out she is preggo. It will kill Sharon cause of loosing Cassie than Nick. Phyllis and Jack will reunite with there two kids who are having a kid together, but didnt know they were siblings till it was to late. Nick will leave period once he discovers what a big mess he made. Oh, and there is rumor that Nick and Phyllis are both leaving the show for good…..

So I’ve always thought summer was Jacks!! I think since Michelle stafford is leaving Y&R and not returning that this will be the story line to get her out. What about Daniel I know Danny isn’t his dad I can’t remember but wasn’t she sleeping with Michael back than? He was devious than wouldn’t that be funny if it turned out that way!!

Daniel’s dad was the shrink that died at Phyllis’s house a while back… The one she & Kevin rolled up in the rug…

I also think it’s just a silly storyline made up to increase rating for a while. This story has been done so many times and is really getting old. I was disappointed that the writers decided to even go there with this story. Summer and Kyle are awful together and seem forced for the story.
What would be more interesting would be a Switched at Birth story. It’s been done a before on other shows but I can’t remember it happening on Y&R before. And it will also give another daughter for the Phyllis Character.

Another Phyllis, please spare me. One is bad enough. When is she leaving again? Cant wait, bye bye Phyllis

The reason why I think this kind of story line is silly is because the writers could easily change the paternity of Faith because Sharon was sleeping with Jack, Nick and Billy when Faith was conceived and could probably do the same for any character on the show. It’s just too easy to write this kind of story. Need to put a bit more imagination into it sometimes. The old constantly redone story’s have their place but this one with Summer at the moment just seems so been there and done that.

I will hate it if Nick has known all along that he might not be Summer’s dad because we all think that he is such a sweet, honest guy. But I hope that Jack is Summer’s dad because I have never liked Phyllis and Nick as a couple. I can’t forgive her for being with him while he was married to Sharon. Besides I just think that Phyllis is way too self centered and sneaky to be paired with Nick. They make me sick as a couple.

Amazing how people are given Sharon the perfect patty award. Let’s not forget her wanting to be with Nick’s dad!. They all are screwed up. Genoa City must have 60 people in it because they cant seem to find anyone to date except the same people in the same circle.

I still want Chelsea and Adam together. I loved them as a couple

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